Genesis Health Clubs - Rock Road
1551 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67206, United States

Review №1

Tennis at Genesis Rock road is amazing and life changing. I wish I would have known about it many many years ago. Zach Loomis is amazing tennis pro that can help you bring your game back or start it up! Try them out!

Review №2

Absolutely love Genesis! I’ve been working for this company for about 7 years, starting in Missouri and now working in Wichita, Kansas. Definitely recommend our personal training staff, great with weight loss, building strength and overall health longevity! Come by and check us out, you won’t regret it!!

Review №3

We came in from Colorado where we are members of Genesis Health Clubs. The Rock Road Genesis staff was extremely accommodating allowing us to come work out. Staff and Facility was great. A lot to offer if you are looking for a quality place to make a life change.

Review №4

Everyone at this club is awesome! Ben Heithoff is the best trainer ever! I could not imagine training or playing tennis anywhere else!

Review №5

I’ve been in several times, the atmosphere is very positive, everyone is very professional and courteous and helpful! Very clean environment! I would recommend for anyone to go visit!

Review №6

Ive worked here for 12 years and absolutely love this place!!! Great staff and great culture. Love coming to work everyday.

Review №7

Like this location, it’s a nice premium gym. It’s even nicer cause there usually aren’t that many people here so you can get the area to yourself sometimes and that helps for someone like me lol

Review №8

Nicest people in Wichita, my Personal Trainer Brad Jensen is one of my best friends and coach. I trust Brad and he leads me in the right direction. Go to Genesis!

Review №9

It’s so awesome when the tennis staff knows most of us and let’s us know of fun drills and specials! Sierra is the best for this business . Very knowledgeable !!

Review №10

Came here using a one week pass since I am from out of town. Jim is very clean, has all the equipment I need, and all the staff and members are very friendly. I will be sure to come here during my next visit, I feel that this is the best value you can get and is a fantastic place to train!

Review №11

Always enjoy going here. Friendly staff and plenty of space and equipment for any workout.

Review №12

This club has the BEST tennis program in Wichita by far! They have a ton of different pros and clinics and they’re all great.Tony and Felipe are amazing and have helped me with my game so much. If you’re looking to improve, this is the place to play!Also, my trainer Ben is awesome!! His workouts are the toughest ever and will whip you into shape!

Review №13

An awesome Gym! This gym has it all, from an indoor track, to a pool and crossfit section. If youre looking for a great gym with a little bit of everything, Genesis is what youre looking for! My brother and I come every year when we come to visit Kansas, and we always get an amazing workout! Definitely one of my favorite gyms of all time!

Review №14

Ive been a member for over a decade and have watched some great changes happen over the years. I am grateful for the team of staff in place that make exercising fun. They are encouraging and treat people like athletes, pushing you to your full potential, while also showing the right amount of concern for your well being. I feel like theyve got the best tennis program in town and as Ive gotten to know the personal trainers, they rank pretty high in my book as well!!

Review №15

Great tennis staff! Sierra keeps the place running great!

Review №16

Absolutely love this gym! Clean, friendly staff and great amenities!

Review №17

Love the atmosphere and our trainer Mark Olson is always motivating us! Best workouts!

Review №18

Place is nice. The pool is disgusting. It has caked on dirt on the bottom, oily substance on the top and very cloudy water. Visiting from another state. Some TLC on the pool is highly recommended.

Review №19

Love me some aquatics. Every day at 9 am. Steve Trinity and Patti. Do a great job..towel service and razors much more. My Trainor. Roger. Was great too

Review №20

Great facility, super nice staff and a great environment

Review №21

Ben is awesome!!! The staff is friendly and really motivating. Great place for weight loss goals and health! Just started doing All American and tennis, all thanks to doing personal training with Ben so I’m strong enough to not have knee pain!

Review №22

This is a Fun place to workout! Trainers are passionate about getting you to your fitness goals. Staff and friendly and funny. They have all of your fitness needs under one roof!

Review №23

A truly full service gym with tennis, squash, basketball. Really wide range of equipment and extensive hours from 5 am on weekdays. I have used many gyms and this is the best. Tennis and Personal Trainer staff very friendly. You can get a great cardio workout on the tennis courts with cardio tennis.

Review №24

I like this place because they are always friendly and professional. I love the atmosphere

Review №25

Guy Ridpath showed me every Inch and detail of the genesis Heath here on Rock. Really invested his time and showed me all the benefits of being a member. After the tour and conversions about health and what classes I was interested in for my goals.I feel confident I could reach my goals here and the equipment is update. Big thanks to Guy for the tour and actually making me feel welcomed.

Review №26

I’ve been attending Aqua Fitness classes for about a year and a half. The classes are fun and the instructors are excellent! So grateful for Genesis.

Review №27

Love playing tennis and working out at this club !!!! Consistently challenging workouts that are fun at the same time, highly recommend !💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Review №28

This place is a joke plus they lie about all the prices and make it sound like this place is better then anywhere else. The girl at the tennis counter is stuck up and very rude and was in her phone while I was asking questions and Jim Johnston is good about avoiding you and is very disrespectful

Review №29

Great place! The staff have been awesome to work with! As the owner of a cleaning company, cleanliness is one thing I look at and they pass my standards!I would highly recommend!!Andrew Dillon with the cleaning company

Review №30

I’ve been coming to this gym for years and I’ve always loved it. They have clean locker rooms and showers. After a workout you can get in the steam room and relax your body.

Review №31

I work with a trainer. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Genesis trainers.

Review №32

Great atmosphere and I love the large selection of equipment. Best place to workout in town hands down.

Review №33

Love the friendly staff, tennis pros, and trainers.

Review №34

I have been a member of Genesis in Manhattan, Kansas and now at Rock Road Genesis in Wichita, Kansas. I have found the staff to be courteous and helpful. I enjoy the classes and the instructors always ask about any conditions that may affect participation and offer alternatives. This should be done, but is not all that common in other clubs. Most recently, I had an issue and asked the RR Manager for assistance. He was wonderful! The matter was taken care of immediately. He solved the problem and now it is much easier for me to take classes! I am very grateful for his concern and assistance. In addition, the gym is kept clean and people, as a rule, wipe off equipment so that I do not have to worry about COVID at this club. Markers are on the floor for social distancing. All in all, I have had a great experience at this club!!!

Review №35

Courteous staff taking sanitation and safety very seriously

Review №36

Today was my first day in. Wanted the 3 day pass so I signed up and they called me. The guy who called was really nice and professional so of course I’m in. I come in and my first interaction was with a really snotty unprofessional young girl at the front desk. She acted like I inconvenienced her by simply walking in the door. The fitness advisor I eventually talked to was nice and professional. Glad I stuck around but it definitely almost didn’t happen due to her being a snot. If you’re looking for a place with a track and lots of equipment to work out with, this is your place. If you’re looking to immediately be treated with disrespect and poor customer service...this is your place. If you can’t tolerate poor customer service, I’d keep moving. I did complain to the fitness advisor but I will also be calling back to talk to a manager. Customer service (or lack thereof) can make or break a business like this. It needs fixed!

Review №37

They are very clean and organized. I felt like I was in wonderland at this location. My genesis is on Cass street in Omaha Ne. The rock road location felt like a resort. I didnt want to leave. Machines are up to date. Staff is very friendly. Plenty of cleaning supplies available for each of their members to have their own bottle. Just absolutely wonderful!! Im so glad I picked Genesis.

Review №38

The tennis is great! I really enjoy the drill variety and class schedules. The staff is professional and fun.

Review №39

I have been a member of Genesis Rock Road for over 20 years. I have met so many great people that I work out with in the group exercise classes. I am an early morning member, and I think Zoe is an exceptional instructor.....she is one of the reasons I get up and go to Genesis every day! The reason for the four stars is because there have been times when I have used some of the cardio equipment, and I know that it is has not been cleaned from the night before because there are still towels on it and a water bottle. Especially during this time, I think it is essential that all equipment is not only wiped down by the members before and after they use it but also thoroughly cleaned each night by the staff.

Review №40

Guy Ridpath was very detailed and is genuinely concerned with the well being of current and future members. Definitely recommend a visit with him if you are looking for a new gym.

Review №41

Trainers are good & really get to know you & your personal needs as a client

Review №42

One of the highlights of Genesis would be the variety they offer. I can swim, use the complete gym, take a Bootcamp class, do Pilates, personal trainer, tennis, and use the basketball court, plus more. Everything is well maintained and the staff is always friendly. This place has been my second home for years.

Review №43

Love going to a clean fun gym every day!

Review №44

I needed to add my family to my membership and management was great.

Review №45

A great gym with all the equipment you need and a friendly staff!

Review №46

I have been through some major crisis in my life when i joined, the staff seen me through my rough patch and helped me find myself again, after almost 2 years i have found them consistently supporting me in my efforts to better myself, during laughter and tears both this establishment has become my rock and home, always friendly and ready to help. I love Genesis and will always be a member as long as they will have me. Come and check them out. YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Review №47

I attempted recently with my girlfriend to acquire about a membership with Genesis. We not only had to wait an hour to get a tour through the gym itself, but when we were introduced to who was giving the tour, things didn’t feel quite right. The man who gave the tour was Guy, and he felt almost like he was trying to sell us a car. I mean that in the way that he would’ve said anything we wanted to hear just to get us to sign up for a membership. So after the tour he never let us talk privately about if this gym was the right decision for us. It felt awkward to tell him we wanted to at least talk about if we wanted to commit to this specific gym, simply because he had already pressured us into signing the paperwork to become members. When we finally told him, not that we didn’t want to be involved, but that we just wanted to consider it on our own time, he absolutely blew up on us. Talking about how “successful people don’t hesitate to make decisions, they either commit or retreat.” Or how when we said we wanted to talk alone about the commitment, commenting how “well what do you even need to talk about?” Overall the experience we had with him as our guide has led to me believe that Genesis as a whole isn’t in our best interests in general anymore. Sad to say too as the tour and the benefits they had to offer were very intriguing. But without even saying no, we were berated into a sad attempt at making us commit to a decision with no time to talk alone to each other.

Review №48

Love this gym, it has everything you need and Julian is the man!

Review №49

Best place in town to play tennis!!! Cardio tennis is the best workout. If you are looking for a great trainer Bri is amazing! Sierra is the best tennis coordinator in town.

Review №50

I was very pleased with the response I received when going to Genesis and wanting to find out what they had available for a Silver and Fit member....I was introduced to the club manager, Jim, who spent considerable time answering all my questions.

Review №51

Awesome gym and we love the personal trainer Julian!

Review №52

Love the personal training sessions, they keep me accountable and moving towards my fitness goals

Review №53

Its nice but they havent had the 17.5 pound dumbells for over 2 months. I keep complaining and management hasnt done anything. I feel like customers arent listened to.UPDATE: I have brought this same issue up to several people. 3 weeks later and still NOTHING

Review №54

I really like the variety of exercise options, kid-friendly atmosphere, and the steam room is a fantastic perk!

Review №55

A real scam of a business model to charge an entire months gym membership after a cancellation is submitted. Cancelled 3 weeks ago and got charged last week for a gym that Im not going back to. Why not charge a smaller cancellation fee instead? Why does a gym even need a 30 day notice? A terrible cancellation policy. I was hoping they would offer some leniency during COVID times like my last gym did but all the manager said was I dont know what to tell you, every gym across America requires a 30 day cancellation notice....... I would not come back to this gym. This incident plus a previous incident with a manager that lied to me about the pricing for an additional member on my plan has left me with a sour taste. As a previous google reviewer stated This is the place for you if you like to be lied to and scammed.

Review №56

Genesis on Rock is great. Top notch Fitness Advisors.

Review №57

Genesis is always immaculately clean. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The variety of cardio machines and weights/equipment is A+. Also the number of available classes included in your membership is awesome.

Review №58

If you are looking for a gym I recommend going to see Guy and signing up with Genesis! Great place to work out, tons of equipment, friendly staff, and amazing trainers! Once you sign up, if you are in search of a trainer I highly recommend Ben. Every workout I leave feeling completely gassed and he pushes you and doesn’t let you quit on yourself!

Review №59

Ben n Bri n Andy n Jack good trainers. Steve has good aqua class. Ginas Zumba authentica. Toni and Eva excellent tennis pros. Beth has topnotch cutting edge yoga. Bri has an awesome Barre class. Ben n Andys AAT is AmAzing!

Review №60

Julian is a great trainer. Highly recommend his services!

Review №61

Idk what’s more unprofessional the GM of genesis coming into our work and belittling us into signing up for a membership and talking down to us. Not taking no for an answer despite the many attempts we made to say no. Or the fact that we’re at actual work and can’t do anything about it. wouldn’t recommend them to anyone do your self a favor and if your thinking about joining a gym just go to planet fitness.

Review №62

I have been working out at this location for over 5 years, the current head manager, is THE BEST head manager that has ever been here, since I started coming here! Guy D. Ridpath is personable and takes my concerns seriously. The facility is always clean and there are plenty of towels and water cups. A great place to get a workout in!

Review №63

Seems like a awesome place will update after first month

Review №64

A clean, well - lit facility. Great, friendly, and helpful staff. The gym area upstairs is fully stocked with all the machines and free weights you could ever want. This place has helped me turn my life around to become fitter and stronger.Get a trainer. You wont regret it. Id recommend Bri Nelson as the best trainer it has been my pleasure to work with.

Review №65

Amazing, clean facility and friendly staff. To put it simply, the Rock Road location is the gold standard of health clubs. I train there and am constantly impressed by their knowledgeable and first rate trainers. I’ve gone to the YMCA and Planet Fitness in the past and they don’t compare to Genesis. I highly recommend Genesis for anyone looking for a health club.

Review №66

Very clean facility with amazing people. Friendly faces welcome you every time. Guy Ridpath makes signing up super easy and takes the extra time to familiarize each person with the gym. Super excited to make a joining commitment here. Best choice ever!

Review №67

Personal customer service attitude from all the staff.

Review №68

Awesome facility, nice people and really good meal preps!

Review №69

I was introduce to Genesis on Rock Road by a friend, and Guy was very welcoming and understanding of my situation that brought me to Wichita! He was very generous and even gave me a free month to the gym! And if I have a problem or issue that I encounter, he continues to help me the best he if anyone has an issue or needs assistance, contact Guy off Rock Road for he is the guy for you!!

Review №70

I have been with Genesis since I moved back 12 years ago. I spend most of my time in the Tennis area. I love the many options available. For instance there is cardio tennis, triples (which is a blast!) and of course team tennis lessons with Tony. Not only is it great exercise, but many friendships have been made on and off of the court.My daughters have also loved being part of Genesis during the summer by being on the swim team and even working as a lifeguard.It’s a great place!!

Review №71

The facility is clean and the equipment is well maintained. I look forward to working out multiple times each week!

Review №72

Guy Ridpath is a great manager. Incredible with Personal connections and Motivating members to hit goals. Definitely recommend reaching out to him if you are interested in getting back on a plan or toning up for summer.

Review №73

The outdoor pool is awesome !!

Review №74

So happy to have found a gym with people who dont judge or intimidate others. Everyone is there to encourage & see each person create progress. They have several courses, trainers & equipment all readily available to optimize your workouts. 10/10

Review №75

I mainly do tennis at Genesis and I absolutely love it! I have lost 20 pounds participating in the many ways to play - cardio tennis, drills, and private lessons. The pros are amazing, fun and genuinely care about every person on the court. The club is always clean and the staff is friendly. Though my main activity is tennis, I have enjoyed some personal training sessions as well.

Review №76

I was promised a shirt if I left a review so here it is. Oh yeah and the gym is very clean and the staff is very friendly and professional.

Review №77

Guy Ridpath is a great guy and a good friend!!! He’s so awesome and he cares deeply for his clients and customers!!! Really go to him for any details of Genesis and he will be gladly to help! I’m a good friend of him and he’s great man and manager!!!

Review №78

Genesis Rock Road tennis center is amazing! I started out playing cardio tennis as another way to improve my overall fitness! The pros do such a great job making fitness fun through tennis. Now, I play doubles, singles, take lessons and participate in many special tennis events. Genesis Tennis is ACES!!🎾

Review №79

Great atmosphere and professional customer services! The people are friendly and the equipment is top notch! Love this Health Club. Also the trainers are the best in the nation.....

Review №80

Had a great Group Power class this A.M. with Zoe!!

Review №81

Great place to workout. Guy was extremely helpful and professional. Money well spent 😊

Review №82

Like most of the comments on here, great gym but the problem is around the accounting and member services. I continued to get invoices months after I’d been assured it was cancelled. Finally spoke to member services when they returned my call (after nearly 2 weeks!), who claimed there were no notes on my file so they couldn’t refund the additional months I’d paid. From the comments I’ve read here, it seems to be a common theme, so no doubt a tactic to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.If the review was based on the gym alone, it’d be great. Unfortunately the shady dealings and poor customer service means that this is a place to avoid. Much better options with month to month memberships available in Wichita.

Review №83

Just wanted to give a personal shoutout to the amazing Guy Ridpath. Always here to help and always a great ear to listen to your concerns. Thanks for all you do at Genesis health clubs, finally great to have a good manager that knows how to listen. Hard to find in this company 😁

Review №84

Im upping your rating because after a month with Genesis, I have felt a more personal connection with the staff than I did after 6 months at the Y.

Review №85

Happy to be back!After a long hiatus, I rejoined Genesis when I discovered the ping pong table in the cafe! Bonus to joining are the 4 free personal training sessions, free swim lesson, free tennis lesson, free 360 for 2 months, plus all the classes are included anyway. So glad to be back with familiar faces.. staff are friendly and the food at the cafe is terrific.Added bonus is the Beauty Dot health spa located inside, absolutely beautiful decor and friendly staff. I’ve already reached my weight and endurance goals.The contract is tight, but clear. The low monthly offer is if you set up a direct debit payment plan. Read it carefully and ask questions before signing. I got a free month before my payment plan kicked in, i thought it was clearly presented and worth every penny.Ping pong anyone?

Review №86

I find the gym to be very clean and safe. Classes are very well done, excellent instructors, very easy to socially distance.

Review №87

I was not satisfied with this club and their customer service to guests at all my most recent visit (12/30). Although the gym is very clean, organized, and has a number of spaces in which to work out, I did not feel welcomed nor will I ever return. Let me first begin by saying, my mother has been a member of this fitness club for ten years and regularly works out there. I was able to visit the gym two years ago, as a guest of my mother’s and not pay a fee for a one day pass. This made sense as this is often the policy of most gyms I have visited within the US and outside of the US. So, I was willing to visit again and even pay a small fee if needed for a one day pass to workout. But, on this occasion (while in town visiting) my mom invited me to visit the gym for the one day I was there. When we arrived although person at the counter was pleasant, we asked what was the cost/if any for the guest of a member to use the gym for one day. She went to get a man who worked in one of the offices. This person told us that it was $15 for a one day pass! I thought this was a ridiculous amount for a one day pass for the guest of a long time, regular member. Not to mention, 2 years prior, we had come (as well as other children of my mother) and this had never been the case. We inquired as to why the fee was so high, for a one day pass. The man then said if we gave him contact information for three persons in Wichita that he could call and share with them about Genesis I could have the one day pass for free. I told him I didn’t feel that this was right or proper to share the contacts of other people, without their permission. Especially with purpose being that they could be contacted just so I could workout one day!! I told him I would not do that and would instead pay the fee. He shrugged his shoulders and tried to explain the benefits of working out, which was irrelevant information for me and then said, well otherwise it’s $15. After the exchange we chose to pay the fee because I really wanted to workout, my mom wanted me to be able to workout, and my mother anticipated that bringing one of her children, for one day to workout would not ever creat such a situation. So, to wrap up, we paid the fee, worked out without problem but were very disturbed by the entire interaction. We both knew that was not common practice at gyms, nor had it been a practice at this gym. I write this post to make management aware and remind the leadership that if they wish to encourage repeat visitors or potential members and even a deterrent for the members, this should not be a practice that continues to occurs. I hope that this post encourages them to look into the situation and correct it for future guest and visitors to ensure they feel welcome.

Review №88

The air conditioners and heaters are not in good repair on the indoor tennis courts. The courts need to be cleaned as they are very dirty.

Review №89

Been a member for years and while some of the staff is more entertaining than useful I have had tremendous success training with Heather Klaassen. She is very knowledgeable in all things fitness related and has helped correct massive muscle atrophy I have been dealing with my entire life. She is always smiling and motivating. The programs she comes up with arent always easy but if you can commit and stick with it the results are undeniable. I cannot recommend her enough, no matter what your fitness level is she will find a way to make you better.

Review №90

It’s great atmosphere

Review №91

I was interested but when I was contacted today by a representative he was very pushy and when I told him I was busy he asked me why did you answer the phon then? I will not be joining this gym

Review №92

Guy Ridpath is an awesome club manager. Very quick to answer any questions and very knowledgeable and friendly!!

Review №93

Your staff is awesome. Mitch does a great job with his crew. Clean facility with nice equipment thats well maintained. Lots of options when it comes to machines, classes, and events. Knowledgeable trainers with plenty on staff at all times to answer any questions you might have, even if its just did ya catch the game? Great daycare staff & setup. We love our gym and go basically every single day! Almost feels like family because we see the same sweaty smiling faces everyday. Were new to Wichita and Genesis has become a large part of our life and I couldnt imagine our daily routine without it.

Review №94

I personally do not recommend this place at all. I got a membership when I was 18, and was heavily pressured into doing so by an employee. He did not go over how long my contract was, and the fact that it would be $275 to cancel it. I would recommend looking into any other gym before Genesis.

Review №95

Had some bad experience but it got resolved so I edited my review. thank you for fixing it.

Review №96

Its a scam, staff are liars. I went to sign up for a short term deal and the guy switched it out with a 3 year deal without saying anything. I disputed it and genesis sent a collection agency after me even though this whole thing was started by their LYING STAFF. Never go here, this whole company deserves to be dissolved.

Review №97

If you only see 5-Star Reviews, keep scrolling. There are endless amounts of low ratings from people who got screwed by this place. Workout outside, buy equipment for a home gym, I dont care just away from this place. It will cost you an unreasonable amount if you sign any contract with them and if you do not pay they have lawyers to take care of it for them. The only way this place stays afloat is by screwing everyone.

Review №98

It has all the equipment and services you could ever ask for and a nice sense of community.

Review №99

Very friendly, motivational gym. I highly recommend this gym. They get you where you want to be and keep you consistent. They have many amenities such as rock wall, tennis courts (indoor/outdoor), pool (indoor/outdoor), basketball courts, racquetball, and so much more. This gym is so worth the price!

Review №100

Well-equipped weight rooms, great trainers, great followup.

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  • Phone:+1 316-634-0094
  • Gym
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  • Fitness center
  • Indoor cycling
  • Personal trainer
  • Pilates studio
  • Swimming pool
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