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Audra has been fantastic to work with. I reached out to her when I was desperately in need of help getting back in shape and healthy. She listened to my goals and created a program to help me achieve that, but also helped tweak and modify them as we went along and my goals changed or grew. She knows that there are no shortcuts to fitness and health and has helped me work towards long term, healthy change.Audra is very encouraging and compassionate, while at the same time pushing me to achieve things I didnt think were possible. Im stronger than Ive ever been in my life, and the progress is only continuing. Her focus on functional strength means that Im strong in my every day activities, and not just in the gym. Carrying a 40lb bag of cat litter up to my 3rd floor apartment no longer leaves me winded! :) My chiropractor has noticed this increase in strength as my body/muscles are holding my adjustments much better than ever before.I would highly recommend Audra to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who really knows her stuff!

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Audra is a fantastic personal trainer and a caring and fun friend! In the year+ that Ive been working with her, my fitness goals have changed multiple times. Her deep knowledge allows her to be flexible to my changing goals and apply a customized regimen every step of the way. And above all, shes an authentic and enjoyable person to be around!

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I have been working with Audra in an outdoor, socially-distanced capacity twice a week for about six months now. I started working with her when I had plateaued with powerlifting and didn’t know/have the motivation to figure out what I was doing wrong on my own. I also wanted to lose weight and was hoping for more guidance and accountability.Audra has totally met me where I’m at and has pushed and supported me to reach my goals. For weightlifting, I’ve seen amazing results, both in my physique and my strength. This week during my sessions with Audra I shattered my previous PRs on deadlift and squats, and felt great doing it. I know that my imbalances are being corrected, and her program has built my strength enough that I was prepared to give my all. I’m a bit scared of dieting due to a previous eating disorder, and Audra has been able to keep that in mind and help me stay focused on eating right and feeding my lifting goals. I’ve lost weight slowly, but steadily, without losing muscle or abandoning all joy in life (aka baked goods).I think my success with Audra is largely due to her warm and genuine positivity, and her sense of how to motivate. Her ability to balance challenge and acceptance, which comes both from her deep knowledge on how to develop the body and her experience as a personal trainer and athlete, helps me to give me all and get back up again after disappointments or failures. This means I’ve been able to stay the course, and has led to greater achievements than I really thought possible before.Working with Audra has really been life changing for me and I’m excited to keep going in 2021!

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Audra didnt just help me put on ten pounds of muscle and teach me how to lift weights safely and properly - she helped me gain the confidence to continue on with my fitness journey without worrying so much about what other people thought of me. Shes a great trainer, an excellent communicator, and amazingly knowledgeable. I definitely recommend.

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I worked with Audra remotely and found her guidance and workout plan to be extremely helpful. She really listens to help create a plan that is focused on your goals. When I started I just wanted to get stronger and lose weight, but in a few months I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to spend more time outride trail running. She happily adapted the plan to include more running. We would check in weekly over the phone and she sent videos or links to how to preform new exercises. I’m lifting heavier weights because of Audra and getting stronger every day! Her plans helped me put exercise as a top priority and now I’m at my goal weight and constantly challenging myself in new ways. I know I couldn’t get here this quickly without her!

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Very professional, knowledgeable and capable of adjusting services to suit her clients needs. Always on time, always willing to work with me re: schedules. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone!

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I can’t recommend Audra enough, as a trainer or a person. Going in with zero gym experience, the environment she created was as invaluable as my results. I gained a whole hell of a lot - physically and mentally.

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Very easy to work with! Felt stronger and healthier than I ever had! I absolutely would recommend her!

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Definitively the best personal trainer and coach Ive ever hired. Im in my 40s, and I recently resolved to be in the best shape of my life. In just the month I have trained with Audra, I have grown in lean muscle mass safely and quickly. Highly recommend.

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Audra is the best trainer Ive ever worked with! Well, shes also the only trainer Ive ever worked with, but Im confident that shes one of the best! Im so glad I started my fitness journey with her. Shes a great motivator and she keeps me honest about my progress. As a lifelong nerd, I was terrified of the gym (and of athletes, tbh), but Audra has a great way of motivating and reassuring me that Im actually capable of accomplishing my goals. Highly recommend!

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