Early Options
124 E 40th St #702, New York, NY 10016, United States

Review №1

I am not usually one to write reviews, but I am absolutely blown away by the level of genuine empathy and care I have received from Early Options. We all know that this is not an easy process for anyone, but the entire staff at Early Options made me feel the most comfortable I could ever imagine feeling given the circumstances of my visit here. I highly, highly recommend this place. You will leave feeling genuinely cared for and heard. The staff at Early Options only have your best needs and comfort in mind. I am so happy I found this place!

Review №2

Truly have nothing negative to say about Early Options - the staff was so warm & welcoming, the office environment was calming and the overall experience was seamless. I felt comfortable the second I walked into the door which says a lot for me. I highly recommend them to anyone in this type of situation -- they exceed expectations.

Review №3

I cant express how wonderful the entire staff is at Early Options if you are someone considering abortion. My partner and I were unsure initially even to have an abortion and wanted as much information as we could possibly find. We also wanted to find an environment that made the termination if we decided to proceed, private and as comfortable as possible given the already very uncomfortable and stigmatizing circumstances. We called every facility that offered the abortion procedure in the New York City area and I guarantee you will find no better place than Early Options to meet and exceed all of your needs. From the first phone call with a warm and friendly tone at the front desk, the medical assistant who was so attentive, to the doctor who spent SO MUCH patient-physician face time with both my partner and I on multiple occasions, the sparkling and clean facility, and to the procedure itself- it couldnt have been more worth the money. In regards to the procedure, I barely could feel what was happening as the actual procedure was taking place, which was a huge deal to me given a previous abortion elsewhere I remember being very painful. At Early Options, my partner was allowed to be at all the appointments held my hand throughout the procedure, which made a huge difference to me. The entire time spent at Early Options was smooth and comfortable. Thank you so much for helping us and providing us with all the necessary information to make an informed decision we are comfortable with.

Review №4

The group of women that create this organization truly do exceed expectations, the environment is calming and welcoming. I felt comfortable given the circumstances and that says a lot for me. The process was private and confidential and although my husband was able to join me, he couldnt make it but the ladies made sure I had a support system throughout. I couldnt ask for a better setting, they made a difficult experience bearable.

Review №5

Id never been pregnant before and this wasnt a easy decision for me. These women are so supportive! They made everything so much easier. I highly recommend Early Options! im so grateful.

Review №6

Great place very helpful, SoftTouch is a 2 minute painless process. The clinic has really friendly staff with no judgement whatsoever and zero waiting time.

Review №7

My partner and I came to early options in May. I don’t have anything to compare our experience to but felt the she and I were well informed and cared for. Dr. Fleschmin was competent and comforting. There was no-one else in the office and I was allowed to be by my partners side through the whole process including during the procedure. Dr. Fleschmin, confirmed this was okay with my partner, which was appreciated. I definitely felt that my partners comfort was a priority here and I recommend early options to anyone else supporting a partner or friend in this situation.

Review №8

Extremely professional and pleasant. The staff is friendly, gentle & caring. Would recommend this place when dealing with this tough situation, they really make it easy, seamless and comforting. Clean and completely private. Way better than your common places.

Review №9

I moved to NYC to begin my new career. Im in my twenties and travel is a must when it comes to work. A baby has no place in my world. I have no one in NY and my situation well just not the best. I found Early Options on Google and decided to call the office. Madeline was so kind and patient on the phone. She answered all my questions and I had a bunch. I thought because I wasnt bringing anyone with me, I would feel alone but I was wrong. Dr Fleischman and her staff were amazing! These women are kind and compassionate. I left the office with my life back and I cant thank them enough!

Review №10

Early options was the ONLY option when I found myself in a situation where I opted for termination. Dr. Fleischman was so helpful throughout the entire process. We never felt judged- only comfortable and informed. Well worth the money to feel that your body is in the best hands.

Review №11

The day I found out I was pregnant I was with my friend and she told me about Early Options. She confided in me and told me this is where shed gone a few years back. She told me how comfortable they made her feel after dealing with judgement from her family :(She was right! The office was private and for me that was the most important thing. The staff was amazing. It was the perfect blend of professionalism and kindness. If you find yourself in this situation, I definitely recomment Early Options!

Review №12

Dr Fleischman and her team exude true compassion, knowledge and friendliness, and provide a vital service that I wish any person needing to end an early pregnancy could access. The office is calming and welcoming, and they clearly explain your options beforehand through a virtual visit. The procedure itself is quick and feels like one bad menstrual cramp plus pressure. There is no surgery (e.g. D&C) and therefore no scarring. I was in the park two hours later, able to give full energy and attention to my two, wonderful little kids. While I would rather not have needed this service, it was very much worth the price, and I feel fortunate to have met these women. Thank you all!

Review №13

In this day and age, I dont understand how abortion isnt considered mainstream medical care. Why is there such a stigma surrounding abortion? All women should have access to an office like Early Options. You dont feel judged, you dont deal with protestors, women make up the staff, you dont even have to deal with a crowded waiting area! Its just you and the doctor. I also appreciated having my husband there from beginning to end. If youre in need of abortion services, this is definitely the place.

Review №14

Im writing this review as I hope that it will be informative to other women who are looking for a safe and affordable solution to what for many can be a sensitive and difficult situation. I researched several options available in New York City and when I contacted Early Options, I was met with evasive answers to my straight forward question of cost for the SofTouch abortion procedure. Needless back and forth emails followed as I repeatedly asked for a definitive answer on cost. I found the lack of transparency to be suspect and decided to read through all of the reviews until I found one that mentioned the cost of the procedure. I followed up with the clinic and was finally given a definitive answer (as the cost had changed since that review had been posted).Here is the response: The SofTouch procedure and the Abortion Pill is a flat fee of $2,100. We take a $300 deposit to secure your appointment.We can also provide an insurance form to submit to insurance companies but of course it depends on the insurer whether there will be any reimbursement.I have little doubt that Early Options provides stellar care for their patients, as the reviews attest. But I am not able to afford such care and would like to have been given the necessary information up front. I followed through with an appointment at Planned Parenthood Boro Hall in Brooklyn. I was very happy with the services provided. Registration was cool and perfunctory, but the nurse, counselor and doctor that I met with were exceptional- warm, concerned, informative and entirely non judgmental. My abortion at 7 weeks was 450 dollars based on my current income. I hope this helps. I wish all the best to those researching their options.

Review №15

An unplanned pregnancy at my age was not on my TODO list, but there I was confronted with a positive pregnancy test! After the initial shock, I began my research and it didnt take long to find Early Options. I read so many of their reviews and decided to call. The woman on the phone was patient and helpful. She assured me and made me feel confident in my choice. When I got to the office everyone was warm and welcoming. Dr. Fleischman was extremely thorough, she answered all my questions. I chose the procedure and although it was crampy, it was quick. I left the office feeling more like myself and by the next day I was back to normal. Reviews were a huge part of my decision to come here ~ hopefully this helps someone else.

Review №16

Let me start out by saying this, if you are having any doubts about coming to Early Options, put that to rest. This should be THE place all women go to when they need or want to end a pregnancy. I am an extremely sensitive and anxious individual. As a married woman with one child already, I never imagined having to make this extremely difficult decision. From the initial encounter over the phone, I knew that this would be the right place for me. I am terrified of COVID-19 and I expressed that numerous times and they took my concerns into consideration and assured my safety. The initial video meeting with Dr. Fleischman put me and my husband at ease. She was sensitive, informative and understanding. She made us both feel heard and included, which is rare during this experience. Usually, the male in the scenario is shut out. We were given an appointment for the next day and upon arrival we were greeted by the doctor and the doctor alone. I was very confused. I felt fear, sadness, regret, confusion and was having a full blown panic attack. Dr. Fleischman was patient and gave me as much time as I needed to gather my thoughts. Once I was ready the doctor came over and talked to me and my husband. She eased me into the procedure because I was still so terrified but before I could even panic further, the procedure was complete. I couldnt believe it. There was no pain, no nausea just a few seconds of pressure and that was it! I have had pap smears that hurt more. After the procedure, I was very dizzy (I have an inner ear disorder so it isnt related to the procedure) and again, the doctor was patient and kind and gave us as much time as we needed. She offered beverages and snacks and anything else I could have needed. Not only is she extremely skilled at what she does, she is also sensitive and kind. When I left I felt a sense of relief. I know a few friends who have had abortions and their experiences made me sad for them, years later they still feel trauma etc. I wish every woman would use early options because this is the right way this procedure should be done. I am very grateful for all that they do.

Review №17

I had an miscarriage of twins at 7 and 8 weeks of pregnancy. It was one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of my entire life. My doctor told me my choices were 1) Watch and wait (expectant management) 2) Medicated miscarriage that is filled with hours of pain and excessive bleeding or 3) a D and C. I have an extreme fear of anesthesia and I also dont like the idea of surgery to scrape the insides of my uterus. So I did my research. I knew there had to be another way and I found out about Manual Vacuum Aspiration. I did a quick Google search and found this clinic. The whole experience was superb. The receptionist made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions and the nurse Selena literally held my hand. And Dr. Fleischman was so reassuring. The procedure was painful yes, but nothing unbearable or that you cant breathe through and it was over in less than 5 minutes. Ill tell you that pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain of dealing with a miscarriage. Im just happy I can fully grieve now and move on and try again next month! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Review №18

To be completely honest the staff made this entire experience a pleasant and easy one. They care about you like you are family and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of going with them through this process. I highly suggest them if you are in need of what they offer.

Review №19

I cannot recommend Early options enough if you are thinking of ending an early pregnancy. The team is supportive, informative, and empathetic. I felt this from the first phone call with Madeline to my in-office visit with Dr. Fleischman. The office was extremely intimate, Dr. Fleischman guided me through my options and I opted for the soft touch procedure. It took about 5 minutes. I was quite emotional after and Dr. Fleischman offered me snacks, comfort, and space, I never felt rushed. In another hour I was back to my day. I am truely grateful to the team at early options for providing an environment that allowed me to feel confident with a hard decision. This is the way all women should be able to experience a decision like this. Thank you!

Review №20

I have never been in a situation were I had to make a decision like this. Early options made my experience the most comforting and pleasant process. The entire staff was Incredibly amazing!! I highly recommend Early options!! Great, caring, loving, comforting staff.

Review №21

I can not emphasize enough how caring and compassionate the woman in this office are. From the second you walk in the door you are cared for like you are family. I had the soft touch procedure done today and I did not want pain medicine or lidocaine. The procedure from start to finish took 2 minutes while I was talking on the phone with my friend.My friend was shocked she said it’s done? Seriously that was so quick! I cannot stress how gentle this procedure is it felt like I was getting my annual pap done. for anyone that is going through this please call Early Options they are truly amazing the cramps I won’t even say pain is so mild. I can’t thank them enough wonderful Dr. and amazing team.

Review №22

When I found out about this place there was NOT DOUBT I choose the right place to be at. Knowing that the situation maybe overwhelming and difficult for any women, the doctor and staff made the process as humane and kind as they could. The kindness in each and every soul in that clinic made me feel respected in any form. I recommend it to anyone who believes it has the right to choose what best for herself . Thanks to all of them from my heart.

Review №23

Dr. Joan Fleischman Was not only supportive, but made my experience comfortable. I am so glad I choose this place - while I was sticker shocked at first, it’s totally worth the out the out of pocket price. They also give you an insurance form to cover costs which totally surprised me! I am excited to try and get some of the costs covered, and truly grateful for how I was treated during this difficult decision. I hope she opens a gynecologist office as I would love for her to be my doctor moving forward. I have gone to planned parenthood and I can see the big difference in treatment. She even held my hand and made me at ease - she truly is an unbelievable doctor! Holistic and healthy - I wish more women knew about the soft touch option.

Review №24

I accompanied a friend to this doctor and she was great. She was sympathetic and helpful and it could not have gone any better. Totally worth the out of pocket cost.

Review №25

Absolutely wonderful doctor and staff! I was terrified by general anesthesia, found this place online. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them! The doctor and her staff made everything perfect, easy, comfortable and I didnt even use lidocaine!! There was MINIMAL cramping during and after. The procedure took less than 3 minutes!! 5 star hugs all around! Thank you ladies so much!!

Review №26

Coming to this practice was the best decision I made. Due to the nature of my visit- being pregnant and wanting a man abortion- I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how painful, fast, traumatic, or otherwise it would be.Early options was clean, professional, discrete and friendly. The nurse held my hand through the procedure. Yes, it is painful- but only for a minute. The doctor was quick and efficient. She was so patient with me. She was warm and kind. I truly felt so safe and cared for.Great staff, great doctor, and the best experience for the situation.

Review №27

Top of the line care. I thoroughly researched the safest options before committing. Soft touch is the best option on the market. I had the procedure. It was much easier than I imaged it is a far more natural than other options and I am super strong healthy and could still have children should I decide to. I will have a healthy pregnancy and this is because I took proper care of myself and went to the right place. I can not tell you enough how grateful I am to this place for taking such good care of me. Thank you

Review №28

If youre reading this and youre scared like I was, or feeling completely alone, and not knowing what to do, and trying to make what (for me at least was) the hardest decision of your life, Im here to first say - youre not alone, and second to say that you should go to Early Options. Youll have privacy, practitioners who will literally hold your hand and walk you through it, and quality health care that will leave you feeling safe and relieved. Im glad that SoftTouch at early options was available for me and before I left I even told my practitioner that I wish it was available for all women, because it really should be this discreet, as comfortable as possible, and with the respect and care each of us deserves. Seriously gracious that Early Options exist and this was my experience.

Review №29

My boyfriend and I recently went here after days of researching for a safe, natural, private, comforting, yet knowledgeable place to confirm our decision. A lot of things came into factor when choosing a place. Early options gave us an extraordinary experience! We were more than delighted and forever grateful to have had such an amazing experience in a situation like this. The staff are welcoming from the moment you walk in: from the receptionist, to the clinical assistant, to the doctor herself. They explain and inform you of your situation honestly and openly. They were able to differentiate the truth to us oppose to the mixture of information we’ve seen online. We were walked through everything and all of our questions were genuinely answered. In the midst of this hard, emotional decision they made us MORE than comfortable, along with being HAPPY about our decision while clearing up any confusing. We were originally against things in this nature but luckily we caught it extremely early before it was able to even form. The doctor explained and showed us which was even more comforting to know that it was as tiny as a poppy seed and literally just an egg that happened to be fertilized at the time. Nothing more nothing less. That eased the pain and soothed the array of emotions that arises with the controversy. The procedure was extremely fast, but intense in the moment which is about 90 seconds. The intensity went away within moments after everything was complete. You are allowed resting time, and you are constantly checked on and assured that you are okay in all aspects! You are also allowed to have your partner by your side and if your partner is absent the assistant is more than enough in comforting you throughout the process. She was my backbone! We recommend this place to any and everyone that are looking for a safe, more natural, private comforting and informative place to be able to openly discuss their situation and be analyzed for the best option without being judged. Situations like this are not the easiest decisions to make. You have to weigh out the pros and cons and make the best decision for everyone overall. Not everyone will agree with your decision which is what made this place even more special because it is super private! However, we are thankful to have had such a wonderful team on our side. Thank you Early Options!

Review №30

I could not be more grateful for the kindness and expertise of the women at Early Options. Dr. Fleischman and her staff took more than two hours to talk to me about my options and perform the procedure (her nurses held my hands and helped me with deep breathing exercises--the whole procedure only took 1-2 minutes). Afterward, they sat with me for a long time, helping me recover emotionally from the whole experience. I can genuinely say that this was the single most positive medical experience I have ever had--I wish all doctors visits were like this. Dr. Fleischman and her staff are the most extraordinary medical practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I could not possibly recommend this clinic more highly.

Review №31

I was beyond impressed with Dr. Fleischman and the entire Early Options office and staff and would highly recommended them to anyone seeking pregnancy termination options. I traveled from Los Angeles to see Dr. Fleischman because after hours of research, I felt strongly that non-surgical MVA made the most sense in my early stage of pregnancy. To start, they do a wonderful job of ensuring your privacy throughout the visit; I never crossed paths with another patient and I really appreciated the care and attention they put toward patient privacy. I was greeted by the lovely Zoey at the front desk before meeting the equally lovely Selena, who provided emotional support during my procedure. Dr. Fleischman does an extraordinary job of humanizing the process and made me feel at such ease. You can read on the Early Options website that this is her life’s work and her passion for helping women during these vulnerable, sometimes highly emotional visits is immediately apparent. It’s easy to trust in her and her expertise. The procedure itself starts like a Pap. For me, the last minute or so was intense, but I imagine the discomfort varies for everyone. Overall, it was quite fast and recovery felt seamless. As soon as the procedure was over, I bounced back to normal almost immediately, just with some cramping. Dr. Fleischman and Selena both thoroughly explained the after-care process, so that I know exactly what to expect. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time and did not rush me out following — instead, they assured me I could take as much time as I needed to feel stable before leaving. I was quite uncertain and fearful walking into their office that morning, but ultimately I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much!

Review №32

Hands down best option available for terminating a pregnancy. Its a staff of all women, everyone is incredibly kind from the first call to the actual procedure, the procedure is normalized, absolutely no judgment, and the flat fee of $1800 covers everything. I recommend the SofTouch procedure which is very minimal discomfort (might feel like slight cramping, or, in my experience, no pain) and it was over in 2 minutes for me. Slight bleeding after the procedure, and then youre done. Throughout every step of the way you are taken care of and guided. And, absolute privacy. You will not be in a waiting room with other people and you will not run into anyone on your way out. So, for those who value their privacy and dont want the anxiety of running into someone familiar, this is a huge plus. Hope this helps anyone considering where to go.

Review №33

I truly believe that Early Options is the absolute BEST place to deal with this tough and exhausting decision. My boyfriend and I became increasingly scared about the process of abortion as we called numerous clinics. These clinics rushed us over the phone to make a decision about which option we were going to choose. I was given a long to do list of how I needed to prepare pre-procedure and told blood tests were necessary as well. We were told this could take up to five hours and my boyfriend was not permitted to be by my side for any of it. We knew there had to be a better option, and there was. The minute we called Early Options we knew it was the place. The all female staff working there are remarkable as they make the entire experience as comfortable as possible and provide support no matter what. They were able to schedule us in a day after we called, a Saturday. We were told about the SofTouch option and knew that was the way for us to go. With this option, no to do list or blood tests were needed, the entire process took just two hours, and my boyfriend was able to be there with me the whole time. At first we did not think Early Options would be possible for us due to the price, but after explaining our situation, a discount was offered. The women of Early Options truly saved us. No longer did we feel alone, but apart of a community doing right by women. We are forever grateful for the doctors and staff that empowered us and made us feel safe. Thank you wonderful ladies from the bottom of our hearts.

Review №34

The staff was incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable. They made me feel relaxed and I would recommend them to any other women who are looking for a great doctor.

Review №35

I walked into this office full of anxiety and nerves, and a little bit ashamed of what I was about to do. It is obviously not an ideal situation to be in - but from the moment I walked into the office, the staff was absolutely incredible. They were so warm and welcoming that I was instantly put at ease. The doctor helped me understand the options I have and worked with me so I could make a decision that was best for me, which ended up being the medical route. The nurse, who was so wonderful and friendly, walked me through the steps numerous times to make sure I understood everything. I ended up having such a positive experience and I think it has to do with the staff at this facility going above and beyond for me. I am so grateful that they helped me navigate such a stressful experience and turn it into such a positive one. You can absolutely tell they have a passion for helping women, and I could never thank the doctor and staff enough for how much they helped me!

Review №36

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Early Options! After years of trying with no success- I gave up on the idea that I was going to have any children. Low and behold at the age of 42 yrs young- I gave birth to my first child 8 months ago. My partner and I were planning to try to have another in near future, but wanted to wait until our son was at least a year and 1/2. Well surprisingly I just found out I was pregnant again. I knew I was not ready again. I really questioned myself- What if this is the last time for me especially at my age? What if? What if? What if? I knew in my heart of hearts what the answer was. I knew right away after searching which doctors office I was going to choose. Early options. Madeline was so gracious and caring on the phone and made me feel comfortable immediately. I was very early in my pregnancy and she made and appointment for me the following morning for a blood test. Upon arriving the office was a very convenient location, and a beautiful office. I was greeted by a welcoming and smiling Juliette who was just so sweet. I was put in a private room right away with no other patients visible. Dr. Fleischman was non judgemental and very empathetic to my needs. She performed an ultrasound and explained how I very early I was and said whatever choice I made she supported it. Dr. Fleicshman offered to put me on their schedule and I decided to stay so I would not have to debate about my decision and also because we were traveling far for the holidays. The procedure for myself was painless. I was quite surpised that I honestly felt nothing and it was over so quickly. I have had an MVA at a clinic when I was 30 and the experience was the complete opposite of what I experienced. I cannot say how wonderful all of the women are here and how lucky we are to have available services like this one. Also to my clinical assistant who was just so attentive to my needs and so sweet (I so sorry I forgot your name) DO NOT hesitate contacting this office if you are in a similar situation or even just have questions- this is the place to go!

Review №37

Wow. There’s no words how amazing doctor F is. She is an angel. She is very motherly and makes you feel like you’re at a 5 star resort, being in the sitution you are in it is indeed very comforting. The essential oils are EVERYTHING here. Not only are the doctors amazing but so are the nurses. Juliette thank you so much for your support, being that I was alone. 10/10 would recommend. Don’t even think twice about calling and scheduling.

Review №38

The staff was very sweet. The procedure was a mess. I do not recommend this to anyone. It was a horrible experience where i had to actually have another abortion a week later. All the positive reviews make me wonder if they’re paid for... who knows. Thank god I’m ok now but for a few weeks i was not in good shape. It is extremely painful and traumatic.

Review №39

Going here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you were skeptical, just letting you know that the positive reviews are real. As soon as I stepped inside I noticed it was such a warm and welcoming environment. From the receptionists, to the nurses, to the doctor, every single one of these ladies were extremely kind. Ask them anything! They answered all of my questions without judgement and made my boyfriend and I feel so comfortable. The nurses offered me a stress ball and even went and got my bf one too when he asked. They talk to you throughout the entire procedure that lasted only 3 mins! I felt like I was having a casual conversation with my friends and before I knew it, it was over. It was so quick and not painful at all. A little bit of cramping that lasted a few seconds. I was so relieved and happy I came to this place. The rooms smell so good and they’re nice and clean. There’s even candy in each one! The doctor was so nice and kind to me she even hugged me at the end. I wouldn’t have asked for a better place to get this done. The money is worth it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Review №40

I had an appointment with them today 9/12/18 and all I can say is from the moment I stepped in it felt so warm and safe there. The staff I have no words for beyond amazing. Every step you take they assure they will be right there with you. In my case was everything since I had no one with me. Talking with the doctor you can see it in her eyes how genuine she is and she truly cares about you. To all the staff: THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN I HAD NO ONE.

Review №41

Early Options gave me a calming and private experience during a very difficult decision. I felt so at ease between the nurse and the doctor. Both were readily available to ease all nerves and seemed to understand the difficult situation the women are in coming into the office. I also appreciated the privacy they offered. There is no advertising saying what building you are going into on the outside, and only womens health practice on the door. Once at the door, you pick up a phone to let them know you are there and they buzz you in. The only other people I saw were the workers. Even when you leave, after the procedure, they make sure no one else is out in the office to ensure your privacy. Overall, the staff made me and my partner feel so comfortable and ease with a decision and choice that was very difficult. I appreciate their professionalism and comfort.

Review №42

Dr. Fleischman and her staff were MORE than welcoming, warm and generous with their accommodations. My S.O. and I could not be more grateful to have chosen to go through the Soft Touch experience with such a great team!The Soft Touch termination is EXACTLY as described. It is not completely comfortable while being performed, but that should be expected with any procedure. The termination only took about 5 minutes! The cramping did hit hard for the first 10 minutes, but within the same half hour, you are comfortable enough to return to the hussle and bussle of your day.Being curious, we asked Dr. Fleischman if she could show us the extraction, in which she was very candid in presenting and explaining everything thoroughly. We happen to only be about 4 weeks in, but the termination is NOTHING like you see on the internet. Just a minuscule cluster of tissue/cells.We felt compelled to leave this review in hopes that other patients find comfort in their decision. Again, Dr. Fleishman and her staff truly care! If you are seeking excellent treatment, Early Options is a non-judgement, empathetic team that genuinely has your best interest at heart!

Review №43

I sat reading reviews similar to the one I am about to write for two torturous weeks. I was conflicted about if I wanted to have an abortion, I was scared of my options, and I was isolated. I live on Long Island and went to a clinic local to me and felt completely judged, and felt really uncomfortable with the idea of surgery. I found early options through google, and if you are feeling any of those things, stop reading and schedule an appointment. Now.I scheduled to meet with a dr to discuss the Soft touch option. I was met with the kindest nursing staff, and Dr. Fleichman, who was a godsend. She was the perfect mix of providing sound information, explaining exactly what was going to happen, and compassion. SHe took time to review all of my anxieties and feelings and we did not proceed until I was 100 percent comfortable with what was going to happen.I was told exactly what to expect during the procedure, and exactly what was described is what happened. I went alone and there were two nurses ,who felt like coaches and friends combined ,in the room. The procedure was so simple. It is short, slightly uncomfortable, and I felt a little nauseas and lighteaded. I was told this would last with some cramps for about ten minutes. Within ten minutes I was up and ready to drive home. I had a couple of days of on and off breathing and cramping. I am an anxious person and I reached out several times and was met with information and security each time.I never imagined I would be in this position, and I do hope I am not again, however I have to say if every doctor visit was held with this much dignity and respect healthcare would be a pleasurable experience. I wish every dr could take a course from Dr. Fleischman and her staff. Please know you are not alone, and just call.

Review №44

This is never an easy decision to make. I struggled a lot emotionally and physically to make this decision after a careful consideration with my partner. While researching about the process of abortion, I was very scared about the traditional procedure as well as the experience of getting XX. I did a lot of research and find this new technology at early options. Although the reviews online seem to be “too good to be true”, I decide to give it a try due to the credibility of Dr. F and the level of privacy that this clinic offered. Upon my arrival, I was still nervous. The staff working here are extremely nice and they tried their best to make me feel comfortable. Actually, the whole procedure was not as hard as I though and it was really the same as advertised. It felt like doing a pap test at the beginning and then followed with a minute long softouch procedure. I closed my eyes and grabbed my partner’s arm. The doctor and the staff supported me and helped me practice deep breath to ease my nerve. I wasn’t suffered from this procedure. I just felt very tired and sleepy. After the procedure, the doctors did an ultrasound to check everything is ok. It worked well. I’m surprised that I recovered so quickly - about 40 minutes. The level of pain is manageable - like a bad period cramping and it didn’t last long. I feel ok after walking out the clinic. I am very grateful to find this place and I highly recommend this technology as well as the service this clinic provided.

Review №45

As soon as I entered the office, I was greeted with an atmosphere of support. I initially went in just for an ultrasound, unsure if I wanted to go through with an actual procedure. Just a few minutes with the doctor and I made my decision; she made me extremely comfortable, worked quickly and offered to discuss options and possibilities. Upon her arrival in the room however, I knew the decision I needed to make. Everyone at the office made me feel 100% at home, from the doctor to the office manager. My mother was in the room during my procedure and she was able to hold my hand throughout the procedure. The support in the room helped me tremendously in getting through the emotional experience and I was given time for a quick respite afterwards. Other than the forewarned cramping and spotting, I havent experienced anything abnormal and am both relieved and grateful places like Early Options exist in providing support for women and rights over our bodies.

Review №46

Couldnt even get past the point of making an appt because I Kept receiving incorrect information. Madeline was extremely combative over the phone which was highly unprofessional giving the nature of my situation. I come from a place with poor infrastructure, and a crumbling economy. And Id rather fly there to receive the treatment and bedside manner I deserve as an American citizen. Shame on you! New york and New Jersey are the worst places to seek medical attention or to have any procedure done. Everyone here thinks their a character in Good Fellas. Disgusting. I flew out of state last minute to deliver my daughter. Thats how bad it is here. Or at least thats my exeperience as a young black woman with medical professionals. #NotJustAnotherNumber

Review №47

I hope that nobody is ever faced with the situation I had but if you are, there is not a question that early options is for you.After suffering a missed miscarriage ( the pregnancy wasnt viable but my body hadnt yet caught up) which is cruel enough, the idea of waiting for my body to do its job, which could take weeks, was even more unbearable. Desperate, I called my OB/GYN to find a solution. He told me about early options. I called at 9:00 AM and was able to get an appointment at 10:30 AM. When I got to Early Options, the nurse hugged me since I had been crying when I made the appointment. I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Fleischman is truly a remarkable human being, physician and advocate. I feel so lucky that I met her during this harrowing ordeal. Dr. Fleischman explained the softouch procedure ( which I had never heard of before that moment) and explained why it was the best choice for me. Not only did the procedure barely hurt, it offered me the mental closure I needed to help me move past what happened to me.I have not been in any physical pain since the procedure, and my pregnancy symptoms are gone. I cant imagine having deal with any physical pain in addition to the mental anguish that has been plaguing me since this began.Thank you early options for giving me the choice to move on with my life and close this painful chapter. I am forever grateful to you and your team.

Review №48

This place is a God send. I served as a companion and the fact that I could even go for moral support was amazing. The care provided was absolutely outstanding. The way they explained everything and how thoughtful they were truly comforting. They made this negative situation a positive experience. The way they also go to lengths to keep anonymity was appreciated as well.

Review №49

Im so thankful that I found Early Options. I would like to start with thanking Madeline for all of her help. Answering my emails and booking me an appointment so quickly. She took her time explaining the options and also provided me with a discount form... WHICH HELPED ME ALOT! As soon I walked in I was greeted with such professionalism and kindness (Thank you Anna).Upon meeting Dr. Fleischman I could see the compassion, trust, genuine love in her face and no judgement. This was very Important to me since I had an abortion several years ago and that experience was horrible. I felt judged as soon as I walked in. The waiting time was very long, the atmosphere felt COLD (lonely) and I also shared a room with several other young ladies but with early options I had the opposite.Haley was another amazing person that helped me a lot ! I was extremely nervous and scared but she made what is normally a very scary and uncomfortable situation, NOT as scary. She not only answered all my questions but she also held my hand through the whole procedure and spoke to me as a friend not a patient.THANK YOUEarly Options

Review №50

As a health professional, I cant begin to tell you how wonderful this place is. During a difficult time and wanting to make a choice the most natural way, Im so glad I stumbled upon Early Options. From the moment I made the appointment I felt at ease. Its completely private, the staff and the doctor are so kind, non-judgmental, and explain everything to you step by step. Sometimes you dont know what life throws at you and knowing that a place like Early Options exist makes lifes difficult choices so much easier.

Review №51

They don’t take insurance and a lot of these reviews are fake. It costs a grand out of pocket to have a procedure done here, to save you a phone call.

Review №52

Early options is a clean, quiet and very private place to learn about all your options when you find out about an unplanned pregnancy. After doing some research on their website, i called promptly at 7 am the new morning and was given all information you would need or want when making that first intimidating call. The call was informative enough where I didnt feel pressure to ask tough questions and compassionate enough where I felt comfortable sharing personal details. I made the soonest appointment possible and was relieved and comforted by the extreme measures taken to protect my privacy. You dont run into any other patients, by standers or anyone for that matter. I received sound advice regarding all my options and decided I was not ready to be pregnant and terminate. I had the option to begin the process immediately or come back at later time. I took a few days and came back to start the pills. I took one pill orally in the office and was carefully instructed by several professionals on how to continue with the second round of medication at home. I was sent home with a thoughtful package containing the medication, precise instructions, an on call doctor contact and very sweet/necessary things such as sanitary napkins, a chuck for my bed, cookies and chamomile tea. I left the office with no symptoms or side effects and knew the second round of medicine would be done in the privacy of my own home. I followed the instructions carefully and felt very comfortable taking the medicine at home. I took the second round at 1pm on Wednesday and made it to thanksgiving dinner at my parents the following evening with no issues. Staying on top of the pain meds is key, however I am used to doing this during my regular period cramps. I returned the following Tuesday for a follow up to confirm everything was okay. With each visit, the staff was more welcoming and friendly. This is truly a safe space for women and men, as my bf joined me for my final visit. Im very happyWith the service provided and sound with my decision to not be parent just yet. I am truly grateful for the service and compassion that was lent to me during a trying time.

Review №53

The office was clean, staff very warm and professional. The doctor sat and talked with me first, was very understanding and let me vent a little about the situation and my fears. She gave feedback that was gentle, kind and helped me learn and take value from the issue at hand. The procedure was professional fast and very very private. Clients dont even pass each other in the waiting room. Confidentiality is huge here as well as kindness and understanding.

Review №54

My story- I visited early options today after first going to a larger office/ clinic. I was given the pills. After 24 hours nothing happened. I called them back and although everyone was lovely there was no urgency in my issue. Obviously- I felt panicked and truthfully helpless. I at the same time called early options.The lady who picked the phone was BEYOND helpful( remember they didnt give me the pills). She was patient, kind and even had THIER DOCTOR contact me. Dr. Kang reassured me in every way possible that there was an answer to my issue. i was able to schedule a consultation for the next day. The office is very private. You will feel as if you are the only patient at the time(which i think you are). Dr. Kang re-evaluated me and gave me some options. I went with a second round of the pills. She also assured me multiple times that if this happened to not work we still had other EASY options. Dr. Kang mentioned she is on call 24 hours! The other office took HOURS to call me back. The office is pretty and smells wonderful. They also have snacks such a pretzels and candy incase you did not eat. The nurse was AMAZING, kind hearted and understanding. I hope i dont have to have anything else done but if i do i feel confident coming here. If you are in a situation where you need help, take a deep breath they will give you answers or solutions please call them. the level of service and understanding is beyond.

Review №55

The women in this office are angels. This was one of the hardest days of my life and I can’t express how grateful I was that I walked into a space where I felt totally supported and genuinely cared for every step of the way. The nurse Anna was honestly the kindest person. The procedure was not physically pleasant—I always have had a sensitive stomach and I did get nauseous and throw up after the procedure and was pretty strongly crampy during the procedure and for about 10 minutes after. That being said, it was totally bearable and it was just as they explained to me it would be. My boyfriend was able to stay with me the whole time and they were just as lovely to him as they were to me. There were no surprises during the procedure and they rubbed my back and gave me ginger ale afterwards. That afternoon I felt completely back to normal. Any woman making this tough decision should go to Early Options, I left feeling at peace and supported with my decision.

Review №56

Hi My name is Edan Rein and I have been a happy costumer at this facility for some years. The service is amazing and the method they use is quick and non surgical, not to mention the one on one treatment you receive from the moment you enter till the time you leave and even after that.I had such a positive experience that I felt compel to write a review so that other women who find them self in the same position as I have can have a true account of someone who went through it first hand. I took the time to read the reviews of others as well, and this next comment is to the person who took the time to go to somany clinics for some strange reason just to see who has the better service. I had the surgical abortion the first time when I was younger and it was nothing short of a nightmare. not because I had a moral issue with the choice I made, It was simply the way those huge clinics run and terminate the pregnancy that was the bad experience. tons and tons of woman hurled like cattle receiving a number and waiting for hours, After that you are put to sleep and of course it is a surgical procedure. When you are abruptly awoken you are told that they need the bed so its time for you to leave no matter what the condition is.The reason why it is important for me to share this is because I truly believe that the methods used should be changed to the more natural none surgical especially sincethe technology already exists.One last thing, I was going to use another name to write this review but after reading this one review who claims that the clinic writes its own review I decided to use my real name and email address. Its so important that we women know what are best and safest options for us.Thanks again to all the staff at early options!

Review №57

From the very first phone call, it was a pleasure speaking with a staff member. They were informative and super friendly. I found myself in a situation for the first time and was instantly hit with a sense of overwhelming confusion and nervousness. I did not know what to think; so many emotions running through me. Upon speaking with Haley and Juliette, I felt sympathy from people I have never met. Going into the office, I was greeted, remembered, and welcomed. Meeting Dr. Fleischman was a humbling experience. She was supportive, warming, non judgmental, and most importantly COMPASSIONATE! Honestly, I didn’t realize how fast the procedure was and you do not need to be put to sleep. The process was literally done in two minutes; you do experience an intense cramping for about five minutes and then it’s gone. I was back to normal within minutes. It’s amazing how quickly it passed. When you are showed support and see the experience put into play, it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Under the circumstances, I have to say I made the best choice by coming here. All of you are wonderful people and thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Review №58

Everyone was super nice. The service was great and it literally took less than 5 minutes. Everyone made me feel comfortable... I just loved Jamie. During a time that was extremely uncomfortable and difficult, the staff made me feel.... I dont even know how to describe them other than, amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Review №59

Everyone was at the office was kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and extremely informative- you can tell that they genuinely care about their patients. The staff does their best to make a less than ideal situation as comfortable as possible.The procedure was quick and only slightly uncomfortable. I was awake and alert the entire time, and I was able to have my husband by my side through the entire process.I highly recommend Early Options to anyone who needs it. Thank you Dr. Fleishman!

Review №60

The staff at early options was incredibly kind, gentile, and supportive. The staff made me feel completely at ease. The doctor was kind and answered any questions I may have had about the process. The actual procedure was virtually painless and took about 2 minutes. I could not say enough incredible things about the service and treatment received at early options. My experience at early options was phenomenal.

Review №61

I honestly never thought I’d be in this position. I spent days researching but when I came across Early Options I immediately felt different. I called a few times and Madeline was very patient with me. Her voice was so comforting. The office was really private and the staff was so supportive and friendly. Dr. Fleischman. sat with us and answered all of our questions. She was kind and made us feel secure in our decision. I’m eternally grateful to these woman for making such a tough situation bearable.

Review №62

It is hard to verbalize my thoughts towards the wonderful women at Early Options. Dr. Fleischman and her team gave me the best possible care. The near immediate availability of consultations felt life saving. I made my decision on a Wednesday and made an appointment for a consultation & procedure for that Friday. Before I even walked into the office I spoke via email and/or phone with Juliette, Anna & Madeline who were all informative, compassionate, non-judgmental and told me there was no pressure. The privacy of the experience is also highly important to me. The team at Early Options schedules appointments / consultations in a way that there is no overlap between patients. The experience is completely private and you do not see anyone other than EO employees. When I walked into the office I still had questions about the procedure, wanted to confirm how far along I really was (7 wks), what to expect afterwards and also wanted to discuss my decision. It was very difficult for me to ask my questions because I was in such a highly emotional state, but Dr. Fleischman sat with me and answered everything - including the development (or lack there-of) based on how far along I was and she was so personable- I felt like Ive known her forever & my comfort level increased continually as we spoke. She truly cares about every single woman that walks into her doors and I wish that all women going through this had access to a provider like Dr. Fleischman & her team. There was absolutely zero pressure to do anything. Anna was my nurse and she is compassionate, caring, kind and very informative. She prepared me for everything from the immediate procedural information through what to expect over the next couple of days. After my Q&As I felt confident in the decision I made and was taken to another room for the procedure. Now - I have a low pain tolerance - there was about 2-3 minutes of severe cramping during the procedure, but it is tolerable. Anna tried to keep me occupied so that I wouldnt focus on the pain. For about 10 minutes after the procedure there is heavy cramping but then it disappears pretty quickly. I was ready to leave about 30 minutes afterwards. Dr. Fleischman came back to speak with me and I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I find comfort in knowing that there are people like Dr. Fleischman, Anna, Madeline & Juliette working to provide emotional support and empower women with their decisions during such a difficult time.

Review №63

The staff at Early Options has been incredibly supportive, patient, discreet and caring. They have made us feel comfortable and understood. Dr. Fleischman and her team took the time to answer all our questions and to guide us step by step throughout the process. They helped us put our choice in the right perspective and were constantly reassuring and kind. The procedure was quick. I am extremely grateful to Early Options.

Review №64

More women need to know about the options available to them. I was beyond pleased with my experience here. The staff were extremely welcoming and comforting. In a time like this thats just what you need. Very professional yet I felt as if I knew them forever. From the start they respect your privacy. You do not have to sit in a waiting room packed with other women who are deciding to do the same thing, who are pregnant, kids running around etc. You have the entire office to yourself with an all women compassionate staff. The doctor is very supportive and the nurses are extremely caring. The procedure itself is super quick from start to finish. The pain you feel for a minute is so worth the before and after care given. Afterwards I was able to get right up and walk out to continue my day. I am not sure why anyone would want to do any other procedure. They are so invasive and unhealthy. If any women were in the position I was currently in I would recommend this office in a heart beat! I highly, highly recommend this office and procedure and every women should know this place is here. I have heard horror stories from other women and this is already a terribly hard decision- go where you are treated properly!I never ever take the time out to review anything or to air my business publicly but I had to with this because like I have said, more women need to know this is available and need a great place to go. Amazing office and I am so thankful for you all

Review №65

In reviewing the google reviews of various abortion facilities, I noticed that this facility had extensive long winded reviews as opposed to others, almost as if the reviewers were prepped for a performance like a star witness is prepped in advance by his or her attorney.Therefore, I called and visited a few abortion centers to see if there was a difference in the way that i was treated at each one. Much to my surprise, everybody, except one, put their best foot forward. They were all, including this one, informative, kind, patient and considerate, although the individual at this facility seemed to be a little snooty. That did not make her bad, just snooty.So why the discrepancy between reviews and service.Why are there only long winded, eloquently written reviews for this facility and not for the others. Most of the positive reviews written for the others appear to be written by normal people with normal writing skills.The only conclusion that I can come to is that Harvard graduates usually have an extensive vocabulary and a great capacity for a turn of phrase. As a rule, they write a lot, They write well and I surmise that they love to see their efforts on display.That doesnt make them better doctors, especially when it comes to abortion which requires not academic brilliance but specific technical skills.Let it also be noted that some of the negative reviews written for other facilities are also exceptionally well written, well beyond what you would expect from the average person. Remember, anybody can write a review, whether it is positive or negative, especially if they have a self-interest in the project.I would be equally comfortable in four out of the five facilities that i reviewed.

Review №66

Im so grateful to have found Early Options. Dr. Fleischman and her team are a group of absolutely incredible women. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel comfortable and was greeted with nothing but warmth and understanding. I was shown into a private room where both the nurse and the doctor listened to my concerns and explained the procedure. The actual soft touch procedure lasted roughly 2 minutes. There was slight cramping, but nothing out of the ordinary- more like normal period cramps. I rested for a few minutes afterwards and was able to walk out 15 minutes later to enjoy the rest of my day. My entire visit took about an hour and a half, and I left feeling completely respected. I appreciate everything that the doctor and staff did for me. There should definitely be more establishments like Early options for women everywhere. We deserve it.

Review №67

So much false advertising about this place! I am pro choice and, unfortunately, already experienced another abortion, under anesthesia, resulting in zero physical pain.Early Options procedure is highly painful and traumatizing. You feel like theyre eviscerating you with no sedation and no anesthesia. You feel like going to a butcher. You feel youre almost dying. I still have nightmares about the totally unexpected and highly intense pain during the soft touch. There is nothing soft about this method. Even the name is outrageous.The discomfort continued for 3 weeks. Nightmares are still troubling my sleep 4 months later. I was totally misled by a bunch of fake reviews. I only saw 5 star reviews online. I should have known better.I feel they played with my health. Dont be fooled or you will be scarred for life! Abortions are usually not an easy thing to do. But here we are not talking about the mental aspect, we are talking about the physical pain: why would you choose to suffer so much?

Review №68

Navigating this process is mind-numbingly difficult. But the staff at Early Options does everything to make it easier. From the first emails through the whole appointment and with the follow-ups, I felt that my girlfriend was in the best possible hands. As a guy its hard to know what to do, but Dr. Fleischman and her staff will make you feel comfortable being a part of it. There is a section on the website for men that included a helpful guide for men that answered so many questions. When we walked in, there was ZERO judgment and a complete sense of privacy. We didnt see anyone but the staff. I was able to be next to my girlfriend during the whole procedure. They answered every question we had. If you are concerned about being in the room during it, you dont have to worry. Everything is covered, but you can be right next to her. They really went to great lengths to make sure she was ok and as comfortable as possible. Nothing felt rushed or made you think that you were just another appointment. My girlfriend has said many times that she doesnt feel like she could have gone anywhere else. I dont understand why every clinic doesnt operate like Early Options. Unplanned pregnancy is really difficult for everyone, but at least here you know that she will be taken care of properly and you can be there to support her.

Review №69

I am writing this review for a few different reasons. First, as someone who found Early Options through google and citysearch reviews, I want to address an important consideration. If youre like me, you are probably skeptical of the many, many positive reviews. I was. Regardless, I felt it was my best option for a private and uncomplicated abortion. I am now on the other side of the process and can honestly say that the website information and reviews by and large are accurate and true.My husband and I were never expecting to have to make this decision. Because this was the most difficult thing Ive ever done, Im having a hard time describing the experience positively. However, the manual aspiration procedure, as described, was very quick and only slightly uncomfortable. The nurse was extremely calm and reassuring. The doctor answered my (few) questions as I was already pretty prepared. After the procedure was done (truly less than 5 minutes), my husband and I were a bit emotional. We were comforted and offered tea, snacks and as much time as we needed. While we have resolved to never do this again, I am thankful that I was able to afford THIS type of care in THIS setting as opposed to the many other options out there.

Review №70

WOW what a wonderful group of supportive women that work in this facility !!! You immediately feel good. The Dr. Joan is not only knowledgeable but she gives you information and input on things that suit your needs. We need more places like this that support woman as a community. Im so happy they are here!!!

Review №71

In addition to my previous honest review in quotations below. It seems that my review is being questioned as if its fake. Let me describe the office to prove that I was there with my partner. The office is basically an apartment transitioned into a medical office. Its very clean and neat. You walk in and there is a small front desk to the left straight ahead. The rooms where the painful SoftTouch procedure that my partner endured are to the right down the hall at the end. While walking down the hall youll observe a room to the left. There are two rooms at the end of the hall that I viewed. My partner and I were in the room to the left after walking all the way to the end of the short hall.There are two chairs in the room and the procedure table is in the middle of the room. If youre laying on the procedure table the sink will be to your right. The owner states that Early Options appreciate being awake and being connected to what is happening with their bodies which is completely misleading because it is very traumatizing to be awake and witness a pregnancy termination like this. My partner has a high tolerance for pain and I held her as she went through two rounds of excruciating pain, the first is round of pain with the SoftTouch method is when the Dr opens the women up and the second round of pain is the pull and extraction. You (owner) cannot discredit my review because it doesnt provide the 5 star reviews which are questionable. I was in that office with my partner and provided a full description of the office all the way into the procedure room which cannot be refuted. Im Pro Choice and I recommend going elsewhere for a pregnancy termination, Early Options is NOT the place to go..I would NOT recommend! STAY AWAY! Im pro choice and my partner had a termination there and she experienced horrific pain which was more than the slight discomfort we were told. Its not a Soft Touch at all. I dont recommend being awake for a painful termination at this place, its highly traumatizing. Females sedation or full anesthesia will reduce being traumatized.

Review №72

First off as a man, you never want to put yourself or your girl friend, wife, etc. in this kind of situation. Having your partner pregnant when you both least expect it can be a huge emotional weight whether it is because of financial reasons, mentally not ready, etc. Overall, it is not fun to be part of this situation but Early Options could not have made this difficult situation more comforting or establish a clean friendly environment for me and my girl friend. It is all private; no packed lobbies. The office is big enough for 1 patient at a time to ensure 100% privacy unlike at other abortion clinics. The procedure was simple and safe and took just over 1 minute to complete. Definitely worth the extra $$.

Review №73

Making this decision is never an easy one but after doing some googling and finding Early Options it made the experience so pleasant considering the situation. From when I first called I got such a good vibe that I chose the right place, The staff of all women are extremely friendly and supportive, they truly made me feel comfortable and safe in moving forward with my decision. The doctor was equally as wonderful by answering all my questions and really being attentive and kind through the whole process which is very quick, I chose the softouch and there was definitely some slight pain and discomfort but it’s very brief and afterwards I took a little time to recover and relax then I was able to leave and go on with my day. The privacy that Early Options provides is also something I really felt was special and important at a time like this, I never once saw another woman in there (even though there were others) or anyone in the waiting room, I had a nice comfortable room where I was able to just have peace. My boyfriend accompanied me but I felt better with him nearby and not in there with me so the assistant was there with me the whole time and she was sweet and funny and it made me feel like I was there with a good friend. Overall this made a negative situation into a more positive one and I would highly recommend this office for anyone going through this difficult time.

Review №74

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful the staff at Early Options is. When I discovered I was pregnant, a quick google review revealed that their office was close and I immediately called. I spoke with Madeline, who was extremely comforting and kind, allowing me time to process the information she had given me. I expressed that I was worried about the fee, and she quickly informed me that there was an option for women who could not afford their services. They emailed me a form which was quick and easy to fill out and I was promptly called with a quote that was incredibly reasonable.On the day of my appointment, my partner and I were greeted warmly, made to feel comfortable and welcomed. The office is very clean, with a homelike feel to it. We were brought to a room where I was examined by Hayley and Anyeli, who were extremely friendly and comforting. They sensed that I was nervous and helped ease my nerves with small talk.Dr. Fleischman came to speak with me and she was very polite and warm with me, making sure that I understood the procedure and explaining what would be happening in the days following the procedure and what to keep an eye out for.The SofTouch procedure was exactly as they explain it. It took 3-5 minutes in total and the pain was tolerable, especially with the guidance and reassurance that everything was okay throughout the procedure. Anyeli held my hand and offered soothing and comforting words, keeping my attention and making sure I was fine. Once it was over, I was allowed to rest in the room until I was well enough to get dressed. I was led to Dr. Fleischman’s office where she asked me how I was feeling, encouraged me to call if I had any questions or concerns and reminded again of what to expect in the coming days.They’ve continued to follow up with me to ensure that I’m doing well and am back to my normal self only two days after the procedure.Terminating a pregnancy can be a hard decision, but Early Options proved to me that it doesn’t have to be a painful, drawn out experience and that there are safer options available than what most clinics offer.Thank you so much, Dr. Fleischman and staff! You all were amazing and made me feel so at peace and so cared for!

Review №75

This Place is Truly Amazing. The staff here are top of the line in care and service. This was my first pregnancy and to make the highly personal choice to end it in a humane and medically advised way at the early stages was a truly emotional and tough decision. I’m so so grateful to have found Early Options because something such as abortion can be so scary and so stigmatized and Early Options has established such a safe and peaceful environment to provide any woman with the information and care she needs. Early Options cares about you as a patient and wants to make sure you are as comfortable and as supported as you can be. And it was proven to me as a first time patient. They allow you to have one person there with you throughout the entire process, whom ever you wanna bring except for children. As for me I was by myself and they were so kind to me.Madeline was the front desk receptionist and she was super helpful in scheduling my appointment. She even helped me with sending me a financial assistance application for those who can’t afford the flat rate of $1,400. Which helps those who can’t pay the full price and it lowered my cost at a rate I could afford.Anyeli is a young lady who takes your blood pressure, checks urine sample, checks your iron levels to make sure your bodies okay for the procedure and your blood type and she was the sweetest! So kind and she even brought me crackers/cookies and water because I had a Low Blood Pressure and she helped me bring it up a bit. Loved her she was great!Juliette is the nurse who was with me throughout the actual procedure and she explains your after care and any questions you have she can answer. She tells you about any medicines you need which they provide and she assists you. I loved having her with me as a support she helped me get through the procedure and she brought me a heat pack for cramping and brought me apple juice and she was so caring and attentive. She assists the doctor while also making sure you are good. I loved her!!! she was so wonderful to me.Last but not least, the amazing Dr. Fleischman!! She explains everything to you and makes sure you are ready for the procedure. She talks you through it and helps you along the way. The actual procedure takes less than 5 min and Dr. Fleischman makes sure everything is okay and after the fact they let you rest in the room and let you have time to yourself. She’s a wonderful doctor who is personable and holistic and cares about her patients.They send you home with pain medication and anti biotics, and give you pads for any spotting you may have. A full informational sheet with what to expect when you go home and a 24 hr number if you have any emergency there’s a doctor on call.Over all I cannot recommend this place enough!! I wouldn’t want any woman going through an abortion to not have this level of care and level of service. Early Options is a full staff of women who care about you as a woman hands down. I get emotional as I write this because this was such a nerve wrecking experience and they subsided all my fears away. Truly truly grateful for them! Early Options is the way to go ladies! Love you Early Options! Thank you for everything!

Review №76

I went yesterday and granted Ive never experienced a different setting but from what I herd every other abortion option seemed scary and painful. The Softouch was literally that, a slight pinch a few cramps, and it was over in 3 minutes. My best friend was with me the the whole time. When it was over I felt relieved and most of all in control of my body. The waiting room was empty from beginning to end I saw no one but the doctor and assistant. They were there for me I was able to ask any questions I needed, which wasnt many since I researched the whole week prior. Please if youre thinking about getting an abortion choose Early Options it was all around a great experience.

Review №77

An unplanned pregnancy can be very difficult if youre not prepared. I am the type of person who googles every little thing but I found out about EO on Yelp. I emailed them as soon as I found out I was pregnant and Juliette was very responsive to my emails. We emailed back and forth for two weeks because at first my obGYN couldnt identify the sac in my uterus and then other events that happened to me which delayed me being able to get the procedure done. However, during this time, Juliette answered each and every one of my questions. You make a deposit online and your appointment is confirmed. I went in today and I was VERY anxious. However, once I was sent to the room and met Juliette andDr. Joan Fleischman I felt safe, I felt comfortable, and most importantly, I felt confident about my choice. The actual procedure felt like a pap smear. Really. They let me listen to music and allowed my friend to sit with me during the entire time. The cramping in the procedure feels like the very first day of your period. From 1 to 10 I would give it a 5 or 6 and then theres one second (literally one second) that you feel some pain but it isnt bad and goes away very quick. It was all very tolerable and quick. I couldnt believe how fast the procedure was. Everyone here was very attentive with me and I appreciate it. I couldnt sleep the night before because I was so anxious but I can say that in this place I felt respected, cared for , and the procedure wasnt this huge stressful thing. It felt like a normal doctors visit. in fact better because the attention you receive is superior. I left feeling relieved and I walked up the stairs on my 5th floor walk up feeling great. I thank everyone at EO so much. I wish more people knew about SofTouch and EO. It can really be a big difference when youre with people who care. Ive heard horror stories of people who got abortions done elsewhere but Early options is the difference. In early options, you are valuable and taken care of. Youre not just one other patient. Extra points for cleanliness, and SNACKS! Thanks!

Review №78

There were no facilities near my area that offered MVA as an option. Early Options was one of the few facilities that offered this method. After reading about SoftTouch, I was convinced that this method was better for me than taking the pill. I liked that the procedure itself would not require scraping or anything required in a regular procedure and that it wouldn’t take long.Early Options was the only facility that I found that specificly offered Soft Touch. I did find one other facility that offered MVA, but in comparing both facilities, I decided to go with Early Options because (1) it provided Soft Touch as an option (so I didn’t have to go under general anesthesia); (2) the website and receptionist were very informative; and (3) the website promised that it would be a private experience with no wait time. The facility was exactly as it came across in its website: filled with true professionals, sanitary and safe. From the moment I walked in until I left, I was in good hands: the doctor and staff were excellent. Really great people - I felt safe and never felt judged.I am grateful that the procedure only requires local anesthesia, so I was not put under. Obviously since I was not knocked out, I did feel some pain during the process. But that is to be expected. I’m guessing some ppl might feel more or less depending on their pain tolerance. I don’t know how to describe the pain, other than saying there were seconds of sharp cramping, but quickly subsided after it was over. The process itself took about a minute. More time was taken prepping then the actual procedure. There also was a staff member beside me that guided me through it.I experienced some nausea, light headedness and dull cramping afterwards, but nausea & light head lasted about a minute and cramps were completely gone before I left the building. I was up and about within 25 minutes after procedure. It has been 6 hours since I had it done and I feel completely fine. No cramps or heavy bleeding. I ate right after the procedure and ran a few errands before getting home. I highly recommend this facility. Thank you Early Options for just existing! I feel like I have this heavy burden lifted off of me and I can breath again. In a time like today when so many clinics and pro-choice laws are being attacked all over the country - I feel lucky to live in an area where my rights are still protected and lucky to have found this place and be able to travel into NYC to be properly taken care of. Thanks again

Review №79

The women that run this place are absolute angels. From the receptionist to the medical staff. They understand how difficult of a decision this is and they are there to listen and calm your nerves from the moment you arrive. The privacy and genuine care they display are so comforting. They walk you through every step of the way and make the entire process as comfortable as it can be. The nurse, Francesca, was so understanding and soothing during the process. She was there for me every step of the way and stood by my side. They even allow a companion with you, which is completely unheard of. I am beyond grateful for that! Dr. Fleischman is a compassionate doctor, woman and person. She took the time to speak with me before and after the Softouch procedure. I don’t think this review could truly explain how wonderful and caring she is. Although the procedure was a few minutes of pain with bad cramping, it subsided quickly after. I felt very panicky after, and the nurse was there immediately with an ice pack, and drinks. I left a heating pad on the entire time which helped tremendously. They allowed me all the time I needed, but I was there a total of 1.5 hours. Although I feel overwhelmed with emotions, I can’t say enough positive comments about all the women that work here. Again, true angels. Thank you.Also, I would ignore any random poor reviews, those come after an article was posted about this practice in a magazine. Completely false reviews! The positive reviews were what helped me tremendously in choosing this center and they are completely accurate.

Review №80

I could not say enough wonderful things about the service, compassion and treatment I recieved at Early Options. The non-judging staff was there to assuage my every concern and made me feel comfortable and in a safe space. They were attentive, made sure that I wasnt waiting long, and completely thorough on educating me on what I was going to experience and what I should expect. They ensured my privacy, which was important to me, and made me feel so cared for, not just another patient on the list. I am extremely grateful for the entire team at Early Options for adding warmth and making a difficult process easier for me.

Review №81

My dear friend had an appointment here a couple of weeks back and I went along for support. From the time they answered our first exploratory phone call to the time we walked out of the office, everyone was kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and extremely informative. The office is bright and lovely, with an all-female staff. I was able to go in with her for the entire appointment from check-in to the aspiration procedure. We spoke at length with the nurse and Dr. Fleischman, who were happy to answer all our questions and spoke to us in great detail about what to expect. The aspiration procedure took less than 5 minutes and she was awake and alert the entire time. Following, there was some light cramping and bleeding, but that’s all. She went to work later that afternoon without any problem whatsoever.We were both deeply impressed with the services offered at Early Options. In a less than ideal situation, they provided absolutely ideal service. The aspiration procedure was done in an examination room, not in an operating room. You’re not put to sleep, and a friend/loved one gets to hold your hand throughout. If you are looking for a compassionate, safe environment in which to handle your family planning needs, you need to look no further. All the stellar reviews are true. They actually care about their patients and their needs. And it makes all the difference.

Review №82

Every woman should experience the wonderful treatment that Early Options offers if you are in this position!! Dr. Fleischman and her staff are some of the nicest and professional people I have met. They are there to help you and make the process as comfortable and effortless as possible. My appointment was very casual, for the most part I felt I was at a regular check up! It truly is a private appointment and I did not experience any wait time. The appointment took about an hour and a half and the actual procedure is only about 3-5 minutes of that time. I didn’t even know the procedure happening until they said I was on the last step and experienced some cramping. The recovery was only about 10-20 mins where I had cramps, but nothing worse than what I usually feel during my period. I felt completely back to normal in under an hour and was at a graduation party a few hours later and on the beach the next day playing volleyball! I am still amazed at how simple the process was and the short recovery time. I cannot say enough good things about Early Options! Please reach out to Dr. Fleischman and her team even if you cannot afford the full payment, they are here to help!!

Review №83

I know that one of the reviews described how painful the procedure was...But this was TOTALLY NOT the case at all. Super kind staff that made me feel comfortable and the procedure took 3 minutes at MOST. I thought we were just getting started but I was surprised to hear that we were actually done. I dont have a high pain threshold and I would liken it to a Pap smear followed by a couple minutes of period cramps. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. Couldnt say enough great things about this practice !!!

Review №84

Honest review. I accompanied my companion for a termination of pregnancy (abortion). The soft touch procedure is extremely misleading. I personally ask the doctor if my companion can receive sedation and we were both told that is was not necessary. My partner was told that no sedation is needed because its just moderate discomfort for a short period of time and then she would be able to resume daily activities. Totally false because my companion suffered the worst pain she has ever felt during such a difficult time which is highly traumatizing. My companion has a high threshold for pain and she could do anything for weeks due to the misleading experience at early options. I do not recommend early options! Kay P

Review №85

It was a very calming experience, the staff was absolutely amazing! Worth ever last dollar. When it comes to your body, and a sensitive matter like ending a pregnancy, it is necessary that you pick the best, and Early Options was truly the best decision I made. I walked out with very minimal pain, and on a mental level they truly have a warm, and caring environment. I recommend it to any woman who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Thank You Dr. Joan Fleischman!

Review №86

I am a 42 year old and found myself in a very difficult situation a few weeks ago. Being clear bout my options was the first step when facing my decision. As usual, Google showed to be a great source of information. Many sites showed up during my search and I thoroughly reviewed many of them. As a woman, Early Options attracted me because of their presentation, contents, and friendly approach. As a trained medical doctor, Early Options gave me the information I needed. Meeting the staff was a great experience, since my very first call. The experience was fast, easy and extremely well executed. I also want to say that I felt supported each step of the journey and I hate to share that I came to Dr. Fleischmans office by myself. I have written this review as an opportunity to show my support now and in the future to this office, which is more than a place offering a quick way to solve an issue.

Review №87

I cannot thank them enough for everything they did. I came here and promised I would write a review because I actually thought these people were amazing. I didnt feel right not letting other people who were in my situation know how wonderful they are here. I came alone to get an abortion and I was treated kindly, with respect and one of the women held my hand the entire time. It made the would be traumatic experience easy. Thank you so much. I owe you guys everything.

Review №88

After 8 weeks of severe, all-day morning sickness, I was incapable of taking proper care of my toddler son. Pre-natal healthcare costs were quickly adding up due to pregnancy related hospitalization. I was gaunt and frail having lost 12 lbs being sick 15+ times per day for 2 months. I was confident in my decision to end this pregnancy.Dr. Fleischman and her staff treated me with kindness immediately upon walking through the door. They offered tea and anti-nausea meds. There were some brief moments of pain during the procedure, similar to sharp period cramps but it passed quickly. Hayley, the nurse/assistant was like a supportive sister in the room - by my side for the entire two hours I was in the office.By the time I was dressed, I felt better than I had in weeks. This is a group a special women doing important work. Not all pregnancies have the same trajectory. It’s amazing to have this option available. Thank you so much Dr. Fleischman and Hayley.

Review №89

I made my appointment the same day i found out I was pregnant with child #3, nine months after child #2. They called me the next business day to clarify some questions and confirm appointment date I was available for. After reviewing my questions to find out if I was available for the discount, we secured the time slot. The next day i went the office was very peaceful, clean and staff very friendly and non judgmental. Right away they took me to the private room where my procedure happened. Nobody saw me going and I didnt see anyone else (very private). I chose the softouch and the nurse was very friendly made sure I wasnt thinking about what was going to happen and kept talking to me to distract me. I felt small discomfort but nothing major. 5 minutes later we were done. Thanks for everything EarlyOptions!

Review №90

Exceeded all my expectations.

Review №91

I am so grateful to have been a patient at Early Options. They made what can be a confusing and daunting procedure as comfortable and private as possible for my partner and I. Though they do not accept Medicaid, the staff kindly helped me apply to their sliding scale discount program, and I was able to receive a discount that made their services available to me at a price that I could afford. Even though NYS Medicaid would have allowed me to have an abortion at other clinics at no cost, I chose to pay some out of pocket to receive care here because it is entirely different from all the other clinics that I looked at.I opted for the SofTouch procedure, which is a manual aspiration. Most important to me, it did not require going under general anesthesia. My boyfriend was able to stay with me throughout the appointment, but had he not been able to be there, the staff was so caring and kind that the energy in the room was akin to being surrounded by supportive friends. The actual procedure itself took less than five minutes, and while there was some discomfort and strong cramping, the worst of it was completed in just two minutes, and the assistant talked me through the whole thing and helped distract me from the pain. Afterwards, the intensity of the cramping slowly dropped off, and after about 15-20 minutes it was akin to light period cramping and we were able to leave. An hour later, I felt back to my normal self, just a little tired.The office itself is comfortable and relaxing, and I was in a private exam room similar to my regular obgyns office. I did not see anyone else outside of the female staff during my visit. Though this was not an emotional choice for me, I was nervous and a bit scared about the procedure. From the moment I spoke on the phone with Juliette, she was completely reassuring and gentle. Every member of the staff was extremely caring and kind, and made sure that I was feeling comfortable and that all my questions were answered at every step along the way. This honestly was the best, most caring medical care I have ever received, and it was obvious to me that Dr. Fleischman and her staff go above and beyond because they know this can be a difficult and emotional situation for many women.Though this a private and difficult thing to discuss on a public forum, I wanted to share my experience here because I believe every woman deserves the normalized and comforting experience that early options offers, should they choose an abortion.Thank you so very much Dr. Fleischman, Brianna, and the rest of your team for your concerted care. You made what could have been a stressful and scary experience as comfortable and painless as possible, and I am very grateful to have found you!

Review №92

I could not have asked for a better experience in this situation. It was heart wrenching enough to make the difficult decision to terminate my pregnancy. I had a terrible experience at another clinic (Walk-in GYN in Astoria), where I waited for over 5 hours only to be told (incorrectly) that there was a wait period and I would have to come in for three more (!) follow-up appointments before I would then be referred to East Side Gynecology (another place Ive heard horror stories about - including that the lead doctor there uses the opportunity of having women in his exam chair to recommend vaginal reconstructive surgery to them. Horrifying).Anyway. Early Options was beyond anything I could have imagined. I went with my boyfriend - who they allowed to be by my side throughout the entire procedure. We were buzzed in - it felt very very safe - and were immediately greeted and guided into a private room. There was no one in the waiting area and the space was clean and quiet and peaceful. I had gone in planning to do the abortion pill (since I didnt know much about SofTouch) but once I met with the nurse (who was the sweetest, a literal angel) and discussed it, I decided to go with the SofTouch since it has a significantly shorter recovery time, less bleeding, and higher accuracy. Plus, no follow-up visit required!When I met the doctor (FYI, everyone is female which I really appreciated!) she was just as gracious, articulate, and non-judgmental as I could hope. She also talked me through my options and even offered to help on the other end with getting me an IUD, which had proved difficult in myriad other obgyn offices due to some shenanigans with my insurance. I didnt just feel like I was there to be processed - she cared about my ongoing health and wellbeing in a way that is rare in any doctors office.There was an ultrasound and then the SofTouch procedure began - and ended- in under five minutes. The lovely nurse was on one side of me, helping to distract me with conversation, while my boyfriend held my hand. It hurt for maybe 30 seconds at most - no, it wasnt a great feeling but my god I wouldnt trade it for any of the other options presented. It was so fast, I had so much support, and within half an hour the cramping and bleeding had almost completely stopped. I was given a juice and they told us we could sit in the private room and relax for as long as we needed.When we were ready to leave, the nurse and doctor both hugged me and I was able to thank them for giving me such a caring and calm experience. I got all the paperwork I needed for insurance to reimburse me as well. Not only that - they were also able to accommodate my financial needs and offered me a discounted price up front that I could afford. So please, seriously - going to a place like Early Options may seem out of reach, but TRUST me when I say: there is no better place in NYC to go when you have had to make the difficult decision to abort a pregnancy. They were there for me financially, logistically, and emotionally and I could not be more grateful.

Review №93

I would recommend this place time and time again to anyone going through the abortion process. Everything about Early Options was more than I could have imagined. The staff was welcoming and comforting, so much so, that I secretly wished that they were my standard OBGYN, as of today I want to find a way to make that happen. They are super private, which is a BIG MUST for me, and so easy to talk to that I was not hesitant in the least bit about asking any questions that I had.I chose to do the aspiration procedure, which I would suggest to anyone going through this, it was quick, efficient and over in a minute or 2. Lets just put it this way, getting a wax hurts worse. I also had them insert an IUD, a procedure I did not know they even offered, but now am so thankful for. On top of that they were super affordable. My OBGYN wanted $4000 for the same procedure, and were going to make me wait 2 more weeks. With Early Options I found out on Friday and it was over on Saturday. Their offices are better than most places in the city and the doctor, physicians assistant and the receptionist were so so personable, my boyfriend were in shock at how well it went. The doctor answered every question I had, and I got a true sense that she really cared about me and my well-being, which lets be honest is IMPOSSIBLE to find in NYC. If you are going there alone, she is going to make you feel like you have a friend there next to you. Simply put, I cant say enough nice things, and I was so glad a friend recommended this place, they are first class without a doubt.LASTLY, to the person who wrote the barking note about the long reviews, first of all who surveys a few abortion clinics and secondly, who posts a review critiquing other reviews. When you have an intense personal experience as such and you have a good experience, a hormonal woman does want to be long winded and let other women know that there is a place out there for them.

Review №94

I felt very fortunate to have a friend help me with my search for a safe, clean, professional and nurturing clinic. Unfortunately, other clinics in the area claim to offer similar services but are very misleading. We both agreed that Early Options was the best solution, even with the higher cost. Ending an unplanned pregnancy is definitely not something you want to skimp on. Early Options staff was kind, informative, nonjudgmental throughout the entire experience from the initial phone call to a follow up from Dr. Fleischman herself. I have never had this kind of attentive care and concern from any medical professional.I chose the non-surgical Aspiration procedure as it seemed to be the least invasive with little to no recovery time. Additionally, I’m afraid of general anesthesia and this procedure did not require me to be put to sleep. I was alert and my friend was able to sit with me through the entire procedure. The Aspiration procedure itself only took about 5 minutes. My entire time at the clinic was just around an hour, which was a pleasant surprise.As I chose the Aspiration procedure, I was able to return to work later that afternoon without discomfort, which was great because this was an unanticipated expense.I’m excited to have children in the years to come, but I knew that now was not the right time being a recent college graduate just starting out. I’m very grateful to Dr. Fleischman and her caring and superior staff for helping me so much. Thank you!

Review №95

Took my friend for a procedure here and the staff was wonderful, supportive and friendly. Procedure was quick and shes doing great.

Review №96

The experience at this clinic was phenomenal. I am a male and found this clinic after scouring the internet for hours looking for a reputable clinic. My partner had originally gone to a planned parenthood in our area (about 3 hours outside of new York). After her appointment I spoke with her about the condition of the clinic, demeanor of the staff, and general impressions of the planned parenthood. Not to take away from what planned parent hood does or the services they offer but my partner was not impressed and I wanted better for her. So began my search.I searched for hours to find a clinic that was well regarded and made us both feel comfortable with the care my partner would be receiving. I found that Marie Stopes clinics are pretty much the gold standard but was unable to find one even remotely close to us. After searching for hours I finally found the website for early options in NYC. I honestly thought it was too good to be true. But after reviewing their website, verifying the credentials of the doctor and reading endless 5 star reviews I was convinced this clinic was the real deal and booked an appointment for my partner. I then forwarded her the information for her approval. She was hesitant at first because this clinic was more expensive than planned parenthood but when it comes to my partner and her future fertility the money was not something that was going to stop us from getting my partner the best care available.The staff was awesome, the doctor was great. They advertise 1 hour appointments which is true. Our appointment was about an hour and a half but it was because of how friendly everyone was. There were no protestors outside and privacy is maintained 100%. You dont see anyone else in the clinic. Everything they advertise is true.The logistics of getting there were a bit challenging but I found the best route to be driving to New Jersey to park, then catch a bus into the city. The clinic is 1 mile from the port authority bus terminal. Our plan worked flawlessly. The procedure is completely transparent and they allowed me to be by my partners side during the procedure (I am told that this feature is unique to this clinic and not replicated anywhere else in the country).In a nutshell, this is the place you want to have your procedure done. Dont take my word for it, do your research and verify for yourself. This clinic stands out and though we will not be back I am so happy to have found this clinic. I was really stressing about some of the things I had read about planned parenthood and I couldnt be happier with the treatment my partner received. My partner feels the same way.

Review №97

I know I made the best choice for my body by going to Early Options. I am already a mother of one healthy 4 year old that I delivered naturally, so it was especially important for me to choose an option that made the most sense logically and biologically. I chose the Aspiration method. I have a busy career so being pregnant is just not an option right now neither is calling in sick. I was able to go to work that afternoon with little to no discomfort at all. In fact I felt 100% by the time I left the office because they gave me the time I needed to recover, which was 10-15 minutes. I was alone when I showed up (I didnt want to burden my new fiancé with my decision) but quickly found comfort with the female nurse. The office is cozy and private meaning I didnt have to see any other patients. The experience was NO different from going to your GYN appointment, and thats what makes sense to me. The procedure itself is quick as described. It was uncomfortable just like your GYN visit but I just took deep breaths and tried to relax my muscles. After I relaxed a bit with the heating pad which is what I do at home for my cramps, I had something hot to drink. Within 15 minutes I was ready to get on with my day. This method essentially brought down my late period and thats exactly what it felt like. If you have a friend, girlfriend, or wife that you love but this just isnt the right time for them to be pregnant talk to them about Early Options.

Review №98

By far this was an excellent experience. When I research early abortions Early Options popped up with a few other companies. As I called each facility to ask how the procedure was done Early Options was the only Private Doctor that gave me details information about the aspiration procedures. BE CAREFUL , a lot of Clinics are claiming they perform this procedure, and its a scam. Early Option is the ONLY one, out of the tireless research of clinics & doctors office that perform this non-surgical ,harmless procedure with quality care and integrity! The amount of knowledge I learn was more then what I could retain. It gave me understanding and comfort knowing exactly what was being done. They explain how my body would react, and why it was happening.Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy is a very difficult. Early Options made the experience comfortable with no judgements. I loved that it was intimate in the office, there wasnt numerous patience lined up waiting to be seen. they are very punctual. The whole experience from Checking - In , to having the procedure , to leaving was about an hour. If i needed to stay longer they allow me to stay as long as I liked.More importantly the doctor allow my spouse to come in with me during the procedure! And I was able to play my choice of music to keep me calm. They were very gentle with me. I let the nurse know I had a phobia with needles, which I knew she needed to draw blood, but honestly through out the whole procedure the worst thing was Pricking my finger for blood, everything else was flawless! Intense cramping yes, Minor bleeding yes but it was quick! Between 5 mins! She let me know every step of the way what she was doing and the nurse was a great support and very warm. She informed me with amazing birth control options.It was very very very pleasing. After the procedure the doctor asked how a felt and gave me additional information on what just happend, and informed me on what to expect. 2 Thumbs Up!

Review №99

I have nothing but utterly positive things to say about my experience with Early Options. The team at Early Options are absolute life-savers in every meaning of the word. They approach your situation with compassion, understanding, and utmost empathy, professionalism, and warmth. I had the worst week of my life (as I am sure many women have unfortunately experienced.) From the moment I did my research and called for an appointment at Early Options, I felt as though I could breathe again. The receptionist was wonderful, discreet, and understanding. The nurse was a calming force explaining information to me with ease and understanding. The doctor, herself, was absolutely wonderful and eased me through the entire process. I cant say enough good things about her and her team. I am beaming with gratitude and just want to spread the word to other women who are scared and unsure of what to do. You ladies have options. And I would recommend Early Options whole-heartedly. The Manual Vacuum Aspiration procedure itself was the way to go in terms of early abortion options. I was incredibly nervous about the pain, however, it was over in a matter of three deep breaths, and was nothing compared to what I was imagining. My partner got to stay with me and hold my hand the whole time and really felt like he was a part of this intimate experience. The whole office is private. You are not waiting in a waiting room or experiencing a 7 hour torturous wait time going from one room to another. The billing process is absolutely honest. There are no secret fees. I have been hearing nightmare things about Eastside Gynecology saying that they offer the same procedure as Early Options but please do yourself a favor and stay away. They bill people 20,000 dollars and say that it is a private clinic, when it is in fact, a 7 hour process waiting in a crowded waiting room and having to wake up confused and hurting lying next to other confused and hurting women in a recovery room. What I experienced couldnt be further from that. Manual Vacuum Aspiration doesnt include being put under or put to sleep. You are awake. It take 5 minutes. And the healing time is practically nothing. I got up afterwards and went on with my day with utmost gratitude and utter relief. I came back a week later for an IUD insertion and again, the whole experience was PAINLESS, emotionally and physically. I was greeted by the same wonderful staff. I had my IUD inserted in a matter of 5 minutes. And that was that. Thank you, Early Options. You were life-changing for me. I truly admire what you do and how you approach such a sensitive time in a womans life. Life-changing.

Review №100

Early Options was truly the best possible way to deal with an incredibly difficult situation. I am a 32 year old woman and was told that I wouldnt ever be able to conceive. A little over two weeks ago, I found out that I was pregnant. These past two and a half weeks have been an absolute emotional disaster of epic proportions. Not only was I dealing with an unwanted pregnancy but I was also dealing with the idea that I was not actually infertile (which I have believed for the past ten years). Add in a tremendous amount of religious guilt (which reared its ugly head from years of Sunday School classes) and international travel and I have been a wreck.This morning, when I went to Early Options, I was teary and feeling like I was about to do something that would ruin the rest of my life. I didnt want the baby. I didnt know I could have children until two weeks ago and I knew it was not the time or the place. I didnt want to go to hell. I was scared of the unknown. All of the goggling that I had been doing certainly didnt help. I felt like I was murdering an alien that was illegally growing inside of me, making me nauseous and making my nipples hurt so badly I wasted to scream.From the moment I walked in the door, my experience changed. Lori was absolutely lovely, supportive and full of humor (exactly what I needed). She gave me a private room right away, explained everything and was a friend when I desperately needed one. Then I met the incredible Dr. Fleischman. She talked to me about absolutely everything, offering me tissues and making me laugh when I needed to. I told her that I was suffering incredible guilt. She asked me if I had been googling and offered to show me what it actually looked like. She brought in four jars that had four different sized sacs in them. 5, 6, 7 and 8 weeks of gestation. I was right at 6 weeks. It was nothing. It wasnt what the internet and conservative propaganda would lead you to believe. There were no eyes. There was no baby looking thing. It was a bunch of cells and the beginnings of an amniotic sac. Thats it. I cannot tell you how that immediately changed my perception and made everything so much better.When we got ready to do the procedure, they were kind and gentle - Lori stood north of the equator and really helped me through it, telling me when to breath and helping me to understand what was happening. Dr. Fleischman was incredible efficient and the entire procedure was done in under 5 minutes. I am not going to lie, there was some pain, but it was over quickly. I know that the aspiration abortion was the right choice for me. I didnt want the chemicals of the pill and I didnt want to be put to sleep with the D&C.These women are truly lifesavers in an incredibly difficult situation. They dont make you feel guilty or upset in the least. They hold your hand, without babying you and they are proactive in helping you find the best birth control solution so that you dont have an unwanted pregnancy again.I am incredibly thankful for these unbelievably cool women. I would recommend them to anyone having to go through this awful situation. They make everything better.

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