Dennis Schoenebeck NORTH YMCA - Greater Wichita YMCA
3330 N Woodlawn St, Wichita, KS 67220, United States

Review №1

Its summer time crank the a/c up some .... Also clean the bathrooms more often and mop the family bathroom. Very slippery and stinks in there most days. Be aware pool closes for swim lessons in the afternoons..

Review №2

My kids have been dancing at the North YMCA for 6 and 7 years, the oldest in the dance company will be with them for 5 years this year. We have liked and even loved each member of the staff they have been fortunate enough to come into contact with. Our current director, Tasha Jones is an amazing choreographer, teacher and leader for this very diverse group of kiddos. Each parent and child feels like a loved member of the team and most of the kids are kind and inclusive. Ask any current member of the team, we love GRIT dance company! (Formerly NYDC)

Review №3

Have found staff to be very friendly!

Review №4

Female Manager with brunette hair and glasses has absolute TERRIBLE customer service. I think it is absolutely appalling that an established institution such as the YMCA would consider such a person to manage a facility. Very disappointing experience.. I am confident that the YMCA will be persistent in resolving this situation. Otherwise, there are plenty of reputable fitness centers that would love to appropriately suffice my family and friends..

Review №5

Facilities are fine but manager is rude inconsiderate and very insensitive toward the transgender people.

Review №6

Usually Im very happy with the facility, most of the equipment is regularly maintenced and kept nice. Today when I went into the dry sauna I immediately noticed a foul odor and that the level of heat is nowhere near what it usually is. I would describe the temperature as tepid at best, compared to how it usually is. There used to be comment cards available to submit to management but those have disappeared.

Review №7

Helpful employees! Clean facilities! The wave pool is always a hit every summer 😀

Review №8

Best gym facility I’ve ever been too! Well maintained, beautiful and great staff! Personal trainer Suresh is amazing!

Review №9

Great facilities. Friendly staff. Plenty of parking.

Review №10

Staff does not wear masks. I know everybody is excited with the pool opening but staff has to do social distance. Your very strong lifeguard who also gives classes for kids was literally on top of everybody, following people in and out the pool and making conversations with me and my family. The man who is in charge of lifeguards there was also coughing for people passing bye, rude and unsafe. Please teach them how to behave so we can all enjoy ourselves.

Review №11

My children have been in the dance program at this Y for 10 years with the past 4 as part of the competitive team now know as GRIT dance company. While I have always been very happy with the program, we recently received a new director at the beginning of last season, Ms. Tasha Jones, and one of our instructors was promoted to head coach, Ms. Haley Johnson. Under the direction of these two ladies, this program has soared to new heights. They are amazing dancers themselves and are knowledgeable and current on dance trends and everything in the dance world. They promote a positive environment that pushes the kids to not only become better dancers but better people. All the kids are loved and treated equally and it truly feels like we are a family. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this program as they continue to excel in their achievements.

Review №12

Poorly managed pool. Staff let adults and teenagers throw a regular football all around the pool. Almost hurt my child. Someone needs to train them to better enforce their own printed pool rules.

Review №13

Love the staff. Love the atmosphere. Great place for kids!

Review №14

This facility is the nicest YMCA I have ever been to. Everything is so clean and spacious. They offer more services than I even knew were possible. I absolutely love their spin classes. Their instructors are awesome and their bikes are really nice. Their pools are very clean and feel really safe. The locker rooms and bathrooms are giant and clean. They are seem to have a lot to activities for the kids as well. I highly recommend taking your workout to the North YMCA!!

Review №15

I love this outdoor pool with slides And a diving board but you can’t do flips

Review №16

This place is by far my favorite YMCA to go to. The indoor pool is pretty big, and it’s even heated so it always feels nice. The outdoor pool is a lot of fun, I love the wave pool. The kids zone does a great job at keeping kids happy and entertained. The staff here is always super nice. I love working out here. I highly recommend this facility.

Review №17

My 12 year old daughter was inside of her dance class and while the instructor Ms. Sarah was teaching a parent walked in and stood in my daughter’s face and start yelling at my 12 year old daughter in front of the whole class full of girls; however, my daughter was shocked and did not know what was going on and the teacher was shocked to where she did not say anything to this parent, or she did not report the incident. As evidence by I reported the incident to Mrs. Tasha the person who is over the dance program and she came back and told me that the parent and child is going through some personal stuff and so she hope that I understood; however, she did not address the parent due to the fact that her and the parent are close friends. So, what she basically informed me that she is not going to do anything to this parent and so I ask several of times to speak to the director and to have a meeting with all and she would not give me the director information, or she would not set up a meeting. So, I called the North YMCA several times and ask to speak to the person who is over Mrs. Tasha and it is Jamie; however, the front desk kept screening Jamie calls and asking who is this and when I would tell them who I am and my concern they come back to the line and say, “Jamie is not available; however, I can put you through her voice mail”. So, I asked may I please speak to the director who is over the North YMCA and at that time they said hold on and about two minutes later Jamie came on the line and she was refusing to put me on with the director. So, months went by and one day I pulled up to the YMCA and the director came out and introduced himself to me and stated that he did not know this was going on and this is his first time hearing this and Mrs. Tasha and Jamie did not address any of this with him. So, I informed him everything that has been going on and how for months that my baby was been bullied by parents and how Mrs. Tasha let the dance parent and dance staff talk bad on me to where they slander my name and Mrs. Tasha fell to put a stop to it because she is very close with these dance moms. However, I do have a meeting with the director so I will keep all inform to let you all know how it plays out. However, there is a lot more incidents that took place and that went unnoticed and unseen and the staff seemed friendly, but dont let them fool you. But, anyway my daughter is a nice, sweet, and humble child and dance is her passion and I just want to see my daughter succeed in a positive environment with positive supporters.The Code of Conduct is in effect for the YMCA; however, the dance program does not follow the code of conduct they make up their own rules and policy and just to let you know, I am African-American and so is my daughter and the dance team treated her as if she were there slave and the instructor does not listen to your side she is one side and she loves to try to bring down your character as an African American. So, at this point I do NOT recommend dancing for the North YMCA (Grits) dance team; however, the dance staff are not fair to you if you are African American and they not once apologize to my daughter.

Review №18

My favorite place to workout! Will is the person that really sticks out to me when I think of this place. He’s an awesome person and always checks in on you when you scan in! It’s somewhere I look forward to going to

Review №19

Hello I am one of the dancers of the north y dance company, dance has changed my life I have gone through some rough times but the people there at the y are amazing and supported me. (I am only 12) I love all of my friends we are all one big family. Thank you.

Review №20

Do not choose this Y if you need training. I looked over many times at personal trainers letting their trainees do dangerous techniques. Example: leg press locking knees into place and other obvious improper techniques. Also, have been treated very disrespectful by staff here on multiple occasions. If you value your joint health choose a different Y. I wont be back.

Review №21

I have two daughters taking dance at the N Y. I cant say enough positive things about the program. Its been like an extended family. All the instructors and the dancers families have made this a great experience for my girls.

Review №22

Great place for the whole family. They have two hours babysitting for as low as $12 a month and they have good youth classes such as swimming dancing and other. Also in the summer they open the outdoor pool with waves as well as other water slides specially for children.

Review №23

My kids have done swimming and baseball at this location and we loved coming here.

Review №24

Nice waterpark. Smaller than the others in town. Enjoyed the warmer water than the NW YMCA. Pools were packed today, but they made us all get out for 10 minutes so the lifeguards could swim. Seem odd in the middle of a busy day. Not a big deal - just difficult to explain to a 4 year old why they had to stand in the sun and wait to swim.

Review №25

Great place to workout! Im there most every morning and the facility is clean and tidy. Employees are courteous and even remember the regulars names. Bit big and impersonal when its busy bit go at a regular time everyday and youll get to know some cool people

Review №26

The staff is great! They are willing to help you out.

Review №27

YMCA’s mission statement is: “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay”.....just went to this gym with a friend that has a membership because I just moved to town and wanted to see the equipment before committing to a membership. Didn’t want to pay $10 for ONE DAY and asked if I could look around. The guy working the front desk was so rude and didn’t even offer a tour..he said “well you can pay the $10 to see it.” YMCA you need to hire people that will honor your mission statement.

Review №28

People were great! The life guards were friendly and VERY helpful young men. What was discouraging was getting there late, and still having to pay 18.00 for less than 2 hours of swimming. Also kids breaking the rules several times ( even after guard told them couple of times to stop what they were doing) because apparently some people use the place as a babysitter, and some just seem way too young to be there w/o a parent.

Review №29

Visited the outdoor pool. Was disappointed there were zero chairs for people to sit in, most of them were covered in stuff better suited for the lockers. At 4:30 noticed one of the family restroom doors, one of the few restrooms that were semi clean, had a locked door. I pointed it out to a YMCA PAID employee at the entrance who told me....a visitor, a paying customer, to go after another employee to have it unlocked.... she could have done it easily because there was a second employee sitting there on his goofing around on his phone. Very disappointed, will not be coming back anytime soon.

Review №30

Great staff and lost of stuff for the family to do

Review №31

They just let kids cry in the daycare and dont even try to make them feel better

Review №32

Such good service and the people are amazing.

Review №33

Its a fun place because theres a spot for every one but its busy at 5PM

Review №34

A few days ago one lifeguard started following me around the pool, wherever i went she went, she finally approached me and asked me if i intended to have more kids and if i ve had a c section.I didn t answer her, just ignored and moved on. She went to my kids and started talking at them (both under ten), asked them a few questions then while they were having a great time and she told them they couldn t go on the slide! ( yes they can) . They moved away from her , she rotated to their side of the pool and went on following them through the pool while they were swimming saying things like watch out, you need a bigger armband. I told her not to talk to my children again or ever more but that didn t seem to make a difference. I didn t make a formal complaint because i don t intend to go back to this ymca and because they were having such a great time i didn t want them to stop playing. This was Harassment. Staff dont talk to other people s children without first asking where are their parents, they talk to parents not children, when staff has to talk to children they treat them with respect ( they are clients), staff don t talk trash but about things that will help improve customers experience at the pool, staff should be polite and helpful! I guess this is what happens when you give whistles and power to lowlifes.

Review №35

My daughters class went. She had so much fun. Looking forward to her next few weeks at swimming classes. Thank you YMCA for doing this for the kids.

Review №36

I love this place. I go there everyday to work out and my two children use the kids zone in the mean time. Even though my child has gotten hit twice, by the same kid on two different days, I will still give this facility five stars because the manner in which they handled it assured me it would be taken care of and that it was not okay. There is plenty of equipment, great variety, the pool is great. I love the enviroment and all it has to offer. My one complaint would be the restroom upstairs that always smell like urine, but thats a small matter.

Review №37

I love the YMCAs in Wichita. They are the highest quality gym I have had the pleasure of regularly working out in. Im very thankful for the kind staff and wonderful people there. Great facility

Review №38

This place and the staff in charge are absolute pathetic jokes. You better hope that other kids do not mess with your kids. Especially if your kids are Mexican. My girlfriends son was playing basketball and 3 kids told him to leave the court and when he kept playing ball they started pushing him around. When I as a white person talked to the staff they did not have an issue with it they just went and talked to the other kids. But later on when they talked to my girlfriend who is his mother and they are Mexican they made us all leave and called today and said our whole family is suspended for 6 months because we did not stop the other kids from acting like that. Not only are they racist they want adults to put hands on other peoples kids. I have heard of some crazy things before but this is up there.

Review №39

Exceptional staff, really nice and motivating. Very nice to go on the weekends and on my free time, would recommend to anybody.

Review №40

Clean YMCA with nicer modern equipment, however it is small and the spacing of the machines and benches in the free weight areas is awful. Dont expect to be able to get a complete workout in during peak hours and prepare to be bumping into people.

Review №41

Crowded and small- considering the amount of people it could support- all spectrums of working class and kids alike. Love the swim staff- a lot of the staff is really nice and engaging. The facility its self falls super short of its potential and that is very disappointing.If you take a yoga class you are likely to hear weights being dropped upstairs and bass so loud you cant hear the music in your own class. The pool is newly redone but still pretty crowded... see- we have a need for a much bigger facility!Other classes you can not find floor space and pick up games of basketball are zero option if you work 8-5.Parking is minimal and to get to the Y take for ever during after school hours of coming from North Woodlawn.Kids Zone staff seems to listen and care- even though the room is tiny, at least you know your own tiny child has less likelihood of being lost and forgotten like in Maize.In all, not the worst but always frustrated about the potential unmet here.

Review №42

Silver Sneakers are rearranging the room to enable the participants to move around safely One area is designated for those wanting fans. This is all it takes.

Review №43

Friendly staff, but definitely a YMCA and not a higher quality establishment. The climbing wall (the entire reason I visit this branch ever) especially is in terrible condition with improperly labeled routes, poorly maintained equipment, lax safety guidelines, and comically ignorant staff. The only other facility Ive used is Yoga... friendly instructor and welcoming group, but noisy and cold.

Review №44

Will equipped. Great classes.

Review №45

This place is great for family time. Lots to do

Review №46

Great and clean place. The staff is friendly. There isn’t enough equipment when it condensed with people

Review №47

Very diverse, so many options to excersice, climbing wall! The inside pools are rarely at their cleanest.

Review №48

Love this location. Great equipment, wonderful staff and clean.

Review №49

Very rude staff. If you look younger they will treat you badly. Not the best equipment and gets busy quick.

Review №50

Love the workouts on the Preva machines and being able to save them to your preference.

Review №51

Their Childrens room is filthy. Just go look at it. They need to hire an outside cleaning company to deep clean it once or twice a week. It looks like a gross grimy chuck-e-cheese kids pit.

Review №52

Its nice but if you dont get there between 4 and 6 you might as well forget it, too busy any other time, people seem to pack into this place like its a nightclub or disneyland.

Review №53

Great facility, clean and well kept, nice staff, very helpful!!! I love this place!

Review №54

Best ymca in Wichita in my opion always my first pick sometimes a little crowed but have all the important equipment. Average basketball quarts

Review №55

Nice facility, a few staff are friendly. The Wichita YMCAs are always nice.

Review №56

Its super small and just not good service I dont recommend this place

Review №57

Clean, air conditioned, and plenty of weights, what more could you want.

Review №58

Great outdoor waterpark and cool rock climbing wall.

Review №59

Love it here. Best Y in wichita.

Review №60

Lots of things to do there. If youre just looking to work out you might want to look somewhere else though to save some money.

Review №61

Love to go thier but there is a big room for improvments

Review №62

The morning workers are TERRIBLE now. What a shame.

Review №63

Nice staff. Clean facility. Often upgrading equipment.

Review №64

This is a great place to swim, workout, play basket ball

Review №65

CLEAN place!! Much improved from a few years ago!! Great staff too!!!

Review №66

A great place to work-out, with great hours.

Review №67

Not super busy and has good equipment

Review №68

The kicked us out cause we weren’t 16 bro I’m 14 I can go in they got 10 year olds and 9 year olds in there

Review №69

Yep. Use to kids jumping into the water almost on top of me...but grown men? Look before you jump you idgit.

Review №70

Staff used to be cheerful but now due to the new front desk manager who is constantly mistreating them they look constantly depressed, no wonder

Review №71

Is great fitness and sports place

Review №72

Great place to play basketball and to workout

Review №73

It when great but a lot of people

Review №74

Smells new and fresh!

Review №75

It is a fairly good Y, but I wish it could be cleaner and customer Service isnt great at all.🤔

Review №76

It was good

Review №77

So much fun for kids!

Review №78

New facilities , great family programs

Review №79

Had a great time tonight

Review №80

Why can’t all gyms be this amazing!

Review №81

Good place to work out

Review №82

Elevator not working only way up to workout area.

Review №83

Its like a second home and the staff are very friendly.

Review №84

Great staff, very positive

Review №85

The Scholarships are a joke.

Review №86

Fun for me and my Dad

Review №87

Great place to unwind

Review №88

Great as always

Review №89

Healthy. Hours extreme.

Review №90

Wonders, its ace!!

Review №91

Needs vertimax

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