FrontLine Fitness
3209 Gresham Lake Rd Suite 157, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

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Joining FrontLine Fitness has helped tremendously with my mental as well as physical health. This team really cares about a holistic approach to helping you become the best version of yourself. I have been able to accomplish things I would never have thought possible and am excited to see what is next for me every week.

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I had the opportunity to train here for 5 months after the doctor recommended that I lose some weight, plus I wanted to fit in my clothes from a few years ago. I would have loved to continue but the pandemic prevented me from doing so.I trained with Kenny Jr. who is a fantastic trainer and makes the sessions fly by. I was challenged and motivated both in and out of the gym through workout reminder texts and acknowledgment texts which was an option after logging my at home workouts which helped keep me stay accountable. Additionally, I have several injuries and limitations but Kenny Jr. is very knowledgeable and creative which made it easy to get a great workout in and regain mobility as well. I enjoyed having a variety of options when working out and if there was a specific movement or piece of equipment I wanted to try he found a way to incorporate it in. Kenny Jr. truly cares about his clients and I miss our random topics of discussion during my workouts.Pairing my workouts with apps they recommended for my at home workouts, nutrition tracking, and and progress logging made it easy to stay on track with my goals. It’s not just about doing the workout, but having the tools to make a lifestyle change that makes a difference.I can’t say enough good things about FrontLine and the coaches, plus who wouldn’t want to support a Veteran Owned business? From the moment you walk in you are greeted by the team, and Kenny the owner has created an environment where clients feel welcome, motivated, and a part of the team. Some days you’d walk in and you would be excited to see who was doing their check in and the joy of seeing their progress.I highly recommend them for anyone seriously considering personal training and making a lifestyle change.

Review №3

Great one on one training in a clean, professional atmosphere. Work outs designed for your specific goals, results and what you like. Challenging without being intimidating.

Review №4

If I could give Coach K and the Frontline Team 10 stars I would! I’ve been training with Coach K for a year and I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my 20s! He is caring, compassionate, enthusiastic and he practices what he preaches! He truly takes a vested interest in your personal fitness journey. The gym is so clean and welcoming! The entire Frontline Team is wonderful!

Review №5

Frontline Fitness is a great place to focus on personal health and wellness!! The staff are always helpful, resourceful and professional. My Coach Kenny Jr is awesome! I know that he genuinely care about my health and he is great at challenging me at the sessions.

Review №6

I have nothing but good things to say about this business! They truly care about my overall health and well-being, including mental state and stress level/management. Coach KJ works with me every week to challenge my fitness level, while also modifying my exercises due to back issues. I highly recommend Frontline Fitness!

Review №7

Coach Kenny and his staff are amazing. I have been training with Coach Kenny for almost a year and see dramatic results. He helps not only with training he also works with nutrition. 5 stars for professionalism, experience, encouragement, and great all around gym.

Review №8

I have been training under the direction of Coach KJ for the last several months. This is the best personal training experience Ive ever had. The entire team is so supportive and encouraging. Connectivity via various apps helps with not only continuous encouragement, but with much needed accountability. Coach KJ not only shows genuine concern about my physical journey, but also cares about my mental health and stress levels, providing a complete wellness experience. If you are thinking about giving personal training a try, Frontline Fitness is definitely an organization you should consider.

Review №9

KJ is a great trainer. He knows how to get the best out of me . He personalized my workout according to my fitness goal , always explain to me the exercises and make sure that i have a good form so i dont get injured . I would highly recommend Front life Fitness and KJ as a personal trainer .

Review №10

I am really impressed with Frontline Fitness so far. It is a well run business, very professional, organized and clean. Arwaa is fantastic. I really enjoy it there.

Review №11

Without a doubt, Front Line Fitness has been the game changer in my fitness goals and overall health. I have improved my endurance, strength and metrics by following the personalized nutrition and training plan. The staff is exceptionally supportive and professional.

Review №12

Frontline Fitness is changing my life! Coach K provides a clean professional gym with on time one on one sessions. I’m currently being trained by Coach KJ who has tailored made workouts that challenge me. I highly recommend everyone at any fitness level.

Review №13

I have been working with Coach KJ over at FrontLine for close to 6 months now and have been very impressed with what we have been able to accomplish. Coach KJ has not only taught me how to use the gym equipment that they have but has also taught me the benefits of macro tracking and what goals I can set to reach my target muscle level. I have gone from being an absolute novice to feeling very comfortable in the gym using any of the equipment. The workouts and nutritional goals are all tailored to me and what works best for my body. I have also been very impressed with KJs understanding of some of my health conditions. Between asthma and type 1 diabetes, I have my share of challenges that can make hot summer workouts tough, but Coach KJ has been very accommodating and understanding when I may need to take a break. Overall, FrontLine is a really solid group of trainers with all of the gym equipment you could need to reach your goals. I am very thankful that I joined the FrontLine family!

Review №14

I wish I could give my coach 12 stars!!! I LOVE Frontline Fitness. Coach KJ is super attentive. He gives tough love and encouragement without making you feel judged or beat up. I always feel motivated and full of energy when I walk in the door because coach is ALWAYS on 10. LOL. The hour I spend on the Frontline on Tuesday and Thursday are some of the best hours of my week.

Review №15

PT Coach Kenny is hands down the BEST I know! His workout plans are specifically designed for your goals . He will push you to limits you never thought you had while also keeping safety a TOP priority. If you are looking for a trainer that will keep you on your toes & motivate you everyday while making it fun this is the place to be.

Review №16

Absolutely, hands down the best trainer Ive had. Competing in the sport of bodybuilding is a very delicate sport. It requires attention to each muscle group. It requires time and variety to make your muscles grow and see change in your body. Kenny will give that time and attention that is needed. He is constantly changing the workouts to keep your body guessing. He definitely believes in your goals and will give you progress, if you are willing to work for it. Very attention to attention to detail. Highly recommend!

Review №17

As someone who has never worked with a personal trainer, I was extremely lucky to find someone like Kenny on the first try! He puts great thought into making sure I get the most out of each session and working with him has allowed me to drop several pounds and inches while also improving my overall health. His positive attitude and motivating spirit makes me excited to train with him each week. I only wish I had started working with him sooner!

Review №18

Coach K is an awesome trainer! He is an attentive trainer who works hard to understand your goals and help you reach them. Coach K’s workouts are very diverse, engaging, and fun to do! I love how he continuously checks your progress throughout your sessions and works to identify areas of concern when goals are not met. Awesome trainer & I 10/10 recommend!

Review №19

I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer but never thought I would be able to coordinate training with my random work schedule. I was very fortunate to find Kenny Ragsdale at Front Line Fitness who worked with me to coordinate two training sessions each week to accommodate my schedule. I have always worked out on my own but not always consistently and not always at a level that challenged me enough to provide the changes I was wanting to achieve. From the very first session, which included my fitness analysis, Kenny has tailored a program that was achievable at my current level of fitness but challenged me in ways I rarely did on my own. He provides guidance with nutrition which is paramount to achieving my goals. Progress reports every 4-6 weeks keeps me on track and accountable. I have been so impressed with his depth of knowledge and attentiveness during the sessions. He is always quick to modify exercises with safety first as a priority. His enthusiasm and encouragement makes it a pleasure to do the work. Even during a pandemic, Kenny made sure his clients could continue to train and work toward their goals. Once it was safe to do so, an outdoor training station was set up and training continued. Kennys dedication to his clients is unsurpassed.I have been fortunate to work with Kenny for the past year. I have dropped pounds, inches and gained strength, not always as quickly as I would like, but consistently and safely. I look forward to each session and the creative, ever changing, workouts each week. I could not ask for a better first experience working with a personal trainer.

Review №20

Amazing trainer , facility and knowledgeI highly recommend it

Review №21

Ive been training with Kenny for over 8 months. He is a terrific coach and wonderful motivator! I have improved my overall fitness and built muscle strength that has improved my tennis game exponentially! I highly recommend Kenny if you are looking for a personal trainer. You will get results! 🏋️‍♀️

Review №22

FrontLine Fitness takes all the worry out of training. His workouts are highly specialized to individual ability. I came to him with uncommon medical issues and he worked very hard to tailor a program to my abilities and worked around my issues. He even went as far as discussing with my medical professionals to ensure we came up with the safest and most effective plan for me. The combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and thoughtfulness sets FrontLine Fitness above all other trainers Ive worked with. Ive not only gained strength but gained confidence in my abilities and gained a fitness family.

Review №23

I started training with Kenny in November 2019. He put together an amazing program for me so I could hit my personal goals. He is always happy to see you, but ready to work when it’s time to go! No matter your fitness level, Kenny can help you get to the next level.

Review №24

My personal experience with Coach K was beyond a 5 star rating. Each training session was also a learning experience that I wouldve never got by myself resulting in me being in the best shape of my life. Im stronger and healthier then I was in my 20s and Coach K helped set the foundation.

Review №25

Very professional trainer(s). Really care about their clients and passionate about helping them achieve their goals. Great to have trainers that not only challenges you, but motivates at the same time. Highly recommend!

Review №26

Professional bodybuilding coach! It is a great place to workout and pursue your bodybuilding dream! The Leader coach-Kenny is pretty patient with each of client and have different skills to train the people. If you havent decided your coach, you should try with Frontline Fitness!

Review №27

Kenny serves his clients with the same dedication and focus that he served our country with. He is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and is able to create a custom work out regime that focuses on attaining your personal fitness goals. I would highly recommend Kenny!

Review №28

I highly recommend Kenny for your fitness and nutritional goals. He is very professional and goal oriented. I started training with him this past January but stopped in February because of COVID-19. We picked up training outside around June and focused on cardio, strength training and nutrition. As a result, I lost 25 pounds and approximately 6% body fat. I still am training with him and look forward to every training session.

Review №29

Front Line Fitness is a step above the rest. MAJ Ragsdale helped me achieve my fitness goals and I am now successfully completing a law enforcement training program. If you are looking to get fit for the fight, this is the place for you. You do not need to already be in great shape—I was a mid-30s dad who lost over 30 pounds and increased my strength and cardiovascular endurance through Kenny’s professional training program. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Listen to Kenny, get your nutrition in order (you don’t have to do a crash diet) and the results will come. I am eternally grateful to Front Line Fitness and I give them my highest recommendation.

Review №30

I have worked with other personal trainers over the years, and Frontline Fitness has been THE BEST! Kenny Ragsdale’s uses a client-centered approach that keeps me focused on my fitness goals and nutrition. The FrontLine team is always encouraging and positive, especially when it’s hard to stay motivated. I’d recommend FrontLine Fitness to anyone looking for a healthy, safe and fun way to meet their fitness goals.

Review №31

Kenny is the most professional trainer I’ve ever encountered. His plans and workouts have put me in the best shape I’ve been in, since high school. If you are in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend Frontline Fitness.

Review №32

The Frontline Team provides the best in 1:1 coaching to help you meet your goals! Coach Kenny and Coach Ana are great at what they do!

Review №33

Kenny Ragsdale has a passion for fitness and helping clients meet their goals. I came with tight IT bands and knee pain from years of running and cyclingKenny researched my injuries and developed modified fitness plans that would achieve the same results without further adding to the injuries and pain. He doesnt operate with a one plan fits all mentality He customizes individualized programs that work! My fitness and cycling performance improved from the strength training and I received compliments from people as my body and health started to transform.

Review №34

I love working out at FrontLine Fitness with Kenny , Kenny is Professional and always on time to work you till you sweat, With Him you get Great results 💪🏽Kenny pushes you to become a better you. He believes in a healthy body and a healthy mind.And he does not only preach it he shows it .kenny is a wonderful trainer .Fun, happiness, fitness,Strength that’s FrontLine Fitness to me that’s Kenny.

Review №35

I have had several trainers in the past and Ana is the best trainer Ive ever had. My workouts are always challenging but she is always aware of any limitations or injuries you have.

Review №36

Love working with Coach K! Wonderful trainer with tremendous results.

Review №37

I was so excited when the gym opened in our neighborhood. I have taken classes which I loved. I have done the personal training - which was great. I use the gym and the equipment and since I had personal training, where I was taught many different exercises, I now can implement what I learned and add those different exercises to my routine while I use the gym. I cant say enough about Kenny the owner - his knowledge about fitness and his real concern about my overall health and wellness was impressive.

Review №38

I am at Frontline Fitness at least 4 sometimes 5 days a week. It is such a great place to workout! There is plenty of equipment to get in any kind of workout no matter if youre a beginner or advanced. Its a smaller gym which I enjoy, not crowded at all and it has that small town personal touch! Kenny the owner is extremely personable and knowledgeable. He takes the time to get to know all of his clients and can definitely point you into the right direction for success!

Review №39

I have always been nervous about working with a personal trainer, but Kenny changed every view I had on that. Working with Kenny has been the best decision I have ever made. Kenny has taught me how to win the battle at the dinner table (Kenny) and win the battle in the gym. 47 pounds down now and its all because of Kennys helps. Not only is he a fantastic personal trainer, but his gym is amazing! There is everything that you would need to get where you want to be. The atmosphere is also not like most - its extremely friendly. Everyone knows everyone and everyone supports everyone. Its like one big family :) I highly recommend coming to this gym - you wont find anything better!

Review №40

I can speak confidently (and enthusiastically!) about my Personal Training experiences with Kenny Ragsdale of Front Line Fitness after working with him for the past 6 months.I have hired several personal trainers in various states over the course of 20 years. While they were all very kind and had their niche, I found none to be as well-versed, professional and safety-centric as Kenny. He is always committed to being very present and focused during sessions, always showing up early and being prepared while fully engaged and energetic! Every single time without fail - even at 5 a.m. His programs are created just for you, with careful intention, to move you towards your mutually discussed goals tracked via Progress Reports.I feel that his services are affordable and WELL WORTH the unparalleled benefits you gain in return. I have personally had an incredible experience and results … lbs and inches long gone! Kenny is the very definition of working with integrity and I wholeheartedly appreciate having someone dedicated to my fitness success as much as I am. I look very forward to continuing on this path with “KR” at Front Line!

Review №41

Although I am a bit partial because I am a member of FrontLine Fitness, I cant express how amazing it was to attend the Six Week Fitness Challenge. It was so quick paced, challenging, and offered a lot variety. Additionally, you can go at it at your own pace.

Review №42

I joined Frontline Fitness back in October 17 & have loved it! Its not a huge gym where you get lost in a crowd or caught up in a fad - its a smaller gym where form is monitored and accountability is huge. The owner Kenny is not a high pressure sales person - he sincerely wants you to be your best. Since my first assessment in October to now Ive lost weight, my BMI has dropped, & my body fat has dropped.. and Ive made some great friends along the way!

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