Ken Shannon NORTHWEST Branch - Greater Wichita YMCA
13838 W 21st St, Wichita, KS 67235, United States

Review №1

I had a minor emergency this morning while at the gym and Mason at the front desk went above and beyond to help me out. He literally saved my workout and quite possibly my day. As someone who is an everyday gym goer he is always a friendly face to come in to and always has such a positive attitude towards guests.

Review №2

Mason at the front desk was very unhelpful. They recently switched from towels to disinfectant wipes. I am really heavy sweater and I asked if I could use one of the towels behind the desk, but I was told no and that the disinfectant wipers were their new solution. I told him I would have brought my own to wipe the puddles of sweat off the machines before disinfecting, because I wanted to be curious to the other guest. He told me that it was leave on disinfectant and it wasnt sweat. Not sure why he was so against letting me use a towel just one time since i wasnt aware of the change. I ended up leaving after using one machine because the wipes were not sufficiently removing my sweat. Not happy with their customer service and why I couldnt use a towel that I could clearly see.

Review №3

Outdoor pool area has one little shaded spot that people but their things on and leave for hours. Need more shaded areas... Its a ymca we all pay a membership no need to hog chairs you arent even using . The inside pool area windows are always filthy. In the pool they let kids use a real football to throw across the span on the pool and dont seem to care when kids are hit by it that arent even playing with the ball. It be nice to add things to the family area for kids to enjoy.

Review №4

We love our Y!So much to do! Great pools! Great classes! Great people!

Review №5

I am so grateful for the consistent kindness of the staff. April, especially and others were so kind when I was getting set-up. During covid, times are tough enough and entering the gym can be daunting to someone new. They made you feel welcome and at home. It really is beautiful to see a beacon of light to the community.

Review №6

Kyler was great handled all our questions and got us a great price

Review №7

Do NOT listen to lady at front desk. If she tells you anything it will be opposite. Yes they are busy don’t even ask.Note: this is true for every YMCA in this city.

Review №8

Good prices on facilities and a lot of options for involvement.They do violate their policy of no touch to children. Instructors have been reported to HR with evidence, but the people still work there. Proceed with caution.

Review №9

First time visiting and had a great time swimming. Definitely will be back again to bring my kids. Lots of fun slides, attentive lifeguards and the warm pool inside was nice as well.

Review №10

I have been using this facility for almost 9 months. Any time I come in the morning the older women at the front desk prevents me from entering. Today 10:30am. She stays confused and messes around in the computer for 40 minutes every time I have gotten her and expects me to stand there each time waiting on her and will not let me work out.This has happen time after time when I walk in with her at the front desk. I dont have time for her disfunction so I have learned to leave without my work out. Otherwise with all other desk clerks I flash my bar code, come and go with easeI am not getting paid to wait on her to get it together as she is. YMCA get your staff properly position to what their abilities are.Dont put a computer challenged individual at the front desk.

Review №11

Love this place, cant beat it.......great environment, clean restrooms and locker rooms

Review №12

Many machines you would expect with a gym this size are missing. Allot of duplicate single use machines. Like get a nautilus pullover instead of 12 abs machines

Review №13

Parking spaces are too small. Lifeguards are strict. Yellow colored slide has an exit on both sides, but you are only allowed to exit on the left. Water park is meh. Slides are calm. HORRIBLE service.

Review №14

Nice place to go workout! Big track to run or walk on.

Review №15

Horrible Service, been going 10+ years and they say my membership is expired. So we fix the problem “supposedly” and I come in and they let me through. Now today I go in and they don’t let me through saying my membership is expired. Understandably, I say that’s fine I’ll fix it tomorrow. However, they say I need to go fix it now and that I am not allowed in. 20 minutes drive to get there and the manager was very stubborn and snobby towards me about the issue.

Review №16

Most excellent YMCA. Everyone that works here are great to work with.

Review №17

The staff is very friendly and many of them greet me by name, since Im there every day. The facilities are always clean, and since I go when its not very busy, I never have trouble finding a place to work out.

Review №18

I just wanted to warn other members Bennett of my sister visiting from out of state went with me to the y and had her phone jewelry and very expensive watch stolen out of the locker. I should have known better than to let her leave her backpack in there. But it is very upsetting to me that she lost some very sentimental things and a very expensive phone. So just a heads up lock your lockers women because there are thieves that work there.

Review №19

I absolutely love this Y! Great equipment, great kids zone and such amazing staff. I workout out 5-6 times a week there and it’s like a big family.

Review №20

Decent gym, they have lots of different equipment but it is always packed.

Review №21

Need a personal trainer. Ask for Jonathan. He has helped me gain strength and get me on the road to being healthy and moving. He took the time to get to know me and my limitations from my knee replacement. He started me in the pool until i could move upstairs to use the machines and weights. Thanks Jonathan for helping me so much

Review №22

My husband and I have been members and attend this location for 3 yrs. The facility is not kept clean throughout the day. Never have towels on the floor to clean machines. The sauna frequently does not work. The steam room often smells like mildew or poop. Kids under 18 are often in the sauna or steam room and they are not supposed to be. When you report issues or concerns to the staff, pretty much ignores them. It has gotten worse this year.Extremely disappointing considering the cost and the fact that we pay our yearly membership in full every year.Hope it gets better

Review №23

The whirlpool is lukewarm and only the shallow-side jets work. Most of the weight machines are very old looking.The cardio equipment is nice, but quite as good as Planet Fitness, but close. Everything else is very, although I have not been in the saunas.For me, not the best value.

Review №24

Nice facilities. Not so good kids zone workers. Everytime I come there is another problem. And my son was traumatized to whenever we go to this one he screams and cries. Not any other ymca or daycare place..... just this one.

Review №25

Updated review - Much has changed - personnel and programs - programs we loved have coaching changes for the worse, programs we loved have been discontinued, programs we loved have had locations changed - the atmosphere and attitudes are much worse - not the family feel we had been used to - Old review - Our daughter needed to know that kindness still has a place in the world we live in - we have seen and felt caring throughout the building and from all the staff - from the front door to every activity area - Coach Rob, Volleyball and Coach Katie, Cheerleading are wonderful - they know how to work with children and know their sports - the players pledge has real meaning, not just lip service - we have found all areas to be very clean - custodians visible and always at work - we are blessed to have found our Y

Review №26

Kids zone staff is great! Good variety of equipment. Pool is a lot of fun for the family!

Review №27

Everything is great here except Im pretty sure they do NOT turn ac on under 80. When its 104 outside and you first walk in there really isnt a temperature change.

Review №28

I was in there today and talked to a new employee, Suresh, who took the time to show me several different machines and how I should be working out on them. He was most helpful because no one had ever shown me this before. He probably spent almost an hour with me and I will definitely look him up if I need help in the future.Max Stuever

Review №29

Great facility, clean and open. Friendly helpful staff, and the people working the Kidzone were awesome with my little one!

Review №30

Staff is always so friendly, very clean branch, great place to do your workout and bring the whole family.

Review №31

I would never go again they were very rude I was speed walking and they made me get out of the facility

Review №32

This is a great place to take the family swimming or to exercise or just have fun.

Review №33

I just had a terrible experience with the front desk lady at this YMCA. She was rude and even made my 6 year old cry! We’re members of a YMCA in a different city and she insisted we show our ID’s, as their system isn’t linked to other YMCA’s. Trouble is, 6 YEAR OLDS DON’T HAVE ID’s! If they don’t have access to our info, what would having an ID solve?!? I would never step foot in this YMCA again, if this front line rudeness is tolerated as a representative of what they stand for.

Review №34

Staff is always very friendly and willing to help . The hours are terrific and allow for flexible schedules. Great place.

Review №35

Nice facility, pools equipment, staff is OK, but the hours are extreme, no other y in the nation has this long of hours and it actually depletes health.

Review №36

Never going there again the Cheer Coach mocked me for speaking spanish. Just wow. My first and last time going.

Review №37

When I was at the pool there was MOSS on the slide I hated it!!!!!

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Review №39

Nice facility, clean with polite staff. Very busy place, lots of families and kids doing classes.

Review №40

Our family enjoyed this facility very much, love it!

Review №41

Horrible receptions good workout machines and outside pool is good

Review №42

This is our second home and I couldnt ever ask for a better experience.

Review №43

We love the Y. The only problem is that trainers monopolize sections of equipment to train a couple of people even when the gym is packed.

Review №44

Great pool and friendly staff.

Review №45

Having to be within arm reach of a child that knows how to swim, and whose parent is watching them the whole time is ridiculous. Especially when the child is in the shallow end.

Review №46

Busy place, however you can always find a basketball or a machine to workout on

Review №47

Besides perhaps Andover, this is the best YMCA in the Wichita area.

Review №48

Best all around gym in West Wichita

Review №49

Grand daughter playing basketball

Review №50

Wonderful experience!

Review №51

The staff knows my name and is there to help anyone who darkens the doorway.

Review №52

A excellent place!!!

Review №53

Amazing staff

Review №54

To to yet I do not

Review №55

Great Y

Review №56

Family friendly

Review №57

Playing in the water with the kids

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Clean and friendly

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