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Review №1

I first came to Gateways to Healing for some Network Spinal Analysis in order to relieve some pain I was feeling in my back and stomach. I didnt really know what to expect at first, but once Dr. Nichols showed me the results of my first re-exam, I was convinced this is a treatment that could work for the long haul. Ive seen benefits from this treatment that I never expected, such as the ability to start connecting with my body and being able to direct breathing towards areas of tension. Dr Nichols is a straight shooter, yet is always rooting for you to continue on the path towards healing. Unfortunately, Im moving out of state, but Dr Nichols has provided a roadmap towards continued healing and for that Ill be forever grateful. Id recommend his services in a heartbeat to anyone who is interested in unique forms of healing. Thank you Dr. Nichols!

Review №2

I truly cannot say enough about Dr. Michael and Dr. Julie. After being to numerous other Chiropractors over the years who all did the same moves and got minimum results. I found Gateway. Every treatment is different, and based on where I am on that day. The progress I made was slower but stayed and was more healing in the long run. Best. People. Ever.

Review №3

I initially came to Gateways to Healing based on a friends recommendation. I didnt have any specific complaints and had never seen a chiropractor before, but felt it might be beneficial for optimizing my health, especially as I get older. My intake appointment revealed spinal imbalances I had never been aware of; at my re-exam 12 visits later, those imbalances were greatly improved! I feel good that these issues were caught early, before they led to pain or dysfunction in the future.Ive also noticed Im breathing deeper, my spine feels more supple, and Im feeling more relaxed overall. This type of chiropractic treatment not only aids the physical body in healing, but helps one to deal with the mental and emotional stresses in life as well. Im completely intrigued by this unique approach to health and am truly excited to continue on this journey!

Review №4

I have struggled with back and neck pain from scoliosis for most of my life. It wasn’t until I found network chiropractic that I found relief. Gateways to Healing is an amazing alternative to “traditional” chiropractic that has offered far superior results for me. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Review №5

My family loves this practice! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable! We choose chiropractic/holistic care over medical doctors most of the time. It’s so nice to have honest people who really care about you! Thank you to the staff at Gateway To Healing. You are so appreciated!

Review №6

Dr. Michael Nichols is incredibly knowledgeable, honest, and understanding. His goal is to help to heal your body naturally through nutrition and gentle chiropractic care, and he will provide a unique plan created specifically for you as an individual based on your body’s needs. You can tell that they genuinely care, which is incredibly important when entrusting a doctor with your health and wellbeing. I highly recommend Gateways to Healing!

Review №7

Dr. Michael Nichols is extremely knowledgeable, provides excellent service, and is very friendly and helpful. He takes care of your issues and provides top quality advice and service. I would highly recommend Gateways to Healing to anyone who is looking for top notch chiropractic care

Review №8

Dr. Nichols has changed body for the better. His practice has educated me on a whole new healthy lifestyle. My stress, anxiety and insomnia has decreased since I have been a patient, or as I like to see it a student.His knowledge of the body and its nutritional needs have been completely beneficial for me. Thank you so much!!!!!

Review №9

Excellent provider of a more long term approach to chiropractic. Since visiting these doctors, Ive noticed improved posture, better sitting mechanics and back muscles that were tight for years finally starting to ease up.

Review №10

Hello I would like to say as a business owner that I take reviews and my time serious. Seven weeks back I felt bad! I had no energy and felt horrible. I would fall asleep at my desk while working and no way could I watch tv. Dr. Nichols made some very helpful suggestions / changes in my diet including supplements like UltralnflamX Plus 360. I got to tell you that his method of healing truly is working for me and I feel so much better already. Thank you so much for understanding what was really wrong with me. I wish everyone reading this review could see the smile on my face while Im writing this message.Thank you so much!

Review №11

My experience at Gateways to Healing has been excellent! Dr. Michael takes an integrative approach to health. The form of chiropractic that he practices is gentle and transformative. My health, well being and outlook have all improved under his care.

Review №12

Saw the great reviews and gave this place a chance. I wait in the lobby, the receptionist is not wearing a mask. The chiropractor comes and shakes my hand, he isnt wearing a mask either. Then he takes me to his room and tells me that he doesnt wear a mask because it makes it harder for him to breathe since he has asthma, which has been debunked thoroughly, and well have to deal with it.I shouldve left at that moment and saved my $200. Now I have to wait 7 days and test myself for COVID. I mean, can I not even depend on professionals to wear a mask?! This is ridiculous.

Review №13

Dr Mike has a deft touch and is very knowledge on keeping the body fine tuned whether it be through diet recommendation, exercise recommendations or his general passion towards health.

Review №14

Amazing !!! I can’t say enough for Dr Mike(as I like to call him)I came in for bulging disc L4-L5 and within 12 treatments the pain was gone!Along with some supplements he recommended and routine exercising I have been able to maintain “pain free”I highly recommend his service and his office staff is attentive and friendly added bonus

Review №15

I highly recommend this practice! Their knowledge and care goes far beyond chiropractic and into your overall health and well-being!

Review №16

Prior to starting Network care with Dr. Michael, I was having neck pain, and low back pain; my low back hardly moved at all from stress and tension. Even though I had to have a cervical disk fusion, I continued care, and feel that not only had promoted healing from my surgery, it helped with my lower back issues. (xrays showed my L-spine was pushed forward.) I had a lot of residual pain from the surgery, and now, my low back is WAY better. I feel more able to handle stressful situations, Im more grounded, and I think there is a spiritual side to these treatments. The irony is that there is little contact, but my body responds to treatment by literally stretching my spine, and involuntary deep breathing! Its amazing! I highly recommend attending one of the information sessions.

Review №17

After almost 5 years of lower back pain with no luck from traditional chiropractors, doctor visits, and specific exercises, Dr. Nichols at Gateways to Healing has helped me heal to no pain!His care, knowledge, and expertise are fantastic and the results speak for themselves. So glad I made the leap of faith.

Review №18

I have always had pretty bad neck and back pain. I have a desk job and I also felt a lot of my pain was just genetic. I have really bad trigger points and at the end of each day, I have always been in pain. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune issue in May, I decided that I needed help dealing with the joint pain that accompanied my illness. I see Dr. Michael Nichols and he has really helped my pain. I feel better after each session and I know I am on my way to healing completely.

Review №19

When I started care with Dr. Nichols, I was experiencing chronic insomnia, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms. Since giving my body the nutrients it desperately needed/cutting out foods that weren’t helping me, working on the ways I handle stress, and lessening my body’s “sympathetic tone” through his chiropractic care, symptom after symptom has diminished and many are gone. I feel like I’m getting my life back!! We are five months in, and I can truly say it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. My body is healing naturally, and it is a beautiful thing!

Review №20

Gateways To Healings offers both Nutritional Health and Chiropractic Care. I see Dr. Michael Nichols for Nutritional Health and have been very pleased. He is very knowledgeable about all natural nutritional supplements and all natural organic healthy eating. Since seeing him my overall health has improved.There is street parking, both meter and free parking. Their hours vary day to day from 10am-1 & 3pm-7pm.

Review №21

I started going in November and have seen an improvement in my back pain but more importantly I feel differently I have a better handle on where emotions live in my body and how to work through them. This is so much more than feeling better physically I literally feel like a new person most days!

Review №22

Ive been getting treatments for over a month now. Im getting much better results with Dr. Nichols method than the traditional chiropractic manipulation that other doctors offer. I am over 60 years old and not as limber as I used to be. I find that I cant move my body the way manual spinal manipulation requires. Dr. Nichols uses Network Spinal Analysis which is not invasive. The science behind it totally makes sense.I also had a nutrition evaluation/testing and am happy with the plan I was given and the suggested supplements.Dr. Nichols is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I highly recommend Gateways To Healing.

Review №23

Wonderful experience! I have been able to feel again ... sense things I used to not be able to feel... I can feel the energy around me... that there is love outside of me and not in the forms of physical people. A wonderful change from fear to trust in the unknown and not always having to have the answers. I have dreams again! It has taken me some time to get here, but it also took me some time to get to such a point. A resting parasympathetic state of true peace and calm is such a blessing. Thank you for helping me heal!

Review №24

Many people dont realize that there are many different chiropractic techniques and schools of thought. Network Chiropractic is most likely far different than what many people picture when they hear chiropractor. There is no twisting or cracking or forceful movements. Those chiropractic techniques absolutely have merit, and I have personally experienced great improvement from many of them, but if you are nervous about any of those techniques, look into Network Chiropractic. Its gentle, highly effective, and helps with many issues, whether they are physical or emotional.Ive been seeing Dr. Michael for almost three years. Prior to that I went to a Network chiropractor when I lived in another city. Dr. Michael is fantastic: knowledgeable, patient, kind, and committed to creating better lives for his patients. If you have any kind of health issue, go have an initial appointment with Dr. Michael. You may think, oh, a chiropractor cant help my stomach pain, or my knee pain, or my migraines, or my PTSD, etc. Well I have good news for you - they most likely can! Gateways to Healing also offers nutrition analysis and supplementation. I have not yet had the opportunity to take advantage of that, but as soon as I do, I plan to.Shortly after I started seeing Dr. Michael, I encouraged my husband to try it. He suffered from near constant pain. I cant even describe how much of an improvement this has made in his life. His pain is now negligible and infrequent. He moves more easily and can do things he hadnt been able to do in years prior to seeing Dr. Michael.Invest in your health and give them a try. You will know with in a month or so whether you are improving. If its not for you, well, there are plenty of other chiropractic modalities out there!

Review №25

I have been seeing Dr. Michael since March 2018 and my experience has been wonderful. Excellent customer service from top to bottom. I have seen multiple Chiropractors and none compare to the work Dr. Michael does. I have seen huge improvement in my daily activities along with a boost to my well being and less stress. I would highly recommend Gateways to Healing to everyone.

Review №26

I have been seeing Dr.Nichols for about 4 weeks now. I am already seeing a difference in how I feel. I went to see him because of PTSD that has been with me for about 4 years. I was so tense when I started and couldn’t get my mind or body to settle down. The tension is not there like it was, and I just feel more present in my life. He has been wonderful to work with and he understands. I can’t say enough good things about Gateways. I’m getting myself back and I understand that Dr. Nichols is the guide, but I’m the one doing the healing! Thank you so much! They have an inviting, warm office and you just feel relaxed when you walk in the door. I highly recommend Gateways!

Review №27

Dr. Michael Nichols saved my life! I was in misery; migraine headaches, tension headaches, all kinds of headaches, ALL the time. I am a walking head-ache free testimony that his ways work! No more Excedrin Migraine. No more wasted days. No more crazy tension. Im a new person!Thank You Dr. Nichols :)

Review №28

The treatment I have received from Dr. Nichols has given me great relief from chronic back tension and pain. The SNA treatments are gentle yet powerful. I feel more flexible, less stressed and easier in my body now. I am so grateful and so is my husband who says I am more patient and kind now that I am not dealing with muscle tension and pain every day. He was so impressed with my transformation that he is now a patient of Dr. Nichols also!

Review №29

Gateways to Healing provides a holistic chiropractic care for their patients. I have been seeing Dr. Michael for only three months and I have noticed greater flexibility in my spine, muscles and nerves; therefore, I no longer need pain pills to walk! Our bodies really have the power to heal even at the age of 71! Dr. Michael uses a gentle form of chiropractics called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) that truly releases the tensions from the spine, muscles, and nerves. If you are looking for holistic healing I would highly recommend Gateways to Healing. I am still learning how to release my own bodies energy to heal from within! Thank you Dr. Michael!Portia

Review №30

When I say that my experience with Network care has been life changing, I am not exaggerating. I was referred to Gateways to Healing by a dear friend who has been seeing Dr. Nichols for several years. I have had chronic aches and pains for many years and have tried many different therapies to help: massage, acupuncture and other chiropractors. All have helped me to a point. I have been coming to Gateways for about 6 months now and my body feels better than it has in a long time, but that is only the tip of the iceberg for me. I feel more connected in my body and more connected in my life since beginning this work. I am understanding more and more how my body works and how I have been disconnecting from my body and life. I can not recommend the Dr.s at Gateways enough.

Review №31

I have had great success at recovering mobility, improved posture and, most importantly, pain reduction, working with Dr. Nichols at Gateways to Healing. I have had terrible back pain since having discs rupture in 1999, for which I had surgery. Since then I’ve tried any number of treatments including NSAIDs and epidural spinal injections. Nothing worked for long. I started working with Dr. Michael Nichols in late 2016/early 2017 and since then my pain has diminished from constant, sometimes debilitating flare ups that lasted days, to momentary twinges every so often. My posture has straightened noticeably and even my gait has become smoothee. I very much recommend Gateways to Healing to anyone, they’ve made a huge, positive difference in my life.

Review №32

I have been going to Dr. Mike and Dr. Julie for several years and have been transformed by their care. I suffer from PTSD and the Spinal Network Analysis treatment has been miraculous in helping my body release the old trauma. My body is more relaxed, my anxiety is much less and I am more present in my body than I ever have been. I would like to shout it from the rooftop, but I don’t want to sound like a lunatic. Dr. Mike and Dr. Julie are true healers.

Review №33

Dr. Julie and Dr. Michael are really wonderful chiropractors, they are both very caring and gentle, they use a special technique that is hard to find. I have had a great experience.

Review №34

I recently went through some very stressful times and was struggling with Anxiety.My body just did not know how to handle the stress and I found myself stuck in a dark place. Not knowing who to turn to, I called Dr. Michael at Gateways to Healing. He helped me not only get rid of my symptoms of anxiety, he helped me heal my body and replenish it to my natural calm and healthy state. He is compassionate and educating. He was there for me throughout the whole process and patiently answered every question I had. I can honestly say he gave me my life back, and for that my family and I are forever grateful. I HIGHLY recommend him and would personally talk to anyone who is apprehensive in visiting his office and tell you more about my story. thank you Gateways to Healing!!

Review №35

Ive been working with Drs. Nichols for about 4 years now. I initially came to them for a neck injury, and have gotten so much more out of their care than just physical pain relief. Ive struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and Network Spinal Analysis has put me back in touch with myself and allowed me to better cope and navigate the stressors of daily life. I feel more like myself! I was recently diagnosed with a rare autoimmune bleeding disorder which has landed me in the hospital a couple times, and Ive been going in at least once a week for medical testing and procedures for almost 8 months. Working with Dr. Michael (both Network Spinal Analysis and nutritional advice) is keeping me afloat, and I always look forward to our sessions. Both Dr. Michael and Dr. Julie are very generous with their time and I enjoy geeking out with them over interesting body and food topics. Thank you so kindly for all you do!

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