Richard A. DeVore SOUTH YMCA - Greater Wichita YMCA
3405 S Meridian Ave Bldg. 1, Wichita, KS 67217, United States

Review №1

Im very very sad about this place, its dirty I stood at the counter for over 15 mins to pay for a guest and nobody would help us then a lady tried but had to get help because she didnt know how to ring me up. Then went swimming and it was so rediculoisly packed we couldnt swim. The concession stand was out of water, all Gatorade but two flavors, no hotdogs, no pretzels, no pizza, I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet because the concrete was so hot, seriously blisters, they didnt put out the sprinklers until 5:00pm when we were leaving. It made me sad.

Review №2

The programs and facilities are very nice. The manager and staff need some training on working with people with developmental disabilities (and their families). My son has had a membership for less than six months. Im trying to talk him into going back to Planet Fitness ... where they are far more ready to understand and accept peoples differences.

Review №3

We normally love the Y, but the outdoor Waterpark is full of rude lifeguards and have very few inner tubes for kids. My child has been asking for 1 over an hour now. Kids are in severe need to learn how to take turns and share, the same kids have the inner tubes and refuse to share even when my child has asked nicely. We will not return to this location.

Review №4

We love the south YMCA. Instuctors and staff are nice, Invite you to their classes, and are helpful. I would love to see the outdoor pool hours on the website and more security patrol, but overall one Of our favorite YMCAs.

Review №5

Love the waterpark and everything else about this place. A perfect family day!

Review №6

When i went to ask when my sons micro T-ball practice was going to be I spoke to David originally he told me Tuesday at 5:30 I get out of class Tuesday at five I called the YMCA and asked where will practice be at they said its canceled because of the weather I didnt call David again because they said he would give me a reschedule date talk to David Monday the following week he then states oh its actually Wednesday at 5:30 they had practice last Wednesday Tuesdays for soccerI then just say can I have my money back this has been too much chaos schedules are thrown off now because I was given the wrong information my job wasnt even given when practice is going to be until the week of practice and he has yet to be at practice I paid $62 for him to go and learn how to play baseball and it has been chaos the whole entire time David then decide because I asked for my refund but he was going to hang up on my face so then I have to call back luckily theres a nice guy named Brandon that was willing to help me but now Im never willing to deal with the South YMCA ever again the director David is a horrible human being he should not be in charge of anythingHe needs to be sent to classes to learn how to talk to people and how to do his job And learn how to talk to people

Review №7

Lifeguards are rude!!!! Much better waterparks in town.

Review №8

Great workout followed by a soak in the hot tub.

Review №9

This is my neighborhood YMCA and I love the way this place is. Ive never had any issues here what so ever. Up to date work out equipment, friendly and helpful staff, clean pools, and water park. My kids have done Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer here. Can get a little full but that just means that they are doing everything right and bringing business in. My only complaint, even though there is a lot of parking, there is not enough parking at peak hours especially with sports going on at those same times.

Review №10

Until recently Ive always had a positive experience! The African American, heavy set guy completely ignored me on August 25 2020 about 815 pm ! Someone else came over to check me in. I wasnt going to worry about it but the more I think about it the more I get angry

Review №11

It is very well equipped.

Review №12

Are you guys still taking payments out each month? and my family likes going swimming we enjoy doing that its a nice friendly place to go

Review №13

Very clean facility with friendly and helpful staff, as well as roomy co-ed saunas that dont smell bad. Its usually not too crowded, and my kids love outdoor water park in the Summer... Ive been to other YMCAs, and this one is definitely one of my favorites so far

Review №14

This place is fun and family friendly but some staff are just irritating. today while I was in the changing rooms, my dad came up and asked for me. she told my father I was not there and had been running around with a boy. 1. She did not page me even though that was asked of her. 2. that out her information to give out. I dont know her name but shes at the front desk with short brown hair that might be a bob.

Review №15

Very disappointed with the kids camp. I was told that they would be following covid-19 safety protocols. They went one day following their own rules. Then they went slack. We moved my child to the cities rec. camp. They are doing great.

Review №16

Newer member and have always been met with a friendly smile and assistance. Had a trainer show me the machines and an idea of a good routine for my needs. I use the pool more often then the weights. My daughter is 3 and with each visit she gets stronger in the water. They even turned the rain fall on in the kid area for her.

Review №17

Very positive and uplifting experience. Great staff and faculty, well worth the visits!

Review №18

Joined the Y in January. Really enjoy the early morning classes at this location. The 5am classes (y box and muscle pump) fits my schedule better and the classes are less crowded so you have room to get a good workout.

Review №19

Friendly alert healthy staff. Great facilities with many many options. Clean locker areas and clean throughout the entire Y. Life guards are very plentiful inside and around the outside pool area. The two giant slides outside are safe and very exhilarating. You never have to wait on equipment and the pools are well kept.

Review №20

Overall disrespect and unprofessional Advanced Soccer. We have been in multiple sports and I have coached for many years, but the way the soccer has been directed (well, lack there of). The director ignores fans behind the goal telling our team might as well forfeit laughing, allowing the other team not only cuss at the refs and other players, but at the fans as well, rolling her eyes at anyone that mentioned it to her... we will not return to the y for anything.

Review №21

Dont even bother wasting your money at the aquatic park if your child is under 8 years old. They cant do anything but play in the baby pool AND yes AND a parent must be in the pool with them. I get this if your child is an infant but mine is almost 7 years old and passed their swim test. I will definitely drive 10 more mile south next time and spend less money to take them to Rock River Rapids where they can be kids and swim! It is a much nicer place anyway!

Review №22

I have to admit out of going to all the Wichita area Ys this one I almost always have a great experience at this location. I often am greeted when coming in, which is not common at many of the other locations. They usually always have towels available here as well with no waiting. Usually not busy late at night. Could use some better cleaning.

Review №23

The staff is so friendly and always welcoming. The equipment is in great shape. The facility is very clean! The only reason I ever go to the south side is to workout here and its worth the drive 🙂

Review №24

So far this has been awesome and everyone is so friendly and supportive. I started to go over a week ago but Im having trouble getting motivated! However, I received a very friendly and inspiring email from one of the workers there that said Ive been missed and theyre here for me with anything I might need!! Wow!! Ive never had this happen before, so Im kind of confused, lol! But I do plan on going back very soon now and hopefully get that help he offered!Soon to be very happy member!!

Review №25

My wife and I joined the Y a few weeks ago because of the daycare kids place option that would let us work out while not having to worry about the kids. The south Y is the closest to our home, so weve been coming here.2 days ago my wife was there and dropped the kids off at the daycare to go workout. Ten minutes later she was told that she had to take the kids home because they had lice. We checked them and there were no lice. We did a treatment anyways.Today, Child Protective Services shows up to our house and said that weve been reported for malnutrition and lice! I was at work, my wife was understandably emotionally distraught at the imposing man from a service known for taking children away from their homes at our house. The CPS agent made our kids line up for inspection and he said there were NO lice and our kids were obviously well fed. He has to come back in 2 weeks for a follow-up before he can close the case.I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT believe the YMCA reported my family to Child Protective Services!!! I am furious. We will NOT be returning to this branch.

Review №26

The South YMCA in Wichita is one of my favorite places to take the family. It is very safe, the workers are very kind and understanding, and they have incredible classes for my kids, my husband, and me. It is the perfect place if you want to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Review №27

Cancelled my membership. Been a member since 2001. Its turned into a very crowded gigantic daycare center. Little kids playing on the machines running back and forth thru the weight room dancing around. Parents let them run wild. This place was so much better when they had just a few rules. Way too crowded now.

Review №28

Love it here, it’s always clean and the staff are always kind and friendly.

Review №29

I love the classes and my husband prefers using the machines. Both of us have made many friends there. The folks working there are tops, no matter what their rank.

Review №30

Farha refs are not fair! They are SO one sided! If you line their pockets with money then they will be good for your team! If you dont. Then they call EVERY foul they can think of on your team! They are the SORRIEST group of so called refs you can have!

Review №31

I love the Y. My son asks to go everyday. Employees in the kid-zone are wonderful. Live at the out door water parks in the summer.

Review №32

It was really fun with workout but when i tried to go and play basketball there wasnt many baskeballs there was like 3 or 4 basketballs

Review №33

Not the safest place to be. Multiple items stolen. LOCK EVERYTHING UP!

Review №34

I been here a few times last year no issues at all until today first we werent going to be let in cause of something that had to do with my friend summer camp fee from a few years ago for her son so I was upset about that but we were allowed in eventually. Then my friend son and others were playing a game and the lifeguard told them they cant play marco polo cause they were being to loud. Then I got yelled at by the same lifeguard that banned marco polo oh and my son was kicked by another kid at the slide and lifeguarda wouldnt even listen to my child. Im beyond mad we will never go back to this waterpark ever! I felt the lifeguard was nitpicking us for everything but yet I see others doing the same thing we do and they never got in trouble hmmm...

Review №35

Staff is so helpful and friendly that they make an already great place even better

Review №36

You deal with people who have NO respect. You have employees of the Y there on their days off bullying kids. Also the people in the kids zone are rude and grumpy most of the time, and makes you second guess leaving your kid. Especially with all the allegation that are surrounded the kid zone. Everyone at the Y working out no matter the location seems like they want to fight. The only words you hear are F this and F that and the N word used every other word.NOT AS FAMILY FREINDLY as they want you to.believe. I will be using other places to work out from now on.

Review №37

I have had a membership at the Y for years. This is my main YMCA and is close to my house. Every year there are different rules and the lifeguards are getting meaner. I cant keep track of ALL the petty rules and which lifeguards choose to enforce them or not. Im thinking this will be our last year. Shame because I really liked it but every year is worse.

Review №38

Great place to weight lift with all the machines and free weights. There are plenty of cardio machines available. The interior could use an update.

Review №39

This place is amazing and reminds me so much of Auschwitz Germany when the Vietnam era was engaged and it mostly reminds me of my time in world war 1.5. Overall its a great place!

Review №40

I love my Y! always enjoy my workout time. I dont let the attitudes of others sway my experience.

Review №41

We used to go here all the time to play around and do things, all up until my grandparents signed me up for swimming lessons to learn how to swim, the first day we went to have the first lesson the lady that was supposed to show me was doing a birthday party instead and since we couldnt do the lesson they thought we skipped it and they canceled it, so we dont go here anymore....... And I still cant swim.

Review №42

Jason was Awesome and explaining everything in detail Im glad I signed up I look forward to be able to go there and be a part of the YMCA thank you Jason

Review №43

Great place to work out. Im one of those gym lugs everyone seems to despise. I dont care. I dont let people built like malnourished children, or overweight blobs of human tissue, influence my lifting.

Review №44

Older facility. Friendly staff! Clean equipment. Variety of equipment. Large selection of heavy free weights. Difficult to find smaller ones (5#, 7.5#, 12.5#...).Kids Zone is clean with a variety of activities for them. You can actually see inside to check on them.

Review №45

Wish they had a bigger & more updated layout, but overall a great gym! Staff is nice, friendly helpful & my 2 year old LOVES her playtime @in Child watch!

Review №46

Very great service. High quality equipment and a good exercise environment.

Review №47

Never packed when I go, makes getting in, getting work done and getting on with my day fairly easy.

Review №48

Great place to workout. Lots of friendly people, lots of space to move, pools and a hot sauna.

Review №49

Went to the pool only to witness one of the ELDERLY employees bullying a young (about 7) black girl. I’m not one to “race bait” but I know racism when I see it and to watch an old women mock a child who couldn’t hear her is highly disappointing and if that is the kind of people you want to employee then shame on you.

Review №50

I loved it alot because they have good staff there everyone should go there

Review №51

Lifeguards are attentive and fun all in the same! Fun place to be!

Review №52

I love being able to have a place to go when the weather isnt permitting to walk as well as do other activities. I have had nothing but great experiences and my kids love to go to!😀

Review №53

Workout with Mason is always a good workout and he is very helpful with any questions we hsve.

Review №54

The staff is wonderful and they even attempt to get to know you and your children. Very friendly place. Clean place to workout at.

Review №55

Good work out, not really busy right now.

Review №56

The outdoor is really good the indoor stinks like lots of clorine, the staff is really nice

Review №57

The all-day Childcare facility is dangerous! We had our toddler enrolled less than 2 weeks before we recieved a call from KS Dept of Children & Families (DCF). The DCF investigator described graphic physical child abuse against toddlers, which was (anonymously) reported by an childcare employee who observed the abuse. We removed our child from care at the South YMCA Childcare Center the same day.Plus, the Indoor Pool Area is pretty outdated with rusted fixtures and other hazards. The Family Locker room area is extremely dirty; with used towels and water all over the floor, and had an overwhelming odor of urine on multiple visits.

Review №58

If you like standing around waiting for a machine its a great place.

Review №59

Kids can swim would I work out... Love coming here

Review №60

I love to go swimming there with my friends and family love to work out

Review №61

Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean facility.

Review №62

A Dangerous Place for Children!My husband and I immediately removed our son from thier Childhood Development (all day) childcare facility. This happened in June 2017, after we both received seperate phone calls from DCF; stating detailed accounts of toddler abuse at the Wichita South YMCA location. The DCF agent said our son and 2 other children were victims of physical abuse, that had been internally witnessed and reported by a YMCA staff member.

Review №63

Great facility but in the family locker rooms it reeks of pee and the smell is extremely strong some bleach is needed on those shower floors.

Review №64

Love the outdoor pool in the summer the hot tub is nice and my kids love going

Review №65

Friendly staff. Great variety. NO CONTRACT

Review №66

Horrible place. They abused my 2 yr old in the daycare, then white washed the charges. Dcf was involved and set the criminals free. Scary place.

Review №67

Enjoyed coming here for five years, but I was horrified to learn that they let the Muslims turn the racket ball court into a prayer room, shortly after they started giving free memberships to WSU students.

Review №68

Great place for families, has good hours, great staff, always clean

Review №69

Awesome water walk workout with Ashlea Brewster!

Review №70

Lots of great water fun for the family !! Great customer service too!!

Review №71

Its ok, not my favorite Y

Review №72

Love the facility and how they are expanding all the facilities.

Review №73

Good place for exercise. Be ready for loud talkers, children, vacuums running, no towels & gym lugs.

Review №74

Love this place especially Zumba classes

Review №75

Too many unsupervised kids running wild. Probably wont be back.

Review №76

Too many kids and there rude and no respect for others trying to swim and work out.they need to have separate pools for adults

Review №77

I love their variety of activities !

Review №78

Very nice facilities friendly staff

Review №79

Very perfect would recommend

Review №80

Glen and staff are pretty nice except for today when I asked for a towel guy got kinda snooty and said he couldnt get me whomever uses the treadmills beware. Is what it is.

Review №81

Great time good work out

Review №82

We love the YMCA, from ELC, swimming, summer camp, Soccer,staff

Review №83

Children have been beaten by the day care attendants! Under investigation!

Review №84

Why no flips on diving bord

Review №85

Horrible worst YMCA Ive ever been too my six-year-old son was not allowed to do anything in the swimming area it was ridiculous even though hes passed the swimming test at all the other YMCAs all he was allowed to do was be in the kiddie pool with his mom!!!😠

Review №86

Great facility customer service is horrible

Review №87

The kids love it

Review №88

One of the best ymca

Review №89

Friday evening! not a lot of people at gym...

Review №90

Fantastic, healthy, good equipment.

Review №91

Always very friendly and clean facilities.

Review №92

Its fun

Review №93

Fun programs

Review №94

Good location

Review №95

Great gym

Review №96

Excellent as always

Review №97

Ideal no matter the season

Review №98

Kids have a blast here

Review №99

Love my YMCA!

Review №100

Too many people

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