By Design Fitness
6325 Falls of Neuse Rd #71, Raleigh, NC 27609, United States
Review №1

This place is great! Even though I was unable to pursue my body building career here, the trainers get a score of 11 out of 10. They are very knowledgeable and seem to take their job very seriously. They really focus on your question and concerns so they can tackle them full force but at the same time doing so in a manner that is gentle. I highly recommend this place!

Review №2

Ive been training with Jay at By Design since April 2019. Ive seen my strength and endurance improve dramatically since then. Im taking a break for work but Ill be back in the fall. If you need a personalized experience with someone to keep you challenged and accountable, I highly recommend By Design!

Review №3

Marla is great. She was able to accommodate me for quick, super high intensity, very effective trainings during my lunch break at work. I only worked with her for a month but I felt awesome during that time. Will definitely be back!!

Review №4

Nick is a life saver! I went to By Design Fitness for help with my shoulder problems. Nick evaluated my issues then helped me work on strength and flexibility. He even gave me some great exercises to do at home!

Review №5

By Deign Fitness was the perfect place for me to reach my fitness goals. All of the trainers are very supportive and inspirational. My trainer George has been wonderful. Very professional and keeps me focused. I suggest By Design to anyone interested in getting in shape or reaching their next level of fitness.

Review №6

I have never seen my body in the shape it is in now. I am way more energized and confident. The best part about my training here is that the trainers make you feel you can accomplish anything. They are consistent and they throughly listen to the goals you are trying to accomplish. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better body. Hats off to my trainer Marla!!

Review №7

I have been a client at Body by Design for almost 2 years. I cant say enough about the facility or the trainers. Its a first class studio. Joe helped outline a nutrition plan for me while my trainer, Ashley, has transformed my body. I am in the best shape since my 20s and Ill be 50 in September!! If you are ready to change your life, get in shape, feel and look Joe!

Review №8

My 15 year old daughter has been seeing Nick for about a year now to work on building her strength and endurance and working through some fitness challenges with knee and hip problems. He listened to all our goals and has tailored a program to help her. He is patient and encouraging. We couldnt be happier with our experience with By Design Fitness.

Review №9

Ask for Tina, she is an incredible trainer. Very devoted to her clients and knows her stuff. She eases her clients into the workouts and by week 4-5 you start feeling different. Also, their studio is pretty nice. Great owner and staff.

Review №10

My experience over the years has been wonderful! Marla is an exceptional trainer and I highly recommend her!

Review №11

By Design has changed my life! I have never been as fit as I am now. I have Marla to thank for this dramatic makeover. She has held me accountable in all facets from nutrition to strength training and cardio. I have had numerous gym memberships, but I lacked the motovation and desire. Marla has given me the determinition and drive that I have needed to be the success I have become.

Review №12

I just noticed that they have separate pages for their two locations, so I wanted to post this review about the location where I train...I have only been a Body by Design client for about a month, but I’ve been so happy that I wanted to tell people about my experience.About two months ago, I started looking to get in better shape. I’m a single mom and I wanted to finally “get back out there” and start dating. I made arrangements so see a few trainers so I could compare them and I included Body by Design in the list even though I thought they were really out of my price range. As it worked out, I went to Body for my free trial first because they could see me the soonest.I saw Rebecca -who I train with now - and it was such a great experience that I felt like I had never really worked out before! I then met with three other trainers who were about half the price ($25-$30/hr), but everything was a letdown after seeing Body by Design. There was really no comparison between Rebecca and the other trainers – they just were not as knowledgeable or fun. They really weren’t even as fit either. It really did make me feel so much better in the Body studio because it was private and so well equipped and nice! One of the other trainers did work at another place that had it’s own gym, but it was sparse, grey and nasty.Now here’s the thing I found out, Body by Design will negotiate with you some on price if you really need it – and I did! You should ask them. In the end, it’s still more than I thought about paying initially, but you do get what you pay for! It is so worth the extra money I can’t even tell you! Just the motivation alone is worth the price.The other things are, they do not have any kind of contract and they wont charge you if you miss a session.If you are thinking about getting a trainer, don’t be scared by the price. I would rather pay more and I would get more out of coming once a week to a real trainer like Body by Design than I would at three times a week with the cheap trainers I tried (and I do make the sacrifice to come twice a week too).Come here and see the difference yourself! Good luck!

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