VASA Fitness
1607 S Georgetown St, Wichita, KS 67218, United States

Review №1

Vasa Fitness is hands down the best gym Ive been to, I travel for work and even upgraded my membership so I could still go out of state. Plenty of space, updates equipment, and there are people from all walks of life in and out of the facility. I never feel judged or watched, absolutely love it!

Review №2

I have been a member here for about 2 years. I have often said that it has everything that Genesis has for the price of Planet Fitness. They have public sauna and steam room which i use frequently. And they have plenty of equipment, very rarely do I ever find myself waiting to use a machine. The staff are always friendly and motivating. Broken machines are always fixed in a timely manner. Overall good place for general health

Review №3

The enrollment didnt take long. Spacious in a way that you can have your own privacy and enjoy working out with friends at the same time. So many things to do and equipment to use.

Review №4

We just joined and we are so impressed. Everyone is so helpful and pleasant, the facilities are just immaculate, the options are almost endless. I have degenerative disc disease and immediately had someone to talk with who had a background in physical therapy and totally understood my limitations. The theatre room is fantastic. We truly couldn’t be any happier with VASA.

Review №5

Ive been a member with Vasa since they were Golds Gym in Salt Lake. Moved here to Wichita Nov 2019 and continued my membership with Vasa. I was happy til recently they changed their closing time on Sat from 11 pm to 9 pm. I have a tight work schedule and I love coming on Fri amd Sat nights because it isnt as crowded. There was no communication about the changing hours. This gym is forgetting who keeps the gym open and thats the members. I have been a member with Vasa longer then they have been in Wichita and they arent catering to their crowd. If this doesnt change I will find another gym. They are ignoring that customers want the gym open later. When you ask the emoloyees why the change in schedule, they blame it on check ins. Of course no one is checking in an hour before the gym closes. A lot of customers are now going to Genesis and Anytime fitness. If they extended their hours they would gain the late clientele. Dissapointed!

Review №6

The staff is always nice at the centers. But I had to call the Corp office regarding billing the man was so nice. Easy to deal with it. I love this place best choice I have ever made

Review №7

Honestly a decent gym, good people in the gym. Some select staff members are a bit meh. It would be nice to know that all the memberships dont have guest privileges before hand. That way I am not surprised when I am told I have to pay an additional $15/month on top of the $23 something, personally believe that $36/ month is outrageous but whatever. Of course I could just drop a membership level. I am just stating that communication is key if you want to keep your clients.

Review №8

Ive been a member for only about 2 months, but I have always loved vasa gyms back in Colorado, but this one takes the cake. Worth every penny. And if you get the chance, talk with Andrew Valdez. He makes working out fun and enjoyable and you will see results in no time with him!

Review №9

Love everything thats in that gym from 1st free personal training . Massage beds, spa , big restrooms, and showers . Also has a pool and I guess a jacuzzi. They also have different classes like zumba and other fitness classes and a big room theater with diffrent machines . Everything you look for in a gym . Cardio and machines I love it

Review №10

Vasa is a great gym! There’s representation of every fitness level. I do wish there was more Olympic lifting mats and squat racks. The peak hours do get crowded but nothing tweaking your workout won’t help.

Review №11

Great staff and not over crowded. Has all amenities and just overall a good vibe there.

Review №12

The staff is always super friendly. Best gym staff in town. The equipment is always clean and well kept. Love my gym

Review №13

Love this gym! Perfect for me. It’s a mix of Planet Fitness and Genesis. Has the amazing perks and affordability of PF and the professional gym equipment and atmosphere of Genesis. Highly recommend going to VASA. Love it!

Review №14

I really like Vasa! The place is always immaculate! The staff is friendly and helpful! Lots of machine to chose from! You get your moneys worth here!

Review №15

Love all of the choices we have at this facility. For the price, I couldn’t ask for more. The pool is a life saver for my wife who suffers from osteoarthritis of the joints.

Review №16

Love everything about this place! Only wish they had more Aqua Fitness offerings. Instructor for Aqua Fitness is fun and awesome!!!!

Review №17

I had a good incoming-visit with my coach. I appreciated his candor and helpfulness in sharing how best to use the facility to accomplish what my goals are and to invite me to visit with him with any questions.

Review №18

I always feel welcomed. The staff and the trainers are great. They’re always there whenever I need assistance with anything. Very clean and well kept. I highly recommend.

Review №19

Pleasant staff. Clean facility.

Review №20

Place has nice equipment and friendly staff. Great value.

Review №21

I cancel due to pandemic and they still cling me and sent my membership to collection. Real life crooks.

Review №22

Great gym for 20 bucks a month and way better then planet fitness. My only complaint is they need a location out west and maybe a few locations in Kansas City. Otherwise this is my gym.

Review №23

I go ther 3 days a week. The staff are great and they help you if its your first time.

Review №24

David is always greets with a positive attitude! Over all the staff is amazing and a huge help

Review №25

Fantastic place! The coaches and staff are great people that want to see you pushing yourself. I go nowhere else

Review №26

The gym is super nice and clean. The class instructors are great. Especially Jamey! Its a GREAT value.

Review №27

I loved it at first but then I started seeing that I was getting charged more and more every month and I was not told that .

Review №28

Awesome gym. Place is always clean and there is tons of room. Love the amount of turf and area that have for functional fitness and HIIT training. It’s also got a ton of space and areas for Olympic lifting. Truly a gym for everyone

Review №29

All equipments are maintained well, sanitization wipes in place, pool, basketball court, tanning and massage are some of the other amneties.

Review №30

Nice equiment and turf. However, they need longer hours that is making me reconsider membership. Also dont like how they lock the doors before closing time. One time I went to run to get something from my car and then found myself standing outside waiting to be let in and they told me were about to close when there was still at least 15 mins left and my bag was inside. Also I know fitness classes may be limited to the instructors schedule, however it would be nice if they would do a survey for those that actually want to take them about their availability.

Review №31

When I signed up there was NO personal attention given by staff. The following week I met a personal trainer to get some goals set. Again NO personal attention. My workout area was infringed upon by another trainer and client. No regards to social distancing! Reported to manager and was set up for another session with trainer he recommended. Ended up being the same guy who pushed his way into my first session. I recruited a call a couple days later by the manager in regards to the second appointment. He doubled booked another person with me and wanted me to switch times! This place is a joke!!!

Review №32

LOVE this gym! Not only does it have great amenities but it has every type of equipment you need for a great workout. The staff is friendly and well trained. Shakeem is the BEST personal trainer on staff. He’s a great coach and motivator and always has a positive attitude!

Review №33

I just took a strong by Zumba class with Ramona Guy. I was a little nervous but she walked me through all the moves. Broke them down so I would feel comfortable. This is a 30 minute crazy good workout. Gotta check out this class!

Review №34

Love the Zumba instructors at Vasa Woodlawn so friendly and awesome to dance with!

Review №35

Plenty of room and a great staff. When it comes to value theres no better gym in town.

Review №36

This Vasa fitness is awesome, they are so good about cleaning during a pandemic and the front desk guy named Erik is so nice about asking people to have on a mask when you enter the building. The staff in general is nice and it’s a great place to workout. Overall an awesome gym!

Review №37

New equipment, clean and friendly staff my go too gym here in wichita

Review №38

Reanna was very helpful today while signing up to join. Very excited to get started on this new journey.

Review №39

Need to extend their hours, thinking about switching to PF. 2 stars though because I like the movie theater room

Review №40

The equipmemt is all very easy to use and the staff is very nice and willing to answer questions

Review №41

When I signed up I had only a couple concerns. I liked the $10/month price point but, specifically asked about annual fees and cancellation fees. I was told there was no annual fees and no cancellation fees after 6 months. I signed based on the assumption (I know) that I could trust their representatives word. I was wrong.At the 1 year point I saw a fee MUCH higher than the monthly fee appear on my account. Side note...I had beem meaning to cancel over the last couple months as the membership was no longer convenient or used. Upon seeing the charge I called to speak with management.Long story short, they did not care what I had been told and made no efforts to resolve the matter, or to end the relationship on a positive note. Summation: Honesty and transparency is clearly of no value to them as a company.Unrelated but relative, their App never worked and constantly had issues with login and access.Very disappointed and unhappy.

Review №42

Love the treadmill and step machines inside their movie theater

Review №43

Great place friendly staff it has everything you could ever need. i’m a scrawny dude and no one judges over there it’s pretty cool

Review №44

Absolutely love this gym! Equipment is always in great shape, the facility is consistently clean and the staff is the best. I’m greeted every morning with a smile and Brianna at the front desk is so attentive and so kind!

Review №45

I love it here at Vasa! Ive been going for a couple years, practically since it opened and the staff are excellent. The equipment is always clean and working. The trainers are amazing. Ive had a guy named Nick and now working with Shakeem. He is by far the best guy. He pushes me and keeps me focused on my goals and I have been seeing a lot of results.I highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants a quality workout and an affordable price. Take the classes too! They are a great workout for when you want a guided and fun experience!

Review №46

The customer service incredible. Very friendly and always in good moods. The ambiance is great. Always positive vibes walking through the doors, and that starts with the staff.

Review №47

Staff keeps the place spotless and give a great welcoming feeling when walking in the door. I don’t know what they are getting paid but hope it matches the quality of customer service they provide.

Review №48

I have to admit that I loved going to this gym before COVID. Sadly the company stuck to their corporate policies and cancelation fees, doing very little to accommodate the gym members amidst a pandemic. I can easily say that I regret ever joining, its just not worth the headache😔Derrick at the Georgetown location was very kind and helpful, however, this company doesnt give their employees the freedom to provide good customer service.

Review №49

I love everything about it.

Review №50

I primarily use Vasa for their pool. They have 3 lanes available for laps and about 35 laps up and back equal a mile. I also appreciate the movie room. I feel it helps with passing a duration of time while on the treadmill or elliptical. My wife also appreciates working with a certified trainer. The overall benefits have been very good.

Review №51

Ive had quite a few workout memberships in my time. This is by far the only one with so many membership choices and so many different workout options. The entire staff is friendly always willing to help. Ive been intimidated in other gyms by the other clients. I have never once been intimidated at VASA. Even the serious competitive body builders have said hi and stopped to help when needed. Its more like a family than a business. #whyivasa

Review №52

Make sure when you sign up you write down what they say and who your representative is. When I signed up they said they would waive a certain fee and my payment would come out at the end of the month. This was of course a lie, I DID get charged a fee and was also charged immediately.When COVID hit, I suspended my account because they were closing down at 10pm, which is when I was able to show up most nights. I suspended my account because VASA chose to no longer offer then product and service I had agreed to pay for. I suspended the account rather than canceling because I enjoyed coming in, and wanted to resume doing so once they fixed their hours. However today I went in to re-activate my account and it turns out they did 6 months ago, and have been charging me since June 1.The manager said, It was only a temporary suspend which was never indicated in the ap.He said, We sent everyone tons and ton of emails to let them know their accounts were activeI showed him I didnt have a single email in my account. My email account didnt even recognize VASA.The he proceeded to tell me, Well thats tough man, I dont know what to tell you, have a nice day. Apparently at this point I was dismissed.Hopefully someday corporate will see this and retrain their employee, and maybe even work to improve their customer satisfaction, but its a big company, so its unlikely.I recommend finding a local place to work out.Would have been nice to get some resolution from them, but nothing yet. I guess its just $100.00 down the drain because of a gym.Update. They tried replying to me on my Google review because they claim they cannot find my account to reach out to me. Thats incredibly odd considering theyve been charging me $23 a month, youd almost think I have an account there.

Review №53

I signed up for vasa when it first opened.. I have gone intermittently but everytime I finally get back into working out, it is always just as good as before... the staff are super friendly. The facility is always clean.. you dont have the loud, cramped feeling you get at the ymca and my child (though closed for covid) loves going to the kid care... not to mention the cardio cinema room! Where someone like me who doesnt love cardio can work out and stay motivated on a machine by enjoying a big screen movie...and nothing is more rewarding then ending your work out on a massage bed!!!!

Review №54

For you canceled they charge you $10 extra that is crazy

Review №55

Great equipment. Adult environment. Child care avail.

Review №56

If you’re looking for a trainer that lives and breathes for not only his own fitness/health journey, but yours as well , than Shakeem Brown is your guy. Your half hour sessions with him will be your most challenging, but he has you set the rest of the week too. The gym itself has about every amenity you could want, coming from out of state, I’m glad this is the gym I signed up with.

Review №57

I love this gym! I can stay focused. It’s not over priced. Only getting four stars because the sign up process was not smooth from the online perspective. The ability to join online was easy but I didn’t get a trainer belt or a schedule when I met with my sales person even though I asked for it. Overall the gym is awesome. I really like the cinema and the hours work for me !

Review №58

Reanna was very nice. Location is very clean.

Review №59

Havent started going yet.

Review №60

The trainer was very good its been 3 days and my legs are still hurting . The one thing that would be helpful is if there were brochure that would explain in detail what each membership cost cover. Knowing what all you get for the price you pay would help me make a more knowledgeable choice. The staff was very helpful otherwise.

Review №61

Vasa is the best around. Facility is always clean and the staff is great! Love going there. Keep up the great job Vasa!

Review №62

Awesome workout environment. I love the cardio Theater! What a cool concept! Tons of variety so getting bored with working isn’t an option. And the Variety in workout classes is great!! And with $23/mo pricing to have access to it all?? just can’t beat it!

Review №63

It’s absolutely amazing in every area a gym should be. Equipment is up to date and always clean, staff is honest, transparent, and friendly, the daycare....exemplary. Bubble parties, snack time, little fitness class for’s the freaking best. And the daycare staff is very good with communicating and actually watching the children. I am a used to be trainer at genesis so I was picky when it came to a gym, this one meets all requirements and more!

Review №64

It is nice to have a Gym close by, I enjoy working out at you Gym. Most the staff are nice and Friendly.Few issues.1. Cant connect the TV audio when exercising. i wish you had a T.V monitors attached to the Exercise Machines.2. The sound in the Fitness Cinema is not clear when watching a movie3. Not enough Trash baskets around the Gym4. You might need to post signs for people to wipe the Machines when they are done using them.It will be nice to have a comment Box by the front desk. Some of the staff greet you when you come in, some dont!!I understand the Gym just opened and it may take some time to be 100% ready. Overall, my experience has been great. Thank you

Review №65

Love it, steam room is great 👍

Review №66

I would absolutely recommend VASA Fitness! By far my favorite gym & the community is bomb! It’s also very clean!

Review №67

Excellent facilities and friendly staff

Review №68

Beautiful, clean and positive workout facility. VASA makes your workout fun! They even have a fitness cinema where you can watch a full movie in a theatre setting while on a fitness machine, which is something I have never came across before, having been to a lot of gyms. The personnel are very friendly, have great attitudes and greet you with a smile. One of the employees there shared part of her personal journey through weight loss and fitness, which with wanting to lose weight myself, it’s very inspiring seeing a like-minded individual reach their goals. I recommend VASA if you are looking for more than just a normal workout experience. If you want a gym membership that helps you become more confident in yourself and helps you reach your goals then VASA is the place to be!

Review №69

Hands down the best gym I’ve been to in Wichita. I’ve lifted at planet fitness, genisis the Y and eve fitness 2000 when it was open. The modern look, affordable training and amenities really separate VASA. But just like any service based business you will not succeed with out high quality customer service. Brianna (hope I spelled it right) is hands down the best fitness employee I’ve encountered. She works the AM shift M-F and she always has that contagious energy. She’s never been late at opening the gym at 5 am and knows almost all of the morning members by name. She goes above and beyond for your members and should be highlighted amongst her peers. If she has any interest in moving up in this company you NEED to make it happen. She’s that good.

Review №70

I love Vasa! They’re doing a wonderful job of keeping everything clean and everyone safe during this craziness, and the staff is so friendly!

Review №71

Always clean, great help with a smile.

Review №72

VASA fitness is the best gym I’ve been to in Wichita. The staff is personable and helpful. I have yet to have to wait for a machine or weight spot. It’s really clean and spacious. They have a lot to offer that other gyms can’t offer. Their prices are incredible and NO CONTRACT. I am very happy I signed up.

Review №73

Had the hour training with Peyton and loved it. I will use the things she taught me to be able to get more strength. She was perfect. Then i went to the pool and hot tub. My favorites. Will sure be back soon. Thanks your trainers and employees are so good.

Review №74

Male staff is not very friendly, they mocked me with every, very simple, question I asked and acted as if they were better than me. Female staff is very friendly and kind always talked with a smile and seemed very happy while they are at work! Equipment, classes, and pool are clean, and very nice.

Review №75

This place is awesome to workout in. From beginner to semi-pro body builders, everyone is welcome. I have seen 400lb people working out next to slim and athletic people and next to muscled up people. No indignant looks, no body shaming. Just hard working people!

Review №76

Love this gym. Lots of fun features, good hours and friendly and encouraging staff. Also great pricing for what you get. My only complaints are i get too many emails from them and I would like to see more yoga classes, however there is a decent class variety.

Review №77

This gym is amazing. The staff is incredibly supportive and friendly. It’s always spotless, the machines and pool are wonderful, I love the fitness cinema, and have heard great things about the classes. If you’re on the fence, stop in and check them out. They’ve changed my life.

Review №78

I really enjoy working out at Vasa! The staff is incredibly helpful and super nice and the facility is always clean and well taken care of. The price is very reasonable for all of the services you get too. There is space for any and every type of work out which is pretty unique too!

Review №79

Dont know yet

Review №80

I have been working out for 24 years, since I started out at age 46.This is by far, the best gym I have belonged to.Of course, it is brand new, but the amazing selection of equipment is nothing like I have seen before.Even when it is busy, one very seldom has to wait on equipment.And, of course, the pricing is great.Check it out, you will be glad you did

Review №81

Love this gym! Everything is very clean. The staff is super nice and always ready to answer questions and help you out. The atmosphere is fun and motivating. Best gym that I’ve ever been a part of. 👍🏼👍🏼

Review №82

Everyone is super friendly and the facility is beautiful. Ive only been a member for two weeks, so I havent yet taken advantage of everything there is to offer (its a lot. Pool, massage, tanning, the list goes on) Im pleased with my new gym home.

Review №83

I had been going to planet fitness and going here is all that and then some. There are so many different things and ways to workout and also recover post workout. I would definitely recommend checking it out. People are friendly and the still dont judge.

Review №84

When I joined Vasa, it was for Team Training. I had NO idea what I was doing at the gym and I love the fact that Vasa had a smaller class where the trainer could focus on everyone. In one of the classes I was doing a pushup (which I thought Ive always done right) and Shakeem came up to me and showed me the proper form. He did it in such a kind, professional, and knowledgeable manner. Since then, I made it a goal of mine to try and make it to all of his classes. Shakeems classes are so fun and full of energy. Hes the kind of trainer that knows our limits and test them if were willing to. Hes knowledgeable and explains to us on why proper form is importantWhenever you workout with him, you know youre gonna leave satisfied in yourself.... Youre body will do things that you never thought it could... The Vasa family is also super kind and is there to answer any questions one might have. I recommend this gym to all my friends and family. Ive had a few people sign up already 😊

Review №85

I have been reading prior bad reviews and I am dumbfounded at what I was reading. Everyone is complaining about cancellation fees, loyalty fees, and monthly membership costs. Did you listen at all during the initial explanation? Viktor took his time to explain every single charge we would see, right down to the tax amount and the date that we would be expecting to see it deducted. They were upfront about everything and made sure we didnt have any questions at all.The facility itself is immaculate. The machines are wonderfully up to date and there is a station with wipes at every convenient corner. The friendly nonjudgmental atmosphere of people is refreshing. Everyone is open to questions and helping out a workout.My husband and I have only been coming here for a week now, but we definitely will not be going anywhere else! Thank you!

Review №86

Best gym I have ever been to! Love the Cardio theater!!! All the equipment is there im abundance and I never have to wait for a machine, weights or cables. Never had problems with the staff. Wonderful experience every time.

Review №87

Very adult environment. I like it. Its not as noisy neither. Hydrotherapy is the to go home massage. I would recommend this facility. So far have not been disappointed.

Review №88

Love this place! Zumba is amazing!! A way for a single mama to get active with her 13 yr. old while the little one plays at Kid Care!!!

Review №89

I would like to say it is so nice to be greeted daily by Brianna Rachini and Reanna are awesome .. she’s so polite , cheerful , bright and Smart . She has a great attitude and she makes VASA#Vawesome, #Vantastic!! Thanks for having her here in the mornings during the week !!

Review №90

Definitely the best gym Ive been to in Wichita. plenty of equipment and areas to choose from, including free weights, treadmills, basketball court, pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, tanning room, hydro massage chairs, cinema room, group training and open areas with artificial grass. Ive been at various different times of the day, and have never had to wait for anything. You really cant beat VASA with their competitive pricing.

Review №91

I was absolutely impressed by how much the gym have to offer and how much space and great equipment to chose from. Just like combining 3 gyms in 1. Hands down the best gym in town. I really wish that you guys soon open up more then just 1 location in Wichita Kansas.

Review №92

Friendly and fun staff work here. It is always clean and orderly. Lots of good looking people walking around which is inspiring.

Review №93

Tried to cancel my membership because I can’t afford to go anymore, and the lady was rude. I was told that I would have to pay 92$ to cancel. She just pawned me off on to someone else.

Review №94

This gym is different from others, and I LOVE it!!! VASA Fitness has way better equipment than other gyms, and the price is unbeatable. You get more for your money at a low price. I switched from another gym, and Im so glad I did! Dont waste your time and money going to any other gym. Come here to VASA Fitness ♡ Ask for Tyson, and he will help you out with any questions you have about memberships, personal training, equipment, access to things the gym has to offer, and more. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and helpful, as well as fully trained!

Review №95

I am loosing weight! The T.E.A.M training is so inspirational and total body fitness. The trainers continue adding new exercises weekly which is very motivating. The breathe class should be mandatory! It has helped me so much with my total workout. I never realized how important breathing technique was until I started doing the breathe classes. I tell everyone that will listen how great Vasa is and share free passes as often as I can. I want everyone to feel as good as I do!

Review №96

Im not a gym person but I actually like going here. Im not one to go to the gym to socialize or do classes and so their theater room is my perfect place. I finally feel like a gym thought of people like me while designing their business.

Review №97

Friendly place with an amazing atmosphere. All of the trainer and staff really try to remember everyone and always say hi. I also really suggest the classes they offer I wouldn’t be starting my journey properly without all the help they offer.

Review №98

Super clean! Motivational an all the training options possible. Love it

Review №99

Place is highly affordable. Has a committed and motivational environment. People are friendly. Favorite place to workout so far. Can be packed but that will be somewhat helped when the new one is opened.

Review №100

Honestly a really great place for working out. Between the variety, super sweet non judgmental staff, and it’s large enough you feel like there’s not many people there. Id personally recommend it for people just getting into working out, those who want to do light fun workouts, and those who go hard in the gym.

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  • Address:1607 S Georgetown St, Wichita, KS 67218, United States
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  • Phone:+1 316-768-8121
  • Gym
  • Fitness center
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  • Weight loss service
  • Weightlifting area
Working hours
  • Monday:5am–10pm
  • Tuesday:5am–10pm
  • Wednesday:5am–10pm
  • Thursday:5am–10pm
  • Friday:5am–10pm
  • Saturday:5am–8pm
  • Sunday:8am–4pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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