11010 E 28th St N, Wichita, KS 67226, United States

Review №1

Go Time training has a positive, driven, and welcoming atmosphere. Trainer Angelica (Jelly) did an incredible job personalizing my workouts, and always knew exactly what I needed working with past injuries. She has a cheerfulness to motivate you even on your toughest days, and is always willing to help. They go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and meet your goals. If youre on the fence about joining, I highly recommend giving this place a try. You wont regret the results!

Review №2

GoTime has helped me change my lifestyle in a great way. Ive been a client there for almost 4 months now and have lost a significant amount of fat while at the same time gaining muscle mass. Jennifer helped me get my nutrition in line during the first 12 weeks and Sean has been a great trainer to work with the whole time. I can’t say enough good things about all of the trainers and staff at GoTime though. They definitely make it an enjoyable experience.

Review №3

Can’t recommend GoTime Training enough. Facility is always clean, staff is friendly and always makes you feel like a friend. They have kept me motivated since day one! The trainers are just as excited to see you hit your goals as you are and are just as invested. On the weeks I’ve been unable to attend I was given at home suggestions to help me maintain and continue to improve.

Review №4

Ive now been with GoTime Training for three weeks and I LOVE it. THe staff is not just there to help but they also give great encouragement to help achieve my goals. The facility is top notch... great equipment, always clean and every piece of equipment I could ever imagine needed.

Review №5

I am so glad that I joined. The staff is so positive, encouraging and informative (special shout-out to Kelsey for always keeping it fun). I’m losing weight in a healthy way and feeling stronger. Thank you Go Time!

Review №6

Great staff, management and trainers. The workouts are highly personalized and take goals, current abilities, injuries and preferences into consideration. The members are great too. This is truly a judgement free zone and a place to get better !

Review №7

The trainers are very patient and help make sure you are working hard but staying safe. The nutrition coaching has been great! The facilities are nice and clean. When I started I could barely do any core exercises, and now I can do them without breaks. The trainers meet you where you are! Such a great team.

Review №8

Tregg is a really good trainer and always pushes me past my limits. He really knows what he’s talking about as well, which is always helpful

Review №9

Amazing place! The trainers and staff are super knowledgeable, Jennifer is always super friendly and a great nutritionist. Sean and Kasey in particular are fantastic trainers who are so positive and supportive!When I first started at GoTime I was always tired, my back hurt and had arms that were as strong as cooked spaghetti. I had no idea what the heck I was doing.With their guidance over the last four months, I have way more energy! My back pain has lessened and Ive gotten better sleep because of it. Im SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than I was before, and I dropped two pant sizes to boot with Sean, Kasey, and Jennifers advice!I will be continuing with GoTime Training to keep pushing and improving myself, to get stronger, and enjoy the positive and encouraging atmosphere they have.

Review №10

Love the trainers! They really push you but in a good way.Tregg and Skylor Help you reach your goals.Everyone is so friendly and Welcoming. And they break down nutrition so you can understand it!

Review №11

I needed help. I was 71 years old, 5 foot 4, and weighed 198.6 pounds. I was a fat little puttz and could only do 3 push ups. I disliked gyms because of the muscle geeks admiring themselves in the mirrors and laughing at fat little puttzs like me. When I walked into go time, there was something missing and I realized there were no muscle geeks in the building. To make a long story short, I signed up, went to work and have dropped 30 pounds so far, and oh yeah, I can do way more than three push ups now. If you need help like I did, you need to check out GoTime. This is the place where you will get results.

Review №12

When I first began at Go Time I was excited to see what the future held and excited to see what this gym had to offer! My results have been great so far in the program. Its comfortable for all ages, and really keeps it tight knit. The contracts can be a little daunting however if you arent looking for long term membership or flexibility. However when I told them I had a 2 month internship they were more than understanding and simply paused the pay for two months so that I wouldnt lose out on that money!

Review №13

Everyone at GoTime is top-notch! My trainers (Jelly, Nick, and Kelsey) have consistently pushed me to become stronger and to challenge me beyond what I first thought was possible. Not only do I feel comfortable in a gym setting, I now feel like part of a family! As I gained muscle, I also have gained confidence. As I have made my health a priority, I feel more capable in all aspects of my life. I love how my GoTime Training family encourages me to be my absolute best when it comes to working out and making better choices that will benefit my long-term health. Truly life-changing!

Review №14

My husband and I followed our trainer (Caleb) to GoTime when he was hired on in May 2019.GoTimes training facility impressed us for multiple reasons. As a physician during the pandemic safety was an important factor. This facility is very conscience about wiping down everything you touch and wearing masks if your not working out. The facility is large so there is plenty of room to social distance. The trainers are all well and educated and certified in personal training. They will push you to improve yourself and make you accountable. There is also a nutritionist on staff.There are different categories of memberships based on your needs. They offer larger classes to one on one personal training. Our personal favorite is the personal training.After being a member for 9 months we couldn’t be happier with our decision to join this training facility. It’s clean and bright with a very personable and energetic staff.

Review №15

I’ve had the pleasure of being a client at GoTime just a few months shy of a year! I LOVE IT! The trainers are all top of the line. The environment is CLEAN, organized, easy to navigate, and spacious! My workouts are tailored specifically to my needs / goals! And best of all... I truly feel like I’m apart of a family when I walk in the door!Do yourself a favor and check them out! They are the best of the best!

Review №16

I came to Go Time already running half marathons. But I had hit a plateau with weight loss and decreasing my mile time. Within my first 6 weeks I have dropped near 10lbs, improved my running time by almost 1 minute. I am so glad I have gone with Go Time. I have enjoyed being able to do my own personalized work outs with a semi private setting and having the flexibility to make the sessions work with my schedule. If you want to change your life give them a call.

Review №17

Comprehensive full package approach towards helping people change their lifestyle permanently. Advanced techniques towards each individual’s capability i.e. range of motion testing and altered programs for individual’s needs. Nutrition guidance is key and is tailored to each person’s metabolic rates. 6 week checks to ensure desired results for both member and trainer. Accountability factor, trainers that truly want to see their clients achieve their goals.-Desirae

Review №18

All of the trainers are really helpful. Sean made me a personalized workout for the YMCA that helped me find out what to do and work on my own and helped me figure how to properly maintain my diet and is very knowledgeable in the workouts. Jelly is very energetic and fun to be around and pushes you to your limits so you can get stronger. Caleb is who I started with and he helps a lot and is very fun to be around and sets a good atmosphere.

Review №19

This is a great place to have fun and work hard to better yourself. The staff and trainers are amazing and knowledgeable. Its a great workout environment!

Review №20

So far I have really enjoyed the 1 on 1 attention to detail. It seemed the staff really cared about my goals and the work I wanted to do on myself. The nutrition/body analysis portion seemed scary, but was not overwhelming. Once I sat down with Jennifer and we discussed my habits and goals, it all seemed very attainable.Small group sessions are fun and motivating. Corrections to form and emphasis on getting the most out of the time together is motivation to keep going back.

Review №21

We joined GoTime right after the restrictions were lifted in May. We had gotten out of our routine, and like everyone else in 2020 were needing some return to normalcy.We do private training with Caleb 2 to 3 times per week. He listens to what our goals and needs are and will incorporate those into the workouts. It has been great to see our strength, endurance, and confidence increase since May.If your looking to loose weight, build muscle, or overall improve your health this a great training center to join. They have several different options to choose from, but we have really enjoyed the private training sessions.

Review №22

I started at GoTime about a year and a half after a horrific accident nearly severed my right foot. For several months prior to me entering their gym, I was trying with very little success to rebuild strength in my right leg. I had no idea what I was doing. It was pretty clear that I needed help from a professional that could guide me through that process without the danger of re-injuring myself or causing some sort of other damage.I was very impressed with the in-depth interview process. The staff at GoTime wanted to know a lot about my injury and my goals and were genuinely concerned with providing the best tools for recovery as possible. I was then paired up with my new trainer. Sean had taken a very methodical approach to my training. In my initial sessions, I was evaluated and had a hard time with most movements involving my legs, and since I couldn’t support much more than my body weight, I also had a hard lifting in general. Even simple squats without weight posed a problem and I couldn’t do it without holding onto something for stability. Sean designed workouts that began very rudimentary and progressed over time. He attentively coached me through as well as providing me with plans that I could work on at home, between my in-person training sessions. Since joining the GoTime family, I’ve been able to do things that I thought wouldn’t be possible for me again. Aside from achieving greater strength and mobility in my bad leg, I’ve gotten stronger all the way around. I’ve made impressive gains in muscle mass and still lost over 15lbs. to date.I would recommend GoTime to anyone. The staff is knowledgeable, personable, and in tune with the members. I would especially recommend the clean and well equipped facility and services to those in physical recovery and in need of guidance to reach or go beyond their goals. It’s been a great experience!

Review №23

Nick at Go Time Training is hands down best personal trainer EVER. But seriously. Nick is not only exceedingly good at what any quality trainer is supposed to be good at (knowledge in fitness, health, and exercise not only from a formal education but also through personal experience) but he’s also crazy good at making you feel comfortable, capable, and heard/understood when coming to the gym where most people instead feel intimidated, vulnerable, and judged. When I told Nick I didn’t want to focus on the number on the scale and just go off of how I looked and felt, He was 100% on board and even encouraged it regardless of the fact that it doesn’t necessarily give him the best opportunity to show his progress in training me. I really appreciate that the end goal for us both is that I’m in a good place with myself not just boosting his resume as a personal trainer. I also really appreciate that he continuously pushes me in my workouts. Every set he’s checking in with me on how it felt, where the weight is hitting, what muscle I feel it in, and then adding weight or reps accordingly. I don’t feel like I’m ever not progressing with my workouts because I know he’s making sure I’m doing the most I can every set every time. Nick is incredibly knowledgable with his experience in exercise and lifting but then he takes that and hears what your goals are, pays attention to your limits and capabilities, and then creates a positive space for you to achieve those goals.BEST. TRAINER. EVER.

Review №24

The team took our goals and developed a realistic plan to accomplish the goals. Within six weeks we are already crushing what we had in mind. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional are a few words to describe everyone involved in the experience. We now have a fitness and nutrition plan to work with as we move forward with our training.

Review №25

Caleb at GoTime Training has been a game changer for me. When I came to GoTime, I was unhealthy, anxious, and certain that I was hopeless. Since being there, Ive lost weight, gotten stronger, and have noticed a distinct change in my patterns of depression and anxiety. Caleb isnt just concerned with how much weight Ive lost or how much I can lift- he is genuinely concerned about me as a human being. He has helped me deal with so many of my emotional issues in terms of my relationship to exercise and healthy living. He holds me accountable- even when Im not doing a good job of holding myself accountable. My fitness and healthy lifestyle goals are still a journey, but Im consider myself immeasurably blessed that Caleb is there to help me along this journey. I highly recommend him, and GoTime Training, regardless of your health goals!

Review №26

Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had working out! Kelsey has been so great to work with - she is energetic, knowledgeable, patient and encouraging - just what I needed in a trainer. And Jennifer has offered excellent nutritional support to elevate my new training regimen. GoTime will change your mind about working out at a “gym.” Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. You are guaranteed to walk out the door stronger, happier and better than you did when you showed up for your session!

Review №27

I recently signed-up for a 12-week program. The results have been amazing! The team at Go Time are kind and passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. It is a welcoming and energizing environment to become a better version of you!

Review №28

I have been going to GoTime for almost 6 months and have really enjoyed working with the trainers as well as having the nutrition coaching! The trainers and my nutrition coach are not only very personable but very knowledgeable. The workouts are always different and there are a variety of workout times to choose from. My nutrition coach keeps me motivated and is a great help with planning healthy meals. I could not have gotten this far in my strength training and weight loss without the guidance and motivation from the GoTime team!

Review №29

Amazing facility, top equipment and great environment. The trainers are caring and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to make sure you have a tailored program to meet your personal fitness needs. I highly recommend this gym.

Review №30

Over the years I have tried to get healthy. I tried all the talked about diets. I always put the weight back on and starved on expensive diet food. Also, none of these diets incorporated working out or showed me how to properly workout. When I started looking into getting a personal trainer my requirements were to find someone who didn’t judge, was encouraging, motivating, and would take the time to properly show me how to workout. I also wanted assistance with nutrition.I found GoTime and after spending several minutes on their website I decided what the heck! I sent in a inquiry and was contacted within a day. I had an awesome tour and meet/greet. After seeing the gym and staff I felt this was were I needed to be. I joined and am now 4 weeks into my individualized program.They take the time to assess you now, hear your goals and then create, train, and support you on your individualized program. I do the semi-private sessions 2x a week. They are small in size and everyone is doing their own workout. There is a trainer there to encourage, support and assist as needed.Nutrition meetings are one-on-one. We create a individualized nutrition plan. The best part is you can still eat normal food and your don’t starve!I have lost 20 pounds as of today. I feel more confident in working out and actually enjoy going to the gym. Definitely recommend GoTime!

Review №31

When I started at GoTime, I had low energy throughout the day and was probably in the worst physical shape of my life. After completing a 12 week program, I had the following results:- Higher energy levels- Increased range of motion in my shoulders and legs- Weight loss of around 25 pounds- Reduced visceral fat levels (especially in my stomach area)All of the staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and fun to be around which makes workouts very enjoyable. Workouts are also designed specifically for you if you sign up for semi-private or private lessons which I found to be nice as I got customized workouts without the hassle of having to plan them myself. Overall, I would 10/10 recommend this gym to anyone looking for a challenging and fun workout environment.

Review №32

I started private training with Nick Jacobs at GoTime as well as group training about 6 weeks ago. I was super nervous to start. Could I keep up? Could I be committed? Would it make me want to commit? Would I see results? The answer to all four is YES! I was at a personal low when I started and I felt awful about my body and how I’d let it go. In 6 short weeks my pants fit better, I am SO much stronger, and my self esteem is at an all time high. Nick has been awesome to work with! He’s encouraging, knows when to push you and when not to, is super knowledgeable, and is very personable. I would encourage anyone thinking about it to start NOW! Don’t wait! The sooner you start the sooner you’ll see results!

Review №33

I have really enjoyed my time at GoTime so far! I have been looking to get back into better shape through exercise and nutrition. GoTime has done a very good job at building a workout plan specific to my body along with explaining why I’m doing what I’m doing.The nutrition plan as well has informed me so much about what our bodies need, how it works, and what to look for with the lens of a lifetime of fitness perspective.Overall I am really enjoying the trainers, workout plans, and informative expertise GoTime offers as I work to be in better shape and health. I would suggest GoTime as they have been great to work with on my journey to better lifelong health.

Review №34

I have been working with Casey, the nutritionist, at Go Time for over two months now. I have lost over 20 pounds and changed my diet. She has been extremely helpful in guiding me to good choices.

Review №35

I was hesitant to join another gym but this is NOT just a gym. The GoTime staff focuses on individuals needs and the attention I have received is above and beyond anything Ive experienced in other health club facilities. In just a few months I have not only become stronger and more flexible but I actually look forward to working out and pushing myself to become better. The nutritional guidance Ive received through Jennifer has been fantastic and shes helped me understand what my body needs. All classes are scheduled with safe distancing in mind and the facility is very clean and organized. I love the semi-private workouts because my program is developed for me and adjusted as I progress. All the trainers are fantastic, especially Anjelica Jelly who motivates me by setting realistic goals and acknowledges even the smallest victories. I truly can say I love GoTime!

Review №36

On my way to Go Time Training the other day, I remember thinking, this place, the people, is everything I imagined I wanted in a gym. Caleb and Marcus have listened to my expectations of myself and the goals I have in mind and are helping me work towards those goals.If your current gym isn’t doing that for you, then maybe it’s time for a change.

Review №37

So first let me start with highly dedicated to there job. Since I started Shannon, Steven, and Jelly have all kept me highly accountable. They care even on virtual training they care and correct form so that you are maximizing your potential. If you need accountability, dedication, and motivation then this is the place for you. I think I am quoting Caleb correctly when I say they have confidence in you until you can have confidence in yourself GoTime training is the best decision I made.

Review №38

Awesome place. Caleb worked hard to design a workout plan specific to my goals and I can already see the results! The correctives and attention to form and stretching ensure you’re both reaching your goals and that you are taking care of your body while doing so. Definitely recommend working out with Caleb and at GoTime.

Review №39

Was super apprehensive about commiting to GT at first but after working with the stellar staff and trainers Ive certainly found a new home away from home. Its only been a few months but the results are certainly apparent and Im feeling better than I have in years. If you are considering GT are have any doubts at all, just walk on the door and talk with the nearest team member and any seconds thoughts will be out of your mind. This place is fantastic and I would wholeheartedly recommend starting a program here! Cant say enough good things about this place and the people involved!

Review №40

This gym is all about money. I became ill and am not medically cleared to attend the gym. They still charges outrageous amount of cancellation fees even the reason for the cancellation is something that I can control or quickly recover. When I started this gym, I did not expect that I would become too ill to exercise. I strongly recommended NOT TO SIGN UP FOR THIS GYM since they are unable to accomodate for its customer who become severely ill unexpectedly. You know, unfortunate and unforeseenthings happens in a life, but this gym does NOT have any consideration for vulnerable people in such adversive situation. Not everybody can stay healthy. Illness happens unexpectedly.

Review №41

Kelsey is the best trainer ever she gave me a some work outs and I’m sore and feeling good you should definitely use her. This is a great establishment but Kelsey is the best. She has the best work outs and she’s a cool person. Would deff recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Review №42

After having my second child I knew I needed motivation to get into the gym. Working with Nick J has been great. The workouts are challenging, but not intimidating and I’ve seen immediate results. I’d encourage anyone looking for a trainer to check out GoTime. The facility is top notch, the trainers are experienced and everyone is welcoming!

Review №43

Great atmosphere. Great trainers. I’ve been working out with Caleb for over a year, and he’s very professional and cares about his client’s goals.

Review №44

Jake Linn is by far the best trainer! Working with him has improved my life and health. Best decision my wife ever made after marrying me!

Review №45

I will recommend GTT to anyone need personal training. You guys are the best. Specially Anjelica great personality & attitude. 💕

Review №46

The staff is awesome! Anjelica (Jelly) is so upbeat and supportive. Awesome HIIT workouts.

Review №47

Staff here are super friendly and do a great job at holding you accountable to your personal goals and the facility is amazing. Always clean and kept in great condition

Review №48

Great friendly and knowledgeable staff. Joined to work with a personal trainer to help address lower back issues. Raymond designed custom workouts to strengthen my core and increase my agility and flexibility. He continually makes changes to the routine to further my progress.

Review №49

This team of trainers and nutritionist are top notch. They have helped me establish goals and nutrition plan to meet my goals without removing the foods I love. As for the workouts they are great and you have options from 1:1 to large group trainings at times that support those that work or stay at home. Great atmosphere and personable team. Thanks GoTime for getting me moving in the right direction after 5 years of no routines.

Review №50

I have been working out at Go Time for about 6 years now. This has been the best place I have found for working out. The staff is awesome! The facility is new and very spacious and well laid out. I have worked with several trainers here and have really enjoyed all of their knowledge, experience and professionalism. As I age I set a goal to not get weaker, so my trainers created a workout routine tailored to my goals to help me stay strong. I have to admit it has been working very well as I keep getting stronger as each year passes. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a great workout with great staff and a dedicated owner. Thanks GO TIME!!!

Review №51

Great personal training experience at Go Time. Staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to getting positive results for members. Raymond is an incredible trainer who makes sessions fun and productive. Go Time is a solid facility with great staff.

Review №52

GoTime is the best place to accomplish your daily training and build healthy routine This place is neat and well organized. They have a great team, professional, friendly and they challenge you with a different workout plan followed by nutritional help😀. I never been a fitness person before. Because of my daily strength and energy declining, 6 weeks ago my sister and I signed up for group training at GoTime. I have already seen changes in 4 weeks. Anjelica thank you for your hard work to boost my energy and strength!❤️GoTime training!

Review №53

I highly recommend Go Time Training. I started out with just the nutritional coaching and eventually started the personal training. I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. I love the accountability! The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and upbeat. They genuinely want you to succeed!

Review №54

Very pleased with high customer service level. You don’t get this level of service anywhere else around here. The staff focus on your benefit. GoTime is very customer centered business. It shows that the staff really care about you. It’s easy for me to motivate myself in the environment like this, and the result shows. Highly recommend.

Review №55

I had been struggling to get back into the gym for awhile when I received an email from Go Time! It was just what I needed; structure, guidance, accountability and encouragement. Day one I met with Angelica, and I was all in! Angelica was engaging and had nothing but confidence in my future success, she immediately made me feel great about my investment in my myself! On days when I was not in her class, she engaged, checked on my workout, always pushing that encouragement and exposing the physical changes and success that I needed to hear to keep me going. I learned Whole Body fitness is DIFFICULT, mental and the commitment is tough. During this process the commitment can waiver. Good trainers can get you to the workout, Great trainers will get you to the next workout! Angelica is a Great trainer.

Review №56

This is the only gym I’ve ever been to where I didn’t feel self conscious about my workout. The trainers here encourage you and push you without ever making you feel bad about yourself. It’s a holistic approach with fitness, nutrition, and education to change your lifestyle to see results that actually stick for the long term. Join and prepare to be your best self!!

Review №57

Since I started working out at GoTime I have been consistently impressed with the knowledge of all the staff and their dedication to helping me reach my goals. The semi private work outs directly focus on my areas of concern and I feel myself getting stronger each day. The facility is awesome, the equipment is always kept in great shape and very clean. I always feel like I am walking into a brand new gym each work out. My primary goal starting out was to get better at obstacle course racing events. Due to COVID I have not had the option to run a race yet but feel like I will see marked improvement when I finally get to my next race. If you want to be a better you definitely come check out GoTime. They will build a program centered around you to help you meet your goals.

Review №58

Since joining GoTimeTraining, Cole has assisted me in establishing my fitness goals. Through personal dedication, and his direction in and outside of the gym, with home workouts, I have been able to surpass those goals and strive for new ones as I become strongerI would strongly urge anyone, no matter your current physical abilities, to give them a chance to assist with your physical fitness.

Review №59

I’ve been going to GoTimeTraining for a few years.My experience with GoTimeTraining is fantastic.The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful on all levels of fitness. They listen then come up with work out solutions. The work outs are very effective and easy to follow. The trainers are also motivating and follow through with their work.The place itself is spacious, equipped with the right stuff to handle all kind of workouts. The staff are friendly. I would totally recommend GoTimeTraining to all my friends and family. There are many gyms out there but GoTimeTraining is absolutely brings excellent results.

Review №60

I was struggling with a shoulder injury when I signed up for Semi private training with Jelly. My shoulder is feeling much better and stronger thanks to the customized program she designed for me. I am now able to hold a plank and do assisted push-ups!

Review №61

Fantastic facility. Personalized training allows one to learn about fitness AND nutrition. Small group sizes allow coaches to ensure proper form and provide encouragement. Ive trained at other facilities both locally and in other regions. This facility and team are the best Ive ever worked with.

Review №62

Knowledge of trainer, quality workout and gym is clean.

Review №63

I’ve greatly enjoyed my training experience with GoTime. Their trainers and staff are easy to work with, and I’m seeing great results. This is not a gym, with long waits to use a machine. The time you spend there is personalized for you specifically.

Review №64

I love working out here! Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. And they work with you on your level and tailor your workout to your specific fitness needs.

Review №65

Since I’ve started with the team in GoTime and specially with Cole, I’ve being motivated to regain my healthy lifestyle. It’s not only about training, it’s about consistency and discipline and they make you aware of that and push you to a better version. Happy with the process so far!

Review №66

After struggling with lower back issues for any years, I have finally found relief and improved health. As I have worked with the personal trainer, Cole, I am understanding why previous exercises often led to back pain - I was not doing the exercise correctly. Having a professional watch me like a hawk to ensure proper form has changed my life! In 7 months, I’ve gone from struggling to move, struggling to do daily normal activities like vacuuming and bending over to pick up the dog to moving freely and improving my strength and balance. Go Time has been my personal miracle!

Review №67

Awesome trainers. State of the art facility.

Review №68

Absolutely love going to GoTime and working out! The environment is very welcoming. It really is like family! Staff and clients greet each other by name and encourage and care about each other. I value the friendships with other clients and staff. This environment is why I workout at GoTime.

Review №69

When I first started at GoTime it was almost three years ago. I was enrolled in one of there FitStart programs, I was 225 and felt horrible. By the time I ended the challenge I was 205 and felt great.I left the gym due to overseas employment and gained all of it back and then some. But thankfully Shannon Dykman kept sending me emails about the different challenges that were coming up. I returned back to GoTime in May of this year. I was 240 and had bad knees and no energy. Thanks to Shannon, Steve,Jake, Sklyer, Angelica, and Casey and the rest of the team there i have lost almost 20 lbs in the 12 week program.I have my energy back my knees dont hurt anymore. I feel better than I have in a long time. If your reading this and are on the fence, just jump in to it. The staff and the trainers make it so easy to achieve your goals with built for you programs and or the Boot Camp style training.Thanks to GoTime Training I feel like I did when I was in my 20s. I appreciate everything they have done for me. Sign up today for the next round of challenges, you will not be disappointed.

Review №70

When I started this journey of mine at GoTimeTraining, I was feeling frustrated with my lack of progress towards getting into shape. I have learned a lot in my short 3 months here! I am stronger and have more energy. Everyone has been extremely helpful and encouraging. I always feels welcome and know that everyone here genuinely cares about my journey. Kelsey Nachtigal has been my primary trainer and she has been amazing! She is always so upbeat and energetic and ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable, no matter what new exercise I am learning. I always feel welcome and never feel like I can’t do what is asked of me. If you want a place where you feel comfortable working out (even at my age!) want to have FUN working out, AND need encouragement and accountability, then GoTimeTraining is for you!

Review №71

I started at GoTime after completion of my physical therapy for an injury and wanted to get back to my pre-injured state of movement, strength, and fitness. I decided to do semi-private training where GoTime trainers developed programs for me to achieve my goals. Just like any fitness goals it is not going to happen over night but I saw results not only at a faster pace than expected but also at a steady pace. I am 6months in and I’m still seeing improvements in strength, body fat loss, and technique at all of my assessments. As long as you schedule those times and show up, the trainers will push you to the level that is right for you. To sum up, I am very happy with my experience at GoTime.

Review №72

GoTimeTraining is a wonderful facility for nutritional counseling and fitness training! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.The staff and trainers genuinely want to help you make your weight and fitness goals be a reality.As an person who has limited mobility and significant health issues, the trainers will help you build a program tailored to your abilities and goals.Get up and go to GoTimeTraining!

Review №73

I recently completed the 12-Week Lifestyle Transformation program and have so many great things to say about it! The program is well-structured and provides a lot of accountability/check-ins to keep you motivated. Their nutritionist was so great at setting up a reasonable plan for me to follow so that I didnt feel like I was being deprived and I still managed to lose 5.6% body fat in just those 12 weeks! Their trainers are also great at listening to what you do and do not want in your workouts. Its obvious that GoTime really cares about custom-tailoring a program that will push you enough to get the results you want but not so much that you hate it or cant stick to it. The program was manageable enough and the results good enough that I decided to continue working with them. I highly recommend this studio!

Review №74

Go Time has been a great experience and I’m very thankful to have been referred to this place! The environment is very enthusiastic and very positive and it’s a great place to go after a long work day. I would recommend Go Time to anyone that is searching a healthier happier version of themselves!

Review №75

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at GoTime. I have a very busy schedule and they have been willing to work with me to help meet my health and fitness goals. I’m feeling better each week.

Review №76

I am 6 weeks into my GoTime experience. The staff and fellow gym members have all been incredibly helpful. I had steadily gained wait over the last 10 years in my increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Covid was a bit of a wake up call when I realized I was considered high risk due to my weight. Since joining, I have a tailored dynamic program, flexible scheduling options, and a full staff that cares about my results, but also ensuring I do things the right way and avoid injury. I am well on my way to the goals I set out for myself before joining.Special shout out to Skylor Kristler, Raymond, and Jelly who are the trainers I have worked out with the most. Also thanks to Skylor for putting together an excellent program and Jennifer for all of the help in Nutrition!

Review №77

GoTimeTraining is like a family. Everyone is different but everyone matters. They build everything for you right where you are and help you become who you want to be. No guilt. No shame. They build you with encouragement and trust. Try it out. Youll love it!

Review №78

I have always hated working out. While I still would rather not work out ( but that cannot be avoided) I love working out here. Jelly is so upbeat and makes you feel good about being there. I used to feel so self conscious about going to a gym because I was not the “right size” but at Go Time. They are all about helping you achieve your best without the body shaming. Thank you to the entire staff!

Review №79

Skylor & Cole are amazing trainers that care about the clients. I started out at 4X a week and upgraded to unlimited and work out 2 hours a day 5-6 times a week. I’ve meet a lot of new friends from all the different classes available. If you haven’t tried it come in and try a free session, you’ll be glad you did!

Review №80

I participate in the Go Time Semi-Private training program. I have tried many different programs over the years to help me get back to my fitness level prior to having children. This program is by far my favorite. It is tailored specifically to me and to my goals. The trainers are very knowledgeable and they offer guidance through both strength training and nutrition to help me achieve the results I am looking for. I know without a doubt I am going to be successful with the Go Time Team behind me!

Review №81

Highly recommend GoTimeTraining. At 69 and in less than average physical condition I needed to find a trainer that could create a program that addressed several weaknesses. Right knee, shoulder and overall instability. After about 2 months of working with Jelly, a great personal trainer by the way,I feel stronger than I have in years and all my stability issues are long gone. There’s more work to do and I’m excited to continue the improvements.

Review №82

Love my training class at GoTimeTraining! My trainer Skylor is awesome!!! I dropped my body fat for 10%, gained lean mussels and lost weights by attending training classes there. If you have not tried it before, I strongly recommend this place to start your weight trainings and you will L-O-V-E it!!!

Review №83

I like the format of the group training, keeps it fun. Scheduling is so easy and easy to change if I need too

Review №84

Great environment full of positive, forward thinking people. Educated and inspirational trainers that can adapt to all levels of client fitness and set up appropriate programs for the individual, not just cookie cutter programming. I’ve been a client for A LONG time and highly recommend GoTime.

Review №85

I recently joined GoTime Training and I am working with two personal trainers, Anjelica and Nick. A few weeks into my training, I injured my back at home. Anjelica immediately identified the problem area and customized my workouts to target the area in ways that helped it heal while modifying exercises that might aggravate the injury. Anjelica and Nick worked together to make sure I was still challenged during my workouts while healing. I’m happy to say, in about a week, my back was feeling great!! I cannot express how grateful I am for Anjelica and Nick’s expertise and support!

Review №86

I went back to to GoTime after some personal time off in October 2019, my main focus was to increase my golf game, flexibility and mobility. Skylor and I really developed a plan to help with my core function, lower body and a lot of hips to really implement into my golf game. In October 2019 my 7-iron swing speed was 81mph, fast forward 3 months to January 2020, I went and got fitted for new irons, my new 7-iron swing speed was 88mph, and in June 2020 at a recent lesson, my current 7-iron swing speed was 92mph. This is a direct result of the workouts Skylor created for me, specifically designed for my golf game and the weight loss process/journey. GoTime Training is a one of kind facility with people who truly care about YOUR wants/needs and they are there to really help you achieve your goals from day 1. Thank you Shannon and Skylor.

Review №87

When I first started w/GoTime...I wasn’t very consistent... however when I changed my eating habits & made new friends in class that actually missed me when I was absent... everything just clicked! The trainers I’ve had are actually invested in helping you do your best, are great humans and care about your wellness. I can’t thank them enough for helping me become a more stronger & healthier person.... highly recommended if you are considering a training facility!!!

Review №88

Kelsey has been awesome for me! I’ve been struggling with a lack of motivation lately, and she doesn’t except any excuses from me. She’s pushed me to continue to improve both my nutrition and fitness, especially during the holiday season. She is a big reason why I’ve found my motivation again.

Review №89

Great place to work out. Everyone is very knowable, friendly, and caring.

Review №90

I am working on my 4th year at Go Time. I keep going because when I walked in the first time I was advancing into middle age and felt like I was 80. Now I am stronger than I was in my 20s. My weight is under control other than the increasing weight on my lifts. I keep going because I am challenged every visit to keep moving and progressing and I never want to go back to what I felt like when I first met Jake in January 2015. Maintaining or even increasing muscle mass as we all age is key to aging and preventing falls and things like loss of balance. Every trainer is excellent and effective in groups as well as focused on the needs of each individual client. Ive loved my time here and really miss it when I cant be there. Investing in your health is the best investment you can make. Im 52 now and just finished my first half marathon in no small part to the lower body training and inspiration from Kelsey. Make the commitment to Go Time and you will be glad you did!

Review №91

I have been with Go time training for a total of five months with amazing results. I feel better, have better posture, am the strongest Ive ever been and even 37 pounds down! I would recommend go time to anyone who is serious about making a lifestyle change. My eating habits have completely changed and I would say that is my biggest win. They helped guide me into habits that are healthy and still fun!

Review №92

I am currently in private training with Jelly. She completely understands my limitations and pain spots. She is so encouraging and her spunky attitude always motivates me to push a little farther, go a bit faster and do another rep. Jelly is teaching me things I can do when Im not at the gym. ❤️

Review №93

Started semi private training here about 8 weeks ago and so far love it. I’ve tried working out at other gyms but was frustrated by Not knowing how I should use the equipment available and feeling I spend most of my time waiting for equipment to be available.At GoTime, trainers evaluate your current fitness level and specific problem areas then build individualized programs to help you improve. It’s so nice to not have to figure out what to do on my own and have friendly and professional trainers right there to answer questions and ensure I am doing the moves properly for maximum effect and to prevent injury. The nutrition coaching is also excellent and has helped me stay on track to meet my goals.This is the first time in years I actually have enjoyed going to the gym and I am looking forward to continue my journey to fitness.

Review №94

I have been training with Kelsey Nachtigal and she is always supportive and positive. All the staff are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness level.

Review №95

I started training around October of 2018 and have been making continuous improvement since I started. Go Time has an awesome, supportive environment where anyone will feel welcome. Every trainer Ive worked with has been incredibly professional and motivating. John and Skylor are both great trainers and Id recommended them to anybody!

Review №96

The family atmosphere and the professionalism of the trainers make this the premiere facility to work out at.

Review №97

When I started at GT I was 191 pounds with little experience with weight lifting or working out. I was tired all the time and unhappy. Six months later I have a lost almost 20 pounds. I feel so much better. Making the decision to start at GT was the best thing that has happened to my health. The work outs are designed for you and I love seeing results for my hard work. If you reading this and you are ready for a change, I highly reccomend Go Time Training.

Review №98

Go Time Training has a great crew and does an amazing job with their boot camps. My wife and I enjoyed the ease of signing up for classes with their app on our cell phones. Great gym on the northeast side of Wichita.

Review №99

Go time training and keeps looking for ways to reach people at all levels of fitness. They are continuing to train their staff on unique methods. They are offering new classes, expanding the equipment options, creating live videos, and family events. They also encourage donation to causes such as Victory in the Valley and Camp Quality by having fundraising activities to support the cancer support groups. I always remind myself it took a long time to get into this situation, it will take time to build the right habits to get out of the situation. We have a family of connections between the owners, trainers, support staff, and clients.

Review №100

I love GoTime! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Kelsey has been great with putting together my workouts to help me meet my goals. She truly cares, is very encouraging and an awesome person! If you want results, GoTime is for you!

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