KPC Promise Hospital of Phoenix
433 E 6th St, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States
Review №1

This place is amazing! Some of the best people you can n will ever meat come from this hospital. Everyone besides a handful of nurses and 2doctors are the most caring loving respectful sweet people and the wound nurse there is out of this world. She made my stay there amazing! She treated me like a human being, a friend and someone to talk to. Everyday now I prey Ill run into her somewhere just so I can see her again. If youre reading or happen to see this Lynn, I love you and miss you very much and youre a awesome person! I mean that with all my heart. The food there is a A+ and if I ever had to go to a place like this again, it most definitely would be there! But sad to say, I cant say that about any other 3places Ive been too! So you see, Im EXTREMELY PICKY SO I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL THESE 1 STARS ARE COMING FROM. And Im not easy to take care of either believe me, and I still loved it there! Good job KPC!!! Keep up the good work!

Review №2

This was a great experience for my family. From the Administration to the Nursing staff and the front desk everyone was great. They went above and beyond the amount of help needed to care for our mom. She was always kept clean, hair braided and the nurses took care of her like she was their mom. Ally one of the nurses even came in and sat with her on her lunch hour and my mom is not mobile nor speaking, but she responded great to Ally. I was able to sleep at night knowing that they were taking good care of my mom. The discharge of her could have gone a lot smoother but everything can’t be perfect. I would highly recommend this facility. It does not look like a 5 star cosmetically, but the staff is!Steohanie Doss

Review №3

KPC Phoenix is a great facility. Starting with Helene, the charge nurse. She is a very efficient and compassionate leader. The entire staff, specially the nurses, really care about their patients needs. My brother is always treated with respect and efficient, attentive care. Something you won’t easily find in other LTAC facilities. My brother was a Covid patient and was on a ventilator and the staff at KPC was able to ween him off and get him better. He still has a long road ahead but my whole family is very thankful to the entire staff for continuing to take such good care of him and for making this experience easier. We highly recommend KPC!!

Review №4

After contracting the corona virus I was hospitalized for 48 days, 16 of those days I was placed in KPC Promise for rehab. This is not rehab as if you sprang your ankle; the staff had to wean me off of high levels of oxygen so that my lungs could SUSTAIN LIFE. The blood testing was constant, my heart was monitored nonstop. The entire staff is attentive and went above and beyond their call of duty; this means they were very pleasurable while under enormous pressure, this includes the kitchen staff as well. All I can do is THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hold these angels in my heart with the same regard as I do the military.I read some of the other posts how they felt about the old 70s building that their loved ones were in; if I may the building doesnt heal anyone the outstanding nurturing people inside do.JimI just want you to know all of you are loved.

Review №5

Promise Hospital is an outstanding facility! We had over 3 weeks of experience with almost all the staff members including director, nurses, doctors, Intensive Care Unit, regular care unit, daily physical therapists, dietician, food preparers, housekeepers, case managers, etc. ALL the staff members were compassionate and provided excellent care. It was a very clean and well-managed facility. They were also very welcoming to family members even though they were reinforcing all the COVID restrictions.

Review №6

This is an amazing place, the staff here is very kind and attentive. I would recommend reaching out to them if you’re looking for long term acute care!

Review №7

Don’t judge by looks amazing staff under that roofOf promise hospital . I’m Thankful they help keep my Grandfather alive My grandfather had been in so many hospitals & rehabs from downtown to surprise to Mesa he Got the best care at promiseBig improvements and they made sure he got to come home as the goal they made it happen .Almost 9 months away from homeKpc sure lived up to that Promise to get him home alive with out a trach off Vent .My Grandpa had his FavoritesDarla ,Heather ,Alisha,Dokota,Lynn,Judith ,Kofi,Camron,bob,rollen just to name a few everyone is amazing .Thank you to the Doctors who took care of himDr Chandran & Dr Nwafer your the man your wound nurse is Amazing as wellBig Thank you to Nicole B for all the info.Thank you kpc promise for helping My Grandpa fight recovery of Covid-19 .Amazing staff

Review №8

I can not put into words just how disappointed I am in our experience with KPC Promise. For the most part, nurses, and physical therapists were great, but case management was horrible. They never did the required paperwork and my brother’s temporary disability was canceled. Then to top it off, his transfer to another Physical Rehabilitation center was a nightmare. The location KPC moved him to is now helping us get him to the proper facility.

Review №9

I had a close friend of mine have her mom admitted to this facility. Staff was prompt in treating her mom and making her comfortable with her stay. Nursing staff made my friend feel at ease knowing her mom was in great care. Staff kept my friend informed in her mothers health. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Review №10

Clinical Liaison Allan Dingman gave my sister and brother-in-law a virtual tour of the facility and cited his top reasons for why our family should agree to my father being hospitalized at KPC Promise. These reasons included caring nurses and staff who were long time employees of KPC, access to iPADs so that quarantined patients could visit with remote family members, and ground level patient rooms with windows allowing local family members to see their quarantined family members while visiting.Allan stood true to his word. While our first impression of the facility was one of a tired building, any concerns were quickly put to rest after we realized the cleanliness of the facility and more importantly, the professionalism and care that both staff and nurses showed my husband and I, and my father.Although my father died within three weeks from COVID, I would like to to express gratitude to each nurse who tirelessly treated my father with compassion and dignity. Thank you for taking the time to explain things to my husband and I with a caring and empathetic attitude, and for treating my father as if his life mattered.Deep gratitude to: Kempton, Dakota (you are amazing and kind), Michele (you gave my dad his best last day with that spa treatment and thank you for the pep talks) and Alma. Lynn and Josh, you are truly assets to KPC with your people skills and art of articulating things during the most difficult of times in the ICU. We are indebted to you for listening, explaining, and for treating my dad with the utmost care. Finally, thank you to Dr. Chandra for your patience with my family during this difficult time and for overseeing my fathers care.

Review №11

Even though this is an older hospital, its clean and the staff is amazing. Allen Dingman, my Clinical Liaison, was very knowledgeable and kind. He took care of everything that I needed and made sure that my care was exceptional. I experienced the same level care from the amazing nurses and respiratory staff while there. I would without a doubt recommend this hospital.

Review №12

My grandmother was hospitalized due to COVID and then transferred to KPC Promise Hospital for continued care. I have nothing but great things to say about the entire staff. They answered all my questions (and believe me there were many questions) and they were knowledgeable and compassionate to our situation. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing extended hospital care. THANK YOU!

Review №13

My mom always said “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” The building is old, but the staff is the best. My mom received wonderful care. From management down to the staff, they all show kindness and love to the patients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Review №14

Worse facility Ive ever seen. Very unprofessional. Filed seceral complaints and none of the nurses should be certified in that place. Definately do not recommend if you love your relatives. Also pictures on website are far from reality. If i could give it no stars i would

Review №15

My mom was admitted here just after the holidays and what could have been the worst experience of my life was made easy by the staff at KPC. I’m not familiar with healthcare issues but staff was able to explain everything to me and make sure I understood step by step what was happening to my mom. Through COVID and these ever changing scary times, the respiratory therapy crew handled me and my mom like we were part of their own family. After weeks of patience and intensive care, KPC nursed my mother back to good health and brought her home in time for my wedding. I am forever grateful to the staff there that will forever feel like extended family. If you or someone you love needs help, I would trust these professionals with my life.

Review №16

After one month in the ICU at Honor Health, I was transferred to KPC Promise Hospital. It was the perfect place to recover after all that trauma with the accident.Within two weeks, the feeding tube was removed and the biggest milestone, the trach was also removed. It was the start into a new life.All Nurses, CNAs, and R.Ts was well as my Doctors were outstanding, helpful, and friendly. I always could feel the amazing vibe between them.They took excellent care about the wounds, especially my painful road rash, my well being and kept me in a good spirit.Thank you from the bottom of my heart to ALL of you for making it possible to take the next steps to REHAB. Without you ALL, I couldnt imagine to come so far in such a short period of time. Gerda Bubestinger

Review №17

My husband has been in kpc promise hosp for awhile they got him back too normal eating and drink nutrition drinks . Some try too blast bad comments about them, but I can say he was in good hands any one out there. Needing to go there I would say (thumbs up ) case managers keep spouses informed if need and they do allow visits hours 2-6 I did go see it before my husband was transferred there I can honestly say I was impressed hosp was very clean and I havent had any issues with no one. too all nurses doctors therapy and all other staff Im am very grateful for what did too get my husband on track so koodosto you

Review №18

Everyone here has made my stay great! The Nurses are compassionate and my therapists treat me like their Mom. My Doctors have answered my many questions. If I ever need a place like this again I will gladly come back

Review №19

I am a current patient at Promise Hospital and have found the service, care and professionalism excellent. To all the negative commentors on this site, you either have your own personal problems and should not take it on the staf to include Cheryl and admissions staff clinical and non clinical staff. My kudos goes to the hiring staff of their employees. Maybe take a better look at your own personal problems prior to blaming someone else.

Review №20

Thank you KPC Promise Hospitals Nurses, Therapists and Doctors. No one wants to be in the hospital, but you take good care of me everyday! Thank you Yvonne for being so patient and helping me get stronger. I cant say thank you enough.

Review №21

Thank you to all the staff at promise hospital for taking such good care of me and helping me to keep improving. I appreciate everyone always being positive and supportive.

Review №22

Mom left Promise yesterday to a new facility. She loved her stay there, did not want to leave. Doctors and staff are wonderful. Just wondering why the move when they have PT and OT there as well.

Review №23

Could not post without giving a star but really would not have. Rating is in the negative.. This place is a Death Trap. Nurses gave the wrong dosage of medicine and medicine to lower the blood pressure during dialysis. Doctor on staff just makes excuses for them. Stay away from this place if you have any choice at all.

Review №24

In 2017 my husband was transferred from Chandler Regional after open heart surgery, he was to have physical therapy.He did have therapy for 2 days but then the Dr gave him Marinol. I saw the change in my husband & I told them to stop it. Read the side effects it was not for a person after open heart surgery.Thank God I got my husband out of there. I would not put my worst enemy in there. I paid for a private person to be with him at night because I could not trust them.

Review №25

My 90 year old father was critically injured in an auto accident. Because of his age and the severity of injuries, the prognosis was not very hopeful. After several days in Trauma another hospital, He was transferred to Promise hospital for Rehab care. Dad was there for around two and a half weeks. The facility is very clean and has a bright, open atmosphere. The nurse to patient ratio is excellent. Surprisingly, even the food in the lunch room was good, employees friendly, and not expensive. My sister and I had a great deal of interaction with staff, and found everyone from doctors and nurses to office personnel and assistants to be compassionate and eager to help. In fact, staff at all levels seemed genuinely happy to be working there. As my fathers health declined, and emotions weighed heavily on my family, we found comfort in knowing that everyone there was doing all they could humanly do to treat my dad, and keep him comfortable. It was also comforting to find that there were many who shared our faith in God. Some of them family members of other patients, and some of them staff. Some prayed for us, and one prayed with us. Dad passed on while in Promise. Since our loved one was too ill to be home, we would not have wanted him in any other facility.

Review №26

My grandfather was transferred from Chandler Hospital to Promise hospital on a breathing machine. It felt like home when we arrived to Promise. My grandfather went into the ICU there for 2 weeks and they helped him be able to breathe on his own. The facility was very clean and the staff were super helpful and friendly. I hope he never needs this type of care again but if so we would definitely come back to Promise!!

Review №27

It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team. The ICU here allows us to provide care for the “sickest of the sick” high acuity patient. Expertise of Nursing and Therapy team is unmatched!

Review №28

The care that is provided at our hospital is phenomenal! Seeing patients return to visit their care providers was awesome to witness! What a great place to work.

Review №29

It was so frightening when moving my mom to a facility after her discharge from the hospital, you never know what to expect in how your loved one and family members will be treating.. I honestly can say that my mom had a good month long stay at Promise and still on the road to a good recovery.. I would have to say that there was a nurse that ignored my moms needs throughout the day, but that was taken care of and my mom was never under her care.. Thank you!! April..

Review №30

My mom was checked into this facility yesterday on 11-18-19. I visited the facility for the first time today on 11-19-19. Looks very rundown on the outside and very strong intolerable odors on the inside. Rooms look like something comparable to a bad motel. Unhappy with multiple nurses already and the neglect involving my mom throwing up for hours. Hopefully things change fast during her stay here!

Review №31

The only LTAC in the East Valley - Easy to get to and park. Private Rooms and a Licensed ICU. A great place for loved ones to recover!

Review №32

Words to describe everyone that makes Promise Hospital a Great place to work! Caring, compassionate, respectful, kind hearted and promotes teamwork!

Review №33

My sister Joyce Dawkins was at Promise Hospital for 6 weeks or so. They, set up for her to go home 3/24/17 at 3;00 pm. Joyce has a very large wound in her stomach. With what they call a mound manager covering it. The wound has to be changed 3X a day. She was sent home with nothing to change the wound with. On top of that the scrips they sent home where for liquid opiate that no Pharmacy could fill. The best Promise said was she would have to go to the Emergency room to get her pain back in control. The process used at Promise to release patients is not in the best interest of the patient.

Review №34

Please do not take anyone you love here. It is not clean and smells bad. You might as well bypass this place and go straight to hospice. You will end up with the same results.

Review №35

Promise Hospital is a great place to work! We have a great team of dedicated professionals who care for medically complex patients.

Review №36

This place is not any where Id send my worst enemy. Some staff were rude, the facility itself is run down and stinks so bad. I also am upset that with all the scans they were doing they didnt detect the cancer I am now dealing with. Im glad I checked myself out and came to Mayo.

Review №37

Promise Hospital killed my father! He was sent there from Banner to be weaned off the trache. They kept him heavily drugged because he was agitated even though the family demanded that they stop giving him sedation. They never questioned the dosage, never wanted to deal with him. They have no regard for what the family wanted. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO THIS PLACE.

Review №38

My mom received outstanding care at Promise. Everyone that took care of her treated her respectfully and with kindness. They are truly wonderful people!!

Review №39

I would give this facility negative stars if possible. My uncle who was mentally challenged was completely neglected. He received no physical therapy and was left in bed, when he kept asking for help they moved him farther from the nurses station so he wouldnt bother them. We tried to get him moved and they said the insurance would not cover him anymore if we moved him without their approval. They lied to us, he wasnt fed at times and they didnt stay on top of his diabetes. They charted without doing the checks...stay uncle was finally transferred, to a mortuary.

Review №40

I was a patient at Promise, recovering from Valley Fever, for 28 days. The nursing staff was wonderful, night and day shift. The people who I think were LPNS, were also so polite and caring. I had a many nurses, but one stands out because she helped everyone! Her name is Elsa Deacon, and you rarely saw her sitting, she is like a smart, nursing machine. She is a tiny little woman, but she i s a force of nature. Always kind, I just loved having her when I had her as my nursre. The Physical Therapy people were fantastic, as were the Respatory Therapist people. Every group of people, from the nurses on down, made my long visit tolerable. I spent my sons birthday, my birthday, mothers day and a party where my daughter in law announced her pregnancy for my husband and my first grandchild. I missed a lot, but because the people at Promise made time to talk to me, even when I was teary and feeling sorry for myself, I felt a little better. Being kind, not being to busy to talk to a patient, really counts. It makes a bad situation bearable, and I appreciated it with all my heart.

Review №41

Negative five stars for this Terrible place. Patient care is not taken seriously here. These people are there for their paycheck only. Everything is an inconvenience to them. A close friends uncle was staying there until he could be transferred closer to home. They neglected him. Didnt feed him. Didnt log his blood sugar levels(he was diabetic) he was challenged so he couldnt communicate well with them. Instead of listening to his needs they moved him to the back of the facility because he was bothering them. Wowwwww. What is the point of working in patient care if you wont help the sick and helpless?!! He is no longer with us out of pure NEGLECT. STAY AWAY

Review №42

Doctors do not call back for days. They have no bedside manner. Management yells at family members over the phone. No compassion.

Review №43

Most of the staff you get mostly ignores you or is extremely rude. Especially the female nurses are the worest offenders.

Review №44

- Stars if I could. Horrible horrible place. My mom was there after surgery for therapy and we finally were able to transfer her out, but after major bed sores, she was in the fetal position and unable to eat, drink, walk or barely talk. Get out while you can.

Review №45

From the start I wasnt happy with how things were going for my dad. Since we came from a 5 start hospital icu. To promise hospital, I cried my eyes out. I meant impatient nurses and did my complaints on them. And then there were compassionate very nice nurses. They have their ups and downs here, but thankful for how far they helped my dad. Very clean place, quiet place and not crowded. The security guard was very nice and got to know several employees. Dad was there for about 1 month and a week... they did sooooooo much better then the place he got transferred to.. If your love ones were to get transferred to a long term Rehibilitation center, DO NOT take them to North Mountain Rehibilitation Center... the most awful place Ive seen, dirty, smelly and didnt take care of my dad. My dad end up bk in icu at Honor Health. Good people there. It was warned about North Mountain.... dad is doing so much better... thank u Promise Hospital for all youve done for my dad...

Review №46

My husband was a patient and received no care . There was a nurse aide who snubbed her nose at him. He was supposed to get physical therapy and that consisted of getting into a recliner (which was delivered after he had been there over a week) . No cardiologist saw him all the time he was there although he had a tac line in his chest. Need I say more?

Review №47

My mom is getting excellent care here

Review №48

It was hard being a patient nice staff but to many issues with the doctors

Review №49

Some of the saddest things and worst smells here. Avoid it

Review №50

My father was left to go into cardiac risk at the hands of ICU nurse at this facility, had prognosis of recovery and go home but forced to wean to soon and died 5 days later, I have medical experience and witness negligent decision made with another family member present.Filed multiple complains the nurse was found to get a letter of Concern

Review №51

Promise is the best!

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