VyStar Credit Union - Regency Branch
686 Commerce Center Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States

Review №1

I came into this location on 9/16 to make a couple of transactions. There were 5 people ahead of me and 2 tellers. There was a young man apologizing for the long wait to those of us standing in line. At first I didnt think anything about it but I noticed there was no longer a greater at the front desk as you entered the building that would normally assist those who had come in to make transaction that required extra assistance. After about 45 minutes I got fed up standing in line so I walked our and went to the drive thru and waited another 20 minutes. After finally getting my transaction completed I later noticed a mistake and had to go back inside to get it corrected. So now Ive been at the bank over an hour. I like using Vystar for my banking needs but this was way over the top for me. I dont think this new system is working to the advantage of neither the customer nor the tellers. Too much time is being taken to have to process transactions that need extended time and more attention and these shouldnt be handled at the window. It holds up the customer thats making a simple transaction that requires minimal attention. I was fortunate that one of the Reps recognized me and was able to correct my problem. The system youre attempting to put in place is not working take a day like payday and go stand in the line.

Review №2

Sheila Mcmullen at VyStar on regency location She is so kind and very professional at work when I open my business account she answer all my question, Today she get my car loan application quickly and I sing it electronically and everything done in a minutes, Every time I come to the branch she is there to help everybody quickly, Their locations are very clean, comfortable, friendly and beautiful. I usually dont write a feedback anywhere but I have to show the people how professional she is.

Review №3

Dont come to this branch unless you have 45 minutes of your life you dont need. Consistent slow service. Be it lobby or drive through, theyre either under staffed or cant handle a transaction quickly. Just to make a deposit shouldnt take nearly an hour. You listening VyStar?

Review №4

As of recent, apparently ALL transactions have to be handled by a teller. I am very displeased that I have to stand in line for 15-30 minutes just to get access to my safe deposit box. Thats unreasonable. Dont know why they are no longer staffing anyone at the desk as you come in.

Review №5

I went up there due to a problem with my account. Donna Henderson helped me out a lot she moves the fastest out of anybody in the bank and she made sure my problems were solved so if you go there please don’t rush here or be impatient because she will look out for you and be patient with you💯

Review №6

I had Jonathan Hibbert at regency location, he was fast and had great customer service but he was also knowledgeable which is why I’m doing this review he was able to help me by picking a service that helps with my credit and did all the work for me very much appreciate his efforts

Review №7

This doesnt necessarily apply to this location but to Vystar Credit Union in general. Worst credit union Ive experienced in 20 years. They canceled my auto loan payment, then charged me the late fee. Called 4 times to resolve the issue and was hung up on 3 times, went to this location and couldve get in the door, went to another location couldnt even get acknowledged when I walked in the door.

Review №8

Thanks a Bank worker to help me. Ebony a excellente explanation and help. Excelente Job. IreappreciationAppreciation

Review №9

Every time I come here is 30-40 minutes waiting. I don’t understand why they take so long for a simple deposit transaction.

Review №10

This is the best banking branch and the service is just great everytime!

Review №11

I went to the drive through at lunch time to make a withdrawal - it was very slow but that’s irrelevant- because the tell gave me counterfeit $20 - there’s no way a machine took these bills so she bypassed and took the cash into her drawer and then redistributed it out so her drawer wouldn’t be short at the end of her shift. Now I’m going to be out this money due to vystar “it’s your money” my butt. Thanks for not doing your job correctly and making me pay for it.

Review №12

Great location.convenient and great associates clean and great associates.

Review №13

SLOW AF!!!Be sure to be prepared for an 30 min to an hour wait in the drive thru.

Review №14

Vystar makes you think they will be a good bank with all the say but they arent. The call center closes at 7pm. 7pm. After 7pm if you have any issues, emergencies, or anything you are Screwed until the next day. There is nobody there, there is no help. 7pm.

Review №15

Horrible service. The system keeps putting blocks on my credit card even though the money is available. This has happened like 4 or 5 times over the past year. Then I end up taking hours out of my day going back and forth with Vystar and vendors/biller trying to get it resolved. It would be nice if you notified Vystar and then they would resolve the payment issue with the biller/vendor. Not to mention I emailed 3 Vystar reps and no one responds then I have to reach out to them again and again to try and get this resolved. There has been other issues over the past year and half, but this is the latest.

Review №16

I’m so disappointed in the service I received. With the understanding of covid and everything going on with it. I do understand that we all have to be extra cautious. But I went last Monday to inquire about getting a home. The first thing that caught me off guard was that i had to go see the teller in the front. So I get to the front to speak to the teller. Tell him what I’m there for and he starts asking me different things. The problem I have is some questions you should be a little more discreet in asking. He was asking for my contact info, credit scores of my wife n I, and the amount we plan on spinning on a home. I understand You have to project your voice also but we are in front of at least 15 people discussing my personal al information. I had lied to him and told him I’m not sure at one point. Also asked could we go in a cubical. We get in the cubical (which i don’t understand why we did not go there from the start.) And he writes down some of the answers to the questions he had asked before. Then tells me ok someone will be in contact with you between Monday (which was that day.) If not, then you will hear from them(meaning the mortgage department.) by tomorrow which was Tuesday. If you don’t hear anything feel free to contact me. So it Is now the next Monday and i still Have not herd anything. I have Called the young man who helped me and left two messages n have not herd anything from him either. What trips me out about VyStar is they always ask, oh why don’t you have a card with us? Why don’t you get a car through us? Why don’t you think about buying a home through us? And when you go to do these things it’s always a run around. Then go somewhere else your approved in two days. This is horrible. Then when they see I have a car, oh why don’t you get it refinanced through us? Because you all give the run around. Smh. I really Want to put the teller name on here cause i feel like he didn’t take me serious at all. But even with how i feel I would Never want someone to lose their job especially in the days we are in now. I am truly an unsatisfied customer.

Review №17

Best believe you’ll need a good 30-45 minutes just to go thru their drive thru line.

Review №18

I called into to get information of requirements for loan application. I was transferred to Loan officer Charlie, who is the epitome of Vystar Excellence! He advised me that the branch employers had been asked to help out the call center, and that this was his second day of full-time phones for the Regency branch. Charlie answered every single one of my questions. He did an awesome job walking me thru the steps of the process, and informing me of the possible outcomes of my application. He even informed me of products I didnt even know Vystar offered! I rarely ever have to call Vystar, but when I do, I hope to get a representative like Charlie every time! Give that man a raise!!!!

Review №19

The worse bank you can ever go, really bad attention and I was first on line for more than 25min and they keep taking other people. I am pregnant and nobody cares!!! If something happened to me will be banks fault

Review №20

If you ever need any advice for loans or anything like that Jonathan Hibbert is the guy to see!! Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Definitely helped me with my auto loan and now I’m very satisfied

Review №21

Man, I had a crazy situation with a computer error. I deposited a large sum of money into my account via mobile deposit and it reflected on my account as an ungodly negative number. Panicked and frustrated I brought my concerns to the branch and my issue was handled almost immediately with a smile. Great group of people at this branch!

Review №22

I open today my new bank account with VyStar Credit Union and I am so terribly sorry I did not do it a long time ago. I was really pleasantly surprised with amazing service at the bank. I did not even wait a 5 minutes and was taken by Member Relationship Specialist Kimberly Kelley. She was so helpful, kind and sweet. Thank you Kimberly it was real pleasure to meet you. I am sure I will have much better relationship with my new Bank than I had before.

Review №23

People are nice in this branch but at this moment with the pandemic situation going on everything supposed to be done through the tellers.I had a app logging problem that was fixed before at the main desk when u walk in ,but this time they ask me to stay in the line and wait forever to fix a problem that only takes 2 seconds to fix.They only had to tellers at the time and refused to help me at tbe front desk.They have to do something to spedite things,this way is too slow and we all have to go back to work.

Review №24

If you want to waste your entire lunch break sitting in the drive through that only had 3 cars in it.. this is your branch.

Review №25

Poor service. Ive had issues over that past year where reps dont call you when they say they will. Now they closed the Regency branch, because of the coranvirus. This is the 4th time in the past 15 days I went to the one in Arlington and today you cant even turn into the bank from Atlantic, because the drive through is do packed. Now Im at the one on Kernan & theres 20 cars in the drive through. They need to reopen the Regency drive through.

Review №26

Every financial rep I dealt with are very courteous and professional. Ms. Toni Gray goes above and beyond in assisting members.; so as Ms. Shiela McMullen and Max Berlanger. They and the rest of their staff are always ready to serve the members with smiles on their faces. Thank you, thank you for everything you do for your members.

Review №27

Love vystar. What time does the drive through open this morning? Thanks😁

Review №28

Waited 40 minutes at the drive through customer service sucks I will try my best to not come at this location

Review №29

Very slow through the drivethrough wait is to long !!!

Review №30

Customer service is piss poor. An employee told me they couldn’t print me a card the same day because I’m an authorized user when in fact they could. They need to train their employees better . If you want to be inconvenienced come to this branch .

Review №31

What a joke VY Star has become.The credit union is pushing online banking like crazy and doesnt realize there is Online dedicated Credit unions that let you use any ATM without the fees.Plus online dedicated Credit unions have more secure servers.Getting slower it seems. Expect to wait here.

Review №32

Rashad Gray was very professional even thou there was a long line in the drive thru.

Review №33

If you need any help whit your AccountGo see Miss Toni Gray she was very nice and professional

Review №34

Very slow handling customers!

Review №35

Why does it take 30 minutes to make a deposit in the drive through? With the lobby closed to regular business, you need more people working to handle Saturday business in the drive through Poor customer service,.

Review №36

Busy Friday, perhaps 20 people in line, but the Tellers were on point!! The slowness at times was always customers, not the VyStar workers. Even with some unusual crowds, we were and out in about 10 minutes. And we were like 20th in line.

Review №37

Great customer service. A smile when being greeted and a nice day upon leaving

Review №38

When the upgrade happen and I was having trouble with access to my accounts. One phone call fix any issues I had. The attendant quickly got me over any obstacles, and back to biz. Thanks for all yall do.

Review №39

Just ghetto,slow unprofessional staff !

Review №40

Vystar has the worst ATMs of any bank i have ever bank with my whole grown life! They never work and if they do only half of the functions work! Horrible horrible horrible!!!!! They are about to loose me as customer!!

Review №41

Service with a smile. Several Locations. Always fast.

Review №42

Best credit union I have ever used!

Review №43

This is not a bank it is a empty house next to a empty field. I wasted my time and gas to find residential neighborhood. I was not happy at all!

Review №44

Great customer service and convenient hours

Review №45

For past two months i ordered checkes two times, and both times i was charged for $30 and never received checks. Customer service not the best. While i was talking with a teller she was distracted with two other customer.

Review №46

Ive been with them going on to 4 yrs , not once have I ever had a bad experience . All in all this branch gets a high 5 from me !!!

Review №47

Frustrating car refinancing experience.

Review №48

This bank in general SUCKS!!! I am pulling my money out as soon as I can get a day off.. They changed their app and now it doesnt work and you cant get a hold of ANY of their locations.. I googled them went down the list and couldnt reach anyone.....

Review №49

Well i have had the account a long time and have not used that i need to use it i cant get anyone on the phone. .i am at work and now i have to wait till someone calls me back....ugh! !!

Review №50

VyStar is a great credit

Review №51

Horrible staff

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  • Address:686 Commerce Center Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-908-2382
  • Credit union
  • ATM
  • Investment service
  • Mortgage lender
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–6pm
  • Thursday:9am–1pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9am–5pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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