Snap Fitness Raleigh
1141 Falls River Ave #100, Raleigh, NC 27614, United States

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This location offers a clean and safe environment with a boutique atmosphere. Its never really crowded and you can be assured they take your health and safety seriously.Drew, Marie, and Matthew are phenomenal and knowledgeable; if you are looking to get or stay in shape, this is the place for you! Start with a free coaching session and build on that foundation.

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Snap Fitness at Fall River is awesome! Friendly staff, the owner, Drew, knows his stuff and very clean facility!! I train with Drew and he is always educating me on the muscle group we are working and why he is doing it a specific way.

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Very nice facilities. The machines were clean and the gym was over crowded. The facilities provides the opportunity to workout alone or with a private trainer. Folks who shared machines did so very cordially. I was very impressed with this gym.

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Ive been going to Snap Fitness for years now. I went to Snap Fitness three years ago when it was just a small gym. Now, it has expanded in more ways then one. Not only is the gym clean, but the staff is friendly and go out of their way to get to know you beyond your credit card information. Many gyms will beat you with this idea of judgement free, but Snap Fitness really stands by those words. The staff is also concerned for your personal fitness, and are more then welcome to assist you in any way they can. Ive been to a few gyms in Raleigh, but Snap is the only one I can call home with ease! Not to mention 24-hour access allows for some great lifts in the middle of the night.

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Gets the job done. They could definitely use another lateral elliptical trainer and Id love if all the workout equipment wasnt jammed into one corner. That said, the place is kept ridiculously clean (the carpets are literally being vacuumed every single time Im there). Trainers expect you to let them and their clients have dibs on the equipment—which I find unfair as we all pay the same $$. Best gym on a budget.

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I had a similar issue as another reviewer on here when trying to cancel my membership, only my membership wasnt a trial and I was a member for around a year here. I tried cancelling over the phone as there is no other reason for me to head in that direction and its out of my way, which is the reason I was cancelling in the first place. I found some free time a week or two later and stopped by the office during posted staff office hours to find no staff in or around the building. I waited at least thirty minutes, but no one returned to the office. I left and tried to call again another day, only to be told that I had to come in again. I ended up paying at least another month on my membership because of these shenanigans, and when I finally caught a staff member I received the same passive aggressive tone that the other reviewer mentioned,. as if I were supposed to feel at fault for finding a more convenient gym for my schedule.EDIT: I should mention that other than the horrible process of trying to cancel my membership, the gym was very clean, small but the benefit of having another (usually empty) room full of pull-up bars and barbells on the other side of the wall that members of Snap Fitness could use was very nice, and the staff that I talked to whenever I worked out was incredibly friendly (not sure of all names, but I remember Drew was one). I had never talked to the gentleman who gave me the issues when I tried to cancel. For these reasons, Ill be upgrading my review from 1 star to 3. Hopefully they got rid of the guy I dealt with when trying to cancel.

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The facility on its own was fine although its relatively small and can get crowded at peak hours like most gyms. My issue arose when I tried to cancel my trial membership and was misled by management. Be careful of the fine print and dont trust anything that isnt in writing. Be aware that if someone assures you that you can cancel your trial membership over the phone, you cant. You must go to the gym during office hours and potentialy be subjected to, what was for me, an extremely passive aggressive, condescending, and ultimately awkward confrontation about cancelling the trial.I have hesitated to write this review for a while but recently ran into a friend who had the exact same experience as me. Im not advocating against the facility itself, but some of its trial membership and cancellation practices are questionable and need to be noted and addressed. My experience was horrible and I hope others havent had to deal with this. People deserve better.

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Love Snap Fitness. Great equipment, helpful staff and very clean. My trainer, Drew, gives excellent workouts! I highly recommend this gym.

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They advertise a low cost gym membership but you will really pay $40+ for a bare bones gym. No locker room. The functional workout space they show you when you tour is always locked unless a class is in there.

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This gym is great!! I travel frequently and visit many Snap Fitness gyms, and this is definitely one of the best. The staff is helpful, the atmosphere is great, and there is plenty of equipment and space. I highly recommend this facility.

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I have loved attending this gym. The customer service has always been amazing and extremely accommodating. Trainers are professional, understanding of lifes unpredictability and will work hard to get you the results you are looking for. The facilities are incredibly clean and I just cant say enough great things about the equipment. I consistently recommend this gyn to friends and family and will cocontin to do so.

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Nice & convenient to where I live & a very clean facility. Friendly & informative staff & great friendly environment to workout in!

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My trainer is really good at knowing what exercises are just right for me.

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Great Place with an awesome environment. plus 24/7!

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I love the convenience of having 24 hour access. The gym is very clean and not crowded.

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This location is much better after the recent renovation. There is a squat rack! Woohoo!

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Seems quiet and clean. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.

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Good service

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Love this place

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Get swall

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  • Address:1141 Falls River Ave #100, Raleigh, NC 27614, United States
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  • Phone:+1 984-202-5326
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  • Identifies as veteran-led:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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