Robert D. Love DOWNTOWN YMCA - Greater Wichita YMCA
402 N Market St, Wichita, KS 67202, United States

Review №1

Convenient location, lots of old school lifting equipment. Cardio machines are available also. There are towels to wipe down equipment with but the gym area isn’t pristine. There are squat racks available in addition to the pix I posted, the ones I posted I thought were a little awkward because one of them is right next to the running track. I did deadlifts.It’s $10 for a visit for the day- it is worth it if you are staying downtown.

Review №2

Clean and good Y in Wichita Downtown!I went on a Saturday morning and experienced a lesser crowd than before. Being in downtown this Y attracts many active people. It has a huge basketball court, gym area and studios in the top. Swimming and other hot sauna amenities for members to use.I love the Y group activities. There are drinking water faucets near studios convenience. Enjoyed my workout at this location.

Review №3

As a former Y Executive with nearly 30 years of experience I must say this is one of the finest Y’s I have ever visited. The facility has been open for 8 years and still looks brand new.Locker rooms were very clean and well organized. The showers are fully tiled (which means much easier to clean and maintain in the long run). Many Ys shortcut tiling for early cost savings, but the wise Ys spend a bit more in the beginning to save on staffing and repairs in the long run. This is important because studies show members enjoy clean facilities...that and caring staff!The pool is fully tiled and that’s good for reasons I mentioned earlier. I swim so this will help swimmers. The water is crystal clear. I mean crystal. While that is no guarantee of great water quality it is very strong evidence. Temperature is totally a matter of personal preference. Lap swimmers will love the temp of the water, water exercisers will not be excited about this cooler setting. I guess about 81 degrees or so. Again, this really is just a matter of personal preference and not something to grade a faculty by.Back to the showers. They are curtained and warm. It may seem little, but having a quality stainless steel wire rack attached to the wall makes it easy to stow shower items like soap and shampoo.However, when you first enter the Y you can’t help but notice the HUGE TV screen in the lobby - set to ESPN.I didn’t go to the fitness area or gym, but the lobby, pool and locker rooms are a great areas for judging fitness facilities and Ys.I use Nationwide YMCA and was cared for very well by the front desk staff.This is truly a gem of a Y.

Review №4

Life guards were rude. One life guard told us they would turn the water park on when the next lifeguard came on. When she came on I asked and she told me No and began to walk away. I told her what the last lifeguard said and she went and asked her and another lifeguard. Then came over and said she cant turn on the water park when there are more than 30 people. There was NOT more than 30 people. I will not come back. It was a waste of time and we were disappointed.

Review №5

I love the Ymca we always go it has nice Service the people that work there are so kind and sweet

Review №6

If they make a mistake and charge you twice. Dont expect your money back in a timely manner. Almost a month and havent received my money. Thanks guys

Review №7

Edit: the branch manager, Terrell, reached out after my review and was very helpful, kind, and desired to make things right. I greatly appreciate that effort and want to increase my rating to that kind of customer service.Terrible customer service. I requested a suspension of my membership and then they charged me a monthly fee and wouldn’t give my money back. Very unhelpful. Felt like they would do anything just to make me pay.

Review №8

Great employees, clean facilities. Great people working out, friendly place to be.

Review №9

Simply the best YMCA in Wichita. Cant beat a workout with a gorgeous view of the city!

Review №10

I really enjoy the downtown YMCA! It’s definitely got its share of mouth-breathers and weight droppers like any other gym, but a good set of headphones will block that out. The staff is super friendly and helpful and I definitely wouldn’t go to any other gym in town.

Review №11

My favorite Y in town.

Review №12

Pumps me up real good

Review №13

Friendly staff. Always clean. It has the best indoor running track that Ive ever used - 6 laps/mile! Womens locker rooms are clean and roomy. Only drawback to the downtown Y is the parking; it can get full quick. There is overflow parking across the street or metered parking if you dont mind paying. The pools are nice with individual family and lap pools. Beware of your surroundings at night. Ive been approached for money several times and once even had a guy grab my hand as I was getting into my truck. Thankfully there were other Y patrons in the parking lot who came over to check out what was going on, so nothing happened.

Review №14

People here are great. Facility is fantastic. Live supporting the Y and their mission

Review №15

Horrible experience with member Director she was very rude and unprofessional I would not recommend dealing with her I can easily contact other locations and get great customer service and experience

Review №16

I have trained in facilities all over the world, and the Downtown Wichita Y is the nicest gym I have ever seen. If I had to nit pick, I would say that the plates dont all match and they have spring instead of clamp collars, but thats about it. Its spectacular. If you are anywhere close, check it out.

Review №17

The Downtown YMCA is really nice place to workout during all hours. The temperature is nice, not to cold not to hot. Plenty of machines for people to get their work in and done. Overall a really good place to workout.

Review №18

Beautiful facility. Great views of the downtown area. Updated machines, courts, etc. I wish there was a security desk at the other entrance (Market St.) and I think there needs to be more parking for peak hours. Otherwise, it is awesome. Best YMCA in Wichita, right up there with Andover location.

Review №19

Ive always had a Y membership mainly for the summer pool perks for our kids...i have a gym membership at another facility, I pay a little more, but its convenient ...In an effort to cut down on membership fees and save some cash, last Thursday 10/18 I visited the Downtown Y to feel out the gym...It was 6pm, which I knew would be busy, but not THAT Today I visited the downtown Y again...the place was packed at 4:45 AM!...There was no way I couldve worked out, showered and be at work by 6am...I may try another Y before I cancel my Y membership

Review №20

Maintenance issues are not resolved quickly. One of the cleanest facilities in the Wichita area, especially for how busy. Usually very busy and staff seems distracted. Always can find something to do even if it is busy. Most of the staff is helpful and friendly. Parking is alright most of the time. Nice to have two saunas. Glad they have a childrens area as well. Some areas are still lacking for cleanliness, such as locker room area and windows. Parking lots leaves quite a bit to be desired. Not many places to park unless you go during off times, very late or very early or during day when most people work.

Review №21

There has been a rash of car thief at the downtown YMCA, you are a big corporation and NEED to do better at protecting your members.when you have single mothers trying to protecting their kids from streets and you have one car for a family of 5 and you let some criminal walk in and steal the only car they have this is unacceptable. You people need to warn your members so they can protect themselves. (Sick) who does this and all you do is take peoples money

Review №22

Thank yall for resolving my issue the past couple weeks

Review №23

I am a big fan of the Y organization as a whole entity. I played many sports, field trips and lessons learned as a result of our communities having such a place for us to go. It takes many hours of hard work and volunteerism to pull off what the Y does day in and day out. The make it look effortless, but it is a result of much planning, preparing and many dedicated staff making all this possible! Keep up the great works!

Review №24

An amazing facility. The third story space has some of the best views in the city. Equipment kept in great shape or fixed very quickly.

Review №25

Pros:-Fully equipped workout rooms with everything you could ever want from free weights to ninja gyms.-large classrooms for yoga, self defense, cycling, etc.-Indoor pool, hot tub, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... Sauna AND steam room! Not all locations boast this availability and this is the main reason I come here often.-Basketball courts, squash and racket ball courts,-Kids areaCons:-This is the exact location that the pedophile was fired from. However, since then extra security measure have been enacted to prevent this from being possible again.-Location, location, location! Although conveniently placed for local residents, this part of Wichita is known for its danger. There are a lot of gang-related activities on Broadway, but mostly just homeless and prostitutes. I have personally never felt threatened when attending this location.-If you are incredibly insecure then you may want to steer clear of the weight room. Lotta jacked people making you look horrible and feel horrible about your self may not be great for your self-esteem. However, personally, I use this to my advantage and let the peer pressure motivate me to become jacked like them.-really, there are no major cons that I seriously consider as factors that would effect my 5 star rating of this location. The staff has always been there for me, and the common-folk have a were all in this together mentality.Get a membership here if you can afford it. The income-based membership fees make it feasible for most people.

Review №26

One worker employed there today gave me a nasty attitude i just ask a question and she gave smerk and i surprise she hasnt been fired im sorry but this red head beeds fired front desk lady

Review №27

Great Downtown YMCA!If you are traveling from out of town, their day guest pass is fair and affordable.Clean, well-equipped, and friendly staff.

Review №28

Ive been a member for just over a week. No one wipes down the equipment (not the YMCAs fault) but I already have a wart, so I am doing my best to wipe down benches and bars. I have worked out at 24 hour gyms, and other rec centers and have never had this issue. It is basic gym hygiene and common courtesy. People dont seem to care about the well being and health of others when lifting. Yeah, we come in to workout, but please people. Be clean and respectful of others. Re-rack your weights, put away your phones, and wipe down!

Review №29

This is a newer building and is very clean, the staff is very nice and willing to offer help if you need it. They were having trouble with the water fountains recently but I believe they fixed this issue, other than that no problems I have seen.

Review №30

Horrible experience. Tried to go in without a membership and pay the $10 fee to go in and they still wouldn’t let me in. Asked me for an ID even though they seen that I had none of my belongings with me. All I wanted to do was get a nice work out but they wouldn’t even let me in, even though I was going to pay the $10 entry fee at the front desk.

Review №31

Tried to join. Needed info about lower rates. They had me sit at a desk with another guy in the chair right next to me, as they asked for my phone, address, kids names and birthdates. I was extremely uncomfortable giving all this with a strange man right there. Come to find out, he is a member and was having to fill out a whole new app and jump through hoops to borrow a towel! After all that, they needed my tax 1040. Not the w2 i brought and not the pdf i had of my 1040. A print out of the 1040. But i couldnt use their printer. Absolutely ridiculous. I left with no membership, and in tears.

Review №32

This Y is awesome!!!! You can get a great workout in for sure. Right across the street from the City County building, where I needed to file paperwork. Knocked out two birds with one stone. Yeeeees!!!!!

Review №33

This is by far the best gym in Wichita. I have had all good things happen to me. The staff knows my name and the facility is always clean. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and they tend to issues intelligently. But there are a lot of ignorant members there, so if youre planning on going, make sure you bring your headphones and take a look at the issues that arise:NO CHILDREN UNDER 7 IN THE CARDIO/WEIGHT AREAS! - This has been a problem and parents will not take responsibility for their young children when the rule is clearly stated.NO JEANS OR OPEN TOED SHOES: I figured this was a duh - youre at a gym, not a fashion show.AND PLEASE, FOR THOSE TRYING TO STAY FIT AND HEALTHY, STOP DISRESPECTING EQUIPMENT AND DEGRADING MEMBERS: This is another problem that is everywhere. Use equipment as intended, youre there to workout. Stop hitting on girls, youre there to workout. And stop trying to show off your mad strength, just lift weights normally because the girls still dont care.

Review №34

Love the extended hours. Whole facility is great. Sauna is a nice way to unwind. Wish there was more information on class schedules & how to join

Review №35

Pathetic customer service! I had an event I was at recently, and they wouldnt let me use the bathroom. They werent letting non members go past a certain point. I understand that, but come on to just use the restroom? I once was a member at the YMCA for years, until I moved out of the Wichita area. I was thinking about joining again, because we moved closer to the area. After this stunt they pulled, Ill join another gym.

Review №36

For the last few months every time I have gone to take a shower, the water has been at best, lukewarm. Today, the shower was cold. I dont understand why this happens. Do they need to raise our rates in order to get some hot water?

Review №37

The cafe at the downtown YMCA has excellent food and such a friendly staff! Its honestly the perfect after workout lunch. I think Ill go eat there even when I dont go workout at the Y. ;)

Review №38

I enjoy going to this YMCA but it must be understaffed because they can never seem to put clean towels out in the workout area. This is the only branch that cant seem to get this right. How can you clean the machines with a soggy towel? If you cant get a towel when you walk in the door, I doubt many people are going to go all the way down stairs to get one in the middle of a workout. Staff was rude when I asked about this.

Review №39

I get a friendly greeting every time I walk in the door, and I usually get a have a nice day when I leave. One of the staff members has even gotten to know my name--and Im not that consistent in going.Its a bit hot inside, but I suppose that makes me sweat more, and theyre saving energy. There are definitely some space issues associated with the new construction, but I think they are juggling it fabulously. I cant wait for the completed new Y.I think they take feedback seriously here too. I expressed a desire to see evening aquatics classes since there werent really any in the spring, and this summer there are a ton of evening options.Im totally hooked on this Y.

Review №40

This Y is pretty decent. The equipment is good. The staff is friendly for the most part. Usually Someone always speaks and smiles and calls you by name. The only issue with this location is its almost always packed. Avoid peak hours!!!! It gets way too crowded and you have to wait for machines. The womens lockeroom sometimes smells like a wet dog but its hit or miss depending on what time of day you go. Better air fresheners/ventilation would make things better.

Review №41

This use to be my favorite YMCA but I’m loosing interest and really considering getting a membership somewhere else! This YMCA has a bunch of little kids running around and playing in machines with no adult supervision in the slightest. I seen one 12/14 yr old girl videoing people on their machines, which is crazy rude!

Review №42

Great staff, best facilities and equipment and Beautiful place to work out. Very knowledgeable staff to answer questions. Definitely the best for your money in town also.

Review №43

Give the damn towels out for free, enough of this 50 cents a towel without an upgrade stuff. Im losing my mind out here. otherwise a great place.

Review №44

Bad experience with the director was told I was getting a refund then they lied and told me I couldn’t . Disappointed in them.

Review №45

It is the best YMCA in the world. Its always busy and it makes workouts more fun when more are there. The staff is great and the hours are right.

Review №46

It seems that they dont always have enough free towels which is a bummer. I wasnt even there during the main rush. These are the same towels used to clean machines & the few left upstairs were soggy when I needed to wipe down the machines I used. Someone get these guys some more towels! Because when I ask for a comped towel of the others they always say no. Youd think they would at least do that .Once that changes Ill gladly change my review to 5/5. But the lady today was rude as well, which is unusual from my experience. Im here all the time & I dont even bring a bag so its not like I could just walk out with their towels ..

Review №47

Great staff. Very clean. Has everything you need to get a good workout in. The wifi is great too!

Review №48

What are the security around this ymca? Nearly had a incident with some kids messing with my car before they saw me running up. Also when I try to pull out they pulled up behind my car and stop, seem like they were eyeing license plate. So Im not sure if its safe to leave my car here anymore to workout.

Review №49

Excellent! Great atmosphere and friendly staff! Its enough room for everyone to get a good workout and enjoy themselves doing it!

Review №50

A nice location with state of the art equipment. I do not feel comfortable bringing my kids here.

Review №51

This location is close to my job and easy to get to. They always have enough machines, but the parking isnt that great. Its the only complaint that I have. The lack of parking.

Review №52

Staff friendly. The remodeling is excellent. And, sure is nice for the Mead Corner 404 snacks & beverages available. My favorite Y.

Review №53

The female janitor sexually harasses me in the womens locker room. She isnt interested in me, she does it to make me uneasy and angry. Theres nothing I can do to prove shes doing it, thus I cant stop her. Telling her boss did no good at all. I even caught her in my purse. She waited till my back was turned then went to help herself to it. I snatched it out of her hands before she got the zipper open. If youre a woman and you go to this YMCA, beware of a female janitor about fifty years old, short, obese, short wavy black hair, Spanish accented speaker. Be aware for yourself because her bosses either wont or cant stop her.

Review №54

We have had a family membership for over 20 yrs. My son went to work out today and was told that he cant be on our membership since he went to WSU!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??!!!!!So..... WE WILL CANCEL OUR MEMBERSHIP AND GO TO GENESIS!!!!!VINCE LUJANO

Review №55

While the gym is beautiful and modern with nice equipment, the staffs behavior is not. I use to go at night with a friend. The front desk guy, who we nick named might mouse, would awkwardly stare at my friends backside. If there were other men standing around the front desk too, they would crack jokes about a white woman with all that a$$. Shes self conscious & anxious about her figure. He made it worse. On a seperate occasion during the day, 2 ladies working the front tried making small talk after I checked in. I chatted back only to have the larger of the two in bright red lipstick stop mid sentence to strike up a conversation with a person behind me. The lady behind me had brought the red lipped staffer a few almonds in a zip locked baggie. I guess she was just dying to share and ol red was more than eager to accept.Go to this location if youre familiar with exercise and the equipment. Dont except much from the floor staff.

Review №56

Great equipment and ok staff. Some staff members are really nice and dont bother you. But couple staff members will harass you over the most pety stuff. Example. Using there rails to do incline pull ups and only some areas are aloud equipment and the only way to use that equipment if your in that class etc

Review №57

All the staff I have encountered have been really helpful and just totally awesome!!! The facility is very clean and sanitary and I really enjoy working out in an environment that is judgement free!!! Thank you to all the staff for making my workout time as free of judgements and clean and safe as you possibly can.

Review №58

I have been going to y since 60s . The new building is a great inpovment . Staff all ways the best. Good job to all of you at down town y.

Review №59

I dont understand why you can open at 430am during the week but not on Saturday and Sundays. I am sure many of us would love to come at that time to workout. We have a 24 hr Genesis Health Club in Wichita so be nice if you would consider 24 hr location in Wichita as well.So over a year later and I see my suggestion on your hours on the weekends has gone in 1 ear and out the other since I havent seen anything change.If you are a current member at this Y comment below if you would like them change to an earlier time on Sat and Sun.I would love to see them change this to make it more convientThanks

Review №60

I come here for a quick lunch. Always something interesting happening.

Review №61

Amazing space to work out, swim, etc.But, whoever designed the building so you have to go up three stories to start a workout is a mean, mean person.

Review №62

Best YMCAs in the USA right here in the Wichita, Newton & Andover Area.

Review №63

You guys need the vertimax it is a very good item to have in the weight room

Review №64

Amazing gym. Best Ive ever been too

Review №65

Wasnt crowded, everyone is polite, equipment and everything is clean, and water fountains are cold.

Review №66

So disappointed because the parkjng lot is a joke. Way to small , I just drove around for 10 min and then someone with no morals took my spot so I left because I was going to be late to the class I wanted to go to and there is still no where to park.

Review №67

The experience I had upstairs was incredible. A trainer talked me into going with her but when I changed my mind and wanted another trainer the staff all stared at me as if I had committed a crime. Very small town and not professional at all. I should have been allowed to change my mind.

Review №68

While the facilities are nice, the staff are rude when dealing with us, and seem to treat everyone else there like their children or idiots. Its not the only YMCA in Wichita, so youd be better off going to a different one, or trying a different gym.

Review №69

Great facility with modern equipment.Some of the staff members are wonderful.

Review №70

I enjoyed myself and had a very good workout.

Review №71

The BEST one in Wichita . Lots of equipment . Friendly Staff & Great view !

Review №72

I am a former employee, but still a member of the YMCA facilities. I will admit I have been sexually harassed by the female janitor in the womens locker room. She peeks at me and follows me around. She is shameless. I have gone to other YMCA locations to avoid that woman these days. Stay away from the womens locker room if you attend this facility. Use the family locker room or just plain change and shower at your residence, or you may face the same embarrassing, aggravating, frustrating experiences I have here.

Review №73

Such a great gym with a wonderful staff!! By far my favorite Y, even if the location is not ideal.

Review №74

Great facility, new equipment. Love this place.

Review №75

This place is great nice staff and fun to go to

Review №76

Clean, great staff, friendly people, great equipment and great price.

Review №77

Beautiful facilities, friendly staff, great classes!

Review №78

I just joined the Y and have no problems with the staff. Always nice and the lady at the front desk always says hello every morning and is always helpful.However the women that go there are rude as hell. The FAT COWS should go to JustForWomen that would also help with the oder that is created from all that FAT FRICTION.Now as for the new gym, there are several things they need to get a grip on and all involve CLEANING. I go early in the morning and it is easy to see how dirty the windows are. Not just a few of them but OMG every window in the place needs to be cleaned. They have spent a great deal of money in the locker rooms but again, no one to clean them. The bathroom stalls are just gross, there is already stuff on the walls and each day it just seems to grow. The Showers are a joke. They have spent thousands making each shower its own little room with frosted glass doors so no one can see your little peepee and there is mold growing right up the sides of the glass doors, its discusting. The Steam rooms are the same, I stepped on a floormat, and slipped is was so slimy.If they get a grip on the cleaning, it could be ok.

Review №79

The rates here are very high considering that this place receives government assistance. All gyms in Wichita are clean. A daily pass at Evergreen Gym is $2.00 a day or $12.00 dollars a month(no application charge like downtown YMCA).

Review №80

Awesome i swim there daily and the place is so clean

Review №81

Only problem, besides being busy to often, is when there are classes in the pool, they shut down the little kids pool.. Not fair.

Review №82

I really enjoyed coming here with my family and friends until one of their employees was found to be molesting children in the kids zone.

Review №83

Always a pleasure. The Staff makes all the difference.

Review №84


Review №85

Its an awesome YMCE ever in WichitaIts huge and big, I love it

Review №86

I like this gym but its by far one of the most dirtiest gyms that I have ever been to. Theres mold growing on the door handle, inside of the steam room in the mens room.

Review №87

Beautifully updated facility! Major downfall, lack of parking ( even at off-peak times).

Review №88

Definitely the best health club in town.

Review №89

Very good staff, and very clean building

Review №90

Best most comfortable gym ever!

Review №91

Clean, lots of equipment in good order.

Review №92

Good track but i will never get over how rude the staff were to me and my family...after our membership ends we will another facility instead...

Review №93

When I exercise I sweat, so I need their towels, so they should never ever run out, like they did tonight!

Review №94

This is a very modern y.

Review №95

Very nice place to do Exercise

Review №96

Rebuilt facility, very nice.

Review №97

Very Nice always Enjoy💪

Review №98

Free weight area is usually all messed up, weights and bars not in their designated area

Review №99

Awesome adult womens showers!!!!

Review №100

Great place to work out

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  • Address:402 N Market St, Wichita, KS 67202, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 316-264-9374
  • Community center
  • After school program
  • Camp
  • Fitness center
  • Personal trainer
  • Physical fitness program
  • Pilates studio
  • Swimming instructor
  • Yoga studio
  • Youth center
Working hours
  • Monday:4:30am–9pm
  • Tuesday:4:30am–9pm
  • Wednesday:6:30am–7pm
  • Thursday:6:30am–7pm
  • Friday:4:30am–9pm
  • Saturday:4:30am–9pm
  • Sunday:4:30am–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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