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Review №1

I visited the establishment for a birthday pole dance class. The instructor my group had was Nubia, she had such a bubbly personality. She made us feel confident and capable, even when things felt uncomfortable lol. Nubia is a VIBE! I had a great time and will definitely come again when Im back in Raleigh.

Review №2

Me and my Family attended a Pole dancing/Twerk session on last night and we had a blast. I have nothing negative to say about this place at all. GIGI was the best, her attitude and energy was everything plus more. She’s truly amazing! I will definitely be returning, this was my first time and has always been something that I’ve wanted to do. Thank You guys for a great time.

Review №3

I enjoyed every bit of my birthday party with Nubia. She made us feel like we knew exactly what we were doing. She took us step by step in learning the different techniques. TML fitness is a must try and also Nubia is the best instructor there is. I recommend her to the fullest!

Review №4

I would like to first say that Never write reviews good or bad, but I had such a amazing time taking y 1st twerk/ pole dancing class with Nubia, she was so fun, helpful, kind, any nice word you can think of she is it and above. I was there with a group of co workers and we had a blast! Also, the owner Casandra was so good with communication. They we definitely see me again. If you want a good workout, and or a fun night out thats TML is the place to be.

Review №5

I have attended TML classes for the past two years and have loved every second! TML continues to be the most affordable pole studios in the area! All of the instructors, including the owner have been amazing, encouraging and inviting. Laura is an incredibly talented pole dancer and her classes are always challenging and a lot of fun! I havent had an instructor at TML that I didnt love! They all are patient, thoughtful about their craft and want you to succeed, explore, and most importantly, have FUN! If youre interested in pole, I highly recommend TML!

Review №6

EDIT: Its not very professional to respond to your customers reviews by also leaving a negative counter-review of your experience with the customer. I dont think anyone came to read a review about me as a customer but go off sis. Im not the one with business at stake. I personally didnt read it all and I cant imagine anyone would.Sadly there are 0 covid precautions, no masks, and this business completely lacks customer service and email support. Ive had several phone tags with the owner who insists on calling me every time I have to email her, which was far too often considering the constant errors on the website, invoices, and other emails. A friend signed up to take the class with me but had an accident before it started. She has had several phone tags with the owner as well who refuses to email or put anything in writing. Even after specifically asking the owner in my email to give me written confirmation that my subscription was cancelled and not to call me again, she continued to call my personal number without my consent, still ignoring my emails. I finally got my subscription cancelled and refund after a week of emailing her several times and ignoring her calls because I had asked her 3 separate times for all correspondence to be done over email and NOT to keep calling me. I received a very lengthy dramatic and rude email from the owner confirming the cancellation of my subscription and telling me she feels bad for me. by far the most unorganized and unprofessional experience Ive had with any studio, I loved the instructor but this business is super shady and I can see why theyre barely scraping by.

Review №7

Let me just say thank you! My friends and I had an awesome experience! For most of us it was our first time on the pole 😂and it was so worth it! Cassandra made us feel sexy and encouraged us in every way. She was patient and provided great instruction. Would I do this again? Absolutely! The workout was amazing, I broke a sweat and worked muscles and joints that I haven’t used all year thanks to COVID. Thanks Cassandra you will definitely see me again! One more thing off my #bucketlist

Review №8

Danni and Dom was great. I look forward to coming again for another party or class session. I truly enjoyed myself and worked muscles I havent used in years... Again Thanks For Such A Wonderful Experience

Review №9

When you finish one class you will see just how hard the exotic dancers work. Omg what a workout

Review №10

I havent been to TML for a long time. But I can honestly say that the classes I took were awesome. Im anxious to pick up where I left off. You get a awesome full body workout doing things you can continue to get better at while at home. Im just ready to go back!

Review №11

My girls and I had such a great time. The instructor was super sweet, knew what she was doing and helped us feel comfortable. Looking forward to going back. Thanks for a great experience.

Review №12

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Ms. Cassandra the owner has been NOTHING but great! She communicates VERY well she insured that any let downs are made up and always give opportunities to join a class that fit your schedule this was my first time coming here I’m in a 6 week class and I’m so excited to see how much I’ve learned in those six weeks. I’m more than happy! they don’t offer refunds but she goes out her way by any means to come to some sort of agreement to accommodate your requests! I recommend this place for beginners and any type of fitness training. Thanks again. -Madison 😊😊

Review №13

I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone! Horrible customer service & I paid for service that was never rendered. The owner was not apologetic & was very unprofessional about the way she ran her business. I still never received a refund at all. DO NOT let this business ruin your special occasion like they did for me!! As I read thru their reviews they have a trend to take people money in some way & then the owner replies to your review trying to explain herself sounding guilty with a paragraph explanation full of BS!!

Review №14

This place is addictive! The environment and the people are so fun and encouraging that I cant stop coming to classes! All of the instructors know are great about pushing you *just* outside of your comfort zone so you can learn knew things.

Review №15

I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I attended a Birthday party with a friend. This totally went left when there seem to have been a miscommunication about classes purchased 3 for $25.Update: The owner and I were able to exchange emails and clarify ourselves. My review is now updated based on the conclusion of our emails.

Review №16

Our instructor was Gigi and she was phenomenal. We booked a private party and she went with the flow of our group rather than just going through a step by step routine. I was able to learn a lot on top of had a great time. I would highly recommend booking with her!

Review №17

TML is AMAZING!! The instructors are talented, supportive, and invested in your advancement. The environment is welcoming and the prices are great, ESP this past summer sale. The classes are fun and energetic and I will continue coming back.

Review №18

OMG, I had an amazing time!!! Q was our instructor, and she was PHENOMENAL!! She made me feel so comfortable and like I could do every move she showed. I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK.

Review №19

I first came to TML about 7 months ago and its now like a second home for me. Cassandra and all of the instructors here are amazing! Theyre great at what they do, they are personable and fun, and go out of their way to ensure that you get a great workout and that you have a blast doing it! Youll be amazed at how empowered and alive youll feel after just one class here. The studio is beautiful and the prices are definitely the best deal for the best classes youll find anywhere! If you come here, you wont wanna go anywhere else! Ive NEVER had a problem that wasnt immediately resolved. Turn Me Loose treats everyone who walks into the studio with the utmost of respect and professionalism and the instructors see everyone not only as friends but as family. And despite what a previous reviewer stated, Cassandra the owner, is absolutely beautiful!

Review №20

I love this place the environment is so welcoming. Cassandra is the best instructor i have ever had the pleasure of working out with. ALL the instructors make you feel great about yourself and they have such positive attitudes. If you try this place out you will not be sorry.

Review №21

We had a bachelorette party for my sister, and we had the best time. Gigi has the best personality and made everyone feel comfortable and cheered us all on. We have already discussed getting the girls together again and coming back. I would highly recommend this as something to try and this is a great place to have a great time!!! We will see yall again soon.

Review №22

Thanks to TML fitness I got my life back! I am now healthier than I have ever been and working out is a blast. I also love all the ladies there and its a great place overall. I have been here over a year now and I absolutely would recommend it to all. I have also had 2 parties one for my niece and one for my birthday and EVERYONE had a blast!

Review №23

Want to have a blast while burning loads of calories ? Then TML fitness is the place for you. I have been teaching and attending class since opening in 2012 , its become a second home. Honestly , i feel so at home walking in and, the best part of it all is, sharing that with others. definitely come check us out !

Review №24

A few years ago I signed up for a series of classes because I am a huge fan of pole tricks. The first class went well but during the second class the substitute instructor told us, While youre dancing, touch yourselves the way a man would want to touch you. I found that to be mildly offensive and not at all empowering as, first off, shouldnt the class be about what *you* want done to your body? And, you know, priorities exist beyond pleasing men. I complained to the studio owner who basically told me she supported her employee and to get over it. I decided this wasnt for me and accepted the money as lost, went back to running obstacles. Id have forgotten all about it but they have continued to send me the occasional spam despite the *numerous* times I have unsubscribed. So, they get a bad review.

Review №25

In my life there are many beautiful things I have witnessed, Ive seen the grand canyon, Ive seen the stars during a country night but my experience at this facility was emotionally and spirituality transcending.See there was the gorilla named Harambe and midway my second lesson his vision appeared to me. He called to me from beyond and said in a deep gutteral yell.Found me a church of Harambe these be your disciples.PSGreat time, thanks for showing me how to twerk!!!

Review №26

I booked my party with Cassandra who owns TML and she provided excellent customer service by answering all my questions. When I arrived there was a room set up for my guest and I to bring food and wine. GG our instructor not only had great customer service but she also made sure she took time with everyone and made the party very entertaining. Thank you so much GG for your service!!

Review №27

I had an amazing time Saturday night with my Linesisters at our twerk and pole class. The instructor was amazing. Very positive and helpful. Truly a great time. Cant wait to go back.

Review №28

I had a great experience in a pole dancing class with Gigi for one of my friends birthday party. Fun dance moves that brought everyone out their shell and great workout lol 💜💜💜

Review №29

I visited TML for a birthday event and had a BALL! The instructors take their time to show you the moves and were very friendly and helpful. I cant wait to attend my first twerk class on Saturday.

Review №30

Very fun activity! I got my steps in and learned alot. This ish is hard!! But I loved it!!

Review №31

I threw a surprise birthday at Turn Me Loose!!!! It was everything!!! GiGi and her sister were so welcoming and encouraging but most of all fun!!!!!!! My friends and I felt sexy and confident!!!! I highly recommend Turn Me Loose and GiGi!!! The was one of the best experience I ‘ve had in a very long time!!! I will definitely come again.

Review №32

I recommended this place to a friend of mine and have heard nothing but good things. The Owner is extremely friendly and a easy to get along with. She knows her stuff. Fabulous business owner.

Review №33

Great! I love this place. Great place to go if you want to learn pole. I recommend the twerk classes and every once in a while they will have twerk glow parties that sell out fast and are lots of fun. I saw a review saying the instructor was “unpleasant looking” which I think was uncalled for. It just seems like a jab at the business for no reason, but thats my opinion. Anyway I would recommend this place.

Review №34

Will never go again the girl Gigi takes The Who class taking breaks so your hour is done fast or she’s late and there’s no love ❤️ I’m gonna start a class but way better then this and it won’t be pole dance

Review №35

Just got out of an amazing pole dancing class with our bachlorette party!!! our instructor knew what she was doing showed us her her moves which were INCREDIBLE and made it so much fun!!! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a great experience and a good time!!!

Review №36

This is my home away from home!!! I love the owner Cassandra, all the instructors and my classmates. This fitness studio has everything a woman (of any age) could want in fitness...cardio, pole fitness, strength training etc, without the uncomfortable feeling of a gym. I have been going to the studio for about 2 years now and my confidence has soared since joining. However, if youre looking for a competitive environment this may not be the place for you. TML is about developing a healthy body image, building self esteem and cultivating your personal relationships with the support of other like minded women. I highly recommend!

Review №37

Love love loooove TML Fitness. GiGi was my instructor and she is absolutely amazing. She’s full of energy and fun! She made my first pole fitness experience the best ever! Definitely will be back for more classes!

Review №38

TML is awesome 👏🏼 I would love to give a huge thanks to Gg!! Galen is the best at what she does and TML Fitness is so welcoming no matter age, size or skin color 🙃 It’s such an awesome place for beginners or pros whether you want a fun night or a fitness lifestyle of dance they are there!! Check them out!

Review №39

Avoid this place, there are much better alternatives in Raleigh. First, the class started 15 minutes late, with several minutes being used to call role, because they have no sort of check-in procedure at the front desk. The class was overcrowded and there was not room for everyone. Then, the instructor had an assistant take us through a stretch in a cold classroom with no warmup. The instructor kept complaining about a hamstring injury, which she likely got from stretching cold muscles. Im not sure why a fitness or dance studio would not train their instructors on how to properly warm up. Extended static stretching should be done at the END of class, not the beginning. Then the instructor took us through a dull twerk routine and did not explain how to perform the moves well. Forty minutes into the class, I still had not even broken a sweat. A waste of time and money.

Review №40

I ABSOLUTELY love TML! I have been going here for almost 2 years and it has been nothing, but amazing. I have definitely gained some great friendships with people after coming to TML. Gigi is WONDERFUL! She always has great energy and keeps you motivated. Cassandra, the owner, is also wonderful. She keeps everyone informed and also responds to any questions or concerns immediately. Im so grateful for TML and their staff as I wouldnt have met some of the great friends I have today if it wasnt for TML.

Review №41

I attended a 2 hour Girls Night Out Party. I want to say that I was EXTREMELY pleased with Myoshi. She was absolutely wonderful. She completely EXCEEDED my expectations. Shes a real sweetheart and professional. I cant wait to come back.

Review №42

TML is wonderful! I am so glad I found it. Cassandra and her team work wonders and are very supportive. They show the moves and make them easy to follow. I feel totally relaxed and I always look forward to my next class. Its fun and feels like you are working out with friends. I would recommend TML to all women! Try it!

Review №43

I started going to TML October 2014.... I planned to take one class just for fun!!! Two and a half months later Im now hooked! The staff and advance students are the most supportive ladies Ive ever met! Its like I was welcomed in to this amazing family! Ive met weight and fitness goals and improve everyday! I love how Cassandra as an owner takes interest in every student! If ever I have a problem and email her she gets back to me usually in just an hour or less!!! Its truly been an amazing life changing experience! I love TML and my new family!!!

Review №44

Since my last review, I have now been at TML for over a year and love the atmosphere. Gigi is amazing and the energy is always awesome. Gigi has even inspired me to try pole due to some of the pole techniques she shows in class from time to time. TML and Gigi bring awesome vibes, energy, and a good workout.

Review №45

Absolutely love this place!!!! Gigi was amazing for me and my party! Will be coming back in the near future for a class!

Review №46

Celebrated my bday with TML. Karen was an awesome instructor for the twerk/pole class and Cassandra made my girls and I feel very comfortable. Overall, we had a blast!! A must do if you are looking for fun:-)

Review №47

The studio and all instructors are qualified and friendly. As a foreigner (who moved recently to the RTP area), I felt right in the first class very welcomed and included. TML helped me to become more self-confident, by supporting me each lesson and giving me constructive criticism. In 6 months I made incredible progresses and fell in love with the hobby itself, the studio and the instructors. Every class is individual in its own way. Your learning opportunities at this studio are huge and I promise you a judgment free environment with lots of laughs, encouragement, fun and support. I am very happy of being a part of the TML family, thank you!

Review №48

Today was my first day to the class. They where running a little late but she had someone step in an handle the class until we got there. An they also had some get Starbucks grift cards to make up for the bumpy start. Everyone was very nice An both classes where great got a good morning workout An enjoy my first time dancing on the pole lol lol 😊. I’ll see you guys next Saturday morning.

Review №49

I would like to tell people in RDU to save your money!!! This place is a decorated garage with unprofessional instructors. In their guidelines they reminded us how important their time was and charges but turn around and start our session 30 minutes late. However, this was a birthday event with seven girls and we planned three weeks in advance telling the owner of this place our playlist and the two dance moves we wanted to learn. Well long story short they thought we was in there to play around with instructors who looked very unpleasant in a pole dancing outfit, so we only learned a last minute lap dance. SO ONCE AGAIN RALEIGH-DURHAM DO NO ATTEND THIS PLACE GO TO A PROFESSIONAL COMPETITORS!!!

Review №50

I have been going to TML for over a year now and I love it! I have tried a variety of classes but the pole classes are always my favorite. The owner Cassandra is always supportive and accommodating of your needs, the instructors are great and TML is a place of total acceptance where we all get together, have fun and help each other out.

Review №51

I absolutely love this place. I started going here in August not really knowing what to expect. I was searching around for a gym because I realized that I needed the structure of classes as I am a pro at putting off going by myself. I came across TML and thought pole dancing would be fun to try, and was relieved that the pricing was very reasonable. Upon signing up for classes I realized they do all kinds of workouts, such as floorwork, twerk, flexibility, cardio, and of course, pole. I have taken classes with all of the instructors that are currently there. There isnt a single one of them that I dont like. They are all very supportive and willing to help in anyway they can, not to mention, amazing at what they do. I go here everyday now, and Im so glad I found a place where I can feel comfortable learning new moves and working toward my goals. All my peers are so nice and welcoming. I really feel like I belong here.

Review №52

I attended a private party with GiGi as the instructor and had a fabulous time! She was genuinely sweet, talented and made sure everyone was having fun and participating at their own comfort level.

Review №53

I booked TML for a private party for my birthday due to personal reason I was unable to attend the class Cassandra and GIGI worked with me and I am thankful. Whenever im Raleigh i will be stopping by.

Review №54

Love this studio! Everyone is so friendly and when I go I really get so pumped up to working out and dance and dont want to stop!She always has good deals going on and helps you get the best deal possible. She cares and isnt like other studios and gyms. Honest & legit company.Thanks TML!

Review №55

TML fitness is the truth!!!! I have enjoyed my time there and I am very excited about my new body. Upon starting classes there I was at an unhealthy size 16; since I have been taking classes I am now in a size 12. I have dropped a total of 40 pounds in roughly 3-4 months. My Twerk and Pole Party were awesome and Jess the instructor took the time to ensure we were all comfortable and could perform the moves with ease. She is also a wonderful Insanity instructor as her Insanity program helped to get me where I am today. If you want a gym environment that feels more like home then give TML fitness a try and you wont be disappointed

Review №56

TML has been a life saver for me. I always thought I was supposed to be a boy. I never knew how to dance unless there were steps- rehearsed of course... With TML, I found a new me a sense of femininity... I love it... Its my safe place... I dont have to feel sexy anymore- now I KNOW I AM! Thank you TML. Oh, and Cassandra, you are an amazing woman!

Review №57

NEVER ever book again. I purchased a living social from her and she stated it expired when it was supposed to be good until March 15th. However, she made up a rule that was no where in the fine print or on her website about it expiring 4 months after first use. I bought it because it lasted so long. I am in medical school and 1 hour away, so of course I cannot come up every week.When I tried to prompt her about where this mysterious fine print was, she stated I will not spend anymore time on this further today. And then I told her I was going to cancel my livingsocial voucher and she said do what you have to before shadily marking my voucher as redeemed. Luckily livingsocial corrected the mess and I pray to god she did not get any of my money...WARNING - HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT

Review №58

I love this place, the classes, and all of the instructors! I have never been a dancer, and always had a really hard time trying to learn choreography. But here I am now, at 31 years old, and have a new-found confidence in my dancing ability thanks to the wonderful instructors at TML. Ive seen so many others like myself-- quiet and reserved-- really come out of their shells as theyve attended more and more classes. TML offers classes of all different types, designed for all fitness levels, and youll get a great workout no matter which you choose. The staff are all friendly and very helpful, and Cassandra (the owner) has always answered my emails almost immediately. Ive always received an email or text message-- sometimes even a phone call-- if there were any changes to the classes I had signed up for. If youre looking for a fun workout that will really make you feel good about yourself as a woman, then TML is the place for you!

Review №59

Amazing experience with these gals!! Fun and empowering!!! Confidence boosted!

Review №60

If I didnt love my yoga instructor so much, I would not go back here. The management is highly unorganized. Last week, the owner forgot that there was a yoga class scheduled (even though its the same every week) and booked another class...we had to do yoga in a tiny break room. THEN, I signed up for a Hatha Yoga class and get an email reminder and they completely changed the class to a yoga/pilates class. Yoga/pilates is fine, but why would you not inform your customers, who signed up for the Hatha yoga, that the class has been changed and doesnt exist anymore?Plus, every time I go there, the owner looks like she just rolled out of bed. At least brush your hair.I need my yoga instructor to get a job somewhere else so I can go there instead.

Review №61

This is my absolute favorite fitness studio! Though I live nearly 30 minutes away, I try to make it there at least twice a week to enjoy their classes. Cassandra, the owner, is incredibly welcoming and understanding. She and her staff have ensured the studio maintains a comfortable and empowering atmosphere for women of all walks of life, including those of different sizes. I discovered TML Fitness last year when a Groupon was offered for Twerk It Fitness classes. I was SO shy during my first class, but eventually gained a lot of confidence as I progressed through each session. I eventually purchased an unlimited pass, which I am currently enjoying. I also tend to bore easily when engaging in a fitness regimen, so I was craving something different. I hit gold when I found TML!Thus far, Ive tried the Dance Fusion, Erotic Dance, Twerk It Glutes Bootcamp, Sexy Twerk, Sexxy Soiree, and Twerk It Fitness classes at TML Fitness. I have loved each and every class. The classes are small and intimate, which allows instructors to ensure participants are learning as much as they can. I am sure it would benefit Cassandra to have larger classes, but she sacrifices that to ensure her clients have a pleasant experience at the fitness studio. Ive tried other fitness studios, but none can compare to TML Fitness. I highly recommend to any and all women!

Review №62

I am one of the faces of TML Fitness....No I am not an employee of tml fitness or family member.I want the women of the Triangle area to know about TML, and how this fitness studio has changed my life. I go to this studio 4 to 5 days a week. My husband doesnt mind me being at TML because he know the enviroment is safe, supportive and I am getting the attention that I need. Im taking fitness classes that I never dreamed of taking like Pole fitness, Yoga, Twerk It,,, . The instructors are respectful and patient with me and always encourage me to face my fitness challenges and they help me reach my goals. I have lost 3 dress sizes in the past 7 months. I have met other women at this studio and we encourage and look forward to seeing each other. If you are a woman out there that want to lose wt or just have a place to get your sexy back and have a great time doing it, TML fitness is the place to be.

Review №63

TML fitness is amazing! The prices are reasonable and the classes are offered at times that area easy to schedule as part of a busy day. Being someone who travels often for work, Cassandra (owner) accomodates my sporatic schedule and honors all coupons and passes even beyond the expiration dates. I have been a member since March 2012 and every time i know ill be home, TMLs website is the first place i go to sign up for a class! Cassandra works hard to get everyone into the class they want and has offered to fit people in elsewhere if your original class has been cancelled or resecheduled. I love that she is not about making money, but simply providing services to get women active, feel good about themselves and have fun!The instructors and students alike are so friendly and supportive of one another... its like having another family! Returning/advanced TML students are always helping teach and provide useful tips for beginners, no one is ever judged or has to feel uncomfortable/isolated in a class. Chriss, Karen and Laura always give me a great workout, and help me improve my dance skills, strength and flexibility.Turn me Loose Fitness is definitely worth checking out a few classes and finding one that works for you!

Review №64

Great class fun with patient instructors l

Review №65

I love it there!!!! So helpful and accommodating!

Review №66

Gigi was amazing!

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