121 Financial Credit Union
6072 Youngerman Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32244, United States

Review №1

Douglas Jones is always so helpful when I visit 121 Financial Argyle. He is honest and makes sure all of my needs are met. He and his team are amazing!

Review №2

I’m very glad to be a member of 121 Financial Credit Union . The services that I receive on every visit makes my day go a lot better. Today I was helped by Mrs. Shannon Hopkins and Douglas Jones. They and everyone here are my go to people for financial guidance 👌🏿🦾💯

Review №3

The worst bank ever. Got a truck financed through them and we’ve paid over 4000 because they keep saying the insurance I have isn’t correct. First they don’t accept fleet truck insurance. Then they needed the lien holder correct. This has been going on for months now. We’ve never had a problem with any other fleet trucks/ banks besides this one. Avoid them at all costs because a lot of the people there are incompetent.

Review №4

I truly feel they should consider all of the branches having the same hours, I say that because I am a new member of 121 Financial and I recently switched my direct deposit to go into my new account with them, however, as with any company they normally give you a paper check first before they start your direct deposit, since my check did not come until Saturday I had to wait to deposit it, unfortunately, the 121 Financial that is on Hutchison Park which is by my house was not open so therefore I had to deposit it through the atm and now there is a hold on it and I needed my money at that moment due to me having to pay bills, it wasn’t until later that I found out that certain ones are open from 9-12. The customer service is great but this is just one situation that was kind of irritating due to the fact that I needed my money at the moment I deposited my check and now I still have to wait.

Review №5

2020 has been a tuff year for most of us.. I had to collect unemployment and chose to change jobs to get off unemployment and get back to earning income. I have been in the same Industry for 5 years. I have a loan with the bank which I am current. I have direct deposit and also deposit all bonus checks into this one bank account. After all this, it concerns me that the credit union tells me I am not worthy of a small loan that I want to pay back with payroll deduction....At the end of the year and in a time of need your credit union says NO! WOW

Review №6

I would like to thank 121 Financial Credit Union in Argyle for the truly great service I received on a recent visit. I appreciate their professional and so friendly outlook . I can tell they know their jobs well. The process was quick and went very smoothly. I thank Doug J. and Corrine C. for their help and each teller. I have had nothing but good experiences their. Youre the best.

Review №7

The feel of this branch is very different than others Ive had the pleasure of banking with. Have been a member since 1996. This branch has very little customer focus and the majority of the employees are not friendly. They merely do their jobs and move on to the next person. Went in for a replacement debit card today and the gentleman that assisted said, the replacement fee will be $10.00 because we expect our members to be responsible and keep up with their cards . . . Seriously, you tell a 20 year plus member that???

Review №8

Everyone knows my family and I by name and always provide excellent service! Very helpful with any account questions or concerns. Matt and Doug are the best!

Review №9

Mr. Doug Jones of the Argyle Branch of 121 FCU (& Janet and Joe of the loan dept.) treated us with utmost respect and kindness during our February 2020 interactions. We are ELATED with the terms & conditions they QUICKLY provided when we applied for a car loan. We enjoyed very responsive and attentive service to all our needs/questions. Theres NO PLACE wed rather go than this wonderful group of people at 121 FCU for our various financial needs!

Review №10

During this pandemic from covid-19 this bank is the worst to deal with. They dont care if you lost income. They will take peoples property and demand it be paid in full. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. REFINANCE ASAP IF YOU DO.

Review №11

If you dont maintain at least $4,000 in your checking account they charge you $4-5/month. An excellent credit union if you enjoy having your earnings gouged by a community-elected board that cares more about lining their own wallets than keeping their customers (and source of revenue) happy. This is coming from a long-time customer thats now happy switched banks.

Review №12

Had to call about a financial issue they were able to get to these source and explained to me what happened and everything and it was a great experience

Review №13

Had absolutely no credit history so no other bank, including my own, would provide me with a personal loan other than a credit card, despite having my account activity. Ditched Bank of America, which I had been a member with for 8 years. I spoke with the loan officer, created a checking & savings account with 121 and received the personal loan.The loan officer walked through everything with the loan and transferring of the title the loan was for in less than an hour.

Review №14

Love the bank and the staff are very helpful but it seems like I can never make a deposit at night when I need to because the atm near me is always down and so in result I get a fee for something being deducted from the account. This is so irritating. I have to drive way out of my way to another bank to make a deposit and pray that..that one is functioning because the single ATMs that stand alone do not take deposits which makes no sense to me.

Review №15

Cant wait to refinance. Their drive-thru is not open on weekends. You cant make a payment on your loan over the phone without having to wait 24 hours. The hold times are ridiculous. Apparently there is no way to make a payment for your loan online unless you are an actual bank member..... I am miserable with this institution.

Review №16

Kind people here take the time to help you.

Review №17

I have comcast and can not log on to their website

Review №18

I have been a member of 121 Financial Credit Union since the early 2000. During the beginning, I utilize this credit union to make deposits because my affiliate credit union was in another state. I loved to go inside and I knew the tellers by their name. One day, one of the friendly tellers asked me to open my account here. I have always had a favorable experience when I visit, call or discuss issues. Thank you.

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  • Address:6072 Youngerman Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32244, United States
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  • Phone:+1 904-723-6300
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Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:8:30am–5pm
  • Wednesday:8:30am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–12pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:8:30am–5pm
  • Sunday:8:30am–5pm
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Cash advance:Yes
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