Genesis Health Clubs - East Central
6100 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67208, United States

Review №1

They are a rip off. I got promised that I wouldn’t get charged extra when I signed up month to month. Couldn’t figure out where to cancel and did t get it canceled before the 15th of prior month I hadn’t been in over month and I still got charged. They will lie to you to get you to sign up. You also have to pay extra for tanning, tennis and personal trainers who are very expensive. I was paying 50.00 a month went to planet fitness for 23 a month can get tanning messages and personal trainer. They tried to talk to me refused my refund but are trying to offer me free tanning for 7 session. Not the same. NOT ACCREDITED with the BETTER BUSINESS Bureau

Review №2

It’s a amazing super Lowkey facility, it’s never super busy the staff is super friendly and nice about everything, they’ve got everything you’ll ever need and they got tanning beds nice locker rooms and their smoothie bar is amazing

Review №3

Nice gym! First time I went to this location, it reminds of the location on west and 13th St. looks small on the outside but as soon as you walk in it become a huge gym hahaI like that this location sells shakes! I love being able to buy a protein shake after a good workout! And it’s really close to home so I don’t have to drive far. 💪🏼👍🏼

Review №4

Well maintained facility with a super friendly staff! Basically never any wait for equipment, and the environment is typically mature and respectful. I never feel judged for my fitness level by staff or other guests. Welcoming environment to get in, work toward my fitness goals, and get out.

Review №5

This gym is a whole lie, they will tell you different stories every time. At the end it’s pointless to argue with them because they will not do anything and point everything towards your “contract”

Review №6

Decent gym way over priced and rude staff

Review №7

Nice clean. Great polite people working there

Review №8

Nice gym and they staff is very friendly.

Review №9

Ive been with Genesis on East Central for over a month now and I really appreciate all the friendly and helpful staff members. The staff is outgoing. They want to see you succeed at reaching your goals. I especially like the Group Power instructors Tia and Kelsey. They provide a lot of enthusiasm and energy for their workout sessions which makes it easy to get on track to better fitness. So far so good.

Review №10

Amazing, clean facility and friendly staff. I train there and am constantly impressed by their knowledgeable and first rate trainers. I’ve gone to the YMCA and Planet Fitness in the past and they don’t compare to Genesis. I highly recommend Genesis for anyone looking for a health club.

Review №11

Have only used this location a few and my experiences have been great.

Review №12

Been here several times. Clean, plenty of options for work outside. I enjoy this location

Review №13

I went to Genesis for a deal provided for my work and am extremely satisfied in my experience. I suggest asking for a trainer named Gus. Though we had a group, he was very specific in meeting each one of our needs and adjusting accordingly to those that needed it. He was extremely professional with his motivation and encouragement to us all. He provided just the right amount of difficulty level so that we all felt like we were getting healthy benefits.Also, the General Club Manager Gabriel was extremely professional during the signing up process. He was very thorough and informative through out the signup process. I never felt like I was pushed or being scammed. Even after the experience, he made sure to keep up with any concerns I had.I would definitely recommend!

Review №14

Actually I just got started but my first meeting with Mark was great. He was such a professional and made me feel very welcome. I was very skeptical of how i would be treated due to other gyms I have been too. If your team and I follow through with the plan we make, it will be a win win situation. I am very excited for this opportunity, Thank You.

Review №15

Listen this isnt a critique of the financial side of fitness. Instead this is a review of the facility itself. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Cardio machines and kidzone upstairs. Weights are in the basement and I call it the dungeon. Sacred ground for those who are ready to put in work. Never a lot of people at what could be considered the ugly duckling of the locations. 8 am on a Saturday and NO ONE on the squat racks or the dumbbells. The trainers are friendly and courteous, always ensuring they arent poaching your equipment. Anyone looking for an almost anonymous experience away from the crowds should definitely come workout here!

Review №16

All I can say There reps and trainers will lie to your face to get you to join and then to get personal training. Dont believe the We treat you like family spiel ...its a lie! If you try to cancel, they wont let you or lie and say they did. No matter the reason. Then they will take you to court and sue you for payment. Get Cancer and cant use membership? Too bad, pay up or go to jail. Check the BBB. There are literally 1000s of people just in Wichita alone who have had HORRIBLE experiences with them. One day the court docket had 48 people in the SAME DAY being sued for attempting to cancel their contracts!I DO NOT recommend them.

Review №17

This place Has the best trainers in the city. And the atmosphere is great. Everyone is friendly and I love this place.

Review №18

I enjoy this facility. The people are friendly. The facility is well kept. Easy to get to, easy to park.They have racquetball for you if prefer to PLAY racquetball than WORK out.They need to have intro into racquetball classes.2 years later:Same friendly people, staff and members, and easy to get to and usually easy to park.Unfortunately the upkeep is falling behind and I worry that this rapidly expanding exercise empire doesnt much care about the club that started it all for them.Kinda disappointing.3.5 to at most 4 stars today.

Review №19

Good facility and excellent staff that surpassed my expectations. Immediately felt welcome and was never for want of a rack or a bench to use. I highly recommend this gym to anyone in Wichita; I would often drive aross town just to train at this location.Highest compliments to the men and women who run this facility.

Review №20

Great facility and equipment. However they are crooks when it comes to their contracts, fees, and extra fees. I have called twice today to talk to them about a charge so my charges dont go up?, and have not received a call. I will recommend to everyone I know to not use this place.

Review №21

Small gym with family like atmosphere. Very clean and friendly staff. Equipment is up to date and rarely do you find a broken machine. Lots of group exercise classes to chose from and excellent Personal Trainers. The gym also has a smoothie bar, which comes in handy when you need it.

Review №22

Great staff! The front desk is welcomes you as you come through the door. Brittany is a great trainer! She will take that extra moment to spot you, or if you have a question about proper form.

Review №23

I go to the East Central branch in Wichita and couldnt be more pleased. The staff is friendly and professional. The location is very convenient and clean. The equipment variety is excellent and is maintained well. My personal trainer is excellent, and the spin and power classes are excellent.

Review №24

Ive been going for over a year now and I absolutely love it. The staff is great, the trainers are excellent (ask for Jake!) And overall its a great gym.

Review №25

Really has great trainers, great employee and they take care of their equipment. Every gym has weights, but this gym has personality and a great customer base. Would recommend. Ive been going for about 2 years.

Review №26

Horrible experience. All the worker there just tell you lies. Make the place sounds amazing and that you get a lot of benefits from them so you would sign their contact. Once you sign it, there is no turning back. Nothing they say is true. They told me that if I move out of the state I would not have to pay the cancellation fee but end up being a lie. I still have to pay cancellation fee.

Review №27

The business ethics of this company is definitively twisted. The manager conned my girlfriend (who doesnt have very much money) into a two year contract, and after several attempts to get it annulled we were ultimately ignored.As it turns out, there is a policy in the company which allows the contract to be voided within 30 days (which we heard about from a friend who knows and called the west central branch manager), but I guess we just werent good enough to stop bleeding money every month into the mouths of these avaricious jackals.I encourage the reader to go to Planet Fitness, which is much more reasonably priced and has a much straighter moral compass. If the reader remains unconvinced that this is a common experience, I also encourage him or her to read other google reviews on the different branches.This story is not the worst.

Review №28

Horrible. When I came to Wichita I was young, naive, and they took advange. When signing the contract they tricked me into thinking it was a one time payment. I was not financially stable enough to pay what I thought was a one time payment EVERY month. I didn’t even step into that gym. They ended up filing a law suit against me for over $2500. Needless to say learn from me and do NOT sign that contract no matter how good they make it seem.

Review №29

Awesome High Quality Gym. Best Equipment and best people in town

Review №30

I joined Genesis almost a year ago. Since then I have been charged for a membership I honestly am not using because of the equipment I use in my weight loss regiment has been broken at multiple locations. I have brought it to there attention multiple times, and it still has not gotten fixed, and yet they charge members a additional fee to fix and maintain equipment. I recently viewed a new addition to genesis, but yet they cant repair equipment? I for one would love to get my money back and part ways.

Review №31

Nice equipment and upkeep but they overcharge and lock you into a contract. Not worth the money at all. YMCA is cheaper and has extras like a gym, pool, and track with no contract or added fees. No one reads fine print so after Im already paying a high price, to be informed of an exta yearly fee is rather upsetting. Would not recommend. Didnt try the personal training cant comment on that but overall felt like a waste of money.

Review №32

Clean, not too busy, good variety of workouts available. I like the locker room and that you can use any available locker for free.

Review №33

EDIT - Jose from the corporate office was able to assist in the matter, im walking away from this experience with less frustration solely because of his help, however the other lady I talked to on the phone still was one of the worst parts of this experience.if you want to cancel your membership they will forgot to inform you that you need to show up in person to sign a 30 day cancellation notice.My old gym got bought out by them and when I talked to them in May i told them i didnt want to continue when my contract was done. not once was i told i had to come in and sign a piece of paper for a 30 day cancellation.they charged me the next month after the old contract was done and refuse to give a refund citing policy because they know they need to grab every dollar they possibly can from people who never wanted to use them as a gym in the first place.absolutely pathetic and I will ALWAYS refer people to any other gym before this money grabber.

Review №34

Great fitness club with great people and a great leader in Mr. Rodney Steven II. He proved during this past year that fitness matters ALWAYS, especially during a pandemic and not everyone has a personal gym at home. Lucky for us, he fought to reopen and by doing so allowed us the opportunity to pursue those healthy lifestyle goals. Thank you Sir!

Review №35

Snakey membership, contract and sales tactics. Baited me in with a radio promo I won, wrote a confusing contract, and wouldnt let me out when I understood the terms, within the first 30 days. Told me to sell the membership to a friend or they would sue me, and they did. A good business wouldnt have to rope customers into being a customer for longer than they want. Stay far away from shady business dealings like this!

Review №36

Central is my spot. Also, not too flashy, not too big, not too busy, lots of classes for my wife. (And we both like the tanning beds on occasion. Really nice benefit.)

Review №37

THIS PLACE IS RUN BY CRIMINALS.. literally. RUN!! NEVER sign up with them. They’re money hustlers and will try to take every dime from you if you ever sign any kind of contract. This is how they make their money to keep Genesis open.. they send hundreds and hundreds of people to court.

Review №38

Topnotch well-educated trainers and a great atmosphere for bettering yourself. The only downside to it is they are more about quantity of memberships versus quality but its by far the best gym Ive veen to in Wichita.

Review №39

Been coming to this gym for 10 years and it has always been filthy. Only reason I come here is it’s right across the street from where I work. But 3 days in a row now ive seen the staff cleaning and scrubbing. Nice to see someone care about paying members.

Review №40

I was a member of this excuse for a gym for over a year. The trainers dont pay attention to their clients, the would rather sit on their phones or make fun of others. When I was relocated for work I was required to pay nearly $300 to get out of my membership. I would warn anyone about doing business or dealing with Genesis and the Stevens family in any way shape or form. Not to mention the trainers and managers sleep with members regularly. LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS.

Review №41

In short, I was lied to multiple times, stolen from (time and money), and harassed by the staff in multiple occasions, the last being the worst!An in detail explanation is posted on the Better Business Bureau website.

Review №42

Genesis is absolutely amazing and such an energetic and lively environment to work out in! Staff is great and Trainers are phenomenal. Shout out to Travis on the Central Genesis

Review №43

Great staff, great facilities, plenty of room and equipment for all of your workouts, including cardio classes with motivating instructors. Been going to Genesis for 20 years now and wont go anywhere else! They are a part of my lifestyle!

Review №44

Facilities and workout areas are clean and organized, locker rooms are excellent, the front desk staff are very kind for the most part, manager Heather is AWESOME, and trainer Morgan is also really great.

Review №45

The worst gym I will recommend to everyone to not use this place.

Review №46

I keep getting emails asking for a review.I feel forgotten about. I was supposed to receive 4 free personal trainer sessions. Ive gotten 3. I asked on the first one to have a workout plan. Being incredibly new i needed help to get me started in the right way. I never got that.Then my trainer mischeduled me. Ok fine. But never got back in touch for a reschedule. Even though I was promised an additional training session because of the snafu.I then asked John in the front to set me up with a new trainer. Thinking I could at least get a good plan of attack from someone new. He also mischeduled. Then never contacted me back. Second trainer to blow me off.Tried teaching out to John who said hed be back in touch. Nothing. Been months now.Im honestly wondering what Im paying for. The session I had distant teach me anything and no follow up by anyone was done. Im just wasting money at this point.So yes this is my review. There are cheaper places in town that dont promise you things that they wont do.

Review №47

Very nice facilities, great equipment, and lots of locations. Would recommend to anyone to check out this great fitness center!!

Review №48

Terrible liars. Completely misled me on the terms of their contract(by sitting and reading the contract with me pointing to sections as I asked questions) and lied to me the entire time I used the gym. Then when I moved away I submitted my proof of relocation and was told my contract was voided and next month I was still being charged. I called and asked if it was cancelled for sure after a 30 day cancellation notice and the gentleman on the phone told me yes and I would not be charged anymore. After calling the second month of being charged past when I thought I should be I called and asked to speak to billing and they told me my contract was never voided because I did not pay the buyout fee, funny that wasnt mentioned to me when I called the first month I shouldnt have been charged, according to them. I would advise anyone even considering a membership with Genesis to please change your mind.

Review №49

Its the only place that I workout at, because the trainers are great and knowledgeable and willing to help. Yet its a place for people who are serious about seeing results, and I go to every location.

Review №50

Very nice gym. Spacious and very comfortable. Although its a bit overpirced this gym is just fansastic.

Review №51

When i first started coming to this gym I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the gym overall. Now it seems to have gone down. The equipment is always scattered everywhere or taken away.Since they have taken over another gym they havent compromised for space for the people who came with the gym. Therefore making the overcrowded. Dont get me wrong it has died down since the holidays but still.Also if you are wanting a good personal trainer I would deftintly go with them. Just make sure you let them know you want to be push and if you already have experience etc.

Review №52

Way too expensive, there is always at least one machine broken and the time it takes to fix something is outrageous. They charge a yearly fee for the upkeep and maintain, haha they don’t maintain and upkeep their gym, someone is padding their pockets.

Review №53

Youll get ripped off at everyone of these.. dont do it, go to VASA for half the price and double the equipment

Review №54

Another reviewers opinion, Matthew, matches that of my own, which is that this company offers a uniquely unhelpful customer service experience with greater emphasis on selling memberships than providing adequate service to their members. For instance, I was contacted by the gym to upgrade or schedule personal training services weekly, yet had to call nearly 5 times over the course of three business days before I reached anyone to address the issues with my membership.I called to cancel my membership and they informed me that I needed to be present to do so. Upon my arrival, I was instructed to wait for a manager while several employees directly approached me and continually attempted to sell me on renewing my membership, despite what became my very forward instructions not to do so. The salesperson I worked with, Antonio, offered that I could cancel my membership, but also offered that he was new to this job, and that my continued membership would aid his numbers. He offered me two additional free months and a free buddy pass, also informing me that I could transfer my account at any time to a friend, which was helpful since I was moving - in fact, this was the reason I wanted to cancel initially. I begrudgingly agreed, mainly because he seemed like a nice guy. Months later, I was double billed for my membership. After calling several times, I was informed of an annual gym fee that the salesman, Antonio, had never informed me of when we went over the terms (repeatedly) during our meeting, prior to my signing. They attempted at every occasion to block me from cancelling by requiring me to come into the office. They refused to refund my agreement. They acknowledged that Antonio was unaware of these terms and thus couldnt have possibly explained them adequately, yet continued to refuse any reimbursement.Months later, after finally having finally completed the full length of my agreement, they fail to confirm that it will not automatically renew, as their agreements apparently elude to. I spent >25 minutes (5th caller) on the phone this evening, only to be greeted by an answering machine. This was the third of my attempts to contact their staff regarding this particular matter. I called the front desk and spoke with the staff - they were able to confirm that my membership was no longer active, but couldnt guarantee that it would not reactivate and informed me that I needed to visit the gym to sign some papers... I no longer even live in the state.In summary, I will not recommend Genesis Health Clubs. The sales staff is conniving and their membership service department defends this exercise. Really, I would rather find myself in a used car dealership than in the lobby of this gym. I assure you that their staff will now contact me regarding these issues, either here or by phone, but that ultimately they will do nothing to help. Another reviewer described their business ethics as twisted, and I strongly agree. Please consider the other poor experiences and my own when making a decision about this gym.

Review №55

Its excellent but pricy. I love the yoga classes.

Review №56

The worst costumer sevice ever. You will be miss lead and tricked into to signing what you think is a free month membership. They will tell you Yes, you have to sign this for your fee month .dont go there ever in yo life....😔 its a lie. They wont help you even after you say that you were lied to about what you are signing. Dont go its a Trick!!

Review №57

This gym is great positive energy and great experience

Review №58

Simply trying to finish my workout and a trainer with 2 clients walked right in front of me and took my machine without even acknowledging my existence. Needless to say that this isnt the first occurrence of disrespect from the trainers at this establishment, and I will not be returning to this location.

Review №59

Im visiting Wichita from Lawrence where I belong to the genesis chealth club. This is a club with everything Im a custom to. Thumbs up.

Review №60

The equipment is nice and is kept up well.

Review №61

Customer Service had zero empathy.They had no Phone etiquette either.

Review №62

They called me saying I could try a 10 day FREE trial. He showed my boyfriend and I around the gym, it looked great! Then he pressured us into getting a memebership, we fell for it. Pretty much they say youll loose weight in a very short amount of time but the catch is, you need to pay for a personal trainer for $200 a month. It is now day 3 of the contract and I totally regret it. #collegestudent #dontfallfoit #toogoodtobetrue

Review №63

Staff is friendly, members are respectful, and Nick does a great job with his clients. 👍

Review №64

OMG THESE GUYS WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!! First of all, they say that if you move they void the contract but my friend moved and they charged him a cancellation fee.

Review №65

This was in 2017 I Was called about getting a free 30 day trial but had to come in for a tour, on the phone i was adamant about wanting a gym with a Roman chair, over the phone I was told they had one. When I arrived for my tour I was brought around to see equipment but asked that I see the Roman chair 1st. I was shown a hyperextension bench instead and the training who was giving me the tour was adamant it was a Roman chair... Needless to say it was not, I was more knowledgable on the equipment then their trainer. I was impressed at the amount of equipment but the more I spoke with the trainer giving me a tour the more I was disappointed in his lack of knowledge of workouts, forms, and general knowledge. Then when I told him I wasnt sure I could afford it. He proceeded to persist on trying to sell me, then instead of a 30 day trial pass he gave me a week trial pass. I felt like I was bait and switched. So then I did research on the gym, the owners and customer interaction and found many bad reviews. Then for months they kept calling me after I told them I couldnt afford the gym membership and felt very jaded on the fact i was promised one thing n given another. Even after I told them I was no longer interested in the gym they continued to call for a month... They rnt out to help people stay fit, they r out for the sale and they r not knowledgeable about their equipment or workouts... I will never recommend genesis to anyone. Truly bad experience and the point of being a gym owner, trainer, or sales person is to help those who r coming to a gym for a reason. Not just to fill the owners pockets.... (Contd) 2019 Im still getting called to join after I told them flat our I wasnt insterested and felt they were shady. Once again they care more about themselves then people. Dont get rope-a-doped in... And genesis people stop calling me... Im not joining ur gym........ (Contd) And now here in 2021 I am 2 years later still getting calls about a membership I dnt want to get there

Review №66

Worst gym in Kansas. Rude staff and old equipment. They will sue you if you cancel your membership. Pathetic family

Review №67

Great having a variety of equipment to add variety to the workout!

Review №68

It’s a good bodybuilding gym, but what’s up with the sign on the broken water fountain downstairs that has been there for four months that says “will fix ASAP”???And the scale in the men’s locker room...

Review №69

Super clean and the staff is top notch!

Review №70

When the weather gets nasty, its the place to go to walk 10k steps on the treadmill

Review №71

Staff is friendly, some of the equipment is old which needs repair. Overall, it serves its purpose and I like this place.

Review №72

When will the water fountains be fixed?

Review №73

Horrible customer service for being headquarters.

Review №74

Friendly staff and lots of equipment

Review №75

Bad environment!

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  • Phone:+1 316-681-3010
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  • Sunday:8am–6pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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