Houston Womens Reproductive Services
5225 Katy Fwy Suite 370, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Review №1

Would highly recommend. The staff makes you feel comfortable and at ease. An amazingly clean and organized facility. They take the proper precautions for COVID-19, temperature checks as you walk in, must wear a mask the whole time, and hand sanitizing stations at the doors.

Review №2

The staff was super friendly & explained everything thoroughly. I love that the office was very clean & that I felt comfortable there. Although I was not able to go through with the pill because I am over 10 weeks, they did refer me to another office who could help me. I would recommend this office for anyone needing their services.

Review №3

Dr. Friedman and his staff was friendly and easy going. No wait times which was a plus, I was in there for an hour tops (3 appts). The pill is the same cost as a surgical procedure which is pretty high for just a pill considering you do everything mainly yourself (at home). Lastly, the pain meds they prescribe for you is not covered through insurance when they said it would be. So I had to pay more dollars getting the pain pills. They could at least give the pain meds along with the nausea pills they give you at the time of service. I didn’t even use the nausea pills. Overall, good service, low key location, and a bit pricey.

Review №4

I would likely recommend this place, the staff are very kind and friendly non judgmental fast service u in and out less than 1 hour on all 3 appointments very effective I had no problems everything went well.

Review №5

Nice, calm & very welcoming. Plenty of helpful information the nurses provide & care. Super thankful for the nurses who helped me through this journey. Definitely would recommend to those who are unsure of where to go. This is the place, super nice & made me feel comfortable.

Review №6

Everyone in this clinic is super sweet and supportive. The women in the front desk are awesome and were able to schedule me in even though I was a walk-in. Ms. Catalina the nurse, was simply awesome!! I appreciate you all so much for being here for me through a difficult time.

Review №7

Very private clinic, clean and friendly staff. Every time I had a question Kathy or Catalina were always available, didn’t matter what time of day it was or at night, they were always there. I recommend this clinic to anybody looking for these type of services.

Review №8

As many of the women that come here know.. the situation we find ourselves in is very hard as it is. I am thankful, very very thankful for choosing to come to the Houston Womens Repro Services and not somewhere else.From the first message I sent.. they immediately responded to me and told me they could see me in 2 days, ( Planned Parenthood could see me in 12 days from when I contacted them). As you all know this is a matter of time... and I am extremely grateful they could see me in so quickly.and the price was $2 dollars difference than the other clinic.When I got there parking was easy, and there were absolutely NO protesters or people making your situation harder.My nurse was sent from heaven, she is the most caring, compassionate, loving an supporting individual Ive had the pleasure to meet..

Review №9

If this is a decision that you choose to make then this is the place for you. The entire staff is awesome! From Kathys upbeat attitude at the front desk, whom is ready with answers for your financial needs.Catilina the caring nurse who is on call & will take care of you in and outside of the office. To Kitty who makes sure you & the office is Cov -19 compliant.And Dr. Friedman, makes sure you are assured & informed about your choice. The office is free of judgment. My appointments exceeded my expectations! This staff runs everything so smoothly and timely. Definitely an example of how ALL medical offices should operate.Im forever grateful for finding this office in my time of need. Thank all of you

Review №10

I really appreciate all the information that they provided. This was my first time ever doing this, Catalina made me feel better and secure. They provide a number which I never txted but then Catalina txted me to ask how I was doing. Im glad I chose this clinic. THANK YALL SOOOO MUCH!

Review №11

The staff was so kind and caring. They really made me feel confident in my choice, and made sure I wasn’t a bad person for making this decision. The office was clean and bright. They also played calming music which was nice. Dr. Friedman was also very kind. He explained everything that would happen and answered any questions I had. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped with questions I had also. I wouldn’t recommend any other clinic but this one!

Review №12

The staff and doctor are sweeter than sugar especially katy and Catalina. These people makes you feel more comfortable and takes care of you like baby. Thank you so much guys for making this process so easy for me. Your words gave me more strength and relief. Thanks for the immediate response every time I text you. I am so much thankful guys. You guys are awesome

Review №13

Absolutely amazing staff and doctor. Very thorough and caring! They all love what they do to help the lives of so many women!

Review №14

This was not an easy experience emotionally for me . Something I never thought I would have to go through. Honestly when first finding out I was pregnant, and the blessing it was I knew I was not able to care for a child due to my life struggles. After doing research, and getting information from different clinics I’m glad I went with this clinic choice. They made my experience overall less stressful, and made me feel very comfortable, and safe with my decision. They gave me so much helpful information that answered any questions I had. Thank you for making this hard time as comfortable as possible for me, and caring for what I was going through.

Review №15

Couldn’t have had a better experience! The staff and doctor were extremely nice and explained everything very thoroughly. They were very honest about the process and what to expect. They made me feel comfortable from the time I walked into the clinic. No judgement whatsoever. They are very supportive and don’t try to talk you out of your decision.They have a parking garage with ample parking and no protesters.They have a 24 hr nurse you can contact during the process. She is very professional and understanding and will answer your questions right away regardless of the time. The appointment was quick and easy. You will be in and out in an hour. You will not regret coming here! Dr. Friedman and his staff are amazing!

Review №16

Amazing place. The service was great and very down to earth. Honestly this was a very calm experience. They really show how much they care. The doctor is very patient and kind. And the staff was very sweet. I highly recommend this place 100%. I was very nervous in the beginning but all of them treated me with such big hearts. I truly wanted to cry just by how much support they showed.

Review №17

This place truly goes above and beyond on assuring comfort. I would only recommend this place. They answered all my calls and emails very quickly and have answered my paranoid questions at all times of the night (From 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.). They provided everything I needed and more. They are so compassionate!! Please dont let these obviously false, negative reviews steer you away from the freedom of choice you deserve.

Review №18

Posting as an anonymous person due to the nature of the visit- although there was not even a visit and thats why Im leaving this review. I called daily at different times of day during said open hours for 2 days straight and nobody answered 1 time. I emailed on their Contact page on their website as well as both website and voicemail advises to do. Nobody has yet to call or email me back. Makes me believe this place is not legit, or they dont have time for possible patients. I am going elsewhere - a place that answered my very first call and has answered all of my questions and actually seem to care/want me to choose their clinic.

Review №19

Everyone here was super nice and made every step of the process easy. I never once felt judged or uncomfortable being there. Thank you for having such wonderful women work there.

Review №20

From the front desk to the doctor everyone is caring, passionate and do their best to make sure you are comfortable. They tell you to do whats best for you! They made me feel less depressed and more like I was making the best decision!

Review №21

This place is nice and clean, staff is very professional, caring and sweet. Going through this experience can be stressful but they made me feel comfortable the whole time. Highly recommend, appointments take a very short time.

Review №22

Quiet, calm and compassionate. It’s already a hard decision to make. I never once dreaded going in to their office. Everyone was kind and considerate not only to me but to my partner as well. We were both treated with respect. No better place in Houston.

Review №23

Everyone was so welcoming warm and helpful. I felt so much support. They look out for your best interest and make sure you are informed on all decisions. Thank you for caring !

Review №24

By far the nicest/cleanest place ever! The staff and doctors are wonderful and very helpful. I would definitely recommend going here!

Review №25

If you are considering an abortion I would not go anywhere else. I received the most wonderful care in a clean new place and best of all I did not have to wait long, I did not have to take the day off work to go to my first appointment. They are all about taking care of each patient with no waiting. They really explained everything to me and were super kind.

Review №26

This decision is already hard enough, but the staff here made this process so easy and stress free. I felt very comfortable since the clinic is brand new and super clean. NO judgement whatsoever

Review №27

I feel as though I kinda got ripped off I paid 500$ just to do the whole abortion myself it’s enough I’m nervous by taking the pill but doing all the rest on my own and I’m doing the hard part freaks me out I’d see if it was cheaper due to the fact you do most of the procedure on your own

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  • Address:5225 Katy Fwy Suite 370, Houston, TX 77007, United States
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  • Phone:+1 281-501-2197
  • Abortion clinic
Working hours
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  • Wednesday:9am–4pm
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  • Saturday:Closed
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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