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Saw there was a lot of negative rep on here, I actually had a really easy experience paying off my debt. I called, left my number, they called back within 15 minutes (better than wait times), took my info, and it was done. They emailed me confirmation immediately after. Had no problems.

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These positive reviews have to be fake, even the Experian representative who contacted them on my behalf was taken aback by the lack of professionalism and rudeness!Do not believe them when they say they will delete a debt!!!This company is awful! They are LIARS! settled a debt that came as a surprise with my doctors office 2 years ago and they refuse to delete the item paid directly to the doctors office. I saw somewhere that MG claims to remove settled debts, they didn’t even collect on the debt so what’s the problem? What’s the matter? Mad you didn’t get a commission. MG Credit responds with different answers to different reporting agencies when I try to dispute and offer no physical evidence. I do not wish bad on anyone but I hope MG Credit is shut down soon for purposely ruining responsible people’s lives by falsifying information and reporting inaccurate data as verified data.

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Called and talked to Glenn to pay off my balance. He was straight to the point and process my transaction in less than a minute. Great job.

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I wanted to thank MG credit for resolving my issue very quickly. Mr. Cliff was very professional and polite. He acted in a prompt and timely manner which resulted in very fast process of the situation resolution. I would highly recommend this company! Thank you!

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Gleen is rude and disrespectful. I ask for a balance statement every time I pay for my own records. He always gives an excuse or lie and says he sent it. Today his lie was Texas doesn’t allow him to send mail. Then proceeded to over talk me as usual and then said “Why does she always need a letter?” I told him not to call me anymore. This is harassment.

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So my credit balance shown on my credit report is,and always has been $1792. But when I requested info to pay, I am told the balance is over $2300. Where is this extra $500 for?Found out the extra amount is for fees,etc. Something that they just add without telling you til youre ready to settle. Apparantly if I return the product(which I dont have,or access to) is returned it may be reduced by $268. So just spoke with Cliff,and he wants me to change/delete this review. Now he was rude, and demanding. And is now unwilling to settle for anything less than the $2300+ So,sure I will edit it. Youre name is added,and more info for you. Too bad I cant give a big ZERO.

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I worked with Cliff. He was professional and to the point. Helped me resolve an old gym debt from my college days.

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Super rude, they charge me 5 times the payment that I had to pay and don’t want to give me my money back, they told me that it’s my fault and they can’t do anything about it.

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They were rude and arrogant the person I was talking to talked down to me like i was a child. Uncaring about the fact that covid is affecting everyone and kept pressuring me to pay the full amount after being told I could not. I was nice the whole time but his attitude was sickening no class and no people skills

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I worked with Nicole at MG Credit, I was filling a dispute with client of theirs. She was very professional and took care of everything. She kept in contact with me to make sure i was satisfied and the issues was resolved.

Review №11

I was working with Casey Wilson to resolve an account that I had fallen behind on. He was very professional and courteous. I enjoyed working with him to get this account handled.

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If I could give this agency 0 stars I would. Called to see if I had an account open with them and CASEY rudely told me that he didnt care, that I had paid the account off, and that he had another call on the line and hung up on me! Worst customer service ever. The other gentleman that works there though was very nice when I called back and helped me with my issue. If you have to call them and get casey do yourself a favor and hang up and call back!

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Worst service && i’m trying to give them my money.

Review №15

Our company switched to this collection agency and I would highly recommend them to any business. They communicate, send timely payments, and are always professional and friendly. If you are a business in need of a collection agency look no further.

Review №16

Extremely rude and unprofessional. They called my phone 4x in a row and wouldnt let me get 1 word in the conversation. Collector got very aggresive and threatening. They should be reported to the FDCPA immediately!!!

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Like most people I was not happy to find that I had a negative mark on my credit. MG went through the steps necessary to verify the accuracy of the account. Each interaction was handled professionally and the entire process was seamless considering the situation.

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The worse agency ever. After a rude guy named Glenn called me and hung up on me after I asked him for the name of the company. I called back and a rude lady hung up on me after asking to speak to a lady named D... The absolute worse.

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SOOO rude. I understand you have a job to do but damn learn to have some professionalism and respect for the people you contact.

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Worst collection agency out there, instead of talking me through the process and what I was being billed for she just continued to talk over my questions and demand payment and updated address. Seriously, what Is wrong with these people? The whole debt apparently has to do with a membership I cancelled due to leaving the military, where I showed my dd -214 to terminate the contract and the company states they have no record of it. Even though Ive sent it to them twice. This company is unprofessional and rude and told me that military clauses for cancelling memberships arent a thing? Florida...

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Incredibly rude, threatening, staff and management will repeatedly lie to you. I was told my insurance DENIED my claim. Spoke with my insurance company who informed me the claim is still processing. Asked to speak with a manager, who laughed when I explained to him that his employee was threatening me, continued to interrupt me when I was speaking, and proceeded to yell at me. Management then admitted they are never given any information whatsoever from the healthcare facility regarding claim or insurance status. Repeatedly lied over and over. No shame either. They do not respect the rights of the consumer. DECEPTIVE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES.

Review №22

First of all this is the first time Im dealing with a collections agency. I had an account open for $78 and called them directly to close it (making the payment of course). It seemed it was not on their interested to receive a payment, instead made awful racial remarks against my last name. I quote agent Sir your last isnt precisely Jones or Smith thats why I think is funny. Extremely upset about this situation, how can someone disrespect you if you are trying to do precisely whats on their best interest, receiving payment. They are real bullies.

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I spoke with Eddie and he was very condescending and rude.Its easier to catch a fly with honey.I will pay my bill but I will also be recording the conversation. These collection/credit companies have a tendency to not hold up o there end of the bargain. If you say you will remove the account once its paid, than do so.

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Worse collection agency I have ever dealt with. They are very rude and speak to you as those you are beneath them. They lie to you, but yet basically call you the liar. They refused to give me their license # and refused to give me a debt validation letter for a collection they are reporting as unpaid - collection was paid several months ago directly to the vendor reporting it, Borland Grover Clinic. Borland Grover said they reported the collection paid twice to them and they have had alot of problems with them. I reported them to the BBB and the Fair Trade Commission as they are breaking the law by refusing to give me a debt validation letter. Its required by law to give the consumer upon request. Nancy at MG Credit told me to stop calling, she did not have time for my fits. Dont let this agency walk all over you. Report them!!! They are very unpleasant and unprofessional.

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Good debt collection agency. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №26

Clowns run amok here and Casey is top of the class. Sorry excuse for a person and sorry excuse for a company

Review №27

They will make you feel guilty and they think its their business to know what goes on in your life. if you end up having to deal with this company, dont share any information with them. keep it short and get off the phone with them as soon as you can if youre not able to make payment.

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These scam artists are rude and have no respect for FDCPA laws. I cant wait til they get shut down.

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This is the worst agency ever.

Review №30

Guy always calls me at work, pretends hes doing me a favor by talking nasty and pushy

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Very unprofessional, RUDE RUDE RUDE!!! Already paid and this still hit my credit. Nasty Nasty Nasty people. They should be shut down.

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Worse collection agency ever,rude negligent carless

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Worst collection agency i have ever dealt with so rude and unprofessional

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Nancy was RUDE

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Very unprofessional and rude

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Rude!!! Refused to email contact info.

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Collections are garbage

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