Desert Star Family Planning
5501 N 19th Ave #420, Phoenix, AZ 85015, United States

Review №1

Coming into the office filled with nerves I thank the ladies behind the glass for making my visit just more easing and relaxed. From the Beautiful smiles and very Knowledgeable on the Women Body and Emotions. I say Thank you. Dr. Taylor was a very passionate and caring women. Her words of knowledge and kindness will always stay me. Thank you to this Women

Review №2

I first heard about Desert Star Family Planning on a podcast, Babe Council. The episode was discussing WAP and gynecology. I liked what Dr.Taylor said on the episode, so I scheduled an appointment. This was the first time I had scene a doctor in YEARS. My session was professional and Dr.Taylor took the time to get learn my family medical history. Dr. Taylor answered all my questions and didn’t shame me for not seeing a doctor in years. Dr.Taylor has decades of experience and is very knowledgeable. I’m glad I went to Desert Star Family Planning

Review №3

I had an abortion here and it was a hack job. Not only was the bathroom where I was asked to put a pad on filthy, the machine used for aspiration was rusted. I was not fully sedated and thus felt and heard everything. I never healed properly, got an infection which caused PID and have had nothing but problems with menstruation since then and am possibly infertile. After reading the reviews I see im not the only one. Considering suing no place should operate this way providing back alley abortions in 2020. They should be shut down

Review №4

When I went the first time they were at an different location and I was satisfied with the services. This time the staff was alright. I asked to be sedated so I wouldn’t feel that much pain. I was in so much pain and I was letting the doctor know she didn’t do anything about it and keep on going. I’m still in pain and I just had this Procedure done on Thursday. This is not ok all they care about is the money

Review №5

Very pleasant experience at this office with Dr. Taylor and her staff. While still remaining professional, the vibe in the office is very relaxed. As someone who feeds heavily off of energy and other people’s moods, this is a good place to be if you’re nervous about these types of appointments. Everyone felt happy, smiling (under their masks of course) and super respectful! Happy to have found Dr. Taylor!

Review №6

I am very satisfied with my care. I had issues with offices in the past but at desert star they make you feel like a human. I walked in today filled with nerves and they literally sit you down and talk to you. They really do care about you and they remind you that you and your health matter.

Review №7

Dr Taylor is amazing! Extremely thorough and empathetic! I told all of my friends to switch to her!

Review №8

Dr. Taylor answered all my questions, was patient and made me feel very safe. I would go to her again in a heartbeat as many female doctors are not always as hospitable. She is truly a gem!

Review №9

From my first visit Dr Taylor and staff were friendly and helpful, my visit was quick and easy and they meet all my needs and gave great feedback

Review №10

Staff never responds, you will get told a manager will contact you and it will never come. Received several bills from them then when I called to ask what for, was told to not worry about it but then would receive MORE bills. Staff joked at my expense during inappropriate times and when visibly uncomfortable they would just ignore the situation. When I asked about getting a UTI test, was told that would be an extra 30 min by an associate and she would like to go home but she guesses it would be okay.Edit: Since Desert Star responded here’s what doesn’t make sense.1) I’ve been calling for months. Yes before Covid.2) I did leave a message on patient portal weeks ago.3) I called and asked for a manager several times. Like I said, I’d get hung up on and told a manager will call me.4) You’ve been billing me $1000 for months for an IUD I never received and I have used every form of contact possible. That is now your responsibility.

Review №11

Dr Taylor is amazing. Love the open, honest dialog. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone

Review №12

Dr. Taylor truly cares about the well being of others and she strives to make it as affordable as possible. 5/5 would recommend!!

Review №13

Best GYN I’ve been to in along time! Definitely would recommend.

Review №14

Dr. Taylor is caring, empathetic, and provides wonderful care to her patients. Her entire staff is friendly and assuring.

Review №15

Dr. Taylor is very friendly and takes the time to educate her patients so they understand all of their options. I’m always in and out of my appointments quickly without feeling rushed. Highly recommend this office!

Review №16

Beware that they will lie to you and tell you that your insurance covers something, then wait until youre completely sedated & out of it to tell you that you have to pay full price which is actually illegal. So I will be getting my attorney in involved in this if they dont refund and fix the issue.

Review №17

Clean office. Friendly, professional staff in a discreet building.

Review №18

The staff was kind and professional. They got me in and out in a timely manner. Dr. Taylor made me feel at ease with her knowledge and care.

Review №19

A good location that is located on the fourth (top) floor gives a great sense of safety and security. Dr. Taylor is a very busy DR and highly qualified. Treated with great respect and dignity. I did remove a star due to wait time.

Review №20

Everyone is so nice and they explain everything so well. They make everything less scary and you can cry with no problem there. They’re nice about that too!

Review №21

I loved my first visit here, however, during my last visit I never got a chance to see my doctor due to her performing a procedure. I can have some understanding for that. What I cannot agree with is the doctor’s choice to perform an invasive procedure on a patient while other patients are in the office. No one showed concern about the things I was very obviously hearing. You could hear the yelling, screaming, and wailing from the lobby. I left the office crying and triggered by previous trauma.

Review №22

I had a procedure done at this office on 19th Avenue Missouri to stop there are very rude and inconsiderate to why you are there and its unclear whether the procedures they do are done with real Medical profession theres no privacy at this building and they poked me three times attempting to start an IV which was unsuccessful and gave me another Valium and I felt the entire procedure and then passed out now Im experiencing very alarming symptoms and the staff there today when I actually had somebody to drive me there literally hung up in my face and said they wouldnt have another appointment until next week now I have to go to the emergency room due to the procedure they conducted because there is definitely complications and Im Rh negative blood and I know that they did something wrong I dont think that the procedure was done 100% right as Im experiencing overwhelmingly alarming symptoms since the procedure and forced to go to the emergency room while we are in the middle of the covid-19 the staff hung up on me on the phone and will not answer the phone they said theyre closing but their answering machine says that theyre open until 3 p.m.

Review №23

I had my first appt with Dr. Taylor today and I loved her professionalism. She explained everything in detail so I could understand and made me 100% more comfortable by the time I left :)

Review №24

Very Nice Staff :) Front desk ladies all treated me so kind no attitudes and answered all of my crazy questions lol DR. Taylor, LOVE HER! Very personable and makes you feel comfortable with ANY situation! Highly recommended.

Review №25

I will admit I was not the easiest or most cooperative patient, yet Dr.Taylor and the staff were still nothing but kind, caring, comforting, and all around amazing.In short, I’m very glad I chose Desert Star and would highly recommend to any woman who needs any of their services to go to them as well.Not so short:All of my appointments I was seen on time, the only “wait” I had was when I showed up late and took my sweet time reading the fine print while doing paperwork- so that was my fault. I was seen about 2 minutes after I gave them the paperwork.I arrived early for my procedure and a staff member(I believe the office manager) asked if I had eaten breakfast(i was there at 9am for an un-sedated part and my sedation wasn’t until afternoon so I should have had breakfast) when I said no she insisted that to help avoid nausea i at least try to eat some crackers and drink a little sprite which made me feel less grumpy from being up so early and not eating.( I did still end up vomiting but at least I had something that made it more pleasant than dry heaving pure stomach acid) during this appointment, because due to lack of transportation between morning and afternoon, I had to wait there for my procedure in the afternoon and was in pain from the morning, they allowed me to stay in the waiting room during their lunch break (even though they lock the front) so I could try to rest- I was in a lot of pain so I don’t remember who, but even though it was their break, I was checked on at least 2 or 3 times, and was told to ask if I needed anything and offered a blanket- which shows they actually care and that it’s not JUST a source of income to them.Both the nurse and Dr. Taylor answered all of my somewhat repetitive questions the best they could- they were honest with their answers and didn’t sugarcoat ANYTHING which was greatly appreciated (I’d rather their answer that it’s different for everyone but at the very least won’t be comfortable than being lied to and told something won’t hurt at all)There were multiple points in my care here that a less caring, patient, and professional doctor would have either sent me off or given up since, as I said, I was a little difficult and not completely cooperative. If I had gone to another doctor, I probably would have ended up not completing care. But Dr. Taylor was stern and persistent with me(definitely not a bad thing, it came across to me as concern for my own health and safety) she was more than accommodating, and just generally fantastic.A huge whole hearted thank you to Dr.Taylor as well as every staff member involved in my care from start to finish.And my apologies for this being long winded.

Review №26

I love Dr. Taylor. She always makes me feel comfortable and listens to all concerns I may have without judging. This new location has plenty of parking, which is really nice.

Review №27

Great place ! Dr. Taylor takes her time with her patients & is very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable & at ease .

Review №28

Dr. Dr. Taylor is amazing. She is very thorough. She is very well-versed. She listens to are you concerns. Her staff was amazing. I like that she listen to my Feedback. I believe she’s going to do amazing things for Phoenix Arizona. I will never forget her or her staff for all they did for me. I would highly recommend her

Review №29

My initial phone call was pleasant and engaging! I went to see Dr. Taylor for a wellness visit and I know that she was concerned from beginning to end. You rarely go to a doctors office and have a 20 minute conversation about your diet and health. Dr. Taylor immediately showed concern about my STI status. She emphasized that she wants to focus on my health holistically. During my exam she gave me the ultimate privacy and respect. I have had some negative experiences in the past, but I felt like Dr. Taylor cared about my health as a priority. If you are looking for a considerate doctor who cares about your health, call Dr. Taylor.

Review №30

From beginning to the end, the whole procedure was smooth. I had no issue with either the staff or doctor. I highly recommend this place! Make sure to give them a call first to schedule your appointment and then they will take care of everything!

Review №31

Dr. Taylor and her staff are wonderful and kind. They listen and answer all questions asked. The only issue is the wait. Regardless of appointment time, I have had to wait a minimum of 30 minutes in the waiting room. That is the only reason I’m not giving 5 stars!

Review №32

I absolutely love Dr. Taylor. She is the best gynecologist I’ve ever had. Very kind, patient, and always makes time for any concerns. I always feel in safe hands going here. They will make you feel very comfortable. I absolutely recommend to everyone.

Review №33

Desert star family planning is an exceptional and caring facility. They treat the patients with kindness and respect. The really go above and beyond to make sure that all the needs of the patient are taken care of. The facility is safe and very clean. All staff was really nice and helpful. I had to reschedule and they couldnt have been nicer about it getting me in the next appointment available. They answer any questions and work with you on any issue or concern. I would recommended them to anyone.

Review №34

The women were all very kind and wonderful! The wait time was less than 5 minutes both times I went to the office. Also, you dont always need an appointment- sometimes they can get you in the same day. The office & rooms were very clean and inviting. I felt very comfortable talking with all of the staff members. They made me feel like I was with friends rather than staff members who only care about their paychecks. If I were not moving out of state, I would continue to get any and ALL services through Desert Star! Incredibly happy overall.

Review №35

This office has an amazing staff and Dr. Taylor is so caring.

Review №36

Dr. Taylor is amazing! Highly recommend! Staff is great and friendly!

Review №37

Dr.Taylor is theeeee best gyn I have ever had. I also use her for all of my general health screenings. If there was ever a zombie invasion, I would go to her office to ride it out.

Review №38

Very beautiful office, very sweet staff. Very satisfied.

Review №39

I was a little bit nervous cuz this is not my primary doctor but everything when so good they took their time they were very kind and explain everything to me Im very confident with my decision but it was nice to hear the experience of a doctor and the stuff helping me out

Review №40

I have been seeing Dr. Taylor since 2015. She is truly amazing. She genuinely cares about her patient’s health and it shows. I always look forward to seeing her. As far as front office staff If it wasn’t for Dr. Taylor I wouldn’t return. My last couple visits haven’t been that great dealing with other office staff. Working in the medical field I know how important it is to keep PHI confidential. Also a little bit of professionalism goes a long way.

Review №41

Dr Taylor is very professional, kind and makes you feel comfortable. She’s very informative and clear and walks you step by step through any procedure. Highly recommend her and the staff is friendly as well. I’m so happy i found this office and amazing staff.

Review №42

Had a great experience. They answered all my questions. Staff makes you feel really comfortable, especially Loretta who helped me get funding. Such an amazing woman! Wouldn’t have gone anywhere else

Review №43

The wait was not long at all and both the nurse and doctor were very professional and made sure I understood everything I needed to know. They answered all of my question and made sure I was comfortable and they were very thorough about by medical history and my wants.

Review №44

I had such an amazing experience at Desert Star Family Planning and with Dr. Taylor. The service from the minute you approach the front desk to working with Dr. Taylor and everything in between is top notch.All staff are super welcoming and nice! And talk about fast service.I had a job interview and they were super quick with my consulting appointment to get me on my way (I was early to the interview AND got the job, yay!).I dont recall everyones names that worked with me but the person who took my blood pressure and asked me all the typical consult questions was super efficient and professional. The student who was working with them was awesome too! She gave me a great birth control reference website and said it might help me make a decision if I decide to switch to an IUD. Dr. Taylor was amazing too. Super friendly and very straight forward. Everyone was a joy to work with.Thank you all for providing such a safe space for this field.

Review №45

Dr. Taylor was amazing! Extremely friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible. She explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions I had. No judgements. Nobody likes going to the Dr. but Dessert Star really shined. Dr. Deshawn (sorry if I spelled that wrong) was also great. Very nice and talked me through everything she was doing. The staff up front were also very nice and the wait time was quick. Not that I would ever choose to return to the Drs office, but if I had to it would be Dessert Star. Thank you!

Review №46

My nexplanon device was inserted by a doctor that Dr. Taylor was training in November 2018 and inserted improperly causing me to get the implant removed years earlier than planned. When I returned for the removal I had to wait almost 1.5 hours to even get checked in because they couldn’t find my patient chart. Turns out the front desk staffer was leaning on it. Dr. Taylor and her nurse expressed no remorse nor acknowledgement of my statement that the only reason I was getting the implant removed was because it was inserted improperly. I decided to go on birth control pills following the nexplanon removal and Dr. Taylor’s staff stated they would send the pills to my pharmacy by the end of that day for a rapid start and that did not happen. When I called to check on my prescription the next day the receptionist couldn’t give me any information on when the prescription would be sent over to the pharmacy and why is wasn’t sent immediately as stated. I won’t be returning to this facility for care.

Review №47

Great experience with Dr Taylor,

Review №48

Team made me feel very comfortable. Everything turned out great will recommend to anyone in need of their services. Team is also very friendly!

Review №49

It was my first family planning experience, and the staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.The waiting room may seem daunting at first, but once you get talking with people about whatever you come in for, you will definitely feel at ease with everything.They really are professionals trained to make you feel welcomed. No judgement or shame whatsoever.This is a great caring clinic. Would highly reccomend to anyone.

Review №50

Very friendly staff...i would recommend Desert Star to anyone!!!

Review №51

They were very caring and informative when it came to servicing my needs and comforting me with addressing my questions with honest answers and guiding me through any information I needed

Review №52

Love all the staff and all very professional..

Review №53

Dr. Taylor and her entire staff is very professional and kind. I would definitely recommend them to people.

Review №54

Dr. Taylor has been my provider for the last 5 years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the care that she provides. When I had a miscarriage last year I was SO thankful that she could perform the procedure (and accepts insurance!). I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Taylor and her practice.

Review №55

I just want to start off by saying the staff was excellent and very friendly, I had to take my daughter here and drive up from Tucson... She says everyone treated her so nice, and made her feel as comfortable as they could, I am very grateful that the Dr came out and explained to me everything that was going on with my daughter while I waited nervously, it was very professional,also gave me some relief. Its hard enough on any women that has to make this type of decision, and I just want to thank them all. Would recommend their services to anyone.

Review №56

Do not go here! This place should be shut down! The staff is rude and unprofessional, the doctor has no clue what she is doing! They keep your scans and don’t share the results with you! Still haven’t gotten them and it’s been over a month, and they just keep saying that they will call back and never do!

Review №57

Amazing place, no judgement, supportive of your own decisions.

Review №58

I absolutely felt comfortable with this doctor and the nurse , they made sure to make me feel welcomed and they also calmed my nerves. It was my first time I brought my mom with me who had went through a process with a different place and she stated how much information they provided that the other place didnt . My mom felt relieved as well as I did the doctor made the procedure super comfortable and I cant even remember what happened during the procedure . I had my follow up and the doctor made sure she answered all of my questions. This place is wonderful the doctor is a sweetheart if you are nervous you wont be here they do there very best to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Review №59

All the staff is very friendly and understanding. Dr. Taylor is very sweet and personable.

Review №60

I dont think there is enough I can say about DSFP. They made my experience the most comfortable it could possibly be. Everyone I talked to was supportive, kind and genuinely seemed to care about my health. Dr. Taylor is so sweet and is always smiling. Even down to the nurses, especially the one that held my hand, the care I received was outstanding. Even if they didnt take my insurance, Id still continue to come here. Please, anyone who isnt sure about what can be such a dark time, I promise you will find a light in this place.

Review №61

I went here after a horrible experience at family planning medical associates (waiting all day long).For my consultation they had me in and out within 1.5 hours, Dr. Taylor is very sweet and her staff were kind as well. She even went and scheduled me conveniently for the following day so we booked a room in the valley and stayed overnight. (we are from out of town and its a 2 hour drive for us.)The next day things got a little crazy on my side with my husband not answering his phone but they accommodated me and helped me through it all. My surgery only took about 2 hours total (vitals, medications, etc) and then I was done. Her medical assistants were so sweet and were very kind the entire time. I definitely recommend Dr. Taylor. They have a nice cozy waiting room, clean rooms, nice staff, short waiting times, and they always listen to good music lol :)Thank you again!

Review №62

I was very discouraged to read the negative reviews about Desert Star when I first decided to come here. However, I could not disagree more with the people who wrote negative reviews.You ALWAYS have to wait at a doctors office - so for the people who gave negative reviews for this purpose, I wholeheartedly disagree. I have waited a few times but my care here has always been worth it.The workers here have always been professional, kind, caring and knowledgeable. I have always been respected and listened to here. You are not judged and most importantly you not only treated as a person - but as a woman. You are NOT a number or a statistic here.Dr. Taylor treats your total health. She is responsible and takes every precaution in regard to your health. She makes sure you understand everything that is happening during your appointments. She acts for your best interests and well being. She CARES about her patients, she cares about the quality of care she provides. She continues her own education. She makes sure to know what is most relevant and current in her field.Desert Star treats a womans total health. They treat you as a person, as a woman. They treat you with respect and caring. They make sure you have a total understanding of everything involving your care.

Review №63

I came here today for an initial consultation & ultrasound and couldnt have asked for a better experience, despite the circumstances that brought me here. The office was clean and professional, and within minutes of filling out the new patient paperwork I was called back for my appointment -- no wait whatsoever. Dr. Taylor and her staff were very knowledgeable, courteous, and took the time to make me feel like they truly cared about my well-being and comfort. I know I am in good hands. Im even considering switching insurance providers to one thats contracted with this facility so that I can continue to see Dr. Taylor for routine well-woman care.

Review №64

The staff is very nice and caring, they made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone. I felt safe and very well taken care of. The place is clean and they understand that everyones situation is different, with no judgment. Im glad women have a safe place to go when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. They will take care of you! No matter what your needs I think this is an outstanding office.

Review №65

Ive been sitting in the wait room for 10 minutes waiting for a counselor and I already heard Lauretta your counter staff answer and call people with the rudest tone. Once she was off the phone she commented I dont understand why these people cant make up their mind after I heard her speaking to the patient about switching her surgical abortion into the pill. After that comment another nurse walked up and lauretta said I cant talk to these people anymore. Im also here to talk about my options. Im super uncomfortable

Review №66

The doctor is very nice, professional... I was very afraid of getting my IUD put in, she made me feel extremely comfortable and I didnt even feel it! I am beyond thankful and will be sure to recommend her!!

Review №67

Dr. Taylor and her team run a wonderfully clean, quiet, professional, and personal practice at DSFP. Dr. Taylor answered all my questions with patience and kindness without assuming anything about my knowledge level, and her staff were all very good about making me feel comfortable. Things did run a little long but I expect that at every doctors office AND they were implementing a brand new computer system so Im not holding it against them!

Review №68

The Dr. And other staff were so comforting and understanding. Very professional and great at what they do. Not sure why theres any negative reviews. But Id reccomended Desert Star to anyone.

Review №69

Not a full review or anything, I havent been there but I was wondering the cost of the actual abortion? and would I need to bring or do since I am underage .. any way I can go through it without parent consent? I hear many great things about this place.

Review №70

Very friendly and trustworthy doctors.. They make you feel comfortable and they understand you..lovely doctors

Review №71

I had a medical abortion. I went in for the ultrasound heavily bleeding and was told it was normal and the pregnancy had evacuated. I reached out 5 times concerned with the non stop bleeding over a period of 2 months and was told that if I didnt take birth control there was nothing they could do and to call if I was still bleeding in another month. 3 months later crippling pain golf ball sized blood clots. Soaking through overnight pads in a few minutes- blood continuously trickling out. At the ER, soaking through my clothes. Ultrasound confirms there is remaining vascular tissue from my pregnancy. Now, for weeks more of appointments and surgery.But this is Normal

Review №72

The staff is phenomenal considering circumstances. The place is very clean I was recommended by a friend Im 44 years old and not in need of another child I was under hormone replacement therapy by a doctor. And its very unfortunate I had to go through this but youre in very good hands.

Review №73

GREAT service, friendly and knowledgeable staff!!!! I am not a fan of doctors and medical practice (because I am always scared), but their staff was nothing but comforting and helpful during all of my visits.

Review №74

Very kind and discreet care

Review №75

The girls who answer the phones sound so rude and non-friendly. Makes me think if theyre like this over the phone they must be worst in person. Ill just find another place, I dont even know how this place was so recommended by my friend.

Review №76

Absolutely aweful! The secretarys are incompetent and useless. The robotic nurse never tended to the patients concerns or questions when waiting for the procedure. The patient was scheduled for a procedure and was never given any warning about how the procedure was going to be. Dr. Deshawn Taylor is a fraud and a phony and anyone that works under her authority is an absolute joke. All I can say is if you think clinics like these that are supposedly offering you a choice, absolutely do not care about their patients but care more about the check at the end of the procedure. DO NOT GO TO THIS CLINIC IF YOUR SEEKING SUPPORT BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. IN THAT CASE GO THROUGH WITH THE PREGNANCY AND PUT THE BABY UP FOR ADOPTION.

Review №77

Ive been trying to get through for weeks. Really wanted to schedule an appointment with dr Taylor bit cant get through EVER. scheduled my appointment with a different clinic maybw they will be more helpful

Review №78

I would more than agree with all of the other negative reviews and it is very unfortunate because I had high expectations of this practice. I have never written a negative review about any business, and especially support small businesses in the community. So I wanted to be able to provide a positive review, but it just wasnt possible. Clearly when there are several reviews that span for months about the staff and how they treat patients, there is a problem. This will be their 7th out of 17th review on this particular external site that is poor. Any person can do the math and see they are averaging over 40% negativity on reviews. Of course no practice can please everyone and occasionally have disgruntled clients which is understandable, but forty percent is extremely high in my opinion.One of the previous reviews I read clearly stated the person had a surgical abortion and the response from the practice was if you had a pill abortion. I chose this medical practice because of the great Facebook reviews. However, after having appointments on two different occasions and receiving less than satisfactory treatment both times, and dealing with people that lack complete bedside manner and professionalism it is also my opinion that the Facebook reviews stem from family and friends of the staff and doctor. I should have done better homework and seen the external reviews here as well as other third party sites because any external review sites that they cant control dont have nearly as many great reviews you see on their personal Facebook page that they control. My experience at Desert Star was beyond horrific. After filing a complaint, the response from their compliance officer did not even offer a courtesy apology for their poor service and lack of professionalism. Further, the compliance officer stated he observed staff in health care delivery after my complaint. I will certainly be following up to see his medical credentials that qualify him to do so, and observe other patients in that capacity.Real estate experience, investing, and creating fishing inventions certainly dont constitute experience to oversee medical practices that deal with sensitive issues and medical procedures. I will also be reporting this practice to the Arizona Medical Board and all of the doctors alleged affiliated memberships posted on her company site. Although I am extremely embarrassed to discuss my story due to the sensitivity and will most certainly be seeking private representation in this matter, I am even considering contacting Gary Harpor in hopes to save even one other woman from living with the traumatic aftermath that I now am, with a practice that is not even apologetic. This was by far my worst experience in any medical practice. Although it wouldnt alleviate the emotional hardship I am now experiencing due to the awful experience; a simple genuine apology and since of ownership of their mistakes would have gone a long way. I did not go into the personal details of the awful treatment I received, but for anyone considering this practice I would not wish the treatment I received and what I am now dealing with on my worst enemy. I have never visited another practice that did not take great pride in patient satisfaction and ensuring the understanding, comfort, and well being of their patients. Their responses from all the reviews here that boast grandiose gloat and ownership from positive reviews, and extreme defense or lack of even common courtesy and compassion speak for themselves.

Review №79

The people at the front desk are so rude and unprofessional. I was supposed to get results 3 weeks ago and after consecutive calls they would always say well have the doctor call you and never once did she call me back. I still have yet to get any test results and have yet to get a call back from the doctor. I had to call my insurance company and file a complaint just to get anything done. This is a place I would highly NOT recommend

Review №80

Called here cause my wife had a treatment here Lilly is a very disrespectful lady doesn’t allow you to talk jumps to conclusions tells you it takes up to 5hrs to get seen because she’s a lazy ass always eating at counter very rude person all around needs more trainning for sure

Review №81

They are so rude

Review №82

I do not recommend. Please stay away.

Review №83

Comfortable and good place

Review №84

Very nice clinic and the Dr is extremely nice and professional

Review №85

Awful. Rude.

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  • Phone:+1 480-447-8857
  • Family planning center
  • Abortion clinic
  • Women's health clinic
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–4pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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