Orangetheory Fitness
1423 N Webb Rd #159, Wichita, KS 67206, United States

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So, i’ve gone to three classes in one week and I am really enjoying my Orange Theory experience. After the first workout I noticed an increase in my mental focus the next day. Not sure if it was psychosomatic or truly a result of the first work out, either way I will take it.Each class is different enough and very challenging what is 51 year old, so at the end of it I truly feel like I did something and accomplished something. So far the trainers I have interacted with are very encouraging and very motivating.If there is one downside, it is the cost, that is no secret that the membership fees are on the pricey side. However, if you commit to the fact that you are worth it and allocate your budget accordingly, you will be pleased with the experience I believe.So far so good, after three classes and watching what I’m eating, I’ve lost 5 to 7 pounds. My goal is to lose between 40 and 60 pounds. Let the journey begin.

Review №2

Best place to workout in town! Staff and coaches are amazing and genuinely care about you and your goals. That alone keeps me but the workouts are amazing and effective!

Review №3

I love the intensity of the workouts, how helpful the instructors are for anyone new in their class and they also keep an eye out on you to make sure youre able to do the workout with the class.

Review №4

I enjoy the staff and facilities at the Webb Road location Orangetheory Fitness . This is not my home gym, but every visit feels like home. Exercises are adapted to meet my personal needs. 🍊

Review №5

When Im in a good routine, I can do it 2 to 3 times a week. I would do it more but I would burn too many calories. I never leave disappointed that I didnt get a good workout.

Review №6

They provide a great overall total body workout! I have been very pleased from the first day!

Review №7

Amazing customer service! The staff is super friendly and professional!

Review №8

Checked out the Wichita East location today and was very impressed by the overall cleanliness, which is really important in a gym, but obviously with the virus situation a huge deal. The staff at the front desk was very welcoming and energized and willing to explain their process and answer questions. The setup inside is a very well oiled machine and Coach Regan was very upbeat, easy to follow instructions and led the class well while still finding time to check in on individuals. Thanks so much Regan and the OTF Wichita East staff for showing a guy around!!

Review №9

Best gym in town. The staff and coaches are second to none.

Review №10

Love the experience ambiance and the coaches. Such personal attention . Fun classes. The only way I would workout consistently and wanting to go back everytime.

Review №11

Mostly I like the friendly staff. Front desk is great. Always greet by name.When I struggle, the coaches seem to know, are there to advise me. I love OTF.

Review №12

Amazing workout! I went in a little bit nervous because of a back injury. The coach was able to provide excellent instruction and was able to offer modifications to the exercises to keep my back safe. Amazing staff, amazing music, amazing workout!

Review №13

I love this program! The instructors motivate me to give my all and get stronger in every class. They give tips for improvements during each session. Running outside is my favorite but Orange Theory is a close second. It’s not your average group fitness class. Give it a try!

Review №14

I LOVE orange theory and all the instructors. I am in the best shape now because of them and just love the atmosphere! Great vibe!

Review №15

Been a member since OTF opened and still love the workouts. Always a challenge and always fresh. Staff are all motivating, professional and FUN! I may have to drag myself there in the morning but I ALWAYS feel awesome post workout. Thanks for kicking my butt and motivating me every class!

Review №16

Amazing workouts and caring staff! I look forward to the classes because they are helping me get into shape and reduce stress. I always feel welcome and highly recommend them.

Review №17

Extremely motivating workout atmosphere. Educated and helpful instructors

Review №18

First time, great experience! Being able to go your own pace while also being challenged was great. Heather was amazing and Jennifer was also awesome!

Review №19

Orange theory is the best! The workouts are insane in the month of October! I love the friendships that are formed with other class members! The staff is beyond compare! Submitted by Tricia g

Review №20

I feel pushed and encouraged through my whole workout. I love that I get to compete against myself more so than feeling like I have to compete around the room. Im focused on being my best, not being the best in the room, and it feels like everyone else is too! I especially love the atmosphere. The dim lights and the upbeat, loud music are perfect for staying focused on the workout.

Review №21

Orange Theory Fitness is great! I like that after a long day at work I can work out without thinking about what I should do. I can put in as much effort as I want to that day without making a plan. The staff are very motivating which is also great! I’m looking forward to reaching my goals!

Review №22

Just what I needed to get out of this COVID slump! Love the program, app, on screen info on class.

Review №23

I love OTF! The workouts are different everyday and the coaches are always encouraging and there to help with form and accomodations. I love that all I have to do is walk in the doors...everything else is taken care of!

Review №24

I love this place and the coaches!! You see people there from age 18 to 81! The coaches give you the encouragement to have the best work out for you! You are only competing with your self and no one else. Coach AJ it top notch she works with each person to help them find what works for them and pushes you to be your best!! I am glad I found OTF come give it a try youll be hooked!

Review №25

The 5 star average speaks for itself. Love the new owners too! It’s expensive, but more than worth it if you’re putting the work in.

Review №26

I broke a sweat and feel like a million bucks!

Review №27

I absolutely love Orangetheory! The staff and trainers are awesome. The workouts are always different. Nothing like going to the gym on your own and doing the same thing over and over again. The trainers motivate me to give my all. The best workout ever! Thanks guys!

Review №28

Best workout ever! If you’re looking for a workout that gets results, this is it!

Review №29

Loved the gym. Extremely clean, the workouts are different day, and you always leave knowing you got a supreme workout.Can’t wait till they re-open!

Review №30

I travel for work every week and have been to quite a few OTF studios across the country. The 5am coaches at Wichita East (I think West as well since it seems like a lot of the same coaches) are the best group collectively I’ve ever had - extra shout out to Brandon and AJ - they are both amazing and super inspiring. My project in the area just ended, and I will definitely miss all their classes!

Review №31

Ive been working out at Orange Theory Fitness for the past 6 months, and its been one of the best decisions Ive made all year. I enjoy the fact that I dont have to come up with my fitness plan, its all taken care of the moment I walk through the door - I just have to show up. Its a high intensity, 1 hour workout that leaves you feeling great about what you just accomplished and eager to come back for more. The coaches are informative and encouraging and the community of people are up lifting. Its certainly not inexpensive, but its a great investment in yourself. Give it a try!

Review №32

This place is amazing! I really enjoy it. All of the staff are super nice. I get a great workout. Each class is always different. The workouts are interval based. I love my second family :)

Review №33

The BEST 1 hour workout, and you see results. Awesome, fun, upbeat atmosphere and great staff. Good for any fitness level as they meet you where you are and give you personal attention. Worth every penny. Its like my second home!

Review №34

I used to be a gym rat many years ago. Before my first child I was at the gym 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. (1 hour before work and 1 hour after work.) That is what was required to get the results I am getting from just 2 hours a week in your gym! I love the workouts. They are challenging, different, and motivating. Its so easy to get distracted and lose motivation in a typical gym setting. I know thats why the results are harder to come by. Thank you!

Review №35

The workouts are always wonderful and the coaches are engaged and attentive. The front desk managers and staff are warm and welcoming. I love working out at Orange Theory!

Review №36

Love working out at Orangetheory. The group atmosphere plus the benefits of a coach pushing me can’t be beat. The members and staff are friendly and encouraging. I would recommend to anyone from a beginner to someone who already has a fitness routine.

Review №37

I hate that I love OrangeTheory so much! Every day is something different and every day is challenging. I always leave feeling great about myself and know that I just spent the last hour doing the best workout I can get. The Coaches are always there to correct my form, which I love, and to push me harder, which I hate in the moment but am thankful for! So glad I drank the Kool-Aid!

Review №38

I absolutely love OTF! The workouts are always different, fun, and challenging. I love the energy when I come to class. It doesnt matter if its at 5 am or an afternoon class. The coaches are always willing to help with form, modifications or whatever you need during class. If you haven’t tried a class I highly recommend it.

Review №39

Orange theory is an individual, goals based work out that is always something new. I have never done the same workout twice, and there is always a new challenge to push myself. The environment is positive and encouraging! An hour goes by so quickly but I feel great after! It is for all levels! You cant go wrong giving this place a try!

Review №40

Orange Theory is a great workout that will never get boring! The awesome trainers keep you motivated and wanting to achieve more! The facility is great with great people! Wearing the heart rate monitor is my favorite part and being able to keep track of your hard work! If you are thinking about going, GO! Try it out and you will love it too!!!

Review №41

There is nothing in the world like what they do at Orangetheory! I can say that confidently. The best 1-hour workout, led by the best coaches around. 5-zone Heart rate based interval training program designed to change your life! With a diverse inspiring and motivating community. If you havent tried it, you NEED to go today!

Review №42

Thank you Orange Theory Wichita and coach AJ for being so welcoming while I was in town. I had a great workout, and plan to attend more classes on future visits to Wichita. 💪 🍊 🧡

Review №43

Orangetheory is simply one of the best workouts you can do. Everything behind the workout is based in science, research, and as long as you put in the effort, you can achieve your goals! Their knowledgeable training staff create an environment that drives you to keep pushing. Best spot to get a fast effective workout. Couldnt recommend more!

Review №44

I feel like in most workout environments, good motivation comes with a good amount of pressure. At Orangetheory, the motivation is incredible, but you dont get that sense of pressure or nervousness. Ive always been uncomfortable starting off at new gyms, or on new teams, or in new workout programs; but I felt completely at home my very first day of Orangetheory. Everyone is so accepting and and its so easy to personally connect with every trainer.

Review №45

I tried out this location while visiting family in Wichita - I was so excited when I found out Orange Theory was opening a studio there! I have been to every Orange Theory studio in the Denver area, and the Wichita experience was the best I have ever had. Great layout of the space, nice a bright, good music and I had an awesome trainer. So cool to have this option when heading to Wichita!!

Review №46

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Orangetheory Fitness. The workouts are amazing, and never the same. The coaches are super friendly, and helpful. Before I started I never ran, or really worked out. After a few months of doing OTF, I was able to run my first 10k, ever! Cant say enough how great it is!

Review №47

I love the workouts and the atmosphere! The coaches were very helpful and encouraging. It felt like I had my own personal trainer! The front desk staff was super welcoming too!

Review №48

This place is amazing! I was bored with my old workout routine, and wanted to push myself... Orange Theory will do that! The trainers are top notch and seem to know everyone on a first name basis, they recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each participant, and genuinely want you to succeed at your goals, whatever they may be. This place is set up for all activity levels, and you are the one who decides how hard you want to go. Young, old, or somewhere in the middle, the Orange Theory Experience will get you healthier, and happier. I recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Review №49

I absolutely LOVE the Orangetheory workouts! The workouts are never the same, and they are great because they target the whole body in just 1 hour! I would highly recommend joining, you will not be disappointed!

Review №50

This is the most amazing workout Ive ever had. You can go at your own pace and if you have any problems with (shoulder, knee etc.) the coaches are amazing at tailoring the workout for you! It gets super addictive to know how many splat points you get everyday and actually know how many calories you are burning & how hard youre pushing your body! I would highly recommend!

Review №51

Love the fast paced workouts! One hour well spent. Also loved the variations the trainers gave through the entire session, making it simple to decrease or increase Intensity based on each individual client’s ability and conditioning level.

Review №52

I have been going to OTF for a little over a year now and love that I finally found workouts that I enjoy. Never before have I been consistent with working out and seeing results I want to see... until Orangetheory. My home studio is in Dallas but I love being able to come to the ICT studio when Im in town visiting my in-laws and friends. Just another perk of an OTF membership... you can visit any studio in the US and never have to miss a workout!Everyone working the front desk is super friendly! And I love how the coaches correct me on form to make sure Im getting the most out of my workout!

Review №53

An unbelievable workout! The hour goes by so quickly, because you have so many things going on at once and the fun factor. The staff seems very nice too. Its great they have showers so you can quickly get back to work after, a big plus.

Review №54

This place is wonderful! The staff is amazing and the workout is incredible. Keeps me burning fat for up to 36 hours after my exercise and I can definitely feel my progress by how sore I am! Definitely coming back!

Review №55

Orange Theory workouts are the best workouts I’ve ever experienced! The variety of the classes keep me from getting bored with working out. Plus - the staff at OTF East are AMAZING and always so friendly and welcoming!

Review №56

This is the best hour workout I’ve ever done. Positive atmosphere, knowledgeable coaches, friendly staff, non-stop action from start to finish. Always an electrifying and satisfying part of my day.

Review №57

OTF has the best workouts. They are never boring, never the same, and they push me to my limits every time. I love this place and all the friendly faces who work here.

Review №58

This is the premier fitness facility in Wichita. They have almost 50 available classes a week, the best trainers, a proven scientific formula for success, and no contracts! Members work on Strength, Endurance, and Power depending on the focus day to shock the body into results. With over 400 locations open worldwide, and additional locations opening daily, ORANGE IS THE NEW FIT!

Review №59

I was a little bit hesitant to start taking classes at Orange Theory Fitness, but after a few classes I fell in love with the workout. It is the perfect combination of personal training and a group class, and it is never boring or slow. The classes are truly for every level and ability, the trainers are trained to help each student get the most out of their class, and are always there with modifications if you need them. I love that each workout is different and I always leave feeling great and knowing I worked hard. The location is super easy to get to and the studio is clean, bright, and welcoming. OTFWichita is the best!!!!!

Review №60

I love the fact that every class is a little bit different; it keeps the body guessing and keeps me from plateauing like I have in other workouts in the past. The coaches are encouraging, Ive loved getting to know the other members, and Im in the best shape of my life. Id say I recommend it to other people but OTF recommends itself when people ask, Have you lost some weight? What are you doing?

Review №61

Orangetheory Fitness is THE BEST place to get a great workout! Friendly staff, clean studio and the best coaches around. Highly recommend!

Review №62

Love OrangeTheory Fitness! I was struggling to get in a workout routine that I could stick with until I came here. Every workout is different, so I have never felt bored or burned out. Seeing your heart rate on a screen with your name is really cool and helps you know if youre working hard enough. Ive gotten a lot faster and stronger and can see more muscle tone. The trainers are really good about helping with your form, question or concerns, and making it fun. Overall, its an awesome workout and Im happy I joined!

Review №63

My boss and I attended our first Orange Theory class this morning with coach Clinton Harris and it was so much fun! After the class I joined Orange Theory and I will never again spend mindless time on a treadmill when I burned so many more calories and had fun doing it.

Review №64

Never the same workout. Good mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts. Time optimization - one of the best 60 min workouts around. Good results

Review №65

Best workout Ive ever had. Definitely felt my heart rate elevated for the rest of the day. Both of the trainers I have had are incredible! I love this place!

Review №66

Everyone was really friendly and helpful, from the receptionist to the trainer. It was a great workout and very organized with all the different stations. I will definitely go back.

Review №67

I like going to Orange therapy fitness Inn Wichita East I have a good time working out I do this for my health and to keep that as old as I am I need to do some kind of workout to keep on with my life a healthy one but I will recommend Orangetheory fitness to anyone Orangetheory fitness Awesome place to go to make friends as well they treat you really nice,,,, awesome place to go to make friends as well they treat you really nice

Review №68

I LOVE Orangetheory Fitness!! Im thankful for experienced coaches who know what they are doing and truly care about the members. Coach Matt deserves a special shout out! Today I came in with horrible low-back pain, and Matt made some modifications and took the time after class to show me some low-back stretches. The stretches made a HUGE difference. Thank you, OTF and Coach Matt!

Review №69

Love the energy here! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Review №70

Nice having a location on both sides of town so you can use whichever is most convenient that day. Same great workout at both. Makes other workout facilities obsolete.

Review №71

I dont know what I would do without Orange Theory Fitness (Wichita). All the coaches and staff are excellent. When I walk in the door, they greet me by name and are always very helpful. They make working out hard one of the best parts of my day! Tomorrow will be my 100th workout and there has not been a repeated routine yet. I love the variety and balance of cardio and strength. I highly recommend this workout to people of all walks of life and all fitness levels.

Review №72

Orange Theory workouts are different from any other workout Ive tried! I love how no workout is very the same and the coaches are always there to push and encourage you!

Review №73

Very clean gym, the trainers are amazing and very friendly. Its a great atmosphere and its really helped me to lose weight.

Review №74

I have been going to Orangetheory Fitness Wichita East for the last 6 months in order to lose weight for my upcoming wedding. It is, by far, the best work out I have ever had! All of the coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, and motivating. The music is high energy and keeps me going. The gym has really nice, new equipment and it is always clean. The front desk staff provides superior customer service and they always greet me by name which makes me feel welcome and appreciated. Orangetheory is the only exercise program that I have actually enjoyed and stuck with. After gaining my “happy weight” as I call it (weight gained after meeting my fiance), I tried several local gyms but would only go for a few weeks due to getting bored and not seeing results. OTF keeps me coming back for more each and every week! Each workout is different from the one before but they are all equally as interesting and effective. I see my progress improving each and every week and feel so satisfied when I leave my class. I will definitely keep working out here even after my wedding which I never thought I would say. I have never been a “gym person” but thanks to OTF I have become just that! So far I have lost 10 pounds and can tell a difference in my level of confidence and the way I fit in my clothes. I no longer feel like I have to “suck in” all the time. I definitely recommend Orange Theory to everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. Thanks for helping me get in the best shape of my life!

Review №75

I love working there as a staff member, the other staff are amazing as well as the coaches and the members! Its a blast to go in and take a class with any of the amazing coaches.

Review №76

OTF is amazing. I just finished my 100th class this week. I know every workout is going to push me to my best. I’ve seen so much improvement over the last 6 months. Love it!

Review №77

Orangetheory is motivating and exciting. Its unlike any workout Ive ever done. The different workouts keep me coming back for more!

Review №78

The BEST work out studio! The trainers are very knowledgeable and Im amazed how much Ive learned about proper form. LOVE IT!!

Review №79

BEST WORKOUT! If you are looking for a great workout this is the place to go! The staff is also amazing! Cant wait to go back!

Review №80

It challenges you on regular basis! Ive always been an athlete, but the way I push myself at OTF is different in a great way!! Love it!

Review №81

Instructions does much, but encouragement does everything. Thats what every coach here does.Management (***** 5/5)Workouts (***** 5/5)Coaches (****** 6/5) always the best

Review №82

Coming from knowing OTF for years now I am excited to see new studios popping up all over and staying true to the Orangetheory Fitness culture. This studio is ran by one amazing staff and luckily for them the owners are just as wonderful!!! Any time I spend time in Wichita, KS again I know that stopping into this studio will never be something I regret!

Review №83

Such a great workout and atmosphere! The coaches are awesome and I love that every class is a new challenge!

Review №84

Efficient workout with a great instructor, great staff and nice equipment.

Review №85

First tim visiting a Orange Theory and I loved it! Clean facilities, super friendly staff, and a fun workout environment without being judged.

Review №86

AMAZING workout. See and feel results quickly and continuously. Atmosphere rocks!

Review №87

Front staff is amazing!! I love that I get in and out in an hour

Review №88

Best working out system I have ever used period! It’s simple, fun and get results!

Review №89

I like how the workouts are different every day. The coaches are awesome and full of energy which helps push me when I want to quit!

Review №90

Environment was so energetic and positive! Definitely coming back! Fantastic experience!

Review №91

Most effective one hour workout ever!! Love the staff and atmosphere!!

Review №92

It was awesome! Great results in an hour and the coach was outgoing! Great music and the workout is one of a kind!

Review №93

The trainers make the hour go by so fast and it is different every time! Great front of the house staff too!

Review №94

The workouts are the most science based workouts Ive seen since being in the Navy special programs. The atmosphere, clients and staff are phenomenal.

Review №95

I am constantly telling my friends how much I enjoy working out at OTF!! I get a great workout and have been losing inches and pounds so Im thrilled!

Review №96

I love Orange theory fitness. Main reason is because it challenges me. There’s not a lot of things that challenge me physically- especially on a cardiovascular level. I wasn’t expecting much at first, but my doubts of being challenged were put to rest after one class. Now my initial impression of a group training class was more or less skeptical, as group settings are typically less intense and at the whim of those that are in your group. However, the system they have in place addresses those issues to where you aren’t worried about the gripes of being in a group class. #hardcoreathletesrejoice1-individual heart monitors- you’re not limited by others. You go as hard as you want, and their system will track the data of all your workouts such as calories, avg heartbeat, etc. This is fricking awesome if you pay attention to the details.2- standization of workouts- There will always be rowing, running and some light strength work. You do effective cardiovascular work, and you know it’s going to be one hour.There are two reasons I give it 4 stars versus 5.1- It’s expensive- I can afford it, but it’s hard to recommend friends or family to try it. For me though, the price filters out a lot of people who aren’t serious, so I guess it’s a win-win.2- Heart rage monitors sometimes don’t sync correctly. Doesn’t happen all the time, like maybe 5-10% sometimes with the old sensors. It seems they got new heart rate sensors while I took a hiatus for a few months, haven’t had an issue since.👍👍I would highly recommend this for people who:-Need to lose weight-Need an alternative to personal training-Need external motivation to jumpstart a healthy fitness lifestyle-Need to cut *my personal reasonI would not recommend this for people who:-Are at the extreme novice level. It’ll be hard, not impossible, but you will pay 😈-Have bad knees or back. Not saying it’s not doable, but just be healthy enough to run and row.It’s awesome, I go everyday. You’ll love the people. Try it for yourself and see if it’s for you👍

Review №97

I like that the trainer is there with you every step of the way making sure you are comfortable with the workout and doing it properly

Review №98

Great workout every time! Love the people who go to OTF and all the coaches and staff.

Review №99

Love my full body workout at Orange theory! It’s always a different workout and the coaches push me every time!

Review №100

Best workout program since Jane Fonda!! Love coming to Ta town!

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  • Phone:+1 316-440-4640
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  • Monday:5am–8pm
  • Tuesday:5am–7:30pm
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  • Saturday:6:30am–12:30pm
  • Sunday:6:30am–4pm
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  • Appointment required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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