VyStar Credit Union - Westside Drive-Thru Center
4539 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

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Gainesville fl 43rd st. bank manager was HORRIBLY rude to me and my son on a SaturdayI closed account.

Review №2

This location is shutdown no longer in business

Review №3

Not this branch as an individual but this bank as a whole entity has become horrible. Way to many security measures for traveling individuals. Ive literally had 4 occasions where my card has been shutdown and taken over 30 minutes to an hour to figure out why. While someone is sitting in an air conditioned office somewhere claiming to do me a favor by keeping my money safe Im at a gas station waiting on my card to be activated. Then they want 10 security questions and in order to reactivate it.

Review №4

They closed the drive thru on Blanding, futher eroding the Westside.

Review №5

I WAS a very proud member until this morning when I had a very unprofessional phone call with an associate by the name of “terry” my account clearly states that I am a vyteen and an adult was being rude, talking over me and leaving the call with dead air for various minutes at a time. I unfortunately had to just hang up and try to figure the situation out on my own. “Terry” had an extremely sarcastic and lazy tone to her and it presented me with a very displeasing vystar experience. I ask that if you do not like your job or don’t want to do your job correctly? THEN DONT DO IT! As a young less experienced teenager, I do my job 10x better then this adult has, very disappointed.

Review №6

I feel comfortable treats you like family never met anyone unpleasant to do my business with!

Review №7

Vystar card stolen..never replaced

Review №8

I have always had great service with Vystar both on board NAS and several in Jax.

Review №9

Best credit union in town!

Review №10

Vystar credit union has to be the most cold hearted financial institution there is.You would think having their corporate offices located in the same state, and city, that most of their customers were hit, with not one but two hurricanes, in less than a year, would put them in the forefront of assistance. Definitely not the case.All Vystar has to do is turn on their local news, open a local newspaper, drive around in their city, go to one of the disaster assistance locations, drive 30 minutes to another city, and see the devastation people are facing.Most have not even recovered from Hurricane Matthew, then to be hit with Hurricane Irma, has had severe financial impact on most families. FEMA assistance has not been received by many. So many people have not even had their insurance adjusters come. Some remained without power for weeks. Some still have holes in their roofs, trees on their houses, while others have no home to go back to.The entire State of Florida was impacted right behind Hurricane Harvey crippling some of Texas. Because of this, financial institutions through the US have granted 90 day extensions to all in the disaster areas, so that people can use the funds to have trees removed, tarps placed on roofs, water removed from their homes, replace lost food, and to try to move forward with recovery, while awaiting insurance or other forms of assistance. Vystar gave you 30 days.Do they not realize a 30 day extension will barely help those that have lost so much, while still awaiting forms of assistance. They would rather you pay your car loan than get a tree off your house, find a way to cover the holes in your roof, get water out of your house to prevent more damage, or even pay for a place to stay. The 30 days turns into 60 fast, and then they will move to repossess. How much colder than that can any bank be?Hat’s off to Amerisbank, Bank of America, Chase, and all the others that not only extended 90 days, but immediately red flagged any of their customers in the federal disaster areas for 90 day extensions, notified by voicemail, email and regular mail. They did everything they could to relieve stress on their customers. Others placed mobile links on their site so that customers did not have to waste precious mobile battery life in the event they still did not have any power. Not Vystar, you have to sit on hold and waste your battery.Vystar may have the better interest rates, but if you want to bank with or a get loan from such cold hearted people, you better hope that no disaster befalls, because Vystar will not care or assist.

Review №11

Drive thru only. They are friendly and off quick service.

Review №12

It is not a bank that offers security to its customers.

Review №13

Rude service. The lady hung up on me in the middle of my sentence

Review №14

Very quick service today

Review №15

Love my bank

Review №16

Fast service

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:4539 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-777-6000
  • Credit union
  • ATM
  • Investment service
  • Mortgage lender
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:7:30am–6pm
  • Thursday:9am–1pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9am–5pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:No
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