Orangetheory Fitness
2565 Sand Creek Rd Suite 132, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States
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Orange theory fitness is a great place to work out. The coaches are awesome because they keep you motivated and working hard. The coaches are always there to give you advice on your work out and your goals. They keep it fun. I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last six months thanks to Orangetheory fitness.

Review №2

Thank God for OrangeTherory Brentwood! One of the best decisions I or anyone could make in choosing a fitness studio or community to be a part of.

Review №3

I love working out at Orange Theory. The entire staff is extremely friendly and extremely professional at the same time.The work outs are very well designed. OTF makes sure every part of your body gets exercised. After a good Orange Theory workout, I feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. When I leave the gym, a sense of happiness and overall well-being washes over me.

Review №4

I absolutely LOVE this gym! I was skeptical about the station rotation deal that I heard about before joining, but I love having a coach/trainer so I decided to try it out. I was not disappointed!! Everyone at the front desk is crazy friendly and welcoming every day. They learn your name, ask about you, and really make you feel good about walking in. Then there are the coaches. They are phenomenal! Marc and Meghan are my absolute favorites. They encourage you, energize you and support the hell out of you. I have been to many gyms throughout my life from big corporations like 24 hour to small bootcamp style ones, and I have NEVER been as happy at a place as I am now. Thank you OTF!!!

Review №5

I felt the instructor Meghan was fantastic. Great info and explained everything. I may not have been up to my physicality enough for the all out tornado session as my first workout, but thats my own fault. Once I got home I knew I should of and could of finished but with time it will get better. I liked the monitor idea, I thought the treadmills are some of the best Ive ever used. That 45 second jumps to back on the row machine I just could not get my feet back in the straps fast enough so im not sure how, but it would be cool to have some type of slip your feet in without in and out of the straps 9 times. Overall, im excited to try it again and hopefully Ill have more endurance next time.

Review №6

Love this place, everyone is friendly and have great customer service!

Review №7

Great Coaches - Very EncouragingYou Meet Great People and Life Long Friends

Review №8

I’ve been going to OT since it opened. I love the workouts, front desk staff, and most of all the trainers! Growing up as a competitive swimmer, transitioning into triathlete, and a member of the crew team I have found the workouts to be laid out perfectly to fit all levels of athleticism. You can push yourself as hard as you’d like to get the most out of each workout. Even over 7 months into my pregnancy, I am able to continue working out 5-6 days a week. My mornings start out with the best workout each day!

Review №9

I LOVE this place. First time I found a place that I miss going to when I can’t workout that day! Friendly great group atmosphere. Awesome for beginners because you can start at your own pace but still must push yourself. They tell you what to do and show you how to do all exercises the correct way. I would recommend to everyone!

Review №10

First time going and I absolutely love this place! Everyone was incredibly nice (the coach, front desk clerk, as well as the other members). This is exactly what Ive been looking for in a gym. I needed some place that would push me to do better, since I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to my workouts, and I believe Ive finally found it. My coach, Tiffany, was so helpful and encouraging. Cant wait for my next class!

Review №11

Most of the staff are awesome and really know there stuff. Their Vibrant up beat personalities are great part of a motivating factors... they make you feel like its the place be, to get the job done. One Unfortunate thing I have noticed is that they are Unable to provide the Monitoring devices😡 that are used to track your Splat points/ progress🏋️‍♀️ of all your hard work ( not having enough) even when the class sizes are small. They say that you can buy you own🤔. After paying over a $100 a month for just a few classes I think its ridiculous to have to pay around 100$ for a temperamental device 😒

Review №12

If you want a great workout that is always challenging and different every time this is the place! Add to that the cherry on top the front desk staff and coaches are amazingly friendly, kind, supportive and inspiring people. Added bonus members are also open friendly and encouraging! For the first time in my life I do not loath the thought of going to the gym. I don’t feel awkward / out of place or make lame excuses to talk myself out of going.

Review №13

More 90s please. But in all serious these guys are great. Took Tiffany and Austin’s classes in the same day and came through just fine. They are great additions to the team and I hope I can take more classes with them.

Review №14

Since Ive started Orange Theory I feel so much younger and full of energy. Just turning 50 I wasnt sure if I could keep up. The Coaches are so supportive and encouraging , I love them all. I have told all my friends to come and join too. Orange Theory is my new way of life;) Thank you!!!

Review №15

There is a friendly trainer that helps motivate, there are different things to do within the hour to avoid getting bored, the workouts are effective, and of course being able to monitor the intensity of your workout via the wristband is awesome!As for this specific location, the staff were extremely friendly, the entire building was well maintained, and the atmosphere was, overall, very inviting. I had an incident where I felt lightheaded and they couldnt have handled it better. They were genuinely concerned, offered me water, were very patient, and assured me that I wasnt embarassing myself and that everything was OK.I definitely recommend trying them out! 😊

Review №16

Friendly inviting place to workout, the technology that lets me monitor my complete workout is awesome. I want to know exactly what my heart rate and push pace is, game changer for anyone that wants a challenging, knowledgable, workout. The coach vibe is energizing, professional, clear and encouraging. Im a Happy Camper. 💪🏻👍🏻😎

Review №17

I love OTF and this gym has great coaches and trainers that are encouraging and knowledgeable. The front staff is friendly and always helpful. I feel good walking in and even better walking out after a challenging workout.

Review №18

Fantastic location. Staff and instructors are very nice and really helpful. Facility is clean and very organized. The classes are hard where you burn hundreds of calories but you have so much fun doing it you dont notice.

Review №19

Great front desk! great trainers! And an even BETTER workout!!! Very welcoming to everyone and it makes coming to classes that much better! Everyone knows your name and cares about your goals and will hold you accountable! Love getting my OTF in everyday!

Review №20

Worst customer service ever!! I wanted to get a free trial workout and schedule for a 5:30pm work out. They said to get there 30min early. I got there at 5:12 and they said I had to reschedule. I told them since I am here already and there is still 18min before class start can I just do the workout? They said no, reschedule!!! Terrible service.

Review №21

Great workouts; changes everyday, not boring or repetitive, anyone can do it at their own pace or challenge, high cardio, motivation from coaches, friendly staff and members, really feels like a family environment!

Review №22

Love, Love Love this place. Sandee, Hunter and Megan rock the workout. I appreciate their efforts to make the over 50 crowd feel welcome and accommodated with our well worn knees and hips :)Thank you Orange Theory Brentwood.

Review №23

Only 3 work outs in and I am addicted. Love love love this workout! Gym is clean and organized!! Customer service is amazing.

Review №24

I’ve always worked out at the gym and outside for many years. I wanted to try something different to push me harder. So I decided to get Oange Theory a try. And I’m glad I did, as I’ve push myself further than I have ever have in a long time. I feel I’m getting a good workout and I’m burning more calories than I ever have before. Love it!

Review №25

Best workout around! I love the mix of cardio and strength training. The trainers all get to know you and hold you accountable for not only coming to class, but also pushing yourself. I highly recommend this workout.

Review №26

This experience has been the highlight of my fitness journey, every work out is different, the team is more like family, and I know each and every one of us walks out of here feeling accomplished in many ways! Orangetheory Fitness work out templates are intense in their own special way, and always different! You have got to try this!

Review №27

Its the best workout Ive ever had. They put you through a tough work out but you get great results and you have fun while doing it!

Review №28

Love love love this place! All the staff are sweet and the coaches keep it fun and challenging!Im already obsessed and cant wait to go back each day!

Review №29

I honestly love this place. im a sensitive person so when people arent welcoming I immediately feel uncomfortable but everyone here is so nice and even the toughest people that Im most intimidated by are so sweet and always welcoming. not super cliquey at all and for the price you get amazing/experienced coaches, all star equipment, and a cool group of people to work out with.

Review №30

Love, love love my Orange Theory workouts! Allways motivating and pushing me to be the best version. Of me! Never the same work out, never bored never regretted one workout!

Review №31

Best 1 hour workout in Brentwood! I love the trainers and the front desk staff. The workout is different everyday and mixes it up for me so I dont get bored. I love it!!!

Review №32

The best work out! Trainers are amazing. Its definitely unlike any other gym youll walk into.

Review №33

This place is truly amazing!! I absolutely love coming into this location. The front desk is always on top of things with the flow of traffic that comes in and out. All the Coaches are great, especially SONIA!!! Thank you OTF-NorCal-Tea

Review №34

This system is amazing and if you need that organization and push, look no further! Love the trainers and atmosphere.

Review №35

Love my OTF work outs! Awesome coaching staff, and like minded members! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get fit and healthy!!

Review №36

I was visiting the Brentwood NorCal location from Southern California. The staff was was very friendly and welcoming. The coach Sonia was awesome. She is very knowledgable, motivating and helpful. I was impressed that she knew my name and cheered me on personally. I never took her class before. I will definitely take a class again at this location whenever I am visiting the area.

Review №37

The best and most effective workout you will find. The coaches and members are great too!!

Review №38

Such a fun work out! The coaches are motivating and make the class go by super fast.

Review №39

Love OTF! Great staff and workouts are always challenging but doable to be able to reach your fitness goals

Review №40

Ive been working out for almost 1 year now and I love it! Ive noticed great and positive changes in my body!!

Review №41

Very disappointed my wife and I scheduled to meet with, not just one, but two of their sales associates at the studio. Neither of them showed up. We managed to get in when one of their employees unlocked the door and answered a few of questions. We asked for someone to call and follow-up with us regarding additional questions we had. That was several days ago and still no phone call.I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because of how clean the placed seemed. We will be looking elsewhere to get back into shape.Also, I was surprised they didnt offer any membership discounts to military or emergency service personnel. Not required but would have been nice to see as this is an expense place for unlimited classes.

Review №42

It’s awesome! I would never work out this hard on my own!

Review №43

I love OrangeTheory and everything it has to offer! The staff and members are all like a big family and the workouts are my favorite part of the week. The workouts are like nothing Ive ever done before!

Review №44

Love this place and have had success when I stick to the plan. Coaches are great.

Review №45

First day back after earning my Hell Week shirt and parts of the workout felt like we were still doing Hell Week! Great workout today!

Review №46

A fantastic workout with amazing interval trainning during every class. Great break up of a variety of styles, while making it full body everytime.

Review №47

I love OTF. Sonia and Kati are so helpful and energetic. Love the new trainer (from another location) Celynn, too! I know for a fact I would not work this hard if I were at a regular gym, and thats why I come. Never been a class-taking person before, but this is different. It feels pretty individual, because you are focused on doing the best you can for yourself. Hitting about 20 mins of the higher zones in an hour gives me the best feeling of well-being after class is over, and that actually makes me want to come back. Its incredible. Highly recommended!

Review №48

Great Location, great staff. Cant wait for them to open. Counting down the days until I get started !

Review №49

Great workouts! Friendly, encouraging staff. I look forward to each session.

Review №50

Fun work outs, your in and out in less than an hour and no two work outs are the same! Definitely recommend!

Review №51

Best workout Ive ever done. Coaches are fun and motivating.

Review №52

Love this place good staff good service . Try it. Also the workouts work.

Review №53

Amazing coaches and staff! Great workouts never the same.

Review №54

I cant wait to see how the 90 min class is on Sunday! Coach Sonia is the best!!!

Review №55

OTF NorCal has helped me reach those goals we all gave up a long time ago. The Team of Coaches, the Front desk staff and especially the incredible Team of US is The definition of MOTIVATION!

Review №56

This is the best workout and our studio has the best trainers hands down!

Review №57

Love this place! Coaches make you work harder to get the results youre looking for.

Review №58

This is a great studio with an amazing staff. If you are looking to get in shape then look no further!

Review №59

I really like the hard workout mix up & the Coaches & Staff

Review №60

Excellent place to get the motivation needed to burn those calories!

Review №61

Awesome way to workout and have fun while getting in shape!

Review №62

They push you and provide killer workouts - I highly recommend it!

Review №63

Best place to go after a stressful day at work 🤗

Review №64

First class today Tiffany is amazing

Review №65

Great welcoming environment with killer workouts.

Review №66

Great way to get in that HIIT workout!

Review №67

Great Work Out Tonight Thanks Austin

Review №68

This was a great workout Sonia and Danielle were great

Review №69

The best workout with some of the best coaches!

Review №70

Love otf!! Workouts are never the same!!

Review №71

Really good place to workout.

Review №72

OTF is the best workout!

Review №73

Best workouts EVER!

Review №74

Best workout ever!

Review №75

Austin is awesome !!

Review №76

The best!

Review №77

Great workout

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  • Appointment required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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