Arkansas Federal Credit Union
2424 Marshall Rd, Jacksonville, AR 72076, United States

Review β„–1

I had questions about converting my term life to whole life. I always get prompt & accurate answers to my questions! And I ask quite a few questionsπŸ˜‚

Review β„–2

Everything was really great, and they didnt waste my time.They got to me and took care of what I wanted in a reasonable amount of time

Review β„–3

If you’re trying to buy.a car within a week you might wanna try someone else. I’ve purchased and paid off 3 cars with afcu in the last few years and that clearly that doesn’t matter. I was trying to purchase a new Tesla a few months ago and lost my VIN because afcu kept asking for a copy of the title when there isn’t one made yet. Gave them everything else they’re supposed to have but they kept insisting on the title. So 3 months later I got a new VIN for another Tesla and emailed afcu again to which I got no response so instead I tried financing via the Tesla site and not only was I approved in a matter of minutes but also half the rate afcu was giving me. 2.3%

Review β„–4

Friendly, quick and efficient service.

Review β„–5

Ive been babking there30 yrs.and all the staff are great,very helpful and friendly, thank you

Review β„–6

The customer service was impeccable. It was almost closing time, but my representative took her time to explain all of the services to me. I felt like I was important to them.

Review β„–7

Opened a savings account and set up electronic statements with the older woman with short hair. Come to find out, they were charging me a monthly fee for paper statements that I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED. If I actually received a paper statement in the mail, I would have known and corrected the problem. They refused to give me my money back for their mistake. Worst bank I have ever used. Don’t open a savings account, they will steal from you.

Review β„–8

I love this bank, and I love the chat functionality on the website. Always so helpful. I have to give a special shout out to Sarah Click for helping me with something kind of complex today, but she did it with patience and care! I really appreciate it, and I am proud to be a member here. Thanks!

Review β„–9

Made my car payment with a money order . Said they never got it . I called western union and they said it had been cashed . I had the money order traced and ARKANSAS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION CASHED IT ! So I asked about what happened and at first they told me I would have to come over there ! I live 80 miles away ! So I called agin the next day and they said it was applied to someone else’s account ! Really? So they are re applying it to my account. Sounds like they have a dishonest employee. Or they are just not very organized. It cast me a 57 late fee !

Review β„–10

This review is really broken up into 2 parts. The banking side and the insurance side.I have only been a member a few months but the banking side has been very good. I have a branch in Rogers, Arkansas and they are always prompt, friendly and willing to help.The insurance side consistently fails to follow through. It took them over 60 days to provide a quote. Then when they scheduled a call, they failed to do so.If it takes 60 days just to provide me a quote, how long would it take to actually provide service... I dont know that I can recommend them.

Review β„–11

Horrible experience call Souther Bancorp they will help you out. I’m a disabled veteran and business owner who applied for a loan over a week ago. We sent the same documents more than once which they lost. We called and called. Waste of time I will never do business with this place again. Don’t waste your time.

Review β„–12

They dont allow you to opt out of overdraft protection.

Review β„–13

**ACFU HAS (as of 10.12.2020) AN ACTIVE DATA BREACH****UPDATE 08.11.2020, in response to owner response **I appreciate you for taking the time to respond to my review, however, I do not appreciate that your assumption that I would replace a compromised username with a recycled username.Per your statement:Once the bad actor has a list of potential user and associated passwords, they attempt to access websites such as financial institutions.This is sounds like passing the buck to the customer. You are assuming I reuse my usernames. I obviously dont reuse passwords or the hacker would own my account... How about accepting some degree of accountability instead of lazily skirting an issue being brought in good faith by your customer.Again, I would state that I did change my username, to something completely random, novel, and unique to your site. How would a bad actor preemptively gain access to my new username when I can definitively say that I have never, EVER used said username?In my limited understanding, I can only imagine two scenarios:1.) Users of AFCU online banking are assigned an internal identifier that remains constant, regardless of changes to the username and this identifier was obtained by a bad actor, (e.g., an initial email address used to create the account or an alphanumeric ID that is randomly generated by AFCU and tied to the account, rendering changing of a username pointless) or,2.) Your site is currently compromised.I will gladly alter my review if you can tell me how my second username was compromised within weeks. I eagerly await your response.I reported to customer service six months ago that I was receiving email notifications that login attempts were being made to my account. I was instructed by customer service to change my username, that they were aware of the attemps via similar complaints received prior. I did change my username, to something completely random.Around two months later I check my email and find that I have been locked out of my account due to excessive incorrect logins. I had not once attempted to login during this period. I checked to see what had actually happened, and found that someone had again (a 2nd time) obtained my username and attempted to access my account around noon three days in a row. Thank goodness this company either hashes, salts, and/or encrypts customers passwords or my accounts would no longer be mine.To be fair, this credit Union did help me refinance my car loan for half the APR of my previous loan and were prompt and courteous throughout the process around two months later. They just really, really, really need to address their site security.

Review β„–14

The only good service they offer is their coin machine.

Review β„–15

Ive been a member of this credit union for more than a decade and Ive never had anything but positive experiences not only by the onsite staff but the phone staff as well. They have always been kind and courteous to not only myself but my other family members as well. Thank you AFCU

Review β„–16

WORST REFI LAON EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! I am so glad I called it quits with this company before closing. I have never had to work with such unorganized, inexperienced and rude people ( Kevin Sheredy and Megan Bustamante). Please don’t let them get you with offering a low interest rate because it’s not worth dealing with these people. I sent everything they needed the same day they asked in hopes of closing in a timely manner. 8 weeks later, after them dragging their feet, they want the same info again. They don’t answer there phones. I would call Kevin and I had our employers call Megan to verify employment and neither would answer their phones. I would email and not hear back from them for over a week and sometimes 2 weeks so I would email again. After having all the info they needed I would think we were fixing to close and then they’d want something else. I’d send that and then they’d wait another 2 weeks and then want something else. This went on for 2 months. I wish I would’ve read all the reviews before even starting the application process because so many others feel the same way. I think the only positive reviews are coming from workers or people they know. Please save yourself the time and trouble and go with Chase. They’re great! It took less than 30 days to refi with them. Once you send them all the info they need that’s it they don’t push you to the side and take 2 months bugging you with sending the same info you’ve already sent.

Review β„–17

I love the people on location who signed me up but their customer service that you call is terrible they gave me two over draft fees when money was pending in a deposit and they show going the same day on my account. Called to find out why and the girl just kept repeating herself in stead of offering to fix it. I’m about to go in and tell them to close my account.

Review β„–18

Customer service is terrible and this credit union is plagued with technical issues. I have paid multiple fees for issues based on their errors. I love the idea of using credit unions, but I wouldnt recommend this one to anybody.

Review β„–19

Dont bother trying to use their CC for any transactions. They will flag anything as suspicious and then freeze your card. They claim they tried to contact me but left NO message on my phone. I was seeing issues with charges being declined for online accounts before I realized they had mysteriously frozen my card over small transactions with reputable online vendors. They send a letter! I just spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to resolve this. I will not use this card again.

Review β„–20

The people at the front who you talk with to deposit money and cash checks with are very kind for the most part, but the people in the back, specifically the old lady, tends to be incredibly rude and quick to rush you out and not even answer questions.I wish theyd bring back their ATM they used to have at the front of the building, and make it so you can deposit money at ATMs too. Many other banks allow that. Why dont they?

Review β„–21

I have a business account with AFCU which is nice other than the fact that THEY ARE CLOSED SATURDAY πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ when I need to deposit checks most of the time

Review β„–22

The Lady at the window was very helpful.

Review β„–23

The people always seem like they just want you in and out. They dont make you feel like a valued customer

Review β„–24

The Arkansas Federal Credit Union Call center is rude and unprofessional. They some of the worst service that I have EVER encountered. A dispute was made on my from my account and now I cant get information on the status of the dispute. I have no money to live on and they do not care.

Review β„–25

Great service with better rates!

Review β„–26

I shopped insurance here with Brittny Ingersoll. They were supposed to send me an E-Sign contract for insurance before automatically taking out of my account, as I was still shopping insurance. They took it out without a signature, and Brittny kept on telling me shed look into it for a week straight, and nothing has been done. I finally had to file a dispute with my bank. Stay away from Arkansas Federal Credit Union if you value integrity when doing business.

Review β„–27

I only joined as a customer because I needed a car loan. I paid off the car loan, and then paid off my credit union visa card and they slapped me with a late fee. It is 2018, and banks havent figured out how to transact online any faster than three days. I could have sent the payment BY MAIL and it would arrived faster. As long as you postmark FEDERAL TAX returns by the end of tax season, they are not considered late. I cant believe that they cant accept a pending transaction as proof that it was ON TIME, like other banks. But my payoff of my Christmas credit line was charged a 20 dollar late fee because they didnt RECEIVE it till two days after the due date. I am cancelling this membership today. I have excellent credit...and my other credit cards DONT DO this to me.

Review β„–28

This credit union discriminates against LGBT Americans. They refused to accept the signature of a legally wedded spouse on a fraud report to replace a stolen debit card, despite him having power of attorney. Then, they referred to the other spouse as the other account holder, who was forced to go above and beyond what a straight person would have to do in the same situation.

Review β„–29

This is a shift place to visit... loan people take there time . They dont want to help you . They waste your time . Try A different bank

Review β„–30

Credit union is awesome.

Review β„–31

My mom called about a truck they had out that was up for repo. Amy, the person in charge of the repod truck, was very difficult to get a hold of when she asked the other employees to go and look at the truck to answer a SIMPLE question they either couldnt or wouldnt. This morning my mom asked for the process of the bid on the truck and if anyone had placed a bid on it and she didnt tell my mom that it had already been sold. Not a very good business

Review β„–32

Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks everyone God Bless Yall .....!

Review β„–33

AFCU is a great place! We have an auto loan and a credit card through AFCU...The rates are low and the staff is friendly!

Review β„–34

Always helpful. Friendly workers.

Review β„–35

Great rates and service

Review β„–36

I would rather give it a β€œ0”.

Review β„–37

Great customer service.

Review β„–38

Worst Credit Union ever worst car loan I ever got worst customer service ever

Review β„–39

Ive been with the credit union for 20 plus years. They have always been very friendly & professional

Review β„–40

Unless you live near one of there branches dont bother .It is impossible to find an ATM and if you do its almost always broken .

Review β„–41

My Bank, trusted secure and in locations where I need them

Review β„–42

Website sucks

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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