VyStar Credit Union - San Marco Branch
1600 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, United States

Review №1

With me starting a business and also my regular banking transactions Mallorey after the assistance of Kenneth, who opened a business account for me, did justice, speedy and outstanding customer service. I recommend everyone to take care of there banking needs at this location if your on this area. Thanks again.

Review №2

Terrible customer service.I used to love Vystar because they didnt charge all the extra fees. Well today they charged me an extra $5.00 to cash a Vystar check. Only $5.00 but really!!

Review №3

The reps are always nice here but no matter what time or day of the week I come through the drive through, its an extremely long wait. Sitting here for just over 10 minutes and havent made it to anyone yet. And there are 3 lanes. My other accounts are at Community First in Lakewood and they are never this slow.

Review №4

I received a new debit card today. The young lady said it would take 5 minutes, have a seat in the lobby. No one else was in the facility. I know exactly what this was about. It took 20 minutes. Thank you to the lady for inquiring about me waiting. I received the card seconds later.

Review №5

Mykelti Kenney was very pleasant to work with. She was also fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. A real pleasure.Kenneth McAllister, VP of the San Marco Branch, has always been available, and has helped me set up my accounts until I understood their functions. He is a good mentor for his associates, and members..

Review №6

Was considering switching banks but after the fantastic personalized customer service i received from mallorey and mykelti at this branch i wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №7

Ive been a member for over 10 years and have never seen a need for me bank or use financial services anywhere else. VyStar with its products & services have set a benchmark for all businesses in the banking industry and that includes big banks. The personalization VyStar offers is truly remarkable. Since being a member, Ive dealt with one customer relationship manager (Aldijana Heljo) who is a shining star of the org. Another star in the making is Sarah Durning who meticulously arranged for my financial needs all done virtually. Kudos to VyStar for identifying and grooming such associates.

Review №8

I was recently in the market for a new vehicle. The loan process was simple and fast thanks to Holli. Although we did not use VyStar due to getting a lower rate elsewhere, Holli demonstrated the perfect example of what superb banking services should be. Her efforts to help us get vehicle were above and beyond and cannot go without praise. Thank you, Holli for your diligence and thank you management for Holli. You’ve got a real gem!If you’re looking for a someone who has your back...go to Holli!

Review №9

The people that work here are terrific. However, the drive thru is sooooooooooo slow. I have been putting off writing this review, but after todays experience I had to let it all out.I wish this branch could be more like the other branches. I have more I could complain about but its useless

Review №10

I love this Vystar. Filmon is my go to. I wouldnt do business with anyone else.

Review №11

Holli Armendariz is definitely an amazing person. She helped me with so much & helped me understand my situation. Shes so patient & super friendly. Thank you again!

Review №12

I had an amazing experience with the San Marco branch. Lylia Harris the Branch Manager was amazing and very helpful with my loan needs. The staff are now my family they all were very attentive and genuinely concerned. Thank you again and I will see you all soon

Review №13

This branch needs to be recognized corporately! Tevin did an incredible job securing an extremely important deposit that was needed to be made as soon as possible. I spoke with the management staff as well and they were amazing. I’m so thankful for this branch and the men and women of VyStar. Thank you again! Jesus loves you!

Review №14

Coming here for 2 years when I must ONLY because this is the slowest branch!!! 20-30 minutes in the drive thru each time I try this branch...horrible!!!

Review №15

The branch itself is BEAUTIFUL!The customer service I received was terrible. Not only was my check deposited into the wrong account, both of the tellers I worked with seemed burden with my being there. The only friendly encounter I had there was the police officer! She was so sweet!Ive been a member of Vystar for well over a decade and have seen the quality staff drop over the last 5 years, Im not sure what happened internally but banking is stressful enough, a smiling face and polite demeanor MIGHT make me feel better you know?

Review №16

Lylia exceeded my expectations. I have been a vystar member for years. It is the only institution I will bank with. Saving me money and making my life less stressful! A bank and associates who truly care :)

Review №17

The branch is great! Do not go through drive thru ATM. There is a teller station in front of it and I’ve currently been stuck in a line for 25 minutes just use atm.

Review №18

Wow, this location is absolutely beautiful. The people are kind, friendly, and very personable. They make you feel that your business is important to them. Service is outstanding!!! Keep up the excellent service and please dont change.

Review №19

Vice president Lylia Harris and her staff are persistent and awesome ...the bank is clean and neat ...they go that extra mile to make sure members are well taken care off...i will be coming back this branch is exceptional ....garland

Review №20

I’ve been in the drive-thru for about 40 minutes and haven’t even gotten to the window. Awful service.

Review №21

Just worked with Lylia on an auto loan refinance. It was a breeze and I appreciate her help!

Review №22

Longer than average wait times when you go in the bank. Nice having security right there as well. Bank appears clean. Management doesnt keep he flow of customers moving fast enough. The drive thru ATM is really narrow and sometimes out of order. If you have a big truck, you might want to go to the walk up ATM on the front of the building or you might scrape your side mirrors on the columns.

Review №23

Amazing customer service! Super informative and helpful. Kind of like the Chik-fil-a or Publix of banking. Ask for Lylia Harris or Serana Anderson. Theyre like Kelloggs Tony the Tiger... Theyre Grrrreat!

Review №24

Great customer service

Review №25

Very nice and convenient new branch.

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  • Address:1600 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-420-5060
  • Credit union
  • ATM
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–6pm
  • Thursday:9am–1pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9am–5pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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