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1615 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

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I had an abortion here in 2018. I am a small person with no medication tolerances, so whatever they gave me to sedate me did the trick. It felt like nothing had happened. I woke up and asked if it was done yet. In the days following (maybe 1-2 days) I had terrible cramping that I had to take vicodin to alleviate. Those were the worst cramps of my life. It may be different for you, but be aware you could be unable to work for a couple of days post procedure.I would like to note that the older male doctor (the one who performs the procedures) avoided looking at me while he was counseling myself and another woman. This isnt something that only he has done, though. It actually happens often enough for me to notice. Maybe I have a really scary resting face. In any case after reading some of these reviews regarding his manner in the operating room, I will absolutely not come here again if I ever find myself in the same predicament. My experience wasnt bad but to think I could have been so abused and disrespected had I not been adequately sedated for some reason is frightening.The nurses were sweet.

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If this is your first pregnancy and you’re worried, scared, or just want it to be over, this IS the place for you.I was terrified! So let me explain some things to help you if you are feeling the same way. It’s 50$ for your first actual appointment where you talk about which route you want to take. Second appointment you book is when you pay rest (usually a couple hundred dollars) and that’s the day it’s done. Fairly simple and quick.Everything was explained very well. I got to ask as many questions as I wanted and everyone here was extremely sweet and helpful. The doctor and the staff are amazing and try their best to make you feel safe and comfortable.By the way the pill isn’t as bad as you think it is, don’t be scared! Seriously, these people helped me so much and I never felt judged once. It was my first time with all of this and I recommend this place! You get top care for your money! Thank you!

Review №3

I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. As a medical professional, I was very comfortable and very pleased with the professionalism of everyone in the office. Dr. Yunis is a practicing OB/GYN and it really is unfortunate that he has to split this time between his practice and this clinic because in the reality of choosing to be or not to be pregnant should fall under one roof, not two. He clearly wants his patients to understand the ins and outs and I found him very easy to talk to. I highly, highly recommend this clinic.Thank you again Dr. Yunis, Gail and Cynthia. You are all doing fantastic work!!

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I am so grateful for my experience at Acacia Womens Center. For the circumstances given, this was the best possible experience I could have chosen for myself. They offer an extremely helpful, caring and NON-JUDGEMENTAL atmosphere for women going forth with terminating pregnancy. Which is so important given that abortion for any women is so emotionally and physically challenging. It is truly a blessing to have a place like this for women of all ages in the heart of Phoenix. If you are looking to get an abortion, I recommend deeply creating a circle of support for yourself. I was fortunate enough to have my mom, partner, and best friend at my side. If you do not have immediate people around you to support (i.e parents, partner, friends) then ask people at Acacia Womens Center or look up hotlines or people you can call. It is a challenging time and though it may be scary, you are strong and capable yet to have people by your side to remind you of that is vital in my opinion. It was so nice to also have a supportive clinic setting to go to. The nurses and doctors are extremely informative and caring. Never once did I feel demeaned, put-down or shamed. Rather supported, cared for, and understood. Again, no matter what, choosing to terminate a pregnancy is so challenging on its own. No need for any added stress or turmoil to the process.

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As far as abortion clinics go, this one outdoes the rest. Dr. Ronald Yunis is the most prominent man in his line of work. Whether a clump of cells is a 35 weeks or 35 years old, time and time again Dr. Yunis demonstrates dedication and expertise. The most impressive thing in my opinion is his skillfulness with tools of all kinds, be they forceps or a 40 cal boom stick.

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Very friendly they help you go through it all. I appreciate everything they’ve done and they answer all the questions I had !

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Staff are informative and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The office is clean and welcoming. There wasn’t a question I asked that I didn’t get an honest answer to. Very pleasant employees. Keep up the good work ladies. And the doctor was informative as well. I would recommend this place.

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I was very afraid to come here for my abortion after reading the horror stories in the review section. Dr. Yunis is PHENOMENAL. He has years of experience and knows exactly what he is doing. The worst part about my abortion was the cramps from the cervix softener. After that I remember lying down and then waking up it was all over. No pain. No mental pain either. It is the second day of recovery and barely any blood. I have high confidence I will be back to my normal activities very soon. Scratch that the worst part about the whole experience was the protesters out side. They make the experience scarier than it actually is. Dr. Yunis and his staff are very nice and supportive. They even help with pricing if you cant afford full price. This is a great facility and Dr. Yunis is amazing.

Review №9

I was taken care of so well! I was terrified of a bad experience like the one I had in Texas. But my fears were eased completely by the staff and doctor that genuinely helped me get passed the most difficult day of my entire life. So glad I came here. Forever grateful

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This clinic is great. Staffs are helpful and efficient. They are straightforward and efficient. Wait time can be long on the first appointment but it’s because of the changes in AZ policy. Doctor is great too, I’m glad the difference between 2 procedure was explained well to me and decided to take the surgical route. Thank you very much

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Theyre kind, knowledgeable, and will cater to your needs. Their prices can be beat and their doctors have been doing this for a very long time. I was so embarrassed to go in again, but I was welcomed with open arms and a professional staff.

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The nurses and staff are so wonderful to make sure you are comfortable and completely understand what your rights are and what will be done. I am especially thankful for the nurses compassion even during the procedure and in the recovery room. This clinics cost is fair and competitive with other clinics in Phoenix.

Review №13

All the employees are so nice I recommend this place

Review №14

I would recommend anyone to this clinic.... everyone treated me so nice u go guy *all staff member* keep up the good job ur doing

Review №15

I personally had an amazing experience at this facility. From the consultation through the procedure and to the check up appointment everyone was beyond friendly. The Dr that did my procedure was very informative and you could tell he cared about us and was confident in what he does. I never once felt uncomfortable or judged. They even educated me on different contraceptives and I plan to soon see the DR to get on a contraceptive that is right for me. If you want a place that is welcoming, affordable, and informative this is the place for you.

Review №16

Spent $50 in gas and child care to come all the way here to find out they are going to refuse my procedure! I completely intended on reading them five stars this time because my past experiences were amazing but I am so upset right now! I have absolutely no other choices and Im literally stuck between a rock and a hard place because of their new policies due to the health department. This is b*******. Arizona health department wants to stipulate ridiculous regulations on the only place that actually takes care of their patients!

Review №17

The staff there is amazing. Its good to go into a place where the staff is compassionate and knowledgeable about everything. The place is clean and its just a friendly environment. I highly recommended this place to anyone. The Drs took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you Acacia you guys rock!!!

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Similar to the other women on here... I had a bad experience here as well. The nurses and front desk staff were very kind to me. However the old man Dr was incredibly harsh. No sympathy. I remember dozing off briefly and waking up just as my procedure had began. I had to endure all of it. It was the worst pain, and all you could hear was the vacuum noise and all you could do was just sit in horror and watch. I’m scarred for life because of this place. I still have nightmares about it and the pain that I had emotionally and physically went through all because I wasn’t sedated adequately.My second abortion (and my last thank god) I went to desert star. They were SO kind, took good care of me. I was actually OUT the entire time and overall a better experience. Please do your research !!

Review №19

I went back in 2012 it was very different. The nurses were very nice and I didn’t even remember what had taken place. This most recent time DR Yunis was very rude. I felt every single thing from beginning to end. I continued to complain about the pain and was told it wasn’t hurting. I will never use this clinic again after my last experience. Yes, they are thorough but don’t care about your personal health or emotions. I wish I had the same experience as back in 2012.

Review №20

The older man doctor who works here claims to have to put his fingers in you for no reason. He is harsh and told me “I was tight” while getting some “check up” completely after all my visits. I wish I did something in the moment but I was traumatized. I hope he isn’t doing this to more women.

Review №21

The doctor and staff seem nice but they are not!!! They care nothing about the patients wants or needs. They just go in there with their shiny cold tools and rip to pieces your unborn baby. They dont care about your emotions or health at all. Stay away!!!

Review №22

Thank you.

Review №23

The twilight sleep is an IV that is given immediately before the procedure. I pretty much fell asleep from the medicine they gave me by mouth about an hour before the procedure. I would describe the procedure but I do not remember anything about it except that I was treated so nicely by everybody. I hope I never need to do this again but I am glad they were there.

Review №24

I needed to write this review because of the BS that I saw another reviewer write. It is hard to write a review for this procedure but if I can help one person then it was worth it.If you find yourself in the unfortunate position to be looking here, look no further. I have had 2 procedures, the first one at P.P. many years ago. I cannot use words to describe that horror.At Acacia, I was treated with respect. The doctor spent about 30 minutes counsling me and the group of girls that was with me. He was pretty cool for a doctor. He explained the procedure. He made sure we were not scared. He included about 10 minutes talking about protection and how we could get it depending on our insurances. Turns out he also delivers babies and I went to his office to get an IUD put in the same week.The procedure was fine and fast, I dont think it took more than 5 minutes. I recieved medicine through a vein and did not remember much after which, I guess, is a good thing (better than the pill I got at p.p. and felt and remembered everything!) I know that with my IUD I will not likely ever be back but I wanted to say thank you and let anyone looking here know that the bad reviews are not true- they are girls who wanted to blame someone for theyre situation instead of take responsibility. I know because I sat in the same room with one of them before and after.I know it sounds weird, but God bless these people, they are there to help and they love theyre jobs and it shows.

Review №25

Everyone was very polite and made the situation comfortable. I would recommend this page to anyone!

Review №26

I made an appointment there on 16th st. Osborn and they were really helpful. I highly recommend this place to anyone. It was really easy and fast. No problems.

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Review №28

Friendly staff. Great care. Best price. Not sure what more you could ask for.

Review №29

They are so nice and explain everything to you . I had a very good experience with them i wood really recommend this place

Review №30

Everyone here is professional, no judgement, very explanatory. Answered all my questions and encourage both control. Dr. Yunis is also an Ob/Gun and knows exactly what hes doing. Very efficient and no pressure. I felt safe the throughout the process and had great aftercare post procedure. I would recommend this facility to anyone going through this emotional tough descision.

Review №31

I believe woman have the right make their own decisions, i had someone very supportive by my side today . God bless you all ....

Review №32

I wasnt going to comment or review Acacia, because my experience was a few yrs back. Until I was reading to see if there was any information on a new Dr or any complaints like I experienced. I read Kats review and literally felt like I was reading my own experience here. The nurses were very nice. They only gave me anxiety meds and I was then taken into that great room you can here the whole time accross the hall. I let them know ahead of time about my high tolerance to some meds, due to being on the same anxiety meds for a few years. Wide awake walking into the room with the nurse. I was WIDE AWAKE for the WHOLE thing. It was killing me to sit still because it hurt so bad. The Dr. Proceded to tell me the exact same thing. To shut up, Be quiet and stop exaggerating. It doesnt hurt, yelling hold still and shut up. He then told the nurse to hold me down,and kept getting more aggitated with me. I wouldnt send my worst enemy here. I remember everything. The worst bed side manner Ive ever experienced. Just thought it was pretty crazy the other review was exactly the same experience.

Review №33

The Doctor told me to shut up. ust had my procedure done this morning. Before your proceedure they give you anxiety meds and then give you an hour for them to kick in before they sedate you for your procedure. Well because of my weight they almost didnt sedate me. Well either that gave me a very small dose (because of my size) or they didnt wait long enough for it to kick in and I was full concious during it and was screaming in agonizing pain. Instead of either giving me more pain meds or just trying to distract me from the pain the doctor proceeded to call me a liar and (Im not kidding) told me repeatedly to shut up along saying other things he told the nurses where did you find this one. Now to tell you just how alert I was I was able to sit up and look the doctor in the face and tell say unless youve had this done or can feel my pain then stop telling me it doesnt hurt. I was traumatized. If you would like to go to a place where they degrade you for being in pain this is the one for you.

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I loved this place had a great experience!

Review №35

Great place!!! Staff and doctors are awesome!!!

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I called to make an appointment for my first time the lady was so rude that I just decided to not make an appointment and hang up on her Like what kind of people they have woking here ....

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A Professional Staff helped me through a bad time

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