Family Planning Associates Medical Group
659 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60661, United States

Review №1

Now I think there are two different locations in one. One for the pill and the other for the in clinic. I can only speak on the pill. They are the most compassionate people, on and ahead of schedule. I couldn’t have asked for a better support staff. The process was easy. The worst part was my anxiety before. Thank you FFP!

Review №2

I can’t explain the level of compassion that’s given at this location. Whoever does the hiring carefully picks those who are a good fit. Everyone is so caring and walks you through every step which is a plus seeing that it’s a difficult experience for most of us.

Review №3

I’ve actually been to this location several times. All for different reasons. The treatment I’ve received from all staff has always been warm and welcoming, like they all care and are all compassionate. I live an hour away, but only choose this location because they’ve always treated me respectfully and I’ve always felt like I’ve mattered. The nurse practitioners here are all well knowledgeable about what’s going on in all aspects. I can’t speak for everybody, as we all experience different situations and scenarios. It just all boils down to how you treat a person and how you want to be treated back.

Review №4

Absolutely sick to my stomach that I am at the hospital from the negligence of Dr.Jackson leaving remains in me. This occurring while in the office to have procedure complete. Then a month later finding out the job was complete. I’m definitely seeking all the help I can possibly get. For one my mental and emotional then let’s speak on the pain fish in enduring. NO PHYSCIAN SHOULD HAVE TO RE DO THERE WORK WHEN THIS IS A OPERATION

Review №5

Just go to Plan Parenthood. Appointment started at 11:45 and left Around 5 PM For a procedure That only took 15 minutes. The lady couldn’t get an IV in my hand, she stuck me five times even after I told her I have a great Vein in my other arm. After I woke up from anesthesia I was literally rushed out. I was being sent home with no medication, just told to take simple ibuprofen, which did nothing by the way. Just overall a bad experience

Review №6

Everyone took amazing care of me , I have anxiety really bad but nobody made me uncomfortable. All of the staff listened to me and provided the best possible care and advice .

Review №7

Today I had a appointment plan and I was nervous don’t get me wrong but they didn’t make me feel relax at all. A staff member said I threaten her when I was in the room. Before I left out no one said I couldn’t come back. Which was odd because that wasn’t what happen. Their unprofessional and not concern of their patients.

Review №8

The staff were very friendly. I thought I would be there long due to my reason for coming but I was in and out very quickly. All rooms are clean with a fresh smell. It was my first time there & I would go back if needed. Definitely recommend this place.

Review №9

I been here numerous times staff is great doctors are great they made me feel so comfortable before and afterwards i needed emotional support they were right there for me thanks Fpa!!!!!!

Review №10

Extremely helpful! Everyone was so nice, it made the whole situation so much easier. Liz made everyone feel so comfortable and was able to treat each person as an individual.

Review №11

They are very rude here and will send you home if you one have little cough please do not come here

Review №12

What an amazing office. Everyone cares so much and is so compassionate. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and make sure to answer any questions you might have.

Review №13

At FPA, their mission is to obviously create a memorable experience for every patient despite the circumstances. This is in fact a no judgment zone! Everyone is compassionate which makes the journey less intense.

Review №14

Absolutely amazing having to go thru an unplanned pregnancy I was terrified I had to rethink everything that I had planned and the fear of not knowing what to expect during my visit gave me anxiety but it was all relieved when I met the staff so friendly and helpful any questions I had they answered and confirmed I understood I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in my situation they really care!!!

Review №15

Uh receptionist started mimicking my voice and just wanted to hear herself talk. I can’t stand when an associate takes all your time teaching you everything about their job and avoiding answering your actual questions. Answering imaginary questions you never asked. You’re supposed to listen and respond that’s ur job. Not talking. Talking is not your job. You make people forget what they were thinking by doing whatever your not supposed to do. Only one girl gave me this problem here but it happens at every business it’s stupid!

Review №16

Amazing clinic. Very kind workers. Were very accommodating, was able to get in and out quickly. Felt very comfortable there.

Review №17

They are so caring and friendly here. I regained faith in humanity after being treated so well here. Never would have thought it. Thank you so much for a non-judgemental, warm, caring experience. They provide after care as well. This staff is not just there for a job. They believe in their mission and do the best for their patients.

Review №18

I didnt have the greatest experience here, the blonde lady who brought me back to my locker to change was extremely rude to me because I had eaten a jolly ranchers so they couldnt use anthesia on me, she made me feel stupid more than once and I was already crying, and they arent as sensitive as I think they should be

Review №19

Faster service at a retirement home

Review №20

I cant stress enough how kind everyone at FPA is. Everyone is so sweet and super concerned with your well being and give very good advice. Extremely patient and answer all the billions of questions you have with a straightforward answer. Theyre sweet and make small talk with you and make you feel comfortable. They provide feminine products as well as heating pads in case you forget your own. I couldnt have gotten through this without their support. I really felt safe here.

Review №21

Oh my gosh this was the best care i have ever experienced in my life for an outpatient procedure. The staff in the whole entire building were awesome. They are very nice, caring, patient and very informative informative. If you are a woman or a young lady seeking advice or medical treatment i recommended family planning. They were an amazing staff even the doctor i saw.

Review №22

Was very nervous they made me feel very comfortable and caring non judgemental ladies this should be your first choice for woman health clinic

Review №23

Like any woman whos nervous about judgement..dont be. because I was 18 weeks along, I had a two day appointment. nobody wanted any details into why I was considering coming here or if they could change my mind, they were just very helpful and patient with me. Nurses were compassionate, other girls going through the same put me at ease because I didnt feel so alone. If i could give you some advice.. dont wait and apply for the Medicaid. Over all I had a great experience prepping for surgery and recovery. The whole procedure didnt take too long but also because they put you to sleep. Had no pain just cramps at most which is normal and I was able to go home the same day.

Review №24

Very long wait time !!! Got here early for my 9:45 appointment it’s almost 2.

Review №25

Very friendly staff they did a good job and made sure I was well taken care of.

Review №26

Jocy was so supportive and she made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend. They had a nice atmosphere. The nurses were great. Thank you FPA.

Review №27

All of the staff there is so friendly and they make you feel extremely comfortable. There was not a long wait and they are super supportive of you whatever your needs may be at the time. They dont judge you or persuade you to do anything. I thought I would have a bad experience but there was so much support and compassion from the staff. One staff member was even cracking jokes making me laugh so I wouldnt feel scared. I would recommend this place to anyone no matter what your reason for coming in is. Just an overall good experience.

Review №28

Great place. They took really good care of me and made me feel comfortable in my process there.

Review №29

I just got my vaccum aspiration with general anesthesia- so I was fully asleep done today. I think that was a good choice I made because I was going with the pill option, but they let me change it when I arrived and took me still. I was very indecisive and nervous and scared, but they all were patient with me. I just wish more proper information was given beforehand, like a consultation and some professional would explain about all procedures that are available rather us picking and searching on the website and telling them what we want which led to my indecisiveness and anxiety. They also have a process there that made you feel like a number, taking women one by one and the environment seemed all so serious to me.All employees were patient there though, the only one employee that gave me almost a full blown anxiety attack was--right when I got into the surgery room, the older lady with dark brown/reddish hair and glasses that was first there to set up my IV and take my blood pressure was so rude and looked like she hated her job, she jerked my arm and put IV in me and put the tubes around my nose for the sedation with a attitude, she moved my hair on my shoulders to the side aggressively with her hands, like kind of slapped it away to the back very rudely on both sides. She also jerked my legs when I put them up into the leg rests for the surgery as they were very spread apart. She just had bad vibes and handled me rudely/aggressively and her tone of voice had a attitude. The place where the IV incision she put in also bled a lot too when I took the cotton ball out at the end. I want to feel like I can trust these employees that I am giving myself and my body to. But when she was setting me up in this rude and aggressive manner, I literally started panicking inside and had to take deep breaths because I started to not trust her with her attitude and the way she was treating me, it threw me off when everyone else was so patient with me. I wish I spoke up at then and called her out, but I was more focused on keeping myself calm and getting through this whole thing ASAP. Also, once the anesthesian and the doctor came in (they were sweet and that calmed my nerves, they seemed like floating angels coming to save my life) that first ladys attitude changed in front of them to seem like shes nice-faking it, she ruined the experience, someone needs to check on her. I didnt like how I was treated by her.For the vaccum aspiration procedure itself, I didnt feel the procedure itself because I was asleep and after I woke up, it just felt like regular period cramps and i went along with my day, the procedure was very easy going then I thought.FYI- I am using a fake name here to protect my identity

Review №30

The entire staff are beautiful people. Great attitudes and the best service

Review №31

I couldn’t say enough good things about this clinic! I normally don’t take the time out to write reviews but I just wanted to express my contentness with my visit today. From the time I walked in to the time I walked out I felt nothing but safe, assured, cared for, and taken care of. Each and every one of the staff members I accountered had a smile on their face and seemed as if they loved their job which was nice to see. The ultra sound tech was super nice and made me feel more than comfortable. I never for a second felt judged which was a huge relief because its already a situation that takes toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It makes me feel good knowing women have a place they can go to that is overall safe and effective. I highly recommend this place if you ever find yourself in a “situation” that you do not want to be in anymore. (I was there for 2 hours and 15 minutes which I thought was fairly decent considering I know it can be a lengthy process).

Review №32

Ive been here twice already and I have to say my experience has been amazing. Everyone from the nurses to MAs to the doctors are the most caring understanding people. They make you feel so comfortable and safe. Its very relaxed and very organized. This is the place to go for any and all services. They really are the best! Im very glad that I went here.

Review №33

I made my appointment @ 10:00AMRECEPTIONIST said “procedure takes 4-6 HOURS”I had to wait since 10:00AM to 2:00PM just to get blood work so basically produce only takes about 1 hour or 2. So why make us make appointments ?Not being able to eat or drink anything since the night before all the way until I was done. It just doesn’t make sense why do we have to wait if we made APPOINTMENT.Managers need to take care of this.

Review №34

Absolutely incredible. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic, especially the Washington Blvd. location. The staff is wonderful, caring, polite, understanding, and more; it felt as if we had known those nurses for years. They are doing an incredible job at what they are doing; I feel 100% assured that my friend was cared for during her surgical abortion, and I was listened to as well. Please make FPA Chicago your first choice when seeking an abortion.

Review №35

I would recommend them to anyone matter what your going in there for..they wouldnt judge or persuade you do anything.. They are very welcoming and discreet about everything..Thanks family planning & associates family

Review №36

The staff is very kind and caring.

Review №37

The environment is extremely welcoming and professional, very clean as well and the location wasnt difficult to get too. The staff is very good at getting you in quickly after you sign in also. The staff is WONDERFUL! And I think this is the biggest part. Not only are the extremely welcoming but they are also very comforting. At first I was nervous, but the ladies there took any fear I had away. I cannot stress enough for wonderful the staff is here. I did not encounter one person who wasnt smiling. They are very good at making you feel at ease and comfortable. Rose, the ultrasound tech, is an amazing woman who is completely understanding and extremely nice. She talks you threw everything and answers every question. Overall I will be recommending FPA to any woman without a doubt. I am super happy with my choice of clinic. Thank you all for being so wonderful and awesome at your jobs!

Review №38

Everyone that works there is very genuine . The surgery was painless and recovery is so relaxing thanks for your help guyssss

Review №39

Love it and theyre nothing like other clinics very fast and friendly

Review №40

Great exprience :) they are really nice and supportive I highly recommend going here.

Review №41

These are the greatest nurses, physicians, and clinicians ever. They took great care of me after my surgery providing me with plenty of food and water . They ask questions and answered all questions I had. I would definitely recommend this place .

Review №42

I had surgical abortion today and was put to sleep for it. Didn’t feel a thing or remember a thing during procedure. Woke up with little to no bleeding. Dr and ”bartender” was great!

Review №43

Went here 4 days ago Love it helpful so nice u must go they give u all the care in answers plus the rooms are great even though i was hungry in could not eat i still like it good job ladys i got there at 730 appointment was 745 in i was done at 10 wonderful

Review №44

Very good place to come to when your in that situation i would have been so lost if i didnt find this place. I had my procedure done for free a few days ago. I want to say thanks to the staff and doctor for helping me thru a very hard and dark time in my life with, being very nice, non judgemental, caring and professional. They really made me feel at ease and gave me great support immediately after my procedure in the recovery room Thanks alot!

Review №45

They were pretty rude to me... I felt uneasy the entire time and it felt like I couldnt ask any questions without getting a crappy attitude back from the staff that helped me. Even on the phone. There was one lady who was actually really sweet and caring so I went to her for most of the questions I had.The only real plus was that it isnt too far away from where I live.

Review №46

Staff was friendly, sweet and very attentive. They took very good care of me. I would recommend coming here.

Review №47

The faculty here is extremely professional and made the process seamless. They take their time to explain what your options are and what each process entails of. I highly recommend this facility to anyone.

Review №48

I feel very bad that I get it done on April 7, 2010 To this day it’s eating me up but it’s too late now because now I have three kids and with my tubes tied I was only 18 years old when I get it done now I’m 27 and I still feel bad I feel like I am a baby murderer

Review №49

The wait time and the fact that they can’t even give you updates to how many ppl are in front of you shows that the scheduling is done poorly. Being busy is understandable but not being able to give eta to those waiting is unprofessional

Review №50

After my procedure here in 2007 I haven’t been able to conceive and Truly Believe that the doctor who asked if I wanted my tubes tied made me sterile. My fiancé and I really wants a child and it Disappointing!!’I Need Answers

Review №51

Great service and excellent friendly and caring staff. Definitely would reccomend

Review №52

Very friendly & professional staff. The place is very clean but it was extremely cold. There was a long wait but other than that it was a overall good experience.

Review №53

Everyone who works here is compassionate, and helpful. Nurses are easy to reach and informative. Getting the birth control you need is an easy process. The clinic is very clean.

Review №54

Make me feel very comfortable I woke up feeling fine

Review №55

I was so scared they made me feel at ease Would definitely recommend to others thank you family planning associates

Review №56

Everyone was absolutley amazing!! I felt so comfortable and safe even though I have terrible terrible anxiety and panic disorder! Thank you for being so helpful and wonderful!

Review №57

They are awesome,they make sure your good at all times,I would diff recommend this place to anyone who need services here!!

Review №58

On my visit to washington blvd planned parenthood was the best service i had. They were making sure you are taken care of and they confort you. All the people there are so nice they listen and help you so much. All the other places you go to treats you like garbage but this place made sure you are comfortable and is there with you every step. I wanted to thank the staff.

Review №59

This clinic is great and the staff is amazing thanks !

Review №60

Made something scary so easy very nice people the place is also nice treat you very well and easy to talk to

Review №61

I cant even stress to you how long it takes.............. I mean you see the door and you just keep thinking soooooo do I wait or do I run...tall givin options out here.

Review №62

Friendly staff members but not being able to eat or drink anything the night before coming in is the worse feeling ever, Feeling so weak and having to wait a very long time is horrible

Review №63

Was waiting on a friend she arrived at 930 didn’t get seen until after 1:00. They are very slow and don’t care about ppl time.

Review №64

My experience was great there, The people were very nice and discreet.

Review №65

I feel very disrespected

Review №66

Do they take medical card

Review №67

Very professional & kind staff.

Review №68

They are super nice I loved them

Review №69

What’s the latest an abortion can b given and what healthcare is accepted (Molina, county care, etc)

Review №70

Very professional clean and courtesy

Review №71

Do you provide abortion services to women living in another state?

Review №72

Nice place to visit

Review №73

The staff is awesome

Review №74

Great Service

Review №75

Awsome staff

Review №76

Very good

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