Triangles Best Karate
9113 Leesville Rd #7550, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States

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This is a top notch karate school. The instructors are passionate and second to none in knowledge. You will leave every session inspired and eager to self-improve. I highly recommend for both children and adults.

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Moved to Raleigh from S. CA. My daughter is trying a new style of karate; enjoying the classes, the teachers, and the rigor of this dojo.

Review №3

Great experience! I highly recommend for anyone (small child to adults) interested in learning real karate or serious about taking up the sport again.

Review №4

This is an excellent place to train! If youre serious about competing or just interested in learning more and training as a new activity this is a great place to go.

Review №5

Had my kids there for five years since they were 5. Sensor Yu has always been a trusted instructor pushing my kids to be better creating a very family-friendly environment. As my son became a brown belt sensor Robinson advanced him even further. Soccer taking over so will miss the TBK family.

Review №6

My daughter has trained at TBK for over 6 years and it has been an integral part of her growth as a strong, independent, confident young lady. I’m thankful that we have been part of the TBK family.

Review №7

Excellent dojo! I recommend for all ages and skill levels. The technical knowledge and experience of instructors and several of the students are like no other. A large number of them are international champions and more are getting ready for the challenge. It is a traditional dojo, it is expected discipline, respect and hard work. Two things are unique here, first is the supportive environment (competitive yes, but it is like a big family of champions sharing their best) and the second is the intellectual teachings (origin of techniques, comparisons with other martial arts) which is making me sharper as a karate-ka and a person.

Review №8

We love this family-friendly, family-run dojo. It has been a great experience for our son. Warning: while everyone has fun, this is for serious students of karate and is not child-care. Students dont get new belts and promotions every few months just for showing up, they must earn them. We also love the month-to-month billing rather than mandatory full-year contracts - this is a good way to see if karate and this dojo is right for you and your family before investing what some dojos ask. Come by for a free trial lesson and see for yourself if it is a good fit.

Review №9

Definitely train here! Great trainings with great people.

Review №10

Great traditional Shotokan Karate training with excellent fitness development. Options for sport for those who want to compete in AAU regional and national tournaments and even globally. Very passionate group of seasoned instructors. Opportunities to develop long term camradity and friendships where you and your family members can share your passion together with your fellow TBK family members!

Review №11

This school is not for everyone. They do not hand out belts/rank simply for payment and showing up. The students and teachers work very hard to make this a quality karate school. If you are serious about your training and want to attend a traditional Shotokan school, there is none better. There are no contracts, the instruction is incredible (head instructors are multiple time World Champions and instructors teach conditioning, basics, kata, kumite, self-defense, weapons, competition/tournaments, etc.) and the family dojo feeling is great. My daughter and I have been students for over 7 years. She pushes her self and the instructors bring out the best of us in every class.

Review №12

My newly 5 year old loved the class!

Review №13

My son started at Best Karate after we found a Living Social deal, knowing that a work colleague had a great experience here. After several months, I began my training as well. Sensei Yu and Sensei Robinson are well-recognized for their skill in the Shotokan karate community, and it comes through in their classes. Expectations are held high, and when you are promoted in rank, you KNOW you have earned it.They are also very active in the AAU, and have a competition team made up of students from the dojo. I am not a competitor, but train with many of them each week. This is a wonderful part of the school, as it is an outlet for those interested, and pushes those not competing to do their best in class to help those that are.I cant recommend Triangles Best enough for anyone of ANY age interested in Shotokan karate.

Review №14

If youre looking for traditional Shotokan karate training, this is the BEST place for it. The instructors/owners Sensei Robinson and Sensei Yu have devoted their lives to the study of karate and this devotion is reflected in their knowledge, skill level and passion in teaching all facets of the art. They are also regional directors for AAU competitive karate. The AAU connection is an awesome part of this school as it provides competitors of all ages with the opportunity to be exposed to others with the shared interest in karate around the nation and across the globe. My daughter loves the friendships and camaraderie she gained from this dojo and through competition (not to mention earning several national championship titles). If youre not into competitive karate, this is still a great school to learn traditional Shotokan style. The training is fun but challenging. You will sweat and earn each belt level. You will have confidence in yourself and your skills.

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  • Address:9113 Leesville Rd #7550, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States
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  • Phone:+1 919-844-5555
  • Personal trainer
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  • Monday:7–10:45am
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:4–8:30pm
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  • Saturday:4–8:30pm
  • Sunday:4–7:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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