Orangetheory Fitness
6625 Falls of Neuse Rd #107, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

Review №1

The best workout I’ve ever had. Orangetheory introduced me to consistent strength training and some of the best people in my area. It’s a wonderful community from members, to coaches, to staff. Absolutely love OTF!

Review №2

Great staff, fun workouts, coaches are always offering suggestions or options if you cant do the main workout. Always a lot of fun!

Review №3

The whole staff is amazing! Every day is a different work out and you don’t even have to think about it. It’s always challenging and there are ways to ramp it up or down according to your needs. Right now, my favorite thing about the OTF is that they have very good protocols in place for cleanliness. I dont have to worry about germs or cleaning, it is all part of the process with them. I feel very safe there, which allows me to focus on my work out.

Review №4

Thanks to OTF, I have more strength, stamina, and smiles to counter the long periods of sitting I do as a book editor with the long periods of standing I do as a musician. Thank you again, Orangetheory Fitness North Raleigh, for being such a positive, powerful force in my life!

Review №5

Great place to work out. Good coaches and staff.Been in Raleigh for a month, and they were good to find the right plan for me and support.Try it out! First class is free :)

Review №6

I joined Orangetheory North Raleigh at the end of October after visiting several different types of gyms and seeing how they were handling the pandemic. Hands down OTF has been the BEST gym in regards to safety and cleanliness. They dont skip steps, not only do they have the users wipe down equipment but they also use a safe and powerful disinfecting fog after each class too. I feel totally safe working out here during this time! Huge shout out to the staff and if you arent sure about joining, its not even a question that theyre the best!

Review №7

Great coaches and friendly staff. My favorite Orange Theory location.

Review №8

I love this fitness studio. I like that we have to book our classes. They will help keep you accountable. Love that. When you just get back into a routine thats important. Theyve always been great about keeping the place clean. Since re-opening the procedures they have in place now are great. There is no bottle necking, everything is done with great care and the place is sanitized after every class. We also wipe everything down during class.So glad to be back.

Review №9

I’ve been a member at this location for 3 years now and I have nothing but good things to say! It’s a little less crowded than other locations nearby which makes me feel so much more comfortable returning during COVID-19 protocols. The cleaning and safety measures that have been put in place make me feel safe and I’m so thankful to be back in the studio! Also shout out to Will for his pep talks and Erica for her energy!

Review №10

I always get a good workout in when I come to this location. Will and Erica are always energetic and their excitement is contagious. If you’re looking for a great workout this is a great option. Have fun while reaching your health and fitness goals.

Review №11

I love Erica! She is a solid instructor who is consistent and precise in her instruction and coaching. Appreciate her positive attitude and dedication to making the class stronger, faster and better. Thanks for everything Erica and a special, generous thanks for keeping us safe during these times.

Review №12

Took Will’s class today. Their response to Covid 19 is great and made me feel super safe. I received a text with the procedures, prior to classTemp checks, mask requirement for entering , leaving and all station transitions. Best thing, tons of space between stations. So glad Orangetheory North Raleigh is open. Love them!

Review №13

OTF is the best workout!

Review №14

My boyfriend and I came to this location for the first time and it was an amazing workout and the staff were awesome and did a great job accommodating with new Covid-19 guidelines.

Review №15

Overall, I felt amazing at the end of our workout. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the change up through out the class!

Review №16

I love this location of OTF! The coaches are always fantastic and so motivating. The class sizes are a bit smaller than other OTF locations which I prefer. I look forward to heading in to each class at this OTF!

Review №17

Shoutout to my girl for recommending OTF. Like a lot of us COVID really had me feeling down about my health. I went from working out 5-6 days a week at Rex Wellness and CrossFit to doing the bare minimum. At home workouts just weren’t doing the trick. As gyms started to open back up I found myself struggling to find the love of CrossFit. I needed something to jumpstart my routine again. I just joined OTF about three weeks ago and I truly didn’t know what I was missing. The challenge, the thrill, the push, the drive to do better than you did the day before - I’m absolutely hooked. Will is hands down the best coach and so incredibly motivating. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re slacking off and having someone there to give you another motivating push to do better. Highly recommend OTF North Raleigh. Come join and we can sweat together!

Review №18

I love Orangetheory. But this location needs some energy. Front desk staff looks unhappy as soon as you enter. No welcome, no smile. I thought Vicki is great coach but she lacks proper instructions, enthusiasm and doesn’t correct if someone is wrong. Vicki needs to learn to smile and welcome members. Overall I don’t like this location. And I suggest everyone to avoid it.

Review №19

It encourages me to push myself. I now realize that before joining OT, I thought taking a walk or doing weights at the gym was enough; however, I saw very few results. I began to suspect that I wasnt working out to my potential. But at OT, there is proof on the monitor as to how hard I am working. I really want those splat points and I am super motivated to push myself and earn them. The real reward, though, is how great I feel when I walk out of OT-physically and mentally. I love this place!!!

Review №20

Excellent gym. Really enjoying the workouts here and already starting to see results less than a month in. Workouts are perfect in my mind. Its a nice mix of predictable elements every workout (treadmill & rower), but with various floor exercises worked in. Its familiar, but different every workout and I like that. Also, they do a great job of offering options and variations to some of the movements in case youre not quite ready for some of the twisting and impact stuff. And I love the way they use the heart rate to optimize your workout. It seems simple, but the color coded way of tracking your performance is awesome. You can spend less time thinking and more time doing to maximize the effort of your 60 minutes every class. Very positive experience thus far and a great fit for me.

Review №21

I have been a member of orange theory for over a year and have loved it!! Never get bored or tired of it!! I have gotten stronger and fitter - Best shape of my life! Body composition definitely changed!! Coaches are great and very supportive, staff is always nice and welcoming, the workouts vary and almost always amazing!! Hour goes by fast and one feels a great sense of accomplishment when done. I have already recommended OT to three different friends who go to studios in chapel hill and durham - they all joined and love it as well. Try it dont wait.

Review №22

I love the intensity and structure of the workouts. I also appreciate the coachs knowledge and ability to modify exercises based on my needs. I feel like I get the best bang for my buck going to OTF!

Review №23

I love the intensity of the work out. 60 minutes and done. The coaches are amazing and get you through the workout!

Review №24

Very well organized. Staff is friendly and work hard to orient you before your first class. Great workout!

Review №25

Great place and great staff

Review №26

I love everything about it! Its a new workout every day and the blocks are short so I never get bored. The classes fly by and I love being able to watch my calorie burn throughout class. I also love that it is structured so that everyone can go at their own pace. You dont have to follow an instructor. I never feel like I am struggling to keep up with other people or that I am not being challenged. I push myself to MY limits.The coaches are amazing. They are always enthusiastic without being cheesy or annoying . They are always offering to help answer any questions, provide support and motivate me. I will never know how they manage to time a treadmill block while giving a floor demonstration! I marvel at them every day.The playlists are incredible. Sometimes I dance a little in between reps on the floor :).I rave about Orangetheory everywhere I go. I have lost 10lbs in 6 months and I feel amazing. Thank you for every thing!

Review №27

Great class today led by Coach Ron. The hour goes by so fast, the classes are fun and you get the best workout. Today we did rowing, jumping jacks, weights, TRX, and treadmill, to name a few. Ive been going to classes here since September and I am amazed at how much better I feel each day and how much more I can accomplish each class. Also love all the calories I burn during and after class. All the staff are so nice and welcoming, as are the other class members. Cant wait to see what tomorrows workout will be as each class is different, so you never get bored.

Review №28

The staff is wonderful, friendly, helpful, and supportive...all the trainers know what they are talking about and have given consistent advice. The ladies at the front desk are always upbeat and welcoming, even at 5am. The workouts are tough but the trainers stay cognizant of injuries. I cannot recommend OTF, and this location specifically, enough.

Review №29

I had a great experience. I live in Charlotte and have been a member here in the past. I visited the North Raleigh location with my boyfriend and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I decided to become a member again so we can workout together in Charlotte or Raleigh.

Review №30

Love love love this place. Amazing people, workouts and results. Just try it, you won’t regret it.

Review №31

Great workout, love the variety with cardio and strength training, music keeps you motivated and pumped up. The 60 minute workout is perfect amount of time and the trainers are all super nice!! Great experience and glad I joined!!

Review №32

This location is awesome! The workout is great, challenging and efficient! And the staff and coaches are top notch!

Review №33

Erica, Kristine, and Nick are awesome and so motivating! They have great music, keep a great time on the clock and really push you to push yourself! So thankful for OTF! You will never be disappointed!

Review №34

I love OT. Love. It. I go, Im told (and shown) what to do by the extremely helpful and supportive staff, I do it as best as I can, I go home. No worrying if its leg day or arm day or cardio day. No judging. Nothing but a good sweat, some burnt calories, and a heady sense of accomplishment!

Review №35

Very much a fan after 4 months of working out. Facilities are great, and the thought and care of the coaches is amazing. Keep it up.

Review №36

Today would have been my first time trying out Orange theory. I left work early to make it in time to the 12 pm class. Called up to them to let them know I got lost but was within the vicinity. Got there at 11:40am and they told me that I couldnt take the class, due to paper work that I had to fill out. Im sure i couldve done that after the class. So I wasted my time driving to them. They asked if I wanted to reschedule but why if Im here.. Horrible customer service in my eyes.

Review №37

You will always get a quality workout packed into just an hour of your day regardless of what kind of shape you are in. The workouts will be structured to give you the variety of exercises you need to boost your cardio, strength and overall wellness as long as you are willing to push yourself or let yourself be pushed. Its very easy to gauge whether you are getting the workout you want or if you need to kick it up a notch thanks to the easy to track heart rate zones displayed on the big screens or individual treadmill tablets. For the competitive types out there, its always fun to compete against yourself to set new PRs on benchmark days or see how many Splat points you can rack up during class. Coaches and staff in the North Raleigh studio are great! I only wish they had a studio closer to where I live.

Review №38

Fantastic workout program with group coaching and all the coaches call me by name as they customize the exercises for my needs.

Review №39

I love OTF! It is the best gift I have ever given myself! The workouts are so challenging and the coaches do such an awesome job at encouraging me to push myself and accomplish more with each workout. It has only been 4 months since I joined OTF and I feel stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my life. If you are thinking about trying it- do it!

Review №40

I love the coaches, staff and workouts at this OTF location. Its the only location I have visited. Coach Ron encourages me to work harder in my workouts and does a great job guiding through how to perform the moves and how to use the machines. Ive really enjoyed my experience here.

Review №41

Usually a great experience but today I was very disappointed. Megan, the lady at the front was extremely rude and out of line today. I went to the bathroom and was told when I walked out that using the restroom put me past the five minute mark. I’ve been a member of OTF for two years now and have never been treated like this by an employee. It made me so uncomfortable that I left and did not work out. I was not aware that this is how OTF trains their employees to speak to their customers. THE BATHROOM? Come on. Nobody pays this much a month to be treated like this.

Review №42

OTF! I love love love working out at OTF. I always feel motivated, I always feel like I can do better and then I do :) . Thank you!

Review №43

Love OTF! It’s a great variety of exercise during your workout, they play motivating music, and I love the data driven metrics on your workout and the ability to go at your own pace!

Review №44

Terrible customer service and very rude staff. I got there 15 minutes early for my first class at this location at 8:00am on a Saturday morning and I had already taken an orange theory class before. The only goal was to try out this locations trainers. They wanted to push me to the 9:30 class which they told me the night before was filled up. (Just Bc I wasnt there early enough to fill out a form that takes a few minutes - I know since I have been to another location in VA) Your inability to be flexible with a potential NEW customer that wasnt there 20 minutes ahead of time just lost you a customer and potentially more since I am from the area. I shall be telling people about your bad service.

Review №45

The experience was better than I imagined. I especially liked the alternation of cardio and strength training combined with high quality equipment and coaching.

Review №46

Ive been a member for little over a month and Ive enjoyed OTF a lot so far. So much so that I increased my investment from 8 classes a month to unlimited after my first month. I have years of experience exercising in cardio and racing bikes, but time has been a tight recently and Ive been wanting to mix in a little strength, so the bike has been put on pause for a little bit. OTF has been the perfect fit for me in that regards. Cardio makes up maybe 40 mins of the class with about 20 mins of strength training. North Raleigh, while has had some turnover in just the month Ive been here, is a great studio. Apparently quieter and less stressful than North Hills. The head coach, Erica, is really great, hands on, and seems to care about her students. Their latest hire, Vicki, is impressive so far! Loud, clear, hands on, and quick to congratulate. Skip the crowded North Hills traffic and come on up to North Raleigh. Its my new home for fitness.

Review №47

The staff are great and do a good job with explaining how orange theory works. Had a great time for my first time.

Review №48

I love every minute of it. Especially the 90 minute sessions. Also amazing staff and coaches .

Review №49

So great to be back in the studio!! It always felt clean before COVID, but the extra precautions and efforts they are doing make it feel even more clean and safe!! Can’t say enough about how great it is to be back inside the studio!!

Review №50

Great clean gym that is very structured and gives you a killer work out at your own pace. Everything I was looking for!

Review №51

I would give 10’s across the board if I could! OTF is amazing from from office to coaches to the always changing (and challenging) workouts.

Review №52

Love the interval training and unpredictable workouts. Time goes by so fast as I am engaged the entire time.

Review №53

Love this workout! One of the best I have ever done.Everyone there is great . Love Ashley!

Review №54

Beware of thos company. If they may contact with you. The sales staff will be relentles. When I told them I was 100 percent disabled and housebound. Im not a candidate for any gym membership. Physical therapy maybe. Its was a year ago I took a phone call. They still call after a year. Blocked the number they still leave messages.

Review №55

Great Staff! Excellent workout program! Every workout is different.

Review №56

The 2 trainers we really liked were Erica and DeMarcus, they have a really good energy. It is definitely a full body workout and you will see changes in your body after a few weeks. The only thing I didnt like was not knowing what kind of workout each day is (ie strength vs endurance) until I got there. I understand thats just Orange theory as a whole.With this said, even if it were the best gym experience it would not be worth the wasted money that comes with eventually cancelling. Even with notice of cancellation you are still going to be billed the full amount one more time, no matter the circumstances. Also if you want to freeze your account, youre billed for that as well. In addition, if you want to downgrade you still have to go through with this cancellation. However this is not the case if you want to upgrade!I cancelled for health reasons today and I was visibly upset to find out that Im going to not only be paying for a procedure I wasnt prepared for, but also now a full OTF month for 2 people (cancelled my partners plan who I was paying for and who was only going to support me). I was left with no compassion, not even hopes that whats going on with my health ends well. Very cold interaction with only payments in mind.I went in thinking that it would be an easy transaction and even asked what it would be for a drop in class for when everything is said and done and I wanted to start working my way back in. Needless to say I wont do any drop-in classes and I wont be returning to any Orange theory gyms now that I know what I do now. I left OTF feeling terrible brcause of this exchange. This has made me wary of future gym memberships and Im sad to say that Ive never experienced this before.

Review №57

The variety, the push, the motivating coaches- Everything!

Review №58

Every class is interesting and keeps you focused and motivated!!! Love this place-coaches and staff and all!!

Review №59

Great instruction and quality equipment. Technology and innovation set this model apart from the competition.

Review №60

Fun and challenging workout. Really great staff!

Review №61

Everything. The staff, equipment, attitude, variety, camaraderie, evidence-based design, datapoints for tracking progress. Everything.

Review №62

The staff and coaches are friendly and extremely motivating! Never the same workout twice and the results are amazing!

Review №63

I am obsessed with Orange Theory. The coaches and staff are amazing, and the workouts will kick your butt and keep you coming back for more!

Review №64

Great staff and great workout

Review №65

I love everything about orange Therory! Everyday it is a different workout!

Review №66

Amazing staff and coaches along with great workouts!

Review №67

Awesome workout with an amazing staff! Look forward to going again

Review №68

Challenging and variety in workouts. Friendly Staff and good instructors.

Review №69

Love it Great workout and friendly staff!

Review №70

Killer workout! Excited to finally find a routine to break the plateau Ive hit.

Review №71

Best workout around!

Review №72

Nice atomosphere

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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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