Womens Center of Houston
8200 Wednesbury Ln, Houston, TX 77074, United States

Review №1

Very informative, and caring. They helped with finding financial assistance and help with rides. Its not to exspensive either.Very clean inside, i like the way the way the offices are set up. You wouldnt even know from outside the clinic was in there. Which is so much better then planned parenthood with those evil protesters outaide. If i never need to use the services again I will . and I will definitely recommend this facility to anyone who needs the help. I want to thank one nurse especially, i didnt catch her name but without her dedication and caring i wouldnt had been able to get the procedure done. Thank you so much, you really are amazing.

Review №2

I DO NOT recommend this place. I came here for my first time the other day thinking they were going to make me feel comfortable about my situation and it was the complete opposite. The lady, which btw her name is Alex, was very rude, inpatient, and just spoke over me after everything I said. Whenever I asked a question about something she would have an attitude. I’m sorry but I thought nurses are suppose to comfort you and make you feel better about your situation??? Also, they aren’t very informative either. Anytime I asked her a question about anything, she would basically cover it up with something else or she wouldn’t tell me everything I needed to know. I will never come back here.

Review №3

I came to the facility on March 2 to confirm pregnancy. I already knew I was pregnant. Abortion is a very hard decision to make, broke my heart. On March 4 2020 I went in for the surgical procedure. I felt ever single inch or pain. The last thing I remember is my foot slipped and he said he was done. The nurses then made me come to with some type of medication. Apparently they said my BP and heart rate dropped extremely low. I leave the off with my sister. Everything seemed to be okay but I wasn’t heavily bleeding only moderately bleeding. I called the office ALL LAST WEEK and no answer. Come Saturday March 15th around 7pm I’m in excruciating pAin. I have blood clots the size of baseballs and filling a pad every 30 min. I end up going to the Er. Basically they did not complete the abortion. I had to be put to sleep and have a dnc because they left tissues and my cervix was still open. I would never ever ever go to this place. Sorry pos doctor.

Review №4

HORRIBLE PATIENT CARE. 4 HOURS OF MY TIME WASTED. DO NOT GO HERE. I would put ZERO stars if I could. Literally THE WORST and MOST unprofessional place I have ever been to in my life, and that’s significant considering I work in the healthcare industry myself. The receptionists were very rude, unprofessional, and have poor people skills. I showed up for my appointment only 10 minutes late, calling ahead to ask if that was okay due to traffic, and was told that was fine. I drove an hour to get to this facility and took off of work to come here. An hour after waiting in the waiting area, I’m called to the window and given a phone number to go somewhere else because the wait is too long (another hour) and I wanted my partner to go back with me but they said that’s against policy. So I wait another hour after saying I’ll go back without my partner. After that hour is up, two hours at this point, I’m called to the window and told I’m “not a good fit” and the doctor will not see me, and the criteria for “not being a candidate” is that “we got off on the wrong foot and I’m uncomfortable that my partner could not come back with me so I should go somewhere else” when I even said that I was fine with that. The doctor never even saw my face and determined that I was not a candidate for being his patient. HORRIBLE PATIENT CARE. 4 HOURS OF MY TIME WASTED. DO NOT GO HERE.

Review №5

I went in for a pregnancy confirmation and the staff was very supportive of whatever decision I wanted to make. Vanessa guided me through everything while keeping a very professional demeanor. She assured me that regardless of the decision i make everything will fall into place the right way for me. I just love how personable the staff is. i did not expect that from a clinic like this.

Review №6

Fantastic staff!! Extremely professional and courteous. They were able to see me quickly and efficiently and made sure I was comfortable and at ease. Before I left they made sure to answer all of my questions and assured me if I needed anything else not to hesitate to give them a call. Very affordable prices.. definitely will be recommending them.

Review №7

I need to tell you my story, like many of us I got hit by unplanned surprise.Im a nurse who works in the nearby hospital, like everybody else I start looking at the reviews of abortion clinics.This clinic attracted my attention because of proximity since I live in the 20 miles ranges. Something struck me in the reviews like words(ghetto, filthy, hidden fees) as a medical worker I knew for the fact that abortion clinics are licensed by State Health Department) so I knew this reviews cannot be real, state would never issue license if any of this existed.So I went to this clinic for my first visit.Location was good for me, the waiting room was very nice and clean, the stuff was very professional and congenial. I happen to be Rh negative and it wasnt surprising to me that price for Rh immunization is a separate fee, only 14% of people require this, we give this shot quite frequently in the emergency room for people who are Pregnant. During the ultrasound it was found that I have fibroids protruding into the uterine cavity, in this clinic for safety purpose Dr. does procedure under direct control of ultrasound, and this was paid by National Abortion Federation. Base price out of pocket stayed the same as they quoted me.I was very impressed by their care. Their sedation is very effective and very safe. Also everything in the clinic was very clean, I think someone Introducing negative information... not to help us but to fool patients, very sad.

Review №8

I really appreciate the care I received from there. The financial assistance really helped out a lot. The employees there are considerate and caring for the patient they are taking care of. Thank you for all you do.

Review №9

The staff was really nice and professional. The only bad thing is that the wait for the procedure is really long and the procedure is painful your half drowsy but is aware of the surroundings. If you’re thinking about going to this place make sure you have a strong support system.

Review №10

I have been working as an RN (Registered Nurse) for 15 years. The circumstances Brought me like others, to the Women Center of Houston. I am not a big on Writing or even reading reviews, but after I went to the clinic for my evaluation my curiosity took over me and I looked at the reviews....My goodness what trash they say. What abuse of Freedom of Speach. Freedom of Misinformation which may even be illegal.I really was impressed by efficiency of the clinic. The personnel full of empathy, very good in following proper medical procedures policies as I know it firsthand. This is what we women need proper attention.

Review №11

Its rude people

Review №12

Price is cheap but probably isnt worth it staff runs on very thin patience (almost made me cry) if your emotional right now and you probably are this is the last place you wanna be it’s not dingy or dirty it’s actually pretty clean don’t know where those reviews came from saying it’s dirty although the decor his hideous (yellow walls and lime green chairs). Conclusion: staff is probably overworked and doesn’t have time for compassion they can be rude but they at the very least seem to know what they’re doing also the name they’re listed under online is not the name that they go by in the actual building they reside in it was kinda difficult finding them in the building the actual procedure hurt a lot for me I’m not gunna lie um yeah not that bad but I wish I had gone somewhere else

Review №13

I love this place everyone is so nice

Review №14

Ive brought my daughter to this office once before and as before along with this recent visit very professional people. The staff is extremely kind and understanding and make patients feel very very comfortable. The professionals there are very thorough with their proper state required documentation. My daughters anesthetic was very good she stated she felt well well relaxed (slurred out slowly). I highly recommend this place especially for teen patients I trust and feel extremely comfortable with The Womens Center of Houston in caring for my child.Caring and concerned Parents you are completely informed of all that is needed along with the steps and medications given.

Review №15

Love this doctor. Great Staff, very kind and helpful in his office. I had a procedure done at the West Medical Hospital with this Doctor and all the nurses and staff love him and could not say enough wonderful things about the Doctor. About how awesome he is and some of nurse find him to be a cutie pie! He is awesome in my Book!!!! The Doctor made sure I understood the procedure and made me very comfortable. I would recommend this doctors office to my friends and family for OB/GYN needs.

Review №16

Very nice ladies and doctor; they were patient with me through my turmoil and educated me as much as possible. Im grateful for their strength in being able to do such wonderful jobs. Everything went smoothly

Review №17

LADIES! DO NOT GO HERE! PLEASE! The staff is soooo rude. The only one that wasnt rude was the black girl and the guy (which is the doctor). They change the price for an abortion like 4 times, so I should have just went to PPH. I didnt expect to walk into a field of flowers, but at least make us feel comfortable. ALSO READ ALL THE FINE PRINT, AND ASK FOR A COPY OF YOUR RECORDS. This is $40. The place was really dirty, with dust everywhere. If I had my eyes closed, it would be like I was in a back alley.I hope this helps.Just spend the extra money and go to another place.THE 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE!

Review №18

Great staff, wonderful experience! Dr. N was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me and was open to answering all the questions my husband and I had. He assured my husband that he would have me back in business and thats exactly what he did. The staff was extremely attentive and demonstrated a genuine care for me while insuring my husband was comfortable too.

Review №19

Brought my sister here was very pleased with their services... They were very informative nice Smiles at the front desk my sister experienced​ no pain during the procedure she said they were very nice to her and made her feel very very comfortable... No protesters very private Clinic.

Review №20

All of the staff was very kind and caring towards my situation. It wasn’t ideal and they still passed no judgement. Everything was a pleasant experience considering the circumstances.

Review №21

I love being able to talk to my Doctor knowing his priority is me. He has great bedside manners which is greatly appreciated. The ladies... they have been more than helpful with all I needed. Thanks Womans Center H.

Review №22

Ive been a patient of this doctor and clinic for many years never once had bad experience always caring and understanding staff. Very respectful and professional people.

Review №23

Trust Me Youre going to wish you went any where but this place! It is horrible. This may be the cheapest place you can find but its not worth it! They have about 30 patients & tell everyone to be there by 10:30am or you wont be seen but what they dont tell you is that youre in order from the time you sign in. They also dont tell you until you arrive that you cant eat anything after 9:00am. I wasnt seen until 12:45 only to be takin to the back & they gave me some pills to make you dilate & the pain hits you instantly they dont have enough rooms so all the women wait it the waiting room in pain. Long story short I wasnt seen until 6:30pm so I had been in pain & hungry all day. When I finally made it to the back they dont give you an IV Sedation like they make you sign for & say they will, all they did was give me a shot of something that did absolutely nothing. When they start you feel everything the worst pain ever. The worst experience ever! The worst place ever! This place should be shut down immediately. Every woman in there was mad that they chose this place. Just a warning spend a little bit more $ any place has to be better than this one!

Review №24

I love the doctor and his assistants are fantastic. Id recommend him to any woman. will definitely continue to go to him!

Review №25

Dont listen to anyone else on these reviews. Only down side to coming here is the wait so you must have patience. The doctor and nurses are so nice. The procedure is quick and they make you feel comfortable. You feel cramping and your a little uncomfortable but nothing too big. And their the cheapest and they give you iv sedation, which puts you in a daze, your not completely out. Its quick. Ignore all the negativity.

Review №26

Giving them a 2 when I first Went I was Going bc they were affordable, during my ultrasound found out there were twins. The lady decideds to tell me That the Price will be times 2 plus extra hundred for ultrasound. I was Only 5 weeks. Once i left i Call every other clinic asking if the prices go up bc of more than one baby and everyone said no. This clinic makes up they’re own prices. And it’s sad that I went From having to pay 390 for one all the way up to 850 for twins. And they do not sedate you as stated in your paper work. I felt every bit of pain I possibly could unbearable at that and I’ve been sedated for a procedure before so this whole place is shady to me. And yes ima real person

Review №27

OMG !!! I was just treated in this clinic so glad I didnt take these ugly comments seriously the trashy review remarks were not at all true the entire staff were Professional and friendly and very supportive I dont understand why these people are trashing the clinic with these ugly comments............Probably the Anti-Abortionists or somebody who needs a shrink ..... Ty for all you have done for me .High 5 to Womans Center of Houston

Review №28

I was really pleased with my experience. The staff and doctors were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. I really felt well taken care of.

Review №29

I just want to say thanks to the womens center of houston for taking care me in a time of need. The nurses and staff were so kind , understanding and answered all of my questions and concerns.Thank You

Review №30

Very rude and unhelpful staff

Review №31

My experience at this facility was great...the physician and staff are very kind and caring and very professional...very informative took the time to answer all of my questions and explained everything step by step.I was very pleased with them .I did experience some cramps very mild just as they explained not bad at all....(I cramp much worse on my periods)just couldnt believe how quickly it was done.I most definitely recommend this place.

Review №32

First of all Im glad theres no people with signs out side picketing... its private. The staff and doctor are very nice,informative and caring during this process . You do feel some cramping but nothing so excruciating like some people are saying.. I definitly recommend this place..

Review №33

Great doctor, No protestors private clinic . Brunette nurse was really cool

Review №34

Really rude receptionist

Review №35

I didnt get to finish anything in there this place is scary and dirty I dont know how people will go there maybe the price but I have different experience in other clinic mothers with young ladys please take your time and protect your child health have no price!!

Review №36

They were great the nurses & doctor...the wait was long for everything but besides that they were good explained everything very well. I will recommend this place

Review №37

This place is horrible. I went there at 930 am and wasnt taken in till 5 pm! Only one nurse was nice. There was still people when I left. The doctor is too busy to care or feel sorry at all. You are nothing but money to him. Never go there!!!!!!

Review №38

This is the worst place ever.. VERY dirty and ghetto woman working there. LIES about pricing. PLEASE KEEP SEARCHING don’t let that cheap price bring you to this unsanitary place .

Review №39

What a small world just left this facility extremely pleased with their services I just so happen to be there when there was a boyfriend/ driver for a patient there which was extremely obnoxious and very very rude apparently he did not know what the patient was the for and he was insisting on getting info the receptionist handled it very well absolutely refuse to give him information in behalf of the patient against HIPPA law the now he asked the more angry he became and they remained vey calm and were very professional on handling the situation in vey glad I bright my girlfriend here the timing was long.... but they informed my girlfriend of the time in get first visit to make preparations beforehand... my girlfriend was well taken care of and we would recommend this office to everyone

Review №40

Very rude staff. Tell you about funding and oh youll get it because they know me...so not the case. They only take cash...sounds fishy. If you get funding from someone else they for some reason turn down that money. But they will again take your cash in a second. No matter who or why you are here they should have staff that dont try and act better than the people here. Worst place EVER and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone at all.

Review №41

This is a horrible place. The nurses are so rude and nasty. I got there at 9am when they opened and didnt leave until 5pm. There was no sedation but they gave me some sort of medication to relax me and rushed me out of the office before I could even walk straight. Please do not bring your young teen daughters here you will traumatize them for life with how horrible of an experience this was.

Review №42

They need to close dis place down. It was very painful. They are very mean. Dis place hurt women... No women should ever go there. Very painful The lady name is Alex she was very rude when that door close u cant move when you on that table they dont put u to sleep u feel everything and its very painfulIf you say that hurt the doctor will stop and u paid them your money... Ladys please dont go and dont take you daughter to that place that doctor is a butcher

Review №43

This place is absolutely ridiculous. The nurses are very nice, which is the very least they could do. I have no idea why they tell everybody to come at one time, it seems to build up congestion. Then again I have been to other abortion clinics & I do remember there being similar wait times. They are training a lot of students at this place, so everything takes a lot longer than I feel like it normally would. The base price is cheap, but then they add a bunch of things to the price. For example if you are RH negative (which I am) it is an additional $60. A lot of other places that I called were ALL INCLUSIVE. I asked this place when I called if it was ran the same and was told WRONG on the phone. So when I got there, more surprises. I am the type of person who likes to look at the good in situations, and I was remaining hopeful about this place until the moment of my actual procedure. I have red hair & pain medication usually takes longer to hit me & I usually need two doses. They couldnt find any veins in my arms (I have bad rolling veins) and the nurse had to give me the anesthetic through my thigh. I have had this happen before at another place and actually felt it kick in within a matter of minutes. They left me in the room for a little while & then came back to start on me. I told them I could still feel everything & they tried to convince me that the anesthetic was very light and I would not feel any difference. That it was just a light muscle relaxer. I FELT EVERYTHING. I was in tears and having a difficult time breathing the entire time. At one point I was told they needed 100% cooperation from me in order to help me. EXCUSE ME? I have taken muscle relaxers before, and I have had abortions before. I know EXACTLY what things feel like on my body and they were NOT listening to me. But tell me why about an hour after the procedure my anesthetic kicked in and I was dazed and out the rest of the day? Hmmm. Maybe they should have waited like I said?! DO NOT GO HERE. SERIOUSLY.

Review №44

This place is horrible! They make u stay there all day! Service is horrible. I wont come here for anything. Brought a friend here and they made her wait all day. 10 am appointment, by 4pm doctor havent seen her yet! Fraud!!!

Review №45

I just want to let the future patients of this clinic know that this is definitely the place youll want to come ....I was in my first trimester when I came in the wait was a bit long but I understand things do need to be done professionally and appropriate in a timely manner I arrived I was given paperwork everything was explained appropriately the nurses were very kind they answered all of my questions and explained everything to me step by step...they did collect my cell phone which I completely understand I wouldnt want somebody taking a selfie and me photobombing..lol.... Ive been at other clinics where women have their phones and are not discreet about their conversations at all which I think is rude...(nobody wants to know your business)..... After that I was given medication to dilate my cervix they have some very nice recliners I took a nap before I knew it it was time for me to go back into the OR for my procedure which literally took less than a minute as the doctor explained I was sedated I didnt feel nothing more than a cramp after that the nurse was very kind helped me get dressed I woke up in recovery they called my ride to come pick me up at least 1 hour before I was going to be discharged so he would not have to wait long ... I was very glad that I decided to come here it was affordable and the doctor had an awesome personality .... They also offer financial assistance which is very helpful.

Review №46

I came here for abortion bc it was the only place I could afford. There was no privacy. Consultation was done with about 5 of other women in the room. Dust in every corner. They wouldnt extend my birth control prescription without a pelvic exam (even though its unnecessary) so I show up for my 11am appointment to wait an hour becUse the dr is nowhere to be found. Finally I call planned parenthood who will see me tomorrow with no exam for 100$ less.

Review №47

Worst experience.. Front desk was rude and explains nothing in detail. The paperwork you sign doesnt keep its word basically.. I never met the doctor or counselor on my first visit I actually met him right before he did the procedure n I still didnt talk to him or get his name.The ultrasound took less than a min to tell me I was 12 weeks pregnant which made no sense. The nurses walk around in the gloves masks and scrubs they go in the procedure room with all over the place. They carry your ultrasound pic on front of your clipboard so when u sign any other papers for medicines its right there!! They made us wait four hours before even giving us any prep meds. The doc got there about 215pm. We had been there since 9am waiting and they took our phones so if we talked we got in trouble we couldnt recline bk to get comfy.. I took 5pills to soften my cervix after three hours and then about 10 more an hour later that were suppose to calm me and make me sleepy.. They didnt! Just a bit wobbly. I get into the procedure room bout an hour later thinking Im getting sedated. Nope!! Spread your legs you will feel a pinch. Well long story short I felt the ENTIRE PRICEDURE!! most dramatic thing Ive ever experienced in my life! Pain hurt so pain and it took about five minutes. I dont even feel like they got it all out. The ultrasound tv is right there so u could see it all if u looked that way. They said ok youre done he gets up leaves the room she hands me wipes and walks out. Im literally laying there in shock Im shaking n confused n in pain. I wipe off get dressed n walk out soon as I am dressed they tell me go sit down n by now she has given my phone bk. I call my husband begging him please hurry I want to leave now. Whole ride home Im breaking down I couldnt sleep last night this morning I woke up from that sound of sucking and seeing blood n chunks all on the pad I was laying on. The wait was 6hours. Price was cheap.. Apparently for a reason. I do not recommend this place. All the ladies in the waiting room I felt bad for because we all had the idea we would be out to sleep during procedure as our paperwork explained. The lady leaving same time as me broke down in the elevator telling her husband she felt everything n he held her looking upset. Im not the only one who felt uncomfortable there. I regret my decision of having to go there but its what I could afford and my health wont allow me to carry another child. Just a sad case.

Review №48

This place is a nightmare. I can hardly bring myself to talk about it. Now I see that many other women have had the same experiences there. I will never forget the bad treatment and the pain I experienced by their hands here. I hope they are shut down soon and that is hard for me to say because I feel strongly that women should be able to have a choice and i dont like to see any clinics that support womens rights shut down. But this place is scary and they dont care at all about their patients. Go anywhere else .

Review №49

The first time you go there they make you fill out a packet it takes about 30 min now dont get me wrong the staff was rude but i dont think she know she was being rude . this waa my day 1 ill leave day 2 on monday

Review №50

This place here is a waste of time! My sister went and they made her fill out a thick packet of paperwork which is basically a waste of time because they have 19 wks on the form that they go up to which is false advertisement because they only go up to 8wks but they took $100 for an ultrasound i think they pocket the money because they dont tell you over the phone they dont go any further which i feel they should inform ppl of that! They should refund ppls money since its false advertisement or be closed down but i have turned it into the state!! Last but not least they also said no babies allowed in the waiting area on the phone not that i would have took my son anyways when i went with my sister but they had babies in the waiting area so this place is a joke! Hope this helps women for future references..

Review №51

I am absolutely flabbergasted!!!! As a medical professional who has worked in abortion clinics, this has got to be the most fraudulent place I have ever encountered! I will explain... . They needed to do my RH factor testing to test my blood for negative or positive to see if I needed a rhogam shot which I dont need, but I had to be poked twice because the student nurse or nurse practitioner didnt know what the bottle looked like, I even tried to help her find it. I had to sit in a very small school desk and like most women I am very curvy in that area plus pregnant! They messed up on my ultrasound and made me wait so that it could be done with the physician in the room. It was twin gestations in two totally different sacs, but I was told that I have a heart shaped uterus (which I do), one might be a cervical pregnancy in which case I may need a hysterectomy, and the other may be ectopic!! I was also asked if I wanted to have kids in the future and when I responded yes the dr made a tsk noise and shook his head and left the room to let me get dressed. I walk out and they are discussing openly about my case. they asked me to get a second opinion so I went to the ER where I worked and had an ultrasound to find out that it was twins but one didnt make it. both were visual in the uterus and no where near cervical or ectopic. this was conveyed to them by a physician I work for . So I call to schedule the appointment and they tell me that they will have to call me back once they have worked out the cost. They call me back and quote me 1080 instead of the 390 that was previously quoted and state that it is because it has to be ultrasound guided, (umm dont all procedures have to be....by LAW?)my uterus is heart shaped (which is not that big of a deal) and it is twin gestation(in the same friggin uterus lol). All of these things do not make sense to me, Plus the dr stated that they do not dialate because they give you cytotec. Umm okay so if the cervix doesnt dialate then how, my dear, are you planning to dialate my cervix????? you just gonna jam a canula up there and see how it goes? or maybe you use turkey basters instead because they are obviously in need of the money. I can tell you from beginning to end how the process goes from beginning to end up to 24 weeks as I used to work in abortion clinics and was a star employee with awards!! I refuse to get my abortion done there and the only reason I am considering this option is because I am pre med. Its funny because I was approached like I was an idiot or a child. I did however have a great experience with Houston womens clinic. Very professional and knowledgable.

Review №52

This was the worst place I went to there is women coming in to see a doctor for there pregnancy while others are here for an abortion.Do you think someone wants to hear a baby heartbeat while in the next room you here the vaccum sound.So unprofessionalThe people who work there are rude especially the nurse with the blonde hair.The doctor walked in cracking jokes after we waited 5 hrs just to be told to come back tomorrow.The are not comforting at all you just money to them would not reccomend anyone else here.No pain meds you feel everything no iv nothn

Review №53

I would like to thank the womens center of houston for the super professional staff and all the nurses

Review №54

Very unprofessional!! They forget about patients, they stay on their cellphones, they arent very friendly or helpful....just an all around NO!!

Review №55

Below 1 star.

Review №56

No sign on door. Small waiting area

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