Aaron Womens Clinic
2505 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77057, United States

Review №1

The staff here could not have made this experience any less stressful. Everyone was so kind and made me feel as comfortable as I could be. Especially Daisy and Jo. They were so patient and so kind to me. They were there every step of the way. I am very thankful I had them as my nurses. The doctor here Is kind and patient as well.You can tell he’s a genuine person who only wants the best for his patients. He walked me through everything that was happening. Overall I am glad I drove 6 hours to go to this facility instead of choosing any other one. Truly great and genuine people.

Review №2

I went there today today and it was closed.

Review №3

I can not say enough good things about this facility. They treated me as one of the family and really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable during this whole process. Given the most heartbreaking decision my husband and I have ever had to make, the team here took the best care of me and my husband. They let my husband know how everything was going throughout the day, kept me posted on when everything would be done, kept me comfortable and relaxed even though I was completely shattered and made me feel as home. I want to especially thank Linda, Stacy and Shelby for their open arms. I have never experienced so much caring and support from a group of people. Dr. Karpen, you were absolutely amazing. Thank you for being honest and straight forward with me.

Review №4

Awesome place! Great customer service!! Best place for you to feel comfortable at. Have immediate appointments and very friendly staff. Totally recommend!! Best doctor ever!

Review №5

For woman with a busy schedule Aaron clinic has walking in’s available with out any appointments on the first visit which in my case is awesome I am a realtor so it worked perfect to come and see the doctor and have my consultation and my sonogram and they are also open on Saturday and they try to see you on The same week if possible which is perfect instead of having the appointment 2 weeks later staff is awesome

Review №6

A friend of my recommended this clinic to me knowing I was so nervous and this being my first pregnancy and am so glad she did the fact that they are the only ones in Texas that provide general anesthesia is awesome I did not feel no pain nor remember anything which is the best part woke up in recovery with a nurse right by my side making sure everything was ok.Thanks

Review №7

I love the fact that they take there time with each and every individual patient with explaining the process and answer every question I had

Review №8

My experience was good I was having a hard time with having a driver on my second visit since I wanted to keep this experience private therefor they brought up they could just numb my cervix and I could drive myself the experience was good a staff members was holding my hand and distracting me which that help me a lot and I was so grateful sadly I didn’t get her name to give her the credit she deserves.Thanks Aaron staff

Review №9

I went today for an ultrasound the experience I had was so much different than i expected it was actually good they answer all the questions I had I left with all my questions answer and more relieved about this situationThanks Aaron family you have made a difference in the situation I am in

Review №10

With all the things going on in the world right know is definitely not the right time to be pregnant with COVID-19 still affecting family’s therefore I am left with making a difficult choice and I came to Aaron to gather information they went beyond to make sure I was informed and they even have the deep anesthesia where they put you to sleep and you don’t feel or remember anything thank god for that since am such a baby and have a big fear of needles I definitely recommend this facility to every single woman out there that is in this difficult situation.

Review №11

For what little time my wife and I had with the bad cards we were dealt, we were greeted with open arms and great hospitality that made us feel like we couldnt have been in a better place. Linda and Stacy went out of their way to make my wife feel comfortable and Dr. Karpen is extremely professional at what he does and im so forever grateful. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs help. Thank you Dr. Karen and staff.

Review №12

One of the best choices I could make in life was to come to this facility the staff is very friendly

Review №13

Thank you Dr. Karpen, Nurse Linda, Daisy and the whole staff for the TLC. You helped me more than you will ever know during the heartbreaking and sensitive time in our lives. Thank you for being on “my team”. Y’all are amazing people and do a tremendous job.

Review №14

I just want to thank the staff for being so supportive and understanding.

Review №15

Great Doctor good staff members

Review №16

My first visit was for an ultrasound (100$) to see how far along I was. They call you by numbers instead of your name. I was 8 weeks and price was quoted 795. I had it scheduled for the next Saturday and I get there and was told my iron was to low so I would have to wait it was 9.7 and they want 10 or higher. So get some iron pills Incase they forget to tell you bc who wants to drag out a emotional and tough situation. So I had to wait 2 more weeks bc the doc went out of town the next week. Ok day of procedure they mixed me a another patient’s chart up 3x but they caught it before the doctor came to give me another ultrasound. The older lady who did my iv I completely understand you’ve probably been doing this for years but I was concerned that she did mines and went straight to the next lady no hand sanitizer or nothing and then pulled the needle out and stabbed it in the chair. The bathroom in the bath was a little dusty. Overall the doctor was straight to the point and I don’t think he was rude just very blunt. The staff was nice to me and answered any questions I had and also informed me of the Lilith which I called on all their open days to increase my chances. I believe one lady name was Kelly she was beyond nice and accommodating. I would return here if need be and I had no complications just minor bleeding and of course pain. I’m right at 3 days from my procedure being 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wait to write my review to make sure everything was good. Thanks for your services!!!

Review №17

The staff gives zero to little information. My first appointment the only info given to me before I arrived was the time and date. No one mentioned I would be there for multiple hours just waiting for a sonogram or how much it would cost. Thankfully I had time and enough money to cover the first visit but it would have been really embarrassing if I had not. I also think that all staff needs a refresher course in bed side manner. It’s a lot of sit here and wait all by yourself while you panic about what you’re about to go through. It’s nerve racking, especially for someone who has never done this or doesn’t have anyone to talk to about it. They separate you from your support person almost the moment you get there. There wasn’t an ounce of comfort or understanding given during the sonogram or procedure. No one was worried about the patient, at least that’s how it seemed. It felt very much like hurry up and rush you through so they could get to the next person and collect the fee. Every time someone answered a phone around there they could tell you from memory how much you would pay for your procedure at any stage .While they did get the job done, and I have had zero complications so far, if I ever have to or need to go through this again I will not be returning here. I definitely won’t recommend it to anyone ever looking for a place either. I also don’t regret the choice I made. So my bitterness doesn’t stem from any regret. They all need to do better.

Review №18

Only place could find that does not do appointments for first visits . And does it within same week . Thanks guys

Review №19

The staff are so helpful and non judgmental. The doctor is an older man but he is a great doctor! He did help me understand everything going on. All my questions and concerns were answered. They definitely deserve more then 5 stars. The office was so clean! It wasnt crowded like some of the other places. I will definitely be recommending this to place..

Review №20

Whether it be an abortion or something as simple as a check-up, the staff is extremely professional and understanding. As for the Lead Doctor, I must commend him of the great job hes doing...I found him to be very patient and informative. Overall, Aarons Womens is a great referral to any woman both near and far for most all your most personal needs.

Review №21

I just called to inquire about an appointment this morning, 2/29/2020. I spoke with Linda. She was very rude with me and hung up the phone in my face. I called back and asked for her name and the license number to this facility to report to Austin. She told me that this facility DOES NOT have a license and for me to just go somewhere else. I don’t know this lady, but this seemed very personal. She would not give the phone to a manager. Very unprofessional. I’m turned off at first impression!

Review №22

I went with my daughter and the ladies from the front desk to the nurse were all very kind and helpful during this tough situation! My daughter was very emotional during her first visit and they calmed her down. No one wants be in this situation but if for some reason you ever are I highly recommend this Clinic!

Review №23

Took long for second day but it was ok do recommend

Review №24

This place is just like a hospital. Gives you a gown to change into and have nice comfortable recliners to sit in back area while waiting for to be called on . I do recommend this place

Review №25

HafgeI absolutely loved the Doctor and all staff. All of my questions were answered and then some. I especially appricate Dr Karpens honesty and knowledge. A few weeks before finding Dr Karpen i unfortunately had a terrible experience at Dr Rosenfelds office. The clinic was unsanitary and Dr Rosenfeld seemed inoxicated. He never looked at me in the eyes and had urine on his scrubs after using the bathroom. He did NOT preform the ultrasound which i now know is ilegal. He sent me home with 8 Cycotec to take 4 saturday and 4 sunday, which is also ilegal. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which in some cases Cycotec is used for which i did not know. I had no bleeding and was also told the fetus was deceased. Again by a women tech not Dr Rosenfeld. After a long, painful and emotional weekend i went to a Emergency Clinic the Monday after. I was told by a Doctor although the fetus had a heartbeat of 80 or under it was not dead as i was told the previous Thursday again by a Tech not Dr Rosenfeld. So i was lied to. Dr Rosenfeld also made me sign numerous concent forms and copy a letter his wife (whom is on his staff) wrote out for me to copy. Now i see why. He was trying to cover all his basis as a Doctor he knew he was commiting a crime. I am a mother of a little girl and definitley a feminist and would NEVER want this to happen to any other woman/women. He is a liar and does not have any bedside manor in which i feel due to the situation at hand i very important. I hope my story helps detour even 1 woman from making the same mistake i did. Not to mention the money i lost due to lies and criminal activity. Please stay away from Dr Rosenfeld. Dr Karpen is honest, very informative and genially cares about his patients. I would recommend him to all women, again especially due to the sensitivity of the issue at hand. Thank you and agian please keep my awful encounter with Dr Rosenfeld in mind when picking a doctor. Hope this experience i went through NEVER happens again. Thanks.

Review №26

The Doctor and staff are wonderful! They made an uncomfortable situation easier. Everyone was nice and answered all questions I had. The Doctor is straight to the point, which I loved! Highly recommend this place.

Review №27

I lost my job due to the pandemic we are in right now and was grateful they have funding available

Review №28

Definitely recommend very clean and its a gated facility

Review №29

Came here because could get in right away at beginning of week and finish this by end of week . It’s a clinic that would help in a tough situation

Review №30

Clinic is place to come for these things but hoping it will be my last

Review №31

This is hard never done this before but I had my reasons good thing is this place has full anesthesia and I didn’t feel or remember anything. So that helped a lot for me in the decision I made for this. And I wouldn’t had done this without the help of Lilith funding. That helped with about $250 and I paid the rest . Thanks for making me feel safe

Review №32

Excellent place. Very sweet doctor and staff. I was treated so well and at all times felt safe and cared for. If you need an abortion please go here or at least check them out. I went to Houston Womens Clinic and was shocked at how horrible and dirty it was. Be careful with your health choices. You can get an infection that will kill you if you go to a doctor or clinic that is not clean. And the staff at Houston Womens was rude and obviously did not care about the patients. They just wanted me to schedule an appointment and did not want to answer my questions. Ladies Beware. I checked out the clinics before I decided to go here. This is the absolute best place in Texas. Thanks to all the staff and the doctor.

Review №33

The best clinic hands down. Everyone in the office is so nice, and knowledgeable. I like that they tell you everything they are going to do before they proceed.

Review №34

This clinic is unorganized, chaotic, and unsympathetic. After arriving an hour early to our appointment, the office had already lost our paper work. We flew in specifically for this clinic and had arranged everything prior to our arrival on the phone the week before. They were unprepared to say the least. After making us wait for 4+ hours, we were told no care could be provided because of details that were ignorantly overlooked by both the staff and the attending medical doctor. I can not stress this enough: if you value your body and the care it receives STEER CLEAR OF AARONS WOMEN’s CENTER. They are nothing more than a mill, churning out as many patients in a single day as they can.UPDATE:After giving the clinic a second chance and proposing we fly out for a second attempt, the staff member on the phone referenced my bad yelp review and then threaten us saying she would “allow us to visit but (she) didn’t want any attitude when the process gets delayed.” She then quoted us a process time of 6 to 7 hours (excluding sonogram) which was double the time we were told on our previous trip. The staff was literally threatening us with waiting times and delays. This was malicious and uncaring to put it politely. No woman should have to go through this, and no staff member should be allowed to push a patient to tears with her crude and callous attitude.

Review №35

The doctors & staff were awesome!! They made me feel comfortable from day one. The day of the procedure the wait was kind of long, but once they got me in the room the procedure was quick and the doctor talked with me throughout it all, letting me know his step by step process. Would definitely recommend.

Review №36

This place is absolutely one of the BEST!From the staff to the doctor there. Everybody is very caring and especially Ms.Linda she needs the MVP award she wants what’s best for you. If you’re feeling nervous like I was because it was my first time they’ll be there to give you kind confronting words and before you know it everything will be over! I traveled 300 something miles away to come here and I wouldn’t change it!

Review №37

Ladies Are nice and they answer all my questions,sofas,tv shoes & blankets are comfortable,other patients and staff are very respectful

Review №38

Went to go do the ultrasound and they treated me very nice and helped me with Lilith fund so now I’m waiting for the day to come :)

Review №39

This place is amazing. They dont have you waiting all day! Its took less then 3 hours for the procedure. The staff are so helpful and non judgmental. The doctor is an older man but he is a great doctor! He did help me understand everything going on. All my questions and concerns were answered. They definitely deserve more then 5 stars. The office was so clean! It wasnt crowded like some of the other places. I will definitely be recommending this to place..

Review №40

Chose this location based off reviews. Made a great choice. For weeks I’ve been nervous about the whole procedure but it was no where near as bad as I thought. Even tho the doc got a little frustrated with me due to me not being as relaxed as he’d like but what you expect when you’re nervous. Overall everyone was nice and cared. Made me feel safe. The wait time was a bit long but I won’t complain you get to relax and have some quiet time. You won’t be disappointed with the place. Although I hope and pray I never have to return.

Review №41

This is a bad situation to be in but this place is where to go if you need this done correctly. You do need lots of patience for the waiting that is all is needed and follow the after care instructions

Review №42

I give Aarons 5 stars, no doubt. If I could give more I would. CLEAN, SAFE, GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEM, PROFESSIONAL, COMFORTING, FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE OFFERED.From my first appointment to the procedure appointment I was treated with kindness & patience. Not one person seemed to be judged, every woman that I saw walk into the clinic was treated equally. EVERY single staff member were all smiles, I could tell it wasnt just for show. Especially Miss Linda, she was there for me from beginning til the end when she walked me out to my ride. She comforted me thru the whole process and I just adored her. This place doesnt treat you like cattle with money in your hand. They like to keep the ball rolling, but not to the point where you feel rushed. They explain EVERYTHING along the way. The doctor was a sweetheart, hes old school and he has his ways of doing things, but he doesnt skip around corners just to get to the next person. He will do whatever he needs to do to make sure the process is safe and secure for YOU. And thats definitely not something you will see often in this field. My procedure was a 4 day process, since I was so far along. (Like I said, they dont skip around corners) After the procedure I felt NO pain AT ALL. I feel relieved and I feel like myself again thanks to this facility. Please take this decision seriously, you want to do whats best for your body and your emotional health. This isnt a best bang for your buck process. It requires safe methods and most of all REAL support from REAL people. I can guarantee Aarons will provide you with all of the above.

Review №43

Very sweet and understanding people. They made me feel as comfortable as possible.I loved Linda and her granddaughter. They are truly nice good people there and care for you.Clean and efficient work.

Review №44

The Dr and staff was very pleasant and friendly! The whole entire staff including the Dr will tell you everything you need to know and explain step by step. This office truly shows how much they care about your well being!!!! I highly recommend this Dr’s office!

Review №45

This clinic is a lifesaver! I am so grateful that this place exists! Girls, if you cant have your baby for some reason, this is the place to go!I was turned away from so many clinics, because Im high risk. Dont waste your time, energy and money at other clinics! If I didnt call 50 clinics in the whole country, than none. I live with a life threatening medical condition and the only possible way for me was with deep sedation(+500$). For some reason no other place offers the procedure with deep sedation and we are writing 2019. Every clinic offers twilight sedation. I live in Dallas, was able to see the doctor for the first appointment in Dallas and was given the second appointment for 2 days later Saturday morning in Houston. (Texas law, 2 step procedure). They were fantastic! Highly professional, knowledgeable, everybody goes out of their way to comfort you in such an uncomfortable and challenging situation and I can be hard to deal with when Im in so much pain and discomfort. Thanks for putting up with me! I was not well. Nurse Linda, thank you so much for calming me down and telling me dont worry honey, it will be ok, it meant the world to me! Oh, and the doctor is funny :) They were so good at making me laugh when Im stressing out and make me feel comfortable about this scary procedure. Truly amazing how they handle the situation. Confidence is key! The doctor has 40 years experience and it shows. Every single staff member, nurse, doctor was a fantastic team member.

Review №46

Staff is very rude and give bad information . I wouldnt recommend to anyone . Just visit houstHo woman center they are way better

Review №47

Okay let me just make this very clear. When a woman decides to have an abortion, it is one of the hardest decisions to make in life definitely when you show up at the clinic. The audacity that the woman in the office had to ask me if I was “angry” after I wasn’t wanting to really talk after she kept questioning me about my debt card which I provided my ID. Thank you to the lady in the office who made me so upset I started balling my eyes out, my heart is already broken with the choice I have to make and you just made it a hundred times worse. Just FYI I was in the clinic today at 1020 am on July 3rd, 2019. You should never ever ask a young woman like myself if they are angry about the most difficult choice they will ever have to make in their life of terminating their own baby. If I could give this place no rating I would after how I was treated.

Review №48

Thank you so much for helping me I didn’t know what to do since I work off shore. But you did all possible to help me in giving me a ride and finding me a hotel nearby. And getting me done in time for when my ship left . I’m very appreciated to have been here at this place and you did all you can do for me

Review №49

This place took such good care of me. About a week and a half before visiting this office I had gone to another place for an ultrasound/ abortion( which was $500 altogether) and afterwards went home and tried to take the antibiotics they had giving and and I tried taking them w food w/out food everything and I would always throw it back up so I was worried I would get an infection so I went to the hospital and did a whole bunch of test and ultrasounds. She comes back to explain to me that there was nothing one sign that I had an abortion. I was 100% shocked. I also found out that I have negative blood so I need a shot of rhogam post procedure and this office did not test my blood/ask me about my blood type at at all, then I returned the next day after I get out of the hospital and I am absolutely so upset and angry and She told me I needed another ultrasound and I was pleading and crying for them not to give me one and she kept insisting that I HAD to I finally said okay and took my ultrasound. So the day of the abortion comes around and I’m sitting in the room getting ready for the procedure and I’m crying super scared worried allof the above and After the “doctor” “finished up” he then through his gloves off and said “ you should of done the pill “ and left the room. My parents found Arron’s women’s center and booked me an ultrasound/abortion. This has been my 5/6th ultrasound at this point and it was very overwhelming the doctor &nurse Jamie was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING she could tell that I was shaking like a wet dog and nervous as all hell. She was so understanding . If you ever need something like this this is for sure the facility to go through. I 100 percent promise it will be the best experience you can have like this

Review №50

As a first time patient here, my experience was so good . I was so nervous about everything, but they help claim me down, told me everything that was going to happen so there were no surprises. While you wait they have you as comfortable as much as possible. Would recommend this place to anyone in my situation.

Review №51

This clinic having safe and lovely atmosphere, my wife said that, The Doctor and staff are so kindMiss: Linda thank you so much to take a good care of my wife, Hope our next baby doesn’t have health problems, please pray for us

Review №52

Thank you to the dr and staff for such a positive experience. This was scary at first but they were so professional and helpful evry step of the way. I was able to get help financially from the Lilith Fund which was a blessing, it was just a portion of the cost but it definitely helped out. The procedure here is not cheap but it’s worth every penny bc it’s a clean. Professionally ran surgical center, it’s not just a cheap clinic like planned parenthood. They are so presise about every detail on the day of your procedure. They check your iron levels and check your blood type and then give u a pill that melts in your mouth to soften your cervix so that the procedure goes smoother. The doctor is firm and honest with you from the start. I was there from 8am and left at 12:30 the longest part was just waiting for my cervix to soften up. The procedure took 5 mins The staff (nurses) are caring and helpful and make you feel so comfortable. I was put to sleep for the procedure which is the best way honestly. I was given the anesthesia and was out right away. I woke up in the recovery room felt like minutes later and remember asking the nurse “it’s already over”? It was so simple and easy. I immediately had some cramping but nothing worse than reg period cramps. The nurse gave me some pain meds that worked right away. When I got home i had no pain just bleeding. Just felt like I was having a normal period. They sent me home with antibiotics and pain meds and even walked me out to my ride. There were protesters when I arrived that morning but they stay out of parking and try and talk to you but no yelling or pushy mean stuff you see on tv. You just ignore them and go about your business. I remember being on that side of the conversation at one time. But in recent years my view has changed. Everyone has a different story on why they are making this decision. The day of the procedure I spoke to other women there. Some who had 3 or more kids and their family just couldn’t afford anymore to a college student who had a sports career and was barely 19 just trying to do what was best for her future. I will not ever judge anyone for the decisions they make anymore. And I am so happy that we have to choice in this country to make the decision on what we feel is right for our lives. And I am so glad places like this exist to help women. I do not regret this whatsoever. It was the right choice for me!

Review №53

I had the best experience ever here at this clinic the staff was extremely patient , professional, and caring most of all they are very informative.... Ms Linda was a mother full of love and when I say I recommend any woman who is going through something and this is the last option to please come here even the doctor has a sense of humor......

Review №54

Highly recommend Dr Karpen and his experience and caring staff! Seeing is believing !

Review №55

Ladies all we care here is about your health ,we give the price by individual not by same price to all .if you need help with financial assistance you have to communicate with us so we can help you

Review №56

Really great— just expect a LONG day for the procedure; other than that day wait times are short. Mrs. Linda is wonderful

Review №57

Other than the long for nothing wait it was a great experience. I was put under and I admit I was scared because I have never been put under for anything but it was over before ai even knew what was going on. One minute bI was talking with the doctor and nurses next minute Im in the recovery room all done. The medicine they give you is great. Recommend them to anyone who needs the job to be done.

Review №58

Very affordable prices & clean abortion clinic near me. The doctor was experienced and the whole experience was private & safe. Highly recommend this best abortion clinic in houston Thank you dr and the entire staff

Review №59

Thank you so much for the wonderful support of the staff and doctor. I was given all the information needed and great medical care. Would recommend going there!

Review №60

The clinic is nice the nurses are nice . The appointment is an all day thing so do make sure you are ready to be there . But all is fine otherwise I do recommend this clinic than others that I did called before ( I did my research of course)

Review №61

This place was wonderful, we had to make the hard choice of coming here. They made me feel so goodnight the entire time yes the wait was so long but it was because it was better for me. Linda the nurse was great she answer every question I had and my husband said they answer his too. The whole process when fast on the last day I didnt feel anything and they have called to check on me days later! Go here if you need to make this choice. The clinic was very clean! No pain at all! The doctor explains everything to me since day one! He was also so nice.

Review №62

Dear doctor and staff,I want to thank you for doing what you do to help women through a difficult process that was already a difficult and heart breaking decision to make.I realize this office is not one where normal doctor-patient relationship are forged. Everyone of your staff is as sweet, helpful, understanding and informative as they could be, not to mention how patient they where with me.Thank you doctor for the clarity of your instructions and letting me know the things I needed to know. And for carrying the burden of keeping the emotionally painful events a secret.Thank you all of you for taking such good care of me. I will see you in 3wks for my follow-up.Sincerely yoursJuanita Toledo

Review №63

I want to thank all of the wonderful nurses and staff members at this center who went above and beyond to help me through a very difficult period of time. First of all, they were the only clinic in the area that was able to take me in on the same day, which I really needed.When I came in, not only did I feel 100% free of judgement, they helped me feel calm, safe, and cared for. Everyone was kind and professional and they made the process as easy as possible. They are very busy and the wait time is long (arrive early if you can), but its clear that they do their best to offer quality care to all women.

Review №64

Excellent service and wonderful people I love it ️

Review №65

The staff is so nice and the clinic is very clean. I highly recommended them!! The doctor is so nice.

Review №66

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff and Dr. Karpen for helping me through one of the toughest, most confusing time Ive ever experienced in my life. I was listened to, given honest advice, and felt so supported the entire time that I was there. Thank you again so much!

Review №67

I found that everyone in the building was knowledgeable of whatever question I had. Not only did I get answers I received real life friendly answers. There was no sugar coating going on. They used the best examples to describe what would happen next. I found that they are also family oriented. I think 3 generations are there right now. Despite what you are going through please talk with any of the ladies. Pretty cool people. I would suggest taking the day off from work because thats what I did for my 3 day procedure. I would get there and just relax and let them tell me what to do next. Dr. K was awesome because he is quick and understanding and he has a staff that knows his every move like synchronized swimmers. I am very observant and there was not one person that could not help. I want to thank everyone there who made my life a little bit easier. Please keep up the great work that each and every one of you do at TASC. I was even motivated to get a nice shade of red lip stick, a nice big Titan truck, and enroll into a nursing program. Lots of love sent to you all! Thank you very much!

Review №68

This place helped me out in a very difficult time in my life. I was 18 years old and 17 weeks pregnant so it was pretty expensive almost 2 grand. However the girls at the front desk gave me a list of places that donate money to abortion costs for girls in need and were able to get 200 dollars off of my procedure. I had To come in 3 days for them to insert the laminaria to soften my cervix and I still didn’t have the full payment on the first day but they started the procedure anyways because having me wait would only jump the price up and I am very greatful for that. I came in on the third day for the procedure and paid the rest.The reason I gave 3 stars was because the dr is not as nice as his staff and doesn’t like to put up with girls that are in discomfort. But I mean I do get it because it can make it difficult to do his job correctly if you are moving around, but he should still have a better demeanor.The anesthesiologist guy was great!! Made small talk with me about my tattoos and made me completely forget where I was before I went under.

Review №69

STOP ! WAIT !THIS IS A REAL REVIEW .....Worst place EVER ! If you want your self confidence and heart to be broken then come here . This place should not even be allowed to be able to do abortions they give people false hope and over charge for service . While y’all at it for an bad abortion clinic search this clinic up also u will see a lot of disturbing things about it . I will not waste my time or money here the doctor was so rude to me after he did the ultrasound he put my spirit down and make me feel worthless . So pls pls make sure u take the time actually think about this clinic before u give your money to it ! The doctor was talking to me as “demanding and like I’m not worth his time , he even told me I’m the doctor not u and basically whatever he say and does that’s what it going to be “ They are not worth it RUN!!!!! I’m still crying

Review №70

Excellent place. Very sweet doctor and staff. I was treated so well and at all times felt safe and cared for. If you need an abortion please go here or at least check them out. I went to Houston Womens Clinic and was shocked at how horrible and dirty it was. Be careful with your health choices. You can get an infection that will kill you if you go to a doctor or clinic that is not clean. And the staff at Houston Womens was rude and obviously did not care about the patients. They just wanted me to schedule an appointment and did not want to answer my questions. Ladies Beware. I checked out the clinics before I decided to go here. This is the absolute best place in Texas. Thanks to all the staff and the doctor.

Review №71

Place was great very clean. my only issue was how hard the doors shut.. lol made me a lil jumpy

Review №72

Dont believe the hype. Highly recommend!

Review №73

Omg !!!!!!!!!That’s all I have to say !!!!!! The ladies in the front talked to my wife in such a way that she felt so comfortable and secure going tru the whole process there were some questions she felt more comfortable asking the ladies in the front the 3 Hispanic ladies answer the questions in such detail there was no doubt we had came to the right place. My wife mention that the lady that was with the doctor while he did the ultrasound was basically every where he went which made my wife feel better knowing the friendly face was going to be there while the doctor did the procedure, she explained how she needed to walk and drink water basically the do’s and don’t after the procedure am super glad everyone took there time with my wife and treated her individualy and made sure her safety was first because we do plan on having kids simply not now.

Review №74

I had absolute no problem with anyone or any appointment.They tried making everything as convenient as they could for me as im from Louisiana.I went for two days. I had an ultrasound and the first part of the procedure done. I had a white pill and two Orange pills. Theyre just there for comfort. It wasnt so much od pain but more pressure. Procedure itself didnt take long, but the waiting will obviously be long as there are so many women in your situation. The second day, i went right on back and got my medication. You get pills that disolve in your mouth and those help ripen your cervix. Youll wait a while. At least two hours or so in the room where youll sit and watch tv and have a blanket to cover up because itll be chilly. Youll eventually get an i.v and then not long after the i.v, youre turn for the last part of the procedure and will be asleep the whole thing through! Give yourself and your driver about 5 hours to stay there.The Dr. Is pretty sweet and will answer questions. He is older and moreso set in his ways, so dont be alarmed if he seems standoffish. Hes just extremely busy. He definitely knows what hes doing though. Again, bc there are many women in your situation.Mrs linda that sits in the back with you will try to do a boogy dance if you let her! She reminds me so much of my grandma and weird or not, it made the process so much easier. All the other nurses were sweet and make sure to have a smile on their face. Its a very positive environment considering what its based on.Now, they do give you a number and call you by tbat number. Its for your protection. I definitely wouldnt want my name called just in case they tried looking me up lol. So the number thing isnt bad. I wouldnt call it being treated like cattle. Another great thing, its clean there! Lol. Thank all of aaron women people so much!! Yall were so amazing.

Review №75

Kudos to them one of the best everyone was nice including the doctor and nurses

Review №76

Very clean facility

Review №77

They really helped me out a lot the people are so nice even with helping me out with my payments they where very helpful I would tell anyone to go here

Review №78

My wife is beyond satisfied with her experience here at Aaron Womens Clinic. Dr. Karpen explained each option available for termination(7weeks)and even recommended the asleep option which entails being put completely under by an anesthesiologist. The emotional distress of my wife is fairly low for what she expected, but is due in part to not being conscious for the procedure. My wife was also very pleased with Dr. Karpen and the nurses bedside manner.Yes, you have to wait up to 4 hours, but its because theres only one doctor performing these procedures and theres a considerable amount of diligence and time the Doctor and his staff are putting into each patient.

Review №79

The TX Surgical Center is a really nice place compared to the other clinics in houston. They also offer the cheapest prices in Houston! If youre 14+ they can also help you here, which Ive heard is cheaper than planned parenthood! This surgical center is definitely not your typical shoe box clinic.

Review №80

Everyone in this building made the experience as nice as they could. All very helpful sweet and understanding. Linda was especially good in many ways along with lightening the mood

Review №81

I came here at the beginning of the year. This was the worse experience of my life. This is already an emotional time for anyone to make a big decision like this .The staff were comforting and nice. But that was about it ..I guess they were trying to calm me down so i did not upset that doctor which i did. He had a very cold demeanor. He humiliated me and demolished my esteem ..I had a very late abortion at almost 22 weeks ..At this point im already uncomfortable because of the size i am. He was putting the laminate inside me (dont know what the correct term is) but its used to soften the cervix i guess. So it was hurting and there was alot of pressure ..I made a sound of discomfort and moved alittle out of reflex. He pretty much told me i need to be quiet and stop moving. His words exactly said your a very large lady be still. Mind you i am overweight like a size 14 16 especially since i had gained weight with the pregnancy. But dang why would you tear a person down like that. I could not believe him. I just started crying .I could not believe him. Long story short he said i cant deal with this somewhere along those lines and stormed out. I was later informed by staff he said i needed to be put to sleep if he was going to do the procedure ..This is the worse clinic. Especially you would think after you give them over 2 grand you would at least get treated like a human being instead of a dollar sign . He didnt want me to ask any questions or anything. Very arrogant and rude .

Review №82

On my first consultation for an ultrasound it looked kinda shady and I was so nervous. I felt like the wait took forever. My 2nd appointment was a complete turn around. Went in at 8:30, Dr. Was very nice and got straight to the point. The medicine did wonders in helping me to relax, and the nurse was right there rubbing my arm and assuring me everything was fine. Quick and quite pain less. I was headed home at 10:30. Thanks again for helping me through

Review №83

Staff were very nice and professional. They talked and laughed with you at all times making you feel very comfortable. There was no time where I felt like just a patient going into surgery. Then when I had trouble finding a driver since i lived out of town; they did research on their end to help me get home instead of just blowing it off saying they couldnt help. Love this facility and would refer anyone to them.

Review №84

Everyone from the front desk to the doctor were amazing . Shelby. Staci. Linda. Carissima Tan. Doctor karpen and his wife. This was such an emotional time for all of us and they made us feel comfortable and accepting of the issues of fetal anomaly. It was completely confidential and reassuring. I recommend this place to all women in need You will be in a better place in your mind when all is said and done. Words cant express our gratitude ️ They all went above and beyond

Review №85

Wonderful staff and doctor,very caring and informative.I highly recommend coming to this clinic.

Review №86

Ladies don’t be afraid to ask for help we will help you or find a way to help . We will make this as comfortable as we can

Review №87

Everyone was extremely kind and caring...

Review №88

I had high hopes walking into this place, it seemed private and quiet. Well it went down hill fast. The doctor is flat out rude. At an emotional time the last thing you need is to feel like your wasting their time. He is very arragent and makes it uncomfortable to even ask questions. He told me my only option is to be put to sleep because when He gave me an ultrasound I squirmed and he doesn’t deal with the oohs and the ouches. I heard the two people before me have to be put to sleep as well so I got the impression if he isn’t interested if he can’t put you to sleep and not deal with you. I went on a Monday and he said he only can put you to sleep on Saturdays because the girl he uses lives in Oklahoma. I frowned because i Came on a Monday and like any other person wants it to be over as soon as possible. He catches an attitude like he is doing you a favor. Horrible experience I cried when I left and thank my lucky stars that led my to the doctor I went with because they were cheaper and a million times more caring.

Review №89

I had my procedure done last week. Yes the wait is long but if this what you choose then just be patient. They were really good. Most of the questions I asked they had answers right a way. I had no problem at this place the nurses took care of me & I was shock of how quick & throughly they did my procedure. The doctor checked me twice after the nurse (watching the ultrasound) said I was clear he still did a quick sweep & manually checked me with his hands to make sure I didnt have anything in my pelvic area. Its a clinic that has done lots of procedures. I would recommend this place. Thank you to the staff & doctors for helping me through this tough time.

Review №90

I absolutely love this place. I had a problem. Me and my husband are in the military and it would have been hard for us to have a baby. So I can here and they were loving and honest. I was 4 weeks and the doctor told me that he could do it until I was 5 weeks, but because o was going overseas the next day he told me he would try. And he did and he got all of it.THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WORK HERE THIER AWESOME!!!!

Review №91

Great staff, nurses and Doctor!!

Review №92

This place is HORRIBLE. Everyone here is RUDE & the doctor is delusional. These people over charge you for everything. I was charged a extra $150 because I had morning sickness. My total was $850 for 6 weeks of pregnancy. The clinic is beyond filthy and reminded me soooo much of a slaughter house. The smell in the ultrasound room was horrible. The clinic floor was dirty. Also the nurse claimed she lost my blood work (that was never done or needed) & that I needed to pay $100 extra for them to repeat. Not to mention the clinic called me every week to reschedule my appointment because the doctor did not show up, but yet I was charged another fee smh. I recommend you all to drive right past this clinic and pick another abortion provider. Houston Womens Clinic or Planned Parenthood.

Review №93

The staff here were very supportive. I didnt feel uncomfortable and judged. They treated me with care and really know what they are doing. I definitely recommend this place for anybody that is looking for a good roomy clean place that doesnt treat you badly.

Review №94

I have seen this doctor over 5 times, he is the best Doctor in Houston. No pain after my procedure, no bleeding, and a bed side manner that puts me at ease, we are lucky to have him around, a million thank yous for my visit today

Review №95

First time coming and they made me feel really comfortable. Going with the first produce with no sleep doing it awake has anyone ever done it how does it feel??

Review №96

It is not what you would expect and everyone was very nice. The worst thing I experienced was crazy people standing outside yelling idiotic things to me in the morning. Staff was exceptional. I felt confident with the doctor and procedure. Anesthesiologist was funny.

Review №97

Recommend this to anyone who wants a safe & private abortion by an amazing doctor. Dr. Karpen was very sweet and made me feel comfortable. Thank you making this experience nice for my GF

Review №98

I took my 16 yr old daughter to this facility let me tell you they took such good care of her she didnt feel a thing she had deep sedation with a crna dont be fooled this place is the only one who offers this the staff is so sweet especially the o r tech thanks your an angel!

Review №99

Thank you guys for not judging me and helping me go thru this. Did go twice because I did do some drug but did gave me another chance I was happy to go with the full sedation and once again Im grateful for your help

Review №100

They were very rude and insensitive. Quoting different prices up until the procedure. In addition when I got to the back, I asked for full sedation. They gave me twilight meds I was up the whole time and felt everything. The doctor didnt care the nurse tried to calm me down but the damage was done. Please choose another place .

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