Planned Parenthood - Manhattan Health Center
26 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Review №1

Staff was super helpful and answered all my questions. Building was nice and kept clean. Waiting time wasn’t too bad. I would highly recommend!

Review №2

I went yesterday for my appointment and absolutely everyone that I encountered was amazing! Super kind and caring and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I wish I remembered the name of the last person that attended me. All I know is B. Kane as far as her name, not sure if that’s her but if so, she was my absolute angel. Thank you guys so much for the positive experience.

Review №3

I’ve been to many planned parenthood’s for different services.. the NYC PP has the most caring and loving staff. Compared to others that I’ve been to this was a completely different experience. I’m so thankful I chose to go here for my procedure, it made a world of a difference!

Review №4

Went recently for my first visit and the staff here were so kind and welcoming. They answered all my questions, didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, and worked quickly.

Review №5

Probably the worst experience Ive ever had with anything health related. The people were so unprofessional and didn’t listen and just rushed through everything. Front desk was rude and I just got thrown around from floor to floor. I got lost in one section trying to find a room only to find out the doctor was supposed to escort me to the room so I didn’t get lost. I was so nervous going by myself and truly I left not wanting to see a doctor again and didn’t for a while because I was left so scarred and sad. Its really disappointing going somewhere you think will help and they just didn’t help. Didn’t feel comfortable or safe or anything.

Review №6

Had my first visit yesterday and I couldnt have been more satisfied with the level of service , everyone from reception to Nicki at financial services, Dolly the nurse and Meena the midwife were all so friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole visit. I definitely recommend this clinic and Im looking forward to my next appointment!

Review №7

Horrible had too do a two day procedure the schedule my appointment 9 in the morning swore to me i wouldn’t be here long been sitting here for over 2 hours in pain and starving Would never come back here again.

Review №8

Great work and saves my lots of time.

Review №9

Besides the wait .. everything that was done was explain well .. staff was great , they comfort me and made me feel safe !! Recommend this place !!

Review №10

I had to go to this planned Parenthood instead of the one I normally go to in Queens to get a depo shot I had a different experience in this one tho. The check in was good and the doctor was very nice too. But usually the doctor schedules your next depo shot for you. The doctor told me she couldn’t because the computer was having technical issues to schedule it in the front which was perfectly fine with me but when I got to the front the girl in the front said why did she send you here I don’t got the schedule for depo appointments she had a attitude like I was supposed to know that. I explained to her that the doctor told me to come to the front because she couldn’t schedule it after that she did schedule it for me but you could tell she looked annoyed and had a attitude about the situation. And another thing is they have protests going on outside of the building that keeping coming up and trying to talk to you which is really annoying.

Review №11

My experience was amazing. Staff was knowledgeable, courteous and qualified. The wait time was reasonable. Im happy I didnt set up this appointment for early in the morning. I wIll continue to support this amazing organization that helps women get quality care

Review №12

Ariel is incredible she did everything she could to resolve my issue.. and when she found out Id not eaten anything and had been there for 3 hrs she gave me a gram cracker! Very calming and professional. This place as a whole is wonderful as is everything theyre doing

Review №13

Lovely experience here. The staff was organized, friendly, and seemed genuinely happy to help. I went in for a wellness check and they set me up with birth control the same day.Its a crowded center as it services all of Manhattan, so be prepared for ~1.5-2 hrs total visit time. If you want a plush experience, go to your primary care doctor. If you want a simple, productive appointment, this is a great option.

Review №14

This is by far the worst location to go to . Starting from the front desk every one seems to have an attitude of some sort . It’s like you answer their question and they’re upset they work here . It’s frustrating to go somewhere and just get attitude from each direction . The medical assistants are also all so rude the ONLY pleasant experience I had was the ultrasound elder lady such a sweetheart does not deserve to be working in such a disgusting environment .

Review №15

Planned Parenthood is a true blessing. Its a nice location and they make you feel safe here. I have pretty good insurance but its really hard to find a OBGYN that will give you the Implant in New York City on my plan at least. I went to at least 3 different OBGYN and they would only do the insert one or birth control pills (which make me sick). Here, I went in once and it was done quickly, effectively, and everyone was friendly.

Review №16

They dont take walk-ins til 1:45pm yet when you try to call to make or change an appointment or see when u can walk in the number provided tells u that from 12-1 their lines are not open which then leads u to believe that they are at lunch when in reality their lunch is from 1pm-2pm. What company sends all their providers out to lunch at the same time??? How is it that you cant stqrt your paperwork a head of time so that way when 1:45pm comes you can just wait to be seen by a provider. Front desk unprofessional had to ask when walk-ins were being excepted. Could tell me policy but couldnt tell me why I couldnt start my paperwork ahead of time. The director was nice and motherly. Security was more informed then the front desk. 1st and last time at this location due to the lack of knowledge of the front desk.

Review №17

First I wanna say thank you to all the staff at PPH!! I made my appointment online so fast and easy. I was there on a Wednesday it’s clean the waiting time is ok just cleared your schedule for that day that’s all..thank you nurse Laura,and volunteer poppy you guys were wonderful and so nice to me and a special thanks to the doctors that did my procedures you guys are truly blessed I would recommend anyone to come here again thank you!!!!!!!!!

Review №18

I love Planned Parenthood as an organization, and my experiences there have also been professional and consistent. Everyone is nice and emphasizes confidentiality. They offer more free and walk-in services than any private office would!

Review №19

I had a really great experience here today! I was late for my appointment but I was still seen pretty quickly. It was early in the morning on a weekday, so I think that helped. Everybody who works there was really nice, and as a gay + nb person I really appreciated that they use inclusive and gender neutral language when asking about patient’s sexual activity. It made everything a lot easier for me! I had to wait about half an hour for financial counseling, but I ended up getting out on a sliding scale and I wasn’t charged for my appointment, which was great. I also learned that people can get IUDs inserted at no charge because of grants! As someone who is super broke and trying to stay healthy, it’s such a relief to know that I can come here and get medical care while I’m getting back on my feet.

Review №20

Seriously. I wake up a little after 6:00am (I’m from Queens) to then make it on time for my appointment at 9:00am. It’s now 12:30pm and the procedure that needed to be done has not even started. The procedure that I’m going under takes literally only 5-10 mins. I’ve seen people after me get called into start their appointment but here I am going on 4 hours and still nothing. My boyfriend is even nice enough to wait in the lobby, and I actually feel pretty bad because this isn’t even my fault as to why they’re taking so long. I don’t think I’ll be coming back here anymore because I’m seriously about to have a breakdown from sitting here in silence, waiting for so long. I’m hungry and feeling incredibly anxious.

Review №21

The Facility Is Very Nice & Up To Date Despite The Fact That They Have Patients There For HOURS At A Time Knowing They Tell You Not To Eat ! What Is The Point Of Making An Appointment If Your Not Gonna See A Dr Until 5 Hours Later . Its Reaply Sad , & To Make Matters Worse There A No Phone Charging Stations! I Came Here All The Way From Staten Island . Yes They Do Warn You About The Wait Time In advance But My God There HAS to Be A Better System. I Will Never Come Here Again & Will Be Following Up with My PCP

Review №22

I called for an appointment the beginning of February. The girl took my information and told me that someone would be in touch within 1-2 business days...I called on a Friday so I knew I probably wouldnt hear from anyone until about Tuesday. Tuesday came and nothing, Wednesday came still nothing. I waited about a week and a half then called back. The girl who picked up had the worst attitude and told me that I had to wait for someone to call me. I waited another week and another week after that...NOTHING!!! So needless to say I took my business elsewhere. I will never go back to this place again nor will I donate. Every experience I had was horrible but this one takes the cake. The place I go to now is THE BEST! So I guess I owe that much to pp for not calling me back.

Review №23

I have nothing to complain about expect for the waiting time. The doctors and nurses are amazing. But even when you have an appointment, the waiting time still drives you crazy, let alone for walk-ins . Isnt the appointment system there for efficiency? I have no idea why I still need to spend the entire morning there when I do have an appointment!

Review №24

Worst Planned Parenthood that I have ever been to. Receptionist staff have been rude to the point of me having to speak with a supervisor. You cant get a HIV test done on the spot, you have to make an appointment. If you are needing to speak to someone and ask questions prior to visiting forget it because everything is automatic and you will never get a hold of someone to speak to.Today I waited in the office for testing results for 30 minutes. Apparently they dont know how to stagger lunches and had me in the office waiting for over 30 minutes. When I finally went to the desk on the 2nd floor from the 3rd floor they finally told me to go to the 1st floor to get my results. Where is the customer service here?

Review №25

Clean and efficient. The staff were helpful and considerate. Highly recommend. I was also able to get health insurance through their medical aid staff. Just watch out for the monks and protestors on the other side of the street. It can be a bit unnerving.

Review №26

Clean space. Professional staff. Wait times are not bad. Very positive experience.

Review №27

I really love going here. The service was timely and the staff was professional. Being an older female, the communication was supreme. The service extended to me was thorough and complete. Should have come here years ago.

Review №28

2+ hours of my life Ill never get back waiting for the simplest of services. Unbelievable.But the Doctor was really nice..

Review №29

Spent two hours here and didn’t even get to see a provider !Ridiculous!!!Was early at my appointment and was seen within the next 10minutes of my arrival( for a sonogram)I was then told to wait on the 2nd floor then to the 1st floor then on the 3rd floor !!I was just going up and down waiting till I got tired and left ...Redicilous

Review №30

With all of the political attacks on PP I hesitate to give them a low rating, and I fully support the important work they do. I have gone to them for years and have always received excellent care. Having said that, I have a major complaint. I got a follow-up call from the nurse practitioner, and she left a message but no way to contact her. I dont even know her last name. I called back on the general line, and spent about an hour trying to maneuver through the Byzantine menu options, and then spent 35 minutes on hold while trying to speak to a human being about my test results. I finally gave up, and I am really frustrated. It should not be this hard to get ahold of my doctor/N.P. to discuss my health.

Review №31

The staff is so kind and they offer services outside of sexual/reproductive health

Review №32

Horrible wait. Waited almost two to three hours to be seen. No point of making an appointment if they don’t follow the time. Only one doctor calling names. They gotta hire some more people. Ridiculous

Review №33

Omg.. It feels like visiting someone in Rikers Island when you come here... And I been to 3 other planned parenthoods in NYC!Theres no point in bringing your significant other or a companion for any comfort (because pregnancy tests and STD testing, can be SCARY) as they will have to wait in a room, behind a wooden door, that is buzzed open, as you are floors above them.. Alone.Also.. Ill never understand why they hire the most apathetic and distant people to work at sensitive health places like this. Love planned parenthood, but this location was just depressing.

Review №34

This is the best Planned Parenthood! Everyone is so nice and helpful. Very knowledgeable staff. Financial help is great.

Review №35

I love PP and have been going there for years. I was always stunned by the politeness of staff, from ladies at the reception desk to doctors themselves. However, last week I was at the Blecker Street location for the first time. The staff and everyone was extremely nice (as usual), waiting was extremely short, all was good.But, I got the doctor named Becky I think, which didnt aknowledge my lump on the left breast (which by the way I did ultrasound and what not already last year and was told to monitor if it gets bigger), but Dr. Becky, while telling her that, actually cut me off and said Lets just finish the exam. She made me so uncomfortable and unwilling to explain my self and the situation and why I am doing the check up to begin with, not to mention to show her where the lump (two actually) is.I left there not doing what I came for: to check my health. I left knowing nothing more than I did when I just got there. I hope she reads this because she should know that that is not the way to treat a patient. To shut someone up and deprive the person their peace of mind and God forbid endanger their health? Horrible. Please ask for someone else if you go there. As for me, as I already said I love and deeply respect Planned Parenthood, they have always been so good to me and I am sure to many others with financial challenges, but even if I do go back to this location, I will ask to see anyone but Dr. Becky.

Review №36

The staff is friendly here and professional. The doctors are wonderful and the provide so many services for women.

Review №37

I come here every year for my annual check up, always with an appointment. Normally takes an hour. Its been 2 hours and i havent even seen the nurse yet. I guess this is my last year here. Maybe lack of funding? Well it was nice for a while, im done with PP, worst then the normal doctors wait time.

Review №38

Saw me in and out, no questions asked (thx god)

Review №39

Every time I go here I have a great experience... which is staying a lot for going to the Gynecologist! The place is a little outdated but the people working there are wonderful, professional and kind beyond words!

Review №40

They are very disrespectful and unprofessional. What is the point of appointments if you dont follow the time ? I ask about waiting so long and watching people that came in after me go before me and she says If you have a problem talk to the supervisor. Im so irritated and annoyed. This is my first time at the Pph in Manhattan. I thought they would be nice but not ! I RECOMMEND GOING TO THE PPH IN THE BRONX OR BROOKLYN ! Very professional and nice. This place sucks and its disappointing.

Review №41

I had a lot of things inwas concerned about with my female reproductive health, and i came in without an appointment. everyone was very nice and understanding, and although I kept asking the same questions, they were very polite and assured me that things will be fine. everyone there seemed like a mom to me :) ️,and i didnt feel nervous when talking to the doctors.

Review №42

They are great I didnt even care for the wait its the fact they did a good job helping me

Review №43

After reading all the bad reviews I prepared for my apointment as if I were headed to the DMV the day before a holiday. But I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was attentive, quick, and efficient. The doctor was pleasnt, knowledgeable, funny, and gentle. If your looking for idle chitchat or to be pampered then this isnt the place but if youre ok with that its great.Maybe I just got lucky or maybe being early for an afternoon appointment helped. Ive had much longer waits and worse experiences at private practices.So if you need to see someone but your normal doctor cant fit you in for another 3 months, I suggest making an appointment.

Review №44

They are painfully slow here making so many mistakes it prolongs the already slow process. Find another place if you dont want to be annoyed. ALOT OF MISTAKES!

Review №45

I was very dissapointed in how I was treated. I came in to see a nurse about a infected cheek.. that had swollen up to the size of a baseball. I was turned away and not offered any help when it came to getting me medical help. I have ALWAYS defended and supported PP, but I guess the criticts were right.. if you not going to have a abortion they dont care about you!!

Review №46

Absolutely terrible. Booked an 8am appointment so I could be done before work. Turns out they booked 4 other girls at 8am, they didnt even open the office until 8:15 and the rude girl at the window said I wouldnt be seen until 9:30am. Waste of time and the staff should check their attitude at the door. And how about NOT BOOKING MULTIPLE PEOPLE FOR THE SAME TIME. No wonder this place is getting defunded.

Review №47

The security guards here need to shut the hell up as they wont be quiet while I wait for my girlfriend to come out. I have been waiting for her for over a hour and they havent been quiet for over 30 seconds yelling and screaming about whatever nonsense.

Review №48

Literally spent 6 hrs getting a procedure done that took the white plains hospital 40 min to complete. I don’t understand why.

Review №49

Always had a good experience god bless

Review №50


Review №51

The wait is terribleeeeeeeeeeeeee

Review №52

Thank you! Support PP!

Review №53

Staff is efficient and kind.

Review №54

I literally am waiting here since 8:22 A.M its been three hours and I still havent been seen by a clinician , the wait is worse here then in Brooklyn . And dont come to planned parenthood in Manhattan on fridays apparently its abortion day , and you could be waiting for 5 hours .

Review №55

Very efficient

Review №56

Excellent experience

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