Westside Womens Medical Pavilion
1841 Broadway #1011, New York, NY 10023, United States

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I was so happy I found this place I never thought I would be in this situation. My husband and I spent days researching and We made the right choice I called a few times and the staff was so caring and patient with me over the phone. The staff and doctors at the office made us feel secure of our decision. I’m extremely grateful thank you for helping us during this difficult time.

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Ive been helped the couple of times I came here. The staff and doctors are great. I realize I was not capable enough to carry a pregnancy and at some point I had to save my life and all womens save me. It was fast and easy to make an appointment and the procedure was fast. The customer service was great with good privacy.

Review №3

I had a great experience considering the reason of being here. The staff was very helpful and informative and also many people came to check on my progress after the procedure. They make you feel as if is not just a job for them, they show you care and compassion. I would recommend anyone to come here. The staff makes you feel comfortable about making such a tuff decision.

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My experience has been great thus far the staff are great. I feel better about getting the procedure done, I feel catered to. I feel like Im making the right decision because of the staff. They are very open and arent shy about talking to me. I would recommend this place to anybody and everybody who wants to get this procedure done.

Review №5

Thank you to the incredible Staff at All Womens Medical.Special thanks to Carmen and Joanna for doing such a great job at taking care of me and making me feel safe , and comfortable. I would suggest this place to any women! You guys are awesome! Thanks for your knowledge and caring attitude. So grateful for you guys!

Review №6

The staff and doctors were great from the moment i walked in the door to the end they made me feel like family.

Review №7

Private room experience was great, very comfortable and relaxing. It gave me the time I needed to recover on my own from this procedure. The staff was very comforting, attentive and made me feel at ease. All my questions were answered and Im grateful for the doctor/nurses for all their help.

Review №8

I thought the experience overall was speedy, which was great. The staff was helpful and very attentive. Everyone was kind and caring which is a plus due to the circumstances. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone. It felt good to be taken care of and it was sincerely appreciated.

Review №9

All womens medical is incredibly comforting helpful in their care. They took extra care to help me as I have a hip injury and have trouble walking. All my questions were answered by every staff memeber I spoke to. I experienced a larger then normal amount of pain after due to my injury and they made sure to encourage me to take my time and even gave me medication to help my pain. I never felt rushed and I appreciate the experience I had with them.

Review №10

Staff is attentive and friendly. I appreciated the cleanliness of the facility. I love how someone complained about snacks!Its not a hotel.. what were you expecting .. free continental breakfast!?

Review №11

My experience was great. Everyone was friendly and always check up on me. It was pretty fast with a wonderful outcome. Thank you so much for the experience.

Review №12

I traveled to this office with a lot of doubts but when I entered the office the front desk person made my husband and myself comfortable. I would recommend this office. The entire staff was pleasant. Thank you for taking care of me.

Review №13

The Doctors and nurses are wonderful, they are understanding and confidential. The wait is not very long. I would recommended this clinic to anyone.

Review №14

All womens medical office was a very friendly environment. They were very welcoming and comforting throughout my entire experience. I would recommend this place 100%.

Review №15

Accompanied my wife to her appointment at this clinic and they made us feel welcomed and comfortable. Despite the circumstances, we were satisfied with every step of the way. From front staff to medical staff and the Doctor that helped my wife.

Review №16

The staff at all women’s are very friendly,professional and welcoming the office is very clean and the doctors are great and make me feel at home. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Review №17

I went to this office and the staff and doctors were great they make me feel at ease they answered all my questions. Thank you!!

Review №18

Staff made me feel safe and comfortable. It is great that in a time like this, in any womans life, that there is such a sweet and caring team.

Review №19

These idiots give you paper prescriptions and most pharmacy’s now don’t take them. You call them and they don’t have any other options for you which can be extremely inconvienent .

Review №20

Very greatful for my counselors support and understanding. Dr. Yuen was super nice,and made me comfortable before surgery. I didnt feel a thing and for that I am totally pleased with the outcome.

Review №21

The ladies were all really polite and professional. I was done with the first part of my visit fast but after that waited about 45 min or more for the doctor to get there and the waiting area was really cold.

Review №22

Dr. Daniel Kushner & Nurse practitioner Samantha Kesten are both amazing. Their intelligence and caring personalities helped me get the treatment I needed. I came into their Manhattan office (Westside Women’s Medical Pavilion) in November of 2017 and completed my annual gynecological exam with Samantha Kesten, NP she’s very kind and caring. She gave me a referral to do a pelvic ultrasound to follow up on an ovarian cyst I had since 2016. As soon as Samantha received my ultrasound report she gave me a call with the results from my ultrasound and from there Samantha helped me schedule an appointment with Dr. Kushner. I went in to see him January 2018 he did a sonogram and took images of my ovarian cyst i got to see the images of the cyst myself and the size of the cyst. I’ve seen other doctors about this ovarian cyst who were aware of the pain the cyst causes me and continuing growth of it and they never seem to care much. I’m thankful to have met Dr. Kushner. He helped me get an appointment to have a consultation with the surgeon who would be performing the surgery. Dr. Kushner was professional, caring and very understanding. From the moment I saw Dr. Kushner I knew he genuinely cared about my condition and it was the first time I walked out a doctors office feeling cared for, relief and satisfied with the treatment and care I was given. I would highly recommend both Dr. Daniel Kushner and Nurse Practitioner Samantha Kesten to anyone seeking gynecological care.

Review №23

I had an appointment for 9:00am, they gave me a form to sign, I spoke to a nurse, then waited 5 hours to be seen by a doctor. That is not counting how long they took after I saw the doctor. Right now it is 6:16pm and I am still here. I dont even know when I am leaving this place. That is ridiculous!!!! What was the point of giving an early appointment if Im going to leave so late, at least make the patient/patients aware of what is going on and how long it will take. Very unorganized, never coming here again! They also have a sign that reads; The highest compliment our patients can give us is referral of their friends and family. *I would never recommend this place to nobody!

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I had a wonderful experience here. All the nurses, doctors and receptionists did a wonderful job at making me feel comfortable and fine getting this procedure done. Thank you

Review №25

The medical staff is pleasant and comforting. Also the office looks great.

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Very informative about birth control, everything was explained clearly and calmly. Took alot of anxiety out of an already anxious moment. Would recommend this office for future services and followup. Thank you for the kindness and patience I received at a most difficult time.

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My experience at this office was wonderful, not as much pain as I expected. Very fast and amazing stuff.

Review №28

Thoroughly impressed and greatful for the employees and services provided by ALL WOMENS MEDICAL OFFICE. They were very supportive to my wife and I, and made the visit an easy and caring experience. We are very greatful for the services.

Review №29

Caring staff and wonderful doctors. They took the time to listen to our concerns and needs.

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I like this office. They are very fast, neat and organized. The doctor and nurse are very nice.

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My counselor was Great, soothing and very compassionate, Made me feel comfortable.

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Thank you for the help and support during a difficult time. Great staff!

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Long procesos (too long) but very very nice staff !!

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Great staff and doctors.

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Great people, very compassionate and caring

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My experience was great.

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