Bergenfield Dentist Bradley Dental Group
35 N Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

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Convenient, accessible and quality service. They work with your insurance and take care of all of the details. Excellent place for dental and cosmetic.

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I had a great experience with Dr. Yee and his staff. Everyone is friendly and professional, the office time moves along efficiently, and Dr. Yee’s experience and kindness come through immediately. He really knows his stuff. Excited to come back!

Review №3

You see most of these reviews, are one-post reviewers, maybe a few posts max? These arent real reviews!! While the dentist and his staff are most definitely personable, congenial, charming... I got the clear message thats its profit over people. Its not people before profit... I was simply inquiring about costs, prior to agreeing to services. And Im met with coldness and nonexistent copays.... who purchases or consents to services blindly? Thats absurd...Lastly, when I agreed/called to come in for the most serious issue, it seemed to be a problem that I consented to paying x dollars, for the most serious decay.... Instead of 7× that amount, for everything that I was diagnosed with. The tone of voice, and clear message? Well. If you cant pay 1400 cash, IN ADDITION to the 1400 well be charging your insurance company, MINIMUM, why waste our time? Thats not efficient for our bottom line. If we take the time to set up and clean up, we need to maximize profit while your mouth is open. To request the most serious issue be immediately addressed might makes sense for you and your health and your financial means, but that doesnt maximize our profit. So if it gets worse, and costs you both more money and significant pain, we dont really care. Thats not what were concerned about.

Review №4

(An honest review from an unpaid grateful patient) I’ve been a patient of Dr. Yee’s for over 11 years and cannot thank him and his staff enough, for the excellent care they have always provided myself and family. He and his staff are extremely professional and the service remains top notch. Whenever I have an issue, I am always seen promptly and my issues are resolved. I HIGHLY recommend Bradley Dental Group for all of your dental needs!

Review №5

Dr. Yee has been taking care of my teeth for 25 years. The crown which he placed more than 20 years is still there. He makes me comfortable when in his chair. The dental hygienists have always struck me to be very thorough. The equipment looks to be state of the art. You wont go wrong with this practice.

Review №6

Very professional , clean and friendly people . I recommend this office 100%

Review №7

Great atmosphere. No pressure whatsoever. The staff really care.

Review №8

I have been going here since I was little and still continue to go there. The hygienist and receptionist are very friendly and helpful. The environment is great and would definitely recommend to others!

Review №9

He has been my dentist ever since I was a toddler. He practically watched me grow up! I can not imagine myself going to a different dentist. Great atmosphere, great staff, almost no wait time!

Review №10

I come here to do my lips with Juvéderm & my Botox and Dr. Yee does an excellent job. The front desk girls are also super nice and very helpful.

Review №11

FIVE STARS & 5 MORE STARS!! 10 STARS!!!Dr Yee is the most humble and great Dentist for all of NJ. Always a pleasure to see this dentist. Also need to mention his staff, very nice people. I have been going to Dr Yee for 20yrs now. I well never go elsewhere!

Review №12

Bradley dental Group is the very best. Great staff and so patient with what they do. They care about their patients and go about and beyond.Arlene M. 💕💕💕🦋

Review №13

Dr. Yee & his team has been my family’s dentist for the past 7 years we’ve lived in Jersey. I also got my Invisalign done here 3 years ago and had a pleasant experience. Would recommend to those local to Bergen county!

Review №14

Excellent service! Dr. Yee and the team are all very friendly, professional, and efficient. Definitely recommend!

Review №15

Very qualified and very professional. Even in the most stressful or seemingly scary procedures, they explained it so it seemed like it was as easy as a tooth cleaning.

Review №16

I have been going here for years and the staff is incredible and friendly! I definitely recommend to all.

Review №17

If more stars were possible, I would give Dr Yee 10 STARS!!! Well deserved!Ive been with Dr Yee for years & years now, and would not have any other dentist ever! He is the best, Always kind, concerned, & humble. Dr Yees staff is also the greatest!

Review №18

I’ve been coming to Bradley dental for over 4 years and they are beyond AMAZING ! The travel is definitely worth it !

Review №19

Ive always had a great experience with Dr. Yees office. The staff is polite and professional, and they take the time to explain everything that they are doing. Especially with COVID-19, they take the utmost care in sanitizing each room and making sure to follow all guidelines for preventing the spread.I recently had an implant done, and Dr. Amin explained all the steps and made sure I was comfortable during each procedure. I havent had any issues at all with my implant. Likewise, my crown that was fitted for the implant by Dr. Yee looks and feels indistinguishable from my other teeth.

Review №20

This office made it very comfortable for me to come to the dentist during this Covid-19 pandemic. The staff is fully equipped in proper PPE, Dr. Yee has supplied air filters in each room and after every patient, they sanitize the room with a disinfectant fogger machine.

Review №21

Incredible staff. Impeccably clean. In the past I’ve had a history of strange and unprofessional dentists. Finally I have found a professional and caring dentist. I am so happy to have found Dr. Yee!!!

Review №22

Dr. Yee is personable, great listeners, and empathetic always address the concerns of patients.Always provide 1st class quality care and most especially the new norm for infection control and prevention and PPE and all the staff have the best customer service.Ive been to different dentist and Dr. Yee one of the best in North Bergen NJ and one of the best doctor!

Review №23

A crown should last between 5-15 years…between my original crown and replacement crown for the same tooth, they have fallen out and been re-cemented about 4 times in approx. 5 years. When I voiced at my visit 2 days ago that it is ridiculous that this keeps happening, and that I paid $800 for this replacement crown, Dr. Yee said, “Do you want me to help you or not.” Clear lack of bedside manner and accountability.[P.S. Always double confirm if there will be any out-of-pocket charges before any service is done. Lesson learned from my 11/2017 replacement crown. I asked during the consultation if there would be any charge, and Dr. Yee said he would find out and call me if there would be. I did not get a call. When I came back for the follow-up to have it cemented, he told me *after* the crown was put in that it would be $800. I was caught off guard and paid, of course, but I felt taken advantage of and wary ever since when having anything other than a standard cleaning done.]In the same visit two days ago, I also needed a filling done for a chipped tooth. I asked if I will be able to floss it easily (as I have been given a close-contact filling in the past). He said yes. Unfortunately, the floss gets stuck and I have to carefully pull it out, nervous that the filling will chip again.Some positives: I appreciated the measures they have taken to make their office as safe as possible during this uncertain time with COVID-19, such as patient temperature checks and staff wearing gloves and masks. Sorry I don’t know his name, but the gentleman hygienist is always kind and helpful. The younger front desk staff are all sweet and I’ve never had issues booking appointments with them. Thank you.

Review №24

Dr Kevin Yee has been the dentist for our entire family for past 20+ years! His office itself is equipped with all the modern tools/equipment and his staff is very friendly and easy going. My kids have their favorite dental hygienist that they look forward to seeing! 🙂👍🏻 We highly recommend Dr Yee.

Review №25

Beautiful office, Dr. Yee and staff made my visit a very pleasant experience. I felt totally comfortable and confident in their abilities to render top notch care.

Review №26

Dr. Yee is the best Dentist and all of the employees are friendly, they treat you like family.

Review №27

Bradley Dental Group has been my familys dental office for over 5 years now. The staff is super friendly and the office is pretty clean. I love that I can always get an appointment that coincides with my work schedule.Aside from the routine bi-yearly cleanings, my sister got her braces serviced by Dr. Kim and I recently completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Yee. Both processes went pretty smoothly & Im super happy with my results.

Review №28

Dr. Yee has been my dentist since I was in grade school. Even while living in Philadelphia and New York City, I would still come back to Bergenfield for my dental visits. He is very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. I have recommended him to several family members and friends and will continue to recommend his services.

Review №29

All the staff are super friendly. They treat you like close neighbors. I never had to wait more than 10-15 mins unlike other practices and their dentists are very thorough.

Review №30

I have been a patient of Dr. Yee for the past 20 years across 3 different offices. I always come back to his office because it is a warm, welcoming environment and Im always greeted with a smile. Their service is timely and informative and if I do have any further questions, the staff is quick and clear with their responses. I am currently undergoing Invisalign treatment and the process is moving along smoothly. I would definitely recommend Bradley Dental to anyone looking for a dentist in northern New Jersey.

Review №31

Dr. Yee is a great dentist, and they ha r state of the art equipment including the panoramic X-ray machine right in their office.

Review №32

I had an excruciating emergency toothache and Dr. Yee was able to see me the same day. His staff was friendly and helpful during check-in since it was my first time there. The waiting/reception area is spacious and has a calming salt water fish tank with great coral. After about a 5 minute wait (incredibly short for a doctors office), an assistant greeted me and was very pleasant - trying to comfort me even though I was in apparent pain. After explaining what and where the pain was, a very easy x-ray was taken of the affected area while I was still in the chair. Dr. Yee greeted me, asked me where the pain was, and started the exam. He thoroughly explained what was wrong, explained my x-rays, and provided a solution. Very friendly, not rushed, eager to get to know you, and positive suggestions on how to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.Highly recommended.

Review №33

The quality of the care from Dr. Yee and the overall experience at Bradley Dental is always first rate. Besides offering quality care, Dr. Yee and his staff take the time to learn about their patients.I am SO glad I found them!

Review №34

Dr Yee is the best Debtist in all of New Jersey. Always the best!!! Been my dentist for 18 years now!!! And the all staff was very nice and helpful. 😬👌🏻💪🏻

Review №35

Very bad pics after and before of the Botox injections, not even mirror and botox didnt work. I have the feeling he was putting water injections on my face and he was putting the real thing on his. Not recommended please be very careful with him.

Review №36

Excellent procedure. Everyone in the office is nice, polite and helpful. I recommend.

Review №37

I pay $900 dollars to fix my tooth and week later I when back because I have a pain and he say he have to take out the one that I pay 900 dollars for. Never goin back again

Review №38

Waited too long in the waiting least 30 minutes. Waited again in another room. Not a friendly office. The cleaning was uncomfortable and I was on edge the whole time. The Dr. was rushed and did not explain the work I needed. Did not feel good about the place. I will not return.

Review №39

I am going under my invisalign and I am very happy with the result so far. There is serious commitment involved if you want to get the teeth straight. I even lost a lot of weight but it is working very well so far and soon I will be getting my retainers. I am glad with the help of Dr. Yee I am able to stay motivated to get this result of beautiful teeth and beautiful smile. My suggestion is do not hurry but keep at it with patience and youll be surprised to see the new you when you start to see results. :)

Review №40

Great experience with Dr. Yee and his staff. They are friendly and most importantly the facility is clean. I recommended all my friends and family to go to Bradley Dental Group.

Review №41

Great experience, friendly and professional staff. Went in for zoom whitening, terrific results. Highly recommended.

Review №42

Earlier Today My fiancé and I bought 2 groups for 40 units of Botox each. A male nurse came in the room and asked us how many units we were getting. Then came back to the room threw a bag of ice and 2 filled needles he tossed On a table and walked out.We hadn’t looked closely to know that they were full at that point.I was not going to jump to conclusions so When the Dr.Yee came in he discussed my ladies facial concerns like wasn’t until He leaned over and picked up the already- unpackaged /already-filled up needle....that we knew he thought he was going to be putting it into my face .... so my lady jumped up and asked “can you please unbox the product in front of me and also the needle so I know it’s clean! “and he said “I fill these up this morning, no I can’t”I asked him several times “so you will not unpackage the product in front of me?”and he said “no!!get a refund from Groupon.” very dismissive and unapologetic ..... My fiancé f filmed him saying this and we left and I am in the process of getting my refund back from Groupon....(let that sink in he was going to inject us with needles that did not come out of fresh packaging THATS CRAZY.... Thats not professional or sterile who knows were those needles were before we got there! That fact he would not open a new Botox vile and syringe in front of us. Fill the syringe and then proceeded lets me believe he is using FAKE botox!So I warn all that go to this practice beware!Even if you’re just there for dental purposes this is the action of an unethical shady Crooked fraudulent type of person ...And it should raise questions as to what else is going on in there very scary!

Review №43

My fiancé and I bought 2 groupons for 40 units each.. A male assistant or nurse came in to the room through a bag of ice and 2 filled needles he tossed On a table and walked out....We hadn’t looked closely to know that they were full at that point ...But I was already certain I was not going to use to needles that I had not watched get unpackaged in general!!!!!I was not going to jump to conclusions so When the dr yee came in we discussed my facial concerns like wasn’t until He leaned over and picked up the already- unpackaged /already-filled up needle....that I knew he thought he was going to be putting it into my face .... so I jumped up and asked “can you please unbox the product in front of me and also the needle so I know it’s clean! “and he said “I fill these up this morning, no I can’t”I asked him several times “so you will not unpackage the product in front of me?”and he said “no!!get a refund from Groupon.” very dismissive and unapologetic ..... My fiancé and I left and I am in the process of getting my refund back from Groupon.....but I warn all that go to this practice beware!!!!even if you’re just there for dental purposes this is the action of an unethical shady Crooked fraudulent type of person ...And it should raise questions as to what else is going on in there very scary!!!!!!!!!

Review №44

I am currently having my Invisalign procedure done by Dr. Yee and Im very pleased with the results The office staff is very accommodating and Dr. Yee has been very helpful in making this positive experience. They are able to work with my busy schedule to get me an appointment time that works for me, and I am in the chair as soon as I get in. Also, Dr. Yee and staff worked out a payment plan specific to my needs.

Review №45

The service is superb and its easy to get appointments. They even help with financing plans if the insurance doesnt cover the expenses.

Review №46

I highly recommend The Bradly Dentel Group. I have been there for a a variety of fillers. Jevedurm, Radiesse, Botex and the newest filler Xeomin. The results are so transforming. Dr. Yee is highly experienced in his field and makes you very comfortable throughout the treatment. The bonus is you can get the same Groupon​ discounted price every time.

Review №47

Dr. Yee, including his staff, are highly professional and offer a very welcoming atmosphere. They are on time and precise with scheduling which it makes it convenient for anyone with time-constraints. Dr. Yee is straightforward and is always on top of his game.I recommend everyone to check out Dr. Yee at Bradley Dental Group. Thank you.

Review №48

It is a very nice place. Everyone is welcoming and the experience is great.

Review №49

Went for juvederm and 40cc of botox, so I thought????? the juvederm I know was legit bc doctor opened package in front of me as per my request. As for the botox thats when things got sketchy. he did not draw up the syringe in front of me. He told me he already filled syringe in his office?? So I told him I was not comfortable with that bc I dont know if you actually used Botox, or there is saline in the syringe? He said IF YOU DONT TRUST ME THEN YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM GROUPON. I though really somethings not right that you would so quickly say that to me instead of just taking out the botox showing it to me and drawing up 40cc in front of me. Meanwhile his office already redeemed my groupon when I walked in!!! He then walked out with two syringes each filled with 20cc of WHATEVER???? And showed me an unopened box of Botox and said, see I use botox. Really so I then said so cant you open the box and fill one syringe in front of me with 40cc, so I know what you are injecting me with? He refused!! So God only knows what he injected me with, but I took a chance (I know crazy)!! Dont go to this guy, this whole botox experience was very shady to me! Guess Ill know in a week to 10 days if it really was Botox or not!!. Now Im calling Groupon to complain and to make sure this does not happen to anyone else bc this is unacceptable!!!

Review №50

Amazing staff! Very professional and knowledgeable

Review №51

I have seen Dr. Yee twice since Covid19 came to the States and I was always impressed by the great effort which I see that his office has taken for the protection of the patients and his staff. The examination rooms are cleaned thoroughly between each patient. Beyond caring for my teeth for a number of years, I recently had Coolsculpting sessions with Dr. Yee and I am so thankful that the stubborn ‘muffintop’ is now gone. I can now wear the cute sundresses and fitted skirts. :)

Review №52

I recently decided it was time to let my fear of going to the dentist behind, and I am so glad I chose Dr. Yee as my new dentist! I was very impressed when I got a reminded through email and also text message. There was no wait when I got the office very friendly staff they greeted me & were very cordial and professional. There was TVs outside and also inside the rooms which kept me entrained and made the process much easier. Dr. Yee explain everything very clearly & I had a great painless experience. Got Xrays taken by a very modern and high tech machine. Everything was spotless overall great experience will return for all my future dental work and will definitely recommend this office they have a great staff !This is an update to my previous review :Dr. Yees office has an amazing ambience, very clean and looks very modern. The front office was very helpful in accommodating me with my busy schedule. Dr. Yee has helped me get over my dental fear. By using his skills, his gentle hands and understanding all of my concerns. Dr. Yee is very confident and I feel safe when Im in his chair. I had some procedures done and it was just painless. Dr. Yee, truly cares for his patient and is great dentist. Im a regular patient and I love my cleanings done by either hygienist, Carlos or Agnes. I will continue with Dr. Yee and my next plan is to start Invisalign treatment! Im so glad I found him.

Review №53

I completed the Invisalign treatment with Dr. Yee, and it was a great experience. Dr Yee makes sure you feel comfortable and tells you everything you need to know to complete the treatment successfully. His staff is very welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yee to anyone looking for a friendly dentist who makes you feel at ease!

Review №54

I am undergoing an Invisalign treatment with Dr. Yee. He is very good at explaining things and makes me feel very comfortable when I am there; his staff is very friendly as well. At first, I was very nervous about going through the Invisalign treatment, but he made my experience through it well. I am not done yet, but I can already see the progress, which makes me happy. I cant wait to see my teeth straightened, and if you want yours straightened too, then I highly recommend Dr. Yee.

Review №55

Completely impressed with friendly staff & expertise of Dr.Yee!! I will definitely be back!!!

Review №56

Dr. kevin yee has been my dentist for 16 yrs now and let me tell you its a great experience each time. i love getting my cleaning done regularly from carlos the hygenist and he is really good at what he does. I really feel comfortable everytime i visit the office and i like that if i have a tooth ache i can call the same day and the front desk accomodates me in. The clinic is always updated with the newest technology for ex: digital xray, flat screen tvs in every room, invisalign treatment and comestic procedures etc. Its truly an amazing place to go for your dental needs. if looking for a top dentist in bergen countyarea, please dont hesitate to reach this office.

Review №57

Absolute BEST experience at this dental office. Everyone from the office staff, Chloe, to the doctor himself, are extremely nice, knowledgeable, and professional. They don’t try to push services and/or products like most other dental offices. The doctor did my cleaning and Botox in less than an hour! There was no wait… I was seen at my scheduled time. I can’t say enough great things about this office. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice!

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