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Most would consider me accident-prone and I must admit that Ive suffered quite a few serious blows to the head and neck. In fact, all three of my upper cervical vertebrae were out of alignment and were restricting the flow of my spinal fluid. Dr. Owens expert adjustments have allowed the free flow of fluid to return to my head and spinal column and for healing to progress. I thank God for Dr. Owens.

Review №2

This is based off my first visit. Staff is very nice and very friendly and the doctor is great. No one went over payment with me over the phone when i initially called, nor when i got there and sat in the waiting room for nearly an hour after filling out the paperwork. It wasnt until i was back there with the doctor before he asked me if anyone had went over payment. With that being said, the first visit is $400.00... Yes you read that right, $400.00. I was shocked. All that gets done the first visit is an evaluation and xrays. Then, when you return, its another $90-100 and then after that its $70 a visit. Another thing i dont quite understand is that they dont want to deal with insurance either. If i was told from the get-go that i was going to be forking out $400.00 i may have considered elsewhere or maybe a place that does deal with insurance. As far as upper cervical goes, theres not many options in the tri-state area, so your options are narrow. If by miracle this helps me significantly, the money may be worth it and i may change my review on this place.

Review №3

Changed my life!! I was in a bad car wreck and my car flipped over several times. Due to the severe whiplash my neck was miserable with soft tissue damage and out of alignment. I suffered daily irritation for decades. I tried every medical option from neurologists to alternative methods to no avail. I found Dr Owens and he changed everything! Dr Owens is a gem!!! I’ve been going for over a year and under his care have found neck stability and the irritation that plaqued me on a daily basis has settled down. He is the a Best!!! Smart, nice and I feel blessed to be under his care. 👍👍👍

Review №4

Cant recommend Dr. Owens enough! If you arent feeling quite yourself or are dealing with pain, go see him. He helped me after years of struggling with diagnosed vestibular migraines. I went from constant pain for years to none! Havent had a migraine since seeing him. He did what no other doctor was able to do! Go see for yourself. First class care from the moment you step into the office.

Review №5

Dr. Owens is a wonderful doctor! He and his office staff are both so friendly, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the office is full of great educational information on the type of adjustment he does. I went in with a pounding headache and immediately it was gone. Blair Chiropractic Care is the best!

Review №6

Cincinnati Upper Cervical is a very caring and professional office. I can get in to see the doctor promptly if I am in any pain...which means a lot! Dr Owns has been a godsend for me...I am virtually free of pain now, with no medications! I would recommend Dr Owens to anyone who would like to take a more natural path to wellness!

Review №7

Dr . Owens is great! Ive seen multiple chiropractors over the last 23 and Dr. Owens is by far the best. He is very specific to my needs, compassionate and gentle. For the first time in over 20 years, Dr. Owens has been able to eliminate my headaches for good!! So grateful I found Upper Cervical!

Review №8

My daughter was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia at 14 years old and was in severe pain all day every day. The neurologist had her on high doses of multiple meds that were only causing more problems. After about a year of this we found Dr. Owens. Within a very short time there was significant improvement. She no longer needs the meds and is enjoying life. I cannot thank Dr Owens enough.

Review №9

Dr Owens and his staff are the best. I was dealing with chronic 24/7 dizziness for 9 months following a car accident. I had been to many specialists who misdiagnosed me several times. It was suggested I see an upper cervical chiropractor to see if there were issues with my neck. Dr Owens took a lot of time explaining to me what could have happened and then carefully went over my xrays. I was adjusted and over the course of 6 weeks I started showing slow improvement. I continue to see him every 2 weeks to make sure my adjustment are holding. I went from not being able to drive to back to fully functional now. Now I know if I feel a little funny I can tell my neck is out of alignment and I need to see Dr Owens who immediately fixes it for me. I would highly recommend Dr Owens if you have any dizziness that is undiagnosed.

Review №10

Dr. Owens care and knowledge have taken my healing further than past, more traditional chiropractors. I highly recommend giving him a try.

Review №11

Dr. Owen has been such a great doctor for our family. He has treated my five kids ranging from newborn through 12 years of age, as well as my husband and I, for headaches, major back problems, colds, and even helped me to sleep better! He is gentle, his treatments are precise, and he does not crack or pop my body. Their facility is welcoming and clean, and staff is competent and friendly.

Review №12

Dr. Owen cares for my husband and I and our five kids (including our newborn). He is very caring and gentle. The upper cervical approach has helped heal our bodies. I am able to sleep better and no longer have the neck pain I have had for years. My two youngest children used to suffer from weekly headaches that included vomiting, but now that are pretty infrequent. I am so thankful for the wholebody care we receive at this family friendly chiropractor.

Review №13

Dr. Owens and his staff are amazing! They care about each individual patient and it shows. When I began treatment I was not convinced that a chiropractor could help my chronic health issues, having been to many before Dr. Owens. I am so glad I was wrong! Although Im still a work in progress, the difference between my pain levels when I began and today (around 4 months the later) are like night and day and Ive discontinued the majority of my prescription medications!!! I highly recommend Dr. Owens.

Review №14

Dr. Owens is the best around. He really cares about your wellbeing and takes great care of you. He and his staff are always so friendly and welcoming. If you have any sort of neck pain, headaches, or back problems, he is the man to see.*New edit*If you are experiencing continuing misalignments and repeated adjustments are not resolving the problem, I would suggest going to mayfield clinic. The main cause of a neck misalignment is not the bones but rather deterioration of the muscles that keep your neck straight. After 2 years of seeing Dr. Owens, I needed to look for other options. I am now doing physical therapy that is making my neck actually stay in place. I’m only telling you this to help you, the patient. Dr. Owens and his staff are excellent people. They did seriously help me in a time that I was desperate. But for long lasting answers for continual neck problems, I suggest mayfield and or physical therapy.

Review №15

Dr. Owens takes the time to examine first and explain a plan of action before actually doing any of the adjustments which are painless and rather easy on the body. I like the science behind the adjustment which the X-ray finds. If your in need of this practice dont wait any longer.

Review №16

I usually try not to write negative reviews, but I want to make sure that people have a well-rounded view of Upper Cervical care.I moved to Cincinnati from Iowa after having mixed experiences with chiropractic care. My first chiropractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was a sports chiropractor, who ended up doing more harm than good, and left me with back spasms! A friend recommended checking out the Spinal Corrective Center instead, and wow, what a difference that made! They used unique rotating platforms to quickly smooth out the neck muscles and and loosen up their connections to the upper cervical vertebrae. They also used a tool that sent a firm pulse to the upper cervical vertebrae that were out of alignment. Every time I walked out of their office, I felt noticeably better- and it got to the point that I felt good even after only visiting 2 times a year or less!After moving to Cincinnati, I began spending a lot more time at my computer/desk and working out, which eventually irritated my neck and led to headaches. I thought i should give a local chiropractor a try, so I searched Cincinnati for spinal corrective centers and then only thing that sounded comparable was Cincinnati Upper Cervical. I was excited to try it out.Dr. Brent Owens and his staff are extremely kind and professional. I always felt comfortable going in for a visit. They took very thorough x-rays of my neck/lower skull during my first visit, and I was excited to see what hed be able to do for me!Unfortunately, over the course of the next half year, I was underwhelmed at my results. I didnt notice any differences until I started modifying my office chair and desk setup and looking up neck stretching exercises online. I did ask Dr. Owens for some pointers, and he offered a few limited tips, that didnt help my neck muscles feel relaxed.I ended up finding some great stretches online, and this ended up mostly fixing my issues, in combination with the modifications Id made to my bed and tweaks to my weightlifting techniques in the gym that avoided unnecessary neck strain.Each visit to Upper Cervical felt as though nothing was changed, aside from 1-2 times out of my ~20 visits. The tool used for Upper Cervical care felt equivalent to a small pen being clicked on my neck/back. This approach never helped my tense neck muscles and never seemed to make any difference. So I was disappointed to pay such a sizable chunk of money for nothing (Upper Cervical was not covered by my insurance plan, but I still wanted to give it a try). Their contract also rules out the possibility of a refund, which was disappointing, but is understandable.Hopefully from this long review, incoming patients can understand the other side of the story, because the reviews make it look like there is a 100% success rate.Again, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Brent Owens and his staff- I just think that the technique being used is ineffective for my particular neck issues. Im sure it can help others, though, as judged by the strong reviews on google and the Upper Cervical documentary continually playing in the waiting room.I moved to Nashville within the past year and am now looking for alternatives to Upper Cervical care.

Review №17

Dr. Owens is super accessible and thoroughly explains your diagnosis. I was comforted by his desire to have our bodies heal on their own and not have to rely on medicine or his continual adjustment. I went in after experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain. Not only did he get me in right away, he expedited looking at my case to help me feel better. The pain was gone within a week or so. I continue to go to Dr. Owens and he is so responsive and adaptive to my needs.

Review №18

I have been going to Dr. Owens for probably for about 6 years now. He is extremely helpful and truly cares about your overall well being. Upper cervical chiropractic is a simple adjust that can solve so many issues, including immunity. It is my first year working in a large childcare facility, which usually means I should be sick all the time. On the contrary, I have been sick 1 time and my coworker (employee for 4 years) has been sick 3 to 4 times. She goes to the regular chiropractor, but not uppercervical. I am very thankful for my ongoing health and healing of Upper Cervical.

Review №19

Fantastic doctor with fantastic results! It is amazing what the body can do. My kids and I love him and will never go to another chiro ever!

Review №20

In just 4 months, my over 5 year ordeal of constant shoulder, neck and head pain from a near fatal accident has been significantly reduced. I have since had no need for prescriptions or OTC remedies for pain and sleep management and have resumed a daily activity schedule void of them. I am making consistent progress with Dr. Brent Owens care and highly recommend him to all my friends, family and to you.

Review №21

I have been suffering with chronic pain in my upper cervical spine and eyes for 17 years. I have been to all the specialists including neurosurgeons, the Cleveland Clinic chronic pain management program, my internist and all doctors in between including pain specialists. The result was increasing levels of pain medication which resulted in its own set of side effects. In early 2017, I found Dr. Owens and after only three visits my constant pain abated enough to lower the level of pain medication I was taking. Because of Dr. Owens expertise my quality of life has improved and I am forever thankful.

Review №22

Dr Owens is Awesome! He is certified in Upper Cervical Care which is different from most Ciropractors. This is extremely important and makes a hug difference in effectiveness. 3 months after an auto accident I was still dizzy and nauseated with pain in my neck, back and shoulder. After one visit the room stopped spinning! I was still dizzy occasionally, with less pain. I am continuing to improve with each visit. Dr Owens is professional, a good listener, a good diagnostician, getts results, and really cares about his patients. I cant say enough good things about him and his staff.

Review №23

This is not your typical Chriropractic office! I was recommended to Uchc by a friend when I hurt my shoulder last year and even after some time it didnt get better. A day or so after my first adjustment, I felt almost normal again. It didnt even occur to me to mention my knee pain but on my next visit, Dr. Owens asked if there was anything else wrong. With one simple, gentle adjustment I was able to avoid knee surgery and run around with my kids and dog again for the first time in over 6months!

Review №24

Dr. Owens is awesome! I had lower back pain that wouldnt go away with physical therapy. I started seeing Dr. Owens and he helped my pain go away for the long term. I see Dr. Owens monthly for maintenance and the occasional pain caused by my running. I definitely believe in his vision of keeping the body aligned for optimal functionality. Thanks!

Review №25

After the pediatrician wanted to send my 2 year old son for an EEG on his head cause he was having episodes once every 2 weeks and they thought he was having seziures. I brought him to Dr. Owens first. After his first adjustment Westley has not had an episode in 5 months. We continue to come for check ups and Westley is doing great.

Review №26

Dr Owens cares for my husband, daughter and myself he is great as well as his staff. Ive been to many chiropractors throughout my life and Dr Owens is definitely one of the best!

Review №27

Dr. Owens is amazing! Ive been a patient for a long time due to my chronic low back pain. Before Upper Cervical Health Center, I was seen by numerous physicians, PTs, and one chiropractor at Childrens and Beacon Ortho, but nothing seemed to help. Dr. Owens made my pain go from a constant 10/10 to a 2/10, and the adjustments are pain-free. Nothing like a normal chiropractor.

Review №28

Dr Owens and his staff are amazing! I nonlinear have migraines thanks to Dr Owens! I would definitely recommend him!

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Best chiropractor Ive been with and great results.

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Awesome at adjusting away pain

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Great Dr

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