Planet Fitness
3535 N Rock Rd #200, Wichita, KS 67226, United States

Review №1

Friendly staff and spacious gym. Lots of equipment and a comfortable place to get in a good workout. I want to stress how great staff was at greetings and goodbyes. Made it feel like a welcoming place.[ Suggestion: Just make sure to sparkle up those water fountains and your locker room sinks once in a while. An easy fix. ]

Review №2

Great place to work out. Staff is awesome. Very friendly and caring.

Review №3

Really just a gym, but nicer than a lot of the locally owned gyms, simply because of the clientele.

Review №4

Great sign up experience! Mariah was amazing and took time to answer all my questions and give me a facility tour. I got the black card membership which has upgraded amenities. I havent used any of those services yet, but I am excited to try the aqua massage! This club is clean and doesnt seem super crowded being after work hours. The staff is helpful with check-in and answers any questions asked. Cant wait to get into a regular workout routine.

Review №5

Not very crowded. Easy to get machines. Staff friendly. The front was left attended for five minutes. Had to wait to get massage chair. Nice that the staff offered to do free training session.

Review №6

I went to the Planet Fitness on North Rock Road to cancel my membership months ago and was told there was a moratorium on cancellations, but I could freeze my membership. I agreed to that and left very clear instructions that at the end of the 3 month freeze, I was to be contacted before that membership was to be renewed or any fees charged. I work as a Construction Engineer and my work requires that I be at remote locations for extended periods of time. I return home and while I am going through my stack of mail, I find an invoice that I have been 2 charged for 2 months and late fees have been assessed. $41.50 for 2 months. I go in to close out this account. The person behind the counter says I cant sign the cancellation form unless all past due fees are paid. Of course she says there is nothing on file about my previous instructions. I put my debit card in the terminal, it says approved. I hear the email notification from my phone for the transaction approval. The person behind the counter says there is a MAB Failure. She states she has never seen that before, but my transaction was not approved. We go through the entire procedure once again on the same terminal. Not approved due to this MAB Failure Then again on the other terminal in the store. Not approved due to this MAB Failure I now have 3 pending charges on my debit card. The employee was either making this terminal error up, ie LYING, or was grossly incompetent at their job. The employee refused to call anyone to remedy the situation. This employee Refused to contact anyone that could be jokingly referred to as management. This employee also Refused to provide the form for membership cancellation.Hey Planet Fitness? I DONT WANT YOUR BUSINESS ANYMORE!!!

Review №7

Only few guests Sunday noon. Spacious.

Review №8

Staff very friendly, lots of equipment and love the extra benefits with thermo beds, tanning beds etc. However it has gotten very dusty and dirty in the last few months. Associates should get off phones and out from behind the desk and clean daily.

Review №9

I enjoy this location PF as there is rarely much of a crowd and I can easily access any of the equipment I choose to use. There are rowers at this location, which are not available at my home PF

Review №10

PF is a nice place if you arent a serious lifter

Review №11

Love this gym...cleaner then other locations

Review №12

Probably the cleanest and friendliest planet fitness in Wichita... and Ive been to all of them here.

Review №13

All I can say is WOW.... its a small fee to be apart of a facility to advance. Extremely clean. Wheelchair accessible. Whatever your injuries are they can get you back moving around and feeling good that you picked Planet Fitness. WOW. I worked out in a very small area just big enough for a few heads. I used all the equipment that was in that area except for the legs I need surgery. Under $30 a month. Open 24/7. Bring a friend for free. All the equipment you can handle. Thank You Planet Fitness without you I wouldnt have a fighting chance🎉🎩🎊

Review №14

Very clean, had everything I was looking for and the staff was kind and helpful

Review №15

Inside clean, equipment clean, personal friendly, clone problem in the shower, a lot a fan blower fries inside a shower.

Review №16

Club is clean and all the right equipment. Unfortunately the rules change from one club to the next. The people are not friendly, communications from one employee to the next is not consistent.

Review №17

My home away from home, as soon as they opened it here I was coming on every Wichita visit. Nice clean and organized. However, the equipment is not all well maintained, abduction and adduction machines (3 out of 4) wouldnt hold the set position of the seat.

Review №18

My favorite place! The staff is always friendly, they never pressure you, and I can honestly say it is a judgment free place. I feel so comfortable working out here and the facilities have always been very clean and well taken care of. It’s very affordable and they have done a great job of navigating health and wellness amidst COVID! Highly recommend Planet Fitness as your go to gym!

Review №19

Great price for what you get also there open 24/7 so it will fit any schedule

Review №20

Kinda tight, in the stretching area but overall well setup. Best P-fit I have been to yet!Although, I didnt catch anyone was very clean.

Review №21

Go most every day does any body maybe clean bathroom still nasty.

Review №22

Good cleaning and social distancing policies, but the staff doesnt enforce it.

Review №23

*Disclaimer* I visited a couple months ago.I was highly disappointed as I was wanting a 24 hour gym that wasnt too pricey, however I could not join this gym solely because the temperature in the building was too cold! The temperature is apparently left to one of the managers and those that work in the building have no control over it. It was so cold I had to LEAVE & couldnt even finish my workout. 1 star for cleanliness, 1 star for good equipment, & another for nice, friendly desk staff. However, I highly recommend you reconsider the comfort of your employees & members in the building!

Review №24

Not busy today at all, spacious and well taken care of equipment, Ill be back next trip to town for sure.

Review №25

I tried this location. Went there once and signed up for monthly membership. The next thing I know I’m getting calls threatening collections? I’m like seriously? So I walk back in to the location and I’m told I owe a late fee. So it cost me 20 bucks to find out planet fitness sucks! I bet a lot a people don’t get off so easy. Do yourself a favor and find another place to work out.

Review №26

Lots of equipment, membership is 10 a month, plus they are open 24 hours every day. You come in and work out whenever you feel like it. Front desk manager is kind and friendly. All the equipment shows you how to use it. There are lockers and a few water stations. I will definitely be coming back soon!

Review №27

Awesome 👍

Review №28

Open 24/7 so I can get in a workout even in my busy days. Lots of equipment so rarely have to wait on a machine to use. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The Hydro- massage beds are absolutely an awesome way to cool down after a good workout. A+ in my book.

Review №29

Ive always had a great experience at every Planet Fitness Ive been to. But, the N. Rock Rd location is the best by far. Exceptionally clean environment including the workout floor and locker rooms. Plenty of machines so there is rarely any waiting necessary. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Review №30

The planet fitness here on Rock is so much nicer than the others. The staff is personable, helpful, and really take care of visitors. The equipment is suited for all ranges beginner through expert. Plenty of variety in cardio equipment, clean locker rooms with showers and changing stalls. Love it!

Review №31

I love Planet Fitness. Black card membership is more than worth the money. Use of the hydromassage chair alone is worth the upgrade. It’s Definitely nice to be able to bring a workout partner any time with no additional cost, but to also have so many additional perks, black card membership only makes sense. I’ve recently started classes with personal trainer and absolutely love it.

Review №32

Been going here a little over a year and never had a problem.

Review №33

I love coming here! By far my favorite Planet Fitness in Wichita! The staff is always so friendly and the equipment is always clean (which is always a plus). Thanks for always making me feel NO JUDGEMENT!

Review №34

I am not from the KS area. However, I am in contest prep and needed a gym to use while visiting family. The manager Lauren worked with me to get the right membership for the week I was there. When I needed to leave and had to cancel my membership, it was easy! The staff was very friendly when I was there and the workout equipment was clean! (I watched the staff clean the equipment everyday!) If there was a Planet Fitness close to where I lived, I would make that my primary gym!

Review №35

The staff is friendly (without being fake or overbearing) and the facility is clean and well maintained. Especially for the price, I highly recommend this location. I always enjoyed working out here.

Review №36

I really liked coming here, but dont be fooled by the low advertised prices. I was only here for 1 month and a half. I was charged a $30 joining fee, and $10 monthly fee, and a $40 annual fee on November 1st. Even though I cancelled my membership before November 1st. So $90 for 6 weeks? I should have just gone to a fancy gym that had amenities. I was told I could not be helped because apparently the credit card machine doesnt work both ways. I am sure it does.

Review №37

Huge and comfort place

Review №38

I enjoyed the friendly staff and clean enivorment here in Wichita,Kns when I am in the area I will stop by. Happy New Year 2020

Review №39

Always clean. Friendly employees that pay attention and notice the moment you come in. This location hasnt been too busy in the late evenings.

Review №40

Have not been to other gyms in the area so I dont know how it compares but this one is pretty nice and clean usually not to many people but I go early like 4 pm.

Review №41

I am new in town and Id transferred my membership. So far the gym exceeded expectations. Clean, staff is nice and helpful, machine operational, and nice crowd.

Review №42

Very accommodating of OTR Truckers. Thanks for making fitness accessible to us.

Review №43

Other than the price and the great equipment theres a problem with the staff members not communicating correctly with the personal trainer however this problem began with him I had a personal class with the trainer Monday named build your own and I was going to get a workout plan for me, the personal trainer said he would have it the next day which would be this last Tuesday of this week Ive been by trying to get that for at least 3 times and nothing, the staff members dont even try to reach him at all, all they do is go check at the personal trainers desk but for the last 3 times that Ive been by to get my workout plan thats all the have done. Ive been nice to the staff but this is unacceptable and not once Ive heard an apology.

Review №44

Decent, Friendly, and a place for a great work out. You can workout/sign up 24/7 there is always 2 employees. Just no track.

Review №45

Perfect, laid-back place to work out. Not quite enough benches by the weights, it plenty of equivalent machines. Might be my only nit-pick.

Review №46

Very very clean I never expect a Planet Fitness to be like this

Review №47

Nice and clean

Review №48

Staff is always good polite and respectfulExtremely clean

Review №49

I would like to say i love first the nice and friendly environment. It offer cleaness and judgement free atmosphere. I love the free class sessions that you can sign up for. As well the design your own program plan. The instructor is very good well educated with degrees behide her title. So you can feel comfortable and confident in sharing health concerns with her. She is very friendly and hands on and dont mind helping and answer questions. Its like a family there. I highly recommend and invite coming out to learn and experience a life positive health changing growth inside and out.

Review №50

Too much purple.

Review №51

I really like the atmosphere here. Laied back and fun!

Review №52

Great & clean.

Review №53

Equipment is kept in good shape, gym is clean and smells good.

Review №54

Id give this place 0 stars if I could. Their customer service is the worst. The fact that you can sign up for a membership online but must go in store to cancel should be illegal.

Review №55

Not crowded and no creepy people

Review №56

Great gym I love working out here.

Review №57

Tremendous amount of equipment, all new. The facility is spotless and the staff friendly.

Review №58

Cheap, effective workout gym. Love the value for the money

Review №59

Great place to workout without bodybuilders dramatics.

Review №60

The staff is outstanding and they keep the place very clean.

Review №61

Such a nice facility! Very clean! Ton of equipment! Staff is great!

Review №62

Really enjoy exercising here very nice gym!

Review №63

Very friendly and helpful easy in and out very clean

Review №64

Friendly staff at check in and no one bothers me. ☺

Review №65

The $10 membership is really worth the cost

Review №66

Nice gym. Judgement Free zone?

Review №67

Cheap, and plenty of equipment and help to get fit.

Review №68

To quiet. No energy to really lift or do anything

Review №69

Staff is wonderful and environment is always clean!!!

Review №70

Awesome gym, no pressure gym. Friendly staff

Review №71

Great staff!

Review №72

Every one is so nice!

Review №73

Love my new encouraging friends

Review №74

The guy onthe front disk is not helpfull ,

Review №75

Nice equipment and great location

Review №76

Most people here don’t clean behind them. Stuff no too good not too bad.

Review №77

Clean facilities and friendly staff but the judgement free zone is hurting my gainz

Review №78

Clean, well equipped, good technology.

Review №79

Why does it cost so much to get off this plan

Review №80

Friendly people. Lots of value for little cost.

Review №81

Clean facilities and low monthly cost.

Review №82

Awesome gym.

Review №83

Good place to workout.

Review №84

Clean and not crowded.

Review №85

The staff dont do anything, they dont know anything. They dont enforce the rules. They false advertise. Not impressed.

Review №86

Staff is always pleasant

Review №87

Great equipment and staff

Review №88

Great place !

Review №89

Love this gym.

Review №90

Clean and good spaces

Review №91

Favorite environment

Review №92

Clean, quiet, pleasant staff

Review №93

Clean, never too busy, friendly staff.

Review №94

It is like home now..

Review №95

Nice location

Review №96

P good

Review №97

Never too busy.

Review №98

Love location

Review №99


Review №100

Friendly, and helpful

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  • Address:3535 N Rock Rd #200, Wichita, KS 67226, United States
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  • Phone:+1 316-831-7380
  • Gym
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Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
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  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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