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Walked in the experience with the front desk staff was great - I was looking for surgical treatment and “doctor” advised me that they will only treat me with the pill (which btw won’t guarantee it will be removed) I asked why they won’t perform surgical and they advised me it’s because they don’t want to waste supplies on me. Even though I do qualify. doctor proceeded to say “you need to change you mind set and be grateful you can even get this in the U.S. long story short came to planned parenthood and they treated me with kindness and got everything I requested for lower cost. Update : here we go with the sad excuse of a doctor to respond to my response - when he’s not even understanding why I’m frustrated with the sad excuse for a clinic it’s the fact that your staff is telling patients “that I should feel grateful” that’s the service is even available in the U.S and that I should just change my mindset. Did you miss that? Or did you only choose to respond to the fact that you refuse service because your lack of supplies. I called in and they never once advise me of these changes about only offering the pill otherwise I wouldn’t have even spent my money on your lousy clinic. saying they couldn’t answer my questions until I paid you. guys for a consultation. I’ll have great talk with the bbb thanks TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR WHAT YOUR STAFF SAYS and actually read the review I left so you can understand. oh and one more thing don’t take blood work of mine on dirty desks filled with crumbs. So everyone please take into consideration this place lacks cleanliness.

Review №2

Customer service A1 from beginning to end. Help with my financial needs. Dr. Makes you feel comfortable when explaining options and procedures. Getting my procedure done soon. But I am sure this place will take great care of me.Thanks for all you ladies help

Review №3

This office and their team is absolutely amazing! They all are compassionate, knowledgeable, warm, diligent and understanding. My situation was complex and they walked me through step by step to make sure my procedure went off without a hitch! I will continuously recommend this office️My hat is off to Dr Stanley and Dr Isaacson

Review №4

Receptionist was rude on phone and couldnt answer any questions. Made me feel my questions were a nuisance.

Review №5

The two times I have been here have been nothing short of comforting. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Isaac, but heard nothing but great things. I have though met with Dr. Stanley and she is the most comforting, reassuring and most positive Dr I have ever been encounter with (and I’ve meet a lot being a hypochondriac) She takes your hand and looks you into your eyes and makes you feel safe and comfortable. I really recommend this office instead of any planned parenthood. The fees here are just as low if not lower and they actually care about the patients. I wish she was just a normal general practitioner.

Review №6

Changing my review here, honestly the first time I had to come here I waited a very long time. It was crazy.. buuut I’ve unfortunately had to comeback a second time.. and this place really great. Honestly. So sweet, non judge mental.. at all! they’re great. Really. I’m happy with how things went, how caring they were and all. It’s hard when you’re in a situation like this ..but They keep you as informed as possible and are very comforting and caring. Every staff I had talked to was very nice, and answered any questions I had.

Review №7

I was called 2 hours BEFORE my appointment and asked to come in sooner, I showed up 2 hours before my scheduled appointment and wasn’t seen until 2 hours AFTER my scheduled time, I can say though never once did I feel rushed. I feel like people forget this is a hard time for a lot of people and scheduled appointment sometimes can take longer. Staff was amazing and very reassuring, they apologized to the waiting room and offered candy.

Review №8

I just had my first surgical experience here and I beleieve it was the best it can be. All of the staff and doctors are amazing they make you as comfortable as you can be, they thoroughly explain and answer any questions you have. I felt very comfortable with all of the staff and overall would reccomend FPA. The medical assistant/ultrasound tech who assisted in my procedure and put in my IV helped calm me down tremendously before my procedure she was very kind and socializing with her while waiting for MD Paul Isaacson to come in and begin my procedure really helped me not be so nervous I truely appreciate all of the staff at FPA they are wondeful.

Review №9

The staff here is kind, compassionate and efficient. I know it is a busy clinic but they absolutely do their best to make sure you are taken care of as soon as possible and that the experience is thorough and comfortable. I am so grateful to have found FPA. I was embarrassed and nervous about having to come back a second time a year later after an unplanned pregnancy. But the doctor immediately and warmly assured me that everything was okay and I am understood, safe and supported. They have also aided me in additional birth control options following the procedure. Thank you for helping make women’s health safe and comfortable and supporting us when we need it most. It makes an emotional, traumatic experience as easy and comfortable as it could possibly be. Would recommend this clinic to any and all women in need.

Review №10

I met both Dr. Stanley and Dr. Isaacson. I couldnt say enough great things about my experience. My partner and I were extremely nervous with a potentially life threatening condition. They took all the precaution and care in the world for us. Everything went smoothly and I can thank them for my quality of life to live for my 3 kids. You 2 are amazing. Highly recommended.

Review №11

I came in 15 minutes early for my appointment to be advised they are an HOUR BEHIND. they tried to say that they advise everyone during the initial call which they did not. I spoke to a red head manager that most likey received the title but not the necessary training because her response was to advise me Im sorry you FEEL THAT WAY instead of taking responsibility for the mistake that was made. And proceeded to recommend me to someone else and when I asked why she advised well, because there not us Good luck in the future

Review №12

My nurse was awesome & the doctor answered all my questions and concerns. Left feeling relieved...

Review №13

Everyone here is so kind and overall amazing. I would highly recommend them. The doctors are so encouraging to women living their best lives however they feel that is. They have awesome bedside manner. They can get a tad backed up so give yourself plenty of time to be there, they tell you 1-3 hours but its pretty close to an hour and a half. If youre at all nervous or feel like youll be judged you have no reason to feel any of that. Everyone is so full of love and kindness here.

Review №14

Awesome staff everyone was great, so friendly I give them 5 stars. I was nervous but they made me feel very comfortable

Review №15

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone over any other place. They are very friendly here and polite. They had me in and out very quick and one of the doctors held my hands through the entire procedure. I dont think I would have been able to have done it without her help. Thank you so much!!!

Review №16

These ladies and doctors were beyond amazing the comfort they provided through the entire process. These staff deserve gold awards for the care and compassion they give each patient.

Review №17

I would so recommend this place to anyone, it was clean, very friendly and very helpful and understanding and kept me very informed with everything going on, Dr. E Stanley MD was very nice and helped me with the process I enjoyed my visit. The staff was very kind. They are very good about making time for you visit and pushing people in at last minute. I enjoyed it so much. & the waiting room was not stand only they have chairs and magazines and television for you.

Review №18

I want to start by thanking all the staff that helped me throughout my process they were all amazing.!! Of course every woman going through this is emotional and nervous of whats going to happen, this was my 2nd abortion the first one I did at a different clinic and I did the pill, which wasnt the easiest I was in pain for 2 days....this time around after speaking to the doctors and expressing my concerns and questions I chose to do the surgical and Im thankful I did.!!! When I went back for the procedure I was shaking and so nervous about the pain I would feel but all the doctors reassured me, I was given something to help me relax a few minutes before the procedure, on a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate my pain throughout the procedure at a 6 BUT its very brief it only took about 3 minutes literally and it was over, I dont see many people talk about the pain so Im hoping this helps ease someones mind, and I definitely would recommend the surgical.!!! I walked out of the clinic with my sister feeling perfectly fine 30 minutes after the procedure and I still feel great almost 24 hours later with very light spotting and cramps that are no more than your normal menstrual cramps.The one thing that wasnt a big deal to me but seems to be for other people who gave 1 star ratings is the wait time, I did have to wait about and hr and a half after my appointment time, but I wasnt upset because this is a very emotional time for everyone else in that waiting room too, and I appreciate the fact that the doctors take their time to comfort you and make sure your feeling well, I would rather wait some extra time to be seen than be rushed throughout my procedure. Expect this to take alot of your day and you really shouldnt have any other plans but to go home and rest after this anyways....I hope this helps someone looking for some comfort your in great hands and I would recommend this clinic a million times. Thanks again to the staff.

Review №19

I got the suction abortion procedure done and I was terrified I thought I was gonna be in so much pain. It was the opposite I felt nothing and I didn’t cramp during or after the procedure just a little bleeding and that’s it. They did a really good job. Then send you home with pain meds and I haven’t had to use them.

Review №20

This is a wonderful clinic. Upset about the wait time and space? Dont put your self in a position to make an appointment if youre going to complain about the great service that is provided. Be smarter and more prepared. Friendly service and caring hearts.

Review №21

This place was amazing. I had my procedure done quick with so much care that I left feeling I made the right decision in what I chose. They heard out my frustrations with other clinics and got my procedure done QUICK. The only complaint I have that has NOTHING to do with this establishment is that the woman guard in the building referred to it to my FAMILY as the place that just gives anyone an abortion. This has nothing to do with the clinic but I surely hope that women dont go in there hoping to have their procedure done without judgement and come across this terrible woman.

Review №22

The office is very clean and modern, staff was very helpful and the Dr. was kind and thorough. My appointment was at 8 I was done for the consultation by 9:30, the following day my appointment was at 9 and I was finished by 10. There were two offices, spacious. The other offices I called were all very rude, not informed about anything medical, and their prices were way higher than this office.

Review №23

I want to thank every single nurse and dr that helped me through out this procedure. Going in I was extremely emotional and felt horrible and alone but I quickly received the support I needed. The wait was a bit long but its obviously not their intentions. Some patients require a bit more time than is expected which then causes a bit of a back up. I was one of those patients and when I had a small complication the nurses were quick to help me relax. The doctor was also great. She was very supportive and comforting. If you are feeling alone and unsupported just know that you will receive the care and support that you need with every person you encounter here. From the receptionist who hands you your paperwork to nurse who helps you get dressed when its over. Everyone there is there because they believe and support their cause.

Review №24

Very, very nice people. They truly care about your mental and physical comfort here. So glad I chose them for my health care needs.

Review №25

I would recommend this clinic to any women in need the staff and doctors are so nice and helpful unlike planned Parenthood they actually take the time to help you every step of the way !

Review №26

The employees and doctors are wonderful, caring, and professional. The process takes time but the staff does everything in their power to keep you informed and comfortable. The negative review is completely inaccurate and hateful.

Review №27

Best place I have ever went to ! :) Dr.Stanley was amazing and the nurses and the whole staff were very nice people , really recommend this place ! :)

Review №28

Find any other clinic. Seriously. I cant even speak to the services provided, because I walked out after 5 minutes in the place. Heres why:I had a 10am appt for an initial consultation/ultrasound which I had scheduled in advance. When I arrived, the small waiting room was standing-room-only. Several women were sitting outside the door of the clinic in the hallway. Seriously? Why bother to schedule appointments if you cannot accommodate patients in a timely manner?The one TV in the room was on some infomercial for a meat preserving vacuum sealing device. This was probably the worst possible thing they could have had on. No woman about to undergo a traumatic, difficult decision needs to hear a WHIRRRRRR of a vacuum mechanism coming from the TV. I doubt this was intentional, but how hard could it have been to put on the news or a movie or ANYTHING ELSE but the vacuum sealer food preservation system thing.I was concerned about the amount of time my 10am appointment would take in a room this crowded just 15 minutes before my appointment time. I asked the gal behind the desk how long I should anticipate waiting, and she replied, The first appointment takes between 3 and 5 hours. WHAT???? Im sorry, but this is unheard of. They quoted me 1-2 hours max, when I made the appointment, which is an acceptable amount of time. But I wasnt about to spend my entire day in this kind of environment without even a place to sit.Good riddance. Ill take my business somewhere else.

Review №29

I have Been at many facilities here in PHX and NYC, but FPA is one of the best facilities I ever seen, the stuff are extremely nice, polite and willing to help, you can tell they love their job, the Dr is so sweet and lovely, I was so nervous before my surgery, she made me more comfortable and relax, during my surgery I didnt fell anything, she is really professional! I highly recommend this clinic!!!

Review №30

Dr. Stanley was so compassionate when we suffered a fatal chromosomal anomaly in a wanted pregnancy. I would have never healed emotionally without her kindness.

Review №31

The women i encountered at this place i cant speak more highly about wow, i was so blown away with how comfortable i felt about this entire proccess. The moment i walked in yes Ill admit the office is on the smaller side and was packed but not uncomfortably. The receptionist was so polite i waited had some coffee from the keurig they offered and read a book for 2 hours lol so yea the wait was a bit longer than usual but its a small sacrifice for the bigger picture. after everything i feel so happy i chose this facility Dr. Stanley was so nice and made me feel absolutley confident in everything i felt very informed and empowered. I went in the next week had everything done and barely remembered the proccess, but i do remember how nice i felt in the recovery room they took great care of me and I doubt anyone else gets any less treatment. Despite the wait time and crowded room this place deserves nothing less than my 5 star rating.

Review №32

They are the worst! Do not even bother making an appoinment they wont even see you at your appointment time. You will be given paperwork 1hour after and maybe be seen 2 hours later and thats maybe. I had an 10 am appointment got seen untill 1!!! 1!!! Left home until 4 . Unless you like being in a cramped clinic all day go ahead but they dnt even honor your time

Review №33

The staff is rude, u sit there for 3 or more hours just for consultation. The lobby is so small and uncomfortable that its always packed, sometimes with so many people that they are lined up outside in the hallway. They pick an choose who goes 1st not by ur appointment time but when they feel its ur turn. I will never go back here. Not that I want to visit any clinic like this again, but i woudnt recommend it to my worst enemy.

Review №34

FPA Medical Group offers excellent abortion care in an non-judgemental environment.

Review №35

Omg do not come here if you have plans to be somewhere... I am still here at 4:00pm and my appointment was scheduled for 1:45pm just sad. You just sit here for hours for a consultation which is ridiculous, at least give the people a pager like they do at chilles or red lobsters these People Will Waste Your Time and just have the office full of people waiting.... to be talked to. I will be writing a review on yelp as well tall need to get it together.

Review №36

Nice and so professional

Review №37

Our appointment was at 8:30, didnt even get seen until 11. Wait time here is ridiculous. Staff does not uphold appointments so there is no point in making one. Dont come here if you dont want to wait hours, space is also really small.

Review №38

They helped me. Quick, comforting and caring.

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