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4600 Lake Boone Trail #210, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

Review №1

I started going to Living Well this time last year after experiencing some pretty uncomfortable back and neck pain for quite some time. It was to the point of me not being able to sleep. Living Well has completely changed my life over this past year! Back in January I made the mistake of taking a “break” for personal family reasons and NEVER again will I compromise my health. I could tell everything with my neck/back started to go backwards. Since returning, I have never felt better overall or slept better. It now feels good to walk into a massage when they ask “does anything hurt today?” - I can now confidently say “NOTHING!” thanks to these guys!

Review №2

I have always said that you can tell how much a person loves what they do because it shows up in every little detail. Dr. Prakash and his team are yet more examples of this simple truth. In the middle of a major Life transition and in-between NY and NC, I found LWB quite by accident and couldnt be happier.Dr. Prakash and his team first evaluated my insurance, then he ordered a series of x-rays of my spine that showed areas where my body was suffering. THEN he put together an affordable plan that would help me achieve my wellness goals. A combination of PT, massage, and chiropractic is just what my body needed to begin healing years of things I didnt even know were happening within.Every muscle in my body was taught and I could feel my spine and other bones constantly slipping in and out of place. For years Ive had chronic neck and upper back pain. After only 2 months with this amazing team, I am beginning to see the results of their work and my ongoing efforts to return my body to the best possible shape. As crazy as this might sound, they even picked up subtle imbalances in the way I walked that had begun creating major issues, a domino effect in my body. Having been a competive athlete growing up and quite in-tune with what is going on in my body, I am blown away by how much their wholeistic approach has discovered and begun reversing in such a short period of time. Im excited to see the many additional gains my body will make in the next six months as I continue with what Im now doing and begin working with the staff nutritionist.All of the physical benefits aside, Dr. Prakash and his team treat Every. Single. Person. who walks through their door like they are someone special and truth be told, they dont just act like that, they believe it. And you will, too, after seeing all of this for yourself. Dont wait. Run to make your appointment. Youll be glad you did.

Review №3

Before I started coming to Living Well Balanced, I was suffering from dizziness, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, numbness of my face and arm. I was taking Ibuprofen every day to help with the pain. And Lorazepam to help me sleep. I tried acupuncture and it helped a little but not enough.I had made an appointment to see my physician and get an MRI done when my daughter referred me to Living Well Balance.Dr. Prakash and staff were and are amazing. Dr. Prakash assessed my needs and we started therapy that day. My dizziness was 75% better after my first adjustment. We approached my therapy aggressively (3 times per week adjustments with a massage once per week) for a few weeks and by week 4, the numbness in my face and arm were 80% better and my dizziness completely gone (Ibuprofen? What is that?).Between the treatments, exercises and stretches (you do get homework), using the cervical pillow to sleep and using the neck traction my health has been amazingly better.I have been sleeping without discomfort and no more numbness or headaches or dizziness. Living Well Balance helps your body heal itself without medications.THANK YOU DR. PRAKASH AND STAFF FOR BEING AMAZING!!!!C. TERHUNE

Review №4

Phenomenal team here that is truly committed to the full picture of health. Everyone has their own unique challenges, and Living Well Balanced makes sure to create a custom care plan that fits my needs and goals. You are definitely in great and capable hands here!

Review №5

Just recently started coming here and this place is great! Relaxed laid back staff and warming family environment. Im feeling better getting adjusted by Doctor P. The massage therapy is going great and i am learning more about what to do and not to do. FULLY RECCOMEND!

Review №6

I made an appointment request via the website on Monday July 6th for a 1 hour massage. I received a call a couple hours later from a very friendly front desk assistant. She confirmed my information and asked if I had a gender preference for my massage therapist. We confirmed the time for 11am and since I did not have access to a printer to fill out the new client paperwork I was asked to come 20 to 30 minutes early to fill it out. I arrived at the office just after 10:30am. After waiting for several minutes while the receptionist finished with a client who was paying I was asked for my name - which I gave, explaining my appointment was at 11am for a massage and I was asked to come early for the paperwork. I was given a clipboard to start filling out my information. As I sat there another employee came out of a side room, the two had a whispered exchange behind the counter. I was then asked for my name again, my first and last name. It became clear to me they were having trouble finding my appointment information. I was then told they had the 11am, but the person who booked the appointment failed to get the information from me regarding where my pain was, if I could please provide that detail. To which I let her know I have no pain, again, Im here for a massage. There was clear concern behind the counter. I expressed my concern that if it wasnt noted I was here for a massage, would a massage therapist even be available? One of the women left to go in the back and returning she came to sit next to me. She said she was very sorry and the massage therapist didnt come in today and offered me an IV fluid/immunity treatment at half price for my trouble. I said, no thank you. As I came for a massage. She asked if she could reschedule a different day for the massage and I declined. I understand these things can happen. That said, it being my first experience with this facility, having booked in advance and received confirmation via phone + email - All in, a poor first impression, will not be back.

Review №7

We take our whole family (2 adults, 4 kids) to Living Well Balanced for regular adjustments. My wife and I get massages and do the sauna as well. The entire staff could not be friendlier, and we all feel the difference after our adjustments! SO thankful we have this amazing center in our area!

Review №8

Love this office! This isnt just a place to get your back cracked... its a place to live BETTER. I come here for my massages, my chiropractic adjustments, my facials (with Cristabel Spa), and have also utilized some of the other services - like lessons on foam rolling, the ortho nurse practitioner when I injured my knee, and the infrared sauna. I also like this office because they are forward thinking - the goal of medical care here is to fix the ROOT of problems / keep the body strong and healthy, not just give medicines or temporary fixes.

Review №9

Living Well Balanced is one of my favorite places! As a trainer of high intensity group fitness, my body truly takes a beating. I would’ve been injured by now if it weren’t for this place. I get adjustments, stretching, massages, the works. It’s a stellar experience every time. I always leave feeling better and can’t wait to go back! I’m there once a week at a minimum. The staff treats you like family. I love the friends I’ve gained, their genuine concern over my health/fitness/recovery, and the pain relief I get! I’m quick to recommend Living Well Balanced to all of my clients at my gym because I trust that the staff with take care of them. They don’t just manage pain, they get rid of it...safely and holistically.Thanks guys!

Review №10

Living Well Balanced has been amazing for our family! Our kids love it there and ask to go back all the time. We love all the options we have there for care, and every employee there is absolutely amazing. (Especially Isaiah! He is magic if you suffer from RLS!)

Review №11

I absolutely love Dr. Ankur and the staff at Living Well Balanced!! Dr. Ankur took the time to do an in-depth evaluation of not just my body alone, but also my lifestyle and health as a whole. I’ve seen a chiropractor for years and always found great relief from it, but Dr. Ankur was able to get rid of my low back pain that had been irritating me for ever! My adjustments have easily become the highlight of my week. I know that when I walk in to Living Well Balanced, I’ll feel better, I’ll be loved on, and I’ll relax while I’m there. The amazing view and atmosphere at the office are just a huge plus!I HIGHLY recommend the chiropractic, massage & stretching at Living Well Balanced to friends, family & anyone looking for quality holistic health care. Dr. Ankur is the best of the best!!

Review №12

Dr AP is so relaxed and laid back, but also full of knowledge and extremely good at his craft! Joey, Cate, and the other massage therapists are amazing. They will melt away your pain and leave you feeling 100% again! The trainers help you strengthen and stretch your muscles. The front desk gals will bend over backwards to make sure you are comfortable, taken care of, and fully informed at all steps of the process. Just an all around great group of people and a wonderfully healing environment!

Review №13

I had the best experience today!!! I even messed up my appt time, arriving two hours early and was greeted with nothing but smiling faces willing to fit me in. Everyone was so nice and helpful and my adjustment went great!!! I felt relief almost immediately. I highly encourage visiting them for your aches and pains. They are amazing! Every step was explained from start to finish. I’m a big fan of the holistic approach !! I can’t recommend them enough. I couldn’t get home fast enough to tell my husband about it and to make his appt! 10 stars!!

Review №14

Ive been dealing with arthritic pain for most of my life. About eight years ago I was hit by a woman on the beltline in Raleigh. She was going 45 miles an hour and plowed into me from the rear. The accident caused a disc in my neck to slip out, turn itself, and wedge itself back in place. My first chiropractor was good but I felt like just a number. Forward wind to present time, I hit a pothole that put me back in some severe pain. I had very limited mobility. My very first day with Living Well Balanced, my fears of just becoming another number, and to be treated and pushed out the door were diminished. I was greeted at the door by Zinas big beautiful smile. The staff introduced themselves and welcomed me like family. Dr. Prekash is always fun loving but very thorough and very passionate about his work. Kate, my message therapist along with Dr P have me standing straight and strong after just two months of theropy. In fact its sometimes hard to talk about how good I feel without dropping a few years of joy! Dealing with pain I have experienced from childhood will at times make you feel like there is no other way to live. Having doctors wanting to put you on all sorts of medication that make you feel less than yourself will make you come to a point where you ask yourself. Is this it for me or can I do better. I chose to go all natural and Living well balanced falls perfectly in line with that. I even get to hang out with my super cool nutritionist Melanie who gave me the direction I needed to tie all of it together and keep it together. So all in all, great people, quaint office, and open hearts with opens minds make my life a lot more balanced. So essentially Im Living Well Balanced! Thank you from every fiber of me for all that you do! Lots of love from Linette Knight and family to my extended family at Living Well Balanced! As far as maskes are concerned. Its really hard to go through theropy with a mask on, so the team does not wear them unless you ask them to. The office is small and sanitized on a regular basis. Every piece of equipment is thoroughly wiped after each use, and the air is constantly filled with essential oils which help cleanse the air. My mother has no immune system and visits me on a regular basis. When I visit the office I feel safe enough to be there and then go home for a visit with mom. Nothing is absolutely safe but Im very comfortable with the situation. Communication is really the key. If your uncomfortable, theres no need for fear and anger. Just let them know and they will move accordingly. Again Living Well Balanced, thank you for everything!!!

Review №15

Living well balanced is amazing. I always feel better afterwards.

Review №16

Everyone here is great, always smiling, and just a relaxing and no-judgment environment to be in. They play music anywhere from country to reggae and shoes are optional. Only halfway through my treatment course, I can already see a vast improvement in my day to day activities and feel. Looking forward to the second half of my treatments and the continued improvements. Unlike other places I have gone, I like the results from the combined holistic approach, all of which are in house services. I would recommend stopping by for an assessment and seeing their approach for yourself.

Review №17

Could not be more happy with the best staff and expertise helping me get a whole body approach to my health. From chiropractic to personal training, and absolutely thrilled with the regenerative medicine approach to my grinding knees. 100% recommendation!

Review №18

I started going to Living Well Balanced as a way to maintain my health and aid in my fitness journey. A couple of months ago I injured my knee. I just happened to have a chiropractor appointment with Dr. P the next day. The whole team came together to help me heal. Sarah (RN) assessed my injury, Kate helped me with a gentle massage around the area, Dr. P made sure everything was in alignment, Paula convinced me to try the cryo- therapy (unlimited for two weeks!) and Cherz has helped me through stretching in the recovery period. The swelling in my knee went down dramatically in the first week, and now it is as if I had no injury at all.Everybody is so professional, yet I feel like I am part of the family when I am there. Thank you Living Well Balanced!!

Review №19

Amazing staff! The vibe there is very homey and laid back. I would very strongly recommended Living Well Balanced! They take care of you and I trust them 100%.

Review №20

There is nothing else like Living Well Balanced. The office is really nice and ultra modern. Everyone always make you feel super comfortable and are very attentive. I started with amazing deep massage better than anything Ive had before. Then Dr. Ankur did an extensive assessment and started adjustments that have gotten rid of several of my problem aches, amazing. And I also added personal training with Wes that really charges me up mentally and physically. I feel like they are all friends. I highly recommend to everyone!

Review №21

Ive had many massages at a number of day spas in the area, and I was looking for more of a sports massage style to help with some weight training-related issues. The appointment scheduling process was very easy and professional -- all handled online and via email. I was really excited about the appointment as the website offered a 90-minute initial session that includes initial consultation, flexibility assessment, and 1-hour massage. I made my appointment for a Saturday at 2pm and was asked to arrive at 1:45pm to complete paperwork if I was unable to print and complete it on my own prior to the appointment. I arrived at 1:45pm as instructed. The building is very nice and the space is shared with an ENT so I felt comfortable off the bat. This is where my comfort ended. The desk was unstaffed and the lobby was empty except for another waiting customer. Her trainer (?) came to retrieve her almost immediately for a stretching session so I sat alone at the lobby, pretty confused about why I was asked to arrive early to complete paperwork if no one was going to be present. At 1:57pm I was almost ready to abort mission when a man came running out of the back of the office and rushed into the restroom located at the front of the lobby. I heard him have what I can only describe as a gastric episode and then feverishly wash his hands - thank goodness. He emerged from the restroom and then behind the front desk and called my name. This was my massage therapist. He introduced himself, and I asked him if there was paperwork I needed to complete. He then uttered, Oh sh!t, and began to search for the necessary documents. When he found them and handed them to me, I got as far as filling out my name and DOB before he said I could do that later or it would cut into my massage time. I obliged, and we headed to the back of the facility. Now, if youre wondering why Im still here, its because the facility appears to be very professional. We passed the other customer in her stretching session which looked pretty benign, and the gym was well-equipped and clean, so I became more comfortable with the situation. We arrived at the massage room, and it was appropriately appointed. I took a seat on the bench, and I realized that my massage therapist was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt, a Cheers baseball hat, and khaki pants. Cue the concern and anxiety rising again. Im ready to start my 30-minute consultation and flexibility assessment, but instead Im asked one question, So what are we fixing today? I explained to the massage therapist that my primary complaint is with my hips, hamstrings, and glutes. Secondarily, Id like some help with my neck and shoulders. He says, Well, lucky for you all those things are in my wheelhouse. Im going to step out and well start you face up. Ive had upwards of 75 massages, and Ive never started one face-up. The massage therapist returned to the room and connected his phone to a bluetooth speaker where a playlist anchored by Chris Stapleton, maybe Phish?, and something else pretty jam-band-y played for the duration of my massage. My primary concern was not addressed, only my neck and my shoulders/back. The music ended abruptly as did the massage, and the therapist stepped out so I could get dressed, but not before asking, Did you want some water or something? I got dressed as quickly as possible, grabbed my incomplete paperwork, and opened the door where he was standing with a glass of water. I accepted it, thanked him, dropped off the paperwork and the water at the still-unstaffed front desk, and left the facility confused and disappointed. This morning I spoke with Zina at the front desk. She was very kind and apologetic, and she even offered a do-over for the service. Her manager did not approve said do-over and instead offered me a 90-minute massage for the price of 60-minute with another therapist (which I declined), so I paid $95 for a massage that did not address my concerns and was among the most bizarre experiences Ive ever had. I will not return to Living Well Balanced.

Review №22

I love this place so much! Integrated, holistic health care in a warm, comfortable environment. A terrific alternative to those who would like to address health concerns directly and holistically, rather than just treat symptoms with drugs.

Review №23

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I made an appointment after experiencing lower back pain. Living Well Balenced was able to get me in the same day. I left feeling refreshed and aligned. I’d recommend this practice to everyone. If you are interested in massage Joey is amazing!!

Review №24

As an Army veteran, I have had back and knee pain ever since getting out of the service. I initially came to Living Well Balanced because I needed to find a new chiropractor and was drawn to the idea of a holistic practice that took into account the importance of muscles and joints via massage and stretching. Over the course of the past 2 years I have seen dramatic improvement in the way my body feels. I have five compressed disks in my back and neck as a result of being a parachutist, and this has been the first time anyone has been able to adjust them. I also thought that I had arthritis in my knees due to the pain involved in going up and down stairs. Massage and stretching has eliminated the majority of this pain; rather than arthritis it turns out that tight muscles and ligaments were moving my joints out of alignment. Throughout this process I have found everyone at the office to be attentive to the particular aches and pains of my body so that each type of service can complement each other.My fiance also started coming to Living Well Balanced at the same time I did. Luckily for her, she does not have the same type of wear and tear on her body, but as an archaeologist she does do a lot of manual labor during the field season, combined with a lot of sitting at desks when she does lab work and report writing in the off-season. During our time at the practice we found out that she was pregnant with our first child. She has experienced almost none of the common ailments of pregnancy, which we attribute in part to Dr. Ankur and his staff. Throughout the pregnancy, she has communicated with the staff about any dietary issues or pains she has had and together they have worked to find solutions. As her pregnancy has progressed it has been especially helpful to combine chiropractic and massage throughout all the changes her body is going through, and she was also able to talk with the practice’s nutritionist about easy strategies for meals when she was having some issues eating. The most consistent remarks we have received is about how healthy she looks so far into her pregnancy and we definitely have Living Well Balanced to thank for that!

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Review №26

Im surprised I dont see a ton of Trader Joe employee 5 star reviews on here! Dr. P has an office in NY where he helps a lot of Trader Joe Employees (also many other people) with their physical woes and a little over a year ago he did the same here. I personally know many of my fellow employees who come here for treatment.His office is incredibly inviting with staff that is incredibly inviting. Today was a hard day for me physically and emotionally. I woke up with pain and went to the gym anyway for some leg day stuff (dumb move). I called and left a message hoping they were open and could squeeze me in. Within a couple minutes I got a call and was invited in for some treatment.I was in a lot of pain. My hips are my most painful area. He didnt just bring me in and adjust me. They invited me in and I got an adjustment plus some added stretching by Dr. P and went into the Cryo machine plus the sauna. It helped so much and Im so thankful they were there to help me.Its a very laid back clinic and theyre so very helpful. Hes the 3rd Chiropractor Ive been too and that office is the calmest, whatever works for you-ist office Ive been in and I love it. I cant wait to get some PT time in and massage in. Their staff is very friendly and appear to really enjoy helping others find the path to a healthier and happier life.

Review №27

Went today for the first time very friendly staff the place was easy to find I would highley recommend them.

Review №28

Love the staff and facility. Always leave feeling better than when I entered.

Review №29

I absolutely love coming here! The staff is so friendly and welcoming from Paula at the front to Dr. Prakash and the rest of the wellness staff. I do stretching with Joey every other week and an adjustment with Dr. Prajash once a week and cant say enough good things! Professional, affordable, and such a relaxing environment.

Review №30

Living well balanced is a fantastic location. I was treated with an exclusive and personalized service and could count on experts in different areas to help me remove my pain. Big Thanks to Dr. Ankur and his outstanding team!

Review №31

Dr. Prakash and his team have been amazing. The massages and adjustments are great and the stretching team of Wes and Cherz have really improved my flexibility. Recently had a session where they both worked as a team and it was amazing. I have never felt so much relief or positive body awareness. Truly a game changer. Can’t recommend this team enough. Additionally the atmosphere is extremely comfortable and the stretching spaces offer plenty of room for Wes and Cherz to really dig in deep.

Review №32

Best one stop shop for your health around!!! If you havent scheduled with them yet, I highly recommend it! Best place to get rid of stress and get/stay healthy!

Review №33

Dr. Prakash and his staff are great! Everyone is very professional and passionate about giving each patient the best care possible. I appreciate the holistic approach LWB takes, as it helps not only reduce my pain and discomfort, but also educates me on how I can make changes in my lifestyle to avoid injury and dysfunction in the future.

Review №34

I found living well balanced over 7 months ago when they hosted an outdoor event. After losing 50 lbs, I was in a place where I wanted to work out again. I had considered a boot camp or gym until I found these guys and im so glad I did! I met several of the team at the event and everyone was able to share some education about each of the services they have. I got to meet Wes, one the trainers at the center. After the first introduction, I knew he was going to be a great trainer for me. I wanted someone that could provide me one on one training to help me with alot of postural issues and also, proper form. I wanted someone that would push me even if I didnt want to be pushed, because I needed it. I tried it on my own at home but I found I really needed guidance. I thought I may go for a month or so...I couldnt leave!Its such a wonderful, uplifting environment and even though I didnt necessarily LOVE working out, Wes makes it fun and always encourages you to push yourself. He continues to educate me on overall wellness, nutrition and the importance of staying active. He has so much knowledge and really wants to help you improve your life. Wes is always a breath of fresh air with an amazing energy, keeping you positive and keeping the workouts fresh! I actually have grown to love working out. Ive also used the stretching services with Wes and it has definitely improved my flexibility, mobility and is great for recovery days. I love all the options they have available for you depending on how often you want to train; the unlimited option was exactly what I wanted.Since being at their center, Ive noticed so many improvements and not just physical appearance. I am able to work throughout my day with MUCH less pain in my lower and mid back and of course, my mood and stress levels vastily improved. Ive made some changes to my diet and added supplements as well, based off recommendations and i see a big improvement in how I feel, overall.Ive used several other services they provide and you cant go wrong. Dr. P is always a pleasure and he has great technique with his adjustments. He is very knowledgeable and I love his approach to OVERALL wellness. He also hosts amazing events and you get to learn more about his multiple approaches to wellness and get opportunities to, drinks and treats :)Everyone in thethe off is amazing and I would recommend anyone to try them out! I know Paula will always brighten your day, when you walk in, with her smile and make you feel like family! I challenge you to leave the center in a bad mood- its impossible. When you need a day of pampering, be sure you schedule a facial with Sarita!If you are looking for an awesome Wellness center, just check these guys out; its a one of a kind place with one of a kind people.

Review №35

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Dr Prakash and his team which includes Joey, Wes, Megan, Paula and Sereta!! Since coming to this office my life has improved greatly! I started coming over a month ago because I had neck, shoulder and back pain. Since then my neck is not hurting, my shoulders and feeling much better and my back is feeling great! I highly recommend doing the combination of Chiropractic, therapeutic massage and stretching! Also, they have Cryotherapy, nutrition and facials which all support a healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, book your appointment TODAY!

Review №36

Great clean place. Knowledgeable staff.

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