Community First Credit Union
13910 Village Lake Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32258, United States

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Save on interest rates with Credit Unions, great customer service.

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Shannon is hands down the best rep!! She did me a huge favor and helped me out tremendously. I hope she can see this and I appreciate her support and helping me get everything in order 😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏

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Best banking institution and specifically this branch of Community First is the best!! Super friendly staff, you’re in and out real quick. Very helpful and efficient. I look forward to coming here for all my banking needs, whether personal or investment.

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Was looking for an automobile loan , applied with community first , and was denied due to the toyota I selected had high mileage , no problem , I called and spoke with a gentleman about my options , told him what I was looking for and he himself was VERY helpful ... the bank and loan department on the other hand not so much , they offered me 18k on counter offer from my original 27k @ 11% with my current car as a trade in which is worth more than 18k , what a great deal 👎👎They seem to prey on individuals and rip them off more than try to work with someone whos had the same job since 2017 , and has paid off a 22k dollar car in the process as well as 1.5 years away from owning my home ...So in conclusion I am very disgusted with this establishment, and I feel that if youre looking for auto financing you should look elsewhere .. because they will do there best to try and put you upside down in an auto loan

Review №5

Only a few people arent rude. They will smile and lie right to your face. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I will never tell anyone anything good about this place.

Review №6

Hard inquiry credit check required to become a member, I came in only wanting to open a checking account. I’m sure it’s required to upsale you on opening a credit card account with them as well, otherwise I can see no point in needing to check your credit to open an account. I’ll pass.

Review №7

The employees here are always friendly and helpful. Love the weekend hours and close to home location. Always in and out quickly. They helped me get a car loan a few years ago and even had their concierge find the exact make and color I wanted at a nearby dealership. They haggled a price for me!! All I had to do was leave the bank and go right to the dealership. I went home with my car that night! Love this credit union!

Review №8

I love this bank! Not sure how, but had fraud alert me via phone and text of someone trying to use my debit card. Automaticlly denied transaction cause is not in TX! Call to confirm, no waiting 10 days for a debit card! They print one for you at the branch! Awesome customer service. The bank manager was very helpful in explaining. Best bank ever!!!!

Review №9

The staff act as if they are above their job title. Every time I have visited this location it has been quicker to get waited on by the atm than the actual staff. There is always one person working and the rest of them gather in a corner talking. I’d rather drive to the bay meadows location where they seem to value my business more.

Review №10

I’ve been banking with Community First for over 15 years and loved it.... however this is the closest branch to me and they make me want to change banks. They have you wait for over 10 minutes or longer before they even acknowledge you. They never have the deposit slips and then after already waiting then say I will send you one please fill out. Wasting more of my time that I could’ve done as I waited the 10 plus minutes. Customer service is just terrible and unprofessional. The branch manager should implement more training and shadow his/her employees to make sure they are upholding Community First core values.

Review №11

I actually really like banking with Community First but this is the one location where Ive had the worst experience with staff. The manager was quite rude. We arrived straight from work and when we got in we asked to speak with someone. We were told to sign in but the kiosk was not working so the woman had to sign us in. Just after we sat down the manager came over to tell us (and the person who was waiting before us) that the bank will be open until 6 tomorrow. We immediately felt like he was just trying to rush us out. After waiting for about 30 minutes (we were next in line to speak with someone) he came back over to us and asked us to leave because they were closing. Weve never been in a place that closes and asks you to leave, good customer service wouldve been to assist us and close after. Needless to say we wont be returning to this location.Im updating my review after a year because Ive had another terrible experience with this bank. After years of banking here with payments made on time with auto pays and there was a first time incident where an overdraft occurred and was not credited back. This was the first time in years anything like this has ever happened and to be charged $32 with no remorse or grace period is ridiculous. I promptly went to the bank (the next business day), paid the fee in cash and closed my account with them. I wont be using them to manage my money again.

Review №12

I absolutely love Community First as my bank, they do me far better than Vystar ever had. Better rates, better service, I can pull from a publix ATM without a fee, unlike Vystar. I originally applied and got my car lease here and then I just refinanced my car with them after a year of course and I was so happy as I did NOT want to go through a different bank or union. Katy did just that and lower the interest rate 2% while she was at it. She was amazing to work with, quick, updated me, and it was done in 3 days. The extra days was them waiting on documents I needed to give them. I do not regret changing banks!

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Great experience with Community First and especially Katy Triay! They have helped with getting my husband and I into our first mortgage. Because of them we own our own home today!! Keep up the great work guys!!

Review №14

I recently refinanced my home with no issues and are now in the process of car . They have been great.

Review №15

After years of banking with Community First, I cant think of a single moment where the credit union has not helped me through my financial needs. I truly love where I bank and I know that the Bartram branch in particular strives to create the best banking atmosphere possible, helping its members step by step, through every stage of life.

Review №16

I went in about 1 year ago to get a bank account. I asked the woman if it was possible for the account to overdraft and she became suspicious and afterwards she sent me a fake letter saying that Chex systems has denied me from making a bank account. I know because I checked with the other banks and everything was fine. Then she calls in my mother and makes a scene in the bank like I was trying to commit fraud. If I needed anything from Community first I went to their location on San Jose or called. If you come in here and the redheaded middle aged woman is the only one able to serve you just leave! Oh the irony of her being suspicious of me and then fabricating a Chex systems report! If youre just starting to use banks like I was then dont ask the questions here.

Review №17

I opened my first account with Katy Triay over ten years ago and she and Community First have exceeded my expectations ever since! Even though I have since moved to Tallahassee and there are no branches here (so sad), I refuse to open an account with anyone else! Love where I bank!!

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I’ve been with Community First for years and it’s always a great experience. I love this location especially and all the employees are so nice and quick.

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This is the best credit union I have ever been a member! Customer service is outstanding! Everyone works as a team to ensure a positive experience for the member.

Review №20

I was in the market to purchase a new vehicle and the Assistant Manager Katy made getting pre-approve for a vehicle loan simple. The Member Solution Rep Cody was helpful in sharing resources to aide in purchasing a vehicle. Since then I have purchase a Subaru WRX . All in all, thanks to Community First Credit Union, and ♡ I LOVE where I Bank.

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Long term client recent experience horriable I’m a victim of ident theft working to get it fixed. Applied for a credit card to rebuild and was denied I was then told it would be better to apply for a line of credit so I did it again I was denied both times never called to explain just sent an email. I have had a vehicale and two loans and never missed a payment or been late and this is the way they communicate with there clients it’s not being denied it’s someone not even having the courtesy to call or even discuss the circumstances I didn’t ask for a large loan I asked for a low loan to build credit.

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I love where I bank! Everyone is always willing and able to help with whatever you need! I know when it’s time to get a new car loan, and mortgage I know where to go!!!

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I have been banking with CFCU for the past 5 years. Branch Manager, Eric Krall and his team at the Bartram Park location have always gone the beyond the call of duty to make my experience nothing but great. I highly, highly recommend using this location for any of your banking needs

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All of the staff here are friendly and caring and go over and above meeting all of your needs.

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I love the banking at Bartram branch. Employees are amazing,helpful, alway ready to offer great advises, very knowledgable. I am banking with Community First for 19 years and feel like a part of a big family.

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Best banking experience ever.They really treat you like family.I sleep well knowing all of my money is being handled with such care.

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The Bartram Park branch is the best. Always extremely helpful.

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Ive gotten a personal loan at this location, and the process was very easy from start to finish.

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Absolute wonderful service!!! Mr. Helbert Ingram outstanding customer service! An WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH!💰

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Excellent customer service. Everyone in the branch is very nice and friendly.

Review №31

I love Community First because they care about their members!

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This place deserves more than 5 stars ⭐️. Nicest staff and always so helpful. This location is def a must if you go to community first credit union!!!!!

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I really appreciate the service and follow-up I received from Eric Krall in the Bartram Branch of CFCU. It has been 5 stars from the minute I moved all of my accounts from VyStar almost three years ago. As a business professor at JU, I met most of the bank executives and heard what others had to offer. No one has done more to earn and maintain my business than Erics team in Bartram. I have had issues with identity theft when my briefcase was stolen, bought a new home, and purchased several cars without the expected hassles and anxiety.They made it all better--Eric is simply the best

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The staff at this branch always go out of their way to help their members. I love where I bank.

Review №35

The Bartram branch is the best! I LOVE where I bank!!

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Excellent service. Above and beyond all of my expectations.

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I love the employees there and very friendly and great service always. If I could this would get 10 stars.

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Great customer service by Helbert Ingram.

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I was in a hurry and made it there at 5:03 and got the door closed in my face and was unable to make payments that was needed horrible service with a smile

Review №40

Cody and Katy Helbert are the absolute best!!!

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Love the community sponsorships and involvement in the community!

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When I opened an account several years ago I made sure there were not monthly service fees. But after I opened it at some point they changed the rules and drained all the money in my account and then said I owed them

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Really good service 😀😀😀

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Best branch ever!!

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2 bad experiences in one year

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