Eastside Gynecology
144 E 44th St #225, New York, NY 10017, United States

Review №1

Sometimes life throws a curveball and youre not ready for something like this. I was really happy to have eastsides team be there for me and be by my side when I needed it most without judging me going into this. Thank you guys for everything.

Review №2

Convient place to go to. They are professional, quick, clean, and comfortable. They treat you with respect and do not have long wait time.

Review №3

This place was amazing. My first time here today and I couldn’t wait to write a review! From the Time on the phone with the receptionist making my appt. (which was next day) till the time I left, staff was completely respectful, nice and caring!! They took good care of me and informed me every step of the way what was going on! Quick service as well! I recommend this place to anyone. Thank you Eastside gynecology!

Review №4

The girls were compassionate and knew what they were talking about and made me feel even more comfortable before the procedure started. I was really happy that I was seen on time.

Review №5

They handled the entire process with care and were very professional about everything.

Review №6

Incredible staff. The nurse was by far the nicest and very caring. Check in was smooth and I didnt have to wait long. The office is very clean and professional from the minute you walk in.

Review №7

Was referred here by my doctor and told they take great care of their patients. They did just that and more. I was offered apple juice and other snacks to choose from. They have a variety of snacks. I was able to leave on my own after 30 min or so .

Review №8

Coming here was a blessing in disguise. I didnt have to be scared or nervous because the nurses were there to help get me through the entire procedure. Even after all was done the nurses were still there by my side to make sure I was 110% ready to leave on my own.

Review №9

Service here was great. They helped my fiancee and I take care of everything with a positive attitude. The nurse was there every step of the way and helped us get through.

Review №10

I had to make an appointment due to the fact I found out I was pregnant. I was taken back and shook . I didnt know what to do but thankfully I was referred here to eastside. They were able to fit me in. I loved how the nurses did not judge me and make me feel uncomfortable. They were caring and friendly throughout the entire procedure.

Review №11

I came to Eastside Gyn as a recommendation from one of my friends, and I am glad I listened to her! I have just recently moved into the city from NJ and needed a follow up exam. My previous doctor transferred my old records, and Eastside had all of my records in my file and reviewed them before my appointment. The staff was so sweet and made me as comfortable as possible throughout my whole appointment, and answered all my questions. It is in a great location and they understand that we all have busy lives, so they got me in and out as quickly as possible, but without rushing me. Definitely would come again.

Review №12

I traveled from Long Island because of a recommendation. I was scared because I have never done something like this and I was doing this on my own. The nurse took great care of me and was there when I needed. I paid extra to have a private room and I was happy I did so. The waiting room was packed. When everything was done they offered me a variety of snacks and apple juice. I was able to go back home on my own with no problem.

Review №13

I was very thankful they were able to take me. I was a walk in and did not mind waiting. I understood my wait till could have been a while but I didnt mind they had a tv on and magazines to read.

Review №14

Very nice. They take very good care of you

Review №15

Surgery was successful but there was no after care instructions. No idea 1) when can you drink alcohol ? 2) when can you go to work?3) when can you do sauna or steam room?Etc etc. Not even a piece of paper to tell you how to take care of yourself after surgery. The staff wasn’t mean, wasn’t friendly either.

Review №16

Really glad I came. I was somewhat nervous not knowing how Id feel after. Didnt feel hardly any pain. Most of my symptoms I had before went away in a few hours. I feel soo much better. Thank You All!

Review №17

I just want to start by saying this would be my very first review on anything. I was referred to eastside by my gynecologist. I was very shaken and taken back when I found out I was pregnant and I knew that it just wasnt the right time and as guilty as i felt i knew this was the right thing to do. I knew eastside would be there for me throughout the process. They are understanding and not judgmental.

Review №18

I walked out in 4 minutes. I researched places to go and this seemed like a top of the line place. Your business is discussed out loud in front of the 50+ seats they have jammed into a tiny, not private at all waiting area. After that I witnessed twoedical professionals walking through waiting room in their OR garbs. These uniforms are suppose to be worn solely in the OR taken off before exiting OR and placed on when entering. So how clean are the procedures? Very unclean. Very unprofessional. I will be calling the dept of health next. Awful!!!!!

Review №19

They made this entire experience comfortable. A learning experience for sure.

Review №20

All staff that I interacted with were very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

Review №21

A caring and safe establishment for patients who are nervous and afraid of doing a procedure like this for the first time . The nurses are there to take care of you every step of the way.

Review №22

The receptionist who took my call was very rude and not professional. She needs training. What an aweful experience over the phone. I made the phone call today at 10:09am.

Review №23

I wasnt sure I wanted to go to this place. But being so close I decided to walk over and speak to someone, instead of calling. They were great, the nurse I spoke to really gave me allot of good information on my options. I loved the look of the office it was very spa looking. I decided it was the right place to have my early abortion. They gave me a nice warm robe and a private room to relax in after the procedure. They made me feel like they care. I would recommend anyone thinking about this to go and at least speak to someone.

Review №24

They took special care of us. We had a private room in the back which felt like a classy hotel. The nurses was friendly and very caring through out this.

Review №25

I have been to this office a few times. Today i experienced the worse service from Dr. Zolberstein. I came in for a follow up visit after a surgery. The receptionist and assistants were very welcoming. The doc comes in barely looks my way asks if everything is ok she and begins signing off all papers at one time while introducing herself. I explained some concerns as i have experienced for an entire month and she says, it could be an infection ,i can give you a prescription to make your menstrual come down ... mam i just said ive hade this issue for a month and 2 weeks .... or i can check u but decide quickly i have to go . Of course now im looking bewildered . She asks about my birth control as i do not know much ahe said set up an appt , i had to ask for pamphlets .. totally not helpful, attentive or even engaging !! I will be going elsewhere . I would rather be my own doctor....

Review №26

Ive been going to Dr. Mazlin for well over a year now and hands-down, he is the best. Always ready and willing to answer any question or concerns that I may have. The staff is simply amazing, they are always warm and welcoming. The environment is clean and relaxing and everyone there is professional. Im very happy I chose Eastside Gynecology.

Review №27

I made a Yelp review and it was taken down so I will leave it on here. The service I received from this business was absolutely exceptional. It is hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had with a medical service provider. Staff members were very welcoming and professional, the Nurse Tamika (I believe that is her name) was super nurturing and literally catered to myself and the other clients quickly and efficiently (I am so grateful for that). Beyond my expectations! Thank you!

Review №28

I have mixed feelings about this place.. I felt comfortable when I first got there the waiting area is cozy and doesnt make you feel everyone is watching you. But after booking there earliest time and still not being seen until well after3, I was annoyed. I feel like this is a very hard choice to make and they could really take into account how waiting can take a toll on a someones emotions. Plus you are not able to eat from12 the night before. I know its a business but please STOP over booking!!!!!

Review №29

I felt very safe and secure here. The staff is very welcoming and make sure youre in great hands all around.

Review №30

150% DISAPPOINTED. If I could, I would provide a 0 star review. I was denied service to speak with a doctor when asking for information about permanent birth control. I am looking for information, not to have the procedure done, and the receptionist told me to google it. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING that a place that labels themselves as non-judgemental did not even let me speak with a medical professional. The receptionist also stated they do not perform any permanent birth control procedures there. Then why is it advertised on their website? False advertising and denial of service? Why would anyone want to give money to this?

Review №31

Very professional, very clean, lovely nurses/doctors. Everyone made me feel like everything would be fine and me feel not so nervous. I was very comfortable knowing that all of the staff knew what they were doing and talking about. It was just overall an excellent experience. Thank you so much guys.

Review №32

We got our own room and wanted to be more private. The nurse was really on top of us and keeping us calm. Great staff!

Review №33

We stayed positive through out this experience despite the negativity we received from family. Eastside got us through everything and we left with no regrets. We had our own private room in the back and the nurse was so friendly.

Review №34

Highly recommend eastside. They have shown great support in our decision at this moment. Very easy process when entering. Nonjudgemental

Review №35

This place was amazing. I came here to have an MVA for I was only 5 weeks and 2 days. I was super nervous as it was not my first time. However, the people were so nice so comforting and non judgmental. I got there about 8am ( I was a half hour late). I left at 11am. They are speedy but professional. Most places you arent seen till 10am and you are not walking out till 3pm. The nurses and the doctors were both knowledgeable and reassuring. I woke up in no pain and they feed you. It was a positive experience at an uncomfortable time. I would highly recommend this place 10 stars!

Review №36

I can see why theyre number 1. Such compassion for everyone who walks through that door. They took great care of me

Review №37

Very respectful staff, I felt very comfortable and not judged. Everything was explained to me, everyone was so kind. The snack table was wonderful. I love the fact that I did not have to wait long everything just flowed. Also easy access from train stations.

Review №38

Hello,I went to this location for a surgical procedure. The doctors and nurses before I went under anesthesia were so polite and caring. They spoke to you, made sure you were aware of everything and checked up on you.However, after my surgery I was awaken by this polite nurse ( I’m assuming she was a nurse) who gave me some meds and moved me into a chair so that I could sit upward. I had no problems with that but I was feeling a lot of pain in my stomach and my knees. That lady had left and I was forced to speak to another who seemed to be unbothered with the fact that I was in pain. She was very rude and I got the sense that she was trying to rush me out.I was highly annoyed by that because I had just woken up and just wanted to catch myself for a few min. I felt like she was speaking about other patients that were once in the room with me before they had left also. I also felt like she engaged in a conversation about me. She wasn’t professional at all and being that I was in the bathroom changing, I could hear everything she was saying.I don’t think it’s a matter of race but preference. She was very polite to the people of lighter skin color in the room. She ignored my request for a heating pad and she have attitude when trying to address me.The level of professionalism that she displayed wasn’t pleasant and I think this review should help you guys single out people who only work for the pay and not really for the needs of the patient. I understand lunch may have been approaching but I was a paying customer who hadn’t eaten since the night before with painful headache and stomachache. Not to mention just awaken from surgery.Other than that, this place was very great in ensuring that I got my procedure done with no complications. Once again thank you to the doctors who helped me through this process and the nurses who dealt with me before the surgery.God bless.

Review №39

When I made my appointment the girl on the phone was friendly and very helpful when scheduling the date for me. She went over everything I needed to know.

Review №40

I did not know what to expect. Online is one thing but to experience the real thing is another. They really made me feel at ease and took wonderful care of me. I am glad I decided to come here.

Review №41

My girlfriend recently went to Eastside to have a procedure done. Her girlfriend recommended Eastside to her. We were hesitant to go because of the bad yelp reviews, but let me tell you, I think Yelp is way off. The quality of care was fantastic. Everything went fine and the staff was very warm and friendly. Lesson learned: listen to your friends, not yelp.

Review №42

It was very convenient. We didnt have to wait too long and everyone was nice and helpful. I took my girlfriend here because we heard great things.

Review №43

Very helpful. The nurses are trained with the upmost care for their patients.

Review №44

I went for my annual Gynecology exam early this February. The office looked good. The Staff was professional. I recognize a Medical Assistant from before when I was in the office. She had a nice, calm, demeanor. I really liked that. I hope that the office continues providing excellent customer service.

Review №45

So I’m not sure where to start, I would give this office and their staff 4 out of 5 stars. The procedure and the experience overall was much easier on me than I thought it would be. My only reason for giving them a 4 is that I don’t like waiting, or filling out forms and I think I came on a busy day. I didnt wait too long, but I was hoping to be quicker.

Review №46

Very clean place. Both Sandy and Dr. Mazlin are very nice and knowledgeable. I love the availability of the appoinments i just wish they were opened on weekends like they were before.

Review №47

Extremely pleased with the care and support eastside showed us. Great staff here

Review №48

Blessed to have met everyone here. They helped me get through this difficult time and really stepped up to make sure I was comfortable at all times.

Review №49

I was extremely happy coming here. The care and support they show are truly a blessing. I could not ask for anything more. More clinics should take notes on how to treat their patients like they did.

Review №50

You have provided a comforting atmosphere. Every women should be lucky enough to experience a difficult procedure in a compassionate accommodating environment. I hope you advertise with pro-choice organizations so that women can choose this facility.

Review №51

Such positive workers here. We saw they had positive reviews and our experience was nothing short of satisfaction .

Review №52

Perfect treatment to us in this hard time. We appreciate everything the nurse did to make us comfortable.

Review №53

First time here & let me tell you, ladies in the recovery were very rude talking about me as if I wasn’t even in the room or couldn’t hear them making silly comments about me soo unprofessional, made me feel uncomfortable & very insensitive to a very delicate situation HORRIBLE STAFF!! but I’m not going to take away that the place is very clean & sanitized, just need better people there !!

Review №54

Girl upfront was very kind and helpful. The nurses were very respectful they helped us get through this.

Review №55

I would recommend eastside gynecology because the support from everyone was very professional, kind and make the patients feel comfortable. Also the rooms were very clean, rich looking presentation and added to the overall experience of comfortably being present for the operation.

Review №56

They have hired a great group of women here. Theyre comforting, polite, and friendly.

Review №57

This facility is very clean and faster than I expected. everyone I met today were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I was very scared since it was my first time but I am happy to come to such a friendly environment.

Review №58

Clean establishment and the friendliest staff here. Great decision for us to come to.

Review №59

Horrible experience. Had a missed miscarriage and they had me waiting in the waiting room for over an hour and a half. I wasnt allowed to eat or drink since the night before and they still took their sweet time. They seemed very over booked. Knowing this was a traumatic experience for any woman, they should have made the process easier. I will not come back here again.

Review №60

My girlfriend and I were referred here by another doctor. Unfortunately things didnt turn out the way we wanted but things due happen. My girlfriend and I were trying to have a baby but she miscarried and luckily we came to the right place with the right doctors. I know you here crazy stories about how certain places are but eastside was honestly a blessing. Everything was kept very upscale. Our wait time was a little long but I guess that happens when your a busy place and we didnt mind the wait. I knew we were in great hands once we met with the doctor. My girlfriend and I rarely post any kind of review but when you get amazing treatment and they actually care about you, you just need to share this with everyone. This is honestly the place to go...Thanks for everything !!

Review №61

I love you guys, you work so well. I felt so much better when I left here. I told all of my friends and family about you and recommend your location always.

Review №62

I would definitely recommend your services to others. The staff was helpful and professional and it was a very welcoming and confidential environment and hygienic as well. Thank you!!

Review №63

I was against coming here because you always here crazy stories but I am glad I did come with my girl. The nurses were nice and we were there for about two hours.

Review №64

Cant thank eastside enough for the hospitality they showed us. Rough times for us and they have shown more than enough help to get us through this.

Review №65

One of the nicest and cleanest place yet. The staff was super friendly and helpful through out all.

Review №66

Eastside was there for me when i needed it most. The compassion they show for their patients is 10 stars. They really made me feel comfortable when i needed it the most.

Review №67

HORRIBLE!!!!! HORRIBLE !!!!!!! HORRIBLE !!!!!! SERVICE WAITED OVER AN HOUR TO BE CALLED !!! HORRIBLE COMMUNICATION !!!! HEATHER IN BILLING NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!! NO one informed me there was a problem with my insurance called the insurance company was told everything is active .... placed in a exam room WAITED another 30 minutes now Im ready to leave Im over it ... Ive been coming to east side gynecology since it was located uptown cant believe the service Ive received today totally disappointed!!!! OH ALSO THE OLD LADY AT THE FRONT DESK IS MORE CONCERNED WITH CO PAYMENTS INSTEAD OF GETTING THE PATIENTS TAKEN CARE OF ....FIRE HER TOO

Review №68

Everything is cleanThey provided me such a good careMedical assistants, nurses, Dr are really nice and professional!!!!!

Review №69

I loved how considerate they were and understanding to my decision.

Review №70

Along with a welcoming and calm environment, the staff were beyond welcoming, kind, caring and warm. I would recommend this place to any woman seeking care.

Review №71

An unbelievable experience. The staff really made me feel welcomed. Scratch off being nervous because they made me so comfortable.

Review №72

Really happy to have come here. I was told about this practice through a friend who works right over here. They treated me with respect and the establishment was very clean. They get really busy so I am glad I came early.

Review №73

A really nice place with great workers. A staff who is trained to keep patients comfortable.

Review №74

Felt very safe and welcomed here not to mention no one judged us

Review №75

Very professional, friendly staff, I was nervous and they made me feel very comfortable- s.t.

Review №76

Your services were excellent. the doctors, receptionists, and all the assistants were very friendly. everything was explained to me perfectly. the office and rooms were very clean.

Review №77

I was having a very hard time getting pregnant to begin with. When I finally did we thought all was well but a few months in I ended up miscarraiging it was an extremely emotionally time for us . The doctor here at eastside helped us understand better the technicalities of birth and miscarriages. He also explained why such things happened while trying to get pregnant and made me feel more comfortable about the entire situation. Luckily they were in network and I am thankful for everything they have done for us and one day I have high hopes of trying again with successThank you guys so much

Review №78

A wonderful staff here. I was referred by another doctor to come here. They really took care of me

Review №79

The entire process was courteous and caring. every staff member was professional. all of this is appreciated during this very personally challenging time. Thank You.

Review №80

Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Any questions i had were answered with thorough explanations i never felt rushed.

Review №81

Nice place, smiling people, helpful, they make you feel relaxed in a hard situation, I was nervous, but the experience was good-w.s.

Review №82

I was treated great from the minute I walked in. I had my own private room and was seen pretty quick.

Review №83


Review №84

Outstanding care here. They hired an amazing team of nurses who are friendly and caring.

Review №85

I would recommend your services to others. eastside gynecology is a relaxful place. very comfortable and friendly environment and the staff is wonderful. i would recommend this place and the services are very nice. Thanks.

Review №86

The staff shows support no matter what. They are caring, kind and gentile with everything.

Review №87

I came here on thursday for my first time and I did not expect the amazing treatment this place gives you. Being scared and dealing with this situation I didnt know what to think. I am so glad I found this place. I felt like I had my mother holding my hand all over again. Being 28 and going through this it felt really good to have a place like this be there for you when no one else can.

Review №88

I brought my girlfriend to eastside. It was our first time ever coming here. I wished times were different but eastside really picked us up and helped us get through this. They showed us how much they care for not only us but in general for their patients.

Review №89

Wonderful office. Everyone I met was friendly and kind!! They went beyond my expectations. Thank you.

Review №90

The staff was professional and explained everything to me. They made me feel at ease since this was my first miscarriage.

Review №91

The doctor and nurse who gave me the anasthesia was super amazing.getting to the recovery room it was a disaster they were in a rush to get me to sit down when I had severe pains.there were two girls in a black uniform they were rrally helpful but the one who was in charge of sending your meds to the pharmacy was super annoying,jeez what happened to a patients life comes first she wouldnt let you get a word out without cutting you off too bad I didnt get her name also asked her for a heating pad she waited 13 minutes before she stood up from doing nothing to get me the heating pad knowing I was in I called cos I have pains on my left abdominal side and im panicking cos the doctor made mention about a cyst in my ovary,so I called due to the pain only for her to get my information,name and date of birth and asked what was wrong, she then went ahead and said OK I will deliver your message bye .are you kidding me.I wasnt going to write a review but this is just ridiculous

Review №92

Very professional I loved the vip cigna service, I was so comfortable great informative staff-l.j.

Review №93

Ladies, If they ever say that the procedure is not covered by medicaid/insurance , please check your eligibility at another clinic too. Cos they try to rip you off.

Review №94

Im not one for reviews but eastside was willing to answer any question or concerns that we may have. Very professional here .

Review №95

First time pregnancy and young and nervous, they treated me so nicely, explained everything, truly appreciated-h.v.

Review №96

They were very nice and so reasonable, such a great atmosphere-m.v.

Review №97

I appreciated the courtesy of the staff, comfort and ease of being located in close proximity to public transportation

Review №98

The nurses were amazing. They helped my girlfriend who was nervous through out this entire procedure.

Review №99

Everyone though I was nervous made me feel safe and at ease.

Review №100

I came to eastside because my primary recommended them to me and told me to check out their website. This was my second early stage abortion and I had nothing but fear and doubt in my heart, my first experience at another facility for the same procedure left me tramatized. I didn’t want to feel lost in a herd of women, I didn’t want to sit in a cold room waiting. You can’t image how much better I felt, the level of comfort that I received from the Eastside facility. Every detail helped me. Because I was a referral and due to my situation I waited in a private room . I can’t say how grateful my husband and I where to have chosen eastside.

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