Resilient Health & Performance
204 Ward Cir #300, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States
Review №1

Dr. Sarah (Physical Therapy) has been a pleasure to work with. She quickly diagnosed my issue, put together a plan, and within just a handful of treatment I had improved dramatically. I highly recommend her and the Resilient Team.

Review №2

Outstanding. I’ll say more but outstanding is the obvious theme of Resilient. Dr. Jorge Rojas and his staff are simply outstanding and literally extraordinary.It’s a pleasant surprise right away to not walk into a stuffy office building, but instead a fully equipped physical therapy and physical strength and conditioning facility. You feel welcomed the moment you walk in; you feel like this is a place you belong. I feel pain free every time I enter, just because of the connection with the staff and others around the facility. It’s an easy place to feel comfortable while being treated at the highest level of care.Dr. Jorge Rojas knows his sh*t. Inside, outside, up, down, and all around. Not only is he beyond 100% confident in his practice to treat athletes and others, he also goes above and beyond to provide new and advanced treatments to expedite the healing process. I’m a personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry for over 7 years and I’m humbled and further educated every time I see Dr. Rojas.You simply cannot get better treatment and service anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Rojas and the Resilient team for all you continue to do to help me rehab quickly, safely and comfortably. I appreciate you all beyond words.

Review №3

Josh and the team at Resilient are outstanding.I’ve been going there for years, and they have worked us through all sorts of sports-related physical challenges through proper movement.I recommend them all the time.

Review №4

I love Resilient Health and Performance first off!! The equipment is so nice and clean. The chiropractor rooms are also very tidy and relaxing. All of the staff was motivating and helpful. I especially loved my front desk service, I believe I had a young man named Miguel! The child I nanny for, Simmons Bone, always has great results from her chiropractor Derek!

Review №5

A bit of back and hip pain sent me on a search for treatment and I was impressed when I found Resilient Health & Performances with their unique approach to treatment. They are truly dedicated to resolving the issue at hand and going the step beyond to helping to train/teach you how to keep it resolved. I has been a fantastic experience.

Review №6

If you are looking for life-changing results, Resilient Health and Performance is the place for you! I have been working out at Resilient for the past 8 months, and Im in better shape now than I was in high school. The group fitness classes are the best! I regularly attend the 6 am group fitness class with trainer Phil Mosley, who is dedicated, energetic and motivating. Great environment to work out! Definitely recommend!

Review №7

My family has been coming to resilient for almost 10 years. Josh and Derek have been providing excellent care for us! We have been training with resilient for 5 years through both personal trainers and the group classes. They are great at modifying and personalizing workouts to fit our specific needs. Its a great workout atmosphere, both motivating and encouraging! The team is very professional, fun, and friendly. They make you feel at home.

Review №8

Our family has been going to Derek at Resilient for over 5 years. He has worked with my son on athletic injuries as well as seeing him for preventative care. I have had both a knee surgery and foot surgery and he was critical in getting me back to full mobility! Its a great environment with great staff from seeing Renee when you walk in the door, the doctors and trainers. They truly care about your health and are extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them as I have to many other friends.

Review №9

Extremely knowledgeable and skilled physicians. Excellent staff! I am lucky to have met these guys. Best around no doubt! They listen, care, and most importantly provide an incredible patient centered atmosphere for your health care needs.

Review №10

I am a lifelong athlete who has been coming to Resilient Health and Performance for the last 3 years and will continue to do so for years to come. Derek and Josh have helped me recover from any minor injuries Ive had, as well as helped me get stronger to help avoid any future injuries. Whether it be ART, soft tissue work, dry needling, etc., they have found a way to improve my strength, range of motion, and overall health of my body. I have also done strength training at Resilient Health and Performance for 2 years, and the trainers there have helped me transform myself into a bigger, stronger, better version of myself. The staff here is top notch, they have every piece of physical equipment here that you would need, and they provide a great training environment. This is the place to be if you are looking to improve your overall health!

Review №11

I have tried going to multiple fitness place in Nashville over the past few years and there is no atmosphere and coaching like Resilient. The gym is not intimidating the group fitness classes are motivating. This is the first time I have wanted to get up early to workout. Since I have started at Resilient, I have lost over 11lbs of body fat and have also seen a big change in my performance. Thank you Phil and Resilient trainers!

Review №12

I met Derek after struggling for months with a shoulder issue. I had tried massage, stretching, rest, and lots of Advil. Derek and April were able to get my shoulder moving correctly and without pain in no time! I have continued to go to Resilient as other issues have popped up, and have referred Resilient to many of my friends. I would highly recommend the entire Resilient staff for their knowledge, professionalism, and results!

Review №13

I had excruciating pain in my neck and back that needed treatment ASAP. I couldnt breathe without crying. Thankfully, I was seen by Derek in just one hour. After seeing me and realizing it was much worse than expected, he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon for an X-Ray. This specific orthopedic surgeon definitely wouldnt have been able to fit me in but Derek made sure of it. Derek has continued to work with me since October when an MRI showed I had a bulging disc. I am leaps and bounds better than I was when I first walked in. This place is amazing and very flexible with their appointments if you ever run into a real time crunch. Everyone is super friendly. Ive never worked out there, but their gym and trainers seem to be top notch. Look no further. This place is the best 👍👍👍

Review №14

This place has highly qualified trainers. The group fitness class is awesome! Phil is an awesome trainer and is always there for you every step of the way! Great atmosphere and great trainers! You dont want to go anywhere else!

Review №15

Worked with josh for years, practice has grown and his expansion of the team is falling in his footsteps. Griffin fixed a really bad “crek in the neck” , solid relief. Would recommend this group to anyone with muscle-soft tissue injury.

Review №16

Derek and the entire team at Resilience are the best! I learned of this place from my son, who is an ultra trail runner. He had a hamstring issue that got resolved and he highly recommended Derek to me. I had a shoulder issue which turned out to be a neck issue and now I am pretty much issue-free! I wish I lived closer and I would get involved with Personal Training b/c the classes look awesome!

Review №17

Derek has helped all four of my kids and myself through a number of sports related ailments. With his help and guidance, we have all been able to continue our sports and activities while working to heal and strengthen our bodies at the same time. I refer people to Derek all the time. He has been great about working us in when we needed to be seen, and taking great care of us! He is fabulous!!

Review №18

Derek and the staff at Resilient are the reason my chronic back problems are under control. Diagnosed with three herniated discs, Id suffered for years and tried everything except surgery when a friend sent me to Resilient. I read Joshs book and started working with Derek and within months I was on the road to healing. THIS PLACE IS DIFFERENT than the usual chiro/PT practice. It teaches you how to retrain your body, your whole body, to make life after injury as good as life before.

Review №19

I have nothing but great things to say about Resilient! The staff are amazing, and super friendly. The mix of therapies/rehab (ART, dry needling, strengthening, etc.) they put together for me has helped me feel so much better than before I started visiting. I would highly recommend!

Review №20

I only wish Id come here sooner! Dr. Renkens and the PT, April, have helped me progress so much in the past two months, getting me back to doing the things I love! Theyre friendly and knowledgeable and I feel like Im getting the best possible treatment. I cant recommend them highly enough!

Review №21

I highly recommend Resilient. The work they do is excellent, helping with sports injuries, strength training and general health and wellness. They really know their stuff and have a great staff. We have benefitted from their knowledge and skill and they always seek to learn and know the best treatments and training for their clients. Outstanding.

Review №22

Derek and his staff are great! They provide quality service with everything from scheduling appointments to chiropractic techniques. I have had a positive experience and Derek has addressed my concerns with the management of my nerve pain. I would highly recommend their services.

Review №23

I was in a car wreck on 3/16/2016, I broke my hand, damaged my knees and had a lot of soreness in my neck and back. Once my hand had healed, I was still dealing with difficulties with my neck and back. The muscles were so tight that any time I did any type of activity I could feel them knotting up. I even had issues with sleeping, my muscles just felt very active causing me to sometimes have body shakes at night when I tried to relax. I first sought out Physical Therapy and saw little results. I was then referred to Resilient Health & Performance by a co-worker and had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Derek Leist. After just a few weeks of seeing him, I noticed major improvements in my neck and back. I was already starting to sleep better and had more range of motion. And eventually, I was able to return to full activity and strength training (which after my wreck seemed like it would be impossible). Derek was a tremendous help in my recovery. And the entire staff at Resilient is awesome and friendly. Ive really enjoyed my time there and couldnt have asked for a better experience.

Review №24

Resilient helped me through various different injuries and got me in the best shape of my life. Their workouts are built specifically for you and will ensure you get into great shape. Everyone is always a great help and it has a great atmosphere.

Review №25

Josh and the team at Resilient are the best. I suffered a major injury in 2010. I spent the next two years doing traditional PT in an effort to recover from the injury. When I went to see Josh the first time, I still could not run. After a few visits, I could run at full speed again. I have worked with the team at Resilient ever since.

Review №26

After 5 years of bad neck pain and 1 shoulder surgery, this team has been able to help me get back to everyday life pain-free. Rather than just massaging the sore areas and doing adjustments on a weekly basis, they have taught me exercises that I can do at home - or anywhere - to prevent the pain from coming back. Derek & April are my dynamic duo for making my pain go away and continuing to make me stronger with each appointment.Ive gone from scheduling twice a week to once every few weeks after just a couple of months, and use them more for the physical therapy and exercise program now to continue strengthening my weaker muscles.*Would definitely recommend for anyone struggling with neck/back/shoulder pain distracting them from athletic challenges or just everyday life.

Review №27

Our son has been seeing Derek & April now for 6 weeks for some help with aches & pains from a long track season and now working on some preventive for the upcoming XCountry. While we are impressed as his parents this *strongest* *loudest* review is from our teenager who feels comfortable and has confidence (and participates) in his visits (and does his stretching homework!)! We are definitely happy clients!

Review №28

Not your typical Chiropractor. Your sessions are 45 mins and very personalized to your needs. I also use the gym two days a week, personal training in a small group (2-4 people). Great atmosphere and knowledgeable staff.

Review №29

Resilient Health and Performance is outstanding! Everyone that works there is friendly and performs their job to the best of their ability. After severe back and shoulder problems, Dr. Derek Leist has significantly reduced my pain and helped me tremendously. He takes your entire body into consideration and his patient care is remarkable. Would highly recommend the Resilient team to anyone!

Review №30

Unbelievable staff and facility to help people reach their goals and beyond. Resilient H&P encompasses an atmosphere of motivation and progression unlike any other. Outstanding!

Review №31

I have been going to Derek and Josh for several years now and would never consider going elsewhere. I have referred my wife and mom, as well as attend the fitness programs they offer. Knowledgable, friendly, just a great place to go.

Review №32

I first met Derek four years ago when I was experiencing substantial pain in my lower back and hip. I had trouble walking, sitting, and sleeping at night. As a former Division 1 athlete I had to stop lifting weights, running, and simply being active due to my injuries. Derek was the first person to give me substantial relief and make my quality of life better. Four years later I still use Derek for a tune up on the body. After experiencing the benefits of Derek and the rest of the staff first hand, we decided to use him on our athletic team here at Vanderbilt.

Review №33

I have trained and received chiropractic work at resilient for 3-4 years. Resilient is a top notch facility with great employees and clients. I would highly recommend any athlete preparing and/or recovering for their sport and anyone interested in bettering their general health.

Review №34

I am an athlete who just recently came to Resilient and my experience there has been amazing! They have helped me jump right back into my athletics as soon as possible. Could not have asked for a better physical therapists.

Review №35

I have had the experience of working with Dr. Derek Leist as well as Dr. Josh Renkens and their team at Resilient Health & Performance. I went in with a shoulder pain that I was advised by an Orthopedic surgeon would require surgery to fix. After a few sessions with Derek and their team at the gym my pain went away completely. Dereks ability to do active release therapy and come to find out the actual problem wasnt in my shoulder but actually on the opposite side of my body causing a reaction to my shoulder. I am happy to say I am now pain free and back to 100%. I consistently recommend Derek & Josh and the resilient team to anyone I speak to. This place isnt the crack your neck and back and come back 100%. They get you healthy, keep you healthy, and teach you how to maintain a good physical, and healthy quality of life that doesnt stop just at the chiropractic side. I have also sense started working out at their gym and cant say enough about their training teams level of knowledge and ability to train people to be healthy, strong and confident. Best experience I have ever had with this type of profession and I have spent many years in athletics and in college at the div 1 level playing sports with many different training staffs and strength coaches. By far the best I have seen out there. Would recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic service, physical therapy, training etc. Also the most amazing and professional welcoming staff you could image at their front desk. Feels like a your instantly part of their family when your welcomed in. Go see them.

Review №36

Ive been to a number of physical therapists and trainers in Nashville (I had knee surgery about 2 years ago) and Resilient was the best experience Ive had. They were friendly, accommodating, and helped me quickly get back to full strength. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Review №37

A day ago I was barely able to move due to a sudden onset of neck and back pain. After hearing so many people rave about Derek and the Resilient team, I made an appointment. Derek was quickly able to determine the cause of my pain and got to work remediating the issue. He then took me to the gym floor and introduced me to Sean. Sean picked up where Derek left off and continued to work on the affected muscles. Suffice to say that when I walked in the door to resilient, I was close to tears with the pain and discomfort and after an hour and a half with the Resilient team, the difference was night and day. I was beyond impressed; my expectations were met and exceeded. I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing these types of issues. They lived up to the great things I have always heard for sure!!!

Review №38

Derek Leist didnt just keep me on the tennis court when I feared my days were numbered - he and the Resilient team made me stronger and more balanced, and taught me simple maintenance exercise and stretching techniques that will serve me for a lifetime. Over the years, Resilient has rehabbed my teenagers and my husbands sport injuries as well. Its a family affair. Derek and Josh are imminently professional, exceedingly qualified, and personally committed to their practice and clients. I cannot recommend them more highly. The onsite workout facilities make it easy to stay healthy and fit, on your own or under the guidance of their training professionals.

Review №39

These guys are incredible. If you have any soft tissue problems they should be your first call.

Review №40

This is the place to workout if you want to be fit for life. My mobility, strength, speed, and endurance have increased noticeably compared to any other class or training Ive done. RESILIENT has me lookin and feeling the be. Hands down.Towards the end of training for the Boston Marathon in 2013, I found myself unable to run more than a half mile without coming to a grinding hault from pain in my legs. After one appointment with Josh I was back on track...knee/ITBand/quad pain free with a little homework. Since then Ive been an advocate of Resilient Health and Performance; I tell everyone I know who mentions any type of injury/pain or is looking to get in shape the healthy way. I started working out with the team there in group fitness and for the past few years have been able to meet all my fitness goals. Not only that, Ive made some awesome friends too. Just an all around incredibly positive environment... Great team, great fun.

Review №41

I experienced great service from the staff and facilities provided. The vast equipment helped me overcome my recent injury at a stellar rate.

Review №42

I had heard a lot about ART Chiropractic care but, had never experienced anything past normal chiropractic adjustments until I met Dr Renkens. I had a pretty serious neck injury and the last adjustment, and care I received, left me VERY hesitant to ever allow anyone to touch my neck again. Dr Renkens has kept me out of the doctors office, and away from surgery, with many injuries and now my neck is able to move freely and most days without pain. Im a true BELIEVER in him, his staff and ART chiropractic care. I even take my kids when sports injuries occur. They heal faster and with less long term pain. Thanks to everyone at Resilient!

Review №43

Very nice facility, and very friendly staff. Overall quite a positive experience so far. :)

Review №44

Feel incredibly lucky to have found Dr. Josh Renkens and the team at Resilient Health. About two weeks ago, I suddenly developed terrible hip pain and was almost unable to walk. The pain was excruciating but I wasnt sure how I did it- possibly riding a horse or stressing it doing yoga.Luckily I asked someone at Fleet Feet if they had a good recommendation for someone who did body work in Nashville and they recommended Dr. Renkens. Since runners know their bodies and put them to the test, I trusted his recommendation.Fortunately, I was able to get in within a week, In the meantime, I managed the pain by wearing an ace bandage wrapped around my hips. It actually helped enough so I could sleep with just one Tylenol.Long story short- I limped into my first appointment and walked out almost out of pain about 45 minutes later! Dr. Renkens did some deep tissue and realignment work on my hip and it was about 90 percent better just in one session! Then I met with Louisa who helped me through some strengthening exercises. They arrived by email with diagrams and very understandable explanations.In spite of being lax with my exercises, one week later after my second appointment, my hip feels almost normal! Dr. Renkens is a fabulous expert in body mechanics and has a great understanding of injuries and rehabbing athletes or anyone with an injury.I would recommend him and the team to anyone who wants to reduce pain or enhance performance. Its a fabulous group of dedicated professionals and I am grateful to have found them!

Review №45

Excellent facility - both the clinic and gym. Highly qualified staff and great atmosphere! Recommend it to all my friends and family.

Review №46

Amazing staff. Even better treatment. This place has it all and the staff understands the importance of active patient care. Dr. Leist and Dr. Renkens acknowledge how vital it is to have patients transition from treatment into training.

Review №47

By far, the best place around to go for your health needs (chiropractic,ART, etc...) or simply to get your butt whipped into shape through a good workout!!! Staff is super friendly! I think I found a good place to get into shape, while maintaining my health in the offseason before heading out to spring training!!!

Review №48

This is a must!!!!!! I was having severe sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg. I could not even keep my foot on the gas while I was driving. Dr Leist was able to give me instant relief. I went for several follow up appointments and followed through with the exercises he recommended.

Review №49

I did personal training over the summer and it was great! Trainers are really fun, motivating, and tough when you need them to be. Helped me to get into a routine and back in shape!

Review №50

Im an avid weight lifter and have had recurring issues with my shoulders over the years. Derek has been great in helping to open up my pecs and increase my ROM so that I dont end up with pinched nerve. He has used several manipulatives including Graston and ART. I definitely recommend him for athletes needing recovery or helping to promote injury prevention.

Review №51

Had a great experience!!! I got help from a guy named Miguel. He made the whole place sparkle with positivity!

Review №52

RH&P is the best place Ive ever trained. I attend the group functional fitness training classes (offered multiple convenient times per day) and cannot say anything but the best about the coaches Ive worked with (Phil, Sean, and Mick) or the other people who workout there. Everyone goes out of their way to make the facility welcoming and supportive of each others progress toward their goals. Each of the workouts offer strength components as well as intense conditioning and the weekly schedule includes recovery and mobility exercises as well. If I dont feel comfortable with any component of the workout, the coaches work with me to modify to my current ability. I cant speak, personally, about the chiropractic care, but have also heard great things from former patients of theirs who attend the group fitness classes. I think it also speaks to the quality of the workouts since both of the chiropractors (Doctors Renkens and Leist) also workout with the group fitness training.

Review №53

I work with my hands for a living as a contractor and for the past year was experiencing debilitating pain in my forearm due to overuse. After first seeing Dr. Derek Leist, he was able to pinpoint the problem immediately. I am now pain free and have gained strength in my forearm to hopefully prevent future injury. Dr. Leist and his team are incredible! And as an added bonus, their facility is also very nice and clean.

Review №54

I highly recommend Resilient. They take a 360 approach to heal injuries and address the root cause. Ive had great results and finally have relief from my long term shoulder pain.

Review №55

I love Resilient H&P!!They offer different treatment methods for my injuries and have group fitness classes that I attend daily. The staff is very professional and have programs for everyone.I look forward to going to the classes, working hard and seeing the results.They are part of my family!!

Review №56

Dr. Derek is fantastic. Ive had a labral tear in my left shoulder for years and was unable to get any relief with stretching and exercises on my own. After only 3 visits the pain was greatly diminished and after completing a full rehab schedule I have almost no pain in my shoulder. This place is awesome and may very well have prevented a surgery.

Review №57

They push you to your limits while also making sure you do not injure yourself. Great people to train with.

Review №58

Awesome place to go to when any injury pops up. Derek helped make my shin splints go away in just one week. Great chiropractors and trainers at this place.

Review №59

Being an avid runner I have dealt with a great amount of knee pain from track and cross country. Dr. Derek Leist has helped me overcome this significant amount of pain I have dealt with for years through different aligments. The entire Resilient staff is welcoming and always full of energy and positivity. I would highly recommend Resilient H&P!

Review №60

Great facilities with amazing workouts. Always something new to do everyday and always have people pushing to the extreme.

Review №61

I started seeing Dr. Derek Leist for my left shoulder in late August 2016. At the time, my shoulder had a very limited range of motion. I could not even swing a golf club.6 weeks after I started working with Dr. Leist, I was back playing golf. Derek and his staff put together a great plan and my shoulder responded very well to that plan. This is a first class operation and I am so thankful for Derek and his staffs care and treatment of my shoulder.

Review №62

Since starting coming to resilient I have had pain in my hip and back go away. Dr leist and April have given me the tools I need to get better and Ive felt the results.

Review №63

Great atmosphere to get better as an athlete with great chiropractic care as well. Has transformed my ability in sports.

Review №64

Been seeing Derek for years now so has my family. We love him has always been a huge help in helping us recover from sports related injuries.

Review №65

Highly recommended!I’ve been struggling with chronic back pain from a college rowing injury (and two surgeries) for the better part of 10 years. It’s been a long journey, but thanks to the efforts of Dr. Derek Leist, April, and Sean since last winter, I seem to be finally rounding the corner to a life with less pain, better movement patterns, and functional strength. I’ve worked with many PTs/chiros over the years with mixed results—by contrast, working with Derek has been a great experience. He is knowledgeable, listens to you, and customizes your recovery routine based on feedback.I also really like the Rogue equipment they utilize throughout the facility. And if you’re interested in personal training, Sean is a wonderful strength/mobility coach. Yes, the hair is real.Shout-out to Renee, the awesome lady you’ll find at the front desk!

Review №66

Fantastic service! Equipment was top notch and staff was extremely interested and caring.

Review №67

As a division 1 athlete for Vanderbilt University, I have utilized Dr. Leist & the Resilient health and performance facility to maximize my athletic performance through chiropractic appointments and injury prevention exercises. I suffered a slipped disc in the middle of my season and Dr. Leist worked with me bi-weekly to get me back on the track. He is very flexible in his scheduling, always working to accommodate busy schedules and is very professional in the way he runs his practice and interacts with his patients and staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Leist for anyone who wants to maximize their performance or needs help regaining functionality.

Review №68

Dr. Derek Leist and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. The facility is clean and loaded with the best equipment!

Review №69

Ive been seeing Josh since I was 14, and now my mom works out here and gets treatment. This facility has an amazing and helpful staff, with great equipment!

Review №70

Great people! Great atmosphere! Whether you have aches and pains or want to get in better shape, Resilient is the place to go.

Review №71

Before going to Dr. Leist, I dealt with chronic back and hip pain, as a result of athletic injuries. Having only been a client for a little over a month, I have noticed a significant reduction in pain and a marked increase in flexibility. Dr. Leist takes a systematic approach to pain and injuries, giving the client a much better chance of feeling results quickly. I highly recommend Resilient H&P.

Review №72

This past summer I was experiencing severe pain in my left hip and left leg. The pain was so intense that I could not do my normal three mile walk. My daughter recommended I see Dr. Leist. After six visits, and regularly doing my exercises that Dr. Leist gave me, I was back to my normal activities of walking three miles daily. Not only was he excellent in his treatment with me, his bed side manner was very caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Leist to anyone.

Review №73

I saw Dr. Derek Leist for treatment of my neck that was fractured in a car accident. I had let my neck go untreated after the accident and was suffering from pain and loss of range of motion. Dr. Leists treatment plan brought me pain relief and restored range of motion in my neck. I would gladly recommend Dr. Leist for treatment of injury or preventative care.

Review №74

Ive been coming to see Dr Leist awhile now , after going to several other chiropractors in the past , I can honestly say because of him and his staff I am seeing more good days than bad . They are top notch professionals and they really care about there patients and the work they do . Highly recommended

Review №75

I have been seeing Dr. Derek Leist as a patient for over 7 years. As a former gymnast and collegiate cheerleader, Ive had my share of injuries and pain over the years. Most recently I was suffering from excruciating right hip pain that made it difficult to walk or even stand. My job requires standing most of the day, so this was a huge issue. I felt immediate relief after seeing Dr. Leist even after the first visit. He tailored an exercise/stretch program for me to help strengthen my hip and I am now well on my way to recovery. Dr. Leist is very knowledgable and professional and I highly recommend him and his team!

Review №76

Dr. Josh Renkins has treated each member of my family and is much more than a chiropractor to us! He worked with both of my children after sports related injuries, utilizing a wide range of treatment methods to meet their individual needs. After many unsuccessful visits with orthopedics and sports medicine doctors, Dr. Renkins was able to successfully help my younger child when he suffered with knee pain due to Osgood-Schlatter. He also worked with my husband when he suffered from knee pain. After just a few visits, my husband was able to resume his normal activities as a landscaper. I suffered from planter fasciitis for a period of 2 years. I was seen by a podiatrist and was treated with steroid shots and traditional physical therapy. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Renkins that I was able to to get some relief. More recently, I have experienced both hip and shoulder pain. His expertise in soft tissue treatment has reduced my pain and improved my range of motion. Following my treatment sessions with Dr. Renkins, I always meet with therapists that provide me with personalized exercises to do at home. I particularly like the fact that they email me my exercise plan with detailed pictures.In addition to being an excellent doctor, Dr. Renkins takes a personal interest in the overall health of his patients. He has encouraged me to enroll in the weekly fitness classes, which in turn, have made me stronger and less likely to re-injure myself. Dr. Renkins has a close relationship with his staff. Therefore, the trainers that work in the gym modify exercise programs based on his recommendations. They also give each member of the class personalized attention and guided encouragement when needed.Lastly, I love the overall feel of Resilient Health and Performance. Renee at the front desk always greets you with a smile and is so very helpful with billing and insurance questions. The doctors, the physical therapists, and the gym coaches/trainers all work together to address your pain, as well as, to improve your health and well being. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Review №77

Awesome. Great staff and real results!

Review №78

This place is the best!!! Great doctors and trainers!!

Review №79

Love my daily workout with a great staff and friends

Review №80

Derek and Josh are fantastic

Review №81

Helped me heal post injury

Review №82

Great equipment and great service and people!!!!!!

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