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I just finished a workout with Brandon Holt following the best practices of social distancing. I was in my bonus room, and he was miles away in his studio. Before our session Brandon asked for a list of exercise equipment in my home and developed a plan. I have some equipment, but Brandon can develop a plan even when none is available. We connected on Zoom Video Conferencing. No subscription was required. It was a great experience. Brandon critiqued my form and even counted reps. I was able to watch him demonstrate the exercises. When you cannot get in to see the crew at Personal Best, I highly recommend connecting with them through Zoom. My workout at home with his plan and guidance was just as effective as being in his studio.

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If you are looking for an encouraging and professional environment to workout in then look no further! Coach Christopher is the perfect balance of motivation, and experience that anyone, regardless of physical condition, will benefit from. All of the trainers at PB and fellow clients are friendly and welcoming. The gym itself is the cleanest in town with top notch equipment! I promise you will not be disappointed with your results!

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Excellent experience this far! Instructive, motivating, enjoyable. Have been training for 3 months or so. First time to work with trainer! Reaching goals!! Love the comprehensive approach to training! Thanks to Blake, my excellent trainer! Appreciate the relationship, the challenge, the variety, and the instruction!! Chris runs a great operation!

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I started training at Personal Best Fitness 4 months after I had a baby. I was feeling pretty defeated about my post-baby fitness level and needed a good wake up call!! ... enter Blake, my trainer. I could go on and on about how Blake got me back to feeling like myself again! He is incredibly personable, so working out with him was enjoyable and didn’t seem like a chore. Being a new mom, there are many new challenges one can face. Blake is compassionate and knew exactly how to boost my confidence!! He is extremely knowledgeable about the personal training process and how to target the exact areas I wanted to work on. I am back to my pre-baby weight and that is all thanks to the dedication Blake has instilled within my wellness routine.

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I started seeing Greg when I was experiencing extreme low back pain from what turned out to be a massively herniated disc. Between Greg and his NKT therapy techniques and a wonderful chiropractor, I was able to go from nearly completely unable to walk to hiking mountains. Getting my muscles functioning in proper sequences after they had been compensating for my back for so long was so incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!!

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Christopher is more then a trainer, he is an intuitive fitness instructor that caters each workout to your needs. Best decision I made was to work with the team at Personal Best. I have never had the same workout twice. We work at a private gym and utilize nature as well.Highly recommend. Changed my fitness mentality and continues to challenge me every session.

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Blake Burgess is awesome! Great young man with a world of knowledge about fitness. I have worked with trainers in the past but none as good as Blake. I have learned more training properly with Blake than with anyone I have trained with. He has challenged me to put in the work and the work has led to me feeling better, being more flexible, losing lbs and generally feeling better about myself. Chris has got a great guy at Personal Best. Oh, should not omit, we laugh (at 6:00 am in the morning) through most workouts. Mostly Blake is laughing at my struggles but, generally, we have a great time through the process. #Dadstrong

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I dont need accountability to get a workout in, but I do need to make sure Im pushing myself enough.The fitness test helped me to know where I needed improvement.I was able to push myself further to get stronger and faster using that information and the exercises they game me to incorporate into my routines.Personal Best Fitness will always be my place to go for training plans, nutrition information and fitness assessments.

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Fun, challenging and customized personal training with caring, knowledgeable and professional trainers.Always changing and adapting my workouts to my individual goals and abilities to keep it interesting.Personal Best speaks for itself with the numbers of individuals who keep coming after 10 years!

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I have lost almost 20 pounds with Brandon at Personal Best Fitness! Brandon offered an 8 week program for this summer, and with teens in my house, I wanted to take advantage! Its on my way to work. Its convenient with my schedule! I cant imagine not coming every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 after school starts now!! The workouts are all different and challenging. Brandon says, when it hurts, give me 3 more! AAHH!! But its a good hurt! :)

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The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and I have experienced effective training specific to my needs and fitness level. Great environment and community.

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Training with Christopher at Personal Best has greatly improved my overall fitness. He developed a program that leveraged my fitness strengths (RHR, Vo2Max) to overcome my weaknesses (muscular strength). The program also accommodated for a knee injury. In a matter of weeks, I have seen dramatic improvements. Some challenges that I thought laughable on the first session have been achieved and surpassed. The instruction for how to perform each exercise and the underlying explanations as to why reveals Christophers years of experience and expertise. From my observations, I can also tell that he is surrounded by a very capable team. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced athletes!

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I am enjoying working with Brandon at Personal Best. He is highly experienced and designs unique programs to meet my needs. The staff is very friendly, and the facility offers a private setting with the right equipment.

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Great place to work out. Fantastic trainers who will help you stay fit even with any limitations you may have.

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I have known Christopher for over 12 years. Hes been my one and only trainer for 11. Hes coached and trained me in 3 marathons and 2 half marathons – PRing after each – and is now helping me get my pre-baby bod back:) Hes a fantastic motivator and leader. Ive only met the other trainers at PB, so I cant speak for their abilities, but Id be willing to bet they are just as outstanding as Christopher. I highly recommend!

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Really enjoy my workouts with Christopher. Great atmosphere and a workout plan that works for me.

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My family and I have been training with Christopher and Justin at Personal Best Fitness for over 15 years. Christopher and the team have been an incredible positive force in our lives.Personal Best workouts are creative, challenging and, most importantly, FUN! I look forward every time I work out (and am surprised when I am able to meet a fitness milestone that I would have thought was impossible).Most importantly, to me, is that Christopher and Justin (and all of the other trainers as well) have created a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone from Ironmen to beginner athletes and 20-year-olds to 80-year-olds all feel at home and welcomed.Personal Best is a gym that is 100% client focused - not only on their workout and physical health, but on helping clients find balance in their lives. My time at Personal Best is one of my favorite parts of my week because of the outstanding and wonderful people there.

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The trainers are awesome and you feel accomplished after the workout! Everyone is super nice too

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Greg incorporates neuroscience into his work, which I think is amazing.

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Great studio for private training. Good for trainers. Great for clients.

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I highly recommend a visit with Greg Kaz if youve been experiencing muscle/joint discomfort. I saw him after a particularly acute flare up of lower back pain that I had been suffering from to varying degrees for over 10 years. Most recently, the pain was regularly accompanied by very strong nausea that essentially made it impossible to get anything done until it passed. Every time I did strenuous cardio activity like running or burpees, I would end up with extreme discomfort for several hours after.Greg did a through assessment of my mobility and prescribed a detailed set of stretches/exercises. Since my visit 2 weeks ago, I haven’t felt nausea once and have been able to exercise without feeling strong back pain after. The most helpful insight was that the root cause of the pain was elsewhere in my back, not the area I had been treating - that was something I never would have been able to figure out on my own! I also appreciated his user-friendly approach of videotaping me performing the stretches so I had a record of the prescription to review at home.Thanks so much, Greg!

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Greg is among the very best. I can’t recommend him enough.

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After 30 years of chronic daily pain from old athletic injuries and surgeries, and having tried every kind of treatment and therapy – including epidural steroid injections in my back and neck -- I discovered NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) five years ago through Greg Kazmierski and my life has been forever changed! My highest recommendation goes to Greg, NKT and Personal Best Fitness!In working with Greg, I have learned a lot about the body over the past few years. Most importantly, I’ve learned that whenever there is an injury or compromised area, the brain is going to find a way around it to keep the body moving by compensating for the non-functioning part. And in doing so, muscles and body parts start performing movements that they’re not supposed to be doing…which typically results in pain. So, for example, if the knee isn’t working properly it might not hurt at all, but instead all of the other overworking parts could be screaming in pain. By testing movements and muscle function, the NKT practitioner can release overactive parts and activate the non-working ones.And while total relief did not come overnight, I felt remarkably better after the first 4 visits—enough to know I was on the right track and needed to continue. Within a few weeks I discontinued all meds and couldn’t believe how wonderful it was to be free from awful daily pain and no longer need meds, shots or surgery of any kind. I still work with Greg because I WANT to, not because I have to. I never dreamed I would feel this good! I hope that more and more orthopedists and neurologists discover NeuroKinetic Therapy and its unique and successful way of improving movement and pain. I sure wish I had found it before I had multiple knee surgeries and a total replacement, or back fusion surgery. Anyone who is experiencing chronic pain should seriously consider giving NKT a try first!And P.S. – I’m a big Titans and Preds fan and so wish I could get some of the injured players to give NKT a try. Especially with injuries that involve nerve pain!

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Good workout facility, Angela will kick your butt, in a good way.

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Got the chance to visit their studio. Its location & the trainers are excellent people who practice what they preach!

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Greg is awesome! 💪🏻👍🏻

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Highly recommended!

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