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Always have a good experience at Hackney Dental!Everyone is courteous and professional. All questions are answered, even anticipated. Advice is routinely given. On my most recent visit I had to wait for just a few minutes, but they gave me a coffee gift card as way of apology. Completely unnecessary, but just showed me how above and beyond they are!I left for a few years because another dental office was more convenient, but came back and cant believe that I ever left! Wont happen again.Thanks Hackney! You guys are awesome.

Review №2

Talk about amazing dentists and staff! I began a very long dental process today to fix my teeth and Dr. Travis was incredible along with his assistant Kayla. I was in the chair for 4.5 hours today and they did everything possible to keep me comfortable plus he saved two teeth that another dentist was just going to pull! Thank you all I do not think I will be as nervous next time lol

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I love hackney brothers they restored my whole mouth, new uppers , I got my confidence back in a dentist again , an my smile thank you so much hackney dentist

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Why look around; Hackney Family Dentistry is the preeminent model for dentistry! I am eternally grateful for the care, professionalism, and bed-side-manner Dr. Kyle and his team provided during a surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!The front desk staff and especially Kristine(who by the way stepped in to help as a hygienist while being a receptionist, amazing double duty Kristine!) and Marissa made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in.Hackney Family Dentistry is an echelon above superlative in their candor, professionalism, and high end knowledge/practice of dental procedures! Care is in the air here!Again thank you so much for the work, professionalism, and most importantly the awesome sincere staff that make up the whole team!Alexis

Review №5

Even dentists need a great dentist. As a dentist myself, I wouldnt trust anyone else to take care of my teeth. Both Dr. Kyle and Dr. Travis are great at what they do, and the quality of treatment is top notch. Ive been seeing them for a number of years now, and completely trust their recommendations and have been very happy with the care I have received. The staff is great as well. They are organized, friendly, and well-trained.

Review №6

After being in the dental field for 15 years, I was hesitant going to a dentist I havent been to. This office is wonderful! I never felt pressured to do work I knew I did not need done. My assistant was new to the field and her fellow employees were there to support her! I am so impressed and would not want to go anywhere else ever! Thank you guys! ..oh, and for those scared of shots, they dont bother me, tho I dont love them, but the topical was placed by the new assistant perfectly and the speed of the shot was PERFECT! Not too slow, not too fast. The N2O helped as well which was free!!!!

Review №7

In a crisis, Dr Kyle was able to help me with affordable emergency dental care. The staff is warm, friendly, and they all appear to love working there. My hygienists were gentle and informative. During my root canal, the process was as quick as possible and I felt no pain. I feel 100% better now and having my own teeth still is such a joy. I will definitely be a patient for life!

Review №8

Best dental experience I have ever had. They are SO nice, friendly, gentle. I’m terrified of going to the dentist and he was so wonderful and so were the hygienist. The office is beautiful and the staff is so awesome.So happy after all these years to find the perfect dentist.

Review №9

They truly are the best. Words fail to express my sincere gratitude for helping me with my fear and anxiety about the dentist. Everyone is thoughtful, caring, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and just plain nice. The list goes on and on! Thank you! I would highly recommend them again and again.

Review №10

My family and I have been with Hackney Family Dentistry for 6 years and they have done nothing but be honest and professional in working with us. They are craftsmen at what they do and care about your teeth like they do their own. Great attention to detail guys and thanks for not filling every hint of a cavity and instead waiting patiently waiting to make sure. It has saved me money over the years. Highly recommended!!!!

Review №11

I have always had major issues with going to the dentist, mainly because I dont handle needles in my mouth very well. I love that Hackney dentistry has the gas to help you relax without the extra charge- it even makes my experience, dare I say, pleasurable! It is always great to see Kyle and feel like I am in good hands. Unless I up and move far away- I will always be a customer here! I also tell lots of people that they need to switch.

Review №12

I highly recommend Hackney Family Dentistry. The staff is caring and considerate, ensuring a comfortable, personalized experience. I have extremely sensitive teeth, so the hygienist customizes my cleaning to make it painless for me. Dr. Kyle knows and understands my many dental issues; he partners with me in making the best decisions for my dental health. After discussing my snoring issue with him, he referred me to a sleep clinic where I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed an APAP machine. Im so grateful for his knowledge and expertise.

Review №13

After dealing with a pretty significant toothache I went to see Dr.Hackney. It was clear I needed a root canal. The next day was his day off and it looked like it might be a several days before I could get an appointment. Dr. Hackney was willing to come in the next morning, on a planned day off to take care of me. Great guy, excellent service and I now feel great. Thanks Dr. Hackney

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Took my four-year-old daughter for her first appointment today and it was a delightful experience. Dr. Kyle was super friendly and interacted with her in way that made her happy and feel safe, and he was really able to make her personality light up. We will definitely be back for future appointments with her.

Review №15

Dr. Travis and Dr. Kyle are the best! My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist because of them. They always leave with a smile on their face (even one time when a sugar bug had to be removed). The staff is super friendly and the office is clean and comfortable. My family and I love going to Hackney Family Dentistry and highly recommend it!

Review №16

The overall experience at Hackney Family Dentistry is superior to others I have had in the past. Their staff take the time to get to know you. Even if you dont see them but a couple times a year you are recognized and greeted by name. They are extremely accommodating and work with you on your dental needs. Great group of people. I cant sing their praises enough!

Review №17

I reached out to Hackney Family Dentistry a few years ago when I was not getting the service I deserved from my dentist at the time. My only regret was that I didnt do it sooner! Hackney dentists and staff are very friendly, personable, informative and always ready to go the extra mile for your. I feel like he is working in my best interest and I am not just a paycheck for him. I am able to trust my dentist and that is a good feeling. For a dentist office, it just doesnt get better than this office. THIS OFFICE ROCKS!

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On time & had me ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Travis Hackney & assistant Stephanie explained every step of the prep for a crown, always asking if I had any questions. Their professionalism & attention to detail made the experience less anxious & over in less time than I had anticipated. Thanks Hackney Family Dentistry!

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This is one of the best Family Dentistry practices that I have ever been to. Very friendly and personable, easy to talk to and they genuinely care about you and your family.

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Wonderful staff and very thoughtful. They are proactive, but not pushy. I am glad they are in Shelton!!!

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Good dentist

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