Camelback Family Planning
4141 N 32nd St #105, Phoenix, AZ 85018, United States

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This clinic is a wonderful place to seek care. The nurses, doctors, and staff are all incredibly supportive, kind, and understanding. I was surprised to find resources for women beyond planned parenthood but I am so glad I did. Thank you endlessly to the people working at Camelback Family Planning!

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Firstime so far •◇• ok ya

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I am so glad i chose this place. I felt like this place was really there for me. I appreciate that they do walk-ins at this time. Throughout my experience with the consultation and procedure i felt so supported with my decision as I don’t have family that does. Their staff is so friendly and kind. The woman at the front desk is very great and professional ️ The nurses and doctor are very caring ️

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This is a wonderful practice; all of the team members helped make for a smooth, comfortable experience when I had been dreading what the day would entail. I have zero complaints. I really want to recognize the nurse who cared for me, Katie. She is warm and caring, and really helped put me at ease. She knew just what to say and do, and kept the conversation flowing with someone who had little to say given my emotions that day (ME!). Looking back, I am so appreciative for all she did. Thank you all.

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AMAZING!!!! Staff was so kind caring. Even through this experience somehow they still made it a good one.

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The doctors made me feel extremely comfortable, coached me through the process and were very compassionate and willing to listen to my concerns or questions. Thank you so much!

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If you are lost & are trying to find a place that isnt to complex or expensive, I recommend Camelback Family Planning. I recently got my procedure done and it was very quick & i felt very comfortable. They took very good care of me. I dont remember the procedure at all and my recovery isnt as bad as i expected. Very grateful.

Review №8

Everyone is super sweet & don’t make u feel like a bad person, I was in and out within 1.5 hrs, good information as well.

Review №9

Regardless of the long wait I give this place 5 stars. A long wait comes with any doc office . Without this practice , I truly wouldn’t know what my next move would have been. The staff is amazingly kind and genuine. Keep up the great work. You guys are saving lives believe it or not . Thank you so much for everything !!

Review №10

Regardless of waiting a little over an hour from my apt, I still felt this place was fast friendly and efficient. from my first appointment of needing to find out what to do, to my actual procedure, everyone and everything was amazing. If you are thinking of doing the pill vs procedure I recommend the procedure. I was nervous but after they gave me the meds I was out like a light. Then they helped me get dressed and into a calm room with graham crackers and water. I have yet to feel any pain and very light bleeding. Thank you to this office for doing what you do.

Review №11

I’m truly grateful for this clinic.Very compassionate and they don’t judgeI had the surgical procedure and they made sure I was comfortable. I felt nothing and remember none of my procedure.From the front desk ladies all the way to the doctors very professional and caring.

Review №12

This is an amazing office! Everyone is extremely kind and professional, they answered all my questions and made me very comfortable.

Review №13

TERRIBLE customer service, they charge you $100 dollar visit for a 10minute check up. Wait OVER 2 hours for service. Very expensive then others I called.

Review №14

Hi my name is Julia. I went to this clinic very recently and I am not fond in writing reviews but if you need abortion help in this area— please skip and just come here. I read all reviews etc for other places and trusted this one and went in, I expressed how scared and worried the nurse was so sweet and made me long term more confident as a woman. ALSO I was afraid general anesthesia and that it wouldn’t be strong enough or kick in fast enough— don’t even worry about that either. They do so amazing. I left feeling healthy and calm and relaxed. They went BEYOND my extremely high expectations. Clean, quick,supportive, easy. Love it

Review №15

I highly recommend Camelback Family Planning. This was my first ever experience and I was very nervous. There was very less wait time, the nurse I think Michele who saw me was very polite and comforting. Dr was very thorough and explained the process. I chose the pill and it went exactly the way it was explained. The person who scheduled the follow up was very pleasant to talk to and everyone had a smile on their face.My only constructive feedback for the clinic is that the receptionist can maybe greet with a different Qn. She asked me - How can I help you? And I was hesitant as I had to speak on Microphone and everyone in the waiting area can hear you. And since this is a very private matter, I was not comfortable talking so loudly about it. Maybe she can ask - Is this your first time here? I am assuming everyone or at least most of girls who come are more or less for the same reason.

Review №16

I just wanted to share my review in hopes this never happens to anyone else again. My first thought on this place was staff were amazing super friendly and almost comforting. I decided to go the abortion pill route. Five days after I started to bleed super heavy and had a horrible smell. So I made an appointment to be seen for my follow up. Just before my appointment the placenta had finally came out six days later and the smell was horrendous. I let them know this they did an ultrasound said everything had passed and sent me on my way. A few more days later I ended up hemorrhaging majorly and on the verge of a blood transfusion. I called them back as I had been told there was retained conception which most likely led to he hemorrhage. They basically told me I would have to pay again to be seen even though I was having complications. At this point I can’t work as I just hemorrhaged and I’m just not feeling good. I ended up almost having surgery due to increased vascular flow in my uterus which other doctors told me was all from conception. It’s been weeks and of course everything left me in a panic and my entire life flipped upside down. But here’s where this place went wrong they did not inform me that if a placenta is not delivered shortly after you are at a high risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Also the problem was a uterine infection that has now been raging through my body for weeks which caused the increased vascular flow. If they had someone who listened I wouldn’t have been in such a bad position. When I asked if they were trained in sonography the response was we see hundreds of these. So I take that as they are not trained. Im extremely disappointed as I know complications can happen but they completely disregarded what I told them which put my life in jeopardy when all I needed was a Simple antibiotic and more than likely it could have been prevented. I hope they read this and think twice before ignoring someone again. The fact that they didn’t follow through with care is the biggest let down of all so if you go here your basically on your own unless you pay them more money.To your response: my problem is I had let the qualified nurse know of an odor that I was having which can signify infection. And when I called to try and get back in to be seen after I was having complications. I was told by one of your staff members there would be fees. Of course with me not being able to work I could not pay more fees to be seen. So even though you say up to eight weeks I was declined any further care. So I tried to go here in hopes to get help but was basically told sorry unless you pay more money you are on your own. I know complications can happen from the medicine. But I was not treated and ignored when I expressed my concern about the odor and heavy bleeding and I almost died because of it. and i am still recovering because the infection spread through my body.

Review №17

Was my first time ever getting this did a lot of research and this place had the best rating. Wait time was little and my nurse was extremely nice and helpful, I can’t remember her name she was young with glasses. Thank you

Review №18

I was referred to Camelback Family Planning because I called another clinic which was booked, and I needed to be in ASAP, and heard bad things about the Planned Parenthoods nearby. I was pregnant when my boyfriend and I were told he was infertile and we always knew if it were to happen, we would opt for an abortion, as we are in no position to have (and have no desire to) a baby. They took me for a walk-in immediately, and the staff was extremely friendly. Not once did they try to talk me out of it, nor did they try to talk me out of sterilization (one of the doctors performs them-- I will be seeing her in a few months!) when I said that was what I really wanted. I was given the pill method, as it was the least intrusive option, and they said they can do the surgical option at no extra charge if somehow, anything was left in my uterus. Everything went smoothly and successfully, and on all three visits, my boyfriend and I only saw 4 protesters total. It was actually pretty pathetic and laughable! Even the clinic staff said they arent much to worry about. I also found the framed facts on the walls about historical feminist movements and prototype birth control to be really fascinating! They made absolutely sure I was completely informed of everything going into this and made sure I was warned about absolutely EVERYTHING, and clearly were concerned for my physical and emotional well-being. The actual abortion was rather affordable too, but I also had my boyfriend to help shoulder the cost. I hear hes one of the most supportive men theyve seen.If you need an abortion, I 100% recommend Camelback Family Planning. I was blessed enough to have a quick and easy procedure, but I know this isnt always the case for many women, which is sad. They do Goddesses work here! (By the way, I have 0 regrets about my decision)

Review №19

Staff was incredibly friendly, I felt absolutely nothing. When I woke up I was feeling dazed and as the IV they gave me wore off I started feeling slight cramps but as I got home I fell asleep, still feeling cramps but I felt it would be worse so I’m thankful !

Review №20

I was so nervous about coming here, but everyone here made me feel so comfortable and they were so nice it wasn’t a long wait time and they made sure I very well taken care and I understood everything that was going on and I appreciate that they made this experience less stressful and if you’re looking for anywhere to go I would recommend coming here thank you ladies. ️

Review №21

This place was amazing from the beginning of the office to the end. Everyone was so sweet. I had a small issue and was in pain and they took me back immediately upon arrival. I expected to wait in pain but they literally took me back instantly. What a relief. They are all so understanding. I would recommend this entire staff to everyone. Thank you so much :)

Review №22

These ladies took very good care of me. Please do not go to planned parenthood I drove from mesa just to have my procedure with them. I dont regret choosing this place they have such great compassion for women. It was clean and safe! Thank you ladies.

Review №23

If you are concerned to come here, let me assure you it is the right place. Everyone is professional, warm, welcoming, and nonjudgmental. This is a business of women helping other women. I received immediate care as well as long term solutions.

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The staff of this amazing clinic are unbelievably warm, kind and friendly. When Rose came into the room she eased my anxiety and nervousness and left me feeling confident. They answered all of my questions honestly and openly, gave me every piece of information and made sure that I was comfortable. I left the clinic without any doubts or worries about my decision. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

Review №25

Even in the unfortunate event that my family is facing there was a lack of any compassion for the patient by any member of the staff. To add a little more pain we received a phone call for payment having not seen any provider moments after leaving.

Review №26

The entire staff is kind, friendly, and professional. It doesnt feel like a doctors office when you walk in- it is warm, welcoming, and does not feel overly cold or clinical. Lauren at the front desk is kind and informative, and Dr. Goodrick is a very patient, caring and attentive professional. I would highly recommend this clinic.

Review №27

The women here absolutely saved my life and I will be forever grateful for them. Entire staff was knowledgeable, professional, comforting and so helpful. I really cannot thank Dr Goodrick and her team enough.

Review №28

This Place is amazing. From the front desk staff to the life savers in the back. Dr. G went beyond what I was expecting. Every fear was put to rest. Rose is also a great person to have deal with the females. I did a review search before going anywhere and Im so glad I came here. If your in the same postion as I was August 1st and want to start over, this is your place. Its clean, I came when they 1st opened so there was very little wait time. I left feeling like a human not like i was being judged. Its been over two weeks & I feel amazing and have had no complications. I hope this business & Doc. G does nothing but prosper.

Review №29

The staff here is awesome. They really help you feel calm and cared for. Very personable.

Review №30

Very nice staff. I wanted an ultrasound for early viability for a wanted pregnancy I was afraid Id miscarry. My OB wanted me to wait till 8 weeks. I called around, crisis pregnancy centers told me to wait. Planned Parenthood never answered the phone. This clinic let me pay for just an ultrasound. Waiting room had emotional people that raised questions.

Review №31

This is an amazing practice. The staff made me feel so comfortable and they genuinely care about how you feel. They deserve more than 5 stars.

Review №32

Super nice staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Review №33

Everyone was very kind and my procedure went smoothly. I very much appreciate what they did for me and their kindness

Review №34

Very nice staff but horrible wait time. They only do walk ins, so I came in at 10am. It is now 11:20 and I am still sitting here. At least 4 people came in after me, some also being walk ins and they have all been taken back into the office except me. Super dissapointed in the wait time and order that they choose to take patients back. :(

Review №35

They treated me kindly and were incredibly helpful both over the phone and in person (2 visits total).

Review №36

This past week my daughter had to make THAT hard life decision. I accompanied her as the guy was out of the picture. We didnt know what to expect. All I can say is WOWZA. Both Dr. G and her team were genuine and warm. She spent a great deal of time with us and this put our fears aside. I have never seen a doctor so engaged and prideful of her work. This team is awesome and I can never say enough thanks.

Review №37

One of the main reasons why the work that Dr. Goodrick does is SO important is that she is willing to literally fight the legal battles to keep her patients privacy safe and secure. Arizona women are blessed to have her. She is a WARRIOR for all women.

Review №38

The staff is patient and kind. they made me feel comfortable and helped me feel better about the decision by answering my questions. Dr Goodrick is an incredible woman and i would recommend her to anyone

Review №39

Dr. Goodrick was a decent enough provider even though I never actually saw her when I came in for my Depo shots- just her staff, who were generally wonderful. You do feel a little like a number at the DMV when they are behind the glass while you check in and then wait to be called.But my main issue is the professionalism, which I expect to be high from a doctors office. Dr. Goodricks office first lost or misplaced (or SOMETHING) my paperwork for my Depo shot in August 2017, which I had been going to her clinic for for the last 2 years, so my shot this past November was late because they did not send out their usual reminders and I had to call and ask for an appointment when I remembered. I got lucky that I wasnt pregnant and got my next shot in time.Then two months later, in January of this year, Dr. Goodrick kicked me out of her practice because one of her office staff has a personal problem with me outside of the professional setting. This personal problem was present the previous November, when I had received care with no issue other than the loss of my paperwork.I leave my personal issues at home when I go to work. I am sorry that Dr. Goodrick and her staff can not do the same.

Review №40

I personally know and have worked with Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick at Camelback Family Planning for nearly a decade. She is an incredible person and physician. Compassionate, intelligent and driven to support women in their reproductive choices. If I lived in Phoenix she would be my chosen GYN. Judge for yourself.

Review №41

In my opinion this is the best clinic in AZ all of the nurses were kind and understanding it was a hard choice for me to make but i knew it was best i was in no place to have a child and they werent judgemental about it when i came in, they were always very professional as well as informative about birth control methods they provide every time i went over for an appointment which they were flexible about scheduling, my last appointment however couldve been better i was checked by an older woman for a final ultrasound who was a bit overweight and had short hair i didnt bother asking for her name i wanted nothing to do with her as she was rude from the get go and made me feel like a dog, she was rough with the ultrasound and plain disrespectful about the situation and my choice of birth control i dont know what her problem was but if you go here i recommend asking for the younger nurses every time they were very sweet and avoid the women that matches my description i hope that she doesnt make anyone else feel the way she made me feel and that her supervisors check her behavior with patients besides her id recommend this clinic to anyone of any age and any situation theyre very affordable and not crowded and the doctor is most definately the best youll find in this area

Review №42

The entire staff was amazing. I felt extremely nervous going into it, however once I got to my room the nurse was so sympathetic and empathetic. It took a lot off of my nerves when you can connect with staff that are going to take care of you. I cant even begin to describe the amazing bedside manners the Doctor has. She was extremely sweet, nice, calm and listened to me with an open heart. It speaks more than words when staff members and patients speak very highly about the Doctor and there appreciation of receiving the up most care. On the day of my procedure the whole process was much more simpler than I expected and again the staff in the front and the back were supportive, they visited me and made sure I was ok and pampered me while I recovered. In my own personal experience working as a Medical Assistant/ Sonographer for OBGYN Doctors this office and staff deserve recognition for there awesome job! Thank you guys!!

Review №43

If you ever need this kind of care or you know someone that needs it PLEASE send them here. I cant express enough gratitude for what Dr. Goodrick and the nurses and front office girls have done for me and my family. They also have an anesthesiologist who is the kindest man Id ever expect to meet in an abortion clinic. From the minute I walked in I knew I was in the right place. The front desk woman was kind and helpful. She also was the one that scheduled me and she was very helpful in helping me get my days and times ironed out. She also gave me some information for a program that helped with some of the price.Dr. Goodrick has the warmest smile and took her time answering my questions and when I came back from my procedure I felt like I was coming back to see my mom that just happened to be my dr. There are no words that fit to explain how wonderful everyone is. The nurses are understanding and never made me feel like I was asking stupid questions and I never felt judged by anyone. They all supported me the whole way through. Now I can finish college and have a baby when Im ready to have a family. It just wasnt my time and Im glad I had Camelback Family Planning to help me with everything. I can never thank them enough. Id give 10 stars if I could.*Oh I almost forgot!!* I came back a couple weeks later for my follow up appt and they were able to give me a free IUD though a birth control program and all I needed to pay was $150 to have it put in. That saved me almost $1,000. They were just as nice the second time around.I used to think abortion clinics would be scary and the people that worked there must be awful but everyone there seemed like angels from heaven.

Review №44

The service here was ok besides the trouble I had with my implanon birth control implant

Review №45

Camelback Family Planning is a private doctors office offering women confidential abortion care in Phoenix, AZ.

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Compassionate and understanding

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