Parkmed NYC
800 2nd Ave #605, New York, NY 10017, United States

Review №1

I’ve been looking for a place to remove my Nexplanon birth control for a while. Every place kept giving me the run around and most of the times told me I would have to go back to the place where I got the insertion done at. With Parkmed NYC I was able to make an appointment right away. When I got there, the employees were very cautious about COVID and took the proper measures. I did wait about 1-2 before being seen (was a bit busy) but the nurses and doctor were super nice. I would HIGHLY recommend this place for anything related to birth control including the Nexplanon removal.

Review №2

Consider your going to be here for at least 5+ hours. But other than that it’s full of amazing and caring staff they are there for you to answer all your questions.I recommend this place!

Review №3

Amazing staff. All around a positive experience thank you to everyone there.

Review №4

Had me wait over 4 hours to get seen by a dr. Nurse and staff Was not Helpful. If your experiencing morning sickness DO NOT COME HERE ! This process is not worth the 5 hour plus wait.

Review №5

I only spent 2h there . Looked like they were really busy. Workers are very nice and polite, besides an older nurse, she was extremely unprofessional and rude like I was some dumb person... don’t know her name tho.. wont come back or recommend because of that person . She should not work with women!!!!

Review №6

Dont know if its because of the pandemic but my process was finished in less than 3 hrs. Everyone was friendly, didnt make me feel nervous or uncomfortable. Very clean only thing i didnt like was having to go there & wait after not being able to eat after midnight but thats a part of the process.

Review №7

They have broken all privacy and confidentiality! Do NOT come here at all, I had an abortion procedure here with my girlfriend and they assured us several several times that no private information would be mailed to her familys address. They lied or accidentally let us down, whatever happened they broke all trust and have infringed on our privacy, I am absolutely fuming and they will not hear the end of this, I will make sure to let as many people know that Parkmed does not take privacy or trust seriously, a disgrace!

Review №8

I had a scheduled appointment for 8:30am this morning. My abortion was not Performed until 2pm almost. And left after 3pm. While waiting in the the waiting room for for 3 hrs, I asked the Receptionists, Katherine and Jennifer, several times how long it would be, they kept telling the couldn’t give me a time frame. By the time I got to the doctor I was sick and dizzy from not being able to eat for the surgery. I would not recommend any women going here. The wait time is absolutely ridiculous, and the employees show to concern for the patients.

Review №9

This place is just spectacular, to have gone through an already emotional experience the staff made you feel at ease the whole step of the way, from Triage to the Nurse handing out the cookies, I would recommend this place to anyone

Review №10

I’m so grateful I found Parkmed NYC. I was having a hard time finding a clinic during this Covid-19 pandemic that was accommodating regarding tele-health and availability. I was able to have a consultation appointment online. right away and the in office appointments were scheduled shortly after. They are great on tele-visits, you only go for an in-person visit when required. The space is clean, organized and pleasant. The staff and doctors doctors I met were knowledgeable, friendly and non judgmental. Dr. Molaei was amazing, he treated me with respect and compassion, has great energy and he genuinely cares about his patients. I found it to be a safe space for abortion care (no annoying protesters or rude staff) plus they provide all type of gynecological services as well as STD testing. Not only are they great, they also accept Medicaid!! Quality healthcare for all! Thank you

Review №11

Amazing customer service ! The nurses and doctor was well spoken and understanding. I came to the clinic to have my nexplanon removed and it went really quick no less then 20 mins! I would recommend coming to this clinic !

Review №12

Having medicaid as a health care insurance few great gynecologist in Manhattan takes the insurance put Parkmed does. Amazing and professional service for all your gynecologist need, the Md is very attentive and hands on, staff is friendly and welcoming but most importantly they maintain a cleanly environment will recommend to anyone.Some things Parkmed attend to:Pelvises examsPap smearTreatmentsAnd many more

Review №13

This office took care of me from the beginning to the end ! They take all Insurances ! Medicaid, Empire, fidelis even cash. The intake meaning face of the practice to the middle and back staff where amazing ! The Doctors are caring and make sure you are comfortable! The follow up after it all was so great the Dr didn’t just focus on making sure I was just ok he went into detail and offered other services that as a woman are very important! The fact that this practice took they time with me in all aspects means the world. Going to these places is not easy because you’re scared emotional and honestly it’s very difficult but the professional staff and Drs are amazing. God bless them and their practice always. Thank you For all you did and do.

Review №14

Great place, they take in all insurance and are very very friendly and fast, better service than planned parenthood! I recommend women to come here instead .

Review №15

Although the staff is great here their wait is terrible and will ruin your day. You will wait about 5 hours in a very uncomfortable chair until you finally get called in for your procedure while youre starving and nauseous

Review №16

Ive had an amazing experience with this clinic. staff and doctors are great! super professionals, the clinic is clean. the first time that I went to the clinic was because I needed to get a medical abortion and no other clinic wanted to do it because I was 24 weeks pregnant, they explained me everything, all the process and it all went well. then I went back to get the IUD insert, everything was super good.

Review №17

I have been going to parkmed for years ..I remember when they were on 33rd streetEveryone is great kind.very professional...and very caring..

Review №18

I literally waited 3hrs to see a doctor. Smh should never have to wait this long for a check up.

Review №19

I have had the absolute worst experience here with my wife. Avoid at all costs they treat you like you are a speck of useless dust here, not a customer in need of serious medical help.

Review №20

From beginning to end 100% quality care At Parkmed Staff-are very delicate with their patients also very generous, courteous,Gentle and kind. At Parkmed Doctors take time explain different options thoroughly, They also except Medicaid and other payment options. I can say I had an excellent experience and will continue to go for other services provided such as OB/GYN

Review №21

Great place! Very professional and caring staff, they take good care of you until the end. The doctor is very caring. I would recommend this place to anyone! If I could give 10 stars I would!

Review №22

Love the place. Love the service and the nurses. My mom recommended me this place and been coming here always for any type of check up

Review №23

Great place. From the moment u enter to moment your done you feel the warmth and welcoming staff as if your family starting with the receptionist, the medical assistants and doctors. I have been coming here since 2017 and I do not intend on going to any other office. I do my annual check up such as Pap smear, breast cancer check etc I also gotten my IUD done here as well. They also offer all other gynecologic services that we women needs. They answer every questions that u have and helps u make the right decisions. Greatest thing about them is that they accept mostly all major insurances including Medicaid(a lot of GYN offices don’t) and other form of payments. If there were more stars to give I would. I highly recommend giving them are call if your looking for a GYN office that will make u feel at home. It’s a judgment free place.

Review №24

I love this place. Ive been coming here for a year and a half for my depo shot. Everyone is so friendly, understanding, Respectful, etc.I definitely recommend anyone to come here.

Review №25

They take real good care of you. Their very respectful and they cater to your need. Anything you need from your annual check or just a pap smear, they are there to help.

Review №26

I am so grateful for the women at Parkmed. I arrived at 7am and was out by 9:30. I received wonderful care from the reception desk to doctors and nurses. After a consultation I mentioned that I prefer female doctors, not expecting that the nurse/technician would ensure that I had a female doctor later on, but she did it. I was so comfortable and cared for from the moment I walked in. There was never a moment of frustration on boredom for me. I was cared for quickly and properly.I want to thank Marie for her incredible kindness and genuine care. I read many reviews that mentioned her and was so happy to know she was my nurse. Simple things like a pat of the leg or a fluff of a pillow made me feel like she cared for me as a person not just one of many patients. She listened to me and talked at the right moments. She made me feel so safe in a situation that can often feel lonely and scary. She is the kind of presence that all patients need after a tough procedure. I am so so happy that I was able to receive care from such a wonderful nurse. I wish her the best and I hope her employers know how lucky they are to have someone like her in their practice. There are not enough words for this wonderful woman. Choose Parkmed because of her. Thank you for your comforting presence and genuine care Marie. You are golden.I also want to mention the anesthesiologist who was incredibly kind and gentle as well. She stayed with me through the local anesthesia and comforted me in ways she probably didnt even realize. I felt so safe with her next to me.Every moment of this experience was enhanced by the quality of care I received. I do hope that other women see this and make their appointments with Parkmed. They offer full OB/GYN services, not just the notorious procedures. I will continue to come here for the exceptional women that go above and beyond to protect women. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Review №27

Everyone was very helpful. I really liked the doctor that attended to me and they take Medicaid....didn’t know that until my sister recommended their services to me.

Review №28

This place is a great place!! I recommend any woman to come here. The staff is kind and they are there to answer any of your questions or concerns. I have been coming to Parkmed for more then 5 years my Doctor is amazing always making sure I’m in good health, and I appreciate it.

Review №29

Professional at what they practice, And for those who dont know parkmed is a excellent Gynecologist clinic quick appointments available.

Review №30

Great experience very professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend if wanting to be treated with respect and comfort.

Review №31

I been coming to this clinic for the last 7 years and all I get it’s excellent service.

Review №32

I got my nexplanon removed here this is the only place other than plan parenthood that does it

Review №33

This place is more than just an abortion clinic. They do so much more. This is a womens health clinic and they accept most insurance and Medicaid. Dont let medicaid keep you from getting your body checked out. The whole team is very compassionate, efficient, and friendly. They treat all insurance patients the same private or public.

Review №34

Went for a OB GYN appointment & I had a great experience. They explain & answer all your questions, They accept Medicaid as well so that was a big plus!

Review №35

Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable.Also would like to point out this is a Women’s Health clinic not just an abortion clinic so if you need STD screening, a well women’s exam/pap smear or birth control,contraception counseling please come here. I was in and out within an hour of my appointment time.They accept self pay,medicaid,and some other insurances (call to check).

Review №36

If I could give this establishment 10 stars I would!!!! From the front office staff to the back office everyone was friendly, warm and welcoming. Even when you are nervous they know exactly how to calm you down and talk positively to you. Medical Assistants, Nurses and Gynocologists were amazing. Very friendly Anesthesiologists, recovery was ten minutes and I had absolutely no pain. I would recommend Park Med to anyone that needs support during this time!!! Not many clinics are welcoming when it comes down to these procedures. I want to thank you guys for everything from funding, escorts, your Haven Coalition and my procedure being a success. Thank you!!!

Review №37

I was on a mission to find an ONGYN that accepted just Medicaid! After a long list of dead ends I found this place and at first I was skeptical because i never heard of it one, and two it was a change in my doctor. I have to say the experience was amazing great. They accept all/or most insurance without a hassle. This is now my OBGN/obstetrics. I say if you’re looking for quality service and amazing staff give this place a try and you tell me about your experience.

Review №38

I love coming to this private office my appts last about half an hour tops. The staff and doctors are very friendly. Most important they accept all insurance and Medicaid. Have a great day everyone!!

Review №39

The best clinic i had nexplanon that i had done somewhere else and my nexplanon got infected I started looking for many places and in a lot places in nyc denied removing my nexplanon and in this place Dr. Michael Molaei did great Job he explaned everything to me and he did awesome job by removing my nexplanon. ladies i do recommend this place 100% you wont regret it.

Review №40

I had a really great experience . Ive been with the for 2 years going on 3 they are extremely nice and understanding on your situation they accept Medicaid and if you have to pay out of pocket the fees arent bad awell . You could bring spouse there too ladies .

Review №41

I like the fact that I dont have seat for a long wait to see the doctor, the place is clean and nice and so is the staff. Plus the accept Medicaid it a women health clinic. I have been following with them for half a year I have no complaints.

Review №42

I had a deep inserted nexplanon an was told by many offices it was too difficult to take out up until I found parkmed. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel safe. The procedure wasn’t long at all and the doctor was very informative and professional. My nexplanon was removed with care.

Review №43

For anybody going through with an abortion . This is the best place to go!. Its very clean and organized. The doctors and nurses are so friendly and nice they make you feel at ease. And the procedure is quick ! Once u fall asleep. Just make sure u bring an escort . After they give u snacks

Review №44

The staff at Parkmed are so genuine and caring. I been coming here since I was 18 and never had a problem. If you need anything done I recommend you to come here. They accept all insurances.

Review №45

I went in for just a general test/pap smear and such. The nurses were very nice and helpful. All the staff in general were very kind. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I was very nervous, but it was not intimidating at all. The doctor that saw me, Dr.M, was very kind, attentive, and informative. He answered all my questions and acknowledged all of my concerns. The test was uncomfortable but it was over very quickly. The overall wait was actually not that bad, but do expect to spend about an hour to an hour and a half there. The doctor prescribed medication for me right away and I was able to pick it up within 10 minutes at the pharmacy downstairs. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a good ob/gyn.

Review №46

First the office is so clean and the nurses and front desk personal are very friendly. The waiting time is not long at all. The facility including the doctors are very caring and patient. I give this place a 5 star.

Review №47

Awesome place everyone is very helpful and friendly.Good thing is that they take most of insurance including Medicaid.

Review №48

Looking for a GYN can be stressful. Finding one where the entire staff is kind and down to earth is rare! Out of all of the sweet staff, Marie was my favorite. She wears her big heart on her sleeve and makes you feel right at home. The care is professional and compassionate. I can see why people have been coming here for years. We moved and now have to travel about an to our childrens pediatrician. But hes so awesome, I wouldnt dare leave his practice. Thats how I feel about Parkmed!

Review №49

I absolutely love this place !!! They are the most helpful, compassionate, dedicated staff I have ever met. Ive been coming to this place for 10 yrs plus so they are like family. I am greeted every time with warm smiles and real hugs. Ive traveled near and far to come to this facility because they are the best hands down! Amazingly genuine and sensitive to your needs. I highly recommend this pace to anyone who needs any type gynecology services.

Review №50

Clean and friendly staff i didnt appreciate waiting to see the doctor for an hour and a half after having vitals blood work and sonogram done. Appointment was for 845 didnt see the doctor till after 1pm

Review №51

They are slow, the employees are too busy speaking about non related work stuff, the nurses enters your room without knocking first. The doctor was great tho

Review №52

Very welcoming staff! Saw dr gluck. Most amazing and caring doctor.

Review №53

I didnt like the front desk girls..very unhelpful....make sure u go on time...otherwise they put u in the back list...n take money in advance if u decided too come back, u have to pay for the next visit also which is $425. Wait hours 5/7 hours....have patience with their service....they r not caring at all...fake reputation...also they r racist!

Review №54

Parkmed was such a great experience. The doctors,nurses, & receptionists are truly sent from god! the wait is long but really super worth it. they helped me get through the hardest thing Ive ever had to deal with & they did it with grace, care, & understanding. Marie told me some words thatll stick with me for life & i love her for it. I highly recommend Parkmed to everyone.

Review №55

Honestly, this is the most AMAZING clinic Ive EVER been to. being a CT resident, I had depleted all my resources and no one was willing to help me get the procedure I needed, leaving me utterly hopeless and lost. UNTIL I discovered Parkmed, who provided me with the most helpful and accurate information from the beginning. Being a non-NY resident DID NOT stand in my way, every person there was willing to help me and guide me through reaching out to organizations who would fund my procedure for me, with nothing coming out of my pocket. Yes, it took patience and many calls back and forth but at the end, my ENTIRE procedure was paid for in full! You have NO idea how much of a blessing this place was for me! Thank you to the ENTIRE Parkmed staff for all you do for women in this world, you made me feel comfortable, cared for and accepted at all times! Very professional, relaxing, caring and empowering atmosphere for those going through rough times. I am beyond grateful for the help I received and the love I felt, God Bless everyone who is a part of Parkmed, youve truly given me hope and a chance at a better life! I couldnt be happier with my experience and I am traveling home with a heart full of thankfulness to all you women and men; forever grateful! Keep on doing what you do, I will always recommend Parkmed to Any woman in need! ️ Xoxo

Review №56

Appointment process was so easy, date and time was given on same call, No hassle and No wait around by the front desk staff. We reached the center on time and all the regular tests were performed as per scheduled. Parkmed also helped us to get the grants for the services which I really appreciate, we were called 3 days and all the day’s procedure was on time and smooth. Me and wifey would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who were involve from Front desk staff, Lab techs, Nurses, Anesthesia specialist and finally Doctor from bottom of our heart “Thank you All”, You all were exceptionally professional and helped my wife throughout the procedure by talking to her, consoling her and looking out for her. Guys this is great place to be in tough times of life like mine. Staff is Helpful, lab techs are Considerate, Nurses are compassionate and Doctors are professionals.

Review №57

Ive been coming to this doctors office for about 10 yrs. The front office, nurses, and doctors are amazing. Everyone is sweet, caring, and supportive. Im extremely happy with the healthcare Ive received from Parkmed over the yrs.

Review №58

I am grateful for this clinic. Great place for general check ups and emergencies. They also accept Medicaid, with Tier 3 insurance quality.

Review №59

Forget the negative comments, these people are the best when it comes to your needs. I cant thank all the staff enough, everyone from the front desk to the nurses, everyone involved is super professional and nice. Clean facility, great doctors and super nice staff. Marie is the best knows exactly how to comfort you when youre in your most vulnerable state, with kind words and great advice. God bless Parkmed!

Review №60

I love parkmed so much. I’ve been coming here over 2 years and I’ve had the best experience ever to registering to the doctors. Once you come in you feel welcomed they great you as soon as they see. I would recommend this place to anyone I love uptown and I come miles away from my home and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Review №61

I’ve been coming here for 7 years , staff is always polite and friendly. You get seen fast , always in and out & they follow up with your care. They treat you like your the only patient. Would definitely recommend and they do so much different things.

Review №62

I love Parkmed, I have been here in the past before and my experience was amazing!!! You hear what I say amazing!!!!!!From Dr. Molaei to his Nursing staff to the receptionist, they are so professional, respectful and pleasantand the office is very clean and highly sanitized.On 06/01/2019 I came to Parkmed located on 800 2nd Ave #6 New York, NY 10017 to remove my Nexplanon. (For this who are not formular NEXPLANON aka IUD is a form of birth control inserted in the inner forearm). This birth control is good for up to 3 years, so exactly 3 years ago from today it was in inserted and boy I’m I happy.A lot of gyn are unable to place or remove this birth control but Dr Molaei was able to he also trains on instillation and removals. Less then 2 mins it was out no pain just quick and easy.There’s so many different methods of birth control at this location, in the next two months I will get Mirena or I’ll see what best works for me.Dr. Molaei even gave me advice on a non related women’s health issue. He’s so amazing!I truly will recommend Parkmed, he’s a great gynecologist and I look forwards to each and ever visit in the future.

Review №63

I have to give the nurses a 5 if there was a 10 star raiting they desreve a 10. The doctors were also very caring and delicate. Everyone made me feel extremely comfortable. The receptionist at the front desk werent as great attitude wise. Otherwise the clinic is clean the music playing in the waiting rooms are beautiful and uplifting. A few people i want to really mention were the nurses in the recovery room. Marie very professional and positive i felt like i was with my mother. And a young lady by the name of Floren very sweet very posotive and professional, same for Mariah i felt like they were my sisters although i had no family with me i didnt feel alone these ladies were efficient. They took their job serious and made you feel comfortable with your decesions. I highly recomend this clinic. 10 stars

Review №64

Lovely staff treat you with respect. All your gynecology needs in one spot. No need to be stressed or embarrassed. All insurance accepted. I usually dont write too much reviews but I really appreciate the service from this facility and would refer it to anyone. So make that appointment for your annual check up ladies.To the staff I wanna say thank you so much for your assistance and great customer service.

Review №65

I had a great experience going to Parkmed. I was initially scared about the whole process but the doctors, nurses and staff were very attentive, easy to speak with and willing to answer all my questions. They made me feel secured and protected. I would definitely recommend Parkmed.

Review №66

Professional and kind. I’ve visited a handful of times and observed ParkMed providing a wide range of services to many different walks of life/levels of income. Everyone was treated with the same no-nonsense manner tempered by genuine human warmth. Very much recommended.

Review №67

This place is wonderful from the staff in the front, to the nurses and the doctors. Its a warm and welcoming environment and I feel at ease at all my appointments. You are informed of all your choices, your rights and youre never left feeling uncomfortable.

Review №68

I was still pregnant when I left. Never made it to the 3 week check up because I was in the hispital getting an emergency surgery because i was bleeding from the inside. Result I lost my right fallopian tube.

Review №69

Have to say had a very good experience there very caring understanding concern and complete .. They very nice front desk and all staff hightly recomendable no compaints

Review №70

I waited from 9,30 am till 2,55pm and they didnt call me yet ,, when i did see the doctor ,, doctor wasnt confidence to share the information with me ,, for my wife ,, even we was siting together and doctor still dont want to share info ,, it was ridiculous and pathetic,, And Front girl was so rude to us ,,, service was very pathetic given to us ,, not recomendent ,, and be ready to 10 k for abortion, if ur insurance didnt cover

Review №71

You guys helped me so much through a difficult time. Everyone was so sweet and supportive from the front desk to all the nurses and the doctors. Your two doctors Dr M and Dr G were beyond amazing. Your place is amazing and very clean. I had never been in a paperless doctors office until I visited you. I was impressed with all the high tech new equipment. Thank you so much for you care.

Review №72

I was appalled to undersatnd that the front end is extremely unprofessional. I asked to speak with a nurse or medical staff member and requested the names of my Dr. or Nurse on a previous visit. The front desk clerk, Daris, was rude and cold, refused to give me accurate information and decided it was ok to hang up on me when I requested the spelling of her name. I called back requested her name again and I decided to take a better approach and write an email describungbher behavior instead. My prior visit was excellent I love the medical staff, the front end staff is a problem.

Review №73

Ive been going here since 2011 and the staff is wonderful, quick and easy. The doctors are friendly and have A real down to earth vibe. I love the park med staff! FYI they take medicaid insurance!!! Also A plusss!!!

Review №74

Love how quick the nurses and doctors see me in this clinic. my obgyn appointment are made within the week of my phone call and the staff is super helpful and nice. Not many highend medical clinics take Medicaid and i am thankful that Park Med does!

Review №75

I think its horrible experience for every women to have to get an abortion but everyone was nice, caring and very understanding there....Its a clean place even tho the waiting took for ever...I had my app for 9am didnt call my name until 11am just to sign the paperwork and the procedure took place at 3.30pm, but you also cant drink or eat after 12 am the night before...I had a local anesthesia which was painful...they gave me painkiller after, something to eat and drink, I could leave within 30 min...if you bring somebody with you they would need to stay in the waiting room..with the tests and procedure youre on your own...I would def recommend the place..the costs were about 400$ without the insurance..

Review №76

This is the best facility for gynecology visits especially being that I have Medicaid. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. Ive been coming here for the past 4 years and I would not switchfor anything. I recommend all women to use this place!

Review №77

This place would be perfect for you if you know abortion is your final decision. However if you are unsure and need counseling, DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!!!! The front desk ladies were very kind and helpful and even one of the ladies that took my vitals was extremely nice and people friendly. I came in first for a counseling. Would you believe the doctor just came in and said So um do you have any questions?. Now imagine my horror as a 19 year old college student, who is scared about what may happen to everything she has been working so hard for. I have to say if I didnt have my high school counselor still in my life as the only person I can turn to if I were to be in trouble, Id probably be devastated.Now I gave this place a 3 Star because my final decision was an abortion no thanks to the awesome counselors the clinic provides. And the day of the abortion the process was absolute quick and easy and painless. The anesthesiologist was incredibly kind and helped me with my nerves because I was shaking on the table before the procedure. The nurse that assists you in your gown was kind and even gave me hug and told me everything was going to be alright.Also I will warn you, if you are looking for a place that does not fall under the assembly line category DO NOT COME HERE!!!This is an assembly line abortion clinic, with one doctor that does abortions one after the other. However if you want the abortion to be quick and even on the next day, then feel free to come here.

Review №78

Marie deserves to be fired for abruptly waking up her patients, then proceeding to immaturely talk about them to other nurses. Unprofessional, and a serious lack of compassion has inspired me to write this review. It’s honestly disgusting. If you have this attitude at your job you should not be there. Also, the entire staff had no idea how to properly answer my question on “Lab fees”. When I get charged for these fees that were not described to me, that do nothing for me, I will be disputing it with gusto.

Review №79

Clean Environment, but lacks in Customer Service. You can be waiting to see a doctor for hours unless you ask the front desk. Also if your a couple, they won’t allow your spouse to be there for any procedure or be of any emotional Support.

Review №80

The Best Experience I have had in any doctors office. ... The Doctors, nurses & staff are very nice and professional, so ... I Would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №81

I love everyone here everybody so helpful & they except most of the insurance & all medicade !!!!!!

Review №82

I do not have the words to express how grateful I am to have found this office. Everyone from the receptionists to the medical staff are such amazing people. Dr. Gluck is so kind and warm. Well, everyone is really. I am so thankful to have found this office.

Review №83

Ive been coming to ParkMed for all my gynecology needs for a long time and couldnt go anywhere else. They perform many tests on-site, so you dont need to visit a lab. The staff is full of very kind and skilled people who make sure you are comfortable, and the doctors are incredible. The priority is always the comfort of the patient, and the clean, modern facility makes the visit as enjoyable as possible. For anyone needing a high-quality, dependable gynecological practice, I would highly recommend ParkMed.

Review №84

Great office for every gynecological need imaginable. Friendly and informative staff as well as very clean and sanatary facility. Ive been a patient for 19yrs and never dream of going anywhere else.

Review №85

Extremely careful, helpful and knowable staff! Every single person were very professional, patience and nice. Can’t be more grateful.

Review №86

My wife was treated at this clinic during her complicated pregnancy and Dr. Molaei and the entire team were very helpful and kind. They all made us feel comfortable and were extremely friendly, and their expertise were impeccable. They took good care of my wife and baby and I am grateful for that.

Review №87

Comforting Trusting , respectful doctors , clean facility , accepted most health insurance and medicare .

Review №88

They close at 8pm at night, just know you will be here all night.

Review №89

Parkmed NYC is like a second home for me. The staff is warm and professional. They make you feel comfortable from the moment you call to make an appointment or arrive at their office until the moment you leave. Doctors are absolutely the best!

Review №90

They charge the insurance company $1900 and took $600 from me, telling me that our insurance is not supported by them, I just got an estimate from insurance company, they lied!. They are scamming people!!!

Review №91

Great place! Staff is very friendly and attentive. They make me feel very comfortable.

Review №92

Extremely good and professional been coming here since 2011 very nice helpful staff and clean too they accept Medicaid n most insurance and no long wait

Review №93

If I could give this place minus stars I would, this people are thiefs. I came with a person for a particular procedure and after waiting for over 5 hours and paying hundreds of dollars they did not wanted to do it, nor refund the money we paid for even thought we didnt get the service we paid for, THIS PEOPLE ARE THIEFS AGAIN DONT GO THERE IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR MONEY STOLEN.

Review №94

This is a great place for women whom want to go to gynecologist for any procedure ; doctors and staff are wonderful and treat you with the upmost respect .

Review №95

I was nervous at first, switching my GYN and all...but i came across ParkMed. Not only was it relatively close to work, but they were very welcoming. I appreciate all the positive encouragement from my MD there. Especially when i never felt comfortable expressing my health issues. The nurses were very proficient and outgoing . And its always been in and out for me... Love this place!

Review №96

The worlds best medical staff ever; they are the most attentive, compassionate, friendly and dedicated staff that Ive come across in many many years as one of their long time patients.

Review №97

This place saved me. I was in trouble and alone and didnt know what to do. I found this place on Yelp and was comforted by the reviews before me.I called the office and was given an appointment the next day. There is a long wait so plan to be there at least 3-4 hours.Upon entering the building I was treated like a human being by everyone I encountered from the lobby to the front desk. The doctor that administered the pill to me was very thorough and reiterated that he does this to help women who feel like they have no options.Taking the pill was not that difficult. Plan to be home for a full day the next day. It feels like a heavy period. I put towels on any furniture I sat on at one point because it got messy but this was only for 4 hours. The meds they give you for the pain help immensely.I would recommend any woman who needs these services to skip planned parenthood and go straight here. It will save you time and shame. Thanks Parkmed

Review №98

I really like going to this clinic staff is very professional the doctors take they time with you i been coming since 2014 and i will recommend the clinic to everyone.

Review №99

Able to set up appointments soon and close to all transportation. I feel comfortable coming to this office staff is nice

Review №100

Very fast and efficient, workers are very patient and caring work ethics is at its best and information is readily available if you are looking for a great OBGYN you can always check them out

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  • Address:800 2nd Ave #605, New York, NY 10017, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-686-6066
  • Abortion clinic
  • Birth control center
  • Family planning center
  • Fertility clinic
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist
  • HIV testing center
  • Midwife
  • Women's health clinic
  • STD testing service
  • Surgeon
Working hours
  • Monday:7am–8pm
  • Tuesday:7am–8pm
  • Wednesday:7am–8pm
  • Thursday:7am–8pm
  • Friday:7am–8pm
  • Saturday:7am–8pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
Service options
  • Online care:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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