Wichita Fit Body Boot Camp
1520 E Douglas Ave STE 120, Wichita, KS 67214, United States

Review №1

Great place to go at your own pace and learn your own body! Motivation from the coaches and fellow Fit Body Boot Camp family members is priceless! I enjoy a variety of workouts and the encouragement to challenge myself.

Review №2

Love the workouts, music and a bigger girl Ive never been judged by my size or my abilities...they are great at teaching me how to modify if needed and pushing me to be my best self. Love my fit family!

Review №3

The best place to workout I have ever been to. Possitive fun atmosphere, and the workouts really help get you in shape quickly. Great supportive coaches who really care about you and your health. I hated workouts until I started going here. Now I look foward to going each day.

Review №4

FBBC will make you leaner and healthier by giving you the tool to BELIEVE that 30 minutes a day changes everything.

Review №5

Great place to get back into shape. Possitive supportive coaches in a fun atmosphere.

Review №6

Man, where do I even begin?! When I begin my first challenge, I had already set the bar for expectation. My challenge is not even over yet and the coaches have superseded that bar! Every single coach here is kind, uplifting, knowledgeable, energetic, and so much more! To top it all off, you really do join the family! If you are looking for accountability, motivation, and healthy challenges then this is your place!!

Review №7

I’ve been going for 3-4 years! Very supportive instructors through thick and thin! (No pun intended lol). Excellent work outs that challenge several muscle groups and your stamina! You’ll notice results right away! Love these folks!

Review №8

FBBC has been the best way for me to fit working out into my schedule! Not only that, but the instructors are fun, knowledgeable, and they keep you accountable. Fun and effective workouts. I’ve been going for about a year and I have no plans to stop any time soon. This is the most consistent I’ve stayed working out.

Review №9

I’m 51 and am loving to workout again. The coaches push but do it in a positive way. Im enjoying working out again and plan to keep it up as long as I can.

Review №10

Great small gym atmosphere with big gym amenities like knowledgeable coaches and classes. I would recommend this to anyone at any fitness level.

Review №11

I love FBBC! They are encouraging and hold you responsible. I’ve never had success like I’m having since joining FBBC.

Review №12

This is hands down the greatest place to workout and find support in your fitness journey!! There is a real sense of family and community with the coaches and the other boot campers so you can always find the motivation to keep working towards your goals!! I joined on 12/9/19 and the changes over the past two and a half month have been mind blowing!!!!If you are looking for tough workouts that will push you to grow in ways you never thought possible, all while feeling supported, capable, encouraged, and empowered, then WFBBC is your new fitness home!!!!

Review №13

Love the workouts, the motivation you get from the trainers and the other people that you train with. Fun and full of energy!!

Review №14

Ive been working with them off and on for the last year or so. Theyre amazing. They help you understand what needs to be done, and do give you a were in this together vibe. Its a fun workout in, but definitely not easy.

Review №15

Awesome gym!!! Great people and coaches. Best gym in town!

Review №16

I LOVE it! Its the best workout youll ever get in 30 minutes. It fits easily into my schedule. It works muscles I didnt even know I had! I also appreciate how the trainers modify the workouts to suit any level. They are very welcoming and motivate every person there by name. Dont be intimidated! (There are usually less people there than are in the photo.) Everyone is very encouraging.

Review №17

This facility is nothing less than amazing. A coworker invited me to come with her to one of the sessions and it was a blast. It’s a nice environment, which is a plus because I’m really self conscious! The people are all so very nice and the trainers really pump you up and encourage you to push yourself. The classes are about 30 minutes long but you get a full body workout every time! I like that they have you work every muscle group with each station that you go to! I already see results! Try it for yourself!

Review №18

Im really enjoying this workout. Its just 30 minutes. Some of the moves are more than what I am capable of doing but the people and instructors are great at giving other moves that I can do. Everyone is encouraging and helps you to push yourself to get through it. Its a great place. Everybody there is supportive, positive, and really nice.

Review №19

How could you not give this place 5 stars?? The owners and trainers are so supportive, as is everyone working out there! I was skeptical at first, I didn’t think I would like going to 30 minute classes often, but turns out I look forward to it. And oddly enough, I’ve turned into a morning person and now I go workout before work! These people truly care about your fitness goals, and they will help you to achieve them!

Review №20

I have been going to FBBC for over a year now and I can’t imagine going anywhere else! All of the coaches are motivating and very knowledgeable in exercises and nutrition. It really feels like I’ve join a community and not just some gym.

Review №21

I’m torn on how to review this gym. It’s a fun, great workout you can customize to your ability and level. 30 minutes and done. Atmosphere is friendly and energizing. What I don’t like is the lack of transparency in pricing. I shouldn’t have to lose my time to set up an appointment just to obtain pricing. Other than that, I really like it!

Review №22

I’ve just recently joined Wichita Fit Boot Camp, I hope to see some results at the end of my 5-week. So far, I love it here! Everyone from the staff to the clients are so friendly and welcoming. The exercise kicks my butt and that’s how I like it.

Review №23

I am finishing up my second week at FBBC and I can say I’ve never had so many feelings about exercise before. I go from thinking I may die and that these random muscles i haven’t used before may never forgive me to realizing it’s kind of fun and then finding myself wanting to go back as much as I can. The exercises are intense but awesome and quick and the coaches are all great. Everyone really makes you feel like part of a family and I’ve enjoyed all the classes I’ve attended!

Review №24

FBBC has been the only program where I have felt the difference in my endurance and strength. Those 30 min of power work outs will work you from head to toe. The trainers and the training concept keep you going. Its the first exercise program Im excited to attend. Very pleased with this place. 💪KW.

Review №25

I absolutely love coming here! Ive been an avid runner for quite a while, and I was ready to change it up. This has completely kicked my butt back into shape, and I feel that I have had some pretty immediate results. I highly recommend checking it out.

Review №26

I am pretty active, I did go to a boot camp that was an hour and a half long so I am experienced ! So when my friend suggested I come with her to her 30 minute Boot Camp I was like I don’t know, that doesn’t seem long enough. Well I was pleasantly surprised, within the 30 minutes I give it my all and I come out sweating and feeling like I achieve something! This class is awesome for beginners who are just starting out because it is only 30m but is a good workout for people who are experienced. You get what you put in !!!!! Everybody has 30 minutes a day to get in some exercise!

Review №27

Ive been going here for a few weeks and I am so pumped about this program! I love the staff and the workouts. They kick my butt and work muscles I never knew existed, even when I was previously in shape! They hold you accountable for your workouts and help you to achieve the dreams you set for yourself. You wont regret taking the plunge!

Review №28

Absolutely worth signing up for! Friendly staff who motivate and help you reach your fitness goals. Intense 30 minute HIIT workout that can get you in and out of the gym is super convenient. don’t be fooled in those 30 minutes you can feel every muscle burn! Highly recommend anyone to look into it for weight loss !

Review №29

Best place to start your workout journey. I hadnt worked out in quite a while and didnt know where to start so I was nervous to try out any kind of workout. The classes are only 30 minutes and they offer lots of different times during the day on a set schedule so you have a lot of options. The different exercises the instructor has you do are never too complicated and always have an alternative if its too difficult for you. No one is ever judging you or staring because theyre too busy doing their own thing! Its nice for someone who is busy because the classes are quick but you definitely feel like you got a great workout in by the end of it. I would highly recommend to everyone.

Review №30

This has been a great change in my life. I love that the workout is different every day and never boring! Love Ryan and the whole team.

Review №31

I like the format (30 minute, continuous, workouts which change daily) that challenges me to utilize all of my “hidden” unused muscles. The instructors keep me motivated. I like being around others who are all working toward a common goal - to get fit and be healthy. Additionally, I like all of the encouragement I receive from my Fit Body Boot Camp buddies!

Review №32

Love this gym!!! Coaches and program are the best.

Review №33

Awesome staff and awesome workouts! I had been exercising prior to joining, but I couldnt get my blood sugar down below mid 200s. With these intense and condensed workouts I achieved my primary goal which was to get to normal sugar levels of low 100s. Another great benefit was I reduced my body fat while increasing my lean body mass and met lots of great motivating boot campers. Thank you Ryan and Sarah!

Review №34

I absolutely love this place! I wanted to start workout again, but I didn’t know what workouts to begin with. The trainers here are awesome and very positive. In 30 minutes you get a fantastic workout.

Review №35

Loving this place close to work. They really push you and each day is different which is refreshing. The instructor is nice and encouraging. Updates daily from the group and just motivation all around!

Review №36

I have been working out here for a year plus because its a fun, motivating 30 minute workout that kicks my butt and gets me results! I feel strong and confident and healthy at 52. I love my boot camp family.

Review №37

Love fit body boot camp! The entire staff make a genuine effort to know your name, who you are and how you’re doing each time you go. Everyone goes at their own pace with all instructors being very motivating and giving you modifications to be able to gain the maximum benefits possible at your own pace! Would recommend to anyone wanting to further or start their fitness journey!

Review №38

This place is absolutely amazing. I drive 1 hour each way for their sessions, more due to how they are accepting of everyone and very welcoming. The exercises have helped me increase my upper body strength and work my core! And if you miss a few days they will call and make sure you are doing ok.

Review №39

Awesome place to work on your fitness goals! I love that it is 30min and so many different times are offered! Everyone is friendly and encouraging. If you havent gone you should!!

Review №40

Great workouts and supportive environment. The trainers are amazing and highly motivating. I’m addicted and am always excited to go back the next day! Highly recommend Fit Body Boot Camp!

Review №41

If you’re wanting to get into serious shape, this is the place to go. I’ve dropped ten pounds in under a month. Ryan and his staff are well equipped with varied workouts that change every single day! Highly recommend Wichita Fit Body Bootcamp.

Review №42

I had been looking around Wichita to find a great workout that didn’t take up my whole evening and this is the place!!! The workouts are different every time I go, really gets me sweating and takes only 30 minutes! The people are great and it’s really cool to workout in an atmosphere where everyone has the same goal, get FIT!!

Review №43

We always have a great workout for 30 great for my best house hold.

Review №44

Starting my fitness journey here has been amazing in such a short amount of time. Everyone is so friendly and the trainers are awesome. Anything you need help with they are genuinely happy to assist. My favorite workout program by far!

Review №45

Great way to start your day! 30 min high intensity classes classes gives you a full body workout . The instructions are knowledgeable and very helpful. Staff sends you home with after care instructions so you are able to to repair those sore muscles and keep going !

Review №46

Super friendly instructors, very energetic classes; doesnt even feel like youre working out half the time. Theyll give you the help that you need if/when you want it, and leave you alone when you dont. Constantly keeping contact via text, Facebook post and calls to check on you making sure youre doing okay with your program. By far the best experience working out, especially for someone who would rather not!

Review №47

On my second week and am loving it! An intense 30 minute workout that is easy to fit into your day. Great small classes with amazing people. Couldn’t be happier.

Review №48

I have been going here for the last couple of weeks and I have loved every session. The environment and the trainers are fantastic! I love that the sessions are only 30 minutes and all through out the day, so it fits with my very busy schedule. And also everyone is super supportive, makes me want to keep going.

Review №49

Love, love, love fit body boot camp!! I like the speed of everything and being 30 minutes Long is always easy to schedule around!! I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone and it’s really kicked started my healthier lifestyle!! ❤️❤️

Review №50

Love this place! Workouts are quick 30 minute classes that are different everyday and push you to your full potential! The trainers and staff are very helpful. I would recommend FBBC to anyone looking to get in great shape!

Review №51

I started this program after retiring from a desk job. Anyone can do this regardless of current physical condition. Staff is very encouraging and helpful with modifications for individual abilities as you grow stronger. Just 30 minutes for a great workout. I am looking forward to a healthy and fit retirement!

Review №52

Joining fit body boot camp has been the best decisions I have made! I am motivated, inspired, and encouraged to push myself! The classes are vigorous yet exciting, the staff is kind, and its amazing to work out with others striving for their best self!!!!

Review №53

***BEWARE****Had to quit due to knee surgery. Followed all the ‘rules’. It’s been 60 days - no word. I’m out +$100. Too many other good and trustworthy gyms out there.

Review №54

This is my second week, I’m really enjoying the workouts so far! I love that they are only 30 minutes so I can squeeze them in even on very busy days. I always leave feeling like I got in a great workout!!!!

Review №55

Love going to the FBBC classes! Such a good workout in only 30 minutes. The trainers have such high energy and are super motivating. Highly recommend to everyone no matter how far along you are on your fitness journey.

Review №56

New to FBBC, but I believe this is a community I want to grow with!

Review №57

What an amazing group of instructors, I look forward to going every morning for the early class. I feel more energetic, have more endurance, and feeling fit at age 47. I cant thank you enough to Sara, Leez, and Ryan.

Review №58

Love this place! Its super clean. The intructors know what they are doing and will push you to your limit. Also love that its a quick workout. I am not one to spend hours at the gym and this place does the trick for me!

Review №59

Efficient 30-min workout with no fluff. Something different everyday. Love the huge variety of time slots. Five-star trainers. A+🔥

Review №60

The gym is a scary and sometimes intimidating place, especially if you have been out of it for a long time. But something pushed me to get out of my own way and take advantage of one of the many offers that Fit Body Boot Camp. I saw the Back to School offer and said to myself...its now or never. Well the first day, I had no idea what I was walking into or if I would walk out alive. 30 minutes? What harm or benefit could be accomplished in only 30 minutes. I could eat an entire pizza in under 30 minutes but that was not the right frame of mind. I was warmly greeted and received a nice tour of the facility. Now it was time to get ready to work out. The people there at the 5:30 am class were all warm, approachable and took me under their wing and didnt make me feel out of place. I was there to become more active but I didnt expect to get this strong community support. Linsey (the instructor) was super sweet and gently (but firmly) pushed me to do my best. With my comrades in arms, we pushed through the difficult but fun 30 minutes of working out. I was shocked with all the sweating and burning but it felt great and I didnt feel pushed to the point of exhaustion which was a welcomed surprise. Anyways, if you are still reading this...(sorry, I dont typically write Google reviews, so you can trust this one) its a great place to be a part of. Unfortunately, my work schedule and traveling has hindered me from working out as much as I wanted to but I was ALWAYS contacted from the trainers and the AMAZING support group via text and social media which made me push myself there even when I was scared to go (because of my perceived insecurities). I will definitely be back. Thanks!!!

Review №61

I completed my 9th workout today! While intense, the staff is super supportive of each persons ability and is motivating but not to pushy that you hurt yourself. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Great encouraging environment.

Review №62

FBBC is amazing! Everyone is great and has a positive attitude. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is considering it. I have never had a workout that works the entire body all at the same time and its my fourth week and already seeing results.

Review №63

I enjoy coning! Everyone is amazing. The setting, workouts, and the Trainers are Motivating! I admit some days are difficult, however I am determine to acheive the results. The atmosphere is so positive!

Review №64

This place is awesome! It has a family dynamic that is supportive and encouraging. They have your best interest in mind and try to make working out fun!

Review №65

Love this place! Very clean and simple on the inside. I love how friendly and motivating everyone is. The workouts are quick and very challenging, and youre able to modify if needed.

Review №66

The trainers at fit body boot camp are very encouraging. In just one visit they learn your name and make you feel like a rock star on the mat. You can tell they care about you.

Review №67

Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere! The staff makes it exciting to workout everyday. I love the structure and how the workouts are set up. I leave every workout feeling challenged and I know the workouts are working!

Review №68

If you like tabata style workouts, this is the gym for you! Fast-paced, challenging workouts but not overwhelming for those of us not in perfect shape yet! Staff is welcoming and encouraging-would definitely recommend.

Review №69

This is a super great place to workout and lose weight. So much fun, you will not wanna miss. More like a family environment and works every muscle in your body and the workouts are different every day.

Review №70

Ive never been a fan of working out but the wonderful team at FBBC is there to encourage and motivate you from the very beginning, even when youre not at the gym. From dieting to exercise they cover all the bases! I no longer dread the process of losing weight.

Review №71

I have had a wonderful experience at FBBC! It feels great to not be judged or overwhelmed.The coaches are all extremely welcoming and helpful. I never regret my time spent there.

Review №72

Fit Body Bootcamp is by far the best work out Ive done in a long time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The work outs, while intense, are fun and satisfying. I would absolutely recommend this!

Review №73

Love this place, hours fit great with my schedule. The work outs are fast and the trainers are very helpful. The atmosphere with everyone else working out in the room is always positive.

Review №74

I have really enjoyed my time at FBBC. Though the workouts are really intense, the instructors leave you wanting to come back every time! The program is extremely supportive and always welcoming of newcomers ready to start their fitness journey!

Review №75

Participated over a year ago had awesome results had gall bladder surgery & had to take a break due to some issues, but im back for the new year new you challenge. Staff is awesome so encouraging workouts are only 30 mins which is great and very intense i am looking forward to a transformation. :)

Review №76

The workouts are awesome! Short but you leave feeling like you ran a marathon. Instructors are all great, definitely know when to push you to your limit.

Review №77

FBBC is a great gym! I love that its 30 minutes and I am dripping of sweat! The instructors are always so encouraging to keep pushing which is nice when you want to give up!

Review №78

Great experience, the instructors really push you to keep going. I love all how there are multiple classes throughout the day so it makes it easier to your work out in.

Review №79

I love fit body boot camp!! Ryan is awesome and takes the time to see how you are doing and what he can help with. The classes and instructors are wonderful!!!

Review №80

I’ve completed my 8th day of the 21 day challenge. The quick and efficient workouts keep me motivated and help me start my day. It’s been a lot of fun

Review №81

Ive had a great experience at WFBBC! The people are so nice and instructors are very helpful during class! Ive already seen results within a week and half and look forward to more as I continue.

Review №82

I have done several classes including fighter fitness, kick boxing, Y box, other boot camps, ect. I was hesitant when it was only 30 minutes at first but do NOT let the 30 minutes fool you. It is a full intense 30 min and after every session you feel several muscle groups hurting. Its not a huge group and everyone is very welcoming. Great for keeping in shape or just getting started.

Review №83

I have been going here for one week and I am already seeing great results. They have a great program very organized and very motivating.

Review №84

Fit Body Boot Camp is perfect for busy individuals who want to get an intense workout in a short amount of time, with serious results. Ryan and his staff take the time to get to know everyone in their fit fam, evaluate their goals, create a roadmap to achieve them, (including goal tracking, weigh-ins, and a meal plan) and provide nonstop motivation and support along the way. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.

Review №85

I love this place a lot. Its super fun and exhausting but definitely the best workout I ever get. Excited to get back in there today after I had my vacation!!!!

Review №86

GREAT FRIENDLY SUPPORTIVE PROFESSIONAL STAFF!! As someone not that fit & athletic or in shape it is a great place to start off in getting bak into shape. Very welcoming place.

Review №87

The friendliest staff in Wichita! I love the constant support from the staff and all the members here. I actually look forward to working out.

Review №88

I’ve enjoyed my time at fit body boot camp. The service is amazing and you get a one on one feeling you wouldn’t get at a normal gym.

Review №89

AWESOME group of people. Fantastic workouts. Recommend this for everyone.

Review №90

I Love the friendly environment! I felt welcome from day one! And I love the extra push the Trainner gives us!

Review №91

I was finding it difficult to balance my workouts and my kids summer activities, but Fit Body Boot Camp has been the answer!! I can workout hard, high intensity for 30 minutes instead of spending hours at the gym and I feel much better!

Review №92

The trainers are amaxing! They motivate you, encourage, and push you. I love my time there, and I love that I dont feel judged. Its a family!

Review №93

I love this place! Everyone is friendly and energetic. The workouts are short but intense and fun.

Review №94

I just want to say that I was afraid of the words Boot Camp. I think of mud, army crawls, and manly grunts. My best friend and I were tired of feeling tired, sluggish, and making excuses for ourselves. So what did we do? We jumped into a boot camp, no overthinking, no saying Lets wait until the next Monday or Lets start tomorrow. We began this journey that we have started over and over again. The difference this time, is the people, the coaches at Wichitas Fit Body Boot Camp. They make you feel like you are family and they do care about you. Ive spent 2 hours at the gym before doing weights, then cardio, then finishing up with sauna time. Here its only 30 minutes, and let me tell you, those 30 minutes are well taken advantage of. Yesterday is the start of my 3rd week, I usually do things for about 3 days and then make an excuse. Not this time, because I am part of a family that is going to help me push through

Review №95

I love fitbody boot camp! The instructors are very motivating and care about making you as an individual healthier! The workouts are different and challenging every time! I would recommend fitbody to anyone at any fitness level!

Review №96

Since joining Fit Body Boot Camp I am actually excited to go and workout!! The clients are very friendly! Staff call you by your name! 30 minute workouts challenge you, but you’re still doing everything at your own pace.

Review №97

When I first walked in, I didnt know what to expect but after talking to Ryan,I felt that I was in the right place. The staff is so professional, kind and knowledgeable. I cant wait to start seeing the results. Thank you FBBC.Isaac Wairagu

Review №98

I have been going to FBBC for almost 4 weeks now and I am enjoying every minute of my workout. The Instructors are Awesome and keep me motivated to achieve my goals. Joining FBBC is Absolutely the best decision I have made for my health!

Review №99

Great place to get a good quick workout in just 30 minutes and youre done!!😁Everybody is friendly and welcoming!

Review №100

This is my 3rd week. Its an intense workout and everyone there is friendly. Its been a great experience!!

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