VyStar Credit Union - Kernan Branch
1802 Kernan Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States

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Deposited cash via branch ATM early in the morning because the branch was not open yet. ATM worked fine until it took my money and it wasnt a small amount. Yes I am aware of how much cash you can deposit Via ATM. So the ATM broke after my deposit waited till the branch opened so decided to call them and no one I mean no one answered the phone after 10 phone calls. Decided to go visit them and when I got there after speaking the front desk personal 40 minutes later I was told I will get my money in my account by the end of business day. Waited anxiously and kept checking my account on the app and no money 30 hours later. I came to work and called the branch 6 times so far no answers and no return phone call after leaving voicemails. Been with them for 18 plus years. Great job Kernan branch for your great customer service. I think Vystar just lost a loyal customer.

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Do not!! I repeat do not bank at VyStar Federal Credit Union!! I have been a member for over 10 years. 2020 has ruined this place. Can’t get anyone on the phone. Can’t get anyone to help with my design your own card that I paid for. The manager JANET ext 4195 told me she would help and hasn’t. Then 2 weeks later says that I should have it in a few days that was 2 weeks ago. Now JANET ext 4195 will not take my calls or call me back. Again avoid this sorry excuse of a credit union. If you bank here after reading this review I guarantee you will be kicking yourself later.

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Cliff was great customer service was spot-on and the wait was only 3 hours but they do this cool thing where they just call you or text you whenever youre ready

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Been a member since 2003 and use to be proud of that. Lately, not so much. Stop using the covid issue as a excuse for poor service and shift your staff accordingly. People should not have to sit on hold for over an hour only to get hung up on when someone is finally available. I do not blame your staff. They are over loaded making both them and your members angry.

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It is very hard to get a person on the phone when you call.

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I always have a WONDERFUL experience at any VyStar branch, and this particular branch takes the cake for me! I particularly love working with Toy Pearson. She always goes above and beyond when I come to visit! She sits with me as long as I need (and my visits are always long), and she educates me along with providing me with the best options for my needs. Always impressed with Toy’s and VyStar’s customer service!

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We ONLY use Vystar to pay our rent. I would NEVER use them as a bank based on the service at this branch. My 2 year old was throwing a fit and I was trying to console her as best as possible. I was trying to make jokes and lighten the situation. NO ONE. Even acknowledged us. Even when FINALLY at the teller after waiting what seemed like forever. He did not SAY ONE WORD. I was stressed out as it was that my 2 year old was screaming... a little support would have gone a long way. Ill be paying our rent at a different VyStar location in hopes of a better experience. Shame on this branch.

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Worst bank Ive ever dealt with. Customer service ends at 7pm, not 24 hours a day like all other banks, but 7pm. So if anything happens after 7pm you are stuck until they open. How can any business claim they care about the customer when they close at 7pm?

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Toy helped us with our loan and opening a couple new accounts. She was incredibly helpful and made it a great experience. I love vystar and will be moving my business accounts here as well by Toys recommendation. Thank guys!

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Waited in the drive-thru for an hour on a Monday evening, pretty sweet.

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Its always a pleasure to see Toys smile when you go into the Kernan branch, she goes above and beyond to make you feel like you are valued as a member which is missing from many institutions now a days. Its employees like Toy that keep members coming back. 😊

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Came in very late to get an auto loan and had nothing but amazing service! Mr Cesar Grijota was very kind and helpful. Stayed 2 hours past just to help me with my first car loan. He deserves a raise! Thank you so much again!

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Janice Quarterman is a great Team member at VyStar-Kernan Blvd. I went into the credit union last week to get a loan, not a member of VyStar until that day, but Janice didnt treat me any differently. She is knowledgeable, sensitive to your needs, professional and funny.I would recommend VyStar and Janiceyto meet all your banking needs.Thank you Janice!!

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I personally do not like this VyStar Location because of their excessive wait time to get to a teller. I woke up this morning absolutely dreading going to this location but I figured this would be the last time dealing with VyStar so why not? I walk into the branch and to my surprise I was actually greeted by the front desk rep. This came to me as a surprise because my previous experiences at this particular branch have been horrible. The employees always seemed too busy to deal with customer issues. After I made my visit to the teller to make a payment on my LOC I was told I would need to speak to member service rep for further assistance. I immediately cringed and thought to myself “great, another representative I’d have to sit with and explain my situation to all over again..” I sat with VyStar employee Toy Parson to handle my existing issue and she was by far hands down the most helpful, passionate, empathetic VyStar associate that I had ever come across. She handled and resolved my on going issues with patience, respect, and overall customer service. She was more than courteous and prompt when making the final adjustments to my accounts. She helped me with everything including online banking access and debit card replacement. She was an absolute pleasure and because of her I feel a little better about stepping foot into Vystar’s Kernan Branch. I couldn’t thank her enough for everything she had done. I had been going back and forth with VyStar for six months and in 6 minutes Toy was able to provide me with the peace of mind that everything would be handled and taken care of TODAY! She was amazing and definitely deserving of a raise! 5 Stars hands down.. thank you Toy Parson! ❤️

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My favorite vystar branch. Staff here is great the wait time not so bad always helpful here.

Review №16

The ATMs are down more than they are not. Zero convenience.

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Nice looking place, service isnt well my girlfriend wanted to open an account and we have waited in the lobby for over an hour and no one has helped us

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I have mixed feeling when I decide to write this review. I like this Vystar branch because most employees are friendly and they try to provide good service. But I feel Vystar has become so big that they have developed mega banks type of mentality and bureaucracy. I always have good experience in this branch. But they need to do some serious works on their mortgage department. I spoke to two clowns from the mortgage department. One of them is Darrell something, and I could not remember another womans name. I could not believe this kind of people can stay employed in a decent organization such as Vystar. If you have to deal with mortgage department, make sure you dont let those clowns talk you down.

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This Vystar Branch has made banking great for my family. Thank You VyStar

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Awesome service, with an outgoing and friendly staff. Love this branch!

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Great place to bank.Everyone is friendly & helpful!

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Online app and website are horrible

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Excellent service and people.

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Vystar Has by far exceeded the worst bank , I dont even feel right leaving them my 2 cents ! Bankers bewareDo not trust this bank center

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Closed before 5 on a Monday , wasted my time

Review №27

They havent forgot its my money!

Review №28

Great credit union

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Waiting forever just to apply for a credit card. People who came in after me have been helped and left already. Oh yeah, and the mobile app is awful.

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Very patient and friendly people. I wouldnt bank anywhere else

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It never that busy when I go

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This bank was not helpful and does not do as they say they will. I went in to the branch to pay off my car loan as there was not an option online to pay from an external account at the amount I needed to pay. I called the main number and was advised I need to go into a branch. I went to the Vystar on Kernan and advise the teller I wanted to pay off my car loan. He pulled up my info and asked how I wanted to pay. I handed him my debit card from Navy Federal, he ran it on a machine and said it did not go through (I had the money in my acct) so I asked If I need to call my bank due to the amount so he can run it. He said he was not sure how Navy Federal worked. I asked how else I could pay and stated I had a check book and other cards. He said I could use any card. I gave him a credit card he ran it, provided receipt and I left. 3 days later I noticed I had a cash advance charge on my credit card which I was not aware of and did not authorize. I called my credit card company and they said the bank needs to reverse the charge. I called Vystar main number and was told the teller should not have done that and should have advised me and said I need to go back into the bank. I went back to the Kernan branch and the teller said she understood my concern, but could not reverse the charge, called her supervisor over who told me they are not required to tell anyone when they run your card as a cash advance to which I said I never gave a pin and did not authorized the charge. They said their branch manager was already gone for the day and would note my account and have them call me the next day. NO ONE EVER CALLED. So unprofessional and clear this bank is not here to help their customers. I paid more in charges for the cash advance the teller ran without my permission than I saved in interest. I asked teller the second time I went in to reverse the charge, they said they could not. I asked to cancel the payoff, they said they could not. It is apparent they do not care about helping customers.

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Today was opening a business account. I was discriminated against by the manager of this place. Because of the autism condition of my 5 year old daughter. It was horrible.

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  • Address:1802 Kernan Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States
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  • Phone:+1 904-594-5360
  • Credit union
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  • Friday:Closed
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Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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