Womens Aid Center
4801 W Peterson Ave Ste 609, Chicago, IL 60646, United States

Review №1

Women’s aid center has been extremely helpful in every aspect! Very informative every step of the way, all staff members are very nice and knowledgeable. Very clean from the moment you step foot, taking extreme measures to ensure you feel safe during these times.

Review №2

The Women’s Aid Center team were extremely helpful throughout my entire checkup. They made sure that I was understanding every aspect of my checkup and even reached out days later to ensure i did not have any questions. It was definitely a welcoming environment.

Review №3

So of course picking a spot for something so personal is a difficult one you want to be able to feel comfortable and go to a clean place. The staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable. I even got a little emotional in the waiting room and one of the workers spoke to me calmed me down and spoke some sense to me. Everyone was very clean and I felt comfortable the entire time. Angel and Rosa were awesome!

Review №4

Staff very polite and respectful. Made me feel extremely comfortable and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend!

Review №5

Everything went so well. The staff was great and super helpful. The doctor was very informative and consoling especially going through something difficult. This clinic was overall clean and very helpful!

Review №6

Staff was super friendly, answered all my questions. Great experience!

Review №7

Staff was very friendly and helpful. All my concerns were addressed especially when having to make a hard decision. I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Review №8

This clinic was a godsend for me! I was so scared and confused and didn’t know what to do when I found out I was pregnant. I was conflicted and changed my appointment a couple times. When I finally decided to take the step and go in, I was still nervous. Everyone was very nice, I read some reviews that said they just want money. Yes they do collect the money at first but this seemed normal to me. They didn’t actually charge my card until my visit was complete.The nurses and doctor were very nice and everyone was positive and upbeat. Everything about the process was smooth and I was happy to be in a positive environment during such a difficult process. Thank you!

Review №9

Staff very friendly very quick and professional made sure I was ok very pleased with their service

Review №10

I like it here. They provide a lot of services at your own convenience. Everyone is very welcoming and they take good care of their patients. Definitely a great facility.

Review №11

Everyone is so friendly and the place is so clean! They are taking precautions so seriously here and i love it! Thank you everyone here for taking such good care of me!

Review №12

Awesome staff ! They make you feel welcome right when you walk in , the guy in front is very friendly and the receptionist is helpful as well. Would recommend to anyone . Thank you all !!!

Review №13

All the staff here are amazing. They were extremely helpful at all times and everything went smoothly. Highly recommend!

Review №14

I went here for an appointment A blond older lady with curly hair was very rude and made me feel uncomfortable. The whole process felt very rushed.

Review №15

Went there to support a friend and they were extremely rude to me. Later my friend told me that they were rude to her during her processing. This place is unprofessional and horrible to their customers.

Review №16

Best clinic ever. I will highly recommend this clinic. Staff is very professional and caring.They are very supportive.

Review №17

Very helpful, warm and caring! Love the ladies who work there! Will definitely keep going to visit them

Review №18

This is a safe haven for me and many other women. Very consistent and comfortable here.

Review №19

Love this place, the employee’s were very helpful and friendly! I Definitely recommend this place!

Review №20

Worst visit ever ! They dont care to help people who pay them $440 for abortions. All there care about is the money not the health of a person after they get our money ! Dont recommend this place at all unless u wanna be risking a infection.

Review №21

Unhelpful customer service whenever I called. Hung up on me at least 3 times before I got someone to answer my question. The actual procedure was even worse. Some random nurse belittled me for not doing her commands EXACTLY?....

Review №22

Being in a stressful and emotional situation and wanting to get the process over as quickly as possible I went here. They make you feel like a piece of meat and before u can even ask a question they are reaching for the money. The doctor doesnt even dress like a docter her breast were all out poping out her shirt. Dont ignore these warning signs. They only charge $440 but is it safe heck no!!! Drive a few blocks down to family planning! More safe & nicer environment.

Review №23

Ive been here twice and this is the fastest/cleanest clinic Ive ever been to. The nurses here are amazing. They dont judge and are very caring and helpful. Best part is you are in and out of there in 30 minutes. Definitely recommend this place.

Review №24

Amazing experience, by the far the best center I been too. They made me very comfortable and I loved that. Truly recommend to all women. Thank you Womens Aid Center.

Review №25

Very good service friendly staff good experience :)

Review №26

Very secure place. I will definitely recommend. Medical staff was great and polite. Felt No judgment.

Review №27

Loved this place , employees are awesome and very helpful ! I highly recommend them ! Rose and Lisa were so sweet

Review №28

Called the office to ask for pricing services. The lady told me they do not offer that service. When asked if she is familiar with any office that does so she could refer, she stated “No I don’t. I’m not gonna do this with you”. I’m amazed of what kind of people work in the healthcare field. Spoke volumes for the care that’s provided here.

Review №29

Nice doctor! Friendly ! Love them!

Review №30

Sneak in the back dumpster for my special pizza sauce

Review №31

Great women working here who make you feel comfortable, without any judgement. And they give you all the info needed.

Review №32

Awesome staff and make you feel very comfortable

Review №33

I went to this clinic after having a very bad experience at Cook county. I thought I would save money on a procedure so I went to cook county. I got there and was put in a room with 25 other girls. I waited 7 hours before they even came to talk to me in a group, not even one on one. I guess that’s why they said to bring a lunch. Girls were crying and one was fighting with her boyfriend. I left before doing the procedure because it was so bad there.This clinic was far drive for me, but it was so much better. The nurses are nice. It’s clean and the doctor really helped me to understand everything. It felt more like being at my regular doctor and not at an abortion chop shop.You might want to save money on your abortion by going to county care but know you will be paying for it in many other ways, including a lot of your time and possibly your health. If you have not other option financially then that’s obviously your only option and that’s okay, but if you can afford a little extra money I suggest a private clinic.

Review №34

Wonderful place and an absolute savior at the time I needed it most. I found the staff very helpful, honest and supportive. The office can get a bit frantic at times but it’s because it’s very clear they want people to be able to finish as quickly as possible without sacrificing any level of service. I am pretty positive that any bad reviews are being left by pro-lifers trying to get their voice heard. It’s a shame that they feel they should do so at the expense of people looking for an unbiased review of a place that will be potentially performing an invaluable service for many many people in a hard position as I was.If you have questions or thoughts, call the clinic and make your own judgments on the staff and service as opposed to listening to pro-lifers leaving scathing reviews to deter people from getting abortions.

Review №35

I made an appointment the day that I confirmed I was pregnant. A week later, I had my appointment and was measuring 5.5 weeks. They told me they were concerned about the fact that I mentioned seizures on my intake form (I have had 2 in my life), and told me that I would need to get clearance from a neurologist before they could administer the medication. The first appointment I could get was 2.5 weeks later, and when I went in, the neurologist seemed pretty confused. He looked up the medications and found that seizures are not a contraindication or even a precaution for the pills. He said that there was no neurological reason that I couldn’t safely take the pills. He went ahead and ordered an EEG and MRI, but when I went to schedule, I was told that MRIs aren’t generally done before 13 weeks of pregnancy, which would be too late to have a medical abortion. Because he said that there was no problem with taking the medications, I went ahead and made an appointment at another clinic (Family Planning Associates Medical Group) down the road. The facility was much cleaner and nicer, and everything went super smoothly. By the time I actually had the abortion, I was at 9 weeks with the cutoff being 10 for a medical abortion. During that time, there was not a single day where I felt well. I had nausea, heartburn, extreme fatigue, no appetite (I was forcing myself to eat one meal every day because eating made me feel sick). I was pregnant for 4 weeks longer than I needed to be, and it turns out that there wasn’t even a medical reason for me to go through all of that.This place doesn’t seem like they are anti-choice, but for some reason they made me jump through a bunch of hoops before they would help me, and it seemed like they were running out the clock on me. Being sick every day for a pregnancy we were never going to keep had a negative impact on my work, and my personal life. I would absolutely recommend going to the other clinic I mentioned as it is only a couple of miles down the road (Don’t go the the Women’s Center as they are anti-choice).

Review №36

I had a very good experience here. The doctor was amazing, she was nice, nonjudgmental and all around sweet. The nurses are the same way, very nice. I will say there was two things I wasnt so happy about. When checking in, after giving my name, the receptionist said aloud the reasoning of my appointment, where the people behind me in line could clearly hear. I would Prefer nothing about my appointment be spoken about until behind closed doors. Also I was there for 3 hours when the whole process could have been less then 20min. I do completely understand they are a busy office, but three hours was extremely tedious. I definitely recommend this office to other women though. Thanks for everything!

Review №37

This is one of the best clinic I’ve ever been at. The doctor and staff are really nice and helpful. Also this place is so much cleaner compare to the other. Definitely coming back here

Review №38

The staff and doctors are awesome! Made me like I was there only patient. I highly recommend!!!!! They support me thru a difficult decision in my life.

Review №39

Professional staff! Excellent service!

Review №40

My 1st time here and I absolutely loved it! Called n with in that week I was scheduled a appointment didnt have to wait got there n was seeing quickly I was in n out! My 1st time doing this n the whole staff was supportive made me feel very comfortable! Lisa I loved her she was amazing great sence of humor made it much easier 4 me! Thank u cause I caouldnt feel anymore confident with my decision! Highly recommend!

Review №41

My first time visiting a clinic like this, but it was a warm and welcoming experience. I was very nervous going into it, but the office ladies made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you all very much.

Review №42

The receptionist was extremely nice and helpful! They offer free urine tests and blood tests for 70. Absolutely love this place!

Review №43

Came here for a check up and the doctor leanh I Believe he’s name is like that made me feel very uncomfortable he kept complimenting about my body and other stuff , I wasn’t sure if he was been a pervet but I don’t wanna come back here , besides all the women where are very nice and friendly ,I need to come back to this place but please have a lady as well for those who are not comfortable with men not himA doctor always have to be professional and not tell girls oh that’s nice I like this noo it’s so wrong

Review №44

Amazing staff! Theyre so supportive...make you feel extremely comfortable...educational and the doctor is so gentle and sweet..consider them for your health. I feel so much better and less scared and they definitely dont judge you what so ever like most clinics do

Review №45

I knew this company was reputable from the time i called. They made me an appointment within the week, and got me in on time. It was very quick and the doctor was paitent and informative. The prices were affordable and they sceduled my follow up appoint to suit my schedule. Would definitely recommend this company.

Review №46

The womens aid center was actually how the woman on the phone sounded when i called. They were very nice and understanding people. They made my visit a more comfortable and relaxing experience without judgment. I had a horrible experience at the john H Stroger Hospital. I got bad looks and attitudes plainly the woman where being judged. The woman are treated to me like animals. They are all put in a room in hospital gowns half naked our clothes are put in garbage bags and set on the floor as we are waiting to be called to see a doctor. The Doctor had little to no bed manors at all .She was very ruff the worst pain ever that i was asking them why she was being so aggressive and nothing was said to me beside ok your done. Had me go get my bag get dressed and leave. Yes it is free but i would have rather paid then to have experience what i did. The womens aid center is a place of understanding and none judgment.

Review №47

Place was very nice people here are helpful get what you need and especially lisa is a good person

Review №48

My experience at the Womens Aid Center was wonderful. I needed anultrasound and the nurses and staff were very supportive, professional and caring. The office is clean and welcoming. The nurses and staff were excellent in communicating with both me and my doctor. I highly recommend the Womens Aid Center.

Review №49

The nurses are very very nice. They get you in and out the best they can and theyre really helpful and answer all questions. The doctor is very nice too, he jokes around and regardless of what services youre there for, youll never feel singled out.

Review №50

I had a great experience here. The staff is friendly and the office is very clean. I would definitely recommend coming here if you need a check up or looking for affordable birth control.

Review №51

The nurses are wonderful. The doctor is awesome. No one is judgmental and no one looks at you weirdly.. I definitely recommend to anyone who needs help! Also, Lisa is really helpful and makes you feel comfortable!

Review №52

Very professional, courteous and caring staff. They made a very unfortunate visit extremely pleasant. Each staff member took the time to explain everything and answer any questions I had. There were no intrusive questions or judgemental remarks. Every bit of information was given with direct tact and candor, yet with the kindness that any patient would expect. I would recommend this facility and its services to ANY woman.

Review №53

Lisa is the best. She really made me feel at ease and comfortable. She was very down to earth, patient, helpful, caring, and kind.

Review №54

The staff here is very friendly and helpful. I had so many questions. They answered them all with nothing but care and patience. I was very comfortable and supported by them through out this process.

Review №55

Worst service ever

Review №56

Everyone here is soo nice, and friendly! Made me feel comfortable, made the process super easy. They talk to you about everything and give you many options . Great place overall!

Review №57

Wouldnt recommend

Review №58

If you look at Dr. Kamper’s google search results you’ll see that she is responsible for a fatality and that she has scammed the city of Chicago out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite reading all of this beforehand, I made the mistake of giving her the benefit of the doubt. It was a mistake that almost cost me my life. She is careless and should no longer be practicing. The floors of her practice look like they have never been cleaned since it opened. I realize that her clinic is providing a service to the community that is much needed, but her practice is unsafe beyond belief. Her and the np are seriously negligent. There is another clinic in Chicago that is rated much safer with doctors that haven’t been sued.

Review №59

The women running this place do a phenomenal job!!! I would reccomend anyone requiring these services to see them. My husband even called while i was under the weather, and they were kind and friendly to give him information. Thank you womens aid center!!!

Review №60

I called this morning to inquire for the price of an ultrasound. Was told that a tech had to call me back and she didnt know prices. When I said I didnt need a tech i just want some basic info she became frustrated, presumed I was frustrated( I wasnt I just was a bit surprised ) and proceeded to give me a price of 7000$. What a wonderful phone call.

Review №61

Couldnt have asked for better service. Friendly reminder call the day before. Fast and friendly service. Totally private and confidential. The doctors were quick and to the point! Would reccomend this to freinds and family.

Review №62

The women there are so nice and helpful.The doctor is very kind and explains everything very well.Im so satisfied.

Review №63

I want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but I just cannot speak highly enough of the Womens Aid Center.Ive never been pregnant or had an abortion until this year; Im 34 years old and Ive been sexually active since I was 18. I was incredibly distressed. On 3/31/2017, I was thankfully able to schedule a medication abortion here at the WAC for 4/7/2017 (just a week out from my call) after Planned Parenthood called me 2 hours before my appointment for the same procedure (meant to happen on 3/31) to cancel my appointment (since a provider was not available to administer the medication). I assume PP cancelled not just my appointment, but everyones time sensitive appointment for that afternoon; and there was no back up plan or back up clinic offered to me from Planned Parenthood. I was already 7.2 weeks pregnant at that point, and it was intensely distressing for me and my partner to have a wait another week to go through with the procedure. Also, since the medication abortion is not over in a few hours, I knew I needed a block of a few days to get through it and give myself appropriate time to recover, both physically and emotionally.When I called WAC, the nurse or practitioner who answered the phone was warm, friendly, full of information and reassurance -- VERY different than my interpersonal experience with PP and with other clinics I contacted in Chicago. She literally told me dont worry, well see you soon and well take care of you. Thats all I needed to hear in my situation; sometimes warm words count for so much. She also gave me WAY more info about the procedure than any other clinic did, was upfront about the costs, and was just a totally real and down to earth human being while doing it.I arrived at the clinic on the morning of 4/7 feeling incredibly anxious and nervous. It was very busy in the clinic; I guess Fridays tend to be busy there, but the nurses/practitioners (perhaps they are physicians assistants, I was not sure) handled everything and everyone with grace, humor, efficiency, and ease. I was very nervous to see the doctor, who is an older white man (I was honestly hoping for a strong, dynamic woman doctor who would represent the opposite of marginalization in every respect), but once I got 1:1 time with the doctor, he was anything but marginalizing. He was very warm and informative, and it was obvious that his work at WAC is a labor of first-do-no-harm/feminist love for him. I did everything he told me to do the way he told me to do it, and it went basically exactly the way he said it would.They agreed to see me earlier than the 3 weeks out for the follow-up because I was leaving the country two weeks from 4/7. Again, they were highly graceful, efficient, warm at the follow-up appointment, very reassuring about the fact that I was still bleeding, and invited me to call any time if I needed anything, or to come in any time if I felt the need to (and that it would be free for me to do so).I could not have asked for a better place to have gone through this intense situation. In the end, I was so glad PP cancelled my initial appointment because I am very confident that I received a much higher quality of care here than I would have anywhere else in Chicago. Please reach out to them if you are in this situation and in need of great care and support.

Review №64

Womans aid center was quick and efficient and made all My concerns and fears at ease. I want to thank the whole staff for being sweet especially Lisa for going above and beyond the call of duty with her patients!!!!!!

Review №65

Great service. The people at the front desk are so awesome and are super nice and friendly.

Review №66

Unprofessional- boreline malpractice.Youre hearded into the offices similar to cattle and before they even ask your name your asked for your payment information. First red flag.Its hard to tell who the patients and professionals are because the nurses/doctors are also in jeans. Second red flag.Being in a stressful and emotional situation and wanting to get the process over as quickly as possible you still might look past these warning signs as I did but the worst possible experience was when I called in the day after medication looking for some consolation with the concerns I was having and was screamed at that I didnt follow directions (that were never given) talked down to in a defensive manner and ultimately hung up on by nurse SOPHIA.I am absolutely appalled that a place such as this exists and I pray woman like me read this review and choose a place of actual care and professionalism so they dont have to go through the same emotional damage Im currently facing.Its clear this facility only cares about the 440 dollar sign on your head.

Review №67

Fantastic staff! Very friendly and informative! I definitely would recommend

Review №68

Very smooth, friendly nurses, thorough process and direction to follow. Star 5 for this clinic.

Review №69

I recommend this place to any girl, staff are very helpful,and you dont have to wait long for an appointment .im so thankful Ive found this place!

Review №70

They helped lot at timely manner. I will recommend my friends and neighbors.

Review №71

The ladys here are very nice and help.

Review №72

Very nice place, the staff was very informative!

Review №73

Awesome atmosphere

Review №74

Very professional organization.

Review №75

Amazing the staff were wonderful and always smiling great people great experience!!!!!

Review №76

This place is the best and the front desk is very helpful

Review №77

Nice people clean office

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  • Address:4801 W Peterson Ave Ste 609, Chicago, IL 60646, United States
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  • Phone:+1 773-725-4232
  • Abortion clinic
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  • Monday:7am–10pm
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