Genesis Health Clubs - West 13TH
3725 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67203, United States

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People was really friendly but I no that’s there job bait you in than girl made me my friend protein drink , my friend wanted berry ( strawberry ) in it I told her I want vanilla I don’t like or can’t drink strawberry, still made me strawberry didn’t listen nothing I said I’m good on this gym because that !!!

Review №2

If you need a little sunshine and joy in your life please dont hesitate to join the crew at Genesis! They have stayed strong and community oriented during this time of our 🌎 hardships.

Review №3

It’s a rip off. I tried to cancel mid August and no one ever actually canceled me and I am paying for another month I didn’t approve. You also have to pay extra for anything such as tanning beds, tennis. It’s ridiculous they charge you enough that u shouldn’t have to pay extra for things when I have a membership. It’s not worth the money and won’t answer me about any refund. I will not recommend it for anyone to use

Review №4

When I first moved to Wichita I made it my personal goal to drop some unwanted pounds and tone up.I found this Genesis location through good reviews and was paired with Jack as my trainer and I must say; have him to thank for not just dropping over 30 pounds but also changed my lifestyle for the better.Since moving to Wichita Iveenjoyedcoming to this location; Gabriel, Jack and the team are very friendly and always helpful and hands down its probably the best personal health decision Ive made.Cheers,Serge

Review №5

IMO this is the best Genesis in town. It may not be the newest or have the most equipment, but it also doesnt have the dozens of kids and hordes of 20-somethings hanging around the equipment chatting, constantly taking pictures of themselves in the mirrors, or otherwise just taking up space or in your way while your doin your thing. I cant ever think of a time where it has been busy enough to have an effect on my gym time which is a huge plus. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it seems like theres only ever 1 tanning bed running out of three and the towels arent as soft as Rock Roads.

Review №6

This is my favorite Genesis location; I have been going here for YEARS. Natira is the best trainer they have, hands down. She is beyond knowledgeable and doesnt just have you do a workout/exercise; she shows it and explains the dynamics behind every movement. She will 100% do her research with you and learn what you can and cant so. She is top level and phenomenal!

Review №7

John Gomez is the guy to go to. John is well informed in all aspects of fitness wellbeing. Hes a motivating trainer who makes you feel like you’re apart of a family there at Genesis and he will do all he can to help you reach your fitness goals.

Review №8

I love this gym!! Idk why people hate Genesis so much. Its a really great gym. I Just Wanna also give Jon Gomez A huge shoutout! If youre going to sign up go to him!!! Super nice and respectfulbreaks everything down and what you need to know Hell give you a great deal and Always show love. hes The Man

Review №9

Everyone there is super friendly and helpful. John Gomez, among others, have helped me immensely with fitness advice and life advice. 10/10 would recommend this gym 👍

Review №10

This place is a haven for great service and professionalism. I feel like Im part of a big family that is on a consistent path for improvement.

Review №11

Brandon, Gabe, and Ace did and amazing job getting me signed up today. They were all extremely helpful, addressed concerns, and answered all questions I had about my paperwork and pricing. It’s nice to actually go to a gym where people care about your personal growth and over all well being. I appreciate the lengths you guys went through to help me out today!

Review №12

Nick Berens best at Brazilian jiu jitsu teacher. Andy Zerger best and Muay thai kickboxing teacher.

Review №13

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The club is clean and well equipped. It is convenient for everyone.

Review №14

I love coming to genesis on 13th and west! Aerianna (my personal trainer) is the best. If you never had a training session with someone or never really worked out regularly and looking for a change, she’s the one! She’s very motivating and knowledgeable. She always goes the extra mile for me and for other members. I highly recommend coming to see her, you won’t regret it!

Review №15

For a place that charges you 39 for new equipment,40 entre fee,50 for membership, and charges you for tanning,this place is a money grabbing gym. The equipment is worn out and old, and the steam room breaks a lot either that or they turn it off for some reason.I dont get it the owners have the money to spend millions of dollars to build new genesis locations, but dont have the money to spend on new equipment they would rather charge you for new equipment compared to the YMCA where they replaced a lot of their equipment and did not charge their members.The steam room was not working for 3 weeks, and when it was finally working all they did was add some tape to fix it. I dont care if the facilities look nice or have nice locker rooms, Im here to work out not admire the place. Really genesis and the YMCA and other gyms are all the same. The only difference is that you have to sign a contract with genesis and youll end up spending more money and get free towel service. One problem i hear about and experienced myself is that they dont tell you that youre signing a contract.

Review №16

Edited and changed my review. They have gone above and beyond to correct the previous issue.

Review №17

Membership contract is like a time share; virtually impossible to cancel.👎

Review №18

By far the worst gym Ive ever been to In My Life. Huge rip-off save your money. And close attention to what you signed because they completely and utterly lie to you and hurry you along through the process so that you dont notice all the fine details that allows them to charge you thousands of dollars. There are several different gyms in Wichita that are better equipped cheaper and most importantly honest.

Review №19

Had a great workout and loved the atmosphere.

Review №20

I love this place! Everyone is so polite and helpful. What I love about the staff that they dont leave you out, they push and motivate you until you reach your goal.

Review №21

I love Genesis! I have been a member for 25 years, and really enjoy going to workout there. You can be a social butterfly and talk to the other friendly members, or just put your headphones in and work out all by yourself. You can participate in one of the many group classes of everything from aerobics to weight-lifting, or step onto one of the cardio machines and watch a movie. The equipment is well-maintained and the locker room is very nice. The check-in staff is super-friendly. I would recommend this club to everyone.

Review №22

Very happy about the experience

Review №23

This 5-Star review is for the personnel at this gym only. I LOVE all the personnel at this gym! They are ALL so friendly, helpful, and just wonderful! They ALL greet me by name and with a smile! They make me feel like family and I just love them all!

Review №24

I love this gym! Have been a member at gyms all over the Midwest and this has been one of my favorites. Staff is great, trainers know there stuff and other members are friendly. Go try it out and you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to ask for a complimentary training session from Brad or Davíd! Life changing.

Review №25

Family envirement. Encourages me to do what is going to help me get my shape where i want it, classes are fun. Everybody that works there is very nice. The classes are awesome. Shannon ( an instructor) is so amazing and hard core. With her classes and my own stuff as well as boot camp. I have really shed a lot of my inches. They have great personal trainers to but my 2 favorite classes are group fight and kickboxing.

Review №26

My personal trainer is far one of the best experiences I have ever had! He challenges me at every level because he has such a high level of commitment my success...he always goes the extra mile with his time, energy and talent. The Club Manager and the Personal Training Manager also deserve high praise for their Professionalism and personal interest in my journey. To date I have lost 85# and will complete my annual goals with time to spare!

Review №27

Great at what they do

Review №28

I love the West 13th Genesis! All the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Our personal trainer, Jack, is the most amazing guy! Not only does he truly care about our betterment, but all the staff does. There is excellent equipment and lots of good classes! We will NEVER cancel our membership - Genesis is taking us where we need to be!

Review №29

Decent gym but not worth the price. Staff really just tries to get as much money from you as possible. The other locations have old equipment.

Review №30

Close to home... friendly staff as well as other members who work out there. The hours are very convenient. I go before work M-F and the gym isnt crowded, by any means. Plus- I get a discount through my work. :) I would recommend this gym to my family and friends.

Review №31

They come off as super nice and helpful. I was new to the area and didn’t know much about the company so I went to tour the facility with Derick. At the end we sat down and discussed membership options and I decided that a year membership would be good for me. Long story short, I called because I wanted to know about a charge I had gotten, only to find out that Derick signed me up for a 3 year contract! I know I specifically asked for a one year contract because I didn’t plan on living in Wichita longer than a year.People warned me after the fact that genius will screw people over into singing contracts they didn’t ask for! Or not let you out of a contact that was originally agreed upon.And when I called to have it fixed, they wouldn’t help me or even return my phones calls so I could know my options.You shouldn’t lie to people just to make a sale! Because they get paid for the number of people they get to sign up! I’m very upset! DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM! And if you do... don’t trust that they are having you sign what you agreed upon because they are liers!! Well, Derrick (or Chris, that’s what he goes by now I guess) is a lier.

Review №32

Owner/manager of this location signed me up while i was in college under the pretense that I Could cancel whenever I needed with no problem I promise. Tried to actually cancel and they said they would get back with me. Next thing I know i have debt collectors calling me and when i call the gym they say its $250 to cancel. Dont buy a membership here its ridiculous how crooked they are.

Review №33

I love the original Genesis on West 13th in Wichita! I have been a member since 1990 ( even before Rodney took over). The club has gone through many changes during the years. We didn’t used to have a biking (spinning) class nor any yoga. Our building burned to the ground, we were provided with a temporary facility until a new terrific & beautiful building was built for us. I have made life long friends from the group exercise classes. I have a wonderful trainer (Lynnette) who has made me a truly strong woman. I do the spinning classes, yoga, & Fitlife; all of which I love! I also do my weight room workouts on my own there AND I have many friends in the weight room. Not only am I keeping my body fit (thanks to the classes & weight training), but it is wonderful to be greeted by so many people when I walk in the door & feel like I belong there.

Review №34

EDIT - Jose from the corporate office was able to assist in the matter, im walking away from this experience with less frustration solely because of his help, however the other lady I talked to on the phone still was one of the worst parts of this experience.if you want to cancel your membership they will forgot to inform you that you need to show up in person to sign a 30 day cancellation notice.My old gym got bought out by them and when I talked to them in May i told them i didnt want to continue when my contract was done. not once was i told i had to come in and sign a piece of paper for a 30 day cancellation.they charged me the next month after the old contract was done and refuse to give a refund citing policy because they know they need to grab every dollar they possibly can from people who never wanted to use them as a gym in the first place.absolutely pathetic and I will ALWAYS refer people to any other gym before this money grabber.

Review №35

This genesis is great, I came here for the mma package and Andy and nick are two of the best coaches in the Midwest! The staff is friendly and always stop by to talk. Recommend to anyone who is serious about their goals.

Review №36

The only thing good about this gym is the mma classes lead by Andy and Nick.

Review №37

Gabriel at West 13th is incredible, along with trainers Jack and Natira, they go above and beyond for the members. I have felt like family there for years and have completely changed my lifestyle for the better because of these guys. I have also met tons are really great people.

Review №38

Each Genesis facility is treated differently. I have mentioned several times that, West 13th could use some new curl bars. In the years I have been a memeber, we have never received one. However the West Central got all new weight machines. I am considering canceling my Genesis membership.

Review №39

I started membership here with Chris Heard.. He then went to be manager at West Central and then on tho Hutchinson KS... He is great at what he does! I wish him continued success!

Review №40

Just feeling comfortable with everyone and all the trainers are nice enough to show you the proper way off lifting

Review №41

In short, I was lied to multiple times, stolen from (time and money), and harassed by the staff in multiple occasions, the last being the worst!An in detail explanation is on the Better Business Bureau website.

Review №42

Started my membership here and was serious about losing weight. Then my husband got hurt and me being the only income in I had to pay all the bills and could really afford my monthly membership. I tried to talk with staff about this but kept getting told I needed to pay something on my membership or pay $150 to cancel my membership. So here we are quite a few months later my bill just kept adding on monthly to almost a grand now and me saving every little bit I had every month I go up there to pay my cancelation fee. I get told I could have put my membership on hold for $10 a month until I was getting enough income in to pay for my monthly membership. Are u freaking kidding me? Why couldnt I have been told this from the start? I canceled my membership because this made me furious and the staff member I was talking to was unsure how to handle the situation kept going back and forth between me and the manager. To me this felt like the manager didnt give a crap if he lost a customer or not so I just went ahead and canceled... I am furious because I could have afforded the ten bucks a month to hold my membership... Had I been informed of this... This is just a money hungry franchise and if u do get a membership and your situation turns out just like mine well be aware there is a route where u can hold ur membership for $10 a month since they like to keep that secret from their customers.

Review №43

Call and asked to cancel not eveny membership was for my son that no longer with me and still being charged even this he has never use it was also told would receive a refund cuz he never been in there once and still got charged for another month and

Review №44

I have worked out at this location with my trainer and I havent had a bad experience. So far I havent had problems and the staff members that I have came across were pretty nice.

Review №45

I went here alot in my first 2 weeks and liked it. Then I had my first session with a personal trainer. He made me feel like his cell phone was more important than I was strike 1. Then he told me I needed a level 1 trainer and he was a level 6. He made me feel like I didnt matter. Strike 2. He couldnt even make eye contact while we talked he was more concerned with other people. Strike 3. I have not been back since. I had paid for a month and didnt ask for my money back. He made me so uncomfortable and insecure I never returned. I received a call from billing telling me I owe $120 plus a 20 fee. When I signed up they new I didnt have an active account, they said its ok do u have a card with your name on it. I said yes they asked for it. Now Im being charged extra fees when they new the account was not open. I have never been to made feel as bad as this health club made me feel. And its reasons like this that ppl like me dont join.

Review №46

LOVE the staff at the W 13th St location! They keep me motivated & accountable. It truly feel at home:)

Review №47

This Genesis club has their recumbent bikes near the windows upstairs making cardio a great “outdoors” view!

Review №48

I love the boxing ring .its good when I need to release some man energy .P.s I would love to win the 100 cause Im behind on my gym membershipThank you

Review №49

Employees at this gym only seem to care about their monthly commission, but not about the clients satisfaction. Chris Heard its a horrible Peoples person, the guy is really good at lying to get you to sign up. DONT BE A FOOL PEOPLE JUST SIGN UP AT THE Y!!

Review №50

I started out small and weaker than before I joined lol. I got with this trainer Edgar an next thing I know Im hitting 255 pounds on deadlift and hitting a new PR for bench press!! 😁

Review №51

Only decent gym in Wichita (for selection of equipment). I moved from St. Louis where I had a membership at Golds Gym. Golds was a much superior experience (and less expensive) than Genesis.

Review №52

Awesome trainers awesome service would recommend it here for a new and better you this is the place to go 💯

Review №53

I cant complain about this place. Because of this place I got in the best shape of my life!

Review №54

I love working out in Fitlife Class and Debs yoga when I can make it.Alisa & Becky in Fitlife are so gung-ho and personable and care about how we can help our own health and fitness.Deb in yoga has a real calming influence in our workout, and how she remembers all those yoga words from India like bhaktasana and other poses Ill never know!This facility is just the right size with good amenities. The people running it are friendly and helpful. Going here has helped me be much more fit than when I was in my 40s.Thank you all!Susan Nugent

Review №55

Best MMA teachers in town Nick and Andy zerger are Great love the gym Julian helps me with getting started love the atmosphere and guidance clean gym well respected.

Review №56

The staff are very helpful and encouraging, non judgemental. Have not been there for awhile and they send encouraging emails.

Review №57

Its clean, convienent, and friendly. The only negative thing i really have to say is that the mens steam room has not worked 1 single day since i joined the club.

Review №58

I love this club, when I am in Wichita I useb this club, The MMA and Jiu Jitsu is great and love the club..

Review №59

Best place work out!!, MMA, kicking boxing!, Best staff and New Management running it cool with work with you.

Review №60

Julian and Angie are horribly rude and dont be shocked if you get double charged for your monthly fee. If you want out of your contract, good luck. They try to make you sell it to someone who wants it. Very unprofessional. Dont waste your time or money here.

Review №61

Cancelling your membership is not that easy, and they will refer back to your contract even if you were misinformed. Had considered going back to Genesis down the road but will go somewhere else instead.

Review №62

Good equipment, friendly staff. Pretty expensive.

Review №63

Great gym! Really happy with amenities!

Review №64

Great environment, great staff, and great MMS conditioning program.

Review №65

Really disappointed with this health club I was given a card for a two weeks free at Genesis so I went to receive just that and was tricked and and lied to now I apperantly have a three year long membership and owe lots of money even though I have not been back there once since

Review №66

Clean, quiet and friendly atmosphere to work out in

Review №67

These people force you into a contract then when you pay them off for the cancel fee the make you pay the rest of the year. And when you arent even working they will take you to court when you move out of state

Review №68

Best Gym in Wichita hands down!

Review №69

My husband cancelled 2 months ago. They told him all he had to do was sign a release form, well this is the 2nd month in a row now where he has been charged. Theyre a bunch of LIARS

Review №70

Jose is the greatest!

Review №71

I like that its an ego free zone.

Review №72

I had the worst experience with Genesis, staff are straight up rude, then they lied to me with my billing, and I have had a nightmare trying to get them to follow my contract and quit billing me after my contract was up.

Review №73

Horrible gym and very rude staff

Review №74


Review №75

Genesis is a scam, they are really unprofessional and charge fees for everything.

Review №76

Love this gym!

Review №77

Too expensive

Review №78

They rob you

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